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How I cope with my Emotional Nonsense

My brain comes with the fun little perk of really intense, overwhelming emotional reactions. My emotions are a series of on/off switches and it’s either blinding painful intensity or complete numbness. So here’s how I try to manage it:

  • Clean my room. Not like… calm gentle reorganization. No. I dump as much as I think I can handle onto the floor and put it back in its place. It’s intense. There’s usually loud angry music. Things almost always end up only slightly cleaner than they were but I feel way fuckin better afterwards.
  • Play video games. Preferably those ones where you’re way OP and just slice through enemies like butter. Or something you just plain can’t lose at, like Stardew Valley.
  • Watch vine compilations. Seriously, just search RIP Vine in youtube, click on the mix playlist, and you’re set forever.
  • Listen to podcasts. I like audio dramas. If you want recs, message me. I’ve got a list.
  • Take a walk. I’m confident in my ability to keep myself safe in doing so, so I will start walking and just not stop until I calm down. Usually I’m doing better after about half an hour for me.
  • Make something. Draw, knit, write, paint, make a fucking hand turkey. No one cares if it’s good. And even if I decide to throw it out, I usually feel better once I’ve actually made a thing.
  • Blanket fort. Really. It helps. Use a paper towel tube as a fake sword. Just… be silly and childish and imaginative. Those aren’t bad things to be.
  • Cut/dye my hair. Usually this takes a little planning but I always wind up deciding to do it during a breakdown of some sort.
  • Eat something. Sometimes a bag of gummy worms is all it takes to remember that the world isn’t entirely awful.
  • Go back to bed. Sometimes, I just don’t have the energy to put up with the world’s bullshit. And that’s okay. It’s not wise to pick this one every time, but sometimes the world can wait. I bury myself under the covers, put my phone on do not disturb, and either take a nap or listen to music.

Sometimes, I’m stuck. I can’t distract myself, and I can feel the wave coming, about to pull me under and turn me into a massive shitlord. Because I am an absolutely AWFUL person to be around when I’m in emotion-hell. Believe me, I hate myself during it too. Haven’t quite figured out what to do with it yet, but if I’m with someone I try to warn them that I’m really upset and just need a moment to freak out a bit. Then I try to just… let it pass. It’s a bad idea to talk to people you have strong feelings about, no matter the feelings, when you’re in this. Impulses are hard to manage. I tend to just ramble my feelings in a private post on tumblr or I talk to someone I don’t know that well and consequently don’t have strong feelings about. Just… keep breathing. It passes.

So yeah. Things I try to keep in mind:

  • Nothing is permanent. Our lives are short and, on a cosmic scale, relatively insignificant. The decisions I make aren’t actually that important, so I may as well have fun.
  • Our lives are the most important thing we experience. This is how we are, right now. It is so very real, so very vivid and meaningful and shapes future iterations of us. We are very much here.
  • Two opposing statements can be true at the same time. We are complex, beautiful creatures capable of complex planning and deep thought. We’re also  bumbling apes who will ingest toxic substances because we like how they feel and frequently giggle at the thought of farts.
  • People in general are too busy worrying about what everyone else thinks of them to actually notice that a bit of someone else’s hair is sticking up or that their shirt was on inside out. It happens. We’ve all had those days.
  • There is no such thing as grown-ups. Only people who have gotten very good at pretending they know what they’re doing. We learn the rules by conformity, by watching everyone else and doing what they’re doing, even if we don’t actually know what the fuck is going on. It’s okay. There’s probably someone else just as confused as you in the same room. You’ll be fine, and if you’re too lost to pretend you know what’s going on, either ask someone who looks like they know, or bullshit it and hope for the best.
  • There is good in the world. If you need evidence, look at this dog. All dogs are good.
Unbearable Distance [Prince Sidon/Reader]

Title: Unbearable Distance 
Pairing: Prince Sidon x Reader (you)
Summary: Prince Sidon has always been overprotective of you and anxious over your depatures, whereas you’re just trying to keep yourself from being a blubbering mess.

A/N: Yo! First Sidon fanfic out of the many I plan to do. If you have a request, feel free to ask! Also. Unless specified, the reader character is gender neutral. So, my hope is that anyone who reads it will find enjoyment in it!

Lemme know your thoughts!

“Are you certain you wouldn’t just prefer for me to take you there myself?”

“No. Horseback will be more comfortable and more… dry…”

“Ah, yes. Point taken. However, I do think that if your village is so near to Lake Hylia, it would be most beneficial for me to–”

“There are merchants I need to meet along the way. Don’t worry about it.”

“My love, must you take the road less traveled? The descent through the hills, the woodlands, the pastures–they’re brimming with beasts!”

“It’s okay, seriously. Stop worrying so much.”

“Darling, please allow me–”

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I’m getting too many posts on my dashboard these days about how “Sora is the perfect angel, he never does anything wrong.!” “Terra is such a screw-up, wasn’t it obvious he was being manipulated…” 

You want a chart? I’ll make a chart. I’ll fucking do it. EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER HAS AN UPSIDE AND A DOWNSIDE. No one is inherently perfect, no one is a total fuck-up. Everyone did something WRONG, everyone did something RIGHT.




  • Very devoted to helping others
  • Fun-loving attitude, the “upbeat” guy
  • Adventurous and out-going


  • Super-trusting of most things he hears (can often lead to being tricked)
  • Arrogant towards those he dislikes or disagrees with
  • Oblivious and doesn’t often connect the dots
  • VERY reckless

“Whoa, whoa, Storm, you can’t just bash Sora like-” OH YES I CAN, THIS CHILD HAS FUCKED UP QUITE A LOT. Even if it’s not on the same scale as others, Sora has made a number of mistakes that people tend to ignore because they wanna see their precious sunshine boy for the perfection that he isn’t. 

Examples? GLADLY! How ‘bout the time Sora just TRUSTED Hades when he handed him the pass to enter the Games? (KH1)

Not convincing enough? Okay, what about when he was going to just jump into the Portal of Darkness, after seeing Saix, despite possible repercussions? (KH2)

STILL? He hardly bothered to listen to the Organization members (Xigbar, for instance, or Demyx) when they talked to him, just telling them to quit rambling or cut the act of having a heart. If he had LISTENED, he might’ve learned about Roxas or the previous Keyblade wielders SOONER! (KH2)

DON’T EVEN MAKE ME DIP INTO WHAT THEY DID IN DREAM DROP DISTANCE, that child lost ALL sense of self-preservation in that game and seriously couldn’t figure out he was being manipulated.

