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Wonder Woman villains

As some of you know, I am a pretty hefty Wonder Woman fan, and I’ve been thinking for a while about doing a series of posts that would just be kind of a survey of Wonder Woman’s rogues’ gallery.

Thanks to a Twitter discussion I had with @lesmcclaine and @calamityjon earlier tonight, combined with the rapidly approaching movie, I decided I would go ahead and start it.

A couple of notes:

1) I’m going to go chronologically by debut

2) You will notice that a lot of Wonder Woman’s more iconic villains debuted in the Golden Age. That is because no one has ever been better at Wonder Woman than William Moulton Marston and HG Peter. I am sorry if you incorrectly disagree.

3) There will be a variable number of images included with each villain, depending on what I think needs to be highlighted and how many different looks or incarnations they have sported over the years.

4) I’m not doing literally every villain, just ones I think are important or interesting or otherwise notable. You might disagree with my assessments of who is notable and who is not. If you are mad because I included the Crimson Centipede and not, fucking I don’t know, Warmaster or whoever, I am sorry. Feel free to make your own posts of cool Wonder Woman villains. I do not own the internet. 

Sound good? All right, let’s get started.

“Honey? What’s wrong? Aren’t you happy?”

He’d been worried about this, worried that she’s change her mind, and decide she didn’t want a new child after all and he wasn’t sure if he was more sad about the possibility of calling Mary the social service lady and tell her they’d made a mistake or angry with his cold, un-feeling wife who wouldn’t let him have the family he wanted -

“I am happy. Oh my watcher, John, she’s so pretty! Is it wrong of me to be happy that she’s pretty? I know it’s terribly shallow of me. But that’s not all, please don’t think that’s all I’m happy about. I don’t even understand it.”

“What do you mean, Jennifer?”

She wiped her tears and smiled at him.

“She feels right. I was so worried she would feel like she didn’t belong here, but I think she does. And to think she has that name. If we’d had another daughter, biologically, that maybe would’ve been her name. It’s almost like… like fate, isn’t it? That she belongs here with us?”

John kissed her. “She does. I love you.”

“I love you too. It’s probably too soon to go tell her we love her, right? Maybe that would be too overwhelming after only a day?”

He laughed. “Maybe. We’ll wait. Until tomorrow at least.”

End of Chapter 10, part 2.

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Bernie Wolfe

  • First impression: Okay so I vaguely saw Bernie before I really started watching Holby, and every time she was there I was just really proud of her bc she was a lesbian and I was invested af without really being invested but then like, when I actually saw her for the first time, I knew my ass was grass. I was fucking toast as soon as she got wheeled out of that military ambulance.
  • Impression now: I would fucking walk through fire for my gal Berenice forreal there is nothing I would not do for her. She’s absolutely fucking incredible and wonderful and pretty and smart and every time she comes on screen I am heart-eyeing like a motherfucker. This bitch has stolen my heart?? Babe y u do dis?
  • Favorite moment: Just one?!?!?!?!??! The first one that I think will always come to mind now is ‘I’m tough, I’m bloody tough, and I love you’ because fuck there’s so much weight behind those words and my heart just fell through my ass bc I LOVE HER SO MUCH (also anything in It Tolls For Thee bc it’s my FAVE. also when she threw that cup that one time. and any time she does the squinty puppy face. and the soft voice. and…. i’m gonna stop now)
  • Idea for a story: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (no but seriously I want her to strike up a proper friendship with someone and have her just sit down and talk abt her feelings and how much she misses Serena bc she fuckin needs to get it out there even if she is a big old sponge of emotion) also!!!! Would really enjoy a deeper look into her military life bc it’s so important and mostly just down to references atm!!!
  • Unpopular opinion: She really really really fucking loved Alex. Also she’s a fucking lesbian thank u and goodnight
  • Favorite relationship: do u even need to ask (Serena, altho I love how she interacts w/ Jason and Fletch)
  • Favorite headcanon: how much time do u have?? The most important headcanon there is: she loves to pull rank in the bedroom, with or without uniform :^)

[send me a character]

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I will always have doubts about Taylor's sexuality. Just because she dated Dianna and Karlie does not mean she's 100% gay. Harry, Tom, Calvin and now Joe, they are clearly fake. But I think something has been with John, for example. I have no idea about Jake (they've never spoken so much about), but to think that ALL the relationships she has had are PR stunt, well, then we should really call her man eater, no wait, FREAK as she called us. What do you think about it?

