do you think sam noticed when he came back

Just a Misunderstanding

Request:  Hi I was wondering if your still taking requests, could I request a one shot where Bucky and reader have been together for ages, and the reader has been coping with buckys nightmares and talking down the soldier when he turns into him, but she becomes exhausted doing that and working, and Bucky and Steve think it’s a good idea to hire someone else to deal with buckys nightmares, not realising that it will hurt readers feelings and makes her think Bucky doesn’t want her anymore,
She try’s to leave him and tells him she will help train the new person to deal with the soldier, and she packs her bags when Sam finds her In her room, and then goes to tell bucky and it ends all fluffy please if that made any sense 😊

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language

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Bucky and I have been dating for a long time now, we met back when Tony and Steve had a fall out, and I was on team Cap. I don’t know why but I had a strong desire to protect this man, and he seemed to return the feelings. Ever since then we’ve been inseparable. I’m not going to lie, it has been difficult dealing with Bucky’s nightmares and when he reverts back into the soldier. It’s been wonderful though, he’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. It also helps that when the soldier gets awoken, it’s like I’m the only person he sees. He protects me, he doesn’t try to kill me. I’m the only one too. It is weird, but hell, I’m not complaining.

I find that I’m awake most the night now, waiting for him to have a nightmare, so I can catch it and pull him out of it quickly before the soldier has a chance to take over. It is this exact situation that’s gotten me in the predicament today. I’ve been slacking in my job lately, I’ve found myself forgetting things, or getting hurt on missions and it’s just not like me. I don’t know what I’m doing anymore it seems, the lack of sleep has really taken a tole on me. But I’d do it again, and again, and again, for him. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him.

“(Y/N). Bucky and I have talked, and we think we should hire someone to take over this job for you.” My eyes shoot open. The want to find a replacement? They want to replace me? So I’m not good enough…

“O-Oh…but why?” I try to conceal the sound of my heart breaking, but I don’t think it’s working.

“(Y/N), doll. You can’t keep doing this, your performance on the field has dramatically decreased and…well…I don’t mean to be mean but we can’t be babysitting you all the time. We worry about you.” That slap in the face went right through my heart. So that’s all I am? I’m just in the way. I should have known. I look at Bucky, tears threatening to fall from my eyes.

His shoulders slump, and he looks torn.

“Doll, why are you crying? I thought you’d be happy…you can take a break..” I just stand up, turning away and heading to my room.

“I’ll help to train the new girl, I guess.”

I don’t know what they were thinking, was I just a game all along? Just some pillow for Bucky to sleep on, and fuck occasionally? I honestly thought he loved me.

I make it back to my room, and start packing my bag. I didn’t have much but I guess that just makes the leaving process even easier. I hear a knock on my door, turning to see Sam at my door, leaning against it.

“I saw you power walking up to your room, looking upset. What’s wrong?” I drop everything and run into his arms. Sam has always been like a brother to me, and he’s always looking for reasons to kick Buck’s ass. Maybe this’ll be a good one.

“Bucky doesn’t want me anymore…” I manage to speak through the unattractive, uncontrollable sobbing.

“W-What? What do you mean he doesn’t want you?”

“They’re gonna hire someone to take my place because I’m just not good enough any more…” I wipe my eyes on the sleeve of my shirt and pull away, continuing to pack my things.

“So, you’re just going to leave? Just like that?”

“What choice do I have Samuel?” He sighs.

“I don’t think that…nevermind. I’ll be right back.”

“You better hurry then, because I won’t be here much longer.” When I turn around, he’s gone.


Sam rushes down to the training room, where he assumed Bucky and Steve would be, and he’s correct. They’re both practising hand to hand combat. When they notice his presence, they turn to look in his direction.

“Oh hey, Sam! You come to help us train?” Steve stands with his legs spread, Bucky with his arms crossed.

“No, I came to let this dumb ass know his woman thinks he doesn’t want her anymore, and she’s packing her bags. She’s leaving.” Sam looks to Bucky, his gaze would almost be enough to scold a man. Bucky stands up straight.


“She’s leaving, man. She doesn’t think you love her anymore.” Before Sam can finish his sentence, Bucky rushes past him, no doubt to (Y/N) and his room.

“S-She’s leaving? Oh God, this isn’t what we meant by hiring someone, we just wanted to make (Y/N)’s job easier.” Steve sits on the mat and Sam sighs.

“You don’t always think before you speak, Cap. That, and you’ve never been good with women.”


I’m about to the elevators, lost in my own thought when I’m lifted off the ground and into someone’s chest.

“What the?!” It’s Bucky…I know the feeling of his well sculpted chest anywhere.

“I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, doll. Please don’t go…” I look up at him, clearly confused. He must be as well.

“I-I didn’t mean I didn’t want you, God no! No, I-I just meant I want you to be able to sleep well, and be more alert on missions, I feel like I’m draining you and I just wanted to hire someone to help you, that’s all. I don’t want you to leave, please don’t leave me…please…I love you…” He looks into my eyes, fear has consumed his, and I realize that I just overreacted…

“S-So, you don’t want me gone?”

“No! Oh my God no, doll…no..I love you and I need you…” He lifts me, and presses his lips to mine in a desperate kiss, one that I am eager to respond to.

“I’m so sorry I made you feel that way…” I chuckle, kissing his nose.

“You’re almost as bad at speaking to women as Cap is. Don’t listen to him when it comes to us anymore, alright?” I laugh, and he chuckles with me.

“Alright doll, I love you.”

“I love you more, Sarge.”

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Personal Bodyguards

Characters: Y/N(reader), Dean, Sam, Andre(OMC), Brian(OMC), Unnamed OMCs

Pairing: Dean x Reader x Sam - platonic

Request/Summary: “Can you do an imagine where y/ns best friends with Dean and sAm and she was always insecure but she starts to heavily work out and gets super hot and confident and the boys are happy for her but super annoyed by all the men they have to fight off at the bars. Just something cute and platonic but sam and dean still flirt with her” - Anonymous

Warnings: past self doubt and bad body image, self-conscious!reader, explicit language

Word Count: 1700ish

A/N: Sorry it’s kinda short…


Originally posted by winchester--bros-4-life

You wiped the sweat from your forehead with the back of your hand and continued.

“Ninety nine… a hundred.” - you laid back on the floor, exhausted. You felt like all the wind was pushed out of your lungs as your chest rose and fell rapidly. Your throat was dry as you reached out for the water bottle next to you and took a couple big gulps.

It’s painfull and exhausting, but it would be all worth it at the end - you kept repeating to yourself over and over again. That had become your mantra over the past couple of months. You told yourself that after every workout.

You lifted up your shirt as you stood up in front of the full-lenght mirror in your room.

You took in your soft curves, and ran your hands up your stomach. Your improvement was great. For the first time in a long time you actually felt good in your skin.

If someone had told you months ago that you’d be able to feel that way again, you probably wouldn’t have believed them. But now, you felt good, great even.

You stripped out of your clothes and turned the shower on. Your toes flinched as they came in contact with the cool ceramic floor. You stood underneath the steam of hot water, letting it beat down onto your skin and relax your sore muscles. Closing your eyes to the water as the heat soaks into your skin, you leaned against the cool tiles for support as your weak legs threatened to buckle.

