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5 Ways to be a Better Leader

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Beguilers are one of those classes that often gets put into the role of party leader, regardless of their opinion on the matter. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of Beguilers out there who share Beyoncé’s attitude and thoroughly enjoy the position. However there are just as many who would rather…not. Either way, if you find yourself in the position of party leader you might as well be a good one. Here are some things that anyone can do to improve their leadership skills:

  • Listen to your team
    Even their last 15 ideas have been fast tracks to jail or the grave it’s important to take a moment to listen to your party members before making important decisions. Even if you end up doing your own thing it still makes everyone feel like their a valued and important member of the team if they get to say their piece. Besides, the more you know about the way that they think the easier it will become to convince them that your idea was their all along.
  • Ask vs Tell problem solving
    Building off of what I said above, people tend to be more cooperative and listen better if they feel like their being heard. So, when you run into problems one of the best ways to get everyone on the same page (and hopefully on track to learn a thing or two) is to use the “ask vs tell” method. Instead of simply telling everyone what went to shit and what to do next time ask them what they felt went wrong and how they think that they could do better. Even if they don’t have any ideas it opens up the door for communication. It also gives you a place to present them with your ideas that doesn’t feel like you are chewing them out and puts them in a place where they are much more likely to listen.
  • Delegate and play to strengths
    No matter how tempting the thought is you simply can not do everything yourself. Nope, can’t do it. Period. You can, however, delegate tasks to other team members. This will not only give you a break but it gives everyone a chance to shine. I’m not just talking about basic class roles here either. Think outside the box and use the personal skills of your fellow party members to your advantage. Is the party Bard a killer cook? Look to them for some morale boosting meals on the road. The Fighter have the best jokes you’ve ever heard? Have them create a little good will in an inn you plan to make a base of operations. Everyone has something special to contribute, if you figure out what it is and make good use of it you’ll be on track to a solid party.
  • Customizing your approach
    Alright, so this should come natural to most Beguilers but it bears repeating. Every person will react differently to different approaches. Some people thrive with a little tough love but some people are just going to feel hurt and stressed. It’s up to you to figure out how your party members respond to things and use the best methods to communicate with them. One of the best ways to do this is by watching how they react to others and how they learn. If you notice that the Wizard loves studying magical theory in her down time chances are she learns well when information is broken down step by step and she’s presented with not only the “what” but the “why”. If you see the Ranger flinch a little every time someone raises their voice a gentle tone and an open conversation is likely going to get the best results when you are trying to help him correct a mistake.
  • Appear confident
    Even if things seem to be falling apart (particularly when things seem to be falling apart) it’s important to give your team mates the impression that you’ve got a handle on things. Now, I don’t mean getting cocky or ignoring your problems. I do mean looking like you know what you are doing and giving your party members a point of reassurance no matter how rough things are getting. You don’t need to appear perfect or bottle up your own feelings of distress to accomplish this. A lot of the time simply standing tall, speaking clearly, and taking on your plan with enthusiasm will be more than enough to accomplish this.