“Okay then… What about Terra?”

Terra. Did not. Fuck up. That badly. Everyone says Terra is a screw up and he did everything wrong. He didn’t realize he was being manipulated and he’s stupid for that.

No, it’s okay. I’ll give benefit of a doubt. Let’s just…



  • Thoughtful to his friends and those he cares for
  • Loyal to his duties as a Keyblade wielder
  • Takes most things said to heart


  • Takes most things said to heart (he believes people’s first words too easily, even blatant lies)
  • Easily manipulated via threats towards those he cares about 
  • Insecure about his strength and abilities, another source of manipulation
  • VERY gullible (we all know that) but not to an extent that he didn’t care for his own well-being or others

“Storm, you make a compelling argument but Terra still was-” Look, Terra definitely screwed up, but people are blaming TERRA for what happened more than Xehanort’s manipulative ways. 

Xehanort danced around Eraqus, was setting up Ventus to be a pawn, ready to kill Aqua if she got in the way. Terra was just another piece of this big plan. Yet he’s assigned quite a lot of the blame. 

This all is setting up to draw PARALLELS between Terra and Sora. The two were easily manipulated, often could be reckless, but in the end, just aimed to help the people they cared for. 

Sora is often put out to be this huge savior of all people while Terra is drawn to be the unwilling cause of most situations. But how can they be so different when their upsides and downsides are so identical?

I.E., Terra didn’t screw up as badly as you think. He was actually doing really well. And Sora isn’t the perfect person. He’s messed up as much as anybody.

The amount of people that asks me tips about How to Art has gone off the chart. I don’t think I’m in any position to teach anyone but here’s some Absolutely Random Thoughts on things I’ve learned during my journey as an artist.

1- Anyone can learn to art. I mean it. I’ve said it multiple times. This is not some kind of positive schtick I keep up in order to make you feel good about yourself. I seriously mean it. But art requires sacrifices, which brings us to point 2.

2- Art takes time. Some people might be more predisposed than others. Someone is better at color balancing, someone seems to get anatomy flawlessly, someone is a God at inking. But art is a skill, and skills are practiced. Even if you feel you don’t have a “natural talent” it doesn’t mean anything. Practice is the one thing that counts.

3- Be patient. Be stubborn. Take your time. Art takes years to build up. There’s this notion regarding art that either you’ll instantly make it or you are shit. That is not true. Do you expect someone to pick up a violin and be able to play in three days? Of course not, because we can *see* that playing an instrument is hard and requires plenty of practice. Art is the same.

4- You don’t have to be a Young Genius. This is something I struggle with on a daily basis myself. Our society puts young artists on a pedestal, this sort of “you either work at pixar at 20 or you are destined to fail” feeling. I’ve fallen into this trap, I will fall into this trap again in the future surely. It’s easy to do that when you see so many amazing artists working hard and producing so many good things at a young age.
But that’s them. You are you. You can be 15 or 65, it doesn’t change anything. No one is gonna rip the pencil away from your fingers if you get past a certain age. You can still do it.

5- Be kind to yourself. If you feel like you are drowning in doubt and self deprecation, take a step back. Look behind you. See those mountains? You’ve scaled those already. Take pride in your accomplishments. It’s good to work hard and with passion, but if you need it, take a pause. Your mind needs to recharge from time to time.

6- Find what works for you. Every person is unique and has different approach to art. What works for me can be an absolute disaster for you. If someone says “this is the only way to do this thing” don’t listen. They are lying and probably very insecure in their work. Try many different things, and surely you’ll find what is better for you. And then keep searching and trying. Before you can realize it, you will have a huge array of abilities you have absorbed by trial and error.

7- Inspiration is ok. It’s ok to imitate someone’s style. But be honest with yourself. It’s easy especially with today’s technology to fall into traps like tracing. But that doesn’t build up skill. The result may look good for the moment, but you are absorbing nothing. Use photos as references. that’s vital, but try to understand lines and space and perspective and interpret them in your own way. It takes time. Don’t take the easy way just for the instant-gratification. That hurts you, and no one else.

8- Don’t idolize others. Even the artists you look up to and admire went through and still go through the very doubts that plagues you. Just pick up your courage and ask them about it. 100% they feel exactly like you do, I promise.

9- In the same vein, don’t demonize others. Those amazing “talented” artists? They worked hard to get where they are now. Most people I’ve had the luck of speaking with are humble, nice people that just want to express themselves through their works. And those who act all high and mighty because they are famous or whatever and starts showing off like proud peacocks… Well, that’s their problem, not yours. If someone is looking down on you, it’s their problem, not yours. Don’t let anyone that’s full of themselves like that ever discourage you from keep trying.

10- Draw, draw, draw. Even if there will be times in which all you will want to do is scream and cry and hate what you produce- That feeling is what you go through when your ability is growing. Think about it like a roleplaying game. Feeling like your ability is *not there yet* means you are close to leveling up. Just grind a bit more of those XPs. And then start all over again. Because that feeling is not going away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find love and pride for your work in your heart.

And last but not least… All of the above counts for myself too. It counts for all of us, no matter who you are. Art is not a competition, don’t treat it like such. Art is something that can link us all. Art is a social expression. Art is love.

Wish you all the best of luck, and hope to see more and more people grow and become better and better artists. To have more artists in an enrichment, not a danger.


I promised Lissa that I would take some process photos of how I draw rocks, because it is widely known that LISSA TREIMAN CAN’T DRAW ROCKS apparently, and so here they are!  It’s no video tutorial, but it’s something. :)

So drawing rocks is kinda different from drawing other stuff.
What I love about drawing rocks is that they’re abstract, but they’re abstract with their own logic and history to them.  Rocks look the way the do for a reason- sediments, erosion, eruption, human foot traffic, what have you- and it’s important to suss out those reasons while you’re drawing them.  Sometimes you know why rocks look the way they do (maybe you are intimately familiar with the Colorado plateau, I don’t know your deal), but a lot of the time it’s up to you to silently observe trends and features in the rock that speak to a grander system.

