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Humans are wird: protective instinct

This is a follow up to my story Humans are wird:getting a cat.

Zhaxu looked down at Milli. Ze didn’t care that she was missing one eye and half a ear. Ze thought she was the most beautiful cat in the world.

“Are you ready for the party?” human-Jesper asked. “Are you sure Milli will be ok in the room?” Zhaxu asked anxiously. “Well let me see” human-Jasper said with a humorous glimpse in his eyes. “Does she have her food, her snack, the new toy you got her and the litter box? ” “Yes” Zhaxu replied seriously “and her favorite pillow. ” “In that case I think she will be fine and if you like we can se if she wants to join the party when all the guests have arrived and things have calmed down a bit”.

A few hours later Zhhxu quietly snuck into ze room to snuggle a bit with Milli. All the guests were nice except Birgitta. She was looking at ze funny and ze just knew she didn’t like ze.
“What are you doing to that cat?” It was Birgitta and she sounded really angry. Zhaxu felt extremely small, when she glared at ze and walked into the room with brisk steps.

“Oh my god” she yelled with an outraged voice “you hurt it. Give it to me” she screamed and ripped Milli out of ze lap.
Milli reacted with a enraged scream, then she hissed loudly and scratch Birgitta and bit her.
Birgitta dropped her and suddenly human-Jesper was in the room.

“What is going on?” he’s voice boomed through the room. “I caught it with your cat” Birgitta screamed, “just look at what it did to that poor cat.”

“What are you babbling about” human-Jesper said in an astonished voice. “He didn’t do anything to the cat except love it and anyway it’s his cat not mine!”

“Ridiculous” Birgitta spat out. “That thing can’t own a cat it will kill the poor thing.” “That thing is a child” human-Jesper said to clenched teeth. He sounded infuriated, “and you should leve before I say something I might regret later”.

“You are choosing that thing over me??!” Birgitta sounded stunned. “That’s it” human-Jasper said “GET OUT! you do not come in to MY house and insult MY guests”.

Birgitta looked at the seething Jesper and quickly ran out af the room. “Oh no” Zhaxu felt miserable and so immensely tiny. “I’m sorry” ze whispered. “About what?” human-Jesper said in a gentle voice.
“I made you yell at your friend.” Zhaxu was distraught, human-Jesper had been so nice to ze and now ze had made him lose a friend.
Zhaxu became almost colorless so devastated was ze feeling.

“Now there” said human-Jesper, “you have nothing to be sorry for. I would never have let that woman into my home, if I had known she would say mean things to you.” “Come on now, who is my favorite little squid in the whole world?”

“ I am” said Zhaxu and felt a little better. “But what if she’s right?” “Right about what?” sounded human-Jespers sister from the door. “About me being a bat cat owner.” Zhaxu said dispirited. “HA! What does She know, She never had a pet in her life!” Human-Jespers sister sounded extremely confident. “And let me tell you something, I know the lady who runs the animal shelter and she is remarkably fussy about who gets to adopt her cats. That tells me that you are a first-rate cat owner, in fact the only thing that cat has to worry about is being spoiled to death.” Zhaxu was lost for words. You could spoil a cat to death? But then human-Jesper laught. “It’s just an expression. Don’t worry. Milli had a bit af a rough life before you got her. She deserves to be spoiled.” Zhaxu felt even better after that.

“Come” human-Jesper said “let’s go back to the party. I made cake for you.” Zhazu took human-Jaspers hand.
“Human-Jesper,” Zhaxu whispered, when they walked down to the living room. “Ze is not really a he. ” “I know” human-Jesper said with a wink, “but I was afraid that explaining that little fact would make Birgittas narrow minded little head explode”.

Later that night Zhaxu laid in ze bed. Ze was so delighted in spite of Birgitta. All the other guests had been appalled at Birgitta and they made him feel very welcome. Ze was also still human-Jespers favorite squid and ze was a good cat owner. Tomorrow ze would play with Milli and perhaps ze could make her some new toys, after all human-Jesper had said, that she deserved to be spoiled!

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Things Spanish mothers say:

Nene, ponte la rebeca, que tengo frío - Kid, I’m cold, put on a cardigan

¿Tus amigos no tienen casa? - Don’t your friends have a house? (because she wants them to leave)

“Comida” como respuesta a la pregunta “¿Qué comemos hoy?” - “Food”, when answering the question “What do we have for lunch?”

¿Qué te crees que soy? ¿El Banco de España? - Who do you think I am? The Spanish Bank? (when asked for money)

Bébete el zumo ya, que se le van las vitaminas - Drink your juice before it loses all the vitamins

Ni peros, ni peras - Neither “buts” nor “pears” (sssh it’s funny in Spanish;, to cut somebody trying to give you an excuse starting with “pero” (but))

Un día cojo la puerta, y me voy - One day I’ll take the door and leave

Como vaya yo y lo encuentre… - If I go and find it… (menacingly, in reference to mother’s scary ability to find things you’ve been looking for for hours)

Can’t we just agree how funny this scene is? Like Dally is in the back jumping off the hood and all I can think about is:

Dally:I’m Batman, motherfuckers

Soda:The hell is wrong with ya?

Tim:One day, can you not do weed?!


*gets the daylight punched out of him*

Those flippity floppity arms! 

Pony:There goes my life!

Dating Lena Luthor (Everyday can be our Valentine’s)

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Request: Prompt Lena x reader, the reader forgot it’s Valentine’s Day and Lena is mad because it’s her first time celebrating valentines. So reader does a surprise romantic date night

a/n: Ahhhh this was so cute to do LOL. I was thinking about this all during work wondering wth I was gonna do with this!! Firstly, I don’t really think Lena would be angry, per se, so I switched this up just a tiny bit! There’s a funny little easter egg I put in here because I’m absolute katie trash, tell me if you find the Funny Joke. Thanks for reading btw y’all! You give me something to do lol. Requests are always open, and I’ll get to them hopefully every other day!

- - - - -

So maybe you were a little bit of an asshole. Actually, you are definitely the tiniest bit an asshole. You’re a good enough person, and you show basic human decency because you surely weren’t raised to be a farm animal with no manners. You’d even go so far as to say you care about people if they’re really hurting enough for you to feel compelled to get into that uncomfortable place of relating to them and having to comfort them.

You’re a bit rough around the edges, you’d admit it. You’ve had a grand total of 3 and a half arguably serious relationships in your very eventful, very promising life so far and it’s not like you were emotionally stunted for the entirety of them all, not really. Sometimes you’d admit you are a pretty emotionally constipated person - you lose track of your days as often as you lose track of your housekeys, and if someone asked you to retell something from last week, well, you’d let them know that frankly you don’t even remember what the last thing you ate was. But you knew how to make your girl smile and that’s what counted. You’re kinda good when it comes to the bigger stuff. That’s all that should matter, right?

When you walked into CatCo for work in the morning, you greeted everyone who’d spare a glance at you, even spent some time making small talk with some of your deskmates. There was a restlessness in the air that made you think people were even itching to talk to you. Everyone had seemed peppier today more than usual. That was surely a weird thing to note, even for a place like CatCo (especially for a place like CatCo). There was an abundance of flowers sitting on desks and because Miss Grant has a very vocal opinion-decreed-official-but-not-really-official-policy regarding cheap-smelling things in her offices, even when arguably flowers are the most natural scent in the world (how possibly can they be cheap?), all the bouquets and arrangements were relegated to a place by their desk inhabitant’s feet where they could be admired in relative peace.

For what it was worth, the place seemed more alive than it ever has been - not that Miss Grant was the worst person to work for, quite the contrary, everyone was just too intimidated or outright terrified of her that any semblance of fun was  overpowered by the fear of messing something up. Miss Grant was nice, in her own quiet, borderline abrasive but never power hungry way. You could tolerate just one day of people being in a good mood.

You felt a slight gust of wind blow your way as you sat at your desk, and you really ought to think you should warn Kara about slowing down her speed just a notch more.

“Hi! (Y/N)! Golly it’s a great morning isn’t it. Oh, why aren’t you wearing red?”

“Kara, does it look like I own any coloured clothing other than black? Anyway, why would I?”