I am pretty darn confident she’s not straight, but whether she identifies as bi, lesbian, pan, or something else, only she knows. My personal feel is gay, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have actually dated one or more of the guys in her past. Lots of fully gay women (yours truly included) have dated men either while figuring things out, or out of a hope that maybe they could be bi for the right guy.

I agree with you on the most likely candidate to have been a real relationship if one exists. He messed with her head, but could have done so even if it wasn’t real. I’m much more confident of four of the women in her life than the men. But that doesn’t mean they can’t have been real. Only she and they know for sure.

One thing I don’t condone is calling her names for her dating past, whether they’re all real, or none of them are. It’s her life, she deserves to live it how she wants, and it’s not our job to judge her for it. She’s under tremendous pressure all the time. As her fans, we should support her, not tear her down along with everyone else.

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so chapter 94 is coming, and where do you think the marley - walldian war gonna take place? and who do you think gonna be attacking first? i personally think that the walldians not just gonna sit tight and wait untill the marley attack. after that panel on chapter 93 where theres someone watching the warriors, im pretty sure that the walldians probably will do some minor attack on marley. but i would like to know what you think.

Ah, thank you for asking my opinion! I am quite excited for next chapter you have no idea! 

I think next chapter we’ll see Marley preparing or being done with preparing for an attack to Paradis and last war will probably take place at Paradis Island as well. I don’t think that person in that panel was a spy. I just don’t. If Eren is remembering his father’s memories, I am sure he also knows which arm to wear that armband, is wearing armband to specifically at one arm a thing at Marley? But who knows… Maybe I am reading this wrong.

What I agree here most is that Walldians are definetely not sitting at their corner and drinking tea. In that 4 years, they destroyed every ship Marley send them. They probably captive some Marleyans and got more information about the outside world now. Walldians must be really thanking for this.

I suspect there might be some other ally Walldians might have. Maybe East Sea Clan? Maybe Mid-East Empire? Someone else? I think someone from the outside world must have contact with them, Marley has many enemies in the end and you know… The enemy of my enemy is my ally.

I think the Walldians are waiting first attack to come from Marley, if they attack first they’ll destroy the surprise card that they always gave them advantage, Marley will know what they are capable of. So attacking first on their mainland is not a good idea since they don’t know and have a place to have back support. But seeing Walldians finally attacking, not defensing, to Marley who got weak because of the 4 year long war they are facing would be pleasing. Maybe that is an actual spy, maybe something gonna happen to their planes, navy etc? What if we see a small Survey Corps squad having a spy adventure on Marley to stab them on the back? My guess is as wild as yours, it is really hard to predict what is gonna happen.

Thank you for the ask!

I was tagged by @karma-is-a-blank to do this, and here we go.
1. Always post the rules.
2. Answer the questions given by the person who tagged you. 
3. Write 11 questions of your own. 4. Tag 11 people.


1. What genre of music do you listen to most?
Idk if this even is a genre, but film and video game OSTs.

2. What is a dream job of yours?
That person who puts music over movie trailers, or a cinematographer.

3. Am I a pretty girl?
Heck tf yee.

4. What is your favorite flower?
Snow drops.

5. Do you think a hotdog is a sandwich?

6. Confetti or glitter?

7. Singing in the shower or dancing in the rain?
Singing in the shower.

8. Live your life as a musical or a comedy?
If a comedy means people can laugh at the state of my life, then yes a comedy 😆

9. What is love?
Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more.

10. What is your favorite riddle?
A box without hinges, key or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid.
(It’s an egg)

11. Would your live for your best friend or die for them?
Both I guess, but probably live more than die.

My questions:
1. What’s the weirdest object in the room you’re in now?
2. Are you usually late, early or right on time?
3. What’s the most heartwarming thing you’ve ever seen?
4. If you never slept, what would spend the extra time on?
5. What’s your favourite genre of movie?
6. If You Could Bring One Musician Back From The Dead, Who Would It Be And Why?
7. If You Could Take Only Three Items With You To A Deserted Island, What Would They Be?
8. What are your three favourite albums?
9. If we could colonise mars in your lifetime, would you go?
10. What’s a fictional world that you’d love to live in?
11. What animal do you find you relate to the most?

