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Episode 1/10/16

UPDATE: TFOU published a post on facebook like an hour ago.


A good resolution for Ladybug and Cat Noir starting this 2016, is to be there every Sunday on TFOU for new adventures!

Tomorrow morning at 9:40, they must fight against an akumatized chef! Stopping Kung Food will not be a piece of cake for our heroes!

On a side note, I am dead. I have been waiting for this episode since September when Thomas told me.

Ficlet: Do You Understand?

A/N: So….this happened. Spoilers/speculation for 3x22 “This is Your Sword”. Several lines of dialogue swiped directly from the promos. Also my first posted fic in a very, very long time. Short and sweet, and dedicated to rfilion, who threatened to post it herself if I didn’t.

“If you’re going to do anything, now is the time.”

The stare down between Felicity and Al Sah-Him lasted for what felt like an eternity, but in reality was only a few seconds. Felicity stood her ground as Al Sah-Him was suddenly in her personal bubble, his cold gaze piercing her as she craned her neck up to look at him. She was searching for some sign, some crack in the facade, a hint of the man she loved.

“Oliver Queen is dead,” the Heir to the Demon said in a low, rough voice. She had heard Oliver’s voice change in a multitude of ways, from the low growls of the Arrow to the soft, reverent tones he’d use with her. She had never heard this voice outside of Al Sah-Him, and it felt like another knife in her heart. She frowned slightly when she felt the brush of a leather glove on her hand. His cold gaze still bore into hers as he spoke again deliberately. “Do you understand?”

The leather pressed against her hand for another moment before it fell away. Felicity gathered herself, straightening as tall as she could, and matched the steel in Al Sah-Him’s voice. “I understand that I will always love Oliver Queen.”

Al Sah-Him held her gaze for another long moment before he stepped back, out of the cell. Felicity took a step away too, her gaze going to the black clad assassins outside the cell. She took a deep breath, then took another step back, stumbling into Laurel. The other woman helped her catch her balance before Laurel shouted at Al Sah-Him angrily, “Oliver, we believed in you!”

Felicity summoned the hurt and anger that had been building from the moment her desperate plan to drug and kidnap Oliver had failed the first time around in Nanda Parbat. “You asked us to trust you!” she yelled at Al Sah-Him, using her Loud Voice to full effect. “We trusted you!”

Al Sah-Him didn’t respond as he shut the cell door on them and turned away. A few moments later, he had disappeared, along with the rest of his retinue.

“Well,” Ray said into the sudden silence. “That could have gone a lot better.”

“Yeah, it could have,” Felicity agreed, frowning down at the handcuffs, then breathing a sigh of relief as they clicked open. She held up the key Oliver had slipped her when his glove had brushed his hand, when he’d repeated the words he’d used a year ago as he slipped her the syringe that ended up bringing down Slade Wilson. “Who’s next?”

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anonymous asked:

Mama Matsuno, are you ever worried about Karamatsu when it comes to choosing the right partner? Karamatsu is so sweet, but I'm always worried he might love someone who will just take advantage of him constantly. His desperation for love makes him a perfect target compared to his other brothers.

((see episode 15*))

Well of course that’s a concern that I definitely want to avoid, but after what happened with Karamatsu’s previous…. partner (if you want to call her that) I think he’s learned his lesso-