Kara’s eyes widen comically and she inhales sharply, and you almost dismiss it as another purely Kara Thing. You take note of her white pants and pink blazer, unbuttoned to reveal a simple white button up, and you grudgingly concede that this nerd always looks so stupidly cute.

Before you could get yourself irrationally angry at the multitude of Kara’s Preppy Looks, you wonder if Miss Grant has a special occasion that you didn’t get the memo for.

“Wait, is something happening today? Did Miss Grant finally acquire that small-town newspaper outside of Metropolis?”

Kara tilts her head at you, fully reminiscent of a confused child, and her eyebrow quirks ridiculously high up that it could disappear into her hairline.

“Hm, that’s not right. I would have heard about that one. I know she was saying how everyone should dress in red to symbolize the blood spilled of her competitors, but even that’s a bit much.” You say more to yourself than to Kara.

Kara opens and closes her mouth, and opens and closes it again seemingly at a loss to say something as she squints very severely at you. Your eyes widen marginally, taken aback by Kara’s silent assessment.

“Are you alright? Did I offend you or something?”

Kara’s jaw drops as she gasps indignantly. You were only half-kidding but you think you might as well have offended her unwittingly at some point in your very brief conversation.

“Seriously, are you okay? What’s wrong?”

“I really hope you’re joking.” Those words were startlingly ominous, and especially so coming from someone like Kara.

“What the hell do you even mean? Kara-”

Before you can ask any more of her, Cat Grant’s voice reverberates through the office. It’s impressive, considering she’s a good thirty feet away from you and inside an enclosed elevator when she speaks up.

“Keira, please tell me you found out who plastered that cheap Wal-Mart stock paper heart onto my window and that you have collected their resignation letter. Do not think that because I’m not here I don’t have eyes everywhere. I can practically smell the cheap scotch tape sticking eternally to my windows.”

“No DIY decor, already on it, Miss Grant. But don’t you think that’s a bit-”

Kara follows after Miss Grant, falling into step behind her rather impressively as Miss Grant hands off her coat to Kara and Kara hands her latte to her, balancing  various papers, clothing, and a bag in her arms.

Why is everyone so weird.

You boot up your computer and check the messages on your phone while you wait. An unread message from Lena fills your screen.

Lena: “I can’t wait to see you tonight.”

You smile at your girlfriend’s simple text. You know it’s tired and not very fair to keep having presumptions of your girlfriend based solely on her career, but you can’t help it. She’s a softie and an absolute sucker for romance and you never would have suspected it - certainly not the first few times she’d spent the night at your place and she’d untangle her hair from her high bun, shucking off her heels and stripping off her CEO persona. It always mesmerized you, it still does, which is why you’re smiling at your phone like an absolute nerd at her easy vulnerability when it comes to you.

you: “I can’t wait to see your beautiful face, pretty lady ;) Don’t make my day any more difficult than it needs to be…”

You remember all too well the very incriminating texts that have recently bombarded your phone with startling frequency. Lena being her own boss certainly had its perks, and spending an awful amount of time sending suggestive messages and downright not-safe-for-work pictures certainly was a perk in itself.

You’d wondered how often anyone would see you looking around suspiciously with the biggest shit-eating grin on your face. It begged the curiosity of who knew you were practically sexting sometimes? You figured you were probably a bit obvious, Kara has spent her fair share of your shift grimacing and blushing furiously whenever you meet her eye. It’s strange because it’s not like part of her powers involves mind-reading, did it really not take a genius to figure you out? Maybe with her super hearing and- oh. That might explain a little bit. In fact, that might explain a lot. Gross. You are not going to broach that conversation with her.

Lena: “Hmmm, that’s no fun…”

You smirk down at your phone. It is far too early for this teasing bullshit, but Lena Luthor lives on her own time and the universal conventions of decency wait for no one, apparently.

Lena: “What if I’m in the mood to be bad?”

you: “I guess I’d have to teach you a lesson about what happens when you tease me all day”

Lena: “It’s settled, let’s call it a date.″

you: “you’d call anything we do a date, love LOL

Lena: “Well then let’s make it extra special tonight ;)”

you: “looking forward to it, you big nerd”

You finally amend to put to your phone, seeing as though you spent a good few minutes flirting with your girlfriend instead of working. You figure even someone with as much money as Cat Grant wouldn’t appreciate you fooling around on company time.

“Ooooh, texting a fancy someone?” Winn’s voice comes from behind you as he swirls around to face you in his swivel chair.

“Yeah, weirdo.” You roll your eyes amused as Winn feigns hurt, but he continues nonetheless.

“Cool, you guys got any romantic plans tonight? Lena must be wicked excited.” He quirks his eyebrows suggestively, and you reach over to hit him on the arm hard enough to make him yelp.

“Gross. Even if we were I wouldn’t tell you anything.”

“Aww aren’t we superfriends? Don’t we go to share super secrets?”

“Definitely not of the bedroom variety.”

“Ah fine, I don’t think I want to know anyway. J’onn and Kara must try so hard to tune out all the adult stuff you and Lena get into whenever you guys are chilling at the DEO.”

You grimace and tune out whatever else Winn was about to say, “Oh god.”

“Really, you guys have no PG plans tonight? No extravagant displays of luxurious affection or cute date outings?”

“No, Winn. Why are you and Kara so interested in my life today anyway?”

Winn stares blankly at you before chuckling and turning back towards his computer. “Ah, ah okay! Sore topic. Sorry to pry. Just know I’m your pal, alright? You can tell me all the things.”

“Yes, rest assured, you are my pal, Winn.” You laugh despite yourself, shaking your head at your interaction.

You’d become quite busy the next few hours, all the bustle and general strangeness of the day wearing off as the remaining CatCo employees that stuck around waited until they could go home. You finally had a chance to lean back and check your phone’s notifications.

Lena: “When are you coming home? I miss you.”

you: “lol you’re so cute. Soon babe, don’t worry. Just a few things to finish up here. Are you done yet?”

Lena: “Yes, I managed to finish all that I needed today. I let Jess go early too, she’s got a cute date of her own.”

you: “oh man, no way! Is he cute? Is he worthy?? Is he an asshole? Do we need to threaten him?”

Lena: “If I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re more excited about Jess’ plans than ours. I’ve no clue, I merely assumed. Though she was acting particularly off today come to think of it.”

you: “you too eh? People were so weird today. More than they usually are. It must be a full moon.”

Lena: “I’ve no doubt that must be it. Tell me when you’re about to leave, darling. I’d very much like to get out of these restrictive clothes.”

you: “what? You won’t let me help you out??”

Lena: “If you take too long, you’ll regret far more than just that.”

Lena: “I will see you soon <3″

If you rushed to pack up a little quicker than you usually would and took off at a speed that could rival Kara’s, you’d never admit it to anyone. In your haste, you still managed to text Lena once you got into the packed streetcar and were notified that she was just on her way to yours from her apartment.

You had the chance to clean up your apartment a bit and get into your comfiest trackpants and your favourite hoodie when you heard knocking on your door. You opened the door and smiled as you opened your arms to your girlfriend. Lena immediately walked into your embrace and wrapped her arms around your middle, sighing happily as she did.

“You smell nice.”

“Thank you, I just got back from work.”

“And did work have half an army’s worth of perfume sprayed throughout the entire office to attract potential mates today?” She smirks as she makes her way around you to put her things away and make herself at home.

“I thought you said I smelled nice.”

“You do, I’m going to be stealing that sweater from you by the end of tonight.”

You chuckle at her nonchalance, “Naturally.”

She leans back on the back of your couch and crosses her arms easily. “Any hot plans for tonight?”

“You, me, and a box of pizza?”

“Make it two and you got yourself a deal.”

“Any other requests, beautiful?” You make your way slowly to Lena, eventually pinning her between your body and the couch. Your face is just inches away from hers and you can practically feel her next words against your skin.

“I was good today, need I remind you.”

“You were, actually.”

“What do I get for that?” She brings her lips close to yours and you can feel yourself being pulled for a kiss, but she doesn’t let you.

“Anything you want.”

“Oh, that’s dangerous.”

“Yeah, well, I want to make it all about you tonight.” You try again for a kiss, leaning in just too late as Lena brings herself away again. You grunt in mild frustration and she chuckles at your desperation.

