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Never surrender your hopes and dreams to the fateful limitations others have placed on their own lives. The vision of your true destiny does not reside within the blinkered outlook of the naysayers and the doom prophets. Judge not by their words, but accept advice based on the evidence of actual results. Do not be surprised should you find a complete absence of anything mystical or miraculous in the manifested reality of those who are so eager to advise you. Friends and family who suffer the lack of abundance, joy, love, fulfillment and prosperity in their own lives really have no business imposing their self-limiting beliefs on your reality experience.
—  Anthon St Maarten

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I'm writing a novel about a character with debilitating sleep problems (I haven't decided on a disorder yet) who consistently ends up unable to sleep before the point of absolute exhaustion. What is a feasible length of time for this to be on a consistent basis while not being completely life-threatening in the short term? (I'm accepting that it'll knock years off her life in the long term.) Also - I've found conflicting answers, do you know a good resource to use to research sleep disorders?

Hey there! Thanks for the question, and sorry for the (extreme) delay. This is currently the oldest ask in my inbox.

Sleep disorders are common, and are problematic, but it sounds like what you’re describing is some pretty gnarly insomnia.  

Your character will have a number of effects to keep in mind. First, decreased performance at whatever task is at hand. Their thinking may become muddled or clouded. They’ll likely “space out”, or may even have bursts of micro-sleep during other parts of the day. (This can be fatal while driving, and exhaustion is as much or more of an impairment to drivers as alcohol is.)

They’ll also have lower reaction time, which contributes to driving injuries or deaths, and may come into play if your character is the actiony type (gunplay, for example, will be impaired, as will their tumbling / climbing abilities).

Sleep is a critical part of a character’s life and livelihood. They may be very tired during the day, make bad decisions, or fall asleep when they shouldn’t. Irritability is also a huge thing. They may gain, or lose, weight. DOverall they’re likely to have some significant issues.

The good news is that, outside of driving fatalities, insomnia is rarely fatal (with the exception of the helpfully-named Fatal Familial Insomnia, which is a genetic (familial) disease in which the victims stop sleeping (insomnia) until they die (fatal). Hooray!

Mayo Clinic has a pretty good overview of regular ol’ insomnia here:

In terms of your actual question, when it comes to duration, “months” is an extreme but accurate example. I probably averaged three to four hours a night during the weeks in high school, for most of the time; I slept in on weekends and during holidays, so it wasn’t necessarily true insomnia so much as the whole “teenagers stay up late and SHOULD be able to get up late” thing.

I hope this was useful, even a month or two later :)

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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It takes guts to be weird.
It’s when you finally accepted
who you are
The real you!
No pretension, no reservation.
Just you,
Doing what you really want,
Not thinking what others think.
It’s when you finally break free,
Free from the chains that bind you.
Unfold your wings,
‘Cause you are meant to fly.

some angsty coming out of the closet memes as requested.

