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This animation was made a really long time ago, so it has a lot of imperfections. But someone asked me to share it anyway, so here it is

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What in the hell is going on? 😂 why is that person so against you giving advice to students? If a teacher said the same things you do but instead they did so in a classroom, I think that person would have a different opinion. Now what's the the difference? advice is advice...

Not sure, guess no one has ever helped him (or his friend). I would feel bad but it seems they would not accept help even if it was offered. I honestly don’t know what offends him so much or why does he follow if it is so horrible!

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I’m just imagining at some point in the future where Yuuri and Viktor become parents and it’s all good and they’re aggressively doting Skatin’ Dads and then one day Yurio is like ‘hey when do I get to babysit?’

And Yuuri & Viktor are a bit ??? because Yuri’s never really seemed like the babysitting type, you know. But they’re like, well he seems to do okay when they’re all together we’ll give him a chance. So for their next date night they have Yuri come and watch The Baby. They’re a bit nervous of course, keeping an eye on their phones more than usual, but Yuri keeps them updated and it all goes swimmingly. They’re even pleasantly surprised when Yuri mentions that she didn’t even fuss when he put her to bed. She always fusses when someone else puts her to bed!

And so Yuri sort of becomes their go-to babysitter. Baby likes Yuri. Yuri likes Baby. Yuuri & Viktor get nice, relaxing date nights. Wee!

They also happen to notice new baby things popping up here and there: various toy kitties, baby-sized tiger print leggings, various pairs of animal print neon colored socks. All of which really stand out against all the over priced baby clothes Viktor has bought for her. And then one day Yuuri’s going to dress the baby for an outing and finds a baby leather jacket(complete with a roaring tiger on the back) in the closet.

He of course brings it to Viktor like ‘did you buy this?’

And Viktor is like ‘wtf no, that totally goes against The Aesthetic I’m going for.’

They both just stare at the jacket for a minute and then Viktor is texting Yuri ‘did you buy our baby an ugly leather jacket???’

Yuri replies five seconds later with ‘1st of all: fuck you. 2nd: I’m helping make sure your kid turns out cool, god knows she’s gonna need all the help she can get with your two uncool idiots for her parents. 3rd: fuck you again bc that jacket is fucking AWESOME.’

I. Do. Not. Accept. Feigned. Helplessness.

Oh, every single dish that you just “washed” has food or grease still on it because you half-assed it? Sucks for you, because I do not take over for the sake of doing the job right. You’ll wash them again. And if you can’t be bothered to do it right the second time because “it’s haaaard; I triiiiied”, then you’ll wash them again.

I refuse to raise children who think that doing the job badly is the way to get out of doing the job at all.

I don’t care how long it takes. I don’t care if you want to go play and you think I’m being mean. I. Do. Not. Care.

So stop fucking whining at me. Stop playing dumb. Stop acting helpless. Just do the fucking job that you’ve known how to do for years.

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If your still accepting headcanons do you think you can write some about Scarlet as a little kid i know we got a small amount of younger Scarlet in stars above but i want more

Oh, man…the description we got of little Scarlet in Stars Above was just about the cutest thing I’ve ever read! Honestly, I just want a  whole book about the Rampion crew as youngsters. They were all so freakin’ adorable.

  • Since Scarlet was willing to hop on a train all by herself when she was seven, I get the feeling that she was one of those ferociously independent kids. A trait born of necessity with her own horrible parents, but one which could be…frustrating…when she’s actually being cared for.
    • “Scarlet, that crate’s too heavy for you, let me take—” “No! I can do it myself!”
    • “Scarlet, that shelf’s a bit high, why don’t I just get the book down for you?” “No! Standing on this chair and a stack of books and my tiptoes is fine!”
    • Michelle is often torn between being quite proud of her little Scarlet’s self-reliance and horrified by how many near-accidents occur as a result.
  • The abrupt adjustment from city to country life couldn’t have been easy for her, despite how happy Scarlet was to be there. There were probably a lot of hiccups along the way, including:
    • Lots and lots of newly formed blisters from all that fence painting and manure shoveling. Fortunately, Grand-Mère was always there with salve.
    • Lots of groaning about how loud the rooster is, after the third morning in a row when he woke her well before her already early alarm was set to go off.
    • Many, many nights where she nearly fell asleep right there at the dinner table after a long day of helping out her Grand-Mère and had to be all but carried up to bed.
  • Since Michelle apparently “sang while she gardened and claimed it made the vegetables sweeter,” Scarlet would almost certainly join in. As desperately as she wanted to belong on that farm, she would doubtlessly throw herself into every task presented to her—including the singing.
    • It’s a common occurence for Michelle to walk through her fields, singing while she assesses the crop and pulls stray weeds, with young Scarlet trailing behind, humming in off-key harmony.
Catarina and Alec.