“Are you sure? I see you’re getting a little impatient.”

Finally, she kisses you and you feel relieved. You’ve been waiting all day to be able to kiss your girlfriend. She’s the only sense of normalcy you have, no matter the absurdity that is your life or your individual circumstances. Her hands come up between your bodies as she latches onto the front of your shirt and tugs. Your hands come up to her hips and you push up against her lightly. You hear a soft groan from her lips and kiss it away.

You lose yourself in the kiss for however long you’ve been going at it, and she pulls herself away suddenly, leaving you moderately shocked at the abrupt loss of contact as she makes her way towards your kitchen.

“Let’s get Tony’s, I think I’m in the mood for a greasy cheesy-stuffed crust pizza.” She smirks as she takes in your indignant expression. You decide right then and there that, yes, in accordance to all science, religion, and all poetry that could be: Lena Luthor will be the death of you.

You call in your favourite pizza place and have two large greasy, cheesy-stuffed crust pizzas delivered to your door - one vegetarian for Lena (compromises, apparently), and one specialty butter chicken flavoured pizza that does an excellent job of tasting like it’s supposed to.

You’re the very definition of relaxed as you recline into your couch, Lena leaning into you as you wrap an arm around her. You both decided on one of the conspiracy theory documentaries on Netflix, deciding it was a good piece of relative garbage to consume.

Lena hums happily as she nuzzles into your side, taking a bit more of the blanket wrapped around you two as it uncovers a bit more of your legs.

You hear her mumbling from somewhere near your stomach, muffled by your sweater and the blanket and her general sleepiness. “Happy Valentine’s day.”


There’s a long pause as you stare at Lena’s figure, no doubt with the intensity of burning into her skull if you had heat vision.

“I’m sorry, was that too weird? I shouldn’t have brought it up-”


Lena finally turns her head to look at you questioningly. “What is it, love?”

You squint hard at the TV, the documentary long forgotten as you quickly run a reel of your entire day, pulling the brakes hard to a screeching halt when you put all the pieces together.

“Holy shit.” You mumble more to yourself than Lena.

“Babe, what’s wrong? Please, we can just forget about it-”

“No. No, no, no…”

“Oh my god, (Y/N), are you okay? Please talk to me.”

You sit up quickly, trying as best as you can to ease Lena off your lap as you continue to scratch at the surface of your struggling comprehension. You can’t believe yourself, you really can’t. You’ve certainly outdid yourself this time.

“I can’t believe it.”

Lena becomes increasingly alarmed at how upset you’re becoming and is at a loss for consoling you.

You finally look at her, an amalgamation of sadness, disappointment, and disbelief in your eyes. “Baby why didn’t you say anything?”

“I- I mean, I just did?”

“No, no way. This was supposed to be special.”

She looks at you, total confusion written on her face. “I’m sorry. I just thought- you didn’t bring it up? You hadn’t mentioned it all day and we haven’t really talked much about it, which is fair because that’s not really a thing one talks about in detail. I just thought you weren’t comfortable? I didn’t intend to upset you.”

“No, no baby that’s not it. I just- wow, I kinda suck. Aren’t you a little bit sad that I forgot?”

Lena’s lips quirk into a small smile. “Well, I mean I’ve never really had an official Valentine’s day so to speak. I would have liked to do something nice for you. But I wasn’t sure if you’d already made plans and I didn’t want to encroach on yours, and you didn’t give many hints about today at all so I thought maybe there was something else there. I didn’t want to bring it up if it was going to upset you.”

You click your tongue and lean across the couch to meet Lena halfway. You take her face in your hands and kiss her passionately. “You are too good for me, you know that?”

Lena smiles and kisses you again in between her words. “It’s okay, darling. As long as you remember my birthday.”

You pause in between your kisses, stopping as you stare almost cross-eyed into her eyes. The delayed reaction most certainly wasn’t going to help you. “Yeah, of course.”

She squints her eyes at you, backing away marginally so she can regard your entire face.

“You do remember when my birthday is, right?”

“How can I? You have like, three.”

She gasps in mock offense and begins to move away before you pull her back in, grinning at her reaction. You savour one last kiss before gently pulling yourself away and shaking your head. “Nope, I won’t have this. Get up.”

“What is it now?” She quirks her eyebrow at you quizzically, surely pondering what other nonsense you’ve come up with now.

“Get up baby, this is our date night.”

“I’d figured this night was, regardless of the calendar date?”

“Nope. Get your pretty little ass off that couch and help me, Luthor.”

Lena laughs as you take her in your arms and take her away from the couch. You pull the cushions off immediately and leave them in a heap on the floor as you take long strides toward your bedroom.

She calls after you from the living room.  “Where on earth are you going? What are you even doing?”

You come back with various blankets and push them into her arms. Lena looks down at them questioningly and watches as you stack the cushions against the couch, taking care that they won’t fall.

Eventually, you’re satisfied with your work and you’ve made a tiny fort in front of your TV with the blankets and couch cushions. Lena smiles at you, bewildered and her expression just begging for an explanation.

You notice her look and cock your head to your creation. “Well then? Get in. You said you’ve never made one of these in your life, ever. Right?”

“Yes…” She’s still looking on with perplexity but crouches down to get into your fort. You follow happily behind her.

“Well, I fucked up, so I’m going to try and fix it.”

Your girlfriend looks at you with utter adoration, her eyes slightly wet with unshed tears. “You are truly something else, (Y/N).”

You smile at her and let her kiss you, closing your eyes in content as you bask in the love you have for Lena - the woman who came into your life and challenged everything you thought you knew, and then changed you for the better.

“I am sorry. I feel like absolute shit. I’ve never forgotten before and I…” Your words trail off, and she looks at you, encouraging and understanding. You find the resilience to continue. “I just, I don’t know how it’s escaped me. It’s like, lately it’s this simultaneous experience of my days blurring together and looking forward to each day, you know?”

Lena doesn’t answer, she simply nods and silently prods you to continue.

“It’s no excuse, I don’t want it to be. It’s just that, I’ve been so happy now. I am so happy, and that is all thanks to you. I lose track of my days because I’m not counting down anymore to some unmarked end or whatever, or waiting until the next greatest thing happens to me that makes me feel alive for a few minutes. I don’t need that anymore because it’s you. You are the best thing that’s happened to me, and I don’t need to count down anymore.”

You hear her sniffle and you wrap an arm around her, as best as you can attempt with the lack of space in your fort.

“I just want to make it up to you. Because you deserve everything. And the people I’ve dated in the past have done things on Valentine’s day, and it makes me feel fucking terrible that I can’t even be assed to remember it for you. It makes me feel like I’ve let you down, and it sucks, because I want to be worthy of you. If I can’t even remember one stupid day, how am I supposed to be the person you need me to be?”

You inhale sharply, getting all your words out and finally being able to breathe. Lena’s freely crying now, tears pooling at the corners of her eyes and wetting her cheeks.

“No, (Y/N), look at this. You did this.” She points up at the fort surrounding you. “You did make it up to me. You realized it and did something about it. I could never hold this against you. I can’t be mad at you for this. You did nothing wrong, baby. And you are exactly the person I need.”

Lena’s hand comes up to your face and caresses your cheek, her thumb lightly treading circles on your skin.

“You are so good to me. You are good for me, (Y/N), and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to spend this day with.” She leans in to kiss you and your breathing steadies, allowing yourself this forgiveness.

There’s a pause in your kisses as you and Lena look at each other, the documentary long over as silence fills your apartment. Nothing but the sounds of the street and the humming of your appliances can be heard.

“You wanna know something that I haven’t done?” You ask her after a moment.

“What is that?”

“I’ve never had sex in a pillow fort before. I’m gonna fuck you in this one.”

You smirk as she she gasps scandalously, swatting your face away from her as you effectively ruin the moment. You laugh as you dodge her half-hearted attempts to keep you away, poking at her sides as she twitches and squeals at the onslaught.

“Hey, but honestly. What else haven’t you done before? You wanna do some watercolour painting tonight? I think I have a full set hiding around somewhere that I got from my best friend for my birthday. Or we could put together a puzzle, or something.” You contemplate the items you have in your apartment, and you’re about to move to look for them.

