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Why do you think Zayn looks so sad recently whenever we see him... And when will they give him a break? He's constantly doing pap walks in front of gigi's apartment like goddamn im so tired for him... But he do really looks sad. :( Thanks for your answer lovely!

Well I think you answered your own question. Put yourself in his shoes.

The ho strollin’ in front of Gigi’s is a soul sucking business obligation. In real life, even if Zayn were actually dating Gigi, he would have learned to use the service entrance/exit or a private entrance/exit by now. That is, if you also really think paps just spend hours at Gigi’s on the chance that Zayn might walk out. If you were Zayn, you might be annoyed that people think you’re too dumb–or too thirsty–to do any better than this

Meanwhile, the garbage press is constantly pushing your significant other’s beard and shady baby.  And if YOUR name is mentioned along with your s/o’s (or bandmates), it’s usually in a shady official narrative pushing kinda way.

Also, you recently released a single and video and your team actively sabotaged it and then tried to create rumors and drama that would cause you to be blamed by many for their deliberate inaction.

Would you look happy with all this going on?

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What happened

So Andy Samuels (Liam’s best friend) was being active on twitter and even answering one or two questions about Liam’s single/album. He was being sassy and funny just like Liam, when a random person said to Andy that Harry’s single was going to be better. Then Andy proceeded to do something all of us would do for our best friend and defended Liam by saying that he doubted it.

Because people apparently doesn’t have anything better to do, they started hating on Andy because he was defending Liam and not saying Harry’s was better and because he engaged with this person. All of us would defend our own friends and mind you his answer isn’t even offensive. 

This is the same as a random “fan” saying to Gemma that Louis’s single is better than Harry’s and she says that it isn’t. Or someone saying to Calvin/Oli/Hot Luke that Louis single is shit and that Niall’s is better and them saying that no, it isn’t. Someone telling Niall’s friends that Zayn’s single is way better than Niall’s and them saying “hell no”. And lastly a “fan” saying to Zayn’s family that Liam’s album is so good compared to Zayn’s and them defending Zayn. Do you see what i’m getting at?! We always defend the people we love!

To this fan, I have 3 things to say:




Rant done. I’m out.

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Do you really thing Liam said ''Bad bad bad'' before hugging Zayn? Because it would totally change the situation!

i do

because you see 

i think zayn is asking for a hug and you know how lately liam is really trying to not exposed ziam so much 

so when zayn is asking  for a hug liam is like “that is a idea really bad bad bad”

and zayn is a little shit okay

zayn want his damn hug and he is gonna have

so he don’t say anything he just raising his arms and wait for his hug

and liam…he can’t say no to this or to zayn 

and liam give this giant huge smile like i can’t never say no,not to you 

and zayn give i did it smile

and in the end we have zaynandliam lost on their little world

Zayn arriving at the arena for your sound check and choosing a seat with a perfect view of the stage.

REQUEST Interviewer: And if we come over here you’ll see Zayn Malik, long-time partner of Y/N. Zayn, we’re filming for Y/N’s documentary, can we include you? Zayn: Of course, yeah, anything for my girl. Interviewer: How do you feel seeing her up there living her dreams. Zayn: *gif* I’m so proud of her, I can only hope that she’s even a quarter as proud of herself. I love her so much and to see her doing what she loves makes me the happiest boyfriend alive.

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Three In It To Win It~ Dean Ambrose/ AJ Styles/ Cesaro Imagine

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A/N : Lex’s idea to do this but I forgot her tumblr name and I added Cesaro for @helluvawriter

Pushing past people as you walked down the hall, you were born ready to be in the ring. This was your dream and it was finally coming true.

“ You look a little lost, Can I help you?” Turning around, you came face to face with one of your favorite wrestlers. Cesaro.

“ Hi! My name is Y/N, I’m the new meat around here” 

“ Oh! So your’e the newbie” He smirked, placing his sunglasses on top of his head, looking you over. Rolling your eyes, “ If your done checking me out, I’d be glad in need of some help”

“ Oh I’ll help you alright” He smirked, “ My eyes are up here , thanks” You pushed past him making your way around. You didn’t need his help, great first impression with the Swizz Superman. 

You heard other men talking in the hall, peeking your head around the corner. There stood AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Squealing at the sight of them, she clasped her hand over her mouth to keep her quite.

