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I've just come to the realization that I am an adverb slut. I need to figure out alternatives but for some reason I'm drawing a blank. Do you know of any resources or ideas on how to use adverbs less? Thanks!!

Think about how people speak in real life. Nobody directly says ‘I’m angry’ or ‘I’m sad’ or ‘I’m happy.’ You can tell just by looking at their face, body language and their tone.

Consider these three sentences:

  • ‘I’m fine,’ she said angrily.
  • ‘I’m fine,’ she said sadly.
  • ‘I’m fine,’ she said happily.

It’s the same two words but you picture a different image based on that final adverb. However, this is less effective as this is more so telling how they feel rather than showing. And you know that age old writing rule…

Consider this change:

  • ‘I’m fine,’ she said, through gritted teeth.
  • ‘I’m fine,’ she said, her voice cracking.
  • ‘I’m fine,’ she said, her eyes sparkling.

See? I’ve managed to describe exactly how they’re feeling without directly telling you the emotion. Same can be done with body language:

  • ‘I’m fine,’ she said, balling her hands into fists.
  • ‘I’m fine,’ she said, burying her face into her hands.
  • ‘I’m fine,’ she said, nodding her head.

Of course, here we’re still using that damned word ‘said’ which a lot of people seem to hate. I have no problem with the word said  you are allowed to use it, so long as you don’t overuse it. Here are some alternatives:

  • ‘I’m fine,’ she snapped.
  • ‘I’m fine,’ she whimpered.
  • ‘I’m fine,’ she laughed.

Easy! It’s a simple word and it shows us so much. The same could be done for describing actions:

  • Walked —> Stomped
  • Walked —> Tiptoed
  • Walked - Skipped

Remember that adverbs are still OK to use sometimes. You don;t have to eliminate them from your vocabulary.




A bucket list is quite simply put as, a list of things you’d like to do before dying or moving on to another life. We’re asking for you guys to create bucket lists for your characters listing things that they have yet to do, but would love to do at some point. If you can’t think of anything, google “bucket list ideas” and feel free to list anything you can think of, whether they’re goals that can be met short-term or long-term. You can present this to us in any formats: lists, interviews, vlogs, etc. We allow you all the creative freedom you need to develop your character, as usual, but we are asking that you list a minimum of ( 10 ) items on your bucket lists.

WHEN IS IT DUE: 3/1. We aren’t very strict about due dates around here because, we get it. People have other stuff to do but not participating in a number of tasks will count against you during activity checks so try to keep up with them. Remember to tag us in your posts when you complete them so we can see ‘em!

Am I the only person who doesn’t think it’s an advantage to use community lots that have EVERYTHING? 

Like, “here’s this skate rink cafe where you can take your date to have a romantic dinner and also buy a new t-shirt and groceries, and if you need a cellphone or a magazine, no problem you can buy any of these here too, and if your date dumps you because you’re awful at bowling, we also sell pets to keep you company tonight”.

I’d rather see 10 loading screens but visiting 10 lots and actually doing something different in each one than going to just one (which lags as hell because it spawns a lot of cashiers and waiters and whatnot), not focusing in any particular activity and being bored out of my mind because there’s nothing else to do after a few sim hours in the lot…

I’m almost halfway through the stream of last weekend and I’m loving it so far! I really need a distraction from all of the stuff happening in my life now and this just makes me happy ^^
Now I was thinking, I’m super-duper-glad that Kathryn and Amy are (or they sound/seem at least) a lot more comfortable around us and on camera, which is super cool!
I’d really like to do something for them (like an appreciation thingy), but I’ve got absolutely no ideas. So, do any of you guys have a suggestion?

helping your bpd pals

if you’re reading this post you’re already off to a wonderful start with helping your borderline friends! it can be hard for us to admit we need specialized attention, and you going out of your way to learn how to help us is amazing. here are some simple things you can do for us (and the reasoning behind them)

•enthusiasm! borderlines have very black & white thinking, meaning if we aren’t positive you’re happy with us we will assume you are angry. really simple things like exclamation points and smiles can go a long way!

