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I haven't played andromeda, and this is just an opinion, i respect yours (in fact more, as you have played it you can only tell if you like it or not , which is what matters) i've seen that it has been a huge mess animation wise, full of bugs. What do you think of the rest though?

I don’t think it’s any of what you have listed! Sure it has bugs and all, nothing that made me pull my hair out or anything though! The most annoying thing is the save/checkpoint system, but that’s no big deal to me as I’ve gotten better at the game and outfitted the squad with good builds/gear.

I think this game is spectacular (note, not perfect. No game is) it’s a sure 8/10 for me! You should definitely play it! 8D


Kiran: So, what do you think of this show?
Alice: Wheel of Fortune? Alright for a game show. Personally, I ate up bacheloret shows before… well… y’know. The uptick in MMBCs. Seems like every one of them are turning into one. Kinda like ours.
Kiran: Mm-hm. I hear ya. I think BC’s hit their peak popularity with Rosenberg, but that’s just my opinion.
Alice: Did you not watch Two Worlds?? That was the shit!
Kiran: I did, actually! Casually though. I don’t really remember the specifics.

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Do you think that Sonic Team is simply not a very good game developer? Think about it, since 2001, they have only had one consistently good game play style they developed on their own (boost). What do you think?

I wonder how much involvement Sonic Team actually had with boost, given it came from Sonic Rush. It’s not really known just how much of those games were Dimps and how much was Sonic Team. It was Sonic Team’s logo when you boot the game up, but most attribute those games entirely to Dimps. I’m sure Sonic Team had some involvement, though, but we don’t know how much day-to-day that was.

Anyway, I think Sonic Team has strengths and weaknesses just like any other developer. The issue here is that they struggle really hard to overcome their weaknesses and sometimes even barrel head first in to them.

Sonic Team is awful at sustaining long gameplay length, they’re awful at story and plotting, they’re awful at QA/polish, and they seem to both strive really hard to please everyone while also not really pleasing anyone in particular. If it was me, I’d find new people to fill in at least some of these gaps, but Sonic Team never seems to – and if they did, those people don’t seem to be around anymore.

What they’re good at: fluidity in gameplay flow, scoring systems, art direction, music, and aesthetic in general. Sonic Team was one of the founding fathers of the iconic Sega Blue Skies™. I can always pick a Sonic Team game out of the crowd.

That’s the thing with their games, right, specifically with Sonic games, and that’s most of them aren’t all the way bad. They always show promise, there’s a flash of brilliance in there somewhere. They just have a hard time executing on it. And when people go, “oh wow, there were a couple parts that were brilliant, can’t we just have a whole game like that?” the answer has universally been “No.”

Why? Who knows. But it’s not a black and white issue where you can just say Sonic Team is bad and that’s the end of that thought.

also they kinda flip-flopped on the whole david thing?? like we’ve got kate and clementine saying he’s a bad guy not to be trusted, but his reactions to joans betrayal and marianas death seemed pretty genuine. on one hand he seems like a good guy, but the game also wants me to think he’s an asshole??? and the fact that he gives off abusive vibes with kate, and you can kinda see where he’s coming from when he kicked clementine out of the new frontier, though i don’t necessarily agree with some of his actions; i don’t know what to believe anymore. he also seemed to care about gabe and kate a lot, and had (mostly) positive interactions with javi. why must you do this game. is david good or not, i gotta know

Tagged by @rainbowpatterns Thanks for the tag dude, we don’t know each other (as far as I know) but thanks! I’m flattered that you for some reason thought to tag me in this <3

The rule is to tag 9 people you want to know more.

Relationship status: single

Favourite colour: It’s a toss up between grey and purple I think (though I’m fond of many colors)

Pets: Too many to name I’m afraid

Wake up: Tired lol

Cats or Dogs: Did you mean: Cats AND dogs

Coke or Pepsi: Coke.

Day or night: Night.There’s just something about the night that I find very settling and nice. Mmmmm. And stars. Stars are great. Especially when you live in the middle of no where like I do and there isn’t any light pollution and you can see sooooooo many.

Text or call: Text. Please.

Chapstick or lipstick: Lipstick. Blood red preferably ;)

City or country: Mmmmmm hard to say. They both have their draws I think but I don’t mind either too much though I’ve never stayed in the city too long. 

