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I must say, this, was, DIFFICULT.
The fact that Tumbr only lets you choose up to 10 photos didn’t help either 😂

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Semi-hiatus notice

After much thought, and much beating up of myself, I am moving Fin into a state of semi-hiatus.  This is for my own physical and mental health.  I will still be around, and doing some replies, but most of my activity will probably be on endy-mixn.  For more information, look under the cut.  I don’t want to bore you all with the details if you do not want to read it.

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How Dan and phil probably broke up #26
  • Dan: what's the devil's surname?
  • Phil: West

anonymous asked:

Mysme react to MC being a youtuber and join MC for a video? Like a boyfriend tag video?

Some of the questions in the boyfriend tag, we all know the answer and some of them have a different answer (like the hair color)
To make things more interesting she’ll pick a paper with the question randomly
Thank you for your request!
I hope you like it!

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me

My requests are still open! Please feel free to send your request( HERE it’s my do’s and dont’s)


  • What is a youtuber? You’ll have to explain to him.
  • He doesn’t think it’s a good idea such exposure
  • But when he sees you doing a video, he’s happy about it
  • You seem so happy, so energetic
  • It’s a good sight.
  • You asked him to appear in the “boyfriend tag”
  • He sees it as one opportunity to show everyone that you’re his
  • After some questions, you picked one and read out loud
  • “What is my best friend’s name?”
  • “Elizabeth the 3rd”
  • You laugh, it’s better to not say anything
  • Ok, another one
  • “Complete this sentence “My girlfriend is…”
  • "You’re my wife, not my girlfriend”
  • He’s no fun


  • He knows he has seen your face in some place!
  • He’s subscribed to your channel, he thinks you’re pretty funny!
  • He’ll secretly want to appear on your videos..But will not say anything
  • When you ask him to do a boyfriend tag
  • He’s so happy!t’s his dream!
  • After a lot of questions that Yoosung answered without hesitating 
  • “If i go away to some place, where would i go?”
  • “Mc…Are you leaving?”
  • Yeah, he’ll cry
  • He will take this questions too seriously


  • “This is like..Your fan club?" 
  • No, it’s my subscribers Jaehee
  • She doesn’t want to appear in a video, it’s too personal
  • She’ll know everything that you asked her, but she wasn’t comfortable knowing a lot of people are watching it
  • Please, respect her privacy
  • She can answer anything that you want
  • But the camera can’t be here


  • He’ll spread your videos like a virus
  • This work, your subscribers are only going up!
  • This is good!
  • When you asked him to appear in the boyfriend tag,  he’s not sure about it…People cannot see him like that
  • Then he put a bag on his face
  • Problem solved!
  • Hey, guys, this is my boyfriend bagged face
  • 10/10 
  • "Ok Seven..Next question.What is my eyes color?”
  • “Do you have eyes?”


  • Well …He doesn’t watch your videos, he can see a little, but this is not enough
  • He feels bad for it, it’s something that you love to make and he’s not even watching it
  • So when you asked him if he could be in the video
  • He agrees without thinking, he feels good about it
  • V is such a good person, he answered  everything correctly
  • “Do I often make you angry?”
  • “You never made me angry love..”
  • Is this possible?This guy is calmer as shit


  • Oh, you’re famous on the internet
  • An opportunity to appear on a video?This is good
  • He loves to make an appearance at everything
  • But he doesn’t know…Why is this all about you?
  • People want to know about him!
  • No Zen.
  • “Ok Zen..What eyes color did you wish I had?”
  • “I think i’m perfect like this”
  • “It’s about me..Not you”
  • “Next question.” He says,smiling to the camera
  • While you’re looking at his face, wanting to cut that damn rat tail off


  • NO
  • He isn’t going to be in this ridiculous thing
  • He doesn’t like those people that watch you..Those comments, compliments, he hates it
  • Yeah, he’s jealous
  • But you’re insisting and insisting
  • He says that he’ll do it, but only if the video was live
  • And then it was, you were picking some papers, he’s answered (But he doesn’t say how you two met, you must know why)
  • Then HE picks up one paper
  • “What is our favorite sex position..This is an easy one”
  • “Saeran, this is not on this pap—”
  • “I like when MC is bending over–”
  • You finish the video
  • “Never call me for this again. I warned you.”

