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Honestly tho ur voltron headcanons r pure gold. Like who knew I could love the meme team so much.

thank u my dude

  • shiro: “i’m tired, guess i’ll go to slee-” *three alarms go off, allura yells something about forming voltron, part of the castle blows up*
  • Keith the Training Room Gremlin
  • “hunk would never have let me down like this”
  • coran is lowkey stressed about how fragile the new paladins are. do you know how many things can kill a human, princess. princess do you. they’re so squishy
  • any time an alien does something fucking bizarre they’re just like. “same”
    • coran: “on yordek the native peoples ride 30 ft tall seaweed slugs into battle” lance: “i mean same”
    • *alien yodels in greeting” pidge: “tbh…. same”
  • keith wears his collar up like a hooligan bc he thinks it’s Cool
  • “lance, now is not the time for your shenanigans” “it was a single shenanigan. technically more of a hijink”
  • *allura voice* “if you die, walk it off”
  • suggested drinking game: take a shot every time the particle barrier goes down
    • they don’t do it. they’d die of alcohol poisoning
Karaoke Night

Daveed Diggs x Reader, Hamilcast!

Author: Lil Lambie

Words: 2795

Warnings: Alcohol, implied smut, kissing

Request: (Summarized) @sunshinelafayette Imagine where reader is a stagehand, the hamilcast invites reader out for a drink and reader gets really drunk and opens up and then Daveed takes them home and a drunk confession that they love Daveed?

A/N: This is defintely longer than I’m used to, but I did what I could! This took a long time to write, and I don’t know if I’ll get another imagine out tonight. Because I feel like it is three imagines lol. But if I do, it will probably be a shorter one. But, we will see. Enjoy!

Pippa was singing her last lines on stage. The show was drawing to a close. The rest of the cast were huddled against the curtain watching her deliver them so beautifully. A roar of applause erupted and the cast ran to bow on the stage.

“Spotlight on Lin,” you said to the lights manager. “fade into all backlights.” The crewmember moved their fingers over the keyboard and you watched closely.

You were a stagehand, but not the stage manager as you wish you were. No one really was except for Lin. You just did more than was in your job description. You had watched Hamilton dozens of times now. It never failed to make you cry. You weren’t one for conversation backstage, you gave your orders and did your job.

A few minutes later, after everyone had bowed, the cast returned glowing with sweat and joy. “Another great show, guys!” Lin shouted. Everyone congratulated each other.

“We should celebrate!” Anthony shouted.

“We still got a couple dozen shows to go before our season is over.” Lin said.

“Who cares?” John laughed, throwing his hand on Lin’s back. “It’s Friday night, it was a great show. No better excuse to go have karaoke night at a bar!”

“Yeah!” someone shouted and soon everyone joined in

Lin laughed and smiled. “Okay, we will go in an hour.”

Everyone cheered.

You wandered away from the circle of the cast, back over to your supply room. Daveed caught you when he was slipping off his magenta jacket. “Hey, (Y/N), you coming?”

“Uh, what?” you laughed nervously.

“You know what I said! I said are you coming to karaoke night at the bar with us tonight?”

“Umm…I’m not much of a singer. That’s kind of why I’m a stagehand.”

“Oh, I doubt that so much.” he laughed. “I have seen you backstage, singing along. I’ve seen you from the stage and from backstage. You have a great voice and I don’t get why you don’t perform. You could be a backup dancer at least! You deserve so much more, (Y/N)!”

“Oh, Daveed, really I’m not…” you blushed. “I have stagefright. I like helping with stuff backstage, so I’m fine not singing.”

“Fine.” he leaned on his chair. You started to walk away. “But, just come to the bar tonight. We are going to have loads of fun. All of the cast is going to be there. You don’t have to sing if you don’t want to. It’s just, everyone is celebrating. I don’t want you to be left out.” Daveed smiled.

“Fine.” you said blandly, trying to hide your excitement.

“Fine.” Daveed laughed, imitating you with a voice much higher than your own.

You laughed and walked away.


The bar was packed for a Wednesday night. All of the cast and most of the crew was there. The crew hung by at their own table. One of your friends on the crew invited you over. You went to sit down with them.

A hand touched yours, and gently pulled you away. A smooth chaste voice singing, “No, no, no,” he sang melodically. “you said you were going to have drinks with the cast, and you are.”