“ wait… you’re joking right? this isn’t real. “
” i need to be more open and honest with you all, even if you like or dislike it. “
” this is who i am and if you don’t like then i don’t like you! “
” please don’t be that family that disowns me for being who i am! “
” fine, throw me out! you’ll regret it one day when realize it’s stupid! “
” why can’t people just accept me for who i am? “
” you think i want to be this way! you think i enjoy people put down about something i cant help! “
” i’m doing anything wrong! it’s just who i am! “
” i can’t believe you guys don’t accept me over this! “
” no child of mine is going to sit here and take action to this! “
” no, no, honey, it’s just a phase, you’ll get over it soon enough. “
” this is not just a phase! this is how it’s always been! “
” great, so, this is what i get for being open with who i am. “
” what kind of family stops loving their child over something they can’t help! “
” you’ll have to live it, one way or another. “
” so what? half the world is struggling with the same thing as me! “
” you don’t understand and never will so please stop talking about it. “
” you’re supposed to love me regardless of what i do with who i do it with. “
” you can’t keep this little act up forever! “
” it’s not an act when it’s something that been there my whole life! “
” what’s the meaning of this? who taught you this stuff? “
” honey, please, maybe some therapy will help better understand. “
” you can’t be serious about this, no. “
” why can’t you just accept me the way i am? “
” what’s wrong with me? what’s wrong with you! “
” there is nothing wrong with me, why can’t you see that? “
” i don’t want to be trapped in the closet! “
” please, please, don’t do this to me! not now! “
” you can’t just run around and keep acting like that! “
” i am going out and you can’t stop me! “
” well, honey, that is your personal business, but thanks for sharing. “
” stop treating me like i’m a criminal! it’s perfectly normal! “
” what’s so wrong with liking something you can’t stop? “
” i didn’t just decide to be like this! it’s always been like this! i just decided to tell you! “
” well, that’s me and it’s never going to change. “
” i will fight for it because it’s a part of who i am! “
” i don’t deserve to be treated this way! like a serial killer! “
” i’ve done nothing wrong! people do it all the time! “
” it’s not just me, it’s a whole community! why can’t you try to understand? “
” no, you just think you know everything and you don’t! “
” well, i’m not forcing myself on to something i don’t like! “
” i will never change this about me, i can’t even if i wanted to! “
” i can’t believe you just told me that! “
” what do you think your parents are gonna say about it? “
” i will never live with someone who doesn’t support me. “
” so, is it okay if i still crack jokes about it or? “
” do you people ever take anything seriously when it comes to me? “
” it’s not a joke! it’s a real thing! “
” i can’t believe i’m being laughed at by people who are supposed to love me. “
” wow, so you guys think that it’s funny now? “
” don’t you dare use that tone with me! “
” this is who i am and you have to deal with it someday! “
” how can it be so wrong? “
” i’m not in the wrong over something i have no control over! “
” you can’t just kick me out over something like this! “
” i thought that out of everyone who’d you understand the most. “
” i just want to be supported, is that so much to ask? “
” it is not something to laugh about it! “
” you’ve got to be kidding me, all these years? “
” why didn’t you say something sooner! “

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How do I find peace with food and body? How do I stop worrying so much over what I eat and how my body looks?

Hi there, here is my post about accepting your body

As for food, You have to sort of use positive self talk to try and change your perspective on food. Remember that food is simply fuel. Your body needs a certain amount of calories every day to survive, so eating is the best thing you can do. When you eat, think of how awesomely you are treating your body. 

I used to worry a LOT (and sometimes I still do) about eating All The Right Things. The truth about this is, I had to start realizing that one meal full of junk food or one cookie is not going to radically change my life in anyways. As long as you are eating enough and don’t eat junk food all the time,  you will be okay!! I promise!

When you’re sitting on a rocking chair at age 85, you’re never going to say “boy i wish i hadn’t eat that cake at sarah’s birthday party!!” or “wow I wish my body looked different in some really specific way” 

Because life is not about looking a certain way or looking perfect, life is about happiness, love, fulfillment etc. 

You need food to live. Its plain and simple. By eating enough AND by letting yourself have sweets and stuff sometimes, you are literally doing the best thing you can for your body. And that’s most important. 

I like you

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Dean Winchester x Reader

Request :  Jealous dean x reader please! Maybe where reader helps care for another hunter in the lack after a rough mission and Dean gets jealous because he likes her but he hasn’t told her yet. Thanks 😊 xxx

Warnings : cursing , make out 

     Always when Winchesters were around your house was full of hurt hunters and you kept asking you why did you told them that you was a doctor before you became a hunter . They always brought very bad injured hunters and people and you was just so bored of this thing , you wouldn’t even accept to see them anymore if you wouldn’t get to see Dean so often .

     “ So , Ray , how did you got your whole chest and abs sliced ?” you asked sitting next to the young hunter caressing his hair softly .

     “ Werewolf . Do you think you can make me look good again ? It will be a total loss if I’ll lose my body too .” he joked and you laughed at him .

     “ When I’ll be done with you , you’ll be even more hot than any other man in this world . Don’t worry , womans always appreciate scars on mens body , they make you more masculine and sexy .” you informed in a flirtatious way .