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Bring me Back

Characters: Sam, Y/N, Dean, Cas, Mentions of Crowley

Word Count: 1211

Warnings: Demon!Dean, normal Dean, Drinking 

A/N: I am completely open to requests! Feel free to drop off some ideas! I don’t know how many parts this is going to be but if you want to be tagged let me know. 

I had only been moved into the bunker for a few months when Sam came back with Dean. Except Dean was dead, limp in Sam’s arms, and completely covered in blood. I helped Sam put Dean into his room and carefully laid his cold body on the bed. Sam and I both cried to each other because he lost his brother and I lost my best friend. Sam decided it was best that we summon Crowley and try to get Dean back, except we didn’t think Crowely would have taken Dean and given him back the first blade. Sam immediately went looking after him and I stayed back to help Cas when he needed it and also help Sam locate his brother. After a few months of Sam and I trying to locate Dean, Sam finally was bringing Dean home.


When I finally saw Sam I was just coming back from a supply run. “Hey Sam,” I went to hug the giant Winchester when he pushed me straight into my room and closed the door quietly. “(Y/N), I don’t want you to freak out but Dean is a demon. I have been injecting him with my blood like we did with Crowley to heal him. It’s almost done I promise I just need a little bit more time and I think it’s best if you didn’t see him until he’s fully healed.” My face instantly dropped, “Sam, are you okay?” Sam nodded at me blinking back tears, I pulled him into a hug. “(Y/N), I’m fine and so will De…” Before Sam could finish his brothers name the lights went out.

I instantly went for my guns and Sam left the room running to see exactly where Dean was at in the bunker. I tried my best to find a place to hide when I heard, “…The less demon I was, the less the cuffs worked. And that Devils Trap? Well, I just walked right across it.” I tried to make it into the other room when I felt Dean’s arm wrap around my waist. I found myself pressed up against the wall, Dean’s hand covered my mouth and I closed my eyes not knowing what was about to happen. “Hello sweetheart, what you don’t recognize me?” I closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes again Dean’s green eyes were still on mine, then all of a sudden Cas grabbed Dean and exorcised the demon out of Dean.

“Jesus Cas, you couldn’t have done that earlier?” I said to Cas, taking in a deep breath. “Sorry (Y/N), I got here as fast as I could.” Sam ran into the room and took in the scene taking in a gulp. “Thanks Cas,” Sam grabbed Castiel’s shoulder and Cas nodded. The guys brought Dean back to the room where Dean originally was before he escaped and finished healing Dean. Sam told me it would be better if I just waited outside for them, but I still stayed next to the door. As Sam kept injecting Dean with his blood I finally heard, “You look worried fellas.” At that time I knew Dean was back so I moved from my spot next to the door and went to the kitchen to start cooking something to eat for all of us.

I was in the middle of making hamburger patties when I heard Cas say, “You realize one problem is solved, but one still remains. Dean is no longer a Demon, that’s true. But the Mark of Cain he still has, and sooner or later that’s going to be an issue.” I figured Dean must be back in his room, “You know what Cas? I’m beat. One battle at a time, you know?” I heard Sam respond. Then Sam came into the kitchen looking for something to get for Dean when he noticed me cooking cheeseburgers and also some bacon. “Thank you (Y/N), you didn’t have to do that.” “It’s okay, I think we all need a nice juicy burger. Especially after today.” I smiled to Sam who was leaning against the stove drinking a beer.  “I what I need after today is a drink… Actually a lot of drinks, I think I’m just going to get drunk.” I raised my eyebrow at the youngest Winchester making sure he was okay. “I’m fine (Y/N) and yes you can drink with me.” I smiled at him cause honestly I could use a few drinks or a liquor store right about now.

As soon as everything was finished I brought Dean his cheeseburger, the way he likes it, with extra extra bacon. I knocked on the door, “Come in,” I heard Dean say. I slowly opened the door and leaned on the frame, “You hungry, I made your favorite, cheeseburger with extra bacon with a side of seasoned steak fries.” Dean smiled at me, “sweetheart I thought you’d never ask.” He smiled at me flashing his green eyes at me. I brought the plate to him and he sat the plate down next to him on his night stand, he stood up towering over me just a little bit. The next thing I knew Dean had me in his arms whispering “I’m sorry” over again. I could feel my eyes tearing up because I knew he felt bad. I pulled back, “Dean, it’s okay. We all still love you, I know you feel horrible but you still have us despite the fact you tried to kill us.” Dean kept a straight face, “(Y/N), I feel worse than horrible cause I did try to kill you guys but I’ll be fine. We just need to get this thing off my arm.” I looked down at this arm and noticed the mark that had turned Dean into a demon. I grabbed Dean’s arm, “This isn’t you, we will find a way to get this stupid thing off your arm, I promise. Dean why don’t you come out and join Sam and I at the table?” Dean nodded, “I’ll be there in a minute (Y/N).”

I walked out and swore I heard Dean mutter, “Jesus Christ, I love her,” but I just ignored it and figured he was probably talking to himself. I walked back out to the kitchen and made myself my burger and sat down. Dean came in right after I had sat down, Sam was already half way finished. Sam looked up, “hey man, how are you feeling?” Dean just made a face that signified that he was fine. I got up and grabbed Dean and I some beers, “So how many of us are getting fucked up tonight?” In unison the boys said, “Me.” I laughed, “Okay well Sam do you mind going to get more booze?” Sam shrugged his shoulders.

Sam left Dean and I back while we finished our second burger. I started to look at Dean and realized that I really liked maroon on him. “(Y/N) what? Do I have something on my face?” I must have been staring. “No I was just noticing that you look really good in that shirt.” He smiled towards me, “Well then keep on staring.” I looked down and blushed while I hid my face behind my burger.

Flowers in Your Hair

Words: 4968
Sam x Reader
Warnings: mild language, sexy smut time with Sammy (you can skip this section if you like! It is delineated by “xx” before and after!)
Requested by naughty-wincest-lover
A/N: *fans self* You guys. I hope you like this.
Summary: Y/N works in a flower shop and helps Sam out when he comes in asking about something related to a case. Y/N is plus size and a little self-conscious about it, but Sam doesn’t care at all. Things quickly heat up

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“What the hell, Dean!”

Dean let out a delighted chuckle at his brother’s incredulous face.

”You always throw scissors!” Sam said.

”And you shouldn’t have pointed that out. It made it almost too easy to win,” Dean said with a smirk, examining his fingernails and shining his fist on his jacket.

”Once, just once I would like to get to canvas at the local bar,” Sam complained as they walked towards the Impala.

“Heh heh heh,” Dean laughed mockingly, a spring in his step. He placed a hand on Sam’s shoulder and looked at him with a smug expression. “Maybe someday, Sammy. But that day… is not today. Bar for me. Flower shop for you.”

Sam rolled his eyes and climbed into the passenger side, slamming the door a little harder than necessary.

”Oh, and don’t forget to take those petals with you. Whoever did this had to buy those flowers somewhere,” Dean added as he turned the key in the ignition.

”Yeah, yeah. I’ve got the stupid petals,” Sam mumbled, staring out the window.