•let us know when you’re going to be hard to reach! this one is pretty self explanatory, and if you’ve read any other post of this sort i’m sure you’ve seen this, but it’s important! we are terribly scared of you abandoning us so let us know that you aren’t and that you’re just busy. (we’re kinda like those dogs that freak out and destroy the house when their owner leaves because they think they’ve been abandoned)

•reassurance! we will rarely come out and ask for this one out of fear of being labeled a “manipulative borderline,,” but if you take anything from this post it’s that your bpd friends need to be reassured that you care about us as much as possible. we usually lack emotional permanance which makes it hard for us to believe you still love us, even if you told us a few days- or hours- before.

•don’t get angry over our impulsive behavior! if we aren’t getting the attention that we’re desperate for, us borderlines will most likely do an “attention seeking” and often self destructive action in order to gain attention. you should definetly express your concerns and etc. over the behavior, but please don’t act angry. that will often lead to more impulsive thoughts on our part

•don’t show annoyance over us apologizing a lot! we constantly feel like a burden since we can’t handle things “"normally”“ this will lead us to apologize constantly (and apologize for apologizing) please just tell us it’s alright or that we don’t need to worry about it.

•if we start acting cold, don’t stress about it! this one is more for the friends or fps of us borderlines. a lot of us do what is called “splitting” where we will swap from idolizing you to hating you very abruptly. it is completely temporary!! we still love you!!

•compliment our appearance! complimenting our personalities can be tricky, since we have such a hard time thinking for ourselves. a lot of people with bpd are obsessed with their appearance and changing it, so compliment us occasionally!

•random affection! people with bpd are usually so worried that they are manipulating affection out of people. you telling us sweet or reassuring things without us initiating it is appreciated beyond belief. keep in mind we frequently don’t know how to react to things, but i promise we will be so happy.

~i don’t speak for the entire bpd community!! you should ask your borderline pal if these things apply to them if you aren’t sure.
~i’m not trying to tell you that we need a certain high level of attention or nothing, we know that you have problems to deal with too. just knowing you care and recognize our illness enough to read this post is amazing and relieving.

Are you scared? Are you pissed? Take that second one and hold it close because it’s gonna be a long four years. If you don’t remember Bush, well, this is worse. A lot worse. And shit is going to get dark. I’ve seen a lot of posts going around about donating and volunteering for various organizations. Do that! But that’s not the only thing you, as an American, need to do.

The Democrats have not disappeared. The republican majority in the Senate is small. And the republicans have just given us a playbook of exactly how to stall from the opposition.

Write your senators and representatives. Tell them that you want them to play dirty.

Tell your senators that you want them to be obstructionist and filibuster every bill that would take away hard earned rights.

Tell them to filibuster any repeal of Obamacare.

That man they elected is a thin-skinned bully who has no idea how the system works. Do you think he understands that there’s no such thing as a line item veto?

Make sure that Democratic senators and representatives attach poison pill amendments that will cause him embarrassment.

Attach riders compelling him to release his taxes.

Attach riders declaring the Michael Bloomberg is richer than him.

Attach riders saying that his hands are smaller than the national average.

And then tweet at him to make sure that he and the entire world knows. Make sure he understands that every bill he attempts to pass contains a minor blow to his ego.

And then, you fucking vote in 2018. Get the Senate back. Get the House back. And in 2020 you vote for whatever incredibly cautious, incredibly moderate, incredibly white man that the Democrats put forward.

This sucks. Build up the armor again if you lost it or never had it in the first place. You don’t need to pretend you’re okay. And remember that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. It’s the only thing that might help a bit in the years to come.

the thing with art is… 

You look online and you see all these people drawing amazingly, in different styles, with different materials and different techniques and they all make some absolutely amazing works! And then you look at your own stuff in just looks… pale in comparison. 

So you’re going to have this moment of “I can’t be here. I can’t put this shit up there with all these amazing people.” and in the worst case “I should stop now” 

And some people do. They stop. Completely.

But you shouldn’t.

You need to think about these things rationally, first of all. 

Look at that favorite artist of yours. His art is amazing isn’t it? Do you know how long it took them to get to that point though? Do you have any idea how may papers they ripped out of frustration because nothing came out right, how many pencils they used up, how may hours they spent at their desk working and working and trying to improve? 

