do you see why we need a sitcom for this class now

  • “we’re both in this boring as hell class and out of boredom I accidentally stumbled into your thoughts of you thinking up this masterpiece of a story and holy shit is this like a movie”
    • “additionally, wow are you really getting into this sex scene man how do u not have a boner”
  • “I get chronic headaches from everyone’s thoughts being so loud all the time and sometimes I don’t know, I get angry. is yelling to Stewart across the room to “shut up and go get dick if he wants it so bad” over the top? maybe.”
  • “as if it wasn’t bad enough that I constantly worried what people thought of me, I can actually hear what everyone thinks of me and the fact that it’s unedited and 100% legit makes me real sad to hear people think I’m annoying”
    • “although, it’s really reassuring to also hear how much my friends love me and think I’m funny and woah man…those are some pretty…erotic thoughts of me there…”
  • “okay who fucking let out that I can read minds huh? what do you WANT me to get kidnapped and used for evil? cause i swear i will come back for your ass once im super juiced with their evil government serum alright? i will go winter soldier on ur ass dont test me”
    • “although all these lovesick kids offering to pay for my services on their crushes may be worth it. hey I know you, you’re cute. your crush you say? oh they totally don’t like u, nah man, your barking up the wrong tree right there”
  • “hold the fuck up. hold. up. I can read any mind that I can see, anyone and everyone’s, why can’t I read yours? and why the hell are you smirking at me like that U LIL SHIT THIS MAKES NO DAMN SENSE WHO ARE YOU”
  • “I think you’re cute and I know for a FACT you think I’m cute too so why won’t you just admit it? cmon cmon baby don’t play this charade. you know you can’t win at this game ;)”
  • “as it turns out by my super mind reading powers you plan to string me out high and dry until I’m practically begging for a date and u know what. that is so terrible and so demeaning honestly like who does that. who does that. can you please just kiss me already like-”
  • “I know you can read minds and I really like you so I’m constantly filtering my thoughts whenever I’m with you and it’s super hard so quit making fun of how I think about fighting giraffes okay it’s my go-to thought whenever I imagine you shirtless”
  • “you know I can read your thoughts so we have these little one sided conversations in class as I listen to your cute angered rants and I reply with a snarky side eye”
  • “OR we BOTH can read minds and all the while during class we have casual conversations that sometimes turn REALLY FUNNY AND WE BOTH CRACK UP IN DEAD SILENCE IN THE MIDDLE OF AN EXAM OH SHIT”
  • “i know its pretty invasive but i honestly tune into your thoughts every day on the way to work like its the morning paper cause really we have so much in common its ridiculous and ur super cute and we like all the same things and ugh pls date me”
    • “and oops one day you thought of something funny and we both laughed simultaneously and now ur weirdly suspicious, as i can tell because i can hear you wondering if i can read your thoughts and now ur testing me and idk if i should play along”
Betty’s a serpent (part 3)

(part 1) (part 2)

Every single one of you reading this is awesome. Thank you all for the love and support and I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Don’t get your hopes up

Also shout out to @betsforsythetrash for all the help!


“wait” Veronica turned back to them “what about the wedding?”


Betty stood up and walked backwards slightly so she was now standing in front of him, his arms draped over her shoulders and pressed a kiss to her head.

“Well? Did you get married without us?” Kevin asked.

“About that” Betty looked up smirking at a Jughead who continued “our wedding may or may not have been last Saturday.”

“May or may not? Do you not remember?” Veronica asked slightly insulted that he didn’t remember.

“What Juggie meant was, it was a midnight wedding.”


It was the week after the engagement and so far only the two families and the serpents knew. 
“So” Jughead asked sitting on the opposite side of the bar to Viper who was wiping down the bar “is this the part of the sitcom where I tell you my troubles, you do the whole sliding me a glass of something, give me profound advice and my life becomes easy?”