All Lena does is give you a long look, studying you before she pushes you down onto your back and moves on top of you, kissing you so that you both forget the time or the day by the time you’re both done with each other.

The Other Side

Series ~ Mafia Au

Part ~ Prologue

Group ~ Got7

Words ~ 2462 

Warnings ~ Strong Language ~ Sexual Activity ~ Domestic Abuse ~ Rape ~ Murder ~ Drug use/Selling

Y/N had always been a curious girl, listening to conversations she wasn’t supposed to, going places she wasn’t supposed to, causing her to get in trouble a lot. Once she moved to a new town people were always warning her to not go to the other side, but what was the other side. She found out through her friend, the other side was literally the other side. It was a poor town that was separated from the wealthy, separated by a simple train track. Y/N always wondered “Why?” Why did people warn her not to go over there? Why did people always tell her that the other side was full of wretched people?

Y/N lifted her scarf so it was covering her mouth. She shivered against the cold wind and looked up at the other side. She was a few feet away from stepping on the train tracks, waiting for her boyfriend to meet her. She kicked a rock into the train tracks, hearing as the rock clinked against the steel. Y/N flinched as a hand touched her shoulder. She turned around and saw her boyfriend.

“Se Jun! You scared me.”

A deep chuckled emitted from his throat, “Sorry babe.” He cracked a grin and wrapped his arms around her waist, “You ready babe?”

Y/N adverted her gaze from person to person, letting out a breath, “Can we just….Can we stay like this for a few minutes?”

Se Jun buried his face in her neck and nodded, “Yea…Are you scared?”

Y/N leaned into his touch and bit her lip when she felt his warm breath hit her neck. She thought about his question before shaking her head, “No….Kinda?” She sighed, “Yes I am.” She admitted.

Even though she was curious, she always feared what would happen if her curiosity got the best of her, like today. She was curious to go over there and today she was going to go over there. She was scared of what would happen to the both of them. Their parents didn’t know…no one knew, so what if something happened? Her mother always told her, “Curiosity killed the cat.” She always waved it off, but now it was getting to her.

“We don’t have to go. We can turn back.” Se Jun suggested.

Y/N shook her head and somehow got the courage to go. “No! I’ve always wanted to see what was over there and Im doing it right now!”

Se Jun laughed and nodded, jumping off the sidewalk on the train tracks.

Y/N jumped into Se Jun’s arm and he twirled her around before putting her down. He grabbed her hand and held it as they walked to the other side. Sejun let go of Y/Ns’ hand and ran, jumping on the sidewalk, balancing himself. Y/N giggled and saw Se Jun hold his hand out. Y/N grabbed his hand, as he helped her up. Y/N boosted herself up into his arms on a rock, chuckling.

“Well, we made it!” Se Jun exclaimed, “Wanna look around?”

Y/N nodded excitedly and started pointing everywhere.

“Okay…Okay, babe! Calm yourself.” Se Jun smiled, “Let’s go to a diner. I know a good place.”

Y/N furrowed her eyebrows and glanced at him, “How do you know a good place here? Have you been here?”

Se Jun’s smile faltered and he rubbed the back of his neck. “My brother used to live here and I used to visit him, so I know.” He shrugged.

“Where’s your brother now? Why didn’t he live with you?” Y/N questioned.

Se Jun mumbled, “My brother didn’t live with us because he wanted to live with our dad and our dad was poor.” He paused before running a hand through his hair. “My brother? He’s…he’s dead…along with my dad.” Se Jun sighed, “They deserved to die.”

Y/N gasped and slapped his chest, “How could you say that?! No one deserves to die! He’s your blood, They’re your blood and you saying stupid shit like this? How can you be so cr–”

Se Jun growled, “Drop it.”

Y/N immediately became quiet, looking around. Se Jun walked to the diner with Y/N following behind. He took a turn and smirked to himself. Y/N looked around at where they were at, “Babe?” She mumbled in a soft tone. “Where…are we?” Y/N was too distracted in her thoughts to notice that Se Jun had a cloth in his hand.

Se Jun walked up to Y/N behind her putting the cloth over her mouth. Y/N immediately started struggling, kicking him in his shin.

Se Jun’s arm fell from Y/Ns mouth and Y/N screamed, running away. Se Jun growled and ran behind her. Once he caught up to her, he picked her up and carried her to a nearby alley. He set her down in front of him, putting his hand next to her hand on the brick wall, smirking, “You better hush now princess or im gonna do something your not going to like.”

Se Jun started kissing her neck, leaving hickeys here and there. He mumbled, “See it’s not that bad, princess.” He bit his lip, “Let’s skip the foreplay and just get to the real part.” He moved his hands from her neck to her breasts, giving them a rough squeeze, causing tears to spill from her eyes. His hands moved down further, resting on top of her pants. He started pulling them down before feeling Y/N’s hands trying to pull his hands away.

“Stop…Please..Se Jun!” Her voice cracked, more tears spilling out. Se Jun let out a frustrated sigh, “Princess, you were doing so good, being quiet and letting me do what I want to.” He started tearing her hands away from his. Y/N started struggling, “Get off of me you piece of shit!” She yelled. All of a sudden, Y/N got slapped, her cheek getting red. Y/N looked at him with shock before starting to scream, “HELP! PLEASE SOMEONE!!” Se Jun growled before, pushing her to the ground.

“I guess we’re going to have to do this the hard way then, princess.” Se Jun kicked her in the stomach, laughing maniacally.

Y/N groaned in pain, her vision becoming blurry, “HELP!! PLEASE HELP!! SOMEBody….” Her voice started to become quieter, her vision started to get dark. Y/N saw a guy come in, starting to punch Se Jun, before blacking out.


Yugyeom was walking around, stirring chaos before hearing a girl screaming. He immediately ran towards her screams. Yugyeom turned the corner and saw a horrible view. A man hitting a woman. He felt his anger rising and before he knew it, he was punching the guy. He was letting out the anger. Yugyeom threw the guy to the floor, before growling, as the man laughed. “You think its fucking funny to hit a woman?!”

The man mumbled, “I can do whatever the fuck I what to do with her. She’s mine.”

That set off a bomb in Yugyeom, “Are you fucking sick?!” He kicked the man in the stomach, multiple times before putting his foot on the man’s neck. “I swear to god if I fucking see you around here again, I won’t hesitate to murder you.”

Yugyeom kicked the guy one last time, before running over to the girl. He sighed studying her features, “Such an angel.” He picked her up bridal style and began to walk towards the hangout.

The walk was long, but he didn’t think much of it as he only was thinking about her.

Once he got to the house, he looked around to see if any of the other members were home. He quickly went up the stairs, skipping two steps, going into his room. Yugyeom went to his bed and laid her down carefully as if she were a china doll. He walked out his room, going to BamBam’s room as he had last used the medical equipment. Yugyeom was looking through drawers when a voice interrupted him.

“What are you looking for?”

Yugyeom turned his head towards the door, seeing Mark. “First aid.”

Mark raised his eyebrow, “You look fine to me.”

Yugyeom sighed, “It’s not for me.”

Mark furrowed his eyebrows, “Who’s it f–”

He got cut off by a girl screaming and Yugyeom immediately, grabbed the first aid, running back to his room. He saw the girl, throwing pillows at BamBam. He chuckled before setting the first aid down on top of his dresser.

“Hey…Listen…your okay now.”

The girl started crying, “Don’t hurt me.” Her voice hoarse.

Yugyeom approached the girl with careful steps, “No..No, we aren’t going to hurt you…you safe now…he’s gone.” He said with a soothing voice.

The girl flinched when he started approaching her. Yugyeom saw this and stopped moving, grabbing the first aid, “I just want to help you. Please…let me help you.”

The girl sighed and nodded, “Ok.” she whispered.

Yugyeom glared at BamBam, “Get out.” he said sternly. BamBam had already done enough, scaring the poor girl. BamBam walked out of the room, hands up in surrender. Yugyeom turned back to the girl and saw some dried blood on the side of her head. He grabbed a cotton ball and opened the rubbing alcohol, placing the cotton ball on top of the rubbing alcohol, tilting it. Once he thought he had enough rubbing alcohol on the cotton ball it tilted it back and took the cotton ball off.  "This might sting…tell me if it hurts.“ He placed the cotton ball on her wound, cleaning the dried blood off her face, before placing and pressing the cotton ball against her wound. He saw the girl flinch and he instantly felt bad for her.

