do you think you're being sneaky

  • Teacher: okay everyone please take your seat it's time to begin
  • Me in the DR: Who does she think she is? She has no right to call a house meeting right now. All she's going to do is tell us to do stuff and we all know it. She's so bad at manipulating and being sneaky, I swear. Like, if you're going to try to get us to do your bidding, don't make it obvious and let the whole house hear you. Why hasn't she been evicted yet? I've heard murmurings of an alliance called "the Union" and apparently all the teachers belong to it... They're being protected and then they're picking us all off one by one... And we can't do a thing about it. That would explain why she doesn't feel the need to be subtle... I'm keeping my eyes on her.

anonymous asked:

I know you just answered a question about homosexuality and it was very limited, you said you don't think too much about it but I wanted to ask you if you honestly think that's fair, or if you could expand on your thoughts about gay marriage. You're happily married and I can see that and I'm sure you love it, so do you support others who want this happiness?

this is my answer for you: my blog is not a political one. it isn’t a place for debating about current events or for anonymous people to be sassy-butt cowards and send me sneaky and rude messages while hiding behind a gray face with dumb sunglasses. I am going to post about my life on here—people, adventures, things I’m learning, being pregnant, my sexy husband, the occasional adorable dog or delicious food reblog—not my political views or my stances on hot issues. because I’ve found that anonymous questions like this are traps. with the amount of people that follow this blog, no matter how I answer this question, I would get so many rude turds sending me anonymous snarky comments—and if you really want to know my opinion (I honestly don’t know why you would need to—I don’t want to tell you how to think and I sure as heck don’t want to argue with ya), you can message me non-anonymously and I will get to it as soon as I have time to.

thank you and the end.