Learning geology is gonna seriously boost your rock-drawing skills.
At Bryce Canyon (technically an amphitheater or pothole!), you’re staring at the Pink Cliffs of the Claron formation- limestone eroded into elaborate fins and hoodoos through an ongoing freeze/thaw cycle.  Unlike the formations in Arches, where you can see elaborate upheavals and folds, Bryce’s sedimentary layers are blessedly flat- you can trace the layers across multiple hoodoos, each of them wearing differently according to their particular mineral composition.  Knowing this, knowing what to look for when you’re drawing a particular formation, is a fantastic tool for you as an artist- as you’re laying in the overall shape, these tiered layers give you visual anchors to check the scale and proportions of the rocks.  Thanks a lot, NATURE.

How I personally draw rocks.
A note about hatching- I generally prefer directional hatching, rather than flatter cross-hatching, when I’m working with pen.  Cross-hatching happens in the process, it’s inevitable, but hatching in a direction consistent with the form you’re drawing tends to make for much more plausible 3D forms that sit well in space.  Look to Franklin Booth and Charles Dana Gibson for some particularly expert hatching inspiration.  Try not to cry.  So!  Onto the process itself:

  • I start out with loose outlines, marking particularly important landmarks, change of planar direction, and any deep pits in the rock- they help to anchor the drawing down the line, and give me a nice base to work on top of.  This is the stage when I panic and think the sketch is going to turn out horribly.  It is an ugly stage.
  • From there, I tend to (apparently, I don’t think this is something I’m considering at the time) block out sections of rock to render with more detail, working the entire surface and trying to keep broader value structures in mind.  Those darker pits in the rock help ground me- they give me a “darkest dark” that I can work against as I’m laying down tones.
  • As I start working on new sections of rock, I’ll jump back and forth to cohere the sections, make sure they sit well in the value structure, that the forms are reading across the rock, etc.
  • While you sketch, make sure you aren’t overworking the surface of the rock- let your eyes go out of focus, and really prioritize where to add value, where to leave swaths of blank paper, etc.
  • Once I’m nearing the end of the sketch, I’ll do a quick pass of overall hatching to make sure the piece reads as a whole.  I love the local colour of the hoodoos- the transitions from pink to orange to white- and so I wanted to make sure there was a hint of that broad value structure in my sketch.
  • Add plants, if available.  Plants make everything better.

And you’re done!  Or, well, you’re kinda cold and your butt’s going numb.  Here’s the final piece I ended up with, alongside an in-focus photo of the rocks for comparison:

External image

…it’s not perfect- I can start to pick it apart now that I have them side by side- but it’s pretty damn close! :)

Have fun drawing rocks ALL DAY LONG,

I Wouldn’t Call That Art (Deadpool x Agender!reader)

Request: frostedej said: Deadpool acting like a protective big brother with gender neutral reader? :3

He’ll be here soon, you told yourself, lying on your back on a jagged pile of debris from the building that had just toppled with you still inside.  Each breath taken was more difficult than the last, until you felt the stabbing pain of a lung collapsing under the strain.  You could barely move, but you managed to lift your head just enough to see the thin metal bar sticking out from the side of your chest, and you wondered how you were even still awake to have to suffer through this.  When you finally heard Wade’s voice calling out for you in the distance, after the span of an eternity had passed, you realized that this was what was keeping you alert enough; you needed to see him first if your body decided to let you die.

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Sneaking more fanfic onto the interwebs

I was bored at work today – or maybe I just feel so defeated anymore that I didn’t want to deal with the neverending drama that is the newscycle. So I decided to write something nice to distract myself. Unbeta’d. 


“Uh, hi. My name is Darcy Lewis. I’m here to see Sam Wilson?” Darcy said to the young man at the reception desk. He looked younger than her – an intern, maybe. He nodded and pushed a button on his phone.

“He’s expecting you Ms. Lewis,” he said. “He’ll be right out.”

She nodded and took a seat on the sofa. She’d brought a folder with her resume and college transcript. She didn’t know if she needed it or not – but honestly she didn’t know what she was even doing there. She’d been supporting herself after college with a healthy balance of temp jobs and not a little of help from her parents. Her best friend’s boyfriend said a guy he knew from school needed an assistant and encouraged her to give them a call.

The guy was New York’s junior senator. She’d laughed in his stupidly beautiful face, but she’d taken the number anyway.

She’d called and once she explained how she found out about the job they asked her to come down for an interview.

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Playing hard to get, Kara?

I respect that. In fact, I almost admire it. It’s irritating beyond belief that in upsetting you I’ve handed power to the one person who knows exactly how to get under my skin. Do you keep a chart? Check each action on a scale of whether it will trigger my awful temper? Maintain a list of the few things you’ve ever seen reduce me to tears.

So you rejected the delivery of flowers. Fine. Not my most original idea, and I’m working without a decent assistant. Sending flowers to your office was as cliché as it was unprofessional, especially while you’re struggling to be taken seriously, so you’re right to refuse.

The cupcakes, you accepted. Even if you did sign the delivery receipt with ‘bite me xx’. Knowing your appetite as I do, and that I denied you those superlative baked goods before, I’m not entirely surprised at that moment of concession.

And yet you hold firm on not replying.

You really think you’ve ended this conversation with me, that we have nothing left to say to one another. You don’t realize the days and hours I spent unable to talk to you or anyone, how I used that time to compile endless lists of things I want to tell you, motivational speeches I’ve yet to give you, confessions that sometimes I think I owe you.

Then I remember that if I care for you at all, it would be kindest to keep those confessions to myself. That I can’t tell you the effect thinking I’ve lost you for good is having on my mental health and my recovery. I won’t guilt you into coming back to me, Kara. It has to be because you forgive me and you miss talking to me, too. But you also know how accustomed I am to getting what I want. When it comes to you, only that stubborn decency of yours stops me from crossing those lines.

Thus, I won’t bribe you with a sports car, not least because I remember the fateful day you collected me in my Ferrari when I was too drunk to drive it home. We’d honestly have been safer with me at the wheel and three times over the limit, I suspect. I won’t call your every known acquaintance to get them to tell you to talk to me - although I have an unlisted number here for Danvers, E. in Midvale, CA. In case you thought injury had dulled my investigative skills.

