do you think i'm crazy

my life is 1000% better when I’m listening to carly rae jepsen

you know he has his coat slung over one shoulder? what if he does that when he has Persephone with him? maybe he takes her to Paris with him whilst he does this promo interview for his music, because she’s off school for Easter, and they take the train with Lou and Harry Lambert and rather than sitting with him the entire journey, she stays snuggled in Lou’s side. and when they arrive at the station, he can see fans crowding and surrounding the exit and he gets a little worried for his little girl who would be staring out the window.

when the’d dismount the train, Harry Lambert would take Harry’s bag (holding Persephone’s outfits as well as his own for the week), as well as his own bag so that Harry could tuck his daughter into his side and cover her with his coat.

“why m’I goin’ under here, daddy?” she’d lisp, poking her head out from beneath the coat covering her, “s’hot under here.”

“I know, baby, I know. But, there are lots of people out here with cameras and I don’t need your pretty face going all over the internet, okay?” he’d explain, “can you stay under her for me until I get you in the car, yeah?”

“mm-hm,” she’d hum, wrapping her arms around his waist as the four of them made their way out of the stations exit, and into the crowd of people who were waiting to see him. her arms tightly gripping around him and tightly fisting at his t-shirt as she tried not to trip or fall behind, “daddy?”

“s’alright, sweetheart. we’re okay. nearly at the car,” he’d promise her, tucking the coat further up his shoulder to keep her face hidden and to make sure it didn’t get caught and tear from his body, “Lou’s waitin’ for you to help you in there, okay? nearly there, baby. i promise.” xx

  • Lily: Remus?
  • Remus: Yeah?
  • Lily: I think I'm going crazy.
  • Remus: Why?
  • Lily: Do you see a dog riding a stag over there in the Forbidden Forest?
  • Remus: *looks outside*
  • Remus: *Sees Prongs running around in circles while Padfoot rides his back*
  • Remus:
  • Lily:
  • Remus:
  • Lily:
  • Remus: gOd dAmmIT nOt AgAIn

The very last Marveltober. This has been a crazy experience, I can’t believe I did the whole month and never fell behind! I’m gonna post a group photo tomorrow~ but for tonight, Inktober #31, my small magical son, the first one I planned for this month~


I turned two of Yuzu’s costumes into feminine clothing. It was supposed to be casual, but Hana Ni Nare was a bit harder to turn into casual clothing so I did that :P

I’m so sensitive about Kara Danvers, as soon as I see someone saying something bad about her I’m like

“Commander: Do these people not understand that bringing up a person’s former enslavement might not be the best way to make friends? I mean, I know they don’t know that I’m really <redacted>, but how did he think I was going to react? ‘Let’s talk to the Sith, a trained rage-fueled engine of destruction, about her time as a slave.’ Who does that?”


     Even now that she’s an adult she can be very unresponsive towards orders. She won’t argue or sulk of course, but she just won’t respond to you. Saiko is, again, in her own world most the time and acts on her own desires, and it’s always to benefit her knowledge. Not to mention she does not lie because she feels no need to, after all, in her mind what she is doing is fine, no matter what that may be. Although she has learnt over time to answer Gero the second time he asks, and I like to think after all those years he knows that if he doesn’t get a response it means she hasn’t taken his words into consideration. As a kid I think it was ten times worse, cause at least now she speaks freely and is more involved in his projects, rather then overly obsessed with anatomy and the (almost compulsive) need to cut things open. 

John Winchester with a pager

John Winchester with a pager that goes off every. time. he’s in. a fight.

John Winchester panicking and rushing to finish the fight so he can get to a phone and call the boys.

John Winchester being relieved when he finds out Sam paged him because Dean wouldn’t let him change the channel or some other stupid thing little boys fight about.

John Winchester with a pager, setting up a time for Dean to beep him so when he’s scoping a place out dressed as a fed, he can subtly ask to use their phone to buy more time there and get deeper in the house/business.

John Winchester with a pager who writes the number down on ten different pieces of paper and leaves them in different spots in the motel room because of that time he called them after not hearing from them all day and Dean was crying because he couldn’t remember the number and wanted to tell his dad about the good grade he’d gotten on his test in school.

John Winchester with a pager that he keeps as close to him as his gun when he’s not with his boys.


NEW VIDEO: “Regarding Me Quitting YouTube - let me know what you think of this one. Stalking people who reblog. <3


Kagome has the best dream of Demon Inuyasha pushing her off a cliff. Inuyasha fears this dream means she’s afraid of him. He couldn’t be more wrong. 

  • Tina: Oh, I thought we were doing takeout on the risers. We could have gone to a real restaurant.
  • Artie: I was feeling nostalgic. I wanted to relive our Tuesday lunches. How are you doing?
  • Tina: Eh, I know you think I'm crazy for proposing to Mike, but it's a little hard seeing all these fun, exciting things happening to your friends and not getting a little jealous. I mean, look at Kurt and Blaine and how spontaneous they were and how everything just worked out. I wish just for once that could be me.
  • Artie: No one loves being alone. I know I don't, but I also know you can't just force yourself to be in a relationship to avoid it. That's how you miss out on finding the perfect person for you. I mean, if you hadn't dumped me, you never would have started dating Mike.
  • Tina: Uhh, excuse me? You broke up with me.
  • Artie: No!
  • Tina: Because I had a fake stutter?
  • Artie: Stop, that is not what happened at all. I never would have broken up with you. You're awesome!
  • Tina: Ugh, I'm sure I'll be fine being alone forever.
  • Artie: Tina, your problem is that you always worry too much. You're not going to spend forever alone.
  • Tina: How can you be so sure?
  • Artie: How about this? Let's make a pact. If we're both not married by 30, we'll marry each other.
  • Tina: Oh my god Artie, yes!
  • Artie: We love each other, our chemistry is undeniable, and our kids are pretty much guaranteed to get into every single preschool.
  • Tina: Okay, I officially accept your proposal to be your back-up fiancée. How romantic!
  • Artie: I think everyone needs a little more Tartie in their lives.
  • Tina: Or Artina.
  • Artie: Look at us, already putting the other person first, the sign of a healthy relationship.
  • Tina: Here's to always having someone amazing to roll with it.
  • Artie: And as we know, no one rolls better than me.