Viper chuckled pouring the boy a dram of whisky and slid it across the bar which he caught with ease and he sipped it “Jackie and I have always had a rule with whoever we look after, if you wanna drink or smoke we’d rather it be where we can see you and not off somewhere unknown. Plus this’ll be yours and Betty’s place soon. Just don’t do what your dad did, please Jughead” he pleaded “don’t think you can carry the world on your shoulders.”

The younger boy nodded and sipped his drink again. “So, dad said he can get a day release for the wedding?” 

Viper nodded “full 24 hours with guard protection. Did he tell you anything about our plans?”

Jughead shook his head “no. What should we expect?”

The older man chuckled “just you wait.”


It was the evening of the weekly Cooper-Jones and ”any serpent that had been in an argument with their partner who needed food and a place to crash dinner at the trailer” dinner. Betty had cooked a massive roast dinner, something with Jackie had helped with as her parents were from Yorkshire in England. It took most of the afternoon but they had roasted a whole chicken, made fresh batter for yorkshire puddings, steamed five different vegetables, roasted potatoes, made mashed potatoes and made gravy. It was something Betty had hoped to impress the rest of the serpents with as soon Jackie and Viper would be passing the flame onto the two teens so it was never too early to start learning. 

The whole Cooper family were coming, JB and Gladys had driven down from Toledo, Viper & Jughead were at Scorpion doing the books and some of the other serpents had invited themselves once they heard about what was for dinner. Not that Betty minded she’d actually grown quite fond of the gang and their partners, Stingray’s wife was seven months pregnant and due around the same time as Polly.  Betty accompanied her to birthing classes when Stingray couldn’t and had even help build and set up the nursery. 

Dinner started off without a hitch, everyone that was attending had dressed up and all getting along with each other, even Hal had made a friend in Viper, learning stories about his wife’s youth when a knock on the door stopped everyone. 

The knock came again and Jughead got up to answer his door “dad?” he asked, not believing that his father was standing in front of him.

“Hey Jug. What no hug for your old man?” he asked smiling and his son pulled him in for a hug. Betty had joined him at the door also greeting the man with a hug. He nodded behind and asked “you ready?”

“Always” Alice replied “Betty, Polly, JB with me” she ushered the girls to the room Betty shares with Jughead.

“Jughead, FP with me” Viper ordered.

“Also my escort for the evening Miss Ashley Weatherly, prison guard extraordinaire” FP introduced as if the person was a member of the royal family.

“Just go get ready Forsythe” the younger guard ordered.

“Feisty as always Weathers” FP mumbled walking to his room.

“What’s going on dad?”

“Welcome to your wedding son” FP grinned “I hope you’re ready to become a married man.”

Jughead smiled widely “more than ready.”


“I can’t believe you all planned this” Betty said sitting down as her mom was curling her hair.

“But you are ready right? Ready to get married?” Alice asked.

“Of course mom. I can’t wait till we’re officially married”

“You don’t feel like your friends are missing?”

“I’d love to have them here but they wouldn’t approve of me and Juggie. It wouldn’t feel right if they didn’t understand.”

“I understand Bets” Alice finished the last curl “I can’t believe my baby girl’s getting married. I have something for you” she went to her bag and retrieved a couple of items. “You’ll need something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” Holding up a pair of diamond earrings “your something old. FP bought these for me for my sixteenth birthday from the first paycheck he earned” she handed them to her daughter “he wanted you to have them.”

Betty looked up at her mom and hugged her trying not to cry “thank you.”

“Come on honey, let’s not keep your groom waiting any longer.”

“What about the something new, borrowed and blue?”

“Just wait.”

Betty wore a white bohemian style dress with her curly blonde hair flowing. Walking out, she was greeted by Hal, FP (and Ashley) and Viper. Alice, JB & Polly had also changed into light blue dresses. Jughead was already at the arbor.

FP noticed her earrings and smiled with a nod at Alice. “Your something borrowed will be me from jail” he joked Viper gave him a look “Sorry not funny. Your somethings new and blue are not really for the wedding itself, more afterwards when you’re living together” he handed her a set of keys and a blue collar. “We’ve all pitched in and got you your own trailer in the park. It’s at the west entrance away from all the noise and the collar, well Jug’s always wanted a dog and we thought why not now.”