25 Day Fall Out Boy Challenge: Day 1 - first song that you heard

↳ My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark


So anyway in case there still are bakushima fans that aren’t reading acceptance and denial by @kisecchinosedai do a thing and go read it I’m in love with that fic

Happy New year everyone// 

 I’d like to thank all of you for sticking around this year, also for the support you guys have been giving me throughout the 2016! It means a lot to me  ❤❤❤

 This might have not been the best one, but hey we can try to make the new one better. I hope you have good New Years and that we all are gonna step right into 2017 together. 

Some blushy Pittoos for you fantastic followers (I’m not too sure how many of you also like Pit) just to say thanks for sticking with me till now! I’ve gotten some new followers too, and I really appreciate those who go through my entire blog to give a like to everything… it.. it really means a lot that you like my stuff!

Everything I Know About The Stormlight Archive Based On ~The Internet~

And by “Know” I mean am half-guessing/completely making up because I’ve seen about 10 posts on my dash but I’m reading this thing today so


-One of them is Shallon Davar and she’s a ginger

-But her left hand is always covered????? What happened there.

-Also Pattern. I’m not even gonna guess on that one; looks weird.

-And then there’s Kaladin. He seems to have a blue color pallet.

-He has weird markings on his forehead, and probably other places. No idea what that’s about, but they look cool.

-Kaladin looks cool. I am interested in Kaladin.

-He also has a Navi. Named Syl? Idk but she looks smol and blue and I like her.

-There’s also someone named Dalinar Kholin.

-I know literally nothing about Dalinar.

-Roshar. Is what the world is called. Probably.

-I’m sure the magic stuff has a name too but I’m forgetting it. There is magic right? I’m pretty sure there is.

-I am a stick.

-But you could be fire.

-Do they use “Storms” as a swear word? 

The books are long af. I think I will enjoy this.

Query: Do we ever see ancient elven writing?  That is, “letters or characters that serve as visible signs of ideas, words, or symbols”.  We see runes, which you interact with by having, essentially, visions, complete with feelings.  We see ‘books’, which appear to be similar, and are also described as memories (with a question mark, as if description were confusing or difficult because of an unfamiliar concept).  But do we see anything (whether we’re able to read it or not) which appears to explicitly be symbolic, non-magical ancient elven text?

Uhh, let’s see, who are my still-active lore people?  @geeky-jez, @emmadirthera, @penbrydd, @lavellanlove, @ageofdragon, damn it’s not letting me tag @feynites.

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(Here’s a quick colored doodle of Yuri because he’s literally my spirit animal don’t ask)

I’m Pregnant....And I Have Feelings For You

Requested by anon: Can you do one where Reid and the reader have been best friends for years (not in the FBI) and they’ve been having like a friends with benefits relationship for a while and the team doesn’t know Reid’s been sleeping with his best friend until he tells them she’s pregnant!

Spencer Reid x Reader

I hope you like enjoy reading it! Requests are still open so send me in your requests!

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I looked down and saw two pink lines on the pregnancy test. I sighed as I put my hands over my shocked face wondering what to do and how to tell to my best friend Spencer I’m pregnant and that he’s the father of the baby and how I have had feelings for him since the day we met. I don’t even know if he has feelings for me not only are we best friends but we’ve been sleeping with each other for a while and he would probably leave me on my own if he ever found out. I walked out of my bathroom and put the pregnancy test on my bedside table and grabbed my phone as I sat down on my bed and all the person who I knew would help me out in this situation.

“Jareau” came a voice from the other side of my phone.

“JJ I need to talk to you about something could you meet me at that café where I first met you please?” I asked hoping JJ would say yes and that she was on her break or wasn’t about to head off on a case.