“ Did you hear that?” AJ asked, his southern accent coming out. They looked around the hall seeing no one, shrugging they went back to talking.

You straightened out your jacket, walking around the corner, your boots hitting the floor as you passed by them.

“ Looks like we got ourselves a hot one” Anderson says as he turns his head staring at your ass. Stopping in your tracks as you heard him, “ Thanks, but you wouldn’t even handle me in bed Mr. Clean.” 

“ I like her” Gallows says as he steps towards you. “ Luke” “ Y/”

“ Ahh, the newbie. Names AJ. AJ Styles” 

As much as you loved AJ, you rolled your eyes, “ Yeah, the Phenomenal One, heard your great. But in bed? Hmm?”

“ Of course darlin, there is no better man than me”

Luke and Anderson turned to him as they began to argue over that issue meanwhile, you turned walking away with them with a smirk on your face. 

After your debut match, interview with Renee, you were making your way back to the locker room.

Someone stood outside of it, it was Dean. You didn’t meet Dean yet, he was known to be a pretty funny guy around here.

“ Well..Well.. if it isn’t Mrs. Badass over here” Standing in from of him, in your leather jacket looking fierce. 

“ If It isn’t the Lunatic Frindge. I’m so flattered you stop to give me some of your time out of your schedule” 

He chuckled, “ I like you, your cute” 

“ Thanks but no thanks, I don’t do guys like you” Pushing his chest, he stumbled back a bit before he took a hold of your wrist.

“ What guys do you do sweet heart?”

“ Once that comb their hair for starters” 

“ You think your funny. I actually clean up good” 

“ I don’t see that happening any time soon” Patting his chest, you left him hanging around the Women’s locker room with him shocked. 

You were good.  

Looking around the parking lot, you were suppose to be picked up but no one was there for you.

“ Need a ride?” A deep voice said. Glancing up at the giant, staring down at you was the Lone Wolf, Baron Corbin.

Your type of guy.

“ Sure” He grabbed your bags from you. “ Hey!” Running to him, trying to catch him, he chuckled over his shoulder.

“ Keep up newbie” 

“ Those are my bags” He stopped in front of a black SUV, putting the bags into the trunk. “ I give points for you for that”

“ Don’t got to be mean” 

“ Look kid, get in, it’s cold” He said shutting the trunk. “ I’m not a kid!” “ Shut up”

You huffed getting into the passenger seat, turning to him, you mumbled a thanks. He started the car without saying a word, he wasn’t scary looking in person just quite.

He did his own thing.

He drove off, you laid your head on the window watching the street signs, people and buildings. 

“ What do you mean you have no more rooms? I’m part of WWE, check again” You pointed to the computer on the table.

“ I’m sorry Miss, there is nothing I can do”

“ I can” someone says, you turned to see Sami Zayn. He walks over to you, giving you a smile. “ I have a spare bed in my room, come on” 

“ Thanks so much” 

“ Don’t mention it, what’s your name?”

“ Y/N, I know your Sami Zayn. Your one of my favorite wrestlers, I love your matches”

‘ Thank you, I saw your debut. Miss Badass” 

You shrugged, “ Got to start somewhere “ 

“ You’ll get there, the way you wrestle and are on the mic. You got it in you, trust me”

“ Thanks”

You both reached the room, Sami unlocked it, he opened it letting you in go first. “ Such a gentlemen”

“ My mom raised me well” You walked under his arm with your bags behind you.

“ Thanks again for this” “ No problem” He took of his hat and jacket. Sami was pretty cute, you thought as you looked him over. 

“ You see something you like?” 

Blushing as you been caught staring at him,  “ I’m sorry, I don’t usually have guys just offering me to stay with them.” He laughs. 

“ Your cute, get some sleep” He fished something out of suitcase before walking into the bathroom.

You stared at his ass, he had a nice one.

“ Sami, my man” Arms went to his shoulders making him jump. You were out having breakfast with him when Cesaro came up to him. 

“ Antonio! Join us”

He looked over to you, sitting from across from you. “ I already ate but I’ll join you” 

“ Hello Y/N” He says, giving you a smile. It was like things turned around, it was like he forgot he was an ass yesterday.

“ Hi” 

 Sami looked between the two of you, confused on what was going on. “ You’ve met him?”