You waved helplessly to your friend and let Daveed take you away. The main cast was circled around a large table. Lin and Anthony walked back over with shots of tequila in their hands. Lin smirked smugly at you and slid one over to you.

“I thought we were just having beer, not hard liquor.” you said to Daveed as you sat down next to him.

“That wouldn’t be any fun.” he laughed, taking his shot and slamming it triumphantly on the table. Everyone cheered.

“Hey, (Y/N)!” Lin shouted. “It’s your turn!” Everyone else had already taken their shots.

“No, I really think I’ll just have a beer.”

“Come on!” someone yelled.

They all began chanting your name. “(Y/N)! (Y/N)! (Y/N)! (Y/N)! (Y/N)! Do it! Do it! Do it!”

Daveed chanted, smiling smugly at you. “(Y/N)!” he chanted. “Do it! Do it! Do it and you’re cool!” he teased.

You rolled your eyes and grabbed the shot. You threw it down. You coughed. You had never had hard liquor before. You weren’t really one for alcohol. If you did have any, it would be a cold beer in your apartment alone watching re-runs of your favorite shows. The tequila burned your throat and blazed your throat as it slid down. It was sharp, but it made you feel alive.

“Yeah!” Everyone cheered.

“You are pretty cool, (Y/N).” Daveed teased. You rolled your eyes at him.

Lin and a few other guys returned with beer glasses for everyone. You stared at it for a moment. Everyone took a swing. You finally followed suit.

“Whoa! Slow down, (Y/N)!” Pippa laughed. “You are going to get wasted if you keep drinking like that!”

“Keep ‘em coming!” you shouted to Lin. You had carelessly drank three glasses full already. You chugged the next one he handed you.

“Wow!” he laughed.

You slammed it down on the table and cried out. “Hell yeah! Let’s do this!”

The group laughed and Daveed smiled at you. “Woohoo!” they cheered. “I like this side of you.” Daveed smirked.

You ignored him and ran up to the microphone. No one was really in the mood to sing after the long show. There were a bunch of drunk hacks you tried to sing. One got up and sang “My Heart Will Go On,” who you practically booed off stage. Daveed had laughed and called you a tough critic.

You told the DJ your request.

The lights focused on you. Daveed smiled at you. “Hey! Hey! Hey!” you sang.

Daveed smiled wide when he realized what you were singing. Everyone directed their attention to you. You started singing outrageously. “Helpless! Looking into your eyes and the sky’s the limit I’m helpless! Down for the count, I’m drownin’ in ‘em!”

You breezed through the song. “Then you walked in and mY HEART WENT BOOOOM!” you made an explosion sound and made gestures around your chest. Daveed laughed hysterically, throwing his head back. You belted the rest of the song and the cast and crew cheered you on.

Daveed stood up and applauded, laughing at you. He even did Lin’s part in the song. “Heeelplessss!” you belted out the last word. You transitioned into Satisfied and Daveed harmonized with you.

Daveed ended up joining you and you sang duets of hits from Hamilton, other broadway musicals and some classic rock songs, banging your head to it. You rapped with Daveed on “Guns and Ships.” Lin had pulled out his phone and was recording all of this.

He stole the microphone from your hand and started rapping rapidly, while bouncing around, throwing around his hands. You stood next to him, still rapping but not as fast. You were in awe of your few. The lights highlighted the sweat on Daveed’s dark face and hair. His curly hair bounced around. He broke out in a dance moves, grinding to a classic rock song he requested.

After both of you were exhausted, and you were completely hammered you wandered back to the table. Daveed hand his steady hand on your shoulder, guiding you back. You slumped in the chair.

Everyone started to say their goodbyes and finished up their conversations. Getting ready to go home. “DaaaVEEED!” you screamed.

Daveed turned around laughing as he was talking to Jonathan. “What?”

“G-g-get me another beeeer. PleeEASE!”

“No, no, no,” he laughed, singing again in his dark velvet voice. It made you feel some special inside. He stood you up and leaned you against him. You fell into his chest, utterly wasted. “You’ve had enough beers tonight.” he laughed. “And your lifetime.”

“You gonna get home safe, (Y/N)?” Pippa smiled concerned at you.

“Yeah…I’ll just Uber or catch a bus…or a plane.” you chuckled.

Pippa’s smile faltered. “Umm…”

“Don’t worry about it, Pippa. I’ll take her home.”

