do you think i am pretty

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Do you feel like there are less Ravenclaws than there are students from the other houses? Looking st my class of 30 people, wich of course isn't enough, there definitly are, as i'm the only Ravenclaw for sure. Do you think that that might also have cultural reasons, as people from different countries raise their children often with different values, or am i just making that up?xD

Not particularly, I think that the numbers of the four houses tends to even itself out but it can seem pretty biased depending on the type of people you hang out with. My school was full of ravenclaws, I’d be pretty confident saying that was the dominant house (though there were tons of hufflepuffs as well) but I went to a grammar school so that’s the kind of environment the school fostered. I think you right saying it can depend on how you’re raised and that can reflect itself in schools

I’d never really thought about cultural values though, that’s a very interesting take on things! I’d agree that the different values of different countries could definitely be associated with a particular house but I’d never thought about that influencing individuals

What do you guys think? Has the culture and environment you’ve been raised in affected your hogwarts house? Is your house determined by nature or nurture? 

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Okay so I'm a fan of your comics and gametheory. And they are currently doing theories centered around Gaster. I just keep thinking of your comic everytime they mention something that works with it.

Thank you, first off! Also, I am loving those Game Theory episodes. Been waiting for them to hit on Gaster for a long while. And yes, defo happy when a few assertions match up with my comic, however I think I do leave out a few relevant items in my own theory, and the creation of Sans and Paps from the bodies of the first two fallen children thing came from @sansybones and was just too good for me, so I pretty much “headcanon accepted” it.

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(make the baby not cry anon) The baby wants you to do it. Babies actually communicate in a pretty straightforward way. He wants you to make him not cry (probably because your grumpiness made him cry). He craves your affection. Maybe he thinks /you/ need affection. Either way, just make a cute sound at him or smile or something and see!

“Do you know who I am…? I don’t make cute sounds for babies!. That’s dumb!”

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Welp, I guess I'll do the ship thing, why not! I'm around five foot, pretty skinny, and have brown hair and eyes. I'm pretty non-confrontational, I'd rather talk thinks out (or run) rather than fight someone. I really love to write, sing, and act, and am a horrible procrastinator. I'm generally super energetic! If I don't answer a text right away, I'm either busy or don't particularly like someone. 😅 And... Yeah!

I ship you with Eliza!  It can be platonic or romantic if you want, but I ship you with her because you two are pretty much childhood friends.  She’s confided in you since you were really young, and you love each other to bits.

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I met this really cool girl on tumblr and we fangirl about Supergirl and Sanvers and ChyFlon and Lena/Katie. And I really like her but it'll never workout with us. 😔. She lives in Canada and I'm in the US. **sigh** She's pretty amazing and adorable and such a nerd. But I've been hurt so many times in LDRs I don't think I could mentally do it again. Sad day!

Awww sweetie, I am so sorry! I’m glad you’ve made this connection, but I’m sorry yall are so far from each other! It’s totally understandable that you’re not willing to do another long distance relationship: I’m proud of you for asserting your limits and what you need, even when that’s hard. I’m sending you a lot of love and offering many hugs, hun!! <3 <3 <3

I’m pretty close to finish second year and I STILL am procrastinating during test weekend. There are some independent assignments and quizzes I had 2 weeks to do but nahhhhh. As long as I finish them by test time, it’s fine but you would think that I’d know better by now.


5 things I like about myself

I was tagged by @coffeekidsandyoga

1. I am mostly objective and give good advice.

2. I can bake like a mofo🍰🍪

3. I have superb people skills, like seriously customer service is my god given gift.

4. My purple hair. Sorry to be vain but it’s awesome and makes me feels pretty🤷🏼‍♀️

5. I have matured SO much, pretty happy with myself about that.

I tag @making-memories9226 @canada-2-england and @savagelyloved if you ladies haven’t already done it😘

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i've seen an interesting theory about bucky and natasha fighting scene and possibly the cutting out their content. in bloopers reel different angle of their scene before scarlett winking. Also heard about some scene at the airport about steve or flashback during their fight scene before panther interwined. unconfirmed rumours but if they cut out their scenes, this means end of our hopes or? should we be worried or not?

I’m pretty sure there was initially more stuff filmed for Nat and Bucky during Civil War. Am I mad those things was cut? Absolutely. Do I think it means the end of our hopes? Absolutely not. We still got the “you could at least recognize me” line, and unless the Russo’s decide to completely ignore that in later films, that line means something pretty significant. It’s something viewers who don’t know the comics googled after they saw the movie. So I’d like to think enough people got interested in them after CW to persuade the Russo’s not to ignore that line and keep pursuing a connection between bucky and nat.

