do you think abby went with them

okay but do you have any idea how delighted I am that they let Abby make the first move? That they let Marcus let Abby make the first move? Because this is just so important to me. I wouldn’t have been as happy with Marcus making the first move with her without any signals on her part beforehand because it would just feel, maybe not OOC for him given the fact that the kiss we’ve seen takes place under very pressured circumstances, but I think Marcus would need that cue from her before he went ahead and did anything himself? 

There’s been a lot between them but not all of it has been good and remember, as far as we know, so really as far as canon goes, Marcus is the first person that Abby has been with/considered being with since Jake. I think for that reason it’s important that she be allowed to let Marcus know that she’s ready and that she be the one to start the ball rolling so to speak because I don’t think Marcus is the type to fling himself off a cliff like this based on pure instinct alone. He needs to know how deep the water below him is first and this is a little testing of the waters and I’m so glad that Abby’s making the first moves. 

I think it fits more with her personality as well as showing Marcus as being respectful of her boundaries and wishes. She’s always been a little more impulsive and a little more emotional than Marcus has been shown to us and I think this is a lovely little character moment for both of them. 

Marcus shows her his vulnerability, shows her his doubts, his fears, his regrets and his pain that he’s been forced to send Octavia into harm’s way to have any chance at foiling Pike and he hates it, he despises it. Marcus has always been a man of action and he’s never shied away from taking the more dangerous role himself; the sacrifice attempt in 1x13 and then him offering to follow the grounder into the woods despite the fact it might be a trap on the hopes of peace in 2x03 are very telling of his character. Marcus does things, Marcus does what needs to be done and he does it himself, he hates what he’s been forced to do, putting Octavia in danger while he remains safely within the walls of Arkadia and it’s just a lovely little moment to see some of his walls come down and for him to express his doubts and fears and feelings to Abby. 

And she reciprocates with a little vulnerability of her own, a little kiss on the cheek just to quieten him and calm him and connect them, remind him that he’s not alone, that he’s not going through this alone that she’s hear with him. And I love that little ‘let’s call it hope’ line because so much of these two has revolved around hope, I’m sure I’ve done metas on this before if not and if anyone really cares shout at me and I’ll do the thing, but it’s been a constant part of both of the storylines and something that reveals their development as well and it’s just nice to see it swing back round to Abby here. 

I think it’s also a tiny callback to him telling her that they’re in this together, she’s reminding him of that and she’s reminding him that that’s what hope looks like; the two of them in this together. He’s not fighting this alone, he doesn’t have to bear this weight alone the way he’s done so much with everything else for so long (and so has she) it’s a reminder that they’re in this together now, that neither of them will be alone again while the other stands by their side and that’s what hope looks like for them now. The two of them united against whatever may come. And I think that’s fucking beautiful.