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You were too preoccupied to hear Dean shouting through the window, and Sam yanked him back before you could take notice. “Let them have their moment,” Sam said.

Dean was already pacing the room, hand gripped on the back of his neck. “I can’t believe our little sis has a girlfriend. How long do you think she’s been keeping this from us? What else do you think she’s hiding?”

“Don’t you think you’re overreacting a little?”

Dean’s footsteps came to a halt as he paused to gape at his brother. “You already knew.”

“I didn’t want to say anything until she told us herself,” Sam shrugged, “which is why you have to keep your mouth shut when she comes back inside. She’ll tell us when she’s ready to.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Dean sighed, taking a seat on the edge of his bed, leg bobbing up and down.

You came through the door shortly after, your girlfriend’s lipstick already wiped onto the back of your hand. She was making it harder and harder to keep it a secret, but you couldn’t resist seeing her every time she called.

As soon as the door clicked shut behind you, Dean was already across the room assaulting you with a bear hug. He squeezed the breath from your lungs, but that was okay because neither of you needed to say anything.

A year.

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Pairing : Dean x Reader, Past Sam x Reader
word count: 1,374
Author : Mel
Warning : Mentioned cheating.

Final part to Forbidden Fruit.

You had been staying with Dean for about a week when you came home to see his wife sitting with him at the kitchen table. They had been trying to talk things over, until she saw you. Then she lost it.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” She glared from you to Dean. “You said you wanted to work it out Dean, but you’re still with her!”

You bit your lip and looked down, feeling guilt take over again. You turned and started to leave.

“Don’t fucking bother.” She growled at you as she hurried past. Dean on her heals, pointing out it was a 2 bedroom place, and you had no where to go on such short notice. How could he just ignore family when they needed help. That was something she had loved about him. “Fuck off, Dean. As long as she’s here, this ain’t working.” She growled, slamming her car door and driving off.

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Hate or Love? Sam Wilkinson Smut

Requested by holy-fuck3ry​ 

|Your Point of View|

  How am I always the first one? You thought. I come all the way from the other side of the school. Eventually everyone piled into the class room going to their assigned seat. As Mr.Weeks began the lesson, like usual, the greatest person ever note the sarcasm, Sam Wilkinson walked in 10 minutes late. “Mr.Wilkinson that is a detention for being late Mr.Weeks said sternly. “I already have one tomorrow morning and I can’t today so I don’t know if I can fit it in my schedule” Sam sassed back. “I will talk to you after class, for now start on the notes” Mr.Weeks said shaking his head. “Hey beautiful” Sam said to you while sitting down. Sam,sadly,sat right next to you and there were only tables in the room so there was no space in between. “Fuck off Wilkinson” you angrily whispered. Sam just laughed and took out his phone probably texting A) a booty call,or B) his weed dealer. “Hey, come over later to help me study, my parents are really starting to bug me about my grades” Sam whispered to you. “Why would I help you, I can barley stand looking at you” you scoffed. “First harsh didn’t know you could be so mean (Y/N), secondly I really need the help or I can’t go out” “Aw is whittle Sammy not going to be able to get shit faced drunk every night, I don’t think I will be able to sleep.” you said with a pouty face “You’re such a bitch somet-“ “Am I interpreting anything?” Mr.Weeks asked us “No Si-“ You tried to quickly reply, but sam cut you off. “Actually sir I was just asking (Y/N) if she could tutor me after school.” “Oh, wow um that would be an actually amazing, (Y/N) you can get extra credit if you make Sam pass.” “Thank you” You replied. As you looked over at Sam he had a smirk on his face that you would just love to slap off. You got to be fucking kidding me right now

|After School|

  Sam told you to meet him in front of the lunch room after school. Earlier you told your friend you were going to someone’s house after school, and just to take your car. Where the fuck is this asshole its been 15 minutes since the last bell. Just as you finished your thought he was walking towards you with his “crew” and about 10 sluts. What a shocker. “You better be at the party tonight fucker” one of his friends, Jack Gilinsky? , told him “Wouldn’t miss it for the world” Sam replied while doing some stupid handshake. Jack winked at me and all the girls glared then walked away, leaving me and Sam. “You finally ready?” you asked. “When ever you are” he said while walking to his car. When you got outside you were hit by a gust of wind. Fuck, I forgot my jacket in my locker. It’s fucking cold! You started to slightly chatter your teeth since Sam’s car was quite far. “I’ll keep you warm” Sam said with a smirk.You just gave him a confused look. He pulled the side of his jacket open and pulled you into his side. As soon as he pulled you in almost instantly you swung your arm around his waist. I feel safe,and warm I thought I hated him. “I’m only not pushing you off because I’m fucking freezing” “Whatever you want to think princess” Sam said smiling. Do I hate Sammy?