Art isn’t something you can just master in a week. It takes years. 

And do you want to know a secret? That artist you love is probably still not 100% satisfied. Artists never are. 

What artists are, however, are content. 

They’re happy with the pace they’re improving at, with the way their drawings have been looking recently. They love this style they finally managed to work out for themselves after trying for so many years. they’re content with not rushing and they’re content with showing the world their work and their progress.

So don’t be discouraged because it’s taking too long.

Talent isn’t what makes a good artists.

Practice and perseverance is.

Awkward Valentine's Day/Date Starters
  • “So…I can’t afford Netflix, but we can Redbox and chill if you want?”
  • “Roses were sold out everywhere, so I got you a bucket of chicken instead.”
  • “The date was great! Well … until we got to his apartment where his dog kept trying to hump me.”
  • “Every year I tell you the same thing; I don’t like white chocolate!!”
  • “Not only did he take me to McDonalds for Valentine’s, he used coupons to pay for it.”
  • “All the stores were sold out of condoms…”
  • “I think there was something wrong with the food because I don’t feel so good.”
  • “We need to cut this date short because I’m going to shit myself.”
  • “PLEASE tell me your credit card did NOT just get declined.”
  • “What do you mean you’re in labor, the baby’s not due for another month and these tickets weren’t cheap!!”
  • “Did you get any of those rose petals stuck between your ass cheeks?”
  • “Are you okay?! I swear I didn’t mean to pop the cork into your face!”
  • “He not only showed up to our date wasted, but broke a $200 bottle of champagne over his head.”
  • “So not exactly the surprise you were hoping for, but we’re having a baby.”
  • “There weren’t any nuts in those chocolates were there?”
  • “I think I’d rather have been home alone with a pint of ice cream than to have come out on this date with you tonight.”
  • “I’m sorry my overwhelming libido put you in the hospital.”
  • “I’m sorry, I can’t help it; I’m lactose intolerant.”
  • “I can’t drink any champagne because … I might be pregnant.”
  • “He asked if he could ‘lick my pussy’ and I told him I didn’t have a cat.”
  • “Quick, call 911; the stove’s on fire.”
  • “Wait, if you don’t have a car, how are you taking me out then?”
  • “I don’t think drizzling chocolate on the bed was a very good idea … ”
  • “I’d kiss you but there were red onions in my dish … ”
  • “Either I’ve got food poisoning or the baby’s coming.”
  • “I wanted to propose to you tonight but I think our waitress … kinda stole the ring.”
  • “I know spending Valentine’s in the hospital isn’t very romantic, but I can’t tell you how happy I am that you stayed.”
  • “So, um, I don’t think we can have sex tonight. I just got my period.”
  • “If you’re going to fart in my car, at least give me a warning next time.”
  • “My/Your dress totally ripped up the back and now my/your ass is hanging out.”
  • “We weren’t even ten minutes into our date before he pulled his dick out and started jerking it under the table!!”
  • “I don’t mean to be rude, but did you brush your teeth with garlic or something?! The smell is overwhelming.”
  • “Not only was he/she late to our Skype date, but I could see his/her side guy/chick in his/her bed in the background!”
  • “Well, being handcuffed and arrested certainly made the date exciting.”
  • “No, we’re going to have to cancel our reservations, I can’t find a sitter.”
  • “Even though I peed myself in the middle of our date, we still had a good time.”
  • "Well, I had bought you a really nice Valentine’s gift, but one of the kids thought it’d be funny to flush it down the toilet.”
  • “I’m the master of the microwave.”
  • “Oh. Um, they must have mixed up our plates. That ring isn’t for you.”
  • “I was so nervous for the date, I forgot to put deodorant on. That might be why they haven’t called me in a few days.”
  • “If you’re expecting an engagement ring tonight, then I’ve got bad news for you.”
  • “He tied me to the bed, told me to call him daddy, and next thing I know, he’s face down between my legs, snoring.”
Concern Meme
  1. ‘I’ve not seen you eat a vegetable in a week. How about I make you a proper dinner?’
  2. 'That does not look like a flesh wound, dude.’
  3. 'Do you actually ever leave your office and sleep?’
  4. 'Sleeping on your desk totally doesn’t count.’
  5. 'I’ve seen healthier looking corpses. You should head to bed.’
  6. 'Keep hydrated! I’m concerned about you in that heat!’
  7. 'Have you practised any self-care today?’
  8. 'Do you want me to run a warm bath for you? We can use your favourite bubble bar.’
  9. 'I’ll hold your hair. Just take deep breaths.’
  10. 'I know there was a story about a girl who lived on nothing but pizza, but I really don’t think you’ll manage to do the same!’
  11. 'You look terrible. I mean, you look beautiful as ever, but also super sick.’
  12. 'Please go and rest? I’m so worried about you!’
  13. 'You need to sit for a while. Please? You’re always on your feet.’
  14. 'All this stress isn’t good for you.’
  15. 'Would you like a back-rub?’
  16. 'C'mon, look at me! Don’t close your eyes, okay?’
  17. 'Wake up! Come on, please! Come back to me!’
  18. 'You’re having a nightmare! It’s not real, I’m here!’
  19. 'What do you normally do to help your anxiety? We can do that.’
  20. 'Would you like me to sit with you while you go through this?’
  21. 'Are you okay for me to touch you? You can nod or shake your head.’
  22. 'Breathe, that’s it. Nice and steady.’
  23. 'I’m right here, I promise. I’m not going anywhere.’
  24. 'You can cry if you need to, it’s alright. No one would think badly of you.’
  25. 'Do you want a hug?’
  26. 'I’ll stay right with you until you fall asleep.’
  27. 'You went really dizzy there for a second. Can you hear me now?’
  28. 'I’ve got you. I won’t let anything happen to you. Just stay with me, please…’
  29. 'Where does it hurt? Can you show me?’
  30. 'I have a first aid kit, I can fix you up.' 
Being able to move on is such an underrated characteristic. Like everyone wants courage and confidence and intelligence and beauty. But if you think about it, none of us need any of those. But all of us get met with setbacks that we need to get past. We get hurt and we lose jobs and we go through break ups and our pets die. And we’re still expected to do things the next day- like workout or cook or pick our sisters up from school. The responsibilities don’t realize that part of our world just came crashing down, they don’t go away just because we feel like we can’t do them anymore. But moving on is empowering. It’s being able to continue to be ourselves without being saddened or torn apart by something negative that happened to us and that doesn’t even sound like an accomplishment but, my God, it is.
Snarky RP-Starters

