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I wanted to surprise doodle this for ma pal  @misterpoofofficial​ =u=)b

I showed my friend the first doggo post and then she pointed out later that you made more SO I GIVE MY3- DOGGO COLLAGE IN SUPPORT OF THE 3 DOGGO SQUAD (+Tooru who tbh has the same personality as my poodle)


Captain Niall Horan, and his ships.

How many times do the members of got7 have to ask you to stop tagging them in ship posts/talking about ships to them for yall to actually stop. Look, if you wanna ship in private, or on here, whatever, I don’t care. But got7 has asked you and now I am asking you PLEASE DO NOT SHIP THEM TO THEIR FACES. DO NOT COMMENT SHIPS ON THEIR POSTS OR VIDEOS. DO NOT TAG THEM IN SHIP POSTS. DO NOT TAKE SHIP SIGNS TO EVENTS. DO NOT ASK THEM THEIR FAVORITE SHIP. DON’T. TALK TO THEM. ABOUT. SHIPS.

Here comes dat Spoi!!!!

o merde waddup

ShukaBlog 2017.05.15: ANiUPa!!

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Okay! The day before yesterday was…
ANiUTa Live 2017, “ANiUPa!!” ( -`ω-)✧

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Nobody could quite agree on why Rekina did what she did. Some claimed she was searching for something (although nobody was sure what). Others said she was doing the exact opposite, that she was running away - usually from her own mortality, to hear them tell it. A few psychologists with more degrees than patients adjusted their half-moon glasses and spoke loftily of self-esteem issues and paternal absence. Most people didn't care - they only loved the stories.

This is amazing. And those psychologists can fight me and my dad might try to punch them too lmao

these started as stress doodles but i think they turned out ok? they’re from @narootos ‘s reverse au bc it’s just too good how could i resist.

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i'm just saying that dark skin doesn't fit with kawaii aesthetics lol. it's not cute like pale/white skin ^-^ i'm not racist, i just don't think it's cute

do you even understand what you just said mr. trump??

i’m just saying that dark skin doesn’t fit with the kawaii aesthetics” you’re telling me that cute shit only looks good on white skin?? what year are we in??

are you gonna sit on anon and tell me this girl here ain’t the cutest?? oh yeah cause you racist 

cause she’s owning that outfit 

you may say you ain’t racist but if you actually think dark skin people can’t fit into this “kawaii” style then get the fuck out of my inbox with your close minded way of thinking. you ain’t cute either, pasty

They come home and see the giant fort that you made (GOT7)

JB: -he would smile largely as he saw you peak out from it with a smile- “is this what you do when you get home before me?”

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Mark: -he would think its cute- “want company in there?”

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Jackson: -he would be angry because you didn’t wait for him - “you said we would build this together”

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Jinyoung: -he would instantly crawl down with you and lay down in it- “this is cool babe”

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Youngjae: -he would start chuckling as you came rushing back to the living room with more things for the fort- “do you want me to help you?”

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BamBam: -he would think it’s funny as you would take all the pillows and blankets in the apartment and then you wouldn’t let him come in- “how is that fair? You took all the important stuff”

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Yugyeom: -he would like it and would want to climb into it right away but you would tell him it wasn’t done yet- “when is it going to be done? I want to go inside of it”

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