Everybody be like writing headconons about Alec and Catarina meeting and  suddenly becoming friends who like to tease Magnus -which is not bad in any way- but personally I don´t want them to be friends right away. I want Catarina to mistrust Alec at first, I want her to be like ‘You´ll have problems if you hurt Magnus’ and be as shady as she´s always been when it comes to Shadowhunters and to be protective over Magnus. I mean she has known him for so long, she has seen him through all his heartbreaks, the last thing she wants for Magnus is to have him falling in love with anybody and even less with a shadowhunter. Soon or late Alec is gonna leave, whether he wants it or not, Cat knows it and is afraid of that, she just doesn´t want his friend suffering again. Of course she´ll end up accepting it,but do you really think she´s gonna be like ‘yeah ok’ about Alec? I don´t.

and this is why imo “terf” is such a meaningless way to categorize people’s politics. its always thrown out at lesbians (despite hetero radfems being the ones with the most toxic rhetoric) and its always “xyz is a terf” with no further explanation for why they think this is the case. it is just understood, accepted, and socially ostracize another. 

like yeah i have read a lot of radical feminist theory, a lot of what i do is inspired by it. i am also a multi-dimensional person who can agree and disagree with what i feel is just. feminism is not one linear ideology and not one “correct” way to conceptualize the oppression of women. ok? im not in the mood for this and i just wanna shut it down now before any other bullshit pops up. if you’re mad im not a liberal mogai feminist then yeah sure unfollow me idc lmao 

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Funny thing, for some reason I could never seem to side with Gansey when he fought with one of his friends, even when they were being irrational.

its because holy shit,, they had Valid reasons to be mad at gansey or in general… i know he always tries to help his friends and that he cares about them, but gansey is just so… Like That. you know when you’re unable to sympathize because you havent been through something and you dont know what that person is feeling, you try to help but you’ll never be able to understand them. i get that, but i So not get the fact that he gets Mad when either ronan or adam dont act accordingly to how he wants them to, and that he thinks they dont care about him when they both would do anything for him

and most of all, when he doesnt accept certain parts of their friends (e.g: ronan and “why arent you like you used to be” and adam “look at yourself in the mirror”)

im just… yeah, man. it sucks

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Hello~!! I'm really sorry to disturb you, but... do you think Shizuo would have actually killed Izaya if Varona hadn't intervened? Do you think Izaya would let himself be killed? I'm sorry if you've already answered this...

Hey it’s no problem. But yes. I think I mentioned it somewhere in the unrequited love theory. 

It was Izaya’s plan to let Shizuo kill him so Shizuo would become a true monster in the eyes of society. He knew he couldn’t kill Shizuo, so he decided to let himself be killed to make Shizuo a monster instead.

As he regretted, Izaya smiled.

He simply smiled.

From this point on, accepting his death; expediting it.

With his own life as a sacrifice, Heiwajima Shizuo would be, as a monster, banished from the human world.

- Durarara Volume 13

He may have also wanted to have an everlasting impact on Shizuo so Shizuo could never forget him (like he did when Izaya was in the hospital). Celty got back her Head yet Izaya brushed her off (even though he claimed his plan was to start a war in Ikebukuro to wake up Celty’s head). All his focus was on Shizuo. Izaya clearly said, ‘Do it, monster’ to Shizuo as Shizuo was preparing to kill him, before Vorona intervened. 