     Ray laughed and you injected him with a substance that will won’t let him feel his body anymore . you stitched all his wounds up while you talking and flirting so he will forgive that he was in such a miserable situation .

     “ Hi Ray ! Still living ?” Dean asked as he entered the room after you ended up your work with your work .

     “ Yes Dean , he’s still living , not thanks to you !” your voice boomed trough the room and Dean looked at you before looking very coldly and with a lot of hate in his eyes at Ray . “ Dean could you come with me for a moment ?” you asked but it semed like you demanded not asked .

     Dean followed you into the kitchen and you turned to face him , your face red as you was very angry .

     “ What the hell is wrong with you Dean ? You brought him in this way and now you act like he’s your enemy . “ you almost yelled and Dean looked pissed .

     “ What the hell is wrong with me ? I’m not the one who flirted with a man for 1 hour and half . The right question is what the hell is wrong with you ?” Dean yelled and you slapped him .

     “ Yell at me one more time and you’re never going to put your feet in this house again .” you threatened and Dean looked very angry as he touched his cheek .” You’re no one to tell me what to do or with whom to flirt so I suggest from you to keep your mouth shut .” you told Dean and he turned around slamming his fist on the wall .

     “ Son of a bitch .” he cursed before turning around and slamming his lips on yours . He kissed you in a way that just made you lose your mind and you soon gave in kissing him like there’s no tomorrow .

     “ I like you .” he whispered when you broke apart but instead of answering you kissed him again pulling him closer to you .

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Hi! Do you know the fic where Erik is a mechanic (I think?).. He and Charles run into each other after years of not seeing each other, and they used to be part of the same gang? But Charles ran away and Erik covered for him+got shot in the knee

Hi Anon! You’re looking for this amazing fic (and personal favorite)!!!

Strict Machine by euphorbic [Cherik, NC17, Violence]

When Professor Charles F Xavier accepted a visiting professor position in Arizona, he did so in order to be geographically closer to his sister. What he did not expect to find was the living, breathing specter of the sportbike gang-oriented past he’d been trying to put to rest.

A tale of sport bikes, consequences, and sacrifice.

Japan Tours Festival 2017

Now’s the time I tell you the story! :D Back in September, Savin Yeatman-Eiffel (Oban Star-Racers’ creator) invited me to cosplay Molly at Japan Tours Festival since they were celebrating Oban’s 10th anniversary! Molly being my ultimate favorite character, I immediately accepted and remade my whole cosplay for the occasion! (+ red lenses this time <333 )

I was super happy to spend time with Savin of course, Gabrielle Jeru (Molly) and Rémi Caillebot (Aikka). Also had the honor to meet the great Stanislas Brunet ! It was such a great weekend… it’s hard to go back to reality ! It was super nice to meet fellow OSR fans as well <3

PS : What do you think about the BIG NEWS ? Savin Yeatman-Eiffel and Thomas Romain are thinking about making a spin-off or sequel… are you excited ? :)

Photo by David Marsal

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Hm. I will accept that Wonder Woman is better in a fight, but I think Clark is still the go-to guy for not-combat stuff, like when you need to divert an asteroid.

oh, yeah! clark’s still got raw power, he’s just less good in a fight. and i love imagining diana working with him on how to learn to fight, because kansas mudfights do not count, kal-el. it’s probably one of the only times he’s actually comfortable letting go, because diana can handle it. just bros being bros and bonding over how the world is made of paper

and nobody can tell me that clark doesn’t use the punching asteroids thing in arguments. when he and bruce are having it out, a solid 90% of clark’s comebacks are, “OH YEAH AND I PUNCHED PART OF THE MOON TO DUST HOW BOUT THEM APPLES”

bruce, meanwhile: what does any of this have to do with apples

I really do want Takenaka to be friends with Mob. Hearing some ridiculous song stuck in his head and humming it to help get it out of his system. Both finding ways to cope and live without their powers.

Mob trying to figure out a better way to block out peoples inner voices for Takenaka. Attempting to tell jokes in his head when both are bored (Mob probably isnt good at them to begin with but I like to think with the absolute blank look on his face while he thinks loudly about them would cause Takenaka to lOSE it.)

