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Improv CoC

So, we were playing a round of improv Call of Cthulu, so all the players and the dm would switch every fifteen minutes and there was no scenario planned before. We ended up at Loch Ness with some black blob.
DM1: so the thing move towards you. What do you do?
Player 1: I try to hit.
DM1: *doesn’t even bother to roll* Okay, it splits in two. Then it changes its shape to that of a penis.
*everyone laughs*
*the timer goes off, I am now the DM*
Me: Okay, so the… black penis moves away from you like this *tries to show them how, but they don’t listen cause they’re still busy with their new sheets and talking*
Me: Guys, listen look.
*still not listening*
*suddenly they’re all listening*

Special Talk with Nathan Chen and Shoma Uno at 2017 Dreams on Ice

“By receiving motivation from each others’ quads”. From World Figure Skating No.79

The two of you know each other since your junior days. Do you remember your first impressions of each other?

S: We weren’t in the same competitions in the Junior Grand Prix Series, but even without the triple axel, Nathan would receive way higher points than me when I also didn’t have my triple axel yet. By knowing this, I realised that it’s possible to get such high marks without having difficult jumps.

In comparison to your impression of him back then, what is your impression of him now?

S: Nathan has become so grown up and mature, while I’m still far from being there.

N: Shoma, you’ve matured as well. (laughs) As he said, we first met around the time of the Junior Grand Prix Series, but I don’t remember much from then. What I do remember is Junior Worlds. I watched Shoma’s performance with Nam, and it was shocking how good of a performer he was. He had so much speed and power. Back then, he seemed like a young child so I was so taken aback when he started skating. His learning speed is so quick, and he’s gotten even better in the past 2 to 3 years. He pushes forward the field immensely and pushes me to move forward as well.

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020 + boyfriend!jungkook

cr. | 020. “you can borrow mine.”

“You’re such a little piece of shit.”

Jungkook can’t help but smile, both layers of teeth on display as he takes in your out-of-breath appearance and less that happy face. He thinks you look stupidly cute. You think he’s just stupid.

“Pray, tell, love, whatever do you mean,” he grins bigger (and otherwise you’d think he looked precious, ethereal even, but not after the stunt he’d just pulled), and leans against his doorframe.

“Don’t give me that, Jungkook. You’re the one that turned off my alarm when I was napping—you’re the reason I was late!”

You’re huffing and puffing and all sorts of outraged, but he still thinks you’re so cute. So fucking cute.

He laughs, it’s too angelic for someone with the soul of a demon, and crosses his arms. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. But since you’re here, wanna stay the night?”

And there it is. Only Jeon fucking Jungkook would turn off your alarm while you were sleeping and sabotage your chances of taking the late, and only, bus that runs on Saturdays to get back home because he was too prideful (and shy) to ask you to stay the night like any other normal boyfriend, or human being for that matter.

“What, no I—Jungkook, I want to go home and now it’s nearly eleven and there are no more busses and I have to spend eighty bucks on an Über because somebody thought it would be funny to—”

“You’re crazy if you think I’m going to let you spend eighty dollars on a cab service at this time of night.”

“Just twenty minutes ago you were okay with me dashing out of here like a madman to catch a bus that you knew I was going to miss.”

He grins again and places his oversized hands on the small of your back. “That’s because I knew you’d come running back to me, dear.”

You slap his chest and he chuckles with his head thrown back.

“What, not a fan of the nickname? What do you prefer? Love? Babe? Pumpkin? Noon—”

He flinches as your hand comes into contact with his chest again.

“I would prefer to be in bed,” you retort.

“Mine is available,” he hums, wrapping you in a full hug.

“And what about in the morning? I don’t have a toothbrush.”

“I have extras.”

“I don’t have a hairbrush.”

“I do.”

“Gross, your coconut head shavings are on that.”

“Alright, go out looking like a rabid raccoon for all I care.”

Another slap on his back.

“I didn’t bring any of my makeup.”

“You don’t need it.”

You roll your eyes. Cheeseball.

“I didn’t—”

“The only thing you don’t have is a reason not to come inside and cuddle up next to me.”

He murmurs his words into the crook of your neck, leaves a little kiss there after for good measure. “Come on, it’ll be fun. I’m a great cuddle buddy. Plus, you can help me kick Taehyung’s ass in Overwatch.”