|At Sam’s House|

Once we pulled up to his house and got to his room he grabbed a pair of sweatpants. “Want anything comfortable to change into, you will probably be here for a while if I’m going to be passing” Sam said slightly laughing. “No, I’m good” You said smiling. Sam Wilkinson just made me smile, what is happening. “K I’m going to get a snack and change, want a drink?” “Uh, what are you getting?” “Probably beer” “I’ll take one too” you replied casually. Yes you party, yes you drink, just not as much as Sam. “Wait you drink?” Sam replied shocked “Yeah, I had my first drink at one of your parties” “You’ve been to one of my parties!” “Yes, and before you ask no I haven’t smoked and I don’t plan on it. Now go get me a beer, slave” you said jokingly. When Sam left you took in your surroundings. His room is probably cleaner than mine you giggled to yourself.Why is he being so nice to me? More importantly why am I being nice back? As you were looking around a baby picture caught your eye. You got up to look at it, it was him in the bath as a baby,ass up. You couldn’t help but laugh. “I know I had a pretty good ass” Sam said scaring you “Holy shit, you scared the shit out of me!” “Sorry, anyway here.” he said tossing me the beer. “Ok where do we start” he asked “Well what do you know?” “Um nothing really I don’t pay attention.” “How are you even in biology then” you asked laughing “A question I ask myself everyday” After studying for about an hour we decide to take a break. “What do you want to do?” You asked Sam “Ummm, lets play truth or dare” he replied “Ok you first truth or dare” “I’m not a puss so dare” “I dare you to crack an egg on the head” After Sam’s dare it was your turn. “Truth or Dare” Sam asked “Dare” “Okay…..I dare you to make out with me” Sam said smirking “What?” He wants to make out with me? He has pretty girls around him daily, why me? “You heard me I said make out with me” “Well I don’t back down from a dare so okay” you calmly replied “Come here” he said patting his lap. You crawled on to his lap. As soon as you sat down he crashed his lips into yours. You put your arms around his neck while his went around your waist. As things got more heated you got lost in the kiss. This shouldn’t feel this right. I hate Sam. But right now In this moment Sam is the man of my dreams. You started to grind on him, feeling him harden underneath you. As soon as he moaned you took the opportunity to slip your tongue into his mouth. He broke the kiss and made his way down your neck sucking harshly on your sweet spot. “Sammm” you moaned out. He released his lips with a popping sound satisfied with the mark that would last for days. “Do you want to continue or go back to studying?” “Continue please” you said breathlessly. “As you wish princess” he replied smirking. Sam pushed you back onto the bed slowly kissing up your body, taking his time. “No teasing me and I won’t tease you” “Promise?” “Promise.” With that Sam got right to it taking off your shirt with your bra falling close behind. Sam took your right breast in his mouth, while his hand was working on the other. You were moaning his name with a mixture of mumbles and profanities. He kissed down you stomach until he got your pants. As he went down to your heat he looked up at you asking for permission. All you could do is nod, you were lost in pure bliss. “Don’t hold back baby girl I want the neighbors to hear who makes you feel this good” Sam said smirking. With that he got to work burring his face deep into your heat. His tongue deep inside you well his nose rubs against your clit. “Holy fuck Sam” was all you could say. “I-I I’m going to-“ you were cut off by your powerful high. Damn this boy knows what he’s doing. Once you regained your breath you said “Your turn baby boy.” “No, I want to be inside you know you can pay me back another time.” Another time?!  He wants to do this again! NO! wait YES! yeah its totally a yes. As soon as Sam got the condom on you flipped him over so you were on top. Before he had a chance to reply you said “I want to ride you daddy, can I?” you tried to be as innocent as possible. “Uh,um” Sam was at a lost for words, no one could think you have this side. All he could do is nod. You simply leaned down and sensually whispered in his ear a small thank you and lightly bit his ear as you sat back up. Sam couldn’t help but groan, which went straight to your heat. “Ready daddy?” “Yes princess, please get on with it.” You lined him up at your entrance and slowly sank down on him. You both moaned loudly as he filled you up. “Fuck (Y/N) move,please.” With that you started to bounce up and down on him as fast as you could. You would switch from bouncing to grinding. Your legs were going weak with your high approaching. Sam must’ve felt you slowing down. He flipped you guys over lifting your legs to his shoulders ponding into you relentlessly. He bent down leaving hickeys all across your neck and chest. All you could do is moan and scream his name while dragging your nails down his back. This only caused Sam to go faster hissing at the slight stinging feeling. “I’m close da-ddy” Sam put one hand in between your legs putting pressure on your clit rubbing hard, and fast circles. “Holy shitt” you screamed as your high hit you. Seeing you unravel beneath him caused his high to him groaning and moaning loudly. You couldn’t believe how hot he looked. All sweaty with his hair slightly stuck to his forehead, his muscles tense, it could make you hit your high all over again. As he pulled out you could almost hear him whimper at the lost of contact. As he got up to throw away to condom all you could think to do is get dressed and leave. When you got up to find your bra and panties Sam came back. “Where do you think your going?” “Home.” “Why?, you can’t anyway I drove you here.” “If you haven’t noticed I live two houses down from you.” “Oh yeah” He almost sounded defeated as he sat on the edge of his bed. You just put on your panties and his shirt asking “What do you want me to do” “Honestly?” you just nodded sweetly “Stay here and cuddle with me” he said shyly putting his head down. You couldn’t help but smile at how sweet his was being. You walked over to him and straddled his waist. He still wouldn’t look at you or lay a finger on you. “You know if you want to be my boyfriend your going to have to look at me” you said sassy. As soon as you finished your sentence his head shot up, he was smiling the biggest smile you have ever seen. “Wait, you want to date me” “I mean your not that bad, so yes, but you have to ask me first” you replied smiling. He hugged your was it pulling you as close as possible asking sweetly “Will you (Y/F/N) be my girlfriend” “Yes I will be your girlfriend Samuel Howard Wilkinson” “Never call me that again” he said while leaning in to kiss you. This kiss was different it was sweet,slow,and,passionate. The kiss got heated rather fast. “Round two?” Sam asked with puppy eyes. You just laughed nodding. Who knew you could go from hating someone, to the point of killing them, to being in a relationship with them, to the point of love, in one day.

Yours Forever

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Request: Can you do a one shot where Bucky and the reader breakup because the reader thinks that Bucky is in love with someone else because it seems like he’s becoming distant and would rather spend time with them than the reader? requested by an angsty lil anon ♡

Word Count: 2194

Warnings: angst

A/n: hope you like it, anon!

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

Bucky had never been great with communication, but this was ridiculous. You glanced at your phone again, your eyes scanning the screen for any sign of a notification. Instead, all you saw was your lock screen, a picture of you and Bucky together, arms around each other with huge smiles.

Your rolled your eyes and glanced around the bar. Bucky was supposed to meet you here after his training for a double date with Sam and his new girl.

Yet here you were, all dressed up, but no boyfriend in sight.

Your phone buzzed, and you hated yourself for grabbing it so desperately. A text from Bucky glowed on your screen. “Sorry doll, got held up at the compound. I can’t make it. I’ll call you tonight x”. You sighed, clicking the power button, the screen fading to black.

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Dean is that you? Part 1

Prompt: Can you plz do a series where the Reader and “Dean” r Dating? BUT It’s Demon Dean now so she rly doesn’t like him (knows it’s not her Dean) But he kidnaps the reader; due to wanting her as a “mate” or life partner?and holds her captive & drags her around the country. With Smut and Deanmon Flirting to try to tease her and get her to be with him? (Tries hard but it doesn’t rly work) She loves him of course cause it’s Dean (been together for years) but at the same time she knows he’s gone.

Pairing: DeanmonXReader

Words: 800+

Author’s note: Hello :) So this is based of of my first request. Thank you to the Nonnie which requested this, it really put my brain to work. Anyways I hope you like it. :)