“Of course Y/N, my break just started, is everything okay?” JJ asked with her mother voice, knowing full well I something was bothering me.

“Thanks JJ and everything’s okay I just wanted to see you about something, I’ll see you there.” I said reassuring her that everything was fine and hoping that Spencer wasn’t in the same room as her, as I hung up the call and grabbed the test and put into my bag and walked out of the door and locking it.

I saw JJ walking through the café doors and looking around for me and saw me at the back of café and walking up to me as she took her and sat down across from me at the table.

“Y/N are you sure everything is okay? You can talk to me.” JJ said kindly.

“Okay I wasn’t truthfully honest with you on the phone but I was worried that Spencer was in the same room as you and I didn’t want him to know I was meeting up with you.” I explained hoping that the agent in front of me would understand how I felt.

“Okay that makes sense now, but what is the thing that you need to tell me that you don’t want Spencer to know about.” JJ asked worried about her friends strange behaviour.

“JJ I’m pregnant.” I said as I took the pregnancy test out and showed it to her, nervous about what she would say.

“That’s amazing Y/N! Congratulations! Who’s the father?” JJ asked sounding happy about the announcement made me smile knowing that she would support me all through out my pregnancy.

“Thanks JJ, but the… err……fa…father is…err…Spen…. Spencer.” I said nervously, scared of what her reaction might be.

“I had no idea you guys were dating when did this all happen?” JJ asked, her face full of confusion.  

“JJ, we’re not dating, we’ve been sleeping together, we’re like friends with benefits, even though I have feelings for him.” I said trying to explain to her the kind of situation I was in.

“Look Y/N you need to talk to Spencer about it tell him that you have feelings for you and you never know he to could also have feelings for you to Y/N, you guys need to talk about it and if it helps Spence has always wanted kids.” JJ said trying to comfort me.

“Yeah that’s true, he is really great with kids especially with Henry.” I said with a smile appearing not only appearing on my face but also JJ’s face as well.

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“Would you like me to tell Spence for him to meet you at your apartment?” JJ asked as she got up ready to leave to head back to work.

“Yes please JJ, that would be really helpful.” I said kindly as JJ nodded and we said our goodbyes as I watch her leave the café.

I heard a knock at the door, so I walked over there and looked at the little peephole that was on my door to see who it was, when I saw it was Spencer butterflies entered my stomach as I opened the door to let Spencer in.

“Y/N is everything okay? JJ said you wanted to see me.” Spencer asked his face full of worry and confusion as he looked towards me to find out if everything was okay.

“Okay Spencer please don’t be mad, but I need to tell you something.” I said nervously as she sat down on her sofa whilst Spencer sat down next to her.

“What is it Y/N, your scaring me.” Spencer said worried about my behaviour.

“I’m Pregnant and I’ve had feelings for you since the day we met and if you don’t feel the same way and you don’t want anything to do with this child, then I understand, I just wanted to let you know that you were the father.” I said nervously scared of what his reaction would be.

“Is this true, your actually pregnant and I’m the father.” Spencer questioned confused about if this was true.

“Yes its true I am pregnant, you are the father of this baby and I do have feelings for you.” I explained to him.

“That’… amazing Y/N! I can’t believe that we’re going to be parents!” Spencer shouted excitedly as he hugged me carefully trying not to hurt me and the baby.

“Your not mad?” I questioned, shocked about what he said to me.

“No I’m not mad! Y/N I’ve always had feelings for you since the day we met but I thought that you didn’t feel the same way and it didn’t help when we became ‘friends with benefits’ that I fell even more in love with you but I was just to scared to tell you.” Spencer explained to me with a smile forming on his face.

“Really? Cause I fell in love you when I first met you but I to was too scared to tell you.” I said as I hugged him happy with his answer and he kissed me sweetly on the lips as we cuddled on my sofa talking about what names we should choose.

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A week later we told the team about our relationship and how we were going to be parents at Rossi’s dinner party and the whole team cheered and celebrated our announcement.

Me: *Goes to otp’s tag*

Me: When did I lose control over my life?