"Whats your name.” He whispered.

The girl looked up at him, “Y/N”  

He tossed the cotton ball away and repeated the process once more, “Beautiful name.” He looked at her hands and ran the cotton ball over them. He threw that cotton ball away, before looking at her cheek. “Does your cheek hurt?”

The girl bit her lip, nodding, “Yea.”

Yugyeom nodded, grabbing the first aid and making his way to the door, “I’ll be back, im going to get you some ice.”

The girl nodded and once he left, she got up


Y/N looked around the room and found a broken mirror. She looked at it and sighed, “I need to change.” She went to a dresser and grabbed a sweater, looking for some bottoms. She took off her shirt and put on the sweater.

“Hey, here are some clothes that a friend let me borrow for y-” The guy looked at her and she saw him blush. She chuckled and walked towards him, grabbing the clothes, “Thank you….”

The guy cleared his throat, “Yugyeom.”

Y/N’s eyes widened at his name, “Wait, your Kim Yugyeom?! The guy that’s in Got7?!” She had heard of Got7, the infamous gang. They always seemed to stir up trouble on both sides of the town.

Yugyeom nodded, “Yea…but we’re not always like the media says.”

Yugyeom was more the shy, quiet type in the gang. He never liked to kill people or sell drugs or capture girls. If he could change he would, but he couldn’t as he was born into this lifestyle.

The door behind them creaked open and there stood Mark.

“So this is the girl you were taking care of. Why she wearing no pants? We’re you guys getting it on?”

Yugyeom blushed, “N-No..She was changing and I was dropping her off some clothes.” Yugyeom rubbed the back of his neck, awkwardly.

“Whatever you say Gyeom,” Mark mumbled, walking out.

“I-I better go…” Yugyeom bolted out the door.

Y/N chuckled, “Boys..” She looked through the pile of clothes and found some leggings. She put it on, seeing rips and tears. She sighed and looked out the window. “So this is how it feels like to look at my side.” She looked at her side, how the sun shined so brightly above her side. She furrowed her eyebrows, walking towards the door. She opened it peeking her head out, looking to see if anyone was in the hallway. She tiptoed her way out, into the hallway. Again her curiosity got the best of her.

“Se Jun.” She sighed as she couldn’t tell her parents or the police, as one her parents would never believe Se Jun did that, two Se Juns’ dad is the sheriff and he would do anything to cover his son up. She ran a hand through her hair, looking at how the wallpaper was coming off of the wall, how it seemed like Beauty and the beast, but she didn’t know how many beasts there were. She turned around, walking backward just in case someone was following her. That’s when she bumped into something hard.

“Y/N! What are you doing out?!”

She turned around, only to be faced with Yugyeom. She let out a breath, she didn’t know she was holding.

Yugyeom picked her up and carried her back to his room, “Its dark, you should be sleeping.” Yugyeom walked in and closed the door, setting her on the bed.

Y/N looked out the window and it was indeed dark. Did the afternoon really pass by that fast. She looked at Yugyeom seeing he was starting to fall asleep in a chair.


He quickly got up and looked around the room, “What?”

Y/N tucked some hair behind her ear, “Sleep in your bed….I’ll sleep on the chair.”

Yugyeom shook his head, “No…its fine.” He smiled, “Sleep on the bed.”

Y/N started to protest before Yugyeom cut her off, “I insist..please?”

She nodded, pouting. “Fine.” She saw as he sat back down in the chair, quickly falling asleep. She chuckled and mumbled, “He’s such a cutie.” Y/N bit her lip, laying down on the bed, pulling the covers around her. Yugyeom wasn’t that bad, but that doesn’t mean the others are like him. She turned on her side, staring out the window. She shut her eyes and started to fall asleep.

‘Tomorrow will be a better day than today.’

A/N ~ I hope this was good and hope you guys enjoy this series!

TF2 Ships~ (WIP)

ScoutxScout-> Scoutcest
ScoutxPyro-> Flash Fire
ScoutxSolly-> Batting Helmet
ScoutxDemo-> Hop scotch
ScoutxHeavy-> Heavy Hitters
ScoutxEngie-> Texas Two Step
ScoutxSniper-> Speeding Bullet
ScoutxMedic-> Quick Fix/Blunt Trauma
ScoutxSpy-> Daddy Issues/Cloak & Batter
ScoutxPauling-> Caught Looking
SoldierxSoldier-> Sollycest
SoldierxPyro-> 4th of July
SoldierxDemo-> Boots n Booms
SoldierxHeavy-> Cold War 
SoldierxEngie-> Helmet Party
SoldierxMedic -> Fruit Scones
SoldierxSniper-> Knife Party Huntsman (???)  
SoldierxSpy-> Freedom Fries
SoldierxMerasmus-> Magic Missiles

SoldierxZhanna: East meets West

PyroxPyro-> Pyrocest
PyroxEngie-> Texas Toast
PyroxHeavy-> Bear Grill
PyroxDemo-> Molotov
PyroxSniper-> Why does it burn when I pee?/Hot Shots
PyroxMedic-> Roasted Dove
PyroxSpy-> French Fries
DemoxDemo-> Democest
DemoxHeavy-> ???
DemoxEngie-> Short Fuse
DemoxMedic-> JaegerBombs
DemoxSniper-> Piss Drunk
DemoxSpy-> Bomb voyage
HeavyxHeavy-> Heavycest
HeavyxEngie-> Heavyneer
HeavyxSniper-> Vegemite sandvich
HeavyxMedic-> Red Oktoberfest
HeavyxSpy-> Spoovy
EngiexEngie-> Engiecest
EngiexSniper-> Trucks n vans
EngiexMedic-> Science Party
EngiexSpy-> Napoleon Complex
SniperxSniper-> Snipercest
SniperxMedic-> Bush Medicine/Van Ambulance/Urine Sample
SniperxSpy-> Bloody Suit
MedicxMedic-> Medicest
MedicxSpy-> Gentle Surgery
SpyxSpy-> Spycest

I tried to put order of the ships that are in this fandom and ended up like this. Even when I don’t reblog everything this will be useful anyway, for me and for my followers.

It was really funny to do, and thanks Sugar Tits for your help <3

*˖°✧°˖* bios do gotzinhos7 *˖°✧°˖*

got7 q estais no céu

tudo posso no got7 q me fortalece

se got7 está por vós quem será contra nós

uns confiam na sorte, outros no destino, já eu? eu confio em got7

se já é pecado ser fã imagina ser de got7

um minuto de silêncio pra minha dignidade q foi jogada no lixo assim q virei fazinha de got7

✰*☾ se não gosta que eu fale de got7 me dá um tiro na cara ✰*☾

mil poderão cair ao seu lado, dez mil à sua direita, mas got7 o atingirá

got7 >>> you

rosas são vermelhas violetas são azul eu noa aguento mais ser fã de got7 e tomar no cu

n aguento mais vê as cara linda dos got7, porq cada foto nova eu tenho q segurar o impacto

*♡*∴✧ when you think got7 i hope you think on me *♡*∴✧

to triste pq to sem inspiração pra faze ): foram muitos poucas mais da pro gasto né? amore mio vcs gostaram?

gosto tbm? entoa clica nesse coração ou se quiser aperta nesse tweet em negrito, q ta aqui embaixo!!. (: i lov u xoxo,,,.

acc (: momolandz
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ʚĭɞ tank you xbae ʚĭɞ

Title: Deal with the Devil [ Chapter Three ]

Summary: Negan takes Monroe home.

Warnings: Language, flirtation

“What just happened?” Gasping in a breath of air, Monroe’s knees buckled and her head spun as she let her grip loosen on Negan’s leather jacket.

Taking a step back, the demon leaned back just enough to eye the curve of her ass with a smirk. He liked her in this position, maybe he’d teleport her all over the place just so he could have this sweet view all damn night.