Talk to me, Kara.

Even if only to keep telling me how I hurt you and how disappointed you are. Tell me about how scared you were, how I did that to you, and let me absorb the blame I deserve for it. I’ll even listen to your millennial dating woes, no matter how much that pains me now, if it means you’re writing back.

I can be insincere. I can be flippant and careless, and discard people who don’t mean much to me. I can’t be any of those things with you, so draw your own conclusions. I could certainly never discard you, so I ask you not to do the same with me.

I keep telling myself I won’t beg. Kara, please don’t make me a liar.

Noct and Prom decorate for Christmas~

Have some more Incubus Christmas Cheer! 

oops, we missed two days! off to a promising start lmfao. blame work and disneyland for messing everything up for us! we’ll do better for the rest of the month, right @numinoceur ?! right! maybe.

It’s still early in the holidays, but one would never know that, given the state of Noctis and Prompto’s place. They’ve already started vomiting Christmas everywhere. Or, well, Noctis has, at least. He just keeps coming home with stuff, and Prompto’s a little in awe of how many ridiculously tacky Christmas decorations even exist. A lot of it’s still piled in the corner of the living room, and it’s only a matter of time before they go all out.

Prompto doesn’t bother to deny that he enjoys it, anymore. There were… well, many, many years where he simply stared Noctis down with some level of dread during the holiday season. Slowly, things have changed. Looking back, Prompto can’t even pinpoint when the shift happened. It’s been slow and steady, but progressive, and suddenly, he’s here. He’s sitting on the couch, watching a dumb Christmas special on television. Squishy’s got a new collar that has bells and snowflakes on it, and the tiny little bells jingle every time he wiggles his tentacles.

Noctis found some stupid Christmas sock Advent Calendar at a local box department store, themed from an old book series he’s been fond of for the past twenty years or so, and apparently they’re rare. Either way, Prompto’s wearing his dumb Christmas socks too. They have a collection of holiday-themed sweaters, too. Noctis is the worst.


The front door opens, though, as Prompto’s halfway through his show, curled up with Squish, a nice fleece blanket thrown over them. Prompto lifts his eyes, and he keeps his expression neutral as Noct wanders in, even though his lips are totally tugging at the edges. There’s a certain light to his eyes, too, as Prompto meets Noct’s gaze, lifting a hand in greeting.

“Where the hell were you? You’re usually in bed,” Prompto points out. Noctis, after all, is the lazy one who sleeps way too much. It’s almost like he comes out of hibernation, this time of year.

“Secret,” Noct replies, with a lazy smile, and he looks very pleased with himself. Noctis is wearing an ugly Christmas sweater, Prompto notices, and it’s absolutely hideous. “You’ll find out in a few weeks.”

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The Story Within The Song// Sherlock Holmes

Originally posted by violincameos

Requested by Anon: It’s your wedding day, but you are determined to explain to your friends and family how you actually fell in love with Sherlock Holmes; by composing a song that literally told the story of the adventure the two of you lived. 

This one is particularly long. Enjoy! Mary and John are both included in this one, so this is pre 4x01.  

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moonaskingtostay  asked:

46, bellarke, canonverse, for the fic prompt thingie ? pretty please ?

46.“Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.”

Thank you for the prompt, Morgane! This went in literally the opposite direction of what I was planning, whoops. Props to this post for inspiring the beginning scene. Canonverse, s5 spec (ignoring that whole bit with the prisoner ship shhh):

Clarke watched her daughter from a slight distance as she finished lacing her boots. It was still early in the day, and the overnight chill lingered. Madi was running Murphy through her typical morning routine: checking the traps they’d placed the night before, cleaning and cooking any kills, and drying whatever could be preserved for the winter.

Clarke smiled as she saw how awed Murphy was by the girl’s seriousness. She hadn’t expected him to take to Madi as much as he did, of all of them. But Madi had taken to Murphy immediately. He treated her as his equal, never talking down to her or ignoring her. Madi in turn came to him with questions or ideas, and the delight Murphy took in those moments was touching. He was the most accessible of all of the men, somehow. As soon as the dust of the reunion had settled, Monty was busy with Raven planning how they were going to extricate the bunker, and Bellamy…Bellamy had a lot on his mind. Murphy was so happy to be back on the ground, and so happy to make himself useful preparing food that wasn’t algae. He immediately began referring to himself as Madi’s second, much to Echo’s chagrin.

Clarke drew herself up and stretched. She had slept in a bit that morning, for once. Last night she had finally come off the adrenaline high she’d been on since they’d first seen each other again. She had been nodding off next to the fire, until Bellamy had picked her up and carried her to the rover, leaving her next to Madi with only a word: “Sleep.”

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I think, as a fandom we have crossed the line so many times that most of you are more amused by it than distraught but seriously, it has been enough.

Dandongs, one of the most amazing and talented nsfw artists of this site deleted. Why? Because someone (who has apologized already stop sending her hate jfc) thought it would be awesome to repost their art in the heyphillookatthis tag

Take a moment to imagine you as them, making art because you like it, you enjoy it and you don’t want the real Dan or Phil to look at it. You state it SEVERAL times but there’s always someone tagging them on it, submitting it when they ask for fanart for the book and lastly reuploading it to the tag they are going to check and watch them look at it




What’s this fandom anymore?

Phil opens a space for us to show him stuff and what’s in that tag?

Cringing edits. “Phan is real”. People with pretty much nothing to say. Selfies.

It’s so so fucking sad that amazing art (i saw someone who made an scale model of their apartment so lit), or people who really want to say thanks to them for helping them through dark times, or just funny stuff gets buried by this GARBAGE.

I said it. It’s fucking garbage. It gets fucking old, why do you tag him in your gross edits and say like “omg someone stop me” or “just take me away from the internet” I won’t even ask if you are all 12 yrs old, because that would be disrespectful to all those 12 yr old mature shippers WHO DONT DO THAT. You know they will saw it and be disturbed by it. It was funny the 20 first times now it isn’t anymore why won’t you just stop stealing space from people who DO want to show them nice things?