“Jackie & I will help when you’re at school and stuff but other than that he’s yours” Viper said. Betty looked like she was going to cry so her mom put an arm around her. “Your something blue is the theme color. If we had longer than a day for the wedding, we’d have put more thought into it but..”

“It’s perfect” Betty interrupted “all of it. Thank you so much” she was grateful for everyone’s role in making the day (well night) happen. She noticed the clock on the wall “It’s almost eleven thirty” she pointed out.

Everyone looked at either a watch or phone for the time “We better get going.” 


Walking down the steps of the trailer, Betty followed her family through to the vacant green near the back of the park. The motorbikes belonging to the gang all had their lights turned on to highlight the area. All of the serpents and their families (except for the younger kids) were that were sat down and Jughead was standing at the end of the make-shift aisle with Razor (who seemed more nervous than the groom.)

FP, who walked down the aisle first was greeted with cheers from the other serpents, joined Jughead at the front to be his best man (he had asked his dad when they were getting ready.)

All the congregation stood. First JB & Polly walked down first, arm in arm, followed by Alice & Viper. Hal took his daughter’s arm and gave it an encouraging squeeze before following the other down. 

Jughead was speechless looking at Betty. His father whispered “you picked a good one son” who turned round and nodded at his dad.

Betty arrived at the arbor and kissed her father who then shook his almost son-in-law’s had. Razor began the ceremony by saying “We are gathered here today to celebrate the wedding of Elizabeth Marie Cooper and Forsythe Pendleton Jones the third” which as always earned a few giggles “as many of you are aware, this isn’t any ordinary wedding. This is the marriage of two legacies and if you’ve seen them together you'd know just how adorable these two are” he gushed. 

He now directed his talking to the couple “normally, we celebrate a wedding over three or four days but as our boy FP here only has 24 hours. We’re making this count” Betty & Jughead looked at each other confused but Razor continued on with the ceremony.

The words ‘you may now kiss the bride’ almost seem surreal. They had done it. They were now married and the two couldn’t stop smiling. Jughead grabbed her face and brought her in for a deep kiss which was eventually broken by the cheers of the people around them.

Before anyone moved Razor took out an air horn and blew it three times which which was some sort of signal for everyone to get up towards their vehicles and they all took off leaving Betty, Jughead, FP (and Ashley), Hal, Alice, Gladys, Polly & JB. The now married couple looked towards their families in hope of an explanation.

“Don’t worry about them, they’ve just gone early for the food” The two shared a look of confusion then looked back towards Alice “What? You think you’re getting a wedding without a reception? Think again. We should really head to Scorpion.”

They all walked to the entrance to see Alice’s car as well as Gladys’ people carrier and FP’s truck. The latter tossed his keys to Jughead “I’ll let the newlyweds go solo. Gladys, can I get a ride?” His wife nodded and they all got into their respective vehicles.

During their journey Betty asked “do you think our friends are gonna be pissed they weren’t there?”

Jughead reached over to take his wife’s hand “probably but it’s our day not theirs” Betty nodded “plus who’d have thought the Southside Serpents are a bunch of romantics?”

“I know right” she turned to face him “my mom was telling me that weddings are a big deal. They love celebrating the people that accept them hence why the celebration normally lasts for days. She said the weddings happen at midnight then they go to Scorpion and drink though it’s different for us because we’re underage. We can have a couple for the celebration but that’s it.”

“Fair enough” he replied making a left hand turn into the road they were heading too. “I don’t blame her although a drunk Alice Cooper would be a great sight.”

“Can you imagine?” Betty asked laughing “I bet my dad would love us.” She saw Jughead smile “what?”

“Us. We’re an us. Officially the Cooper-Jones family” he looked into her eyes “I love you”

“I love you too” she replied and leaned in for a kiss.