“Thanks, Daveed. See ya!”

“See ya!”

They started clearing out of the bar. “Shall we go, (Y/N)?” Daveed laughed.


“Let’s go.” He threw an arm around your shoulder and pulled you tight to his chest as he walked you to his car. He strapped you in the front seat and handed you a water. “You are going to have a killer hangover tomorrow, (Y/N).” he said, driving towards your apartment.

Daveed tried to make conversation, but your words slurred and your eyes kept falling. The world was spinning and everything was bright, but you felt like you were on cloud nine inside. You were with Daveed. He looked so perfect. The pursed focused look on his face as he ran through traffic lights. His hands loose on the steering wheel. He looked over at you occassionally asking if you were okay. You never really gave him a full answer.

“We’re here!” Daveed shouted.

“Shhhhh! It’s a library!” you whispered.

Daveed chuckled. “Let’s get you inside.”

He parked and came around to your door. He unbuckled you and pulled you out. You leaned against him. He carried you up the stairs to your apartment, you laid your head against his chest. Your eyes falling.

“This is it.” Daveed said, setting you back on your feet.

You tried to reach back for his neck when he put you down, like a child reaching for its mother. “T-T-Thanks, verry much, Daveeed!”

“Shh,  you’re welcome.” he laughed. “You going to get to bed fine?”

“Oh, yeah, I’m just gonna open the door and fall right on the floor and go to sleeeeep.”

“Let me help you inside.” he smiled.

He grabbed your keys from your pocket and fiddled with them in the lock. You leaned against the door. “Ya know what, Daveeeed?” you chuckled. “Ya are soooo cute! And hot. Ohmygod are you hot. The sun don’t got nothing on you! You are like a teddy bear made of chocolate,” you snorted, “you are so cute, smart, and funny. And you give me cuddles when I want them!”

“We haven’t cuddled.” Daveed laughed.

“Whaaa? I thought we had! Well, I want to hug my chocolate teddy bear. Because you are one! I’ve always really had a cruuush on you, Daveeed. You are so amazing and I’m like falling for you. I know I’m just a dumb stagehand, buuuuuut, I love you and your face and your lips and your bodddy, and your vooooice, oh its like chocolate. But most of all I love, yooooou…” you danced your fingers on his chest.

He was smiling wildly at you. You fell into him, and the door pushed open. He held your arms and looked down at you smiling. “(Y/N), you are hammered!” he laughed.

“I waaaaant you, Daveeeed, I haven’t said it because I didn’t want you to reject me. I like you, like, like like likeeee, like you.”

You pushed against him to get on your toes. To reach his lips. He moved closer to you.

Then your head fell limp to his chest. You began snoring.

Daveed laughed and picked you up in his arms, and cradled you. He laid you down on the couch and threw a blanket over you. He closed and locked the door. He pulled your shoes off and tucked you in.

He sighed at the door, then looked back at you. Your head was half off the sofa, your hair hanging in front of your face, you were drooling. He laughed and smiled at you.

He grabbed a blanket for himself and sat against the sofa. His head by your feet and closed his eyes.


“OH MY GOD!” you screamed. You threw the blanket off and fell backwards off the couch.

Daveed woke up and ran to help you.

“Hey! Heyyy, it’s okay, sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” he helped you sit back down and ran to your kitchen to get you a glass of water.

“Oww.” you moaned. “My head is tHRoBing!”

“Well, you got wasted and you just fell on hardwood floor.”

“Wait, what?”

“You don’t remember, do you?”

“No. I don’t. Why was I drunk?”

Daveed laughed, amused. “After the show yesterday, we all went out for a drink at a karaoke bar. You drank a ton of beers and shots of tequila. You booed people off stage and said the randomest and most outlandish things. Then you went up and started singing a bunch of Hamilton songs. You owned the stage like you were Beyonce!

“Oh my goddd…” you groaned, covering your face in shame. “I’m so embarrassed.”

“Well, it gets better.” he smiled. “I went up and we did duets. We sang broadway and classic rock songs. After awhile you were speaking jibberish and didn’t really know what was going on. You were super drunk and we were all leaving, so I took you home. I carried you up your stairs…and you started saying somethings.”

“What did I say?” you ask nervously.

