do you see zayn

Zayn arriving at the arena for your sound check and choosing a seat with a perfect view of the stage.

REQUEST Interviewer: And if we come over here you’ll see Zayn Malik, long-time partner of Y/N. Zayn, we’re filming for Y/N’s documentary, can we include you? Zayn: Of course, yeah, anything for my girl. Interviewer: How do you feel seeing her up there living her dreams. Zayn: *gif* I’m so proud of her, I can only hope that she’s even a quarter as proud of herself. I love her so much and to see her doing what she loves makes me the happiest boyfriend alive.

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Hey i was just wondering do you know a fic where zayn works at bookstore but he see people before they die since he was little so one day he meets liam in the bookstore but he doesnt know that liam is missing and thats just his ghost

i don’t know this one, sorry! anyone does?

Impressions- Nash imagine

A Nash imagine for anonymous xx

“Excuse me? Can you please move?” you asked a tall boy who was blocking your way at the party

He turned around, his dark blue eyes blazing as he drunk the sight of you in. He smiled charmingly, sticking out a hand at you.

“Hi I’m Nash, aren’t you the pretty girl in my Bio class?” he asked

“Nope, not the pretty one” you replied back and tried to step around him.

“Definitley are, couldn’t forget those chocolate colored eyes” he said in a soft tone.

“And I couldn’t forget Zayn Malik’s eyes either! But do you see me bothering him?” you questioned, narrowing your eyes.

His lips quirked upwards. “You’re a funny and feisty one, I like it” he whispered, moving closer to you.

You placed your hands against his chest and gave him a shove, “You’re not going to like it when I punch you either”

He quickly grabbed you by the waist and pulled you close “Come on give me a chance I’m not bad”

You struggled against him. “You’re a player, I don’t need anything to do with you”

“I may be a player but I actually want to get to know you” he said, not loosening his grip on you.

“Oh my god, do you not understand the meaning of I’m not interested?” you replied.

“Just give me a chance” his hand was trailing up your shoulder “I’m good at basketball, and I know you like basketball” he said trying to impress you.

“I’m not impressed” you said with a flat stare, stopping the struggles to get out.

“Well I dress nice, plus I will cuddle with you all the time, and I’ll send you sweet messages, I’ll call you before bed and in the morning, I’ll come over alot, we’ll take cute selfies, we can watch netflix, ouu-” he blabbled on until you cut him off.

“Shutup” you mumbled,giggling before smashing your lips against his.

His eyes widened before he cupped your face, kissing you back hungrily. His hands trailed, moving all over your body, trying to pull you closer. You moaned as he nibbled on your lip and when you moaned he slipped his tongue in.

“Shit” he mumbled his eyes blazing as he pulled away. “Does this mean yes to us?” he whispered.

You nodded your head before pulling his head down to meet your lips again.

Request: Can you do a Nash imagine where you meet him and hes trying to impres you but you act like you arnt interested but in the end you end up tougether and make out? You work out the deitals (sorry for the bad english)


I’m sorry but do you see this! Do you see that both Louis’ and Zayn’s Adam Apples move as if they are lost for words! Like they are literally engulfed in the presence of the person beside them! Do you see it! I CAN’T DEAL!

So much tension. Ugh!

Help me…

In conclusion: Ziam & Larry are real.
  • all yall fake disciples: omg zayn pls follow me i love you i support everything you do
  • zayn: *pulls out bucket of receipts* i see back in early december yall was talking shit about my double ponytails