“Now is not the time.”

“You’re not being helpful.”

“And you couldn’t mention that any earlier?”

“The only skill you have is that you know how to be in the way.”

“I know exactly what I’m doing.”

“At least I’m capable of admitting I’m wrong.”

“And it didn’t occur to you it might be important?”

“Thanks, you’re helpful. And five minutes late!

“Shut your mouth for once.”

“Is thinking too much asked?”

“You better fix that right now!”

“For once in your life, use that thing inside your head. The one called ‘brain.’”

“Great, you’re just what I needed.”

“Oh, and you’re so great yourself?”

“If you hadn’t come, I would’ve managed just fine.”

“I need you like I need a hole in the head.”

Enough Americans have sustained the appropriate levels of shock, disgust and outrage at this election and its ‘results’. At Trump’s behavior and the wild ineffectiveness of our Government to do anything resembling representing the interests of The People.

Enough Americans kept calling, but I know not enough of us did. We owe thanks to anger powered by love that this has gotten this far, that there’s any kind of organization.

So I’m asking all of you now NOT to rest on your laurels. NOT to let the bystander effect leave you thinking you can rely on everyone else to stand up now.

We need bodies. If you are able, look into this in your state. AND KEEP. CALLING. YOUR ELECTORS.

This isn’t over. It kind of never will be. We cannot rest, we cannot normalize, we cannot EVER be complacent.

If this has taught us nothing it is the massive danger apathy and complacency brings. 

I am begging you, as one US citizen to another, give me and every other disenfranchised citizen in America a hand, a voice. Give us a reason to believe that there’s good in this country.

We cannot allow Trump. 