Walking into the bar, they were surprised by the amount of people there but one person shouted “It’s the bride and groom” which earned the two a massive cheer and applause and the crowd parted so they could walk to the front of the bar where there were two makeshift thrones. 

Jughead bowed his head and stretched out his hand saying “m’lady” which she took the the pair made their way to the thrones. 

Viper and Jackie were the first to hug them when they reached the front and the elder man cleared his throat to talk to everyone “As you can tell, Jackie & I aren’t getting any younger” he started

“speak for yourself” his wife mumbled which earned a few laughs

“anyway” he gave her a pointed look “we won’t be around forever. Our new Cooper-Jones couple however are a hell of a lot younger than us therefore when they turn 18” he took Jackie’s hand in his “they will become the new leaders of the southside serpents.”

Betty looked at her husband with wide eyes.

“We know it’s a shock to you both but Alice & FP have agreed to help you both out when you need it. Hal also offered to help behind the bar” Jackie said. Pointing at the thrones “now please take your seats”

The couple did and they saw his dad and her mom making their way to them holding something behind their backs. Once they had reached them, FP and Alice produced a two silver crowns both with the serpent ‘s’ on the front. FP placed his on his now daughter-in-law as Alice did the same with Jughead. 

Viper raised his glass and toasted “The King and Queen” which everyone copied. 

Once the couple signed the registry, they had their first dance to Romeo & Juliet by Dire Straits. They even had wedding presents from people though their favorite by far was their ‘Something Borrowed’ present from Stingray and his wife which was a cabin up in Wisconsin during their next break. 

Everyone stayed out till 8am before people started to leave, Jughead & Betty escaping whilst everyone was distracted with how many slices of lemon Dodger could fit in his mouth (he got to 8 before throwing up.)

They spent their first night, well day as a married couple in their new trailer.


The three looked stunned. Their best friends were now officially heirs to the Serpent throne. 

“We’re still us guys” Betty encouraged sensing that they were uncomfortable “still Betty & Jughead. It’s just we’re now married and have effectively 30 kids to look after” she said referring to the gang downstairs.

“Kids?” Veronica asked breaking the tension “are they that bad?”

“You should see them when one of them’s had a fight with their wife or husband. Then it gets messy” she joked back to her best friend. “So are we all okay?”

Kevin nodded whilst Archie said “Yeah, I think we are”



The Island (part 2)

Omelia AU fic. Owen Hunt is a business man. He’s a firm believer that he is completely self-sufficient and void of human ‘weaknesses’ such as love. Amelia is a business woman and a mother. Her profession depends on her understanding human interaction and the way in which someone works… 


We made it through the flight. I don’t know why I thought it would be so hard. Perhaps I’m so used to flying first class on my own for work that the thought of economy with a six-year-old was impossible. Aside from the absolute jackass crying bitch tears about Theo kicking his seat though, it was fine.

Theo doesn’t usually come with me on business trips but work has been so busy lately that school holidays seem to have bypassed the agenda and he’s now travelling as part of my luggage for the next three months. Thankfully his father happens to live and work in London so it’s a happy coincidence the minimum four-week trip is here, however I use “thankfully” in the loosest of terms.

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One Thing

Summary:  A one night stand with Dean, told from her point of view.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Word Count:  3330

Warnings: Female character has low self-esteem and body issues, language, sexual content, nsfw, unprotected sex

Author’s Notes:  I was inspired by this gif (x) and imagining what it would be like if Dean flashed that grin on his way out of my room. One thought led to another and here you go. This is set while Sam was at Stanford and told from the female character’s point of view.

Originally posted by berezneva12

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(TRANS) Haru Hana Vol. 23 - BTS Personal Question Q&A

Q: What song do you like the most in this album? And what’s the song you spent the most work on?
A: I like ‘BTS Cypher Pt. 2’ the most and the most tiring is 'Tomorrow.’

Q: There is a line in 'Boy in Luv’ that says 'Why are you shaking up my heart?’ What is shaking up your heart lately?
A: I obviously want to lose weight, but delicious food has been tempting me!