(None of y'all have to do this if you don’t want to at all💕)

Fairy Tail Dragon Cry Spoilers

Hello guys, so today in Japan, Fairy Tail Dragon Cry released. I have seen spoilers a lot today but some I would love to share with you. 

First spoiler, is the starry sky scene. I love it, and I honestly can’t wait to see the movie itself.

Second spoiler, according to a translator on twitter, Natsu says “What do you see? (How do I look?) Lucy…” and Lucy responds with, “Natsu…” and he smiles, “Your definetely natsu” Which makes me scream because I didn’t think that would be her response actually because people were speculating this since we saw the first two trailers and natsu said, “Lucy, What do I look like to you?”

Third Spoiler… I uhh really don’t know what’s going on here but I am pretty sure Lucy was chained up by one of the royal people and Fairy Tail came to the rescue especially Natsu becayse he is the one who broke the chain and now is carrying her it seems.

Forth Spoiler, Lucy in this seems to be crying at first I thought that dude which if I am not mistaken’s name is Zash but I am not completely for sure since I have been mainly looking at the trailers. It seems as if he is threatening her and that’s when it looks like the wall is opened because of who I think is Natsu because he wants to save his bae. (Nalu shipper here duh)

So I translated this page actually! in the first panel natsu is actually screaming: ARGH!!!! Lucy see’s him and says “Natsu?” and as he is going towards whoever, Lucy says “Natsu…Your a bit late!” 

i WAS WAY TO LAZY TO TRANSLATE this page honestly but Natsu is carrying Lucy and I am pretty sure this is the scene was saw from Trailer 3. 

I didn’t translate this one either but yeah, here’s another spoiler.

I don’t know if this is the scene that people have been posting all over instagram where we do see Natsu hold Lucy or if this is just him collapsing in her arms and her confront him. It could honestly be two different scenes or like I said the one I have been seeing ALL OVER instagram that made me scream this morning, lmao.

This is the starry night scene I’m pretty sure. The first attempt of my translations for this, Natsu said “We had a relationship together, and I lost it… Lucy.” and then at the Lucy’s panel had said, “A stella Starry Sky.” and then the one with them looking off said “Love” or “It is cute.” Which I don’t know if this means anything or if I screwed up freaking bad translating but whatever I tried dudes.

The attempt to TRANSLATE this was like me trying to swim, it was drowning me. For natsu’s head and lucy looking up to it, I couldn’t get his translation but for her I got “I will do it. You guard by the guard watch…” and then I also got the translations : “There is nothing more than a crowd, so its hard to emphatize with me… and others…. oh yeah, it must be true.” and for Natsu I got :Come here, here it is/ Rescue Loya (Which is probaly actually Sonya) Actually is the code name.” Which didn’t really make sense to me but I tried. 


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Combat Medic Waifu <3

A quick few hours sketch practice with reference help from Kyrie. Her girls make me fall in love, do check her out!

I want to take a break from drawing doods and I haven’t been drawing any girlies in forever. Although Im mostly a mercy main I almost never draw her much. X’D But hell yeah the new skin and hairstyle is so hellaaaaaaa prettehhhhh. Although im slightly sad I din manage to get her in game skin. D:  

P.S: Edited her a bit cux I realised I overlooked some flaws while rushing her out. :P

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okay but i was just thinking

imagine being one of the older people who were around to witness the heyday of the Former Extra Duo™ aka victor nikiforov and christophe giacometti. you probably still have a clear imprint of you palm on the side of your face from facepalming so much. imagine that beautiful feeling of relief because okay, while vitya will never stop being Extra™, he’s obviously settling down with the love of his life (who seems like a pretty calm person thank god) and chris… well, he’s still doing his mature eros butt thing but let’s be real you’re pretty much used to it by now and he’ll most likely retire in a few years.