He breaks the hug and tilts his head perfectly to the side. “Please?”

You roll your eyes again. “You’re such an overgrown puppy. But fine, except tomorrow you have to—”

You don’t have time to finish as Jungkook’s already dragging you inside, locking the door behind you and carrying you up the stairs. He screams about how much fun you’ll have and how this is going to be, in his words not yours, the best sleepover of all time; and you can’t help but wonder how this child is the same human being that sabotaged you and stood in the doorway with a devilish smirk on his face merely minutes ago. Jeon Jungkook sure is something.

He tosses you on his bed with the biggest smile of the night on his face. He thinks something is eerily right about the picture before him. You look good on his bed, not in a sexual way (although he’s not immune or shy to thoughts like that)—but you look at home in his bed. It feels nice, right, to have you here with him. It feels right to know that he’s gonna fall asleep next to you and that you’ll be here in the morning. He almost blushes and for once is thankful for your never ending string of questions that breaks his trance.

“Wait, Kook, I don’t have any pajamas,” you say.

And the smirk is back. “That’s fine, you can just sleep in your underwear.”

“Jeon Jungkook!” you toss a pillow him. He dodges it, of course, but that infectious laugh of his fills the room once again.

“I’m just joking, babe, relax,” he crawls and hovers above you, placing a gentle kiss on your cheek. “You can borrow mine.”

And then he kisses you for real and suddenly kicking Tae’s ass in Overwatch is long forgotten.

I don’t know why i have this feeling but i think dinah is a bisexual too 😂😅 but she still in the closet 🚶🏽🚶🏽

If you wanna laugh just see camila in the background 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 what are you doing girllll

Dialogue Prompt

“I know you’re not happy here. Why do you try so hard to put a smile on your face and laugh at the right times and pretend that you are?”

“We can’t leave, so fake it till you make it, right?”

“You’ve already given up on escaping?”

“How haven’t you? How can you still put your hope in that?”

“It’s the only place I can bear to put it.”

Sirius Black grew up apart of The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black. Grimmauld Place, a dark place, the curtains are drawn to reveal large windows every morning by Kreacher before anyone in the house is awake but it is still somehow dark.

 The furniture is grand and old and suffocating, 

The portraits watch you with disdain, watching for mistakes. 

Grimmauld Place is not a place for children and so there are no children. They do not play or learn or make mistakes, only children can do such things. They must sit and read old books about history and the importance of blood purity written by bitter men and filled with ugly words. They must sit and listen to their parents and their ‘friends’ who spew opinions as sharp as glass and laugh about the muggleborn killings in The Daily Prophet.

Sirius Black does not have friends. There are no children his age to play quidditch with or eat ice cream with. He could only sit and read and sit and listen and dream. Dream about the school he would go to once eleven and how Slytherin house would too similar to home to be an escape. He dreamt of a different house, of parents who kissed him and Regulus goodnight, of books filled with pictures and colours and stories of adventure, of friends with whom he ran and laughed and of a school where he would belong and of a life in which he smiled.

Sirius Black promises Regulus that ‘nothing bad will happen until Christmas, you just have to hold on until Christmas’ as he boards the Hogwarts express. His parents do not tell him that they will write. 

Sirius Black meets a boy with unruly black hair and thick rimmed glasses who is loud and happy and wants to be friends. Sirius Black also tries out being loud and happy. It suits him.

Gryffindor. Gryffindor. Gryffindor. Gryffindor. He is greeted at his house table with claps on the back and cheers and sits next to the boy with the glasses, sits next to his friend and he is happy. He does not think about his parents finding out or about his cousins shocked and angry glares from the table adorned in green and silver on the other side of the Great Hall because he has finally found a happy moment. 

Sirius Black and James Potter are happy and loud and thrive off of mischief. Over the years their duo collects two more and Sirius Black is a marauder who stays up until dawn with his friends planning their next prank, his dark circles in the morning make him smile because they are the result of a night filled with laughter and fun and love. 

Sirius Black loves his friends and would do anything for them. Excruciating pain and long nights and many secrets are what it takes to finally become an animagus. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs.