“By the looks of things, I just flipped your whole fucking world upside down.” He said breezily and palmed his neatly trimmed beard as she steadied her breathing. “Being what I am, I have a shitload of abilities tucked away under my sleeve that just so happen to include travelling places in a blink of an eye. Cool, ain’t it?”

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Requested by anonymous from the Drabble Game.

Number 3.

Author’s Note:

This is surprisingly short!! Hahahah I hope you guys like. Please, don’t be mad at me because of, well, if you read it, you’ll understand what I’m talking about hahahah my imagination is just running wild lately, and I like to run away from clichés and stuff.

Masterlist ❁


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anonymous asked:

I heard you called for mtl requests, and I'm here to help!! Could I maybe request nct mtl likely to date a girl who's confident but also insecure? Thank you!

Of course! Thanks for requesting and sorry for replying so late. ( I fell asleep lol!) I assume you mean the person is outwardly confident but insecure on the inside.

((Since this is ALL of NCT I’m going to group together the reasons too!))

-admin nine


Johnny, Ten, Doyoung, Renjun, Jaemin, and Hansol

These boys are honestly the best at being supportive (not like the other members aren’t). When you are feeling confident and playful, their personalities would match up extremely well with yours. But if you were feeling self conscious, they would already be in cheerleader mode and encourage you until you feel better. I feel like these six would have the best radar of when to be playful, and when to console you during your blue periods. They would often cheer you up with back hugs, forehead kisses, or the occasional aegyo!

Mark, Haechan, Chenle, Jaehyun, and Yuta

I feel like these boys would admire how you put on a brave face each fay and try your best to ignore your insecurities. They could also relate to you, as they often have to hide their worries with a smile and a laugh. However, they may not be the best at knowing exactly when you need a pick-me-up and may tease you too much or not show enough affection when you need it most. After they figure out what to do from the other members, they’ll become 200% more aware of your daily actions, making note of how you feel throughout the day. They would then give you small, subtle encouragements, such as leaving you cute text messages. Nonetheless, they would still encourage you to love yourself the way you are, giving you sweet and funny complements along the way.

Taeyong, Kun, WinWin, Taeil, Jeno, and Jisung

The reason I feel like they would be the least compatible with this type of person is because, although they would totally support you throughout anything, these boys would not know how to read people and their moods. They would mostly believe that your confident persona was your “normal” personality and thus not really pay attention to the little hints about your mood. They would think that they were just “minor bumps in the road”, per se. Once you do tell them that you truly weren’t as confident as you seemed, and had deep insecurities racking your brain throughout the day, they may just sit there for a while before figuring out how to console you. At most, they’ll know when you need soothing, but won’t really know how to cheer you up other than through hugs, head pats, and comforting whispers.


I hope this was okay! I’m not sure if I portrayed everyone correctly but, hey, I did my best!!!

cute bios

INGLES coloca o @ do crush

you have me all day

not change you nor chocolate

maybe i like you, or maybe i love you

be yourself, i like that in us

love me like you do

i was at the seashore thinking of us

i will always be here

my heart helped find you

is already time for us to embrace

when we lets kiss?

love your bullshit, more i love your smile

LIKE SE GOSTOU, C @nosenswre SE USOU!!!!!!

Starting the second step 1/3

Niko: I’m very tired Victoria … it’s the second week I have not slept through the voices …. I can not go on like this

Victoria: I know Niko, I’m sorry …. but I can not control this well since I have not eaten in 15 days and I can not use the souls that we have saved at this step will end … if we were not alone in this nest of souls sinners

Niko: estoy muy cansado Victoria…es la segunda semana que no he dormido por las voces….no puedo seguir asi

Victoria: lo se Niko, lo siento….pero no puedo controlar esto bien ya llevo 15 dias sin comer y ya no puedo usar las almas que tenemos guardadas a este paso se acabaran…si solo no estuviéramos mas en este nido de almas pecadoras

???: well well … the kitten decided to leave the outside at last

Victoria: grrrr! talking about dirty souls…

???: pero bueno…el gatito decidió salir de afuera al fin

Victoria: grrrr! hablando de almas sucias…

???: it was time for you to show your face after what you did or maybe you were with your tail between your legs for fear of the blow that was going to give you hahaha!

???: ya era hora de que mostraras la cara después de lo que hiciste o tal vez estabas con el rabo entre las patas por miedo al golpe que te iba a dar hahaha!

Niko: what? no, not at all my friend, im only did a favor in my eyes so that they did not see your horrible face and of passage to my nose

Niko: que? no,para nada mi amigo, solo le hacia un favor a mis ojos para que no vieran tu horrible cara y de paso a mi nariz

???: you think it’s very funny, huh boy? Let’s see if with the blows you take off

Niko: remove your dirty hand from me

???: what? do not listen to me kitty say it again

???: te crees muy gracioso eh niño? veamos si con los golpes se te quita

Niko: quita tu sucia mano de mi

???: que? no te escuche gatito dilo otra vez

Niko (Victoria): I said….take your dirty hand off me! touch me again and I swear that you will lose every member of your disgusting being starting with breaking your bones to see how you twist in pain!!

Niko (Victoria): Dije….que quitaras tu sucia mano de mi! vuelve a tocarme y juro que perderas cada miembro de tu asqueroso ser empezando con quebrarte los huesos para ver como te retuerces de dolor

!!!: Krimson! do you have visits!

Victoria: yeah!! run a coward!! You’ll see how it goes if you touch my little girl again!!!

!!!: Krimson! Tienes visitas!

Victoria: si!! Corre cobarde!! Veras como te ira si vuelves a tocar mi niña otra vez!!!

To be continued…

who will be the visit of niko? ewe

anonymous asked:

Hiya friend~ Um, I was wondering how Kuroo, Bokuto, Hinata and Noya would react if they accidentally hurt their s/o? Like maybe they went in for a glomp and she got hurt somehow in the process? Or they gestured too much and smacked her in the face kinda hard? Thank you. c:

HELLO FRIEND!! I loved writing this I cracked myself up so I hope you like it too!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the funny request I hope you request again in the future!!

Bokuto: “Watch this y/n!” Bokuto was currently showing off for his s/o. He invited her to the gym to watch him practice, right now he was showing off his serves. Y/n nodded respectively as she watched her muscular boyfriend smack another ball over the net. Akaashi was there too to make sure Bokuto actually got some work done. “Hey y/n, I can do it with my eyes closed.” Akaashi snapped his head up “Bokuto I don’t think y/n needs to se-” too late. Bokuto had sent the ball out and right into your face with a loud SMACK. Bokuto froze, Akaashi froze, and you fell to the ground. Then panic ensued. “OH MY GOD Y/N IM SO SORRY! AKAASHI WHAT DO I DO? I KILLED MY GIRLFRIEND OH MY GOD IM SINGLE AGAIN!” Akaashi walked over to you and helped you sit up “Bokuto can you please take your girlfriend to the nurse?” Bokuto was still panicking “I’ve got you y/n I’m so sorry.” He gently lifted you up “God damn it Bokuto we have picture day in two days, and my nose is going to look bad!” Bokuto was relieved that you were talking. “Nah y/n you will look bad ass, and even more sexy.” He took you to the nurse and say with you and told you stories till your mom could come and get you home. After that Bokuto sent you flowers and gifts to say sorry.

Hinata: He was telling you and Kageyama a story about him saving a cat from a tree that morning. Now Hinata loved to gesture as he talked. And as he approached then climax of his story the gestures got even more crazy and violent. You and Kageyama looked at each other figuring you better say something before he hurt himself or one of you. Before you could open your mouth though one of Hinata’s arms went flying straight into your chest. You let out a loud groan of pain and covered your middle. Hinata froze and turned very red, Kageyama also turned red and escused himself out of the awkward situation. “I-I-I’m s-so s-s-sorry y/n!” Hinata was a stuttering mess after seeing how angry you were “Hinata I love you but please can you control the limb flailing? My poor boobs feel like they just got attacked, did you know boobs really hurt when you hit them?” Hinata turned redder still and murmured another apology and gave you a small hug to make up for it. You two then went to find Kageyama so Hinata could finish the story with less gestures this time.