Last book I read: Uhhhhhh, last book I picked up was The Vinyl Detective by Andrew Cartmel, last book I finished was American Gods by Neil Gaimen I think??? That sounds right at least. That was months ago though. The last thing I finished reading though (that should totally count as a book honestly) was a fanfic by @erinchu called In Bloom (which is now one of my favorite fics I have to say)

Last song I listened to: What Am I Becoming by POP ETC

Five facts about me:

1. I haven’t finished reading an actual book in months probably (which is sad but I mean…fanfic so *shrugs*)

2. My hands and feet sweat near constantly and I assure you I am far more disgusted by this than you are

3. I have brown eyes (exciting I know)

4. Today I helped a bee!!!!! He was on his back and had gotten into some water so I scooped him up with a nearby cup and got him out of the water and saved him. 

 5. I’m currently working on (what will end up being) a huge fic and honestly I’m dying. I dunno if I’ll be able to finish it lol. 

 And I’ll tag @laurenallyse @corvegaassemblyplant @erinchu @quarterpasttiredand ehhh whoever else wants to do it that all i can think of off the top of my head and I’m tired so yeah

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You're quite adamant about this aren't you. And it seems you're winning. That doesn't bother me though. I'm only not allowed to hurt while the game is going on. As soon as it's finished though, I only need to simply hit a few of your pressure points and you're out cold. Jus because it says you'd get to move on doesn't mean I'm forced to stay back. You can't fight me off Junpei. I'm gonna move forward even if you win. And if pressure points don't work, I'll have have to be more brutal. ~Karma

- -5 Points Karma. Total 100-

Karma. You’ve got that wrong…..Why do you think I went through Shinko-kun to get here….? I’ve been talking about my own plan yet you never questioned it. Maybe you would have tried a little harder if you knew….the loser can’t leave the room, no matter what happens to the winner after the game finishes.

My biggest worry about coming here was that you’d probably try to leave even if I won the game, so when I was with Shinko-kun I tested what would happen if the loser tried to leave before the winner. Their bracelet triggers unless they step back in the room within a ten second time period.

Basically, what you just said isn’t a valid argument. And since I refuted your argument…that should equate to enough bonus points….

- +15 Points Junpei. 200 Total- -100 Lead Junpei-

“Announcement. Player: Karma Graves has been defeated. Winner: Junpei Yokozawa Shall proceed.”

Next time, you should really ask about the game beforehand. If you need to talk, my bracelet will be always be on for you. *Turns and walks out the room, with Karma glaring at him* *The doors close behind him* ………..*Walks along the hall and looks back at the closed door*

God….*Leans against the wall* That was the scariest thing ever……

Personal thoughts on the undertale fandom

I’ve been an asshole recently. I’m sorry. Hell, i didn’t want to make my own personal blog here, but people kept begging me to. I am my own person, and i have my own life. 

But that’s not the point.

I really do love the creativity i see in this fandom, and the devotion people have to it. Its amazing one small game i made has had such a huge effect on the world ( well, not that large ). It’s great that more people understand that fighting isn’t always the answer ( Though I didn’t even think the game would revolve around that when i started making the game ). I really do wish this blog could coexist apart from undertale, but if you really want to talk to me about it, sure, why not. You want to make NSFW art, sure. If you want to put unique spins on undertale, that’s also ok.

Stay determined everyone.


So….. I animated a short thing! O:  Thinking I might do a bunch of mini best of animations short like these and compile it into on video rather than using one game for an animation… what do you guys think?

def going to be making a longer one in the future though! :D

Sex in cartoons, then and now


The Simpsons: “Hey, maybe your parents are still having sex!”

King of the Hill: “Hey, maybe your parents are still having sex, but you shouldn’t ask them about it because that’s rude.”

Family Guy: “Hey, maybe your parents are still having sex while wearing tight leather and pretending they’re characters from movies, cartoons, and games!”

South Park: “Hey, maybe your parents are still having sex even though they should stop because they’re old and gross and do weird experimental things because they’re bored of each other!”


The Amazing World of Gumball: “Your parents were pregnant before they were married and keep their bedroom door closed for a reason.”

Star vs the Forces of Evil: “Your parents have seen each other naked more than you’ve seen yourself naked.”

The Loud House: “Your parents got thrown out of a hotel because they got caught playing grab-ass in the pool.”

Steven Universe: “Your parents are definitely still having sex. It’s a beautiful, wonderful bonding experience, it feels good on so many levels, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’ll understand sooner than you think. Now sit back, relax, and let me scare you half to death with some out of left field body-horror and themes of war, murder, and betrayal.”

Work today:
  • Me: there will be no Drama Club this week. I think every one needs a break-
  • Students: but we want to do drama club!
  • Me: let me rephrase that. There will be no Drama Club this week as I need a break!
  • Students: *disappointed mutters*
  • Boy at the back: Hey! Don't you realise Miss has to go home to play the new Mass Effect game? Show some empathy!
  • Students: *laugh as though it's a joke*
  • Me: *laughs along while sweating nervously and covering up the N7 logo on my shirt*
  • Me: ... yeah, actually he's right. Go home. Now.