“You started talking about me. What you thought of me. You called me a chocolate teddy bear,” he giggled, “along with cute, funny, smart, hot…You told me I was hotter than the sun. Then you said, that you um, had a crush on me. You said you loved me. We almost kissed…buut, then you passed out and I brought you inside. I didn’t want to leave you alone, so I just slept on the floor.”

“Oh my god, Daveed, I am so sorry! I don’t know what,” you started talking but your temple throbbed. You closed your eyes for a moment. “I’m so sorry you had to see that.”

“No, don’t be. I loved singing with you. You were really light on your feet. You loosened up. You sang amazingly! You rapped Guns and Ships with me. I loved last night, (Y/N). Don’t say sorry to me, say sorry to yourself for the horrible hangover you have right now.”

“You aren’t mad?” you said.

“No, why would I be?”

“I just thought, that you would think I was a burden last night or something. Or get tired of me in general. That after all that I-uh in a humiliating fashion said, you would reject me or leave me or ignore me or something…But you didn’t.”

“Of course not!” he shouted. You winced. He frowned. “Sorry,” his voice softened. “(Y/N), I invited you, took you home, and stayed with you, because I care about you. I didn’t want anything to happen and I wanted to make sure that you were safe and got home okay. I could have just left you last night and forgot about everything that had happened, and you would never know, but I didn’t want that. I waited to see what you decided and what you felt. It wouldn’t be fair to you to do that. Plus, I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to stay with you…and see where this goes.”

“Daveed…” you whispered.

He grabbed you gently and kissed your lips. His touch was soft and warm. His hands were smooth and gentle, holding your hands. You closed your eyes and melted into the kiss. He tasted like chocolate. But not in the actual sense of the world. Kissing him was the sensation of chocolate. That perfect, relaxing, and amazing feeling. He wrapped his arms around you, and pushed your hair back.

You fell on the couch and pulled away, when the world started spinning again. “No, I can’t do this right now. I’m sorry.”

“Oh.” Daveed got up to leave.

“No! Not like that! Please stay!”

“Okay…” He sat down next to you.

“I’m just too tired right now, to kiss you. But I love it. I love you.”

“I love you too.” Daveed stole a kiss and leaned in.

He pulled away slyly. “It was the last one I promise.”

You smiled and laid back down and closed your eyes. “Can you stay with me?” you asked softly.

“Yeah.” he whispered.

He leaned against the sofa with you. You reached your hand to him and he held it. “With me.” you said.

“Yeah.” he smiled.

He still held your hand as he laid next to you, and let his arm fall over your stomach as you held hands. You turned over and burrowed your head in his chest. He smiled and pulled the blanket over you. He kissed your forehead.

Home wasn’t a place that you lived.

You had searched for satisfaction in yourself. You didn’t find any pure joy or enjoyment. You didn’t love anything. You hadn’t had the chance to.

Home is a place you find.

You found it in his arms.


(A/N): Here’s one of those deleted requests….stupid drafts 

Request: Steve and Sharon are dating but Sharon is rather rude to (Y/N)

Warnings: some swearing, Reader is essentially bullied

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms

Originally posted by gwenfckay

    It had been no surprise when Steve and Sharon started dating, the tension between the two had been so thick that you could practically taste it. And just because it hadn’t been a surprise doesn’t mean it still didn’t hurt. Truth be told you were very, very happy for Steve, you knew he deserved someone to be happy with but you had always wished that it’d be you. But you couldn’t complain, after all why would big strong Captain America take an interest in someone like you when he could have a number of women or men to pick from. Plus, Sharon was a nice woman, very kind and compassionate, Steve and her would mesh wonderfully together.

   These were the thoughts playing in your mind on repeat as you got dressed for the party Tony was hosting tonight. Of course Steve and Sharon would be there, boasting their picture perfect relationship to the entire room and honestly you just weren’t prepared for that. It hurt enough knowing that Steve was unattainable but having it rubbed in your face was worse. So with a sigh you placed the last touches on your outfit, gave yourself one last look in the mirror before walking out and onto the proper party floor. 

   The entire night you’d spent sulking by the bar, downing most of the drinks they had to offer and barely even socializing with a single person. You’d avoided the dance floor all night and especially the two blondes walking hand in hand around the party, smiling like a happy couple. You groan as Tony shows off some party tricks, instead turning back to the bar to order another drink. 

   “Can I get another shot please?” You ask, waggling the little cup you’d been using all night. The bartender gives you a strange look but nonetheless pours you the shot you ordered. 

