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Essays in Existentialism: FtWD IV

In the dark, there is nothing to see on the water. The sky melds into the ocean and the stars jump from the heavens to the sea, skinny dipping with reckless abandon and no reverence at all for the inevitable eyes upon them. The glow of the lights, the small amount of lantern glow, of solar-powered flashlights, of candles whimpering in the breeze, they all create a dome, create a universe that is impossible to truly gaze out from honestly. They shroud the inhabitants with light and they mask the dark, just a stopgap between the inevitable and stronger night.

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Jealous Pt 2

Imagine: Nick tries to apologize. (Part Two of Jealous)

Part One

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It had been days since the whole Nick incident.

Alicia and Chris have done their best trying to cheer you up but you weren’t responding to their constant coddling. Nick avoided you like the bubonic plague and that only made you angrier. The jerk couldn’t even apologize for hurting your feelings? You sighed quietly as you dangled at the back of the boat with your feet in the cold water.

Were there sharks in these waters? You wondered looking at the pitch blackness of the sea. It was getting late and dinner had been over for at least two hours. Do they feast on the flesh of the dead? You asked yourself.

You always were a curious person and thinking odd things.

Your parents always encouraged your curious mind. You missed them dearly. You missed your father’s bear hugs before he died and your mother’s gentle forehead kisses when she was sober. You heard footsteps behind you and only assumed it was either Chris or Alicia. Without thinking you asked your question out loud, “Do you think sharks are still alive? And if they are…do they eat the flesh of the dead?”

There was silence and the footsteps ceased

You furrowed your eyebrows but waited for their response

Alicia would usually call you stupid for thinking such dumb questions but would eventually answer. Chris would laugh and tease you about your weird mind but no answer came immediately like you expected.

“I would think they are still alive,”

It wasn’t Alicia or Chris—it was Nick.

Your body froze and your body buzzed with anger and excitement. “I don’t know about them eating the bodies of the dead though. I remember in Biology class that Sharks do eat the carcasses of dead whales.”

You didn’t want to look at him—you refused.

You were still pissed and hurt at him for what he said. Perhaps you shouldn’t have even brought it up…Nick could be real nasty when he was irritated or angry. Could you be blamed though? You always liked Nick…Yes, he was a drug addict and he had his issues but you were always able to see pass that.

He would always come to you when he was hitting rock bottom.

You remember how he would sneak into your room late at night…scared and trembling. It broke your heart then…and still did now. You would lay with him and play with his hair until he was able to fall asleep…that’s how Madison would find you and Nick. She never said anything about it but you knew she was happy that at least Nick had you.

Madison knew that Nick didn’t trust her or Alicia enough.

“There were dolphins a few days ago…so I would assume—“

“What do you want?” You cut him off with an angry voice. Your heart gave a tug because you hated when you were mean to someone—especially Nick.

Nick was quiet and you almost felt like crying. You hated being an asshole but what Nick said really hit your heart and he didn’t even apologize for it! You shouldn’t expect an apology. You weren’t entitled to one.

“I hate when we fight,” Nick mumbles quietly, “You know I love you, right?”

Those three words make your heart jump and you squeeze your eyes shut. You couldn’t even feel your legs anymore because the icy water had numbed them. “Don’t say that.” You whispered loud enough for him to hear because those words did hurt especially after what happened a few days ago.

“What, that I love you?” Nick sounds upset now, “Fuck, Y/N, Alicia was right. I do fucking love you and of course I was jealous that Chris had all of your attention,” Nick wasn’t shouting but his voice was loud and you could hear the quietness back above deck, “You know for someone who got accepted to Harvard you can be pretty dumb sometimes.” He mumbled.

You pulled your legs out of the water. Your heart was racing as you turned to face him. His large, brown eyes were full of guilt and hurt….his handsome face looked so much healthier then it did just a few, short weeks ago. It was almost funny to see how different he had been when shit hit the fan and how he was now.

He was the Nick Clark you remember.