so things are looking pretty nice and peaceful compared to what they were some years back! right?

now imagine hearing the first notes of welcome to the madness and feeling that familiar dread creeping back in. oh dear god no. not again. there’s heavy metal! sunglasses flying into the audience! is that the 15yo gold medalist stripping on the ice?! gloves are being ripped of! with teeth! and what’s up with the finger guns??

you fit your palm into it’s familiar position on you face and sigh.

looks like there’s a New Extra Duo™ in town.

Things my friends have said about Hamilton

“You know you can’t rap guns and ships, why are you-aaand she’s doing it.”

“Can we just listen to say no to this again, I love Maria’s voice.”


“Why are you crying? Oh my god, I swear if you’re crying over Philip Hamilton again-”

*unintelligible noise upon hearing opening for It’s Quiet Uptown*

“Honestly, Eliza deserved so much better.”


“And I’m never gonna stop until I ahgjhgskawkfdhsdlhsdj. Crap. Uh. I’m no Daveed Diggs.”

“Alexander Hamilton did not die for this shit.”

“I relate to Alex so much, because I never shut up either.”

“I wanna be an Eliza. But I think I’m just a Peggy. Oh my god, am I a Peggy?”

“What do you mean I can’t sing Burr’s part and Peggy’s part?”

“Okay, but am I more Eliza or Angelica?”

“Okay, so if you usually sing Alex, Angelica, and Burr, and I usually sing Eliza, Maria, and Philip…I’m your son, but I’m also married to you, and you cheated on me with myself. You’re also my sister. Uh, let’s not read too much into that?”

“Wow, Alex, that’s pretty gay.”

Any idea how many gay jokes there are?

I just want to point out something. A joke is only funny when it isn’t used ad nauseam.

So, basically, when can we say this isn’t a joke but that there’s serious intent? How many times before we can rightfully say: this isn’t a joke, this is a pattern. This isn’t a bonus, this is the heart of the text?

10? 15? 20? One per episode? Twice per episode?

(Brace yourself)

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guys Amys birthday is coming up and i think we should do something cute

ok right according to Amy’s twitter, her birthday is on the 21st May and i thought it might be kinda cute to make something for her.

So I thought it’d be pretty cool to make a mosaic of her, created by selfies of us holding notes saying “happy birthday” or anything you want really, and art pieces.


- Submit your art or selfies holding your note to me [submit box here] or ask me for my email address if you would prefer that. I am also on twitter and you can DM me your picture there too.

- Closing date for selfies and art is the 20th May 11pm GMT!!

- Will not accept crude, insulting things obviously duh.

- Please don’t tell her about this bc i want it to be a nice surprise.

That’s it man, they’re the rules lmao.

small compliments .
  • “You look really pretty today ~”
  • “Do I ever tell you how much you mean to me?”
  • “Those clothes look really good on you~”
  • “Wow, your hair is super nice today!”
  • “Your smile is gorgeous…”
  • “I really love the way you laugh~”
  • “You look beautiful.”
  • “You are doing that cute thing again…”
  • “I saw your snap this morning; you looked gorgeous…”
  • “You’re really good at this, do you know that?”
  • “Oh wow! I am really proud of you!”
  • “I think you did pretty well!”
  • “~You tried, and that’s what matters, right?”
  • “I think you did pretty well, it’s your first time after all!”
  • “You look stunning today.”
  • “This tastes great!!”
  • “Wow… you did this — all by yourself!?”

When you stare at The Last Jedi poster long enough to realize that Rey is literally Kylo’s light saber…..

The shape.

Am I tripping? 


yEs, I know that this looks like the 40th anniversary logo. My point was that I realized it looked like Kylo’s lightsaber. (And also Kylo being on the poster as well makes me think into it more.)

This version is in color. Going from Blue to red. Rey says “Lightness, Darkness, And balance..” 

There is a BALANCE. (Kylo and Rey)

If you don’t agree with me.. cool? LOL IDK.