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Hey mr. Feel I got a semi-serious question for you. why is it that so many of us talk about videogames, and our taste in them as certainties even though it's usually a matter of opinion. Certainly there are object truths about videogames, but it seems like everyone, myself included, talk about videogames quality as certain. I mean, there are certain games that are bad, but like, some people really like say, Mugen Souls, so why do people talk in certainties about them, or who plays them?

Think of it this way.

Some aspects of any art is subjective, but there are also objective elements.

Let’s say you have a movie that has an amazing story and actors. But the effects are not convincing. The camera moves in odd ways cause they didn’t have a stable tripod. The boom mic enters the shot regularly. They get non-actors in some shots who act the fool.

That movie has many many objectively bad elements, regardless of how good everything else is.

Games are the same way. They can have objective problems, technical and design and functional problems.

It’s like that.

Ok so like I think Roadhog and Junkrat are both probably really good at chess?? theyre always missing pieces though so they need to write down some of them on paper slips (They make silly bets every game too)

do you ever just stop and think about how vampires actually exist in the Yugioh canon. like in GX with Camula she was literally a vampire and she presumably drank blood and stuff. she was an actual immortal vampire lady who trapped people’s souls in dolls and she drank blood. until Judai killed her in card game. like, we don’t ever see anymore of her kind in the entire series after that even though she talks about how there’s more of them. she’s never mentioned again after season one which was weird because she came across as such a powerful figure compared to the other s1 villains. we never see her again but her kind is out there. amongst the Yugioh characters. watching. waiting. watching. I am very tired.

Hunk and Lance growing up together. And their parents always joked/felt that their kids were closer than other kids. So the half expected them to get together. As they grow older, Lance and Hunk devlop feelings for each other but keep it secret b/c they can’t bare the though of losing their best friend. Then one day they are forced into a game of truth or dare. Lance picks truth one time, and the question is do you have a crush on someone. Lance merely blushes and turns away. This kind of breaks Hunk’s heart because he thinks he has no chance with Lance. At the end of the night, Lance somehow picks up the courage to and kiss Hunk before dropping him off at his house. Hunk is so surprised he doesn’t response. Lance, all disappointment, beings to pull away and begins to blabber about how it was a mistake and how he hopes Hunk doesn’t hate him. Once it processes in Hunk’s mind, he pulls Lance closer to him and kisses him. After a while they pull apart. Hunk’s first thing that comes out of his mouth is him saying that he’s loved Lane for forever.

I haven’t posted any of my art in a while, but here’s an old piece I did back in like, 2012 I think?  I was still signing with my deadname.  It was just a sketch on a piece of printer paper but I felt like I screwed up the hair so I decided to practice ink linework on it.  I’m also pretty sure that this was a character sketch for a trans woman pathfinder character I was going to play (but the game never materialized).  I even drew her with my tattoos (the tiny bit you can see on the shoulders).

Thinking about it now, most of the drawings I’ve done in the past few years have just been sketches that I tried to ink with various levels of success (usually very little tbqh), which is a real shame because I always really excelled in graphite and charcoal.  I think I stopped doing pencil drawings because I felt like it was a dead-end.  Nobody ever buys pencil drawings, and inks are still useful in comics.  I dunno though.  It might be time to revisit my roots.

game of thrones sentence starters ( s3ep6)