And don’t tell me that they want this, Phil practically took off the Draw Phil Naked because he got disturbed by it. Dan spent half of the video saying he was at his limit.

Stop it. It’s not funny anymore, to be rude to them, the gross edits, the “— fic”, to call Dan a rat, to send them disturbing stuff, to ask/tell them about phan.

You are driving them away

They are being rude back.

Tbh at this point i think the relationship between D&P and the phandom is so deteriorated that they shouldn’t make tumblr tag anymore.

I know they do it for our entretainment but if they are going to be hate like 90% of the things they do for them, be cringing edits or just a cute fanart of them and Dil as a family (which i think the rudeness towards that one was out of proportion) i don’t see the point. I suppose they are just so touchy towards anything shippy at this point that they’d rather be rude than have everyone saying like “omg they liked it!!! phan confirmed!!”

Just. Let’s grow up as a fandom.

anonymous asked:

Seeing as you've already given your opinion on who are the most overrated characters of atla, who do you think are the most underrated?

Heh, well…

  1. I wasn’t sure whether to feature Sokka as #1 or #2 but alas, I love him so he gets #1. He’s terribly underrated and it angers me. There was a time when my blog wasn’t an exclusively Sokkla blog with a few things on the side, I used to reblog general Avatar things (yes, that was A LONG time ago xD), and yet every single time I saw “Team Avatar” posts without Sokka I would literally scroll past them as if they didn’t exist. Because ffs, I don’t care if he’s not a bender, if the other four are the perfect symbolization of the four elements in harmony, HE’S PART OF TEAM AVATAR TOO!

    … so yes. Sokka. The guy who gets simplified, as I recently said, as “he was sexist and now he’s not” by posts of 100K notes, or even shrugged off by some people as “the funny one”, even gets hated by some people with terrible taste who think he’s useless just because he can’t bend. Yep, those who hate him because of this aren’t even worth talking to, in my experience. Clear as day they can’t see the true worth of anything even if it’s right in front of their eyes.

    Alas, Sokka, the boy who grew up into a man by putting other people’s needs ahead of his own, who stood his moral code even in the worst circumstances (such as shown in Jet), who opened his mind to new experiences and became a remarkable warrior because of this. He’s humble, but his heart is stronger than that of any other character in the franchise. He has seen so much tragedy and such darkness weighs inside him, but he doesn’t allow those tragedies to shape him. His strength is seriously admirable.

    … And I’d dare say half the fandom, if not more, just think he’s the funny guy. He’s the definition of an underrated character.

  2. Ironically, I think Aang is very underrated. Yes, he’s not my favorite character either, but the strength this boy showed in the face of his many tragedies, and the evolution from fleeing from his problems to being able to face his responsibilities was pretty great. Also, Aang, unlike some other characters, usually faced consequences when he did something wrong.

    Perhaps the only exception I can think for that is his emo phase during Book 2, which is justified plenty, but the show doesn’t try to make you think he’s being nice. It’s shown that he’s very affected by the loss of his bison, but his treatment of his friends isn’t sweetened. The others show a lot of strength and understanding, knowing Aang can’t be his usual self when this is weighing on him. It was a bad time for everyone, yet I feel it was handled well enough as something that was hurting Aang really badly, one last straw for him after he had undergone so much pain already.

    Other than that specific part of the show, Aang often was forced to grow and change whenever he made mistakes, and had to face many uncomfortable truths about his past lives and the world he lived in. He showed a lot of integrity and human qualities and never degenerated into a tropey shonen anime protagonist, for instance. So while I’m not a huge Aang fan, I figured the rest of the fandom would appreciate him more. No doubt he has his fans, but a ton of the hate he gets is undeserved and often hypocritical, not to mention it’s mostly done to simplify his character when he was pretty great, as a character and hero, as he was.

  3. Ahahahahaaa… Ozai! Yes, I don’t blame most people for underestimating and despising Ozai: let’s be fair, this man was supposed to be the final boss and he was built from the start to be the kind of villain people hated. He wasn’t meant to be relatable or nice or emotional or anything of the sort, even if a handful of people did grow to like him. But the show clearly wanted him to be a bad guy, THE bad guy, and he played his part well enough.

    But the thing that bugs me with Ozai is: for one thing, so many people underestimate his bending skills. No lie, we only saw him fighting in Sozin’s Comet, but even so, the kind of mad skills he showed there were off the charts. The legion of people claiming Iroh is stronger than Ozai and that he would’ve handed his ass to him is honestly laughable, considering that IROH HIMSELF SAYS HE DOESN’T KNOW THAT HE CAN GO UP AGAINST HIS BROTHER. Ozai is the strongest firebender in ATLA, PERIOD. He did things no other firebenders were shown doing. He was supposed to be that powerful BECAUSE he’s the final boss. Yes, the fight between him and Aang falls short compared to the Last Agni Kai because the emotional investment and conflict isn’t as strong here as it was over there, but for people to actually claim Ozai was weak at all? That he wasn’t that big a deal? Excuse you, but that’s just spite talking. I love Azula with all my heart, and even I can see she still wasn’t on the same power level scale as her father during the finale. And that’s fact. (I think she has the potential to surpass him, yes, but she hadn’t done it by the time of the finale).

    And then there’s the other reason why Ozai is underrated: yes, he wasn’t developed, he wasn’t explored, he fell flat many times. But honest to gods, it’s not that hard to draw the parallels between him and Zuko when you consider: 1. Ozai was designed to look like an older version of Zuko 2. Ozai is stated to have traveled looking for the Avatar, just like Zuko 3. Ozai gets passed over by his father and punished beyond proportion for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Seriously, can we not see these parallels, right there? And that’s without getting into the similarity of Zuko and Ozai’s personalities, because both of them seemed to feel entitled to the throne that, originally, wasn’t supposed to be theirs (as a reminder, if we go by what the Wikia says, Zuko is 11 when Lu Ten dies, which means he spent 11 years of his life without being a Crown Prince or expecting to take the throne because, by all logic, it should have been Lu Ten’s… yet he slides into the “that throne will be mine” mentality within a few years). Both of them are brash, hot-headed and impulsive. Both of them have bad tempers, both of them spent years trying to please fathers who could never be pleased at all.