   “Are you okay? Do you need someone to-” 

   “No,” You shake your head, downing the small drink in one sitting. “I’m good, thanks for the concern though,” You smile at him, the small shot of alcohol starting to finally numb you. You smile a bit wider as a pleasantly warm feeling washes over you, leaving you feeling much better than you did a few shots before hand. 

   “(Y/N)?” Your momentary happiness is shattered by an all too familiar voice, one that could only belong to the star spangled man with a plan. You look up, your gaze connecting to that entrancing blue one of Mr. Steve Rogers himself. “What are you doing?” You smile, lifting your shot glass to wiggle it in the air for a moment. 

   “Drinking. What about you?” Steve stares at you concernedly as he takes a seat beside you, his gaze never wavering. 

   “You okay?”

   “Oh I’m fantastic,” You smile at him, pushing your shot glass away with the tips of your fingers. “How are you?”

    “(Y/N), I’m really concerned about you, you never drink and-” 

   “Oh!” Came that fake chirpy voice that could only belong to Steve’s counterpart. “(Y/N), I didn’t even see you there,” You smile at the beautiful blonde, grabbing your shot glass once again. 

   “Another shot please,” You whisper to the bartender, giving him a soft smile as you do. “Thanks,” You direct your attention back to the two, putting on your best fake smile. “Yep, this is where I’ve been sitting all night, drinking,” You chuckle dryly as the bartender hands you the shot glass back, the small glass filled with some alcohol, one you couldn’t even remember the name of. Steve’s expression is more than concerned a stark contrast to that of the cool collected one of Sharon. 

    “Oh! Steve, I think Tony was looking for you, he said he needed entertainment and one of your war stories would do great,” Sharon smiled at Steve warmly, gently squeezing his shoulder as she did. Steve looks up at her and then back to you, obviously internally battling with himself on whether he should stay by your side or do as Sharon said. With a sigh Steve rose from his seat, brushing off the imaginary dust collecting on his pants. 

    “I’ll be back you two,” Steve’s tone is light, concerned even. “Don’t go anywhere or do anything,” Both of you nod, smiling at Steve lightly. He gives you both a tight lipped smile before waltzing off, getting lost in the crowd. With a sigh you turn back to the bar, running your fingers along the rim of your empty glass. 

    “Can I get another-” 

    “Do you think no one can see the way you look at him?” Sharon suddenly pipes up, glaring at you menacingly. “All smiles and starry eyed, like he’s your entire world or something?” You gulp, looking down to your hands clasped in your lap. You had thought you were always subtle with the way you looked at him. “(Y/N), I hate to break it to you but he’s not interested,” Sharon smiles sweetly, only making her words hurt that much more. “The man can barely stand to be around you, why would he want anything more than this sad friendship you’ve got going on?” You rise from your seat, tears stinging your eyes as the sudden alcohol in your system makes you sick, or perhaps that was Sharon’s words taking their toll on you. 

    “Excuse me-” You mutter to some people brushing past you as you go to walk away but Sharon didn’t seem to be done with her taunting. 

    “I’m pretty sure the only reason he sticks around is because he feels sorry for you, it’s not easy to find friends when you have the personality of a brick- Aww, are you leaving? What, you can’t handle the truth?” You brush by her, your fists clenched at your sides as you storm through the crowd, willing yourself not to cry. Great, you hadn’t even wanted to come to this stupid party and when you did you were then harassed and taunted by Steve’s new girlfriend? This night just couldn’t get any better for you. As soon as you had even thought the damn thing you regretted it, knowing that the universe would find a way to make the night worse and it did. 

    You push your way through the crowd, your lip trembling as tears threaten to spill over. All you wanted to do at this point in time was go to bed and never wake up, just sleep for thousands of years but unfortunately the universe had other plans for you. Suddenly your upper arm was being held by a rather strong grip, almost painfully strong too. You’re just about to whip around and tell whoever is holding you to fuck off when that same concerned voice from only minutes before perforates the air. 

    “(Y/N), doll, what’s wrong?” You don’t even want to turn and look at him, knowing that when you did there would be no stopping the tears lurking just around the corner. 

    “Nothing Steve, I’m alright, I’m just tired and I need to go to bed-” Steve yanks you to his chest as gently as he could, in the process turning you to face him. He takes one good look at your face before hugging you tightly, nearly constricting your chest as he does. 