Sirius Black does not go home for Christmas and he does not get letters. Sirius Black moves in with James Potter. He last spoke to Regulus when they were 16 and the words were sharp and they fought and blood was spilt, ‘Such a waste of good blood’ mother had said at the stains on the wood. There was no trace of him the next morning save the pictures on his bedroom walls.

He says yes as soon as Dumbledore asks, he had heard the rumours and knew his answer since then. He now belonged to The Order of The Phoenix. He would miss the castle. He did not miss home.

Sirius lets Lily heal the cut on his forehead. His hands are filthy with dirt and the blood of a deatheater whose name he does not care to know. James and Lily speak in hushed tones. Remus looks tired. Peter looks Scared. They are 18 and part of a war that must be fought.

Sirius laughs as his godson hangs off the mini broom he had brought him, it only goes 3ft above the ground he reassures his friends, ‘he’ll be a better seeker than chaser James’ he bets, Harry’s giggles making him smile wider than ever. They drink and talk and reminisce until late. Sirius promises he will come back tomorrow.

Hagrid holds a bundle in his arms and Sirius cannot take his eyes off the scene behind him. His heart is breaking, his lungs are shriveling, he cannot move, there’s nothing left, it can’t be real, it can’t be real. They’re gone and he knows who the blame falls on, his grief is overshadowed by anger, the shard of betrayal sharp in his heart. 

Azkaban is the closest reminder he has had of home in a longtime, it is dark again, he will not smile again.

Harry is alive and Remus is alive and his heart fills with love as he sees his friends reflected back to him from a young boys face.

He falls backwards and there is light, bright blinding pure light and he is happy and sad at the same time and he sees thick rimmed glasses and stark red hair and green eyes and a face that looks almost like his.

Last time ever seeing my smol bean.

Thank you stiles,❤

For showing, human or not you can still kick ass and help,supernatural or not. Thank you for always making me laugh and putting a smile on my face. ❤
Thank you for showing us even though having ADHD you can do anything and be what you wanna be.

Stiles Mieczyslaw Stilinski you’ll always be one of my favourite characters and you’ll always be close to my heart.
I love you smol bean and always will. ❤

evilvillaness  asked:

Hi hi! Lately by Mansuit for Victor/Yuuri! It's not a very popular song and the lyrics aren't online but if you can that's be great <3<3 Thank you so much!

okay so @chainelements and i were talking about a sentinel au (the Softest Sentinel AU 😉) and i’m just -clenches fist- dyin to write some of it and this song has sort of that vibe so

If you’d asked Viktor Nikiforov even just a year ago if he’d ever cave to his Guide nature and bond himself with a Sentinel, he would have laughed. The only bond he has, he would’ve told you, is to the ice. To his career, and becoming the best despite the ISU’s open prejudice against Guides.

(Which isn’t completely unfounded, given a Guide’s ability to manipulate the emotions of others around them, but is still ridiculous when it comes to Guides who do play by the rules and try to actively suppress their instincts on the ice, like Viktor does. But that’s neither here nor there.)

He’d told himself, from the instant he sold his soul to skating, that he would pretend to be normal. To deny that part of him that is supposedly ‘biologically hardwired’ into him. He takes his phero-blockers religiously, tucks away and suppresses his instincts and abilities, avoids all the unbonded Sentinels at his rink like the plague. It gives him a bit of a reputation for being standoffish, remote, untouchable. But it pays off, eventually.

And then Yuuri Katsuki comes barrelling into his life, pheromones all over the place as he drunkenly grinds against Viktor’s leg, and Viktor looks into those drink-fogged eyes and wants

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Imagine: Being Andy’s girlfriend and he invites you onto ‘The Andy Show’ to play The Whisper Challenge.

Andy, Joe, And you start playing The Whisper Challenge. After many rounds, it’s Andy’s turn to get you to repeat a statement. 