You sat at the edge of your bed in the motel room staring at an old picture of you and Dean. Dean went missing a couple months ago. The two of you had been together for almost 4 years and one day you woke up and rolled over on the bed only to find an empty space next to you. You called out his name a few times getting no response. So you walked over to Sam’s room it entering it without knocking not caring at all “Y/N what are yo-“ you cut him off “Where is Dean?” Sam looked at you confused. “I thought he was with you.” Sam said concerned. You didn’t say anything just turned around and looked out the window into the parking lot searching for the impala. That’s when you noticed the parking space where the impala was parked was empty now. You immediately went back to your room and grabbed your phone off the table calling Dean’s phone, only to hear it ringing just a few feet away. You screamed in anger and threw your phone to the floor. Sam rushed through the door when he heard you scream. “THAT FUCKING DUMBASS LEFT HIS DAMN PHONE!!” you yelled at Sam. “Look Y/N we’ll find him don’t worry” That was almost 5 months ago the first 2 months were the hardest you wasn’t use to going to bed alone simply cause the past 4 years you slept in his arms. By the 3rd month it still wasn’t easy but you were beginning to get used to it. It hurt like hell, but you got used to it. Sam and you were still hunting; Sam thought it be a way to get your mind off stuff. It really didn’t unfortunately. You and Sam had just finished your most recent hunt and went to a bar to celebrate. Your idea, not his. You two spent awhile talking about different stuff and all that. He went back to the bartender for the 3rd time to get you guys another drink. You were doing something on your phone when someone sat where Sam had just been sitting. You looked up thinking it was Sam but you couldn’t be more wrong. You sat there, eyes wide and shocked. It was Dean, your boyfriend the love of your life you couldn’t believe it. “Hey baby girl” he said smirking. Just in that moment Sam came back with your drinks. Once he noticed his brother he was just as shocked as you were; after a while of talking to what appeared to be Dean. You and the boys went back to the motel. Dean insisted you ride with him in the impala but you really didn’t want to, something in your gut was saying that this just wasn’t right. “C’mon baby.” Dean said grabbing you by your waist and pulling you into him. You moved you hand to your side where you kept you knife. Reassured that it was there you faked a smile and agreed. As you were headed back to the motel it was silent, your hand was in Deans. You broke the silence asking, “Why the hell did you just leave?” “Wow. That’s what you go with to break the silence. Okay well I left because I needed to get away. You know leave the hunting life for a while.” You just looked at him in disbelief. “What? It’s the truth, sorry if you don’t like it.” “Dean. Something has happened to you and I’m not sure what but I’m determined to find out.” You said with a stern voice. He pulled into an empty parking space at the hotel, “You stay right there.” Dean said as he got out of the car, you noticed he was walking around the car to your side opening the door for you. That’s when you knew something wasn’t right. Dean held doors open for you yes but not the car door. “Come on princess.” He said extending his arm out to you. You got out of the car taking his hand you then saw Sam walking back from the front office. He saw you and Dean he waved his hand and walked over to you “Here’s the key to the other room.” Sam said handing you the key and he smiled big “Other room?” you asked Sam. “Yeah I went and got a second room for you guys.” “Thanks Sammy” Dean said patting his shoulder. “We’ll see you in the morning.” Dean added.  You and Dean went into the room and he got into bed patting the empty space next to him. You caved, and crawled in the bed beside him. He wrapped his arms around you and it wasn’t even 5 minutes and you were asleep in his arms. You thought everything was finally falling into place like it should. That’s what you thought until you woke up.

To Be Continued… .

How to Find Quality Samcedes Fanfiction

While on Tumblr, I see some people wondering how to find good Samcedes fanfiction. I have read a lot of fanfiction, and the way I go about choosing stories is using the filters tab on I change the first filter to sort by favorites, I include all ratings, and I choose Mercedes J. and Sam E. as characters and then click apply.

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Bonnie and Clyde

A short drabble I wrote this weekend. I like the Bonnie and Clyde theme, it kinda is romantic to me. 
I would be sorry that it is so short, but I have at least five long stories waiting in line for you guys, so I figured it´ll be okay.
Love you. :*

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Length: 789

Warnings: None

Originally posted by obiwankhenobi


There had been times when you and Dean had been inseparable. You had lived your own personal Bonnie and Clyde story. Well, of course you weren´t criminals, at least not always, but it had been you and Dean against the world.
Of course Sam had been with you too, but you two had been a duo. Everyone you ever met knew that there was nothing that could come between Dean and (Y/N).
And yet somehow it was different now. You didn´t know why, but things had started to head in a direction you couldn´t quite grasp.
It started with the little things, like when Dean stopped kissing you on the forehead every time you woke up in the morning, or when suddenly always found a reason to spend the night everywhere else but in your room.
But then things got really different. Like when he first told you he was going to go on a hunt alone with Sam.
He never ever in a million years would have gone on a hunt without you if everything would have been alright.
And then when there was that one special night where he went out without telling you and when he came back home at three in the morning, you were wide awake and worried sick.
When he entered the room you jumped up from the bed: “Where have you been?”
He just stood there, staring at you: “Out.”
You crossed your arms over your chest: “Yeah, I noticed. I mean why didn´t you tell me?”
A frown crossed his face: “Why do you think I have to tell you where I go?”
And that was it, that was what switched something in you and you started shouting, not caring if Sam heard you at the far end of the bunker:
“What is the matter with you? You and I, we used to be so close. You used to be the perfect boyfriend for four years. And suddenly you started to be different, and I just can´t take it anymore.
What´s the matter with you?”
He continued to look at you, with the same cold look on his face that he had for the last four months now and it was awful: “People change”, he finally said. “I guess I did too.”
You walked over to him and took your hand: “That can´t be it. It just can´t. We used to be Bonnie and Clyde, remember?”
Suddenly his eyes grew dark: “And that´s exactly it.”
You frowned: “What do you mean?”
He stepped away from you and walked towards the bed: “I don´t want you to be Bonnie. I want you to be happy.”
“You´re confusing me, I´m happy with you. You make me happy”, you said and turned around to him.
“No I don´t. I dragged you into this life, and now you´re never gonna be happy. You´re just going to be Bonnie. You know what happened to Bonnie? She died. We never going to have a happily ever after.”
This was the most honest words he had spoken to you in four months and you felt yourself starting to cry: “That is what this is all about? We never going to have a happily ever after? Dean, I know that. I signed up for that years ago. I knew what was going to happen, what I would have to face. I know that I may never have kids and that I´ll probably die before I turn 40, but if that means being with you, it´s all I ever wanted.”
He stared at you from across the room: “Yeah well, I realized I don´t want that.”
“Well, guess what, I don´t need you to want it, because I don´t need your permission to love you, I just do, no matter if you think it´s bad for me.”
Right then, he went over to you and hugged you tight, burying his face in your hair: “I just want the best for you baby. And I realized that the best sure as hell isn´t me,”
You really cried by now: “Stop talking like this. You´re the best for me. Always.”
And then you just continued to  hug each other, trying to hold on to this, trying to tell each other what was going on.
“It´s never going to be easy Dean and I don´t want it to be. All I want you to do is love me”, you told him when you looked up at him.
He pressed a kiss on your lips: “I do love you. With all my heart.”
“Well, I guess that settles it. We´re still Bonnie and Clyde”, you said an grinned, but he shook his head: “Nah, we´re Dean and (Y/N), and that´s far better if you ask me.”
You smiled: “Yeah, I guess you´re right.”


Original Imagine Link: XXXX
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1804
Summary: Imagine the Winchester’s taking you to one of Chuck’s conventions and you learn you’re one of the most popular characters in the series.

Pairings: Sam x Reader, Dean x Reader

Gender: Neutral

The high school of such a small town was the last place you expected to find the infamous prophet Sam and Dean had told you about.  While they were sketchy on the details of what this prophet had done, you imagined it must have been pretty big for them to be so tight-lipped about it.  Whenever you asked they would exchange a glance, clear their throats and move on.  But now that the prophet, Chuck, had sent the brother’s an SOS text you knew you were finally going to find out the truth.

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Comfort Zone

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Slight Swearing

Words: 1,433

Request from waiting4thedoctor​:  Hi love! I’m glad you’re feeling better. :) My request is a Dean one. Where Charlie introduces Dean to the reader, who’s a shy hunter. He falls for her and she falls for him, but she had no experience with relationships and love at all. Maybe she feels comfortable with Sam and he gets jealous. Thank you!! <3

So, I got a little stuck on this one, otherwise it would have been out a little while ago. But I fixed it. There is going to be a part 2 hopefully soon. Enjoy Guys!

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Warmth in the Cold

Title: Warmth in the Cold

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 3,109 (holy crap)

Request: Anon: Could you please write something where Dean and reader are driving back from a hunt where the reader got a bit injured, its late and very cold out, and he covers them with his leather jacket they lay their head in Dean’s lap while he’s driving home? Thank you so much!