Q: If you were to compare the members to a school setting, who/what would each member be?
A: Suga = class leader’s friend
Jin = The type of student that makes his mom proud (his face gives this type of feeling)
Jimin = A student that’s good at sports
Jungkook = A student that’s only good at sports

Q: Who is the man’s man? (T/N: A man that has qualities other men admire.)
A: Rap Monster. He’s the leader so his appearance and his actions are also very manly. Moreover, he would break things he own and even the members’ bodies.

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The Long and Winding Road

note: you can also read the fic on ao3:

With the car windows rolled down, Danny was gazing out at the passing road as the wind blew through his hair. The radio was playing some old classic rock music. Danny gave out a yawn, stretching his back a bit. He raised his brow at the radio as it played another song and he glanced over to his driver.

“What the hell are we listening to?”

The older man snorted, smiling a little as he was tapping his fingers to the beat of the music on the steering wheel. He glanced over at Danny, still smiling. Danny was still frowning at him, and he snorted again.

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Lardo, Ransom, and Holster: A Guide to Senior Level Friendship

For sad anon who I unwittingly made sadder with sad holster shit. (MY BAD!)

  • So, let’s all turn our attention to Lardo, Samwell’s resident “I am better than you at literally everything” manager. While much attention has been given to Bitty and how he will handle Jack’s graduation, Lardo is also going to have to deal with a Shitty-less existence. (at least at Samwell)
  • Okay, in Lardo’s head, she has kept the balance between hockey-friends and art-friends pretty 50/50. Like, yes, she and Shitty hung out a lot last year but she is still really close to her art friends because they have three hour art classes together and the bonds between folks who stare at the same still life for three hours cannot be broken.
  • Neither can the bonds between those who scramble to actually finish pieces before the show opens in panic and– oh, wait… Shitty helped her with that. And all the hockey boys came to the art show and, no, they had no idea what was going on but they tried and they supported her and she didn’t realize it but she hasn’t quite forgiven her art friends for muttering about “the dumb jocks” that “only came for the free booze.”
  • (Seriously, when did the free spirited art crowd get so… judgmental? Senior year starts and suddenly no one wants to come visit her at the Haus and why is it that the hockey guys are always down to try new things but when she mentions that they should come get out and see a game, she gets sort of scoffed at.)
  • Okay, back to the point. The point is that Lardo finds the beginning of her senior year to be… strange. In her head she is an art-kid who happens to hang out with the hockey bros but she stops getting invited to everything and then when she does go she feels like she’s on the outskirts and–
  • Maybe it was a mistake to live in the Haus. It’s another degree of separation from her art friends (another thing she does that’s different) and Shitty isn’t even there. So it’s not like she pictured it. It’s not getting high with Shitty and talking shit on the roof. It’s… Shitty was her person. On the team. It was Ransom and Holster and Bitty and Jack and Nursey and Dex and Chowder was happy with everyone and now hangs out with Bitty a fair amount and she hangs out with Bitty too, she fucking loves Bitty but he is on his phone or skyping a lot these days (she’ll let him keep lying for as long as he wants but honestly)–
  • What I’m getting at here is that Lardo spends September awkwardly lonely. Trying to force friendships with art people she doesn’t really connect with anymore, missing Shitty, and feeling more morose than she should be. Of course, she assumes that no one notices because she is Lardo. Silent and surly and too-cool-for-you are her things. Everyone is too busy doing their own thing and she will balance this eventually and be fine, she just has to stop being so freakin’ melodramatic.
  • Enter Ransom and Holster.

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anonymous asked:

Hunk giving Lance a back massage <3 (Hance prompt)

;)))))) im still accepting hance prompts thanku for taking one for the team 

Hunk’s favourite thing to do with Lance was give him back rubs. His hands were calloused and course with him working on machinery all the time but Lance never minded. In fact, he practically begged Hunk at least once a week.

“Hunk”, Lance called. He walked over to Hunk’s work bench and laid dramatically against his back. “I need help, my back hurts.”

