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Hello may I request a first meeting/date in an aquarium AU? Thank you so much and have a good day/night ahead! ^^ <3

aw this is such a cUTE IDEA !! <3

  • do you think now would be a good time to mention my massive phobia of the ocean and everything in it…?
  • “that’s you.”
    • “aw that’s so sweet!”
      “no, i was pointing at the blobfish.”
  • the first time i met you, you were imitating a dolphin.
    “you’re yelling again.”
    “i get excited, sorry.”
  • so you’re telling me, in all the years of your life, you have never been to an aquarium?!? you have not lived.
  • the aquarium has one of those pools where you get to pet the fish and you’re literally the only full grown adult trying to pet the fish, but you look just as excited and hyperactive as the kids.
  • i work at the aquarium and this person (really cute person) is really interested in this one species, which i just so happen to be standing by how c o n v e n i e n t
    • you started talking aloud and it took me a few seconds to realise but you were addressing me and omg please talk more about this creature 
      • this is the most amusing thing i’ve seen because i’m talking about this sea-creature but im making it up as i go along and this employee is totally buying it this is the best
  • …what on earth could this person want with five massive seal plushies???
  • i can see you from the other side of the fish tank so you look a bit distorted but shit even when you’re distorted you’re attractive
  • you’re the only other person here at the aquarium and it’s like 10 PM, so i’m guessing you had a rough day too, huh?
  • yeah, hi, i’m petrified of sharks but i want to see the rest of the aquarium so do you think you could guide me through while i keep my eyes closed??? 
  • i work at the information booth and you literally just came up to me and talked to me for a solid forty minutes about how we should use jellyfish to conduct electricity… and the worst part is, i’m kind of onboard. 
  • “can we buy an aquarium?”
    “…i’ll think about it.”
  • “i feel really bad, this was meant to be a date but i just spent the whole time looking at the fish, that must’ve been really boring for you; sorry.”
    “who ever said i was complaining?”
  • “hey…do you think i could go all dory on this and speak whale?”
    “we’re in a public place, please don’t.”
    “too late! hIIiI theRe!”
    “i can’t believe it but i think it’s actually working.”
    • “and that’s the story of how we got kicked out the aquarium”
  • Finding Nemo: In Real Life
  • you tried to pet the fish and surprise the fish didn’t like it and they bit you, so now i’m currently giving you first aid whilst at the same time trying to calm you down. what an unforgettable first date this is huh.
    • (alternatively) we were at the petting pool and we went to go pet the fish before we left, i noticed that once we were out of the aquarium there was a massive stain on the front of your shirt..
      • “did you seriously just steal a fish? it’ll die.”
        “don’t worry! it’s in a bag of water of course. how stupid do you think i am?”
        “how did you- when did you- why - you know what, i’m not even gonna bother.”

- jess

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[Ereri 365 Project] Day 266 : Whale (Mermaid AU)

“Eren? Where are you going? Eren?!”

Levi swims after his mate hastily. Eren ordinary doesn’t swim nearly this fast so it’s a little strange.

When Eren stops suddenly, peering into the mouth of a cave, Levi accidentally swims into him. “What are you –“

“Shh!” Eren cuts him off. “Don’t you hear it?”

Levi listens for a moment. A quiet whine sounds from inside the cave. “Is that a whale?” Levi asks.

Eren immediately takes off into the cave.

“Eren stop!” Levi says. “If that things a blue whale it’ll be big enough to eat you, come back!”

“It sounds like a baby, Levi, I need to make sure it’s alright.”

Levi sighs, rubbing the bridge of his nose. “Fine but I’ll never forgive you if we die down there.”

Levi follows Eren down into the cave. Eren was right, a baby humpback whale is circling at the end of the cave, all alone. “Oh no, she’s lost,” Eren says with a small frown.


“She sounds like a she.”

Levi stares at him for a moment. “Do you speak whale or something I didn’t know?”

“Well, most whale families have different dialects so if you learn how one group of whales speaks, it probably won’t help you that much if you encounter one from a different group. We usually get humpback’s back home though so maybe her family passed through at some point and I can translate a little of what she says.”

Levi just shakes his head and turns his attention back to the baby whale. “What do we do?”