    “Okay babe, Put the silencing headphone’s on.” He smiles sweetly at you looking back at Joe nervously. You do as he request’s still giggling over the silly game. Andy gives’s you a thumb’s up which you nod stating that you are in fact ready. “Okay, Will.” He starts. “Wool?” He shakes his head laughing causing you to laugh harder. “ILL? Pill!?” You continue guessing. “No babe, W I LL” Andy over emphasizes each letter. “Oh! Will!?” You shout. Andy excitedly throw’s his arms in the air nodding in approval. He starts again “You.” Instantly you get it “You!?”. Andy continues getting increasingly more nervous. “Marry me?” Reading his lips your eyes widen. “God no! Andy! I  would never murder you.” Andy throw’s his hands over his face dying of laughter, Slowly get’s on one knee looking up to you. You cock your head taking off the headphones.”(Y/N) would you do me the honor of making me the luckiest man alive, And marrying me?” Tear’s filled your eyes. “Oh my god, Yes! Of course! I would absolutely love to marry you!” You fling your arms around his neck kissing him non-stop. Everyone in the room cheer’s and shout their congratulation’s. “You scared me for a minute there, When you shouted god no I thought I was getting shot down.” Andy confesses into your ear. “I wouldn’t ever say no to marrying you, Goof.” You giggle.

Tomorrow will come.
There is no way to stop it
rolling in.

The only thing you can do
is define
how it finds you.

Will you stand tall
in spite of your grazed knees?
Will your war-torn heart still love

Will your hands be empty of yesterday,
ready to catch the gift of today,
and when it hits you in the face,
will you laugh or cry?

When you can’t hear the music
for the storm raging,
will you dance anyway?

Will you bear joy
when she blooms inside of you
or will you cut her down?
Will you treat her like your equal?

Will you see the light of the stars
reflected in the eyes of your demons?
Will you taste freedom?

Will you forgive yourself
for spitting it out again?
Will you recognise your choice
when it is made?

Will you stay by your side?
Will you go where you have never been?
Will you be ashamed of your tears
or let them wash you clean?

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no. 6 for the things you said prompt list? if you're still up for them!

6) things you said under the stars and in the grass 

Yuuri’s finger lazily traces a pattern over the sky. Victor tries to repeat the same pattern over Yuuri’s cheek. With his mouth.

Yuuri laughs and gives him a nudge. “I thought you wanted me to show you constellations.”

Victor rests his head against Yuuri’s shoulder, ignoring the prickle of the grass blades on his neck. “I do. Which one was that?”

“Hercules. And that,” his hand moves to the right, “is Ursa Minor.”

Victor finds himself a little distracted by the glint on Yuuri’s ring, but he puts forth some effort. “What about the Little Dipper or something? The ones that everyone knows?”

Yuuri shifts, and Victor feels his smile against his forehead. “Ursa Minor is the Little Dipper.”

“Show me Hercules again.”

Yuuri grabs Victor’s hand and raises it to the sky. He tugs it in different directions and makes an abstract shape, but once again, Victor is distracted. This time by the slow trail of Yuuri’s thumb up and down his index finger.

“Hercules looks like a frog,” he says bluntly.

Yuuri snickers. “You’re not wrong. Some of them are a bit of a reach.” He moves Victor’s wrist in a circle. “See-that’s his head, and then some broad shoulders…”

Victor has no idea where or how Yuuri is seeing all of this, but the novelty of finding constellations is enough. Victor lets his arm drape over Yuuri’s stomach once he’s done explaining. “I could fall asleep here. On your shoulder.”

“Really?” Yuuri’s voice is teasing. “Even with the insects?”

Insects. Victor sits up immediately. 

Yuuri huffs in amusement. “Do you want to go home?”

It still catches Victor by surprise, how readily he accepts the word ‘home’. It’s almost second nature now, to find Hasetsu, the onsen, anywhere Yuuri is, to be home. He thinks of the misty, warm baths, and the faint scent of cigarette smoke. It’s so familiar, so close to his heart.

Victor traces a line down Yuuri’s nose. “Yes, let’s go home.”

Conversation my dad and I had on the way home from the store.

Dad: *Singing* Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.

Me: *Starts laughing*

Dad: What’s funny?

Me: *Shows him vine of that song with Preston bottom and Max top*

Dad: I don’t get it, how do people ship them? If I was going to ship Max with anyone, it would be Neil.

Me: *Laughs* What about Nikki?

Dad: I don’t even watch that dumb show and I still know she’s gay for the Magic girl and tall punk.

Me: *Dies of laughter*

ask-marine-mitsu  asked:

Trick or Treat! 🎃

This was Mitsu’s first halloween with her new family. This year she decided to dress up as Little Red Riding Hood. She was excited to go trick or treating around the marine base. “Okay, Mitsu which one of us do want to go with you?” asked Borsalino in his usual drawl.