“And why does it hurt?” Hunk asked. He put down his pencil, shoving the sketch he was working on away from him. He turned to face Lance, letting him flop against his chest.

“That’s not important. Please…I’m dying to have your hands on me”, Lance winked up at Hunk but he just rolled his eyes.

“Whatever, Lance.” He wiped his hands on a spare cloth so the lead was off of his hands and ushered lance out of their dorm common room to their shared dorm.

The two sharing made it easier to have date nights. The other didn’t have to do the walk of shame to their apartment if they spent the night. There was always the underlying fear something would happen if they were too obvious.

Lance had left their TV on in the dorm. They had salvaged a computer monitor from Pidge. It was well worn as the two used it for their annual Friday night date. They made it a habit to sit down and watch corny sitcoms and make fun of the bad ones together. Sometimes when the other was stuck in the library trying to finish a project, the other would send them updates on what was happening.

But the two weren’t listening this time as they stumble into their dorm. They collapsed onto the bed in a tangle of limbs but, as always, Lance settled against Hunk and curled up like a cat. Hunk gladly accepted it, flustered at the site of Lance’s giddy smile and how he only smiled like that around Hunk and how beautiful his boyfriend was.

It was calming to lay there together. The ambience of of the TV buzzing; the heater for the building shutting off; and people walking down the hall lulled the two into a soft hush. The two just enjoying each other’s presence.

“How was class today?” Lance asked lazily.

“It was fine…” Hunk ran his hands absently along Lance’s arm. “We’re more in the shop than anything now since the professor wants to know if we can actually apply the math we learned.”

“Makes sense. You aced it no problem, obviously.”

“Well, yeah it’s easy math so the professor said I could do whatever. I started designing something and I was finishing it up when you came back.”

Lance made a soft sound, bury his face back into Hunk’s neck. He ran his hands over Lance’s arms again, making it up to his neck, and burying his fingers through Lance’s hair. He scratched scalp and couldn’t help but laugh at the sound Lance made. Lance rolled over so more of his back was exposed and Hunk moved his hand along the ridges of his spine. He put more pressure into certain areas until Lance gave a peaceful sigh. He took his time getting all the kinks out and paid special attention to the middle of his back that always got the stiffest.

When he finished, Lance gave a small appreciative sound, moving so he could give a small chaste kiss to Hunk before collapsing back down into sleep, Hunk looking considerably happier about agreeing to do this.

We'll Be Okay

A/N: Hey guys, so basically an A/U fic based on the song Hey There Delilah by the Plain White T’s. For some reason, it turned massive, so I hope you guys like it! It’s a series of moments during Hannah and Grace’s long distance relationship in college. 

By the time we get through, the world will never be the same. 

SFW. 5,000+ words.

Their story begins like a typical American sitcom; the cool, popular person falling for the quiet geek in the back of the classroom. Ryan Murphy would probably have a field day writing their story and turning it into some weird TV musical, but it’s still their, and only their, story. They begin dating in the middle of their senior year, only to realize that they are going to thousands of miles apart when they graduate with Hannah heading to UC Berkley and Grace going to NYU.

“Hey baby.” Hannah says into her laptop’s webcam as she fiddles with her homework, trying to figure out how to translate this poem into perfect Japanese. Silence fills the air between them and it isn’t until she’s almost done that she hears her girlfriend sigh heavily on the other end. She looks up for a moment, seeing Grace’s depressed expression on her face. “You okay?” Hannah asks as Grace just shakes her head.

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Definitely Not A Cliché High School Love Story - Chapter 13

Here’s chapter 13, it might have been inspired by a 5SOS song.

Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3 // Chapter 4 // Chapter 5 // Chapter 6 // Chapter 7 // Chapter 8 // Chapter 9 // Chapter 10 // Chapter 11 // Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Connor woke up to the sound of his alarm going off on his phone. He lazily reached into his pocket and hit snooze, he’d rather have spent ten more minutes lying on the couch than get up and take a shower. He couldn’t have smelled that bad, right?