I would also like to say, that in the trailer when Rey say’s “Balance”, It shows a symbol that COULD be what this poster has on it as well (with a few missing lines).

Kylo is on the cover, and lot’s of Reylo fan’s and people who put Reylo theories on YouTube always talk about how they will bring balance, so I think it’s pretty funny how this cover literally feels like confirmation. (we already know they ARE connected.) (Thanks @ the official star wars website (; )

AND NO, this doesnt mean I am saying “oMFG THEY ARE IN LOVE AND ARE GONNA DATE”

No where am I saying that. I just feel strongly that they are going to bring balance. 

If something does happen between them I do not think it will be in this movie. (and by something, I mean like declaring love and dating lmao)

Becoming friends/acquaintances/buddies/pals? Yeah.Maybe.


Friends Part 1

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1947

Warnings: Fluffy and angst

Thank you @amrita31199 for beta this for me you are amazing 

credits to the gif owner

You never felt so inadequate in your life, when you left the house for one of Tony’s parties . You felt beautiful in your black strapless dress and high heels.  But as soon as you arrived at the party, you felt your heart being shattered.

You see Bucky with a beautiful blonde in his arms , when he sees you he comes in your direction kissing your cheek and pulling you to a hug “Don’t you look beautiful?” He says staring into your eyes, you smile at him with your best fake smile“Well I tried, apparently not as hard as your date.” You say sounding bitter even if that is the last thing you wanted to be or sound like.

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off limits | 03 (m)

pairing: kim seokjin x reader
genre/warnings: slight angst, smut, dirty talk, dom! Jin
words: 10,930
summary: you’ve been lusting after your brother’s best friend for a while now, ever since you met him at a house party, flirting it up a storm as you failed to realise who the other was. That was months ago now and things are still awkward, but you can’t ignore the sexual tension that’s simmers between the two of you…and it keeps getting worse…

» playlist | 01 | 02 | 03 |

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dean/cas fic: circular (1k)

circular; 1k, pre-coda, inspired by the latest 12x19 promo.


Dean jumps slightly when the bunker’s door creaks. It’s been over a month, but he still thinks please, please, please before looking up.

“Cas,” Sam says.

Cas’ shoulders are stiff. “Hello.”

“Hey. You’re all right. Um ─” Cas turns away and starts down the stairs. Sam glances at Dean before continuing, “Where’ve you been?”

Dean’s pulse is thumping in his ears. “Lemme rephrase that for Sam: where the hell’ve you been? And why’ve you ignored our phone calls?”

“Where I was,” Cas says, pausing beside the table, “the reception was ─ um. Poor.”

Dean’s jaw tics; being angry is easier than ─ it’s just easier. He grunts, “No bars,” and looks back at Sam. “No bars ─ that’s his excuse.” He takes a breath and meets Cas’ eyes. “Wow.”

“I was in Heaven. I was… working with the angels.”

Dean’s mouth moves but nothing comes out. On his third try he says, “You ─ Heaven? You were in Heaven?”


“So you ─ uh. You.” Heat crowds up underneath Dean’s jaw. “You were - did you -?” He’s not sure he wants to ask that question in front of Sam, so he grumbles, “Whatever,” and walks out of the War Room.


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Interruptions (M)

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 2,116

Summary: You would probably be able to concentrate on your work more if your boyfriend, Jimin, wasn’t sending such distracting text messages.

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Life is Strange Season 2 - CONFIRMED!!

Oh. My. God.

I almost lost hope that I would EVER be able to write a post with THIS kind of headline. A season 2. That all I ever wanted. Thank you so so much!!!

Now what do you guys think will go down in it? I personally think that they are going to make a complete new game with a complete new cast (and maybe setting). The story of season 1 (damn, that wired to say) is told, but I am 110% sure that Dontnod will hind at it or even hide Easter eggs (after all Michel was on the plane with Max, remember?). 

I do hope that they maybe now have the financial resources they need to make the game like they want to (and maybe not leave as many open question as they did with S1, pretty please?)

So what do you guys think will go down in season 2? Fell free to Ask/IM me :) 

-Love, Lena :)