    “You’re a damn liar, and a bad one at that too,” You sniffle softly, rubbing your face into Steve’s chest like some child. “Now who the hell do I have to beat up for you?” 

    “No one Steve,” You mutter, sniffling once again. 

    “(Y/N), stop with the bullshit and tell me what’s wrong,” You sigh shakily, reaching up to wipe at your runny nose. 

    “I’m just- no, nothing’s wrong,” You decide not to spill your heart out to Steve, rather you keep it all inside already knowing the pain that it was going to cause you. 

   “Fine,” Steve mutters. “We’re going to go talk somewhere else and I’m not going to leave your side until you tell me what’s wrong,” 

    “Steve, you don’t have to-” But Steve already had your hand, his fingers intertwined through your as he dragged you down a hall and into some elevator. “Really Steve,” You try one last time as he pushes the up button to the elevator doors. “I’m fine, you don’t have to worry-” 

    “(Y/N), I’ve never seen you drink that much in one sitting and then I grab you on your way out of the party, damn near in tears, I am more than worried.” You bite your lip as more tears blur your vision, one finally gliding down your cheek. 

    “Steve, why are you friends with me?” You ask, your voice cracking slightly. Steve gives you an incredulous look, almost as though he’s offended when he replies. 

    “Because you’re a great, amazing person, you’re sweet and funny and I’d be stupid not to have you as a friend,” 

    “You don’t think I have the personality of a brick?” 

    “(Y/N), no. Where is all of this coming from anyways- oh. Oh. That’s what’s going on, isn’t it?” You bite your lip even more, probably enough to make it bleed as you look to the floor in shame. “(Y/N), who said these things to you? Please doll, you’ve gotta tell me-” 

    “Steve,” Sharon’s stupid voice interrupts the almost moment the two of you had going on. She opens her mouth but closes it when she lays eyes on you, tear eyed and sniffling. “What’s going on here?” She asks, smiling sweetly at the two of you. 

   “I just need to talk to (Y/N) for a bit,” 

    “Well, what about the party?” Sharon asks lightly, staring at Steve with a slightly hurt look in her eyes. 

    “(Y/N)’s more important than some party,” Steve smiles as the doors finally open and he steps inside, still clutching your hand within his own. He gives Sharon a small smile as he presses some button, you weren’t paying attention given you had your eyes glued to the ground to avoid Sharon’s death glare. “I’ll be back in half an hour, promise,” With that the elevator doors close and the small compartment moves upwards, almost undetectable with Stark’s great technology. 

    The two of you ride in silence, the only sound in the elevator was the soft sniffles coming from you. Thankfully the ride was a short one and in no time you reached your destination. The doors open and Steve drags you to the very top floor of Stark tower, much smaller and secluded than any other floor in the building. 

    ‘So, are you gonna tell me who told you all that bullshit?” Steve asks, turning to look at with a soft expression. You shake your head, wiping at your eyes. 

    “You wouldn’t even believe me If I told you,” Steve scoffs lightly, an almost smirk rising to his lips. 

    “Have I ever doubted anything you’ve told me?” You shake your head meekly, biting your lip once again. “(Y/N),” Steve places his thumb on your lip, gently running the pad of it along your chapped skin. “You gotta stop with this, you’re gonna make yourself bleed,” You sigh as you release your hold on your lip, the sting of it only comforting you slightly. “Good, now tell me who did this to you, I don’t care if it was some stranger or if it was my bestfriend, I need you to tell me,” 

    “You’re not going to hate me after this…will you?” 

    “I could never (Y/N),” Steve smiles sadly at you. So with another sigh you begin your tale, only praying to every god and entity out there that Steve would believe you. 

    “She said all that to you?” Steve asks, his tone almost shocked as he does. You nod meekly, wiping at your freely falling tears. “Oh (Y/N), I’m so sorry doll,” Steve pulls you back against him, hugging you tenderly. “None of that’s true, I promise you,” You can only sniffle and cling to him like some koala bear, your hands fisted in the front of his shirt as you cry. Steve merely pets over your hair with his hand, soothing you slightly. “To make it up to you how ‘bout we binge watch that new TV show you’ve been dying to see and I’ll go buy us some icecream?” 

    “What about Sharon?” You ask as you rub at your nose, your spirits in slightly better conditions than they were a few minutes ago. 