He almost dozed off when he heard someone opening the front door. He jumped up so fast that the room started spinning for a moment. He had no idea how Jude’s parents would react to finding a random guy on their couch but he didn’t want to find out.

He quickly grabbed his flannel shirt and put it over his T-Shirt. Now he looked decent and fully dressed up except for the shoes but he didn’t have time to put them on because as soon as he buttoned up his top, he heard someone clearing his throat behind his back.

He sucked the air in and turned around. To Connor’s biggest surprise, it wasn’t the vice principal or another woman, but a greying middle-aged guy in a police uniform. He had a questioning look on his face, and Connor was sure he looked like a moron in that moment.

He was so puzzled he didn’t even notice that Jude came down the stairs. “’Morning, Mike,” he greeted the policeman and yawned. He was still in his pyjamas and he had his glasses on instead of contacts.

“Good morning, Jude. Who’s this?” He pointed at Connor and raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, this is my…friend, Connor. Connor, this is Mike, my mom’s ex-husband. He’s here to pick me up because the car has broken down again,” he explained. Connor awkwardly waved at the man. Jude’s family just got more complicated, Connor didn’t know what to expect next.

Mike didn’t seem to be satisfied with Jude’s answer, though. “And what is he doing here? You know I’ll have to tell your moms, right?”

Connor felt his face heating up. It was way too early for him to make up an excuse but luckily Jude got it covered. “We were working on our biology project, the first part is due today. We started it pretty late ‘cause big guy here had baseball practice and we fell asleep. No big deal,” he replied instantly.

Connor could see Mike was still suspicious about the situation, but he decided to let it go, so he just nodded.

“If you guys haven’t eaten yet, you better hurry because we have to leave in 20,” Mike said, looking at his watch.

“Got it!” Jude exclaimed, gesturing Connor to tag along as he made his way to the kitchen.

They managed to get ready just in time. During the car ride, Jude and Mike were talking to each other while Connor was worrying about people – and by people he actually meant just Jordan – seeing them together. His best friend wasn’t the smartest guy but even he could put 2 and 2 together.

To Connor’s relief, no one seemed to notice – or care about – them arriving to school together. They thanked Mike, then Jude awkwardly mumbled a ‘see ya in class’ and they went on their separate ways.

In biology, they hardly said anything to one another, but Connor would often glance at Jude and vice versa.

He didn’t see Jude after that on that day. Or the next day. Or the day after that. They didn’t communicate in any way, and that was due to the fact that Connor had no clue what to say. After his coming out on Tuesday, they just left things hanging. They weren’t friends, they weren’t…anything. Just two people who only hung out once properly. Just two people who shared a kiss that one time.

Then why did Connor feel like he was missing something?

On Saturday, Connor wasn’t planning on going out, he just wanted to lie in bed with his laptop, watching silly sitcoms on Netflix. It was a few minutes after 10 and he was on his fourth episode of New Girl when his phone buzzed. He let out a deep sigh and grabbed his phone from the nightstand. When he saw who it was from, he had to blink a couple of times to see if it was real, if it was still there.

It was a text from Jude asking if he wanted to go for a night swim by the school. He didn’t need time to think, he instantly replied with a ‘yes’, then jumped out of bed. He changed from sweatpants and a T-Shirt into a pair of jeans and a plaid shirt and he grabbed his varsity jacket just in case, then rushed down the stairs.

His father was sitting in front of the tv, concentrating hard on some game.

“Dad, can I borrow your car?” Connor asked.

Adam didn’t look up. “Sure, son. I’d appreciate it if you came home before noon. Tell Jordan I said hi.”

“Okay, thanks, bye,” Connor replied and stormed off.

The car ride never seemed so long before. He parked his car at the school parking lot and began searching for Jude. It didn’t take long to find him, he was sitting on a bench in front of the building. He suddenly got nervous as he watched the wind blowing Jude’s hair. He slid his hands into his pockets and carefully approached the bench.

“Hey,” he said shyly as he sat down next to Jude.

“Hey.“ Jude smiled.