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I remember you talking about Colin's facial expressions during the movie. Did you notice, when he's changing back to Grindelwald his expressions first suggest he's fighting the spell, but then it shifts to just kind of defeated acceptance when the struggles do nothing.

I noticed that too. I think Grindelwald has a deep respect for winning and losing. He knew he lost and did it with his dignity intact… until it’s all said and done and he can escape.

Considering the last few posts I’ve made I want to remind everyone that I am white so when I’m talking about racism in this fandom I don’t want to speak over any poc. I don’t want to speak out of my turn or anything, and I know I’ve always been bad at writing and conveying what I’m thinking correctly, so please let me know if I accidentally say something shitty or if at any point you think I’m out of line. I just want to make this fandom an accepting place, so please, tell me if I’m doing anything wrong. I only have good intentions and I won’t be offended if you say I messed up

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Are you a Messianic Jew?

If you’re defining it like Tumblr does as white Christians who appropriate Jewish history, culture, and religious practices and proselytize/try to trick Jews into accepting it by deceptively hiding Jesus behind otherwise orthodox Jewish practices and beliefs…then…….no.

But yes, I am Christian (Protestant, to be exact), and yes, part of my ethnicity is Jewish, and I don’t need to forsake one to be the other (though I do think that non-Jewish ppl who try to claim it are yikes and should be stopped). I’ve celebrated the traditions since childhood, and I’m really not sure why that’s a controversy. I’m not seeking out Jewish people to convert or any weird Jews for Jesus nonsense, I’m just worshiping God and minding my own damn business. Hope that clears things up for you.

Stop being rude to your teammates.

Stop being rude to your teammates.

Stop. Being. Rude. To. Your. Teammates.

Holy fuck it’s not difficult. Whether you’re playing Paladins, Overwatch, TF2 etc., sending abuse to the players on your team is bullying, and isn’t going to make them do better in any way. No one thinks ‘Hey! This guy told me to go fuck myself! I’m gonna play this game 1000x better now!’

Your support/healer isn’t healing you enough? Someone stole your kill? You lost a match? Tough shit! The world dosn’t owe you a damn thing and everyone has to lose sometimes. All you have to do is accept you’re losing, and move on to the next match WITHOUT being rude.

If you honestly think it’s okay to send nasty messages to your team, you’re a piece of shit and you don’t deserve to have video games in your life.

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Upcoming lake house episode (based on promo stills) seems like a Q intervention. What do you think it means when Showtime promotes it as "Quinn accepts his situation?" I feel like this is the episode when we get a Q breakthrough and, for the sake of TV, we establish that Q is finally "recovered" and he can go back to his bad ass Quinning self. I am curious, though, as to what it might mean for CQ. Not asking for spoilers, just your thoughts.

By now you probably also saw the Astrid and Quinn promo clip about the deal Dar Adal has apparently made to keep him out of lock-up? Seems to me like the situation he will (seemingly?) accept is that he has to stay out of the city and the public eye for a while. However, so far Quinn has been right, and not paranoid even though it looks like he is, so I am not yet convinced he really needs to “accept” anything. If he feels he needs to go back to the city and figure things out, he is probably right. So I don’t really know what “breakthrough” he needs other than to articulate his suspicions in a logical way, and to not react quite so aggressively.

My hope is that when Quinn gets back on his feet, he and Carrie will work together again. After all, they fell in love in a professional setting, and partly because they were such a good team. It should be really good for them and it’s also really entertaining to watch.

Lucky Strike - Ron Speirs x Reader

Requested by @foreverparasitic : Hello lovely🌼 Can I request an imagine where the reader is part of Easy as a regular soldier but she fits in perfectly and gets along with everyone (maybe except Cobb lmaoo) and she accepts all of Speirs’ offers for a cigarette and the boys are just baffled because of it and start to think they have something going on behind closed doors but in reality she’s just not afraid of Speirs? I’m so sorry it’s a long request I love your writing and thought you’d do a great job writing it💕


Originally posted by abduloki

“How about you get assigned to clean the barracks instead of me? You’re used to cleaning anyways.” Cobb grumbled as you walked by.