It was also said that Shizuo abandoned his humanity in his and Izaya’s death match and became a monster, so yes Shizuo would have killed Izaya if Vorona hadn’t intervened. 

a conversation with amber via facetime
  • amber: i just realized something
  • me: what
  • amber: you look like jesus
  • me: what the fuck i don't look like jesus
  • amber: yes you do, i'm looking at pictures of him on my computer and you look exactly like him
  • amber: i think it's the hair
  • amber: and the nose...
  • me: again, every jewish person in the world-
  • amber: so you're saying that you DO look like jesus?
  • amber: but if every jewish person in the world looks like that, then-
  • me: a m b e r
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I’m doing a little celebration for hitting 2.5K! (which was a couple weeks ago and I just spaced it) So thank you all so so much for following me. Y’all are amazing. I’ve never done blogrates before but I saw @lipstickandwhiskey do them and ever since then, I’ve wanted to as well.

Some rules:

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Blogrates will look a little something like this:

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What do you think about Black hat x Flug?

Well, this is Tumblr so I’m guessing that Black Hat X Dr. Flug is just going to become the most popular pairing on this site simply because it’s the “designated gay ship”. Which is fine, I’ve just kinda come to expect and accept that at this point.

However, I do not ship them, and not because it’s a homosexual pairing, but because neither would be happy in this situation. Dr Flug is absolutely terrified of Black Hat, and Black Hat is obviously very annoyed of Flug’s incompetence and takes a lot of joy in tormenting him any chance he gets. They simply don’t have good romantic chemistry to me and in fact seems abusive (which is kind of ironic to me considering how Tumblr will be all up in arms over heterosexual couples that don’t actually have any abuse but accuse it of being so anyway for the smallest of reasons, yet will be totally fine with it when gay ships are abusive).

Anyway, that’s just my opinion on it. If you do ship Black Hat and Dr. Flug, go right ahead, it’s completely valid and I’m glad there’s another thing about the show that you can enjoy! It’s all fiction and not everyone is going to agree on everything. I’m not going to tell you what you can and can’t ship and I don’t want to, what you like is perfectly fine as long as you don’t harm anybody. Just don’t expect everybody to have the same opinions as you and harass them if they don’t conform to your standards. 

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isn't it funny how certain blogs are being more vocal about the shitshow that is Harry's promo strategy now that his album is out and the sales numbers have been published? As if it's suddenly 'safe' and 'accepted' again to be a bit critical. Anyways, you called this continuous shitshow a long time ago for what it is - a clusterfuck of privileged white rich men thinking they know what his fanbase is all about and how to play them, not realizing the repercussions long term of doing that.


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Y'all: omg pray for *insert country or person* Also y'all: *unreligious, joke and criticize religions especially those christians* *telling ungodly ppl to pray like they know how and as if u really did pray urself anyway* *doesnt even understand the meaning of prayer or how to pray*

First of all, Lord knows I haven’t been on this site recently enough to even know what you’re mad about but relax. Prayer in it’s simplest form is really just sending your strongest energy out into the universe and knowing relief through accepting some things are out of your hands. I think a lot of people experience and do this, whether it’s strictly abiding by the rules of a religion or not. Imma pray for u tho

This just in...

Elim Garak is nowhere near as cool as people think he is. He’s also terrible at the sex.

Corat Damar is not attractive. His ass is literally the worst.

This has been a Public Service Announcement by the ‘Gul Dukat is Better Than You’ foundation. If you would like to contribute to this organization, please contact your local Gold’s Gym or GNC.

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Hi I just wanted to ask if you guys accept phanfics, like I've written one and I think it fits in one of your materialists so how do I submit it?