    And that, my friends, adds a fuckton of complexity to Ozai that the majority of the fandom is happy to overlook. Hate him all you want, he’s supposed to be hated. But this guy is waaaaay more than what meets the eye if you only stop for ten minutes to ponder his character, his possible motivations and his relationships. It’s especially clear that he’s very much complex when you factor in the resemblance with Zuko.

And this time I guess I’ll cut it short at 3 because I can’t think of anyone else who’s underrated or even criticized relentlessly without much basis. While there’s some people who undermine characters like Suki, she also has a fairly big and solid group of fans who are very much devoted to bringing up her character and who will always begrudge Bryke for not revealing anything about her future, so she’s not THAT underrated…?

Welp, I feel the fandom is a little more balanced with the rest of the characters, there’s enough love and hate to go for everyone. So I guess I’ll keep it as a top 3 this time, if you don’t mind, Anon.

anonymous asked:

I'm having diffoculty deciding whether I use dominant Ti or Fi. What are some visible differences between them? Also, how can I tell whether I use objective or subjective morals (Fe vs Fi)? Thanks!

This might be a bit disorganized, but bear with me :’) I’ll be sure to cover all the judging functions so you have a good understanding of their differences.

So, it’s important to first understand what these types have in common in order to understand exactly how and why they differ. IxxPs all approach the world with the intent to judge it according to their internal frameworks. Immature IxxPs tend to place all their eggs in the basket of their dominant function, so to speak, and are therefore extremely inflexible in regards to rearranging their framework. They don’t like accepting new information or considering alternative perspectives. It’s easier to throw out contradictory information rather than overhaul the entire system. This is the reason why immature IxxPs are generally narrow-minded and prone to stale, knee-jerk judgments. They aren’t proactively using their Pe or Je functions, so the validity of their precious framework is pretty much nonexistent. It may seem valid from the perspective of the IxxP, because they’re only holding their judgments to the standards of their own subjective framework. This is why immature IxxPs are prone to circular reasoning. “It’s correct because I believe it is correct.”

Now let’s start on the differences between IxTPs and IxFPs. Here’s something I wrote a while ago about the differences between Fi-Te and Ti-Fe:

Fi-Te uses a framework of personal self-referencing values backed by external systems of logic. (“This is what makes sense to me based on an intricate analysis of what I personally value and this is how the factual systems of reality support what I believe.”)

Fi+Te users will be speculating in-depth about values. “Why is this good/bad? Watch me pick apart the topic with my Handy-Dandy Moral Reasoning.” But then when it comes to truth-based matters they won’t have that same speculative attitude. Their response will be like, “Things are obviously this way and should be done in that manner. Why does this need to be discussed?”

Ti-Fe, on the other hand, uses a framework of personal self-referencing logic backed by external systems of values. (”This is what makes sense to me based on an intricate analysis of impersonal elements and this is how the value-based systems of reality support what I believe.”)

Ti+Fe users will be the ones speculating in-depth about rationale. “Why is this true/false? I’m gonna pick apart the topic with my Superb Intricate Logic.” When it comes to value-based matters, however, they won’t be doing that same speculation. “Um, things are obviously this way and should be done in that manner. Why are you even questioning this?” [x]

From a different post I wrote on Ti:

At its core, Ti is subjective logical analysis. It operates with the intent to make logical judgments that are consistent with its understanding of the world. … Ti also provides balance to Fe’s desire to uphold group values by detaching from situations and analyzing from an impersonal, logical perspective.

Ti’s judgments take on the form of linear reasoning. “If the sky is blue and all blue things are colored, then the sky is colored.” (If a = b and b = c, then a = c.) Basically, it’s like a process of elimination that Ti goes through, step-by-step, to ensure logical accuracy. It cuts out the illogical until only the logical remains, and there it finds the truth it seeks. That’s what people are talking about when they reference Ti’s “framework of logic”. Ti uses that logical framework to continue to make consistent, accurate judgments in the future. It tends to check and recheck its logic because it doesn’t draw from the outer world like an extraverted function. Ti’s judging process is totally internal, so it has to carefully analyze all aspects of an issue in order to arrive at a valid judgment. Honestly, a lot of Ti-users have a “gift” for making things seem logically sound without there being any actual evidence at all to support their reasoning. Their statements may be logically sound, but the premises may be faulty if their perceptions are inaccurate… or they may just be hoping that you don’t notice the holes in their argument, lol. [x]

Fi has a similar process to Ti, in the sense that it gradually forms and refines. The difference is that Fi operates with the intent to make judgments of value (what is good, what is not). It uses a formula of internalized values to determine what it should accept/reject as it interacts with the world. Above all, Fi-doms want to be consistent with their values. They may try to explain/justify their impulsive value judgments with lengthy moralizing as an afterthought, in order to save Fi’s ego. It’s the value-based equivalent of a Ti-user’s “well TECHNICALLY…” Their reasoning may be consistent and valid according to their personal system of values, but their argument may easily fall to pieces when confronted with factual reality.

In response to overemphasized Fi/Ti, some people might think: “So what if you personally find fault with this thing? Don’t sweat the small stuff. You’re making the situation unnecessarily difficult.” An extraverted judging function really comes in handy in those sorts of situations. Te/Fe allows the IxxP to compromise with reality. Like yeah, the situation may not align perfectly with your preexisting judgments, but how much weight do those judgments really hold when faced with reality? Wouldn’t it be better to work with reality rather than counter-productively trying to force a highly subjective framework on everything? And that’s why Te and Fe are there. They bring objectivity and efficiency to the sometimes-ridiculous intricacy of Fi/Ti.

Now, the Je functions are efficient in the sense that they judge according to the clearest course of sensible action. “We can get from A to B with this method and obtain the desirable result, so let’s do it.” Their approach is broad and productive, in contrast to the meticulous approach of Ji. Even though both Te and Fe work with reality to form their conclusions, their goals are different. Te aims for logical efficiency. It forms judgments centered around the hard truths of reality. In the case of xxTJs, they prioritize Te’s judgments and often take the shortest “most logical” path to their goal at the expense of their personal values. With xxFPs, they will often disregard Te if its conclusion clashes with their personal values. Fe aims for social efficiency. It can be equally brutal to Te in its pursuit to maintain that efficiency. It forms and enforces judgments based on collective values, sometimes at the expense of a more in-depth analysis of the situation (in the case of xxFJs). As for xxTPs, they often disregard Fe if the conclusion clashes with their personal logic.