“She’ll drown if she stays down here any longer.”

“Right, so, what do we do?”

Eren swims over slowly. When she sees him getting closer, she tries to cower against the wall. “Are you lost baby?” he asks gently.

She whines sadly, “Scared.”

He gets up close and pets her. “It’s okay,” he says. “Come with me, I’ll help you up to the surface and get you some food, okay?”

She hesitant, but with some coaxing Eren gets her moving. Levi leads them out while Eren stays at the whale’s side to make sure she doesn’t get scared and go back. Once they’ve cleared the cave, they head directly for the surface where she finally gets a fresh gulp of air.

“Do you have a name, baby?” Eren asks once they’re back under.

She makes a confused noise.

Eren points to himself, “Eren.” He points to Levi, “Levi.”

He points to her. She makes a sad noise, “No.”

Eren frowns. “She’s not even old enough for her mother to have named her,” he says.

Levi pets the baby gently. “How about Bubby?” he asks.

Eren grins. “How would you like that, baby?” he asks the whale. “Can we called you Bubby?”

She makes a slightly happier noise this time.

Eren grins and hugs her. “Okay Levi, I’ll take her to find food. Can you go see if there’s anyone nearby who’s seen humpback whales come through here?”

Levi nods and swims off.

When Levi finds them again, they’re playing hide-and-seek in the nearby caves. “Eren.”

He swims over to Eren who’s flat against the roof of a cave. “Go away Levi, we’re playing a game,” he replies.

“Eren, this is no time for games, the dolphins nearby said there hasn’t been –“

A high happy noise sounds as Bubby swims up to Eren and taps his stomach with her nose. He laughs and hugs her. “You found me!” he says.

Levi sighs. “What do all those noises mean?” he asks.

“That one in particular means ‘Mama’.”

Levi almost feels like his eye twitches at that. “Mama?”

Eren giggles when she taps his belly again. “Yeah, she thinks I’m her Mama now.”

Levi facepalms. “Great, now we have a baby.”

Eren pouts. “Don’t be so mean.”

Bubby makes a questioning noise.

Eren giggles. “What?” Levi asks.

“She asked if you’re her Daddy.”

adventures in the spirit world
  • Asami: Wow! Korra, is that a spirit whale?
  • Korra: Yes it is! I bet I could get it to come closer for you, you know me being the Avatar and all.
  • Asami: No, it's fine.
  • Korra: WWwwwwEEEeeeeeEEEEE NNNnnnnNNeeeEEEEEEeeDDDDddd YYYYYYyyyooOOOOOOOOoooUUUuu TTTTttttOOOOooooo-
  • Asami: Korra what are you doing?
  • Korra: CCCCCCcccccOOOOOooooMMMMmmmEEEEee OOOOooooVVVVEEEeeeRRRrrrr HHHHhhhEEEeeeRRRRRrrrrEEEEEeeee
  • Asami: Are you sure you speak whale?
  • Asami: Spirits knows what you are saying! ....See he is swimming away.
  • Korra: CCCCccccooooOOOmmmMMMEEEeee BBBBbbbAAAaaaCCccKKKK!!!
  • Asami: He's not coming back! You offended him!
  • Korra: Maybe a different dialect?
  • Asami: .....

The Captain’s Cabin, Part Three (read one and two here)(

“A pirate flag?” Emma squinted up at the skull and crossbones as they waved in the sunny morning breeze, wondering what she was getting herself into.

“Aye, a pirate flag. You didn’t notice it last time we were aboard?” Killian smiled at her as he handed her a lifejacket, one that had considerably less wear and tear on it than his own seemed to, and went back to helping Liam tow in the last of the boat’s inflatable bumpers. He was right, Emma had been on the deck of the Jolly Roger. Just not this early in the morning.

He and his brother had somehow managed to convince them to wake up early and go sailing — it’s your last full day in town, Liam had whined, pouting and fluttering his lashes in Elsa’s direction. That had been enough to sell her friend on the experience, but Emma was willing to put up a bit more of a fight. What better way to spend their last stop on the trip than whale watching? Killian had asked her, lifting his brow as if there was no other acceptable answer in the world. She couldn’t think of any at the time, and that apparently settled it.

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