Warnings: language

A/N: Okay! So this is my first one shot, so there is a possibility this sucks but hey, I had fun writing it. I apologize for this being SUPER long. Like it was a simple request but once i started my imagination kept flowing and 3,000 words later i was finished. Anyways, i hope you like it!!

@thxwinchestxrs thanks for helping me out :)

You have been staying at the Bunker with the Winchesters for about three years now. You could still remember when you first met them, when a werewolf had killed your entire family, and almost you if it hadn’t been for the two of them. They were basically your only family now, and both of them enjoyed teasing you just as much as you loved playing the little sister. Of course, you could only hope that one day, Dean would see as more than just a sister.

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You Can Be Happy Again

Originally posted by magneticcas

Summary: Reader has feelings for Dean and made a plan to show him how she feels the only way he would understand. Cas has feelings for Reader but has to wait for her to stop thinking about Dean, he wants to be there for her to make her happy again. Will Dean understand readers feeling and what will Cas reaction be ? Will reader realize what’s good for her?

Request by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing : Can I have CasxReader where Cas comfort reader for any reason but use his wings to hug her like she feels them

Pairing: Cas x Reader, Dean x Reader (slightly)

Word Count: 2342

WARNING: Angst, smut, fluff

A/N: Here is a new fic. I hope you like it. I corrected myself if any mistakes remain in the text i am sorry

tag: @winchester-smut, @ariannnawinchester @bloodysideofhell, @apple-pie-na @aprofoundbondwithdean@19lynda81@sdavid09 . If anyone one else wants to be tagged in the future let me know about it.

(Y/N) Pov

Tonight was the night, the night you decided to admit your feelings, you had this in mind for a week now, and knew it was time to stop imagining you and him, to stop dreaming about him and his lips on you and to stop thinking maybe you could be together. Yeah, tonight was the night.

You took a step back to look entirely at yourself in the mirror; you had decided to wear something Dean would enjoy looking at. You wore a tie, pants and shirt tie on the side; your belly was showing a bit. He might not listen, but at least you would have gotten his attention, which was step one.

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Love doesn’t exist - Sam Wilkinson - Part 10

Side Note: I’M BACCK BITCHES!!! did you guys miss me? No okay. But enjoy this new part anyways :)

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I was in deep thoughts all the way home from school. ‘How the fuck am i supposed to have Elena, Kate and Sara home with me, when Sam also is coming. I mean we really need to be done with this project soon, so why not now? But other hand i really need this girl night, just me and my bitches together alone’

I reached home, and jumped into my bed. I thought 'where Sam lived?’ he had never said that we should do this project at his house before.

I had the best plan in world, Sam could come now and after that i could i call the girl’s when they should come over. Yes Rose you’re a genius. I’m so clever. Where is my medal?

“Ayyyy Kate, can i just call you guys when you can come over?” I ask “Yeah sure why?” she asks as curious as she am.“ We have guests right now so i don’t think it’s a good idea right now” i said nervous because she knows exactly when I’m lying.

“Okay” she just said happily “See u later” and then she hung up. Wow that was easy and weird at the same time. I didn’t thought off that anymore and then i heard a knock on the door. I opened the door only to be greeted by the one and only Sam Wilkinson.

His body was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed, and of course he didn’t smiled he obviously had that stupid smirk on his lip as always.

I opened the some more so he could go inside, he just walked past me but we never broke our eye contact. He looked around “So where are your girlfriends at?” he asks. Like what? How dose he even know they were coming over? That’s none off his business anyways.

“Why do you even ask about them anyways?” i ask curious “because i know they were coming over after school but i don’t see them here, were are they?” Okay, are he a stalker or what?

“They are home or something i don’t know’'I said irritated ” why are you asking?“

’'Just curious” he just said, yeah right, asking so many questions about were my friends are. A case I think not.

“Yeah sure your are” i said taking my compute up and start writing the last few things we need for the Power Point. The question came back like a memory 'where dose Sam live?“

’'Where do you even live anyways?” i ask maybe a little to loud, he maybe think i wanna stalk him when he sleeps or i just wanna stand in front of his window when he just took a shower and just came out with a towel around his waist.. I would never do that by the way..

“You don’t wanna know” he said smirking at me.“Yes i wanna know that’s why im asking you right know if you didn't  notice that” i said irritated of his reply.“Let us just say i live close to you” he said and went back to the project.
“YOOOO GIRL WHERE U AT” Sara yell from the door, Sam took about ten minutes ago so that was just perfect. “I’m right here” i said standing right beside her while she was yelling in my ear.“Oh sorry but we are here now” she said hugging me and walked inside “oh don’t you worry i already head you, no probs” i said and laughed after.

I gave Kate and Elena a hug too and we dress into pajamas and went upstairs to my room. It was a bit annoying that you could see right across to the neighbor from my window. But it was all right because I don’t know who lives over there so it don’t touch me at all.

All I know is that it’s some rich assholes who live over there and they drive some sick cars.

I had some small gray shorts and a white tank top and I put my hair up in a lopsided ponytail, i looked kinda cute i think at least.

We put the 'White Chicks’ on. We laughed all the time. When we were about 20 minutes into the movie I got a text message.

From unknown : 'Can’t you guys tone down a little?’ (Okay this was scary because when i wrote that i got a message) Who could that be i didn’t know the number.

Me: 'Who is this?’

From unknown: 'Let’s us just say u look cute in your little shorts’ fuuuuck was this the neighbor? Were did that person get my number from?

Me: 'How did you get my number?’ This was pretty scary, I had so much desire to look over at the window and see who it was. But i didn’t do it.

It took a few seconds before I again got a text

From unkonwn: 'You gave it to me’ I got goosebumps all over my body. So it’s someone i know, but all those people i gave my number out to was someone who i know. I didn’t know how to response.

Frome unknown: 'Why do you look so frighten? ;)’

Me: 'Hmm maybe it’s because i don’t know who you are, and you are myneighbor who i live next to who i haven’t seen before, and you scare me’

From unknown: 'If i scare you so much why don’t you just look over?’ OHHH HELL NO. I’M NOT GOING TO LOOK OVER THERE TO SEE SOME PEDO MAN LOOKING AT ME. FORGET THAT.

From unknown: 'Come on princess, i don’t bite ;)’

And when that person send me that i knew exactly who that mysterious person who were my neighbor was. I look annoying to my right to see a smirking Sam at the window.

Me: 'Fuck you’ How the hell did he get my number that ass?

Sam: 'The pleasure is all mine princess’

Me: 'Stop calling me princess’

Sam: 'Okay princess’

I looked one more time over and he were there still smirking at me. How the hell can i have fun right now when i know fucking Sam Wilkinson live right beside me?

Inside myself I was actually happy, my crush lived right next to me. Am i supposed to fangirl right now or?


Yooo guys, i have a question for you. What do you think of my story?
If you could please answer this in my ask box you would be a lifesaver :)

Request -- Could you maybe do one sorta like the deans POV watching you get tortured but from Sam's POV but he's there in person watching it happen and he has to find a way to save you I'd really enjoy it and then it gets extremely fluffy at the end as he confesses to you how he feels about you thanks so much you're an amazing writer by the way!!

