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So… I was tagged to do the lockscreen, homescreen, last song, and selfie tag by @k1hyukie & @youngedgelord !!!!

I was also tagged by @lovepaintt , @pyosunshine , @markslatina & @multikpopworld to do a selfie tag and even a bias selfie tag! THANK YOU ALL!!!! <3 MUCH LOVE…i swear I can’t take selfies worth anything anymore so it’s a blob that’s me x_x

Lockscreen: Young K being aesthetic asf ~ | Homescreen: MINOOOO | Last Song: Only The Beginning by theMIND ft. Noname (poetic beauty) | Bias: Young K (Day6), Mino (Winner), anddd MINHOOO (Shinee)

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College selfie for the anon


something disgustingly sweet to get y'all through the week


I study rainbows


Happy Blackout 😊 consider tossing me some money for nudes or tarot readings so my struggling, disabled ass can invest in my future // $ariemr

Tagged for a selfie by @torrents-of-alabia, @whispers-of-a-rose and @misshammett. Ty cuties! 😄

Not sure why it looks like I have a black eye???

I tag: @vincentlockedheart @jplovecraft @theleanmeangreenmachine-blog @for-caos @goona @odinswarhorse @dropxthexbeat @rileywasyes @all-together-run-for-cover @brainlessmvtant @princessfart @walk-among-us @wolves-of-the-flame @beardowulf @friv-vy @lafemmedemon @thatblackbat @ollis-beard @tarinya-quinn @ultimategeekboy @mouth-of-leviathan


Happy trans day of visibility!! (She/her)
(Guest star: my mom’s dog Snowy, named after Tin Tin’s dog)


a bunch of people have tagged me to post selfies but I hadn’t taken any and today I look bomb so enjoy(??


Sunnysapphic Redbubble open!

the day has come when i finally cut the electronic red tape and open up my sapphic shop! i have over 20 designs available (shown above is just a sample) with over 40 product types including coffee mugs, notebooks, stickers, pillows, and tote bags  

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if you do buy anything, tag your selfies with it as #sunnysapphic and i’ll reblog