Yes! However, we will only add your fic to the masterlists we are currently working on, because we don’t add new fics to old masterlists. If you see a masterlist we’re working on that your fic can fit in with, just shoot us a message with the name of your fic, your username, and the summary (:


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Hi dads... um, is it okay if I'm asexual? Most of the time I don't feel like it is fine, my family is religious and strict, part of them are a bit homophobic too, and I know they wouldn't understand it and maybe not accept it at all like all the people that I told about my sexuality. What do I do? And I think my depression is really bad again but my therapist doesn't want to give me meds, but sometimes I feel like I can't live without them. What I'm supposed to do ?

it is most definitely ok for you to be asexual. it is a legitimate sexuality, many people disagree with that, but it is. homophobic family is difficult, but if they are religious, chances are they will love you no matter what. they won’t agree with you, but that doesn’t mean that you are wrong. about the depression, the best thing to do is to stay away from the meds, you don’t want to be dependent on them. what you really need is someone to support you and accept you while helping you through it. please talk to us if you need to, we’re always here💙 -remus

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do you ever think about how much niles went through over the course of the series, giving everything to a woman who didn't really love him, then watching her take everything he had away.. and even after that, watching daphne fall for another man and accept his marriage proposal.. and then having to let her go, knowing he'd missed his chance with her. at least after everything, he finally got to be truly happy like he deserves.

Not to be dramatic, but YES I do think about it. What a disaster…. Season 6 especially was such a terrible year for him. He’s finally determined to divorce Maris, so there’s not even any “loving” back and forth with them anymore, but she’s dragging it out and making it a stressful and expensive process. He has to move out of the Montana and into the Shangri-La, and when he finally gets a win with the divorce, Daphne starts dating Donny and then gets engaged. Like, holy shit.

tbh Niles is funniest and probably most successful as a character when he’s at least a little miserable, but I love him so it’s so rewarding to see how happy he is by the end.

Hyung line: Reaction to S/O cutting their long hair.

From the request: “hey will you still love me even if i don’t look good with a short hair” 

Taeil: I think he would be shocked at first like a silence of 3 seconds and would then compliment you for the sudden change, he probably wouldn’t know that you were testing him until you told him, but he would probably laugh it off like, “ Ahh jagiya, of course I love and you do look good with that hair, it suits you.”

Hansol: Probably would be shocked too, and would just asked why you’d cut your hair since you haven’t cut it in so long, you’d probably think that he didn’t like it until he saw your facial expression and apologizes, “I’m sorry, your choice was so random but I’ll accept anything you do for yourself except for self harm, don’t do that.”

Johnny: He probably would joke about it, “Wow I haven’t seen a change in you in years!” and say that it suits you still.  I don’t think he’d make such a big deal about it until you tell the reason why, but he’d start laughing because it was kind of a stupid reason to.

Taeyong: Surprised, “wow it’s been so long since I’ve seen you with short hair! you look great!” When you tell him why you cut it, he’d probably be a bit down and sad cause he feels like you don’t trust him.

Yuta: He would just keep touching it since it was such a huge cut, he would start asking you question like, why, how, where, when, and what about your hair, until you say, “So, you don’t mind this cut right?” then he’d understand and just start laughing and ask you if you really cut just to see if you really cut it to test if he’d still love you.

Kun: Goes straight to complimenting you once he sees you but wouldn’t make such a big deal about the cut.  Once you told him about your decision, he’d probably would just laugh it off because he already know that e lovs you a lot and would make sure that you’d know that.

Doyoung: Would be shocked like, “Welcome ba-…..what happened to your hair?” you’d explain to him the situation, his expression just turns from confused to “really?” face, “Jagiya, I will love you no matter what, geez, even I wouldn’t go bald to test you,”

Ten: “Wow you look so different but in a good way, it suits you, you look so much more cuter.” You’d probably think that he doesn’t see you in the same way, so would tell him your reason of cutting your hair, then he’d be like, “No, I love you alot, it’s just that when you had long hair, it gave you a preety image and since you cut it short now, it gives off a more cuter like image, not a bad thing at all,”

Jaehyun: I feel like he’d be disappointed that you chose to cut your hair for that reason because he might think it’s a bit childish, he might think you don’t trust him even thought he really loves you.  But it wouldn’t take him long to just get over that thought, he would give you a lecture of why he love you.

Winwin: ”Waaa, you look so nice with short hair,” I don’t think he’d realize the situation since he such a nice person that he only wants to make you happy and will always support you.


Enjoy, at first the request asked for all unit so I decided to go by line, since there are members that are in multiple group. Sorry I decided not to use gifs. It was so hard trying to come up different reaction for each :( Remember, everyone is beautiful even if you call yourself potato (highkey me) Masterlist