Kuroo: He was always very affectionate to his s/o. However the volley ball player was also incredibly strong. This leads to the occasional injury from love. One night you were out with him and the rest of the team you guys were bowling. You, Kuroo, Kenma, Lev, and Inouka were all on a team. The game was going well you happened to be an Amazing bowler, Kuroo? Not so much. However on one of his turns he managed to score a strike! He was so over come with emotion he hugged you a little too hard. You were knocked to the ground with him on top of you. This lead to Kuroo being a blushing mess trying to help you up, and you having a scratched up elbow. Kuroo of course felt horrible, luckily Kenma had a bandaid on him. He took you over to the side and put the bandaid on your injury. “I’m so sorry y/n, I got a little excited huh?” You just laughed at him “yeah that was quite the hug Kuroo I’m gonna be feeling that for a few days.” After he put the band aid on he quickly pecked it to make it feel better. Then you both went back to bowling.

It was in the middle of training camp for Nishinoya. He had invited his s/o to watch for a bit since she was going out of town for a week. While she was watching he made a rather impressive play! This pumped him up so much that he ran over to you. He picked you up in a hug, then he kissed you. As he kissed you he bit down harshly on your lip. You pulled away “Ow what the hell Nishinoya? That hurt!” As you felt your lip you discovered it was bleeding. Nishinoya had a hard time handling the sight of blood. He passed out at the sight, causing the team to look over at the couple. Tanaka jogged over to help. “Hey y/n what happened?” You had a tissue pressed against your lip now. “My idiot boyfriend got too excited and bit my lip and then passed out when he saw the blood, Tanaka began to crack up, laughing so violently he clutched his sides. Soon the rest of the team joined as they heard the story. Cue Nishinoya waking up to have his team calling him a wild boy and his s/o to be very pouty and with a big ice pack against her face.

anonymous asked:

So that last snap of Karlie makes me think she's actually bi 🤔

Seriously ? just bc she said ‘hello’ in a funny way, after seing a nude guy on the beach far away  ??

Some of you girls are clueless !!!! clueless, young & naive…..

*alleged* Lesbians are not horrified with the look of a naked man, especially that far….

What do you think she should have done ?    Cover her eyes while screaming in horror, & shouting “Vade Retro Satanas” ???? (rolling eyes)


Lots of Soul Eater headcanons

For khaleesimaka!

imagine soul holding blair up to a mirror when she’s in her cat form and just saying “that you” #i do this to my cat all the time don’t even tell me they wouldn’t do it to blair (via transkamina) (drawing of this!)

blair is genderfluid and uses she/he/they pronouns and sometimes paw/paws if she feels like it :3c + tbh genderfluid blair changing between her female human form and the male form shown in the lust chapter depending on what gender she feels like at the time is my headcanon (via transkamina)

TBH my headcanon is that Blair was a witch’s cat who inherited her owner’s magic after her owner died. (via transkamina)

Weapon hcs because why not

  • weapons are physically more sturdier than regular humans and have more stamina.
  • weapons eat. a lot. like a ridiculous amount and to the point where they don’t even really notice. their metabolism is incredibly high.
  • their body temperatures are higher than a normal human by a solid three or four degrees.
  • their heart beats at a slightly faster rate than of a normal human (but not as much as a reaper) 

(via akouos)

it always seemed weird to me how Lord Death didn’t seem surprised at ALL that Blair was a cat witch, not a real witch whose soul could make Soul a Death Scythe

but like, W H A T IF Blair is sort of partnered with the DWMA. when really young meister-weapon pairs just are too talented, collecting souls too fast, and Lord Death knows they’re about to get their 100th soul, but he doesn’t think they’re emotionally/physically ready, he sends them to the coughcough ‘witch’ Blair

and over the years, she’s donated all of her extra cat souls (nine lives!!) to help partners who were moving too fast (child soldiers) slow down, and Soul ate her 8th soul, so now she’s just– living (via raining-down-hearts)

Post with lots of reblogs about Blair and Maka and period talk (cuter than it sounds)

black star shows up to dinner one day with???a??turtle??? and everyone’s like why do you have a turtle

“I found him on the side of the road he was gunna get hit I couldn’t just leave him!”

and he sets up a big aquarium for the little guy and researches to find out what species he is and affectionately names him Green Star (via akouos) + You can say everyone was

Shell Shocked (via l0chn3ss) + Do you think anybody might have

flipped out? (actually from me this time!)

Maka is a feminist and nothing will convince me otherwise (via z-raid)

Headcanon: Soul’s teeth work like shark teeth, he can lose one and another grows in its place. The first time a kishin breaks his tooth Soul just shrugs and spits it out while Maka flips her shit. (via awesomeasusual) + #i accept this headcanon#and find it a little funny#se headcanon#mostly for maka freaking out#and soul just being like what’s the big deal?#it’s just a tooth#and maka begging soul to go see a dentist to fix it#and soul’s like what for? it’ll grow back#what do you mean it’ll grow back!??#it’s a tooth soul!!#this scene is just entertaining to me (via khaleesimaka, hey that’s you!)

My headcanons about Blair and Maka 

A cute post about Soul being partially Italian

✿ mean girl bios ✿

• regina george is my queen

• nas quartas usamos apenas rosa

• se você eh da africa pq vc eh branca?

• vc acha q todo mundo tá apaixonado por vc qnd na vdd todo mundo te odeia

• não tenha relações sexuais pq se vc tiver, vc vai engravidar e vai morrer

• não posso evitar q sou tão popular

• eu descobri que todos me odeiam… eu não ligo

• meu sonho eh ser a regina george

• inveja e sinto da regina q eh loira magra e popular de vc eu sinto eh pena


• In the quarterfinals use only pink

• If you are from Africa, why you are white?

• You think everyone’re in love with you when in fact everyone hates you

• do not have sex, because if you have sex you will get pregnant and will die

• I can not help that I’m so popular

• I discovered that all hate me… I do not care

• My dream is to be regina george

• I feel envious of Regina who is blonde, thin and popular, you I feel is worth


Me perdoem se as frases em inglês estiverem fora do contexto, a culpa é do google tradutor!!!% me perdoem e não desistam de mim

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VOCE ACHA QUE EU SOU FÃ DESSES WHO DO MAGCON? SE ENXERGA GAROTA!!!please Cameron follow me, ilysm <3 x336


meus ídolos são “viners” e voce ainda pergunta como é que tá a minha vida?

campanha taylor caniff na minha cama EU APOIO

o carter faz vine gritando voce acha que eu escolhi ser fã desse cara???//

Fã do garoto que tem uma piscina nos olhos

botei Shawn Mendes covers no youtube e olha onde vim parar???

eu só queria saber quem era o cara de olhos azuis

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[Nash voice’s] I think I’m funny

You mad or nah?


[Skylynn Voice’s] You can call me green bees

You can’t stop looking at me, staring at me, be what I be, you can’t stop looking at me. So get off my face (◡‿◡✿)


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How do you understand RTN about Neji and Hinata? Well, they are the opposite of your original personality... I’m confused thinking if Neji are just a perv without feelings about her or not. But it’s funny seeing their interaction!

They are opposites of their personalities, but whom you love isn’t part of your personality per se, you see, RTN!Hinata were still in love with Naruto…
In my oppinion RTN!Neji is as much in love with Hinata as our “regular Neji”, who also has the hots for Hinata but doesn’t show it (SD even accuses him of being a “closet pervet” lmao), not like RTN!Neji at least, because our Neji is all about respect and dignity.

But yes, it’s funny, and to be honest I think RTN!Neji was a lot luckier than our Neji, because he didn’t try to hide anything.

Jessica Lange’s Commencement Speech

I came across Jessica Lange’s commencement speech for Class of 2008 at Sarah Lawrence College. I found it inspiring and just the right words I needed to hear right now as I sit here pondering about the future and not knowing what I’m doing with my life. I just need to let things go, embrace life and let it take me anywhere.

“This is a day to feel proud and to congratulate yourselves on your hard work and intelligence. And then, to simultaneously give thanks for the extraordinary opportunity that has been given to you, to acknowledge the professors you’ve been privileged to study with, to acknowledge the excellent education you have received in this rarified atmosphere, and then, of course, to give thanks to those who enabled you to be here.