EXO Reaction when they learn that your parents & siblings are learning Korean/Chinese to communicate better with them

For the anon that sent this request, I’m glad you finally made up your mind to send us a message! Thank you love, Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise


“Wait… they are? Are you sure jagi? What am I doing… I should be practicing their language too”


*The moment he hears about it he starts helping your little sister*


*Blushes* “They are? Your family… they are so nice jagi… I think I’ve found a second family in them”


*Tries to speak in their native language to impress them but probably he will be the one needing extra lessons*


*Really embarrassed* “When did they start… please tell me they didn’t hear out conversation when we did those things the other night….”


*Kind of excited* “Woah… I’ve heard it’s not that easy for foreigners… your family is the best jagi!”


“They are doing this much… I have to do something to impress them… maybe bake them a cake? Teach them some eyeliner techniques? Proposing to my jagi?”


*Hears a perfect Chinese pronunciation* “Is that…. possible? How? Who’s your teacher? Amazing…”


*It makes him happy* “So this means.. they truly approve of our relationship jagi… this is great news”


*This helps to improve his relationship with your brother… kindish* “You said what? That I can’t hug her?”


“Ohhh really? They are? Why? We can communicate… right? Am I that bad? Your family is so nice and dedicated…”


*Won’t stop doing those now*

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I have this theory that we tend to gravitate toward recreating our favorite non-vegan meals into vegan versions. I personally really liked egg salad sandwiches growing up because in all honesty I loved eggs. I choose to not eat them for reasons I don’t think I have to explain here (but will gladly do so if you ask). The Starch Solution has a great recipe. I modified it ever so slightly. It’s absolutely delicious.

Eggless Egg Salad

½ block of extra firm tofu
3 tbsp. vegenaise
2 stalks celery, finely chopped
1 tsp. apple cider vinegar
½ tsp. turmeric
¼ tsp. onion powder
¼ tsp. garlic powder
½ tsp. dried dill weed
¼ tsp. salt
¼ tsp. pepper

I love using the high-protein tofu from Wildwood because you don’t need to drain it. But if you choose another extra firm tofu be sure to drain it to remove any excess moisture. Then, crumble the tofu in a large bowl, add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Best served chilled.


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Part One

AN: so this was a little different than I intended but felt that as a Salvatore the Reader needed a little spunk and the last part didn’t do her any justice <3

“We need to stop this.” Stefan growled.


“Stefan he killed out baby sister, I will not stop!” Damon shouted back and his fangs extended, making Stefan clench his jaw as he glanced towards the room where your body lay in a charmed coffin.


“We could find a way to fix this and use the fact that he doesn’t know we can bring her back to keep her hidden from him.” Stefan offered and his furious brother calmed.


“How long do you think we could keep her hidden?” Damon asked seriously.

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So yeah, my face is on this which… is not so great but honestly this picture makes me happy. I got to cuddle Tyler again 9 days ago in Rome and I was reminded what sunshine in human form looks like and how important it is to always do the best you can and be the best version of yourself because it doesn’t take much to make the world a better place to live in sometimes.

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Can Percy Jackson be dark? 100% yes
But is he evil? No.
I kind of see him as the Deadpool of the PJO fandom.
Will he go around killing anyone that gets in his way? No.
Will he take it too far when taking down an enemy? Yes.
He’s crass and sarcastic and uses humor to mask some of the real shit stirring around inside himself. He’s not bad nor do I think he has the potential of being bad.
Will he slaughter any monster threatening him or his friends? Definitely.
Will he get pissed at the gods and take down Olympus and cost innocent demigods their lives? No.
Percy will fuck you up if you’re evil or working against him or his friends, but I don’t see him as someone that would Ever put innocent people at risk or deliberately kill those that don’t need to be killed. He’s messy and complicated and impulsive and dark and he can be morally ambiguous at times but I simply can’t see him as having the potential to turn “evil”.
I don’t know guys, I just love this intricate dope.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice for critiquing a friend's writing? I don't want to discourage their enthusiasm, I think I may just be in a negative mindset but I can't think of much positive feedback. They have a lot they need to work on, and I want to help, I just don't know how to do it without coming accross shitty. I feel like I'm very lacking in my critiquing ability and I won't be able to help them the way they need to grow, but neither of us know anyone else who could help.

