do you think he'd kiss her like that

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I just had the saddest realisation. If Rick hasn't been sleeping since Glenn and Abe, then every night in early S7 he went to bed knowing Michonne was close but thinking she didn't want him to touch her. Then he had to pretend he didn't feel her sneak out and leave...leave him behind. Never feeling brave enough to ask. Probably thinking he'd see what he used to see in Lori's eyes after the farm. Imagine the emotion if we got a sex since during that time? I need this. Why would I write this?

Why would you write this? Do you just like suffering? I mean, all of this is essentially why he went for the cheek-kiss in 7x05. He was used to Lori’s perfected cold shoulder. He was used to being abandoned by his partner. And instead, even in the haze of all her anger and disappointment, Michonne still found a way to say, “I’m still with you.” And this is precisely why he’s so happy with her. He didn’t even realize the extent of her love and loyalty when he took that leap into this relationship. But seeing how she treated him when he was down, it’s the reason he’s able to let his guard down now and be happy and free and vulnerable enough to even admit that he hasn’t been sleeping. And now I’m all the way in my feelings about this and I need to go watch 7x12 and 7x05 and 6x10 and 4x16 again and cry. Why would you write this?!

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Heyy lets talk abt shippy stuff since you kinda went over a lil soriel in one of your other sans post: how do you think sans would express his interest in toriel, if he ever would at all? If toriel were to kiss sans (platonically or romantically... doesn't matter) I don't think he'd show any sign of being flustered, but gosh dangit he'd sweat like crazy and maybe look surprised instead?? OR what if he told knock knock jokes that we're subliminally flirty? >:000 I can see him doing that

Oh man, oh brother, oh friend you are going to regret getting me started talking about Soriel. :V 

And I specifically mean to talk about post-pacifist, because I feel like in any other timeline, they would continue as great friends, but nothing more. Despite her anger towards Asgore, the loss of the king might shut Toriel off from future romances entirely. And the ending where they’re they closest- Sans runs away with Toriel- is also the one where her promise led to Papyrus dying, so I think that would also hinder the relationship in a kind of major way. :B

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So I know you and I don't always agree about Percabeth's wedding (beach wedding all the way!) but do you have any headcanons for how he'd propose. Personally I like the ideas of him giving her the ring in a blue cupcake like the one she have him before their first kiss and/or writing 'will you marry me in the sand' because he's a hopeless romantic, but finding ways to make the proposal unique to their relationship.

I think it would be a discussion with him and Annabeth, something casual and easy, where they decide to get married and then after that conversation Percy would still want to do a big romantic gesture because like you said he’s a hopeless romantic. Probably classic fancy dinner where him and Annabeth are both super uncomfortable so they bail early and he apologizes and she tells him she appreciates the effort and he loosens his tie and then they ~mysteriously~ find this little courtyard place with fairy lights and a small band playing music that sounds like their first dance together and he asks her to dance and it’s super romantic and just the two of them and then at the end of the song he gets down on one knee and asks her to never make things easy for him for as long as he lives and she’s like “I already agreed to marry you, or don’t you remember Seaweed Brain?” and he gives her that trouble maker smile that she loves so much, “Just humor me” and she says yes and he puts the ring on her finger and they kiss and dance some more and revel in their happiness 

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If Kevin had the chance to kiss Sky do you think he'd A) take the chance B) Faint as soon as his lips got anywhere near her's OR C) Tweet about it and as soon as he was done tweeting, Sky would've already left.

is all of the above an option

I suppose it depends on the context??

A) This is the most likely option cuz of his personality. He could get caught up in the heat of the moment and just go for it. If she was willing then he’d get excited and just go for it. If it was just like one quick smooch he’d be all over it. Basically if he was sure she wouldn’t punch him straight in the nose afterwards he’d go for it.

B) It would be OOC for him to faint. He may be lovestruck but he’s not a pansy LOL If anything he’d get really flustered and like push her away like “AH NO FRICK SORRY I- I CAN’T SORRY AGHNG” and then go mope. But this is less likely than option A. Still very feasible though, eheheh~

C) This is likely and also the Most Hilarious option, ahahahaha! I can just see it: the moment is ideal. Sunset, waves crashing romantically on the beach. Kevin recognizes his chance, quickly glances down to tweet about it before stooping over to steal a smooch from his godcrush, but upon turning his gaze back to her Kevin finds that she has already vanished, leaving him to dejectedly build sandcastles by himself as the sunset turns to night and the warm sands grow cold.

Gruvia hate logic
  • gray: *talks with juvia*
  • gruvia haters: he hates her
  • gray: *is friendly with juvia*
  • gruvia haters: he's just being polite because gray is nice like that
  • gray: *blushes because of juvia*
  • gruvia haters: he's annoyed because she's so clingy
  • gray: *thinks about juvia a lot*
  • gruvia haters: he's just remembering how annoying she is
  • gray: *holds juvia's hand*
  • gruvia haters: he's being forced to do that can't you see it
  • gray: *looks at juvia lovingly*
  • gruvia haters: it's so obvious he just wants her to go away
  • gray: *says he won't throw his life away because he wants to live with his friends* *dies to protect juvia*
  • gruvia haters: uh that doesn't mean anything he'd do exactly the same for any of his friends ok
  • gray: *kisses juvia*
  • gruvia haters: they're just friends ok THIS MEANS NOTHING
  • gray: *tells juvia he loves her*
  • gray: *marries juvia*

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blurb on y/n friendzoning justin and how he'd react? love you and your blog

I love you too bby 

I feel like Justin’s cocky ass would not even give af like he would just brush it off knowing that sooner or later y/n would start to like him. After that though his clingyness and flirting would be over the roof. He would ask her to hang out all the time invite her to things so he could be around her. He would flirt like crazyyyyyy. I think he would be slick and do something like kiss her cheek in selfie or call her baby all the time. When they would watch movies he’d make her cuddle with him and they would joke around all the time. He would try and hold her hand every once and while and sometimes get lucky when she doesn’t pull away. Sooner or later he would end up kissing her and bring it up constantly until she went on a date with him. Then when they go on a date he would say something like ‘so what happened to me being in the friendzone’