So, simply put:

Balanced Fi-Te maintains its value system and regularly readjusts it to reasonably account for objective truth.

Balanced Ti-Fe maintains its logic system and regularly readjusts it to reasonably account for external values.

Now I know you asked specifically for visible differences (whoops), so this may be more of what you’re looking for:

An IxTP with a good grasp of Fe gives off more approachable vibes; they utilize facial expressions as a tool to aid communication. They tend to “smile” with their eyes more naturally than IxFPs. Fi-users in general tend to give off serious vibes; their facial expressions are more muted and their eyes seem distant. They tend to express themselves in strong, short bursts and then return to their impassive setting. (IxTPs may be similar in this aspect if they have a hard time regulating their Fe, but their “bursts” will appear more unnatural and forced in comparison.) Fe-users tend to use their expressions to encourage the group to react on a similar wavelength. An IxFP is far more likely to express themselves passionately for the mere sake of self-expression. This may seem inappropriate or ill-timed from the perspective of an Fe-user, while the IxFP may be wholly unaware of this. An IxTP might misinterpret the strong expression from an Fe perspective, believing that the IxFP’s intention is to manipulate them into agreement. (Not to say that Fi-users don’t manipulate people. They’re just more likely to strong-arm people into agreement rather than attempt an Fe-esque approach.)

Basically, the idea is that Fe-users (IxTPs included) approach social situations on a larger scale, with an awareness of the “the group” as an entity, and therefore make value judgments based on that broad awareness. Fi-users (IxFPs especially) approach social situations on a smaller scale, from their individual perspective with the intent to relate all things back to the self, and therefore make value judgments that originate from the individual perspective.

That’s about all I have for ya. Thanks for asking!

how to prevent sensory overwhelm

The downside of being autistic is that our nervous systems tend to be very sensitive to sensory input, and tend to go into overwhelm, causing meltdowns or shutdowns. (AKA “sensory processing disorder”.) That’s a simplistic explanation, but this piece is aimed at people who already know what I’m talking about :-D

The beauty of being autistic is that we come with built-in ways to calm our nervous systems. I think of these as autistic superpowers (and not the only ones we have, imho). But a lot of allistic people play a kind of “unless you’re a savant/genius, autistic people aren’t worthwhile human beings” game with us so some of us are not into the idea of having superpowers. If that’s you, just think of it as a handy built-in tool.

The downside (again) is that many of us are forced out of using those built-in tools by people who don’t want us to “seem autistic.” So, often, we never discover them, or are viciously forced to suppress them. Additionally, each of us has slightly different tools. For example, rocking might help me, but make someone else feel seasick.

The following is a short guide to how to find the tools that will get YOU out of overwhelm, or prevent you from even going into it.

First, you need some options for what your tools might be. I’ll put a bunch of suggestions at the end of this post. You may also have some things that have helped you in the past.

My experience was that I had a handful of things that I knew helped, but I didn’t use them consistently. Part of the purpose of this piece is to encourage you to be aware not only of what works for you, but of when you need to use it. It is A LOT easier to do this kind of self-care when you have a sense that it will actually work consistently, and a sense of how well it will work for you!!

Also, if you are the parent of an autistic child: this is the shit you should be teaching them. Thank you. Sincerely, a former autistic child.

STEP ONE: On a scale of 0-10, where 0 is “perfectly calm,” 5 is “getting overwhelmed,” and 10 is “already having a meltdown/shutdown,” rate how close you are to sensory overwhelm. 

Autistics, please note: it does not matter if you “get it right.” There really is no objective gauge for this. It doesn’t matter, because we are measuring how much (or whether) this number changes.

So if today you say you’re at a 7, and tomorrow you feel the same way but you have a better sense of how overwhelmed you can get and you now call the same feeling a 3… it doesn’t matter.

All we care about here is how far you currently feel like you are from 0, and then, how close we can get the number to 0. So just pick something that sounds pretty accurate. 

STEP TWO: Write it down. Please and thank you.

STEP THREE: Pick a thing to try.

STEP FOUR: Set a timer and try it for three minutes. UNLESS you hate it. If you hate it, or even just find it really annoying, please stop immediately, pick something else, and try THAT for three minutes.

(Please note: three minutes is a little bit of an arbitrary number. I find that it’s a pretty good amount of time to actually shift things, while not taking too long to try something else. But if you want to try it for more or less time, go right ahead. I do recommend trying everything (that you don’t immediately reject) for the same amount of time - it just doesn’t have to be three minutes long.)

STEP FIVE: Stop doing the thing, and gauge where you are on the same 0-10 scale.

STEP SIX: Write your current number down.

STEP SEVEN: If you have found something that significantly reduced your overwhelm, you can stop. I mean, you can stop any time anyway, I’m not the boss of you. But you don’t have to go through and test everything on the list below. Just find as many things as you want; or spend as much time doing this at once as you want. You can always do it again later if you want more tools.

That’s it!

anniegst served as my guinea pig for this method yesterday. Thanks, Annie!

She rated her overwhelm as an 8 initially. I found a no-talking, crinkle-sounds ASMR video and handed her the headphones. She almost immediately was like, “this is reaaaaallly annoying, sorry.”

I asked her if there were other sounds that would not be annoying. She said that she thought even white noise would be okay, like rain or something. I switched to the white noise app we both use (Relax and Sleep, which is awesome bc you can play more than one sound at once – it’s free on both Android and iOS) and put the fountain noise on.

She listened to it for about three minutes, and re-rated her overwhelm. As a 2!!

She said that she thought if she kept listening (or if the dog in the other room stopped barking) she would be able to get down to a zero.

I didn’t check in with her to see if she did. But I did get the dog to stop barking!

Here is the list of different things people said helped them, when I requested your “autistic swiss army knives”. There are A LOT OF THEM, and there are likely far more out there. I think this gives a great overview of the possibilities though, thanks everybody!!!!