Hey, anon! I have a few suggestions, so bear with me for a slightly longer response than usual!

Originally posted by veryfunstuff

First, I want to say that it’s okay not to give your friend critiques, especially if you don’t feel comfortable doing it! Stick to positive feedback (I have a few ideas for that!) until you come across something you feel comfortable suggesting to them. I have a few friends who I tell, “Look, I’m not going to critique you. I can give you a suggestion and totally be excited for what you write, of course, but I don’t think my way of critiquing is going to help you.”

It’s better to be honest up front rather than try to tell them what they want to hear!

1) What is positive feedback? Positive feedback is anything that you like about someone’s story. It doesn’t have to be the way it was written! Maybe you like the plot, maybe you like the characters, maybe they did description particularly well! Just because someone’s writing skill level isn’t as high as they’d like doesn’t mean there’s nothing good about their work!

“Oh, I like the setting a lot. The tall, red brick buildings are perfect for the apocalyptic thing you’ve got going on.”

“I really like how brave Character A is! It takes a lot to stand up to Character B.”

“I love Sci-fi, so I was really excited to see your story going in that direction!”

“This sentence here, the one about X, I really like this turn of phrase!”

These are all examples of positive feedback! There are so many layers in story-telling, there’s always something good to comment on! 

2) Use AND not BUT.  A lot of times, “but” can feel invalidating. “I really liked X, but y needs work.” That makes the author feel like all the reader will see is Y. They totally miss out on how great X is! Think of it as improv! You can’t keep building the scene (or story!) without “and!” 

“I really like X and I feel like the reader will feel it even more if Y really focuses on…”

“You’ve got the beginnings of a great character here and I think you can continue that by adding a flashback or something similar.”

“I love the direction this is taking and think it’ll really bring it all together if you vary your sentence structure here…”

You’re working with the writer to bring their story to life, you’re not judging their writing. When I started thinking about it like improv, I actually improved my relationships with my writing friends because they knew I was on their side!

3) There’s a lot to fix. The simple truth of the matter is that the only way to get better at writing is to read, write, and edit. There’s no way around that! So don’t try to make a new writer’s work look like Hemingway, it takes forever and it’s super discouraging!

Try to offer two suggestions per piece someone shows you! (The number of suggestions will be up to you, but for new writers, I’d suggest two!) Try to make each suggestion different. Maybe one will be about sentence structure and another will be about pacing. Or one could be about characterization and another could be keeping an eye out for dialogue formatting!

There’s nothing wrong with having a lot to work on and as much as we’d all love to tackle every problem at once, we can’t! So just giving a few suggestions until next time is much better since it lets the author just focus on those in edits!

It also helps to give the author context for your suggestions. 

“I think this needs to be slower, but that’s based on my personal taste.”

 “This sounds awkward to me and I don’t know why. I really liked how this author did it in their book. Maybe take a look when you have time for ideas?”

“I’m having trouble with this too! Recently I’ve tried X, Y, and Z. Maybe you could try?”

4) What are they asking? If you don’t know where to start with suggestions, ask them! Ask them if they want you to pay attention to this character or pacing or description. Writers will, a lot of the time, already know what they’re struggling with or what they want to work on next. Ask for parameters so that you’re both on the same page in the critique!

“Could you keep an eye out for awkward phrasing?”


“And also, Character A is supposed to be angry with Character B. If you have any suggestions on how to show that, please let me know.”

“Of course!”

It’s also the writer’s job to work with you, especially if you’re friends! 

5) Who else can help? That sucks that there aren’t many writers around you! I’d try Scribophile (X) if you’d like some reviews from strangers! It’s a site I use fairly often!

Hope this helps anon! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

No, I don’t think you understand what’s happening.

TERFs are recruiting aphobes now.

Like. That’s literally what is going on. That’s what this post is saying. She is messaging aphobes because she recognizes her own rhetoric.

Y'all need to stop pretending your movement is any different. You can’t steal TERFs arguments, have TERFs notice you are stealing their arguments, have them recruit the ones of you they already believe will agree with them and then say “but we are nothing like TERFs! Some of us are trans women!”

Sorry, you can’t do that. That’s not how it works.