“ I did when I came into the arena. I needed guidance and he happened to be only interested in these” You motioned to your breasts.

Sami spit out his water, you leaned back into your chair. He coughed, wiping his chin. “ Uh, what?” you gave him a napkin, giggling at him. 

“ I wasn’t, you had a beautiful necklace” 

“ I wasn’t wearing one” Sami snorted, patting Cesaro on the back. 

“ Nice one” 

Cesaro leaned into his seat feeling ashamed, you were cute and all he wanted was to be nice but seems as though you didn’t like him.

“ Sweetheart, I see your making friends” Dean had walked over to you, Baron and Sami. You were talking to Sami and Baron about how you started to wrestle since you were little, always wanting to get into a ring.

“ What do you want Ambrose?”

“ A date with you” You scoffed, “ Didn’t I tell you that I don’t do guys that don’t brush their hairs. Scoot off now, you have no business in my friendship bubble”

“ Friendship bubble?” Sami asked Baron, looking at him. Baron shrugged but looked on to see what you were going to do. 

“ I can, I’ll prove it to you” 

“ Uh huh, keep talking, all I hear is bull shit slipping from your tongue. I’d rather get in bed with Sami here” 

Sami’s eyes got wide hearing your confession, he coughed feeling embarrassed as his cheeks tinted red as he scratched the back of his neck. 

Dean grumbled as he walked away, when you turned to Sami he was all red. 

“ Aw! Look Sami’s blushing” You nugged Baron who rolled his eyes but held a small smile on his lips.

Fans already loving you and loving the fact that you befriended the Lone Wolf, who has been on your social media a couple of times. Fans would catch a glimpse of him in your pictures.

They shipped you two together, “ Remind me why they like us so much?”

“ Because you can’t get enough of me”  Baron joked. Slapping his chest while he threw his head back laughing, “ I hate you.”

“ No you don’t, your secretly in love with me and want to bang me”

“ Oh my god Baron!” He continued to laugh while you pouted. 

“It’s the hot one!” 

Growling as you heard Anderson’s voice, AJ, Anderson and Luke walked over to you. AJ took a glance seeing you with Baron.

“ Him? Out of every guy in the roster, him? You could do so much better”

“ You mean you? No thanks” 

“ And why not darlin?” He wrapped his arms around you bringing you closer to his side which Baron saw you were uncomfortable with. He got off his bike, coming towards AJ.

“ Woah there big guy, no need to raise fist” He motioned to Baron’s hand. “ Step away from her” 

AJ rose his hands, glancing at you as you were looking at him. 

“ I’m done with you darlin” He pointed to you before he left with Anderson and Luke by his side. 

“ Thanks. Now let’s go get some ice cream!”

“ Y/N, I want you to meet Finn Balor, he’s one of my best friends” Sami says as he introduces you to Finn. “ Hey there, I heard so much about you” You shook hands with him.

“ Likewise” He smiled so wide, Finn was adorable. 

Sami had taken you to see Finn who was building something with his lego’s.

“ Legos!” you yelled seeing them. “ This is amazing” You admired his collection looking around.

“ Dank ya love” His accent was to die for. 

You turn to face him, “ Let’s watch a movie?” 

“ I got the popcorn!” Sami yells.

You were left in the room with Finn, he was smiling at you while you smiled back. 

What? He was adorable. You would stare at him too.

It was night, you were standing on Finn’s balcony looking over the view. Sami had fallen asleep on the couch, Finn came to stand besides you. 

“ It’s beautiful night”

“ I see something much more stunning” You turned to glance at Finn to see he was already looking at you. 

You giggled, he smiled hearing it. Your hand was on the railing, Finn’s fingers came over yours. You looked down at them, blushing looking away from him hearing him chuckle. 


okay,this is the Ziam version of, THAT IS NOT PLATONIC…

as I said last time, “fetus first” (sorry not much x factor but we all know how different Larry and Ziam are…)

I honestly don’t even think Zayn is awake,and maybe I’m a bad friend,but if Jamie fell asleep on me and was crushing my boobs with her head, I would make her get up…. (sorry babe)

yes Zayn, just leave Harry your other friend out of the hug before realizing that you cant do that…  And Liam, Nuzzling into Zayn’s neck, totes platonic…

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hi, do you happen to have a link to the video where Zayn see's the art work for Robbie Reyes ???


i put it right where he is seeing the robbie drafts but just in case it starts around 0:20 secs in!