None of them knew what to say next, so they just sat next to each other, staring at the ocean. Except for a few drunk kids, they were alone on the beach.

After what it seemed like a long time, Jude finally spoke up. “So, how come you weren’t at an awesome party on a Saturday?“

Connor chuckled. “How do you know I wasn’t?” He retorted.

“’Cause then you wouldn’t be here.” Jude laughed.

“Well, I don’t get a text asking if I want to go for a night swim every day.”

“I wanted to throw rocks at your window but I still don’t know where you live. And you would’ve gotten suspicious if I asked,” Jude said, still smiling. His eyes lit up when Connor looked him in the eyes and flashed him a wide grin.

For some inexplicable reason, Connor liked these chats with Jude. He probably liked them too much.

Jude scooched closer to Connor, their pinkies almost touched. Their smile faded but they didn’t look away.

“So,” Jude breathed and leaned closer.

“So,” Connor whispered and swallowed hard. He let Jude move closer but he stayed still. Their noses touched and Connor felt his heart pounding in his chest. In that moment, he wanted nothing more than to close the gap between them but something didn’t let him.

But it didn’t matter because Jude tilted his head and pressed a soft kiss on Connor’s lips. Connor closed his eyes and kissed back but then quickly pulled away.

“Jude, what are you doing?” He asked in a thin voice. Now he knew he wanted to be with Jude but he also knew he couldn’t give him what he wanted. A boyfriend he didn’t have to hide.

“Probably something stupid,” Jude replied. Before Connor could react, Jude grabbed his face and started kissing him again, but deeper this time. Connor melted into the kiss and he was about to put his hands on the smaller boy’s waist when Jude pulled away.

“Loser has to do the entire presentation next week,” he smirked, then jumped up from the bench and started running towards the water, losing his clothes on the way.

Connor laughed and ran after him.

Wendy Darling and the noisy neighbors
Part III : The visitor 
Sequel to this and this. And yes, you can expect a part four. bc I’m a little bit in love with this. 
Once again, you can expect a lot of shenanigans and a severe lack of angst.

Peace had been achieved at great cost in Wendy Darling’s building. Ever since the musical incident (and its delightful follow-up,the cat incident), Wendy had done her best to avoid her neighbors and it had been very successful so far. Her last encounter with Peter had left an odd sensation in her stomach, but she had forgotten about it rather quickly : school had suddenly become hectic, and Wendy became very busy. She felt like she was barely home at all, always somewhere between classes, the library or group project meetings. She barely saw her roommates, her own bed and D’artameow. She honestly couldn’t wait for the end of the semester. 

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#8 Neighbor!5SOS: You Realize Your Feelings And Things Change

[Requested: Yeeeee :D]

Junior Year Perspective/ After College Perspective (for Ashton’s Part)


You didn’t know if it was the fact that Valentines Day was around the corner or that Cupid was actually able to hit you with one of his arrows, but as of lately you started to feel something in your chest every time you were by Michael. He was growing older, still slightly immature as always, but you could see a difference in him. It was junior year and it seemed that everyone was getting into a relationship left and right. You wondered if there was some Oprah givaway, “you get a boyfriend, you get a girlfriend, you all get significant others!” When you were younger, you knew that not many girls liked Michael because he was apparently, “intimidating” in his appearance. Everyone since elementary school knew you as the fearless girl who was actually able to befriend him regardless, but that has changed over the years. You admitted to yourself that it was eventually going to happen, girls were going to see him how you do. They were going to see that funny side of him, how he always tends to get passionate about his interests, and definitely that smile you were so used to seeing. You first realized your feelings when you and Calum were waiting for Michael to meet up with Luke and then meet up with the two of you. Calum was of course Michael’s best friend, and he had a solid theory of you and Michael having feelings for each other. “So, I’ve been thinking.” He starts. “Calum, no matter how many times you are going to bring it up, it’s never going to happen. You could make a slide show and I still would disagree.” You said. “Woah, a little a little sassy today aren’t you (Y/N).” He says