“What did you expect when you practically screamed in my face?” You remarked sourly crossing your arms over your chest in a stance of defiance.

Nick’s puppy brown eyes softened, “I’m sorry I exploded and said some harsh stuff…but I didn’t mean it…well, obviously because I just admitted my love for you.” He sighs while rubbing the back of his neck.

Your heart keeps beating like some Native American drum…You stare at him unsure what to even do. Of course you loved him…you always have. He was someone who always brought a smile to your face…always tried his best to make himself better…he trusted you more then anybody in this world.

“And what? You want me to admit that I love you too and run into your arms?” You say with a frown.

Nick’s eyes widen but then he nods, “Well, isn’t that what happens in the movies?” He replies sheepishly looking so damn cute.

You glare at him and he seems to deflate with hurt.

But then you smile brightly at him and he’s blown away. He hasn’t seen you smile like that in a long time. You step towards him and he steps towards you…his arms are wrapped around you in a hug that was long overdue. Your heart is singing an angel choir and your stomach is erupting with fairies and butterflies.

His face is in your hair taking in your familiar smell.

Your arms are around his mid-section and you can’t help but to tear up a bit. You never imagined…that you would be here—well, you were sure no one would imagine the dead rising up and things going to shit.

Anyway, you never imagine that Nick would actually love you back.

“Oh, god.” Alicia’s playfully disgusted voice was heard on the upper deck.

“This is better than a movie.” Strand’s deep voice mused.

“I told you they would kiss and make up and confess their undying love.” Travis chuckled.

“Yeah, I didn’t think he had the guts.” Chris sighed.

You turn to glare up at them and even notice that Daniel and Ofelia are there. “Don’t you nosey ass people have anything better to do?” You demanded.

“Obviously not,” Strand rolled his eyes, “There isn’t much to do on this stupid boat besides being nosey and taking bets on young love.” He smirks slyly and your face goes red.

Nick is laughing.

Perhaps…the end of the world wasn’t so bad?

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Lexark - Enemies to Friends..ficlet

Alicia felt the scratchiness of the burlap sack on her face as she was led by two men through the forest. She thought she had set up a good camp. It was hidden, protected, and sheltered. Alicia had let her guard down and she wanted to kick herself for being so stupid.

“Open the gate! We found a loner in the woods.” One of the men shouted and Alicia heard the sound of metal grinding against metal as the gate was opened.

“We’re taking you to see The Commander.” One of the men whispered to Alicia as they continued to pull her aggressively.

Alicia’s heart skipped a beat at his words and the hair on the back of her neck stood on end. She had heard stories of someone who called themselves The Commander. They had brought a large group together and ran them like an army. The Commander’s group decimated anyone who stood in their way.

Alicia tripped on what felt like a large rock and she almost fell flat on her face. One of the men guiding her grabbed roughly by the arm to keep her upright.

“We’re almost there.” He growled.

Alicia felt sick to her stomach. She thought about everything that had happened that lead her to this moment. She had a fleeting thought that maybe she should have stayed with her mother and Nick.

“Commander,” One of the men spoke clearly, but with a mixture of respect and fear. “We found her where you said we would.”

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In all absolute seriousness, I love Alycia Debnam-Carey to death and I will support her in every project she’s a part of and I wish her nothing but the best.

But it really ticks me (and others, apparently) off that one of the main reasons she was free to do FT/WD is because The 100 didn’t have the sense to see how brilliant the character of Lexa was and book her with a long-term contract. She could be playing Lexa right now. But instead she’s playing a character that, while I enjoy it simply because it’s ADC in the role, it’s just… BLEH!

Alicia (at least the ADC version) wouldn’t exist if Lexa were still alive. And given the choice between the two, who do you think we’d take? If Jason and Co had any kind of business or storytelling sense, they would have signed Alycia. But nope. And that pisses me off. That we lost Lexa, one of the best characters I’ve ever seen on TV, and instead we have… not Lexa.