I’ll give you the summary first: By far the most common ones were rocking, and pressure from blankets/sheets, either weighted or wrapped tightly. Flapping and music – in general or loud, or on repeat, or specific pieces – were also extremely popular. I’ve mostly tried to only put each of these once when many people suggested them, but I’ve included a few variants below.

There were also multiple people mentioning echolalia, chewing on things (gum/chew necklaces/toys/fingers), singing, playing with one’s hair, reading, drinking tea, playing with textures, drawing/coloring, and showering!

Try whatever you like, and enjoy!

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[request] you taste so bitter (and sweet)

AUTHOR: ongniels (ali)
PAIRING: Lai Guanlin/Park Jihoon
SUMMARY:  Three times Guanlin is stressed/frustrated and is comforted by one of the WANNA ONE members, leaving Jihoon jealous, and one time Jihoon gets to console the younger boy.


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anonymous asked:

I loved your dragon slayer only head cannon post. What are your head cannons for the dragon slayers and their mates. Like who each dragon slayers mate is, what they love about their mate, how protective they are of them, their favorite thing to do with their mate, things like that? If its not too much to ask. Thank you!

So this ask has been sitting in my inbox for a few days, and I get ridiculously excited every time I think about it. I love getting asks like this, so please never think you’re asking too much when you ask for my headcanons. I find it so flattering!

Alright, alright, alriiiight. (Please tell me someone here watches Kevin Hart’s stand up…) anyhoo, off we go!


Mate: Gray. (Who else would I HC as his mate, though)

What he loves about him: okay, where the fuck do I even start. He loves his drive. The man does not give up on the things he believes in and Natsu finds that more inspirational with every challenge they take on together. He also happens to believe in Natsu a LOT and that gives Natsu so much more confidence than he already has. Like “Gray believes in me, fuck yeah. You bet your ass I can do this, I won’t let you down, Gray-bae”. His determination in everything he does is also something that could keep Natsu up at night. It’s really admirable. I’ll cut it off there or else we’ll be here forever.

How protective Natsu is when it comes to Gray: uh. Dude. You’ve seen how protective he is over his guild mates. It’s like that times 10. It irritates Gray but he also finds it endearing that Natsu thinks he’s special enough to protect so fiercely. Harm one hair on his head and Natsu will be on your ass before Gray can say “I’ve got this, Flame Brain.” (I headcanon Natsu as the most protective dragon slayer and I stand by that).

His favourite thing to do with Gray: FIGHT. Whether it’s fighting against him or by his side, Natsu loves it. He also really loves talking about their parents and often thinks about how he wishes he could have gotten to know the people who made an amazing person like his Gray.

“Things like that” (I’m just gonna put a random headcanon for these): Natsu loves Gray’s hair. It’s super soft and looks fantastic. Gray almost cut it short once and Natsu threatened to shave all of his off if he did. Gray changed his mind pretty fast.


Mate: Levy.

What he loves about her: how smart she is. She’s constantly teaching him new things and the way her face lights up when she talks about something new she’s learned is the cutest thing to him (even if he doesn’t always understand what she’s saying). He loves that she can be stubborn because it’s fun to him to try to break her will and get her to agree with him. He also loves how tiny she is because her reaction to being called Shrimp is the highlight of his day.

How protective Gajeel is when it comes to Levy: scale of 1-10? A hard 8. He is super protective, but will let her analyze the situation if someone’s giving her a hard time and wait for her to give him the signal to move in and kick ass. Even when she can handle the situation herself, she often lets him help because he loves to beat the hell out of anyone that messes with her.

His favourite thing to do with her: go on missions. Watching her in action is fascinating to him and he thinks she doesn’t get nearly enough credit for how bad ass she can be. When the job is over, he takes her for dinner and softly whispers praise in her ear about how great she did.

Random headcanon: some douche bag once laughed at Levy’s headband and called it “stupid, girly, and childish.” Levy was actually really upset about it. Gajeel punched the guy in the face and stormed off. Levy was really confused until he came back 10 minutes later with a headband of his own (and rocked the fuck out of it, might I add) and before Levy could say anything, he just shrugged, “don’t get all mushy on me, Shrimp. My hair was getting in my eyes anyways.” He left it at her house once and she still has it to this day and will wear it around the house when Gajeel goes on solo missions.

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Until the Flavor’s Gone (4/?) (Biadore) - Kitschy Pixel

A/N – Hi! Thanks guys for all your kind words after the last instalment, I’m a feedback whore. This chapter is a bit shorter to kind of tie up this portion of the time line. Who’s ready for some morning after best friend gossip?

No real warnings this time except for the usual ‘language’. This literally is just Danny and Jay chit chatting about Danny’s night, so I guess they do talk briefly about sexy things. And Danny is still insecure and Jay doesn’t stand for it.

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The Plus One

Characters: Rob x Reader

Summary: Rob agrees to be your date to your cousins wedding but it is far from smooth sailing.

Word Count: 1447 words

Prompt: ‘I’m a plus one and I’m pissed’ – Wave: Louden Swain.

A/N: This is kinda the first time I’m writing Rob (if you don’t count Mabel and Hogan) but I couldn’t NOT join this fantastic challenge of @natasha-cole when it’s all about Louden Swain!!!

Rob stared at his reflection in the mirror above the sink.  It took him a while to actually focus but once he did he really wished he hadn’t.  His eyes were red and his hair a mess from constantly running his fingers through it all day, even his tie was askew at this point as he swayed a little.  He knew this was going to be a terrible idea. He knew as soon as he agreed to help you but with you standing there in front of him looking so pleadingly there was no way he was going to turn you down.  Gripping the sink he tried his best to sober up a little and he winced at the bruise that was appearing on his cheek.  The entire day was just on massive clusterfuck.  

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K05/302: Gamera

The amazing thing about the very first Gamera movie is that they meant it.  By the time it died in 1971, the original Gamera franchise had become a joke even to its makers.  The lack of budget and effort were visible on screen, and the inclusion of things like Guiron, or Gamera playing his theme song on Zigra’s back, suggest that nobody was taking any of this very seriously anymore.  But five years earlier (only five years) when they made Gamera, they weren’t kidding at all.  They really wanted to make a scary kaiju film, and put everything they had into doing so.

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