(For @mandapanda2414. Hope you like it! And I apologize, I had written almost the whole one shot before realizing that I hadn’t written it in Sam’s POV, sorry! xx)

Warning—Blood, torture

Sam was shaking with rage as he watched the demon who was torturing you walk out of the room, your crimson blood on his hands and a smile on its face with a vow for a “round two” of torment for you. He desperately tugged at the handcuffs that bound his hands together, but all that resulted in was the metal pressing painfully into his skin with the promise of bruises later; he still kept trying, though, for the sight of you breathing hard, wincing, and bloody just motivated him even more. Your blood dripped from your legs and arms from slashes of a knife, falling onto the cold cement floor, and a cut stretching over your cheek made red liquid roll down your neck, making for an even more gruesome scene. He groaned as he tried moving his legs, but they were securely bound to his chair with strong rope, knotted to ensure that he wouldn’t be able to escape.

“S-Sam,” you murmured just loud enough to hear.

“Don’t talk, Y/N. Please, don’t,” he pleaded, not wanting you to diminish your strength. “I’m going to get us out of here.”

“You’re a-always so persistent,” A ghost of a smile appeared on your face, blinking through the pain that blurred your vision so that you could see his face clearly; some of his hair was matted with blood, and there was a trail halfway down his forehead made from a single drop. “But we b-be realistic? By the time D-Dean finds us, I—o-or both of us—will be—”

“Don’t you dare say that,” he interrupted you, hazel eyes filled with determination; he refused to think about the most probable outcome of this scenario; even if he couldn’t get himself out, getting you out was his goal. “Everything’s going to be alright. Trust me.”

“I do,” you whispered, and hope flooded through him at those two words.

The optimism faded away, though, when the demon came back into the room; Sam stiffened, and you flinched holding his eyes while your own were being strangled with fear.

“You’ve been struggling, Sam,” the demon noted, a twisted grin appearing on its face as he noticed sweat mixing in with the blood on his forehead. “It’s no use, you know. You Winchesters just never stop trying, do you?”

“When I get out of here,” Sam growled, gaze darkening. “I’m going to kill you.”

"So much anger,” it sighed, clicking its tongue. “Believe me, I have no intention of killing you or her if you give me the information that I want.

"We’re not telling you anything, you black-eyed son of a bitch,” you seethed, almost regretting what you said when it turned around, crouching down and leaning towards your wounded body.

“Wrong answer,” it whispered, and snapped his fingers; the instant the sound hit the air, you started to choke. As you coughed, blood started to leak out of your mouth and onto your already crimson form; Sam started to struggle even more, shouting as he watched you hemorrhage.

“No! Stop it!” he roared before slumping back down in his chair, making eye contact with the demon. “Stop it. Please!”

The demon snapped its fingers again, and you could finally breathe without blood blocking your throat.

"Why her?” Sam breathed. “Why not me?”

"Because we all know that the best way to get to a Winchester is to torture the people closest to them,” it said, grinning down at you as you glared at it and resisted the urge to spit in its face. “Now, why don’t we get down to some actual business?”

It pulled a knife out of its pocket, the same one that it had been using on you before; the blade was crusted over with your dried blood, and the sight made you gag. Sam’s cries were ignored as it traced the outline of your lips with the very tip of the sharp weapon, but they then ceased when he realized something. He watched as your hair fell into your face as you quaked in your chair, frightened, and remembered that you usually wore bobby pins in your hair; you had given them to him when you had put your hair up in a pony tail. He hadn’t given them back to you, and they were still in the pocket of his jacket.

Making sure that the demon couldn’t see him as he did, he bunched up the cloth and moved it towards his back with one of his bound hands so that he could reach into the pocket, and successfully fished out one of the pins. Not letting out a sigh of relief just yet, he fumbled to unbend the pin as the demon leaned so close to you that you could smell its foul breath.

"Now, sweetheart,” It moved the blade down your throat, and you gulped. “Are you going to tell me what I need to know?”

You caught eyes with Sam, and saw that he was working behind his back; he nodded his head, and you caught yourself before you smiled in relief. The two of you would be out of here soon enough, but you needed to stall.

“Here’s my answer,” you said, your lips turning up into a smirk. “In your dreams, buddy.”

Sam cringed as the sound of the knife ripping into your skin filled his ears once more, and he stuck the angled end of the pin into the keyhole, a soft “come on” leaving his mouth as he pressed it down and rotated it inside. You yelled out in pain as another slash marked your skin, and his attempts grew even more desperate; when the cuffs finally popped open and his wrists were free, Sam smiled as he wrapped his fingers around the demon blade, which was barely sticking out of his back pocket.

“Alright, stop!” he roared. “I’ll tell you what you need to know!”

"And how can I believe you?” the demon asked, turning away from you; you watched as Sam blinked twice rapidly, and was able to smile just a bit through the white-hot agony your were in. That was the signal for that you were going to be okay.

“You can kill me if the information isn’t valid,” Sam’s voice was calm as the knife was put to his own throat.

“What a nice little deal,” The abomination chuckled, then pressed the blade into his thin flesh even more. “Now, tell me.”

A sly smile became the prominent feature of Sam’s exhausted, and now victorious, expression.

“I told you that I’d kill you, you bastard,” he hissed, and slammed the demon blade into its chest; not bothering to watch it fall and flash orange, he yanked the knife out before undoing the ropes around his legs and sprinting over to you. He undid your own bindings before carefully sitting you down on his lap on the ground, the both of you laughing a little in relief and joy that the other was still alive. “We need to get you to a hospital. Now.

"Sam, I’m fine. The wounds aren’t too deep,” you mumbled into his chest, and heard his beautiful laugh at your next words. “I k-knew there was a reason why I trusted you.

"I wasn’t going to let you down,” he whispered, rocking you back and forth against him, your blood staining his clothes the very least of his worries. “…I—I love you, Y/N. The demon was right when it said that you were one of the closest people that I have. If you would have died, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.”

Tears started to shine in your eyes, and you grinned; the pain that had been overwhelming you slowly disappeared at his words.

“I love you too, Sam,” you replied, and couldn’t get anything else out before he kissed you strongly, the experience of almost losing you making the embrace even more passionate. “Ow, Sam.”

He hadn’t realized that he had been holding you too tightly, and loosened his grip a little.

“Sorry,” he apologized and you giggled, about to press your lips to his when the sound of the Impala’s engine that had ever sounded as sweet before came closer and closer; he grinned, carefully standing and picking you up before bringing his mouth to your forehead. “Let’s go get you bandaged up.”

Glow Sticks and Booze

Request- Hey could you pretty please with a cherry on top do a teenage!Dean and teenage!reader where she has no family accept for Bobby and she meets the Winchesters who were on the same case as she was. Dean falls for her and they give each other their numbers. The reader rings him late at night and convinces him to go to a rave type of thing with her and it’s just them like dancing together and getting drunk! 🙏 I don’t know why I’ve this idea in my head😂😂

A/N- Ah! There’s not much dancing until the end. I hope that’s okay O.O Let me know! I kinda deviated a little from the request Whooopps sorry. Any who Tell me what you think! x)

Teen!Dean x Teen!Reader

Word Count-1476

“Oh come on. There’s just one of you? That’s no fun.” You say to the vampire in front of you.