It still sucks that any extra scenes between them got cut but unfortunately that’s what happens when movies get edited. Now if Marvel would only release those cut scenes …

IMPORTANT note regarding Mitsurou Kubo’s Twitter

It seems that some fans are sending artwork/fanart by other people to Mitsurou Kubo via Twitter, and she is NOT comfortable with that. She just tweeted about that as in the picture below. You can find the exact translation after the picture.

“I’m happy if you send me pictures drawn by yourself. However, even if you send me pictures drawn by others, they did not draw them for them to be seen by me. Please be careful”.

“There are fanarts drawn to be seen by the creators of the anime, and fanarts that are NOT drawn for that purpose. I am not sure that I’m in the position to discuss in detail about the type of fanart I’m referring to, but in all cases, the feelings of the person who originally drew the picture must come before anything else.”

I think there is no need to further elaborate on what she is referring to, as it’s pretty obvious.

1) Please do NOT send her artworks/fanart/gifs drawn by other people or that you randomly found on the net.

2) If you wish to send her a picture, please only do it if you have drawn it yourself.

3) Please think carefully whether the picture you want to send her is appropriate or not. (I can only appeal to your common sense here…)

4) The same applies to questions. She cannot reply to fans via Twitter on delicate questions regarding the series, therefore please do not send her awkward questions or comments.

Please kindly share this post or at least her tweet…
Thank you in advance, and let’s try to be respectful of her wishes.

Nothing can stop Victor...
  • Victor: why so nervous?
  • Yuuri: In don't know how my family would react to me marrying a guy. They would rather me marrying a pretty, asian girl.
  • Victor: I can be pretty and girly, I just have to grow my hair.
  • Yuuri: but you're not Asian.
  • Victor: of course I am, where do you think St. Petersburg is.
  • Yuuri: Europe.
  • Victor: but hear this, Eurasia.
percussion during a slow piece
  • percussion instructor: *sitting there fuming*
  • snare: "what's that? did I turn the snare off- of course I turned the snare off, why would I forget to d- shIT I left the snare on-"
  • bass drum: I wonder if I held that pause on that rest on for long enough? I don't think the 42 bars of rest really prepared me for that moment so forgive me if I'm mistaken
  • auxiliary percussion: "must. not. touch them until it's time... ten bars to go-- whO BREATHED ON THE WIND CHIMES-"
  • triangle: how am I expected to make a dynamic contrast who do you think am are
  • suspended cymbal: ssssssshhhHHHHHHHINGG oh wait that was supposed to be pp
  • glockenspiel: alright, I've got a pretty good part here, maybe it's the tune, not much else going on s--crap everyone heard me mess up time to die
  • vibraphone: "what's that? did I turn the brakes- of course I turned the brakes on, I'm using the pedal! why would I forget to t- shIT I'm sliding forwards-"
  • drumkit: *rocking backwards and forwards in a corner*
  • timpani: ppp? I think I'll just blow on the drum, don't worry my 73 bars of rest will give me time to take a nice deep breath

sshh he sleep


So I got a HEAP of promarkers and needed to try them out. I also got a scanner for christmas so now I can scan in what I do finally!

This is basically batch 1, I am already working on batch 2 and I am almost done with the linearts for them. All in all it looks like there will be a total of 5 batches of these portraits ^^ I really like thinking up every different flower for them that *I* think fits. I’ve tried to keep pretty much to how the creator of each of them has shown them in the past (appologizes to @7goodangel since I used the old design instead of the new) But I hope you all enjoy ^^

Undertale!Sans – © Toby Fox // Sunflowers

Outertale!Sans – © @outertale // Star Flowers

Underswap!Sans – © @popcornpr1nce // Bluebells

Underfell!Sans – © Unknown // Roses

Ink!Sans – © @comyet // Pansies

Error!Sans – © @loverofpiggies // Black Tulips

Fresh!Sans - © @loverofpiggies // Dandelions

Dancetale!Sans – © @dancetale // Cornflowers

PaperJam – © @7goodangel // Fuchsias

Mafiatale!Sans – © @undermafiaz // Lilies

1. do I cross your mind when I’m not around?
2. do you ever talk about me?
3. did it mean as much to you as it did to me? does it still?
4. am I pretty when I’m not trying?
5. am I pretty when I am?
6. do you look at me when I look away like I can’t help looking at you?
7. am I too much?
8. am I not enough?
9. do you know how much I love you?
10. will you ever?
—  10 questions I’m always thinking about but will never have the courage to ask