But you’ve got stars in your eyes and I’ve got something missing tonight.


**Zayn Malik Imagine for Zoë**

Imagine seeing you and just being in shock by your beauty.

Zayn: God, she’s so beautiful.  Liam,do you see her?

Liam: Yeah she’s a keeper, mate.

More imagines are here

How can people not ship them??

He loves Zayn so much

This is how I look at pizza rolls, so you know the love is real

They’re so cute

He looked so surprised awe bby

He had no reason to touch Liam tho


They’re so cute

 Do you see how Liam reaches out for Zayn and then he leans into him



He’s so possessive I cant

He’s like “damn”

 Look how close they are awe

If you don’t ship them you’re doing it wrong

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Hi toni , i will ask you again , do you think liam loves zayn ?! , all i can see is zayn keeps declaring his love ; tattoos, saying "i love you " over and over again , fond stares etc. , but liam , the only thing obvious is jelousy . Nothing more ... it is confusing . Cheriam has private pictures unlike zigi .

Does liam love zayn , i mean its always zayn who is attached , but liam i think he just like men


Hi anon

Right i’m not sure I like the tone of this and I assume you’re the same person in the 2 separate asks even though what you said in the first ask contradicts what you said in the last sentence of this ask but anyway let’s deal with the last issue first.   Cheriam and Zigi.  

Think about that word you said right before pictures.  ‘Private’.  So private that they’re 'leaked’ for the fandom to either coo over (though much less cooing over Chiam than Sophiam for various reasons) or not so much.  Think about the fact that its a common thread throughout all these 'relationships’ not just Chiam, but elounor, zerrie, sophiam and all these little 'moments’ that had the common thread.

If they were truly private, why would we get the pics at all?  Why would it be the UAs who get hold of them?  The UAs that have always supported what’s officially known.   

And as with Sophiam, Liam puts on a smile on on red carpets. They’d look a bit weird after all if they didn’t smile at least once at each other and just grimaced the entire time.  We’ve had 'private’ pics from Zigi too, just from their accounts.  If we had everything the same from both 'couples’ it’d be even more glaring.

Anyway….Liam only displays jealousy does he? 

How about when Liam, from early on, talked about Zayn like this.

And this:  +

Looks like this which are clearly only existing in jealousy.

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Pure love - no wait jealousy.

Being forced to look at Zayn like he just hung the moon.

Being forced to reach out his hands to Zayn.

Doing his best 'I’m doing this because I’m jealous and not because I have this sudden urge to scoop you up bridal style honest’ impression.

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Declarations of this is about you.  About a song about struggle and overcoming everything.

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Being supportive but being on his guard too.

This whole thing

This and how he said i love you first here.

This here, when nothing else made sense if it were Sophia.

How broken he was on the first night of Cardiff. And yet how he wore the ring(s) on both nights when he didn’t wear it during the day when Sophia was publicly around.

His and his family’s sheer delight during Mr Khan.  'I’m involved'  +

The quiet ones tattoo, that Zayn’s favourite flower is a rose.  +


That this remains on his IG from before Chiam allegedly began and since bfore Sophiam finished.

The person I truly love on his IG as well. You know how much more of a declaration of love do we need?

Plus + +

I literally could go on forever but not at home right now.   Check out 'liam loves zayn’ on my tags if you like, you don’t have to look far elswhere.

Not sure of your intentions in sending these asks, if you were genuinely curious or not…i suspected the latter but either way, there’s your answer..

It never was 1 way. NEVER. And to this day I believe they’re very much in love and that its mutual. You don’t kiss your bandmate after you win an award and go to lengths which involve your other 2 bandmates present disguising it if not. +

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I want you to talk more about harry being the baby. more specifically harry being louis' baby. do you think they all still treat him like the baby now?

do you ever think that niall reads the things the media writes about harry and has to go outside for a while, to clear his head and breathe in fresh air until he’s not seeing red anymore? do you think that’s when he calls harry to schedule a game of golf, or a night out at a discreet pub, anything to let harry feel like a normal lad for once instead of a circus animal being stared at by drooling masses of crowds? do you think that niall would do anything for liam and louis and even zayn, after everything, but he’s got a special spot in his heart for harry, his golden-hearted brother, his bright-eyed bandmate who deserves the world and instead got simon cowell’s destructive influence? do you think niall cuddles harry when louis has to be seen on another continent, because he’s seen the way the separation starts to chip at harry’s perfect outer shell?  