    “I’m done with her, it’s over and I’m never, ever going to let her treat you like that again, okay?” You smile softly, nodding your head in agreement. “Good, now I want you to go grab any pillows and blankets you can from our rooms because we’re building a fort when I get back from the store,” 

    “Sure thing Captain,” 

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering-- if in a pinch, can holding a needle (for stitches) over a flame from a lighter sterilize it?

Yes. This is a common practice in the austere environment. However, the needle will get very hot, very fast, and will take a lot longer than you think for it to cool. Also, depending on the metal, it may change color as it’s heated.

The bigger question, though, is how do you clean and preferably sterilize the actual skin? If your character is using something to clean the skin such as alcohol (OW), peroxide, or iodine, that can also be used to clean the needle.

For extra-flamey effects, why not coat the needle in alcohol, then light it on fire? Pretty pretty flames! (Note: Do not try this at home.)

Hope this helped!!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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[Sharing in a selfish night with Suga]
Rated: Mature/Angst

Why was he always here?

There was this cafe in Hongdae. A pretty popular little place that had these work rooms that were perfect for writing, and reading.

He hated crowds.

He hated cafes.

And worst off he hated you.

He hated how you always looked at him. Constantly checking in on him, as if he was some kind of charity case. You made him feel pitiful. Especially when you’d ask him if he was ok. There was just something about your tone. It was almost too calm, too tender, and too gentle. 

It was how his therapist talked to him.

And he didn’t need that kind of pity. Not from you.

He stared at his americano before emptying his flask into it and mixing it with the straw. Almost on queue you poked your head inside. “Yoongi-ah…” you smiled softly. “Do you need anything?”

He scoffed and took a swig. “I’m fine.”

You nodded and cast down your gaze. “Well if you need anything…”

“I don’t.” he snapped.

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3.6. Rajigaze


reita is calling Aoi always Aoi-san,but Uruha just Uruha xD 

talking about Leader benefits again- like Kai buying the car he lend (or something like that?)

Reita complimented Aoi to be the best drinker in Gazette

Aoi gets tired of Filth because they play it all the time overseas - they get the feeling that the oversea fans are happy if they hear filth,but the japanese fans are already too used to filth

a girl wanted to be Kais glasses so they could be together or something? Reita said it’s probably bc she wants to meet kai,and Aoi: if she doesn’t smell like money it won’t happen (last sentence had echo lol)

they’re talking about injenctions- Reita can’t look but Aoi can (not from the beginning tho) they blacked out if they watched

Aoi and Reita were noisy as kids

Reita is the type to not stay in touch with the ex

they say that Kai is always doing too much- always in need to have control over everything- if it were for Uruha he just stood in the back (and do nothing)

which Pv did the most impression and was the most difficult: Derrangement (for Aoi - he just wanted to go home bc it was so long)

For Reita it was UNDYING - no time and the place

they were talking about the time Kai called  Aoi on the phone XD (they were asked if they ever do a radio show with all of them- but seems it was just 4 of them never 5)

 they were talking about aois hand-and that it would be bad for him to give the left hand to the fans, bc in some contries it’s bad manner but he said it was okay in Shanghai so it’ll be okay in Europe too, if no one’s using a strong grip on his hand

they’re saying that its not wrong having your hobby as your work- but even though you sometimes have to do things you don’t like to do

Aoi is envious about the people who have a regular work- fixed worktimes and such,where you have time to do the things you like after work

for the renewel of the passports they saw many salaryman and thought they look cool

talking about unexpected things: reita about Aoi: even though he likes alcohol, it’s rare that he likes the sweet kind, right?

Aoi: isn’t it the same for Reita-san? Re: I don’t drink alcohol, do I? Aoi: hmmmmmm

Reita is getting wasted even faster than in the early times

they were asked what color for clothes they usually wear: Reita: black! mostly black.don’t know why tho bc of the genre? A: naaah it’s easy to wear isn’t it? Aoi thinks white pants aren’t fitting him

Aoi drinks wine,but he gets wasted fast with it so he prefers Nihonshuu 

Reita is envious that Aoi can drink even oversea there are many different drinks,but he can’t even try them

R: the beer in Germany is good isn’t it? A: it’s good…it really is

reita thinks beer tastes all the same

they said it’s been really long since they had a radio show together…probably the last time was were Aoi shouted “Angelina!”

I May Not be an IT Person, But Boy do I Have Stories!