You just rolled your eyes. “Bite me, Cobb.”

“I wish I could, you beaut.” Guarnere winked at you and you laughed, shoving him as you walked by. He was one of your closest friends in Easy and he always stood up for you when the men were disrespectful. Of course that was long ago when you first joined, and now you got along with mostly everyone.

“Hey asshole, she’s ranked higher than you. Don’t say shit like that.” Liebgott chided.

You smiled at him thankfully and headed out the door.

You took a seat on the front stairs along with Christenson, Malarkey, and a replacement whom you didn’t know. They were all looking out at the battered town, cigarettes hanging from their lips. You watched enviously as they puffed; it had been days since you had a cigarette and you were craving one. Before the war, you swore you’d never smoke, but times change and the stress was heavy.

“You men gonna offer Sergeant (Y/N) a Lucky Strike?”

Their heads snapped towards the voice that came from behind you. You looked over your shoulder to see Captain Speirs looking down at you, his eyes unreadable (as usual).

“F-fresh out sir.” The replacement stuttered. “I gave my last two to these men.”

“Huh.” He nodded at the private’s words, but his eyes never left yours. “(Y/N), how about it?” He dug a pack out of his pocket and opened it, holding it out to you.

You stared at it, thinking about all of the stories going around. Whether or not they were true, you didn’t know, but you knew for sure that he would never hurt you.

Imagining how funny it would be to see the looks on their faces, you decided to accept his offer. “Thank you, sir.” You reached out and pulled a cigarette from the box.

He flashed a smile that others usually found unsettling, but you found quite charming. “My pleasure, Sergeant.”

He disappeared into the doors behind you and you turned back to look at their expressions.

Christenson and Malarkey looked surprised, but the other boy looked downright frightened.

“What?” You asked innocently as you grabbed a lighter from Christenson’s hand.

He let out a nervous laugh and shook his head. “You’re a brave woman, (Y/N).”

Malarkey nodded and eyed you suspiciously. “Yeah — yeah you are. You got something goin’ on there?”

“What do you mean?” You stared at them.

“With Speirs. The way he was looking at you…” Christenson started to grin.

“Oh hell no. Why would I do that? I’d be discharged before I could get my clothes back on.” You snorted.

They laughed along with you and the replacement smiled.

“He’s not as scary as everyone makes him out to be. You know about what he did in Foy, he’s a good man.” You took a drag and closed your eyes.

“Whatever you say. He’s still intimidating as f*ck. Why is he always lurking?” The private tossed his cigarette into the street.

The three of you laughed at his question and you took another drag, puffing out a stream of smoke. “You get used to it.”

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do you ship phan or ??

interesting question actually!

I would obviously not mind at all if they were in a romantic relationship 😏 and I love phanart and all that lovely stuff. but I’m also trying not to push anything and I accept everything.

I think d&p share a very special bond whether romantically or platonically idk. I just like the idea of both.
Does that make sense?

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Question! Is it rude/bad/Not Societally Acceptable to stim while you're talking to someone? My best friend is really cool with my stimming, but I was flapping while talking to her and I don't want that to be something I shouldn't be doing. Help?? Thanks so much, your blog is so cool ✨

umm i mean i suppose technically it’s ‘socially unacceptable’, but only bcus society tends to run on allistic standards. 
but i don’t think it should be

Next time you think about doing something questionable. Remember who you are.

A child of God (John 1:12)
Adopted by the King (Ephesians 1:5)
Accepted by Christ (Rom 15:7)
Fullness (Col 2:9-10)
One with Him in spirit (1 Cor 6:17)
No longer slaves to sin (Rom 6:6)
The image of God (Gen 1:27)
A prophet, known by God (Jer 1:5)
The body of Christ (1 Cor 12:27)
Chosen, royal priesthood, holy nation, Gods special possession (1 Peter 2:9)
Clothed in Christ (Gal 3:27-28)
Temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 6:19-20)
Hidden with Christ in God (Colossians 3:1-3)