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6, 8 & 23 please?

I answered 6 here!

8 : What author would you be most excited to be compared to?

I don’t have any favorite authors per se, but I do get excited/flattered when I’m lumped into groups of YOI fandom writers! 

There are so many amazing writers in this fandom that, as someone who used to not write often and almost exclusively draw, it’s funny to think that I’m a writer.

23 : Are you proud or anxious to show off your writing?

I’m mostly proud, but I do get anxious about it! I can’t wait to see readers’ reactions, and since I don’t really have my shorter fics beta read, I also anticipate any mistakes I may have made. Usually, it’s all fine, though!

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Things Spanish mothers say:

Nene, ponte la rebeca, que tengo frío - Kid, I’m cold, put on a cardigan

¿Tus amigos no tienen casa? - Don’t your friends have a house? (because she wants them to leave)

“Comida” como respuesta a la pregunta “¿Qué comemos hoy?” - “Food”, when answering the question “What do we have for lunch?”

¿Qué te crees que soy? ¿El Banco de España? - Who do you think I am? The Spanish Bank? (when asked for money)

Bébete el zumo ya, que se le van las vitaminas - Drink your juice before it loses all the vitamins

Ni peros, ni peras - Neither “buts” nor “pears” (sssh it’s funny in Spanish;, to cut somebody trying to give you an excuse starting with “pero” (but))

Un día cojo la puerta, y me voy - One day I’ll take the door and leave

Como vaya yo y lo encuentre… - If I go and find it… (menacingly, in reference to mother’s scary ability to find things you’ve been looking for for hours)

cute bios

INGLES coloca o @ do crush

you have me all day

not change you nor chocolate

maybe i like you, or maybe i love you

be yourself, i like that in us

love me like you do

i was at the seashore thinking of us

i will always be here

my heart helped find you

is already time for us to embrace

when we lets kiss?

love your bullshit, more i love your smile

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Tired (Jongin/Kai x Reader Fluff/Angst?)

Summary: You love your bestfriend. He loves you. And the both of you are just so tired.

((Note: Ahhhhh. Happy late late late Kai Day ^^ This was suppose go up on his birthday but- *Sigh* I’m very dispointed in myself and idk about this one bc I’ve never done something like this ever before but tell me what you think! Also… I would like to dedicate this scenario to @ultra-foodlxver since she is so lovely and a ultra-Jonginlxver (lol see what I did there? I’m not funny) Anyway… Enjoy!))

It was a cloudy autumn day. The weather was slightly chilly and the leaves helplessly flew off the branches of dying trees. Everyone else might just say that this type of weather is just plain gloomy and overall ‘shitty’ per se, you on the other hand thoroughly enjoyed what this type of weather had to offer. It was the perfect weather to do everything in, in your opinion. Which was exactly the reason why you were currently all tucked into the comfortable corner of your couch, dressed in a too large of a knitted wool sweater, hair up in a completely deformed bun, warm jasmine tea settled on the coffee table beside you as you typed away on your laptop. You were typing up your latest blog post about the various lip colors everybody and everyone should try out for this cozy season and it was just about done. You worked as a fashion and lifestyle blogger, writing each and every week about beauty and style related things, you also worked at a fashion magazine, occasionally writing articles for them. But you’d much rather focus mainly on your blog, it being your absolute passion. You enjoyed this job most. You loved this job mot. 

You grinned away as you typed up you last sentence, all it needed now was some revision and it’ll be all ready to post. But that was when faint knocks sounded on your door causing you stop typing at the keyboard and instead glance up towards it with confused brows. You weren’t expecting anybody today… 

The knocks repeated yet again, this time, a little bit louder, assuring you that there was definitely someone at the door. You placed your laptop aside and reached for your glasses as you got up and headed towards your front door. You were about to look through the peephole but from the other side, a voice oh so familiarly called out loud and clear, “Y/N, it’s me.” 

Kim Jongin. Your best friend. 

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Why each type can't sleep at night? Stereotypes welcome :)

Si: “What if there are ghosts watching me while I sleep?” <avoids looking into the dark corners of the room>

Ni: “Everything must must must turn out perfectly perfect tomorrow.”

Ti: “I must keep analyzing this tiny thing that nobody but me cares about.”

Fi: “Do I worry too much? How much is too much?”

Se: “What if they figure out that I’m a complete fraud? Oh well zzzzzzzz”

Ne: “That was so funny I can’t stop thinking about it but holy shit I only have a few hours left I better fall asleep now but I can’t oh god why can’t I fall asleep am I asleep now nope how about now nope you know what would be awesome… oh no I only have an hour left…”

Te: “Did I remember to do that thing?! What if they discover my dirty secret?!”

Fe: “I think that I saw the cashier give me a dirty look today, it was just a split second but I definitely saw it, or did I, but I go there all the time, oh god, what if I see them again next time, should I still be nice, like what if I imagined it, but maybe I did do something offensive without realizing it, I should get them a gift or something just in case, but what should I get…”

FELIZ DIA DE LOS PADRES PAPA!!!!!!!! i love you because when you hug me i feel like i’m 4 years old again and every 18 year old problem and heartbreak and doubt and fear disappears and suddenly i’m a little girl again in pigtails and we’re going to go play in a bounce house you blew up for me and everything is simple. i love you because you have the best heart in the world even when you’re grumpy. i love you because you make me laugh until my stomach hurts and mama rolls her eyes but we keep doing it because it’s funny getting her mad and we know she secretly thinks it’s hilarious. i love you because of the way you look at mama. it teaches me to never settle for anything less than being looked at like that. i love you because whenever i vent to you about something that’s stressing me out you remind me “Lo unico en la vida que no se resuelve la muerte” (means: the only thing there is no solution for in life is death") and that nothing besides your health and the health of the people you love is that damn important. i love you because you left everything you knew to come to a foreign country and work until your bones literally ache- my sister and i hear the jingle of the keys in the door and Ringo barks and we scream PAPA!!!!!!!!! and run and hug you and that’s home. wherever you are. wherever we are. i look up to you so much for that strength, for that bravery, i love you because you are my hero. and my best friend. and the best father my sister and I could ever ask for. you have given us all the love in the world. i will always be your little girl that clung to you like the gum on your shoe and cried the day I went to preschool because i didn’t want to leave your side. now i left preschool (and still cried) and im being the person you taught me to be. Te amo, tu flaca by camila_cabello