  • “ the more wood the bigger the fire.”
  • “ you know your fires.”
  • “ i knew you were highborn.”
  • “ buried treasure. thousands of years old, i think.”
  • “ what does it do?”
  • “ it’s beautiful though, isn’t it?”
  • “ how much longer?”
  • “ you’re playing with me.”
  • “ do you sing?”
  • “ sing me a song.”
  • “ that’s not how you skin a rabbit.”
  • “ i made this bow myself.”
  • “ oh, you’re gonna punch the rabbit to death?”
  • “ some of us are just a little better.”
  • “ you’ve got a big mouth and too many teeth.”
  • “ stop it!”
  • “ me? it’s my fault?”
  • “ we can’t fight each other, we’ll never make it!”
  • “ don’t push me.”
  • “ i’m right here with you.”
  • “ what’s happening?”
  • “ you’re afraid.”
  • “ i’ve waited my whole life to see the world from up there.”
  • “ here, sit down.”
  • “ you killed someone for them?”
  • “ i didn’t kill him, but i bet his balls are still bruised.”
  • “ can we not talk about that here?”
  • “ you were trembling like a leaf!”
  • “ don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.”
  • “ you’re loyal, and your brave.”
  • “ they don’t care if you live or die.”
  • “ don’t ever betray me.”
  • “ ’cause i’ll cut your pretty cock right off and wear it ’round me neck.”
  • “ you’re good. you’re not as good as you think you are.”
  • “ there’s someone out there.”
  • “ that’s about far enough.”
  • “ you’re going to hurt him.”
  • “ i see a darkness in you.”
  • “ you staring at me ass, ___?”
  • “ sorry. were you sleeping?”
  • “ wa… wa… water? you want some water?”
  • “ i wish i had some for you.”
  • “ so let’s play a game. which body-part do you need the least?”
  • “ please! i’ll do everything, please.”
  • “ wouldn’t that be a hunt to remember?”
  • “ you failed, but i’m a better hunter than you.”
  • “ how about your  ___? you don’t need that for much do you?”
  • “ good, let’s start with that.”
  • “ you’ve been wondering why you’re here, haven’t you?”
  • “ if you guess right, i’ll tell you. by the old gods and the new, i swear it.”
  • “ you win the game if you can figure out who i am.”
  • “ if i win, you’ll let me go?”
  • “ if you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.”
  • “ if you say please again, you’ll with you hadn’t.”
  • “ do i look like a fucking umber to you?”
  • “ how did you know that?”
  • “ it was just a guess.”
  • “ he’s dead. strangled by ____”
  • “that’s why you’re torturing me.”
  • “ yes. you win.”
  • “ but you forgot to ask one question. you forgot to ask if i’m a liar. i’m afraid i am.”
  • “ everything i’ve told you is a lie.”
  • “ this isn’t happening to you for a reason. well, one reason. i enjoy it!”
  • “ please, cut if off, cut if off!”
  • “ i win!”
  • “ thank you for riding here so quickly. i know travel isn’t easy in these times.”
  • “ i had something less permanent in mind.”
  • “ if we don’t do this, and do it now, we’re lost.”
  • “ many people would pay a great deal for you.”
  • “ shall we drink on it?”
  • “ you do understand how suspicious that is to ordinary people?”
  • “ i’m afraid i must insist.”
  • “ you’re in no place to insist on anything.”
  • “ i would have hoped you’d learned your lesson.” 
  • “ you may have a stomach for bloodshed and slaughter, but this is another matter entirely.”
  • “ i will not breathe further life into a malicious lie by discussing it.”
  • “ i feel like i’m in a dream.”
  • “ it’s terrible isn’t it? the most terrible place there is.”
  • “ trying to have me killed is an odd way of saying thank you.”
  • “ it’s… this… this is awkward.”
  • “ who doesn’t like to see their friends fail now and then?”
  • “ i did what i did for the good of the realm.”


Oooh these are all good points! Granted, I was leaving his presence in the game out for a moment because, as you said, having him or a cut-out of a different character everywhere can creep anyone out.

You mentioned it might be the smile, but I actually think it’s a combination of the smile and eyes. I was doing some comparisons to other cartoon characters, and Bendy’s eyes look wider apart than most others.

Here’s Mickey

Even though this is a ¾ shot, his pupils are still sort of close together, as if he’s looking at something. Usually what makes dolls or bad CG look immediately uncanny is if the eyes don’t appear to move or focus on anything. 

Now let’s look at Bendy

Maybe nothing looks immediately off, but what happens when you try to add lines for the lower eyelids and a line to separate the eyes?

I find it appropriate that you brought up dolls, because I think that’s what his eyes kind of look like. When the eyes look all connected together, they look vacant and lifeless. And this expression never changes or moves. We have the cut-outs, but there’s also the looping animation that plays when you restore pressure to the ink machine (it was also used in the steam announcement post over on TheMeatly’s patreon). And even though Bendy is moving in that loop- with even his horns moving a little- his face doesn’t.

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The quote with Winston and Athena is from a vine. I think it's the "Siri, what's my name?" vine but idk the name for certain. I do know it's from that, though. Also Blizzard will find this blog and eventually make these quotes canon. I sense it.

Thank you :) And yeah, I hope so!! Just imagine being mid-game and suddenly hearing jack scream “TRACER, YOU USELESS LESBIAN”

I didn’t forget to update you forgot to update. Don’t judge me. Nyeh. 

But look! I bring flowers! And some trees, I guess. But the flowers are the important part. When I was I thinking over the idea for this map, I though “Man that’s going to look terrible, I can’t do flowers at all.” But! I dunno, I think they turned out better than I would expect. I would’ve gotten an in-game screenshot, but it wouldn’t have been able to get everything without looking weird.

On a mostly unrelated to DE note, I made a dude as a short exercise in larger sprites. He looks all:

I’m trying to give him a walk cycle too, but, uh…

Well, it’s a work in progress.