do you think liam ever gets a text from harry while he’s out with Girl Of The Month because he’s bored and she’s not good at making conversation? and liam’s heart clenches in his chest because harry should be home, not out working while the rest of them get a break, and so he comes up with five different conversation topics to keep harry occupied while fulfilling his contract? do you ever think about the time liam said he’d be harry for a day so that harry could have a break? do you ever think about liam being the mother hen, wrapping harry in blankets and tsking as he buttons harry’s shirt up above his bellybutton and making him tea when he loses his voice and singing softly when he can’t sleep because of jetlag? 

do you ever think about zayn, wanting so badly to be away from the oppressive force that was one direction’s management, willing to do anything to get away, and ask yourself if he ever watched harry when harry wasn’t looking, wondering what it was that made him strong enough to to turn down the solo offers? do you think about zayn seeing harry as this force, some sort of hurricane that belongs to no man, and the way louis somehow tamed him and made him fiercer at the same time, and wonder if zayn thought to himself that. that’s what i want and he promised he wouldn’t stop looking til he found it? do you ever think about zayn texting harry random stupid instagram posts and memes because he and harry are both massive dorks that enjoy that sort of thing? 

do you ever think about louis, about how he’d do anything, say anything, be anything to keep harry from hurting? do you think about how louis must have felt when he realized the thing hurting harry was him, their relationship, their love that was so pure and so right and yet it was scorned and scoffed at by their management, covered up and hidden like a disease? do you think louis was thinking of harry when he got the triangle tattoo, knowing that it was the most blatant statement he could make at the time and knowing harry would know it was for him, too? do you think that when louis heard harry sing if i could fly for the first time and he heard i’d give up anything just ask me to, he immediately knew he’d never ask, he’d never want harry to lose anything on his account? 

do you ever think about cross-country trips on the old tour bus, liam arguing passionately that they watch the dark knight, harry pouting and pointing to the love, actually dvd and liam giving in without a fight? do you think liam has ever found harry asleep in some random-ass place and didn’t hesitate for a moment before scooping him up and carrying him to his bunk on the bus? do you think niall has a ritual each concert, where he looks out over the crowds and picks his favorite signs, the ones that make him laugh, and he shows those to harry to make him smile, too? do you think he counts it as a win when harry does his horse laugh? do you think about niall bending down between songs and whispering to the security guards to point out the nasty signs, the ones demanding to have harry’s babies, and has those destroyed so harry doesn’t have to see? do you think about louis going shopping with lottie and buying little things that remind him of harry, silk ties and organic bath scrubs and pretty nail polish colors and even prettier pairs of underwear? do you think louis gives them to harry right away when he gets home, or does he hide them around the house for harry to find, like little treasures tucked between rolled pairs of socks or stuffed in his chelsea boots or hidden under harry’s smoothie in the fridge? do you ever think about louis learning how to give massages from their personal trainer so he can help harry when his back aches during tour? do you think about louis running a bath for harry at least once a week, the good kind with the bubbles and candles and soft music and almost-too-hot water, and do you think he grins every time harry tugs at his wrist until he strips off and joins him in the water? 

do you ever think about harry saying i am, i am the little spoon and suddenly everything makes sense? 

more veela!zayn fic

“And if it ever gets to much, I should be able to, like override him. Come find me, and—”

“Zayn,” Harry cuts him off. This is maybe the fourth time Zayn’s told him this since he got to Zayn’s so they could Apparate to his parents’ together. Along with all the other warnings that Harry knows, because he’s been friends with Zayn for years and been dating him for months and he knows the precautions to take. “Zayn, it’s fine.”

“It could be,” Zayn agrees, but he sounds skeptical even admitting that much. There are wrinkles in his forehead, the kind he gets when he’s stressed out and falling into his head. This is supposed to be a step, if not fun then meaningful—Harry doesn’t want Zayn to feel like this about him meeting Zayn’s parents. Officially.

“What are you so worried about, anyway?” Harry asks, catching Zayn’s wrist before he can take out his wand. “Aren’t I supposed to be the one who’s scared to meet my boyfriend’s parents?”

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