do you think harry would take louis' last name

Larries who can admit they have been wrong all this time and apologise for it are way stronger than Larries who are already back to making theories on Harry being at the X Factor, Louis’ shirt and the pap pics of Harry taken when Jay died. I really don’t know what else has to happen to make you realise Larry isn’t real. Freddie didn’t change your mind, but that even this doesn’t stop you from hurting Louis even more, I don’t get it.

Yesterday, Louis didn’t even say anything, just listened to what Simon said about his mum and he already was so close to crying. How can you watch that and then go online and speculate about what it means that there are colours on his shirt, not even a rainbow.

How can you see the sadness and the loss in his eyes and decide to add even more to his hurt? How doesn’t that make you disgusted of yourself?

I don’t get how you prefer to believe Louis would rather keep up babygate and be on another continent to pretend being a father for the sake of his gay relationship when his mum was in England, terminally ill. How can you be so sick to think that Louis, who loved his mum the way I haven’t seen a lot of sons do, would be so selfish and heartless to do that?

How can you believe they’d lie in Jay’s death message by naming Freddie? How can you believe the family picture, the last picture of them all together and maybe the last picture in which Jay was healthy enough to be in it, was taken with the stunt in mind, because Louis is holding Freddie?

How can you turn this incredibly sad passing of a loving, protective, amazing mother into something that proves how well Harry is taking care of Louis? How can you not realise it must hurt Louis to even see this being turned into something Larry related?

Just because your name is added to some hypocritic project doesn’t mean your behaviour is excused in the slightest.

How can you all be so heartless towards a boy whose heart is the biggest of all?

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do you think harry tomlinson or louis styles sounds better? I think harry would take louis' last name, but Harry Styles is just such a good celebrity name, like I couldn't see him giving that up... or do you think they'll just hyphenate?!

Harry Tomlinson. 

Wifey’s rant: “Harry Tomlinson is money. Harry Tomlinson is rich. Harry Tomlinson is waiting to pick up his children from footie practice. Harry Tomlinson is hanging out with other wives and girlfriends. Harry Tomlinson." 

Harry Tomlinson.