The possibilities and the limitations now spread out before you, whatever field you have decided to go into, whether it be the sciences, the arts, the humanities. You have the opportunity to make a better world, to benefit mankind, to ease the suffering of others, to educate, to heal, to entertain, to illuminate. A new beginning, an arising. How glorious for you!

William Blake wrote, “My fingers emit sparks of fire with expectations of my future labours.”

When I mentioned to a friend that I was writing a commencement speech, he asked me what my theme was. Now that really threw me. Nobody told me I needed a theme. I’m not great with themes, so I don’t have one, per se. I hope you’re not disappointed. I do wish I could be funny or profound; however, that’s wishful thinking. What I have are some thoughts I’d like to share with you. So if it feels random, it probably is.

I look out at your faces and guess most of you graduates are about 22 years old. I think of the world I was living in at that age. Very different from yours and yet, ominously similar.

At 22, for me, the Vietnam war was in its seventh year. Nixon was employing round-the-clock bombing. We were destroying the infrastructure, the people, and the countryside of Vietnam to save it from the Communists.

History repeats itself.

Today, for you at 22, the Iraq war is in the sixth year. Thousands of American soldiers killed. Tens of thousands wounded. Hundreds of thousands Iraqis dead. The infrastructure and land destroyed to save it from (and this is a movable feast) first, tyranny, and then, terrorists.

Now, some of you may feel this is not the proper occasion to make mention of this. However, I would be remiss in addressing a group of young adults if I were to deliberately ignore the political realities that they are faced with.

We are all citizens of a troubled world, yet it is your generation that carries the weight of the future on your shoulders. We are living in an America that in the last seven and a half years has waged an unnecessary war, established prison camps, condoned torture, employed corporate armies, eliminated the right of habeas corpus, practiced extraordinary rendition, and believe me, this is only a partial list—I had to keep myself in check.

I don’t wish to dwell on the misery caused by this administration, but that legacy is being passed down to you. It is a heavy burden to inherit and will require tremendous dedication and hard work to put it right again. You must determine if we are going to measure ourselves on the basis of military might and economic power or if there is perhaps something deeper—more essential in our national character—that needs to be awakened.

We must commit ourselves, wholeheartedly, to the pursuit of peace, equality and justice. This should be the realm of your dreams, the altruistic motivation you go forward with as you are moving towards a world unknown.

I believe you’ve come of age in a complex and confusing time. The commercial forces surrounding you, the absence of meaningful culture, the constant assault by media, fashion, and entertainment. We have become a society that is placated by gadgets, soothed by consumerism and the empty rewards of upward mobility, the celebration of mediocrity and false celebrity, the obscurations of modern life. We need a sea change.

So, I encourage you not to buy into it. Defy conventions and what is expected of you. Create your own definition of success. Don’t let it be judged or guided by someone else’s measurement, by someone else’s expectations or limitations.

You are our hope. So cherish this time in your life. Remember who you are. Because, right now, you have it all: The power of your imagination, the velocity of your dreams, the language of innocence, and the passion of a beginner. Don’t lose it. Don’t let it evaporate or get stripped away or worn away. And, as time passes, if you find you’ve come far away from yourself, allow the breeze of humility to remind you of who you were—who you really are.

Henry James said, “To live is such an art…”

If, from my vantage point now, I could tell my 22-year-old self what I now believe is the most important thing in life (and one I didn’t embrace fully at the time because I was young and willful and reckless), it would be—to be present. I would encourage you, with all my heart, just to be present. Be present and open to the moment that is unfolding before you. Because, ultimately, your life is made up of moments. So don’t miss them by being lost in the past or anticipating the future. Don’t be absent from your own life.

You will find that life is not governed by will or intention. It is ultimately the collection of these sense memories stored in our nerves, built up in our cells. Simple things:

A certain slant of light coming through a window on a winter’s afternoon
-The sound of spring peepers at twilight
-The taste of a strawberry still warm from the sun
-Your child’s laughter
-Your mother’s voice

These are the things that shape our lives and settle into the fiber of our beings. Don’t take them for granted. Slow down for them, they will take root. And someday 20-30-40 years from now, you may be going about your day when by chance the smell of bread baking or the sound of a mockingbird singing will stop you in your tracks and carry you heart and soul back to yourself. Moments of pure happiness, bliss—if you feel comfortable using that word—come upon you unexpectedly. Don’t be too preoccupied to experience them.

We need to slow it all down. I wonder sometimes why we can’t just sit and do nothing. Why can’t we enjoy idleness—the art of doing nothing. Perhaps it’s not in our cultural DNA. We are goal oriented, result driven. Success is measured in how much we can get done.

We seem to have no time for stillness. What is this desperate need we have to fill the emptiness with iPods, Blackberries, cell phones, computers, video games, and television? Perhaps we should ask ourselves, how do we really understand pleasure and happiness? The Tibetan Buddhists have a saying, “Tomorrow or the next life—which comes first, we never know.”

So I encourage you—don’t keep anticipating that your life is up ahead of you. Don’t always be waiting for the next thing. Don’t put all your energies into some idea of the future. And with that in mind, you open the door to endless possibilities. Just allow life to take you on an adventure. Be receptive to the winds of change.

I graduated from high school in a worn-out little mill town in Northern Minnesota. Art was going to be my way out. I went to the University on a scholarship and entered the fine arts program. I imagined I would study—get my B.F.A., go on to get an M.F.A. Devote my life to painting. Then the second quarter of my freshman year the drawing class I wanted was filled. At the last minute I signed up for a photography class. My photography instructor introduced me to his friends, young photographers. They were leaving for Spain to make a documentary about flamenco Gypsies in Andalusia. And they asked me, did I want to come along? Yes, I said.

We lived in Europe for that year. When we returned to the States, we settled in New York. The early SoHo days. They had a friend they introduced me to—a modern dancer from the Merce Cunningham Company—who was starting an experimental theater company. She asked me if I wanted to dance with them. I said yes.

A man who had worked with the great mime master, Etienne Decroux, was in New York and came to give us classes. I fell in love with mime and when I learned Decroux still lived and taught in Paris, I decided to go study with him. With $100 in my pocket, I went to look for this old man. I lived in Paris for the next three years taking classes.

I felt I had finally settled in. I never imagined leaving Paris. At the school, I met some actors from New York. On a return visit to the States I ran into one of them. He asked if I wanted to come along to one of his acting classes to see what it was all about. “Yeah, yeah, why not?” I wasn’t doing anything. I discovered an immediate passion for acting. It seemed to bring everything together for me. I decided to stay and study.

Suddenly, my life was in New York, working as a waitress and taking acting classes. I imagined it would be a long and steady process. I’d start auditioning, first for showcase theaters, then Off-Off-Broadway—work my way up until, finally, someday, maybe Broadway.

Then, one day, I was asked if I wanted to audition for a film. I would have to fly to Hollywood to do a screen test. It was like something out of an old movie. I didn’t want to do film—my life was supposed to be in the theater. But it was winter in New York, I was broke, and my sister was sailing up the coast from Mexico and would be in California—I wanted to go see her. So I said, “yeah, why not? I’ve got nothing to lose.”

They picked me up from my fifth floor walk-up in the Village, flew me to Los Angeles, and took me to MGM to do a screen test. I did it and they gave me the part. And so began a new and totally unexpected chapter in my life.

So, I guess the point I want to make is this—there was no way I could have ever anticipated or planned the twists and turns my life took in those six short years. Sometimes, you just have to let life take you on its glorious journey. And the best time to do it is now—when you’re young and full of curiosity and have no fear. Don’t constrain yourself with expectations of success. Success will be a by-product of the life you lead. All success is individual, and sometimes, as in my case, completely accidental.

So today you are setting off on your next adventure. You are beginning, and what makes beginnings so thrilling is the unknown. What is vital is this initial confrontation with the unknown and how you decide to embrace it. The world is waiting for you. Explore it through your own humanity. Be guided by your higher self. Don’t be dissuaded or discouraged, but do allow yourself to be sidetracked if that’s what you want. Get off the fast track, off the grid—go out and wander.

I hope that you will commit yourselves to the pursuit of peace—to the practice of tolerance and compassion. And be good stewards to our precious Earth. I wish you all the courage to have an adventurer’s heart and a life lived in the moment.

Thank you.”

— Jessica Lange