“I want Papa Saka to take me,” she answered.

Sakazuki was shocked. Also he still wasn’t used to the name the girl had given him. “Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yes, Papa,” said Mitsu, “you can be the Big Bad Wolf!” She ran to her room and grabbed a little head band with wolf ears on them. She ran to her papa and gave them to him, “Please?” she asked.

Sakazuki sighed as he put them on. “How do I look?” he asked as he gave her a toothy smile.

Mitsu laughed. “Looking good,” said Borsalino.

“Alright Mitsu go grab your pillow case. Let’s go get you some candy.”

“Yay!” The two of them left and started knocking on doors. After a hour of trick or treating, Mitsu’s pillowcase was laden down with candy. “What should I eat first? The sour candy or the popcorn ball?”

“Whatever you choose,” he answered with a short smile.

Mitsu ran ahead when she ran into a group of boys. “Oh look it’s Little Red Herron,” said one boy.

Another boy noticed her pillowcase, “Look at all that candy.”

“Give us your candy,” said the third boy.

“No!” yelled Mitsu.

The boys wouldn’t take no for an answer. “Give us your candy,” the boy said again.

“No!,” said Mitsu, “I’ll fight you!” The boys laughed. Sure she could beat them separately, but together they knew she was weak.

Sakazuki arrived and saw the aftermath. There was Mitsu sitting on the ground crying. Her little red cloak was ripped. He walked up to her scooped her up in his arms. “Hey hey shhh, easy now Papa’s got you. What happened?”

“Three boys beat me up and took my candy,” she sobbed.

“Where did they go?” She pointed to a dark way did they go?” She pointed to a dark ally. Sakazuki put her down, gave her his headband, and patted her her head. He didn’t say anything.

The boys were looking at their spoils. “Can believe how hard she cried?” asked one boy. The other two snickered. Suddenly they felt an immense amount of heat.

“Did you make my daughter cry?” asked a low voice.

The boys turned around and saw a huge ball of magma. “Who are the you?” asked one boy.

“The devil and I’ve come for your souls!”

The boys laughed, “Yeah right.”

The “devil” threw a small magma ball and them, “I don’t miss twice!” The boys got so scared that they left behind the candy.

Sakazuki smiled as he grabbed the candy. He walked over to his daughter who had a few tears in her eyes. “Here you go Mitsu,” he grinned.

“Wow Papa! How did you get all this candy?”

“Let’s just say those boys had an encounter with the devil.” He picked her up with one hand and the candy with the other.

Mitsu hugged him and said, “Happy Halloween Papa!”


At the 2017 US National Championships, 17-year-old winner Nathan Chen became the first skater to land 1) four different types of quads in his free skate (lutz, flip, toeloop, salchow), 2) five quads in total in his free skate, and 3) seven quads in total in both his short program and free skate. (SP | FS)

your neighborhood black fairy here

hi! ive hit hard times…. yet again. but this time im literally at rock bottom

i wrote about this a bit ago, but during hurricane irma i was raped while trying to help a man on the street (please dont ask details)

which added to my already long list of mental health issues (i have a history of major depression, alcoholism, self harm, panic disorder and generalized anxiety)

but recently ive been showing signs of a possible personality disorder that im going to get evaluated for + days inpatient stay for diagnosis and treatment. i cant work anymore.

i qualify for government assistance and disability as result of my inability to hold down a job because of these illnesses. i recently had a job i had to leave because i’d keep having panic attacks and seeing things

the paperwork will be processed soon but until take a few weeks and until then… i have no income. ive asked alot over the last time from the community (everyone coming together to try to save my cat sokka is still something ill never forget)

but really im lost… im at the bottom.. so i ask one time last time if my content as ever made you laugh, think or just help uplift you, donate anything

including clothes (i gained 20 pounds so most my clothes dont fit anymore) and even e-gift certificates.

im literally on my last leg right now and i dont know what else i could do. i never have any spoons or anything

my paypal is: or

all the money will be used towards food, transportation to and from appointments (it literally costs $5 for a bus right to and back from places here, fuck MARTA) and any other necessities

i thank you all in advance