Let’s talk about something important… Alcohol!  More accurately, magical microbreweries! If you think wizard candy can do some cool things, let me introduce you to the wondrous world of magical hipsters making some microbrews that will knock your socks off.

I’m not kidding, there is literally a wizard in California who brews an IPA that magically causes any socks you happen to be wearing to fly off of your feet and shoot into the sky like firecrackers.

If there is a market for it, somebody will be selling it. Personally, I’m fond of the company in Florida that pumps out a fantastic shandy that incorporates a hint of strawberry with the ability to blow bubbles out of your nose. Great party trick.


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English Lyrics


Where are you? Home?
If you’re not busy, come out
I’m in front of your house, wanna tell you something
Don’t know how to say it but
It’s nothing weird, no pressure

The most beautiful thing in my eyes right now
Is you lady
If my feelings for you were money
I’m a billionaire
I like you

Trust my heart OH WAH
I like you
Accept my heart OH WAH
What do you think about me?

A cool goal
A ceremony like a propose
Let’s choose our pet names
Honey or baby or darling
It tickles my stomach just thinking about it
I’m nervous, i need a lot of alcohol
I may be big but I grow small in front of you
Do you know how I feel?

At first sight, falling in love like I’m slipping
The criminal who stole my heart (it’s you)
Even goddesses are jealous of your beauty
My heart trembles like a vibration (brrr)

Your fatal charms are killin me
You’re sexy, provoking me like hot chili
Don’t misunderstand
I’ll truly fill up your empty glass

The most beautiful thing in my eyes right now
Is you lady
If my feelings for you were money
I’m a billionaire
I like you

Trust  my heart OH WAH
I like you
Accept my heart OH WAH
What do you think about me?

If I made you uncomfortable, let me know
I’ll take a step back
Just be a guy you know
I can wait
Tell me you think you like me too
Let’s meet right now
I have something to tell you
I like you

Trust my heart OH WAH
I like you
Accept my heart OH WAH
What do you think about me?
I like you

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yellow: if you could have any view from your bedroom window what would you choose?
-mountians!! tall, snowy mountains!! with pine trees and fog !!! 👀👌🏻

what’s your favorite thing to do on a sunny day?
- so where i live, sunny= h o t so i like to stay inside !

what do you consider lucky?
I think i’m insanely lucky to be like, alive and conscious rn??? i just think it’s neat.

what made you smile today?
I lov the little things? I saw a really cool blackbird today ! i also got to pal around with my brother and that was nice ! probably something like that.

what makes you happy?
wildflowers, dogs, sunrises, alcohol, friends, good music, fog, knives, a nice view, sleep, good food ✨✨

  • cas: *leaves the motel room*
  • dean: *waits for door to shut*
  • dean: alright claire your other dad is gone there are no rules in this house i'm not like angel dad okay i'm the cool human dad
  • claire: is that beer?
  • dean: oh god honey no what kind of human dad do you think i am?
  • dean: why do you want a little bit because if you drink i'd rather you do it in the house
Love Bites

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Pairing: SamxReader
Word count: 1,688
Warnings: smut, drinking
Song: Love Bites - Halestorm

Sam came storming in the bunker, making you look up from the magazine you were looking at. “Problem there, Sammy?” You asked, setting the magazine on your chest. You watched him drop into one of the near by chairs. Judging by the look on his face, he just wanted the day to be over.

“It’s Corrine.” He groaned. You rolled your eyes, not really caring for her. “She had all these damn articles about couples and relationships. How many different articles can you read about the same damn thing?” He threw his hands up in the air. “We need to more of this, we need to do less of that, this shows I don’t care. I’m confused.”

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I’m not dumb, you won’t find my scars, you won’t find my little cuts or my depression marks. And it’s not because you didn’t try or because I’m great at hiding it.

No, it’s because I won’t harm myself the way you want me to, I won’t give you the satisfaction to find out I’m broken that easy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m broken, and I’m still breaking while you read this. And you bet I still harm myself.

But I harm myself the worst way there is, I drink until I puke it all, and I smoke until there is no one brain cell letf, and I get into fights that I know I’ll lose.
I do everything which destroys me.

But do you know why this is the worst way?
It’s because they will never associate it with depression. They will think I’m that cool girl who doesn’t give a fuck.

They will never guess I’m slowly disappearing.

—  And believe me. I’m almost completely gone.