She turned around, hissing as she extracted her fangs. “You think a little brat like you can kill me?”

“Excuse me for not being ancient like you” you retort.

In anger she charged at you. As she did you brought out the knife Bobby had given you before your first hunt. You swung your arm aiming for her neck but she jumped back and dodged it. You rushed forward again swinging your arm cutting her head clean off. As her body fell to the ground you see a guy around your age. His mouth slightly opened in shock and amazement, not that you noticed, his eyes had instantly grabbed your attention. You then noticed the knife in his hand.

“That was kinda hot.” he smirked.

You chuckled, “You a hunter?” you asked, simply for confirmation.

“Yeah but looks like I got here too late.” He pointed to the now decapitated body on the floor.

“You been here long? If so, my bad. I was just passing through and just kinda jumped in.” you say with a shrug. After getting a good look at him, you noticed not only how good looking he was but how young. “How old are you?”

“From the looks of it, not much older than you.” he responded, and you just stared at him, “Sixteen.” he said.

“Alright well I gotta head home now. So see ya around.” you say.

“Is that a promise?” he asked smiling devilishly.

You were about to answer but your phone rang, “Hello? Yeah I know… I’m heading home right now Bobby… Yes I stopped for a hunt. It was only one measly vamp… Okay, okay… Yeah I’m going.” you sighed and hung up. You reached into your pocket for a pen, walked over to him but stopped, “Oh what’s your name?”

He looked you up and down, “Dean,” he said with a smile.

You smile, “Well Dean here’s my number. Ever find yourself in Sioux Falls hit me up.” you say while writing your phone number on his hand. You wink, “See ya” you say and leave.

The two of you text each other for the next week. He’d even call you, which was good with you, after all you loved the sound of his voice. This particular morning you hadn’t had time. You were helping Bobby put back some books back to their respective shelves when your phone rings.

“Hello?” you answer as you put books back.

“Hey, Y/N.” his voice poured out of your phone.

“Oh hey! How’s it going?” you say, happy he couldn’t see you smile ear to ear.

Too bad for you, you couldn’t see his either. “I’m just calling to tell you I’m heading to Sioux Falls, for a little while. Thought we could meet up.”

“Awesome. Wait, when will you get here?” you asked, already having plans for tonight.

“Might get there in a couple hours.” he answered. “Who are you talking to?” you heard another voice. “I’m talkin to my friend Sammy.” Dean answered. “You have a friend?” he said. “Shut up Sam.” Dean answered.

“Lucky me I’m your first friend. What an honor.” you teased.

“Ha ha” he said sarcastically, you could just imagine him rolling his eyes.

“You coming with your dad and brother?” you asked. He had mentioned them before.

“Yeah, my dad wants to visit a friend of his. He lives there.” he responded. “Well we’re about to hit the road again. See you later.”

“Is that a promise?” you smirk, hoping he remembered that phrase.

“Oh, what was your name?” he joked.

You laughed, “Dean you don’t remember my name. That’s kinda messed up.” you say.

“No… I meant… I was just” he stumbled over his words.

He laughed again, “I was kidding.”

“Oh” he said, trying to think of something else to say.

“Let me know when you get here.” you said breaking the silence.

“Will do.” he responded.

“Bye Dean.” you say with a chuckle.

“Bye” he said back before hanging up.

Hours later

You dressed up a little and your hair actually looked the way you wanted. You felt great. You head downstairs to tell Bobby.

“Hey Bobby! I’m gonna-” you stop mid-sentence when you notice a tall figure and some kid.

“Y/N this is John Winchester and his son Sam. John, Sam, this is Y/N.” Bobby introduced you. You smiled, greeted them, and shook their hands. Then in came Dean.

“There he is. Y/N this is Dean, John other boy.” Bobby pointed towards the front door.

Your eyes widened, “Dean?!” you smile.

He froze, “Y-Y/N?”

Bobby gave you a questioning look. “Oh, um, this is the guy I told you about. The one I met on that hunt last week.”

“Whoa Dean, this, this is your friend? The one you were talking to earlier?” Sam questioned excitedly.

“Anyways I told you I was meeting with him and was gonna go somewhere. It was nice meeting you John and Sam. I’m gonna borrow Dean for a couple hours. See ya laters!” you say grabbing Dean’s hand and running out.

After you were a block away you had stopped running but continued to walk hand in hand. “Where are we going?” he asked.

“Well the night just started and I was gonna go today anyways there’s this place where they have raves every week. Wanna go?” you question.

“A rave? Like music and dancing?” he asked, looking uncertain.

“Yup! Lots of music, dancing… and booze. Only if you drink.” you answer.

“Dancing’s not really my thing.” he said.

“Aww come on. Just this once. Please. It’ll be fun. We’ll get drunk, dance like crazy people, plus glow sticks am I right?” you put your best puppy eyes and hope it works.

He thought about it, looked at you, and smiled, “Fine.”

You smiled and continued walking toward the destination. You climb down a set of stairs that led underground, walked quietly down the barely lit tunnel until you see a door and a big guy guarding it. He asked for the IDs of the people in front of you and Dean kinda panicked. Neither of you had any.

Then it was your turn, “ID? Wait Y/N? Haven’t seen you around for a while? What was it this time?”

“Hey Jerry! Werewolf and a vamp.” you answer with a shrug.

He laughed nodding his head in approval. “Nice. Oh- you brought a guy with you,” he smiled looking from you to him, “That’s a first.” You tried not blushing and have no idea if you succeeded. “Well go on in. Don’t get too drink please.”

You walked toward the door, “Come on Jerry when have I ever gotten too drunk?” you laughed as you explained to Dean that you snuck in here once and there was a vamp attack and you killed it. So they let you in and let you drink for free without an ID. You opened the door and were instantly overpowered by the music, the lights, and the people dancing everywhere. The music vibrating so much you could feel it. You past the heap of dancers, making your way towards the bar. Where the bartender already knew what you wanted, seeing as you had someone with you he doubled it. One shot for each of you and a glass of whiskey. Dean looked at you, surprise written all over his face. “What you expecting those fruity drinks?” you ask taking the shot and gulping it down.

“I honestly don’t know what to expect anymore. You’re just amazing.” he responded, drinking his own shot.

Since the music was so loud you hadn’t heard what he said, “What?” you shout back.

He laughed, “Let’s dance!” he yelled. You smiled, grab his hand, and rush toward the dance floor. You let go and turned to face him. You started dancing, slowly synching to the beat of the music. You let loose and just went with it. Dean followed your lead. The bartender would send you drinks every so often. Eventually Dean and you were dancing together rather than in front of each other. His arms around your waist and yours around the back of his neck. By now you had a few drinks and didn’t care how you looked. The both of you swayed and bopped to the music. You hadn’t even noticed the glow stick rings around both your necks. You just had fun and danced.

Dean was having fun. He didn’t like these types of things. Or maybe he hadn’t found the right person to enjoy them with. That didn’t right now. The music vibrating through his chest only pumped him up more. This is was the most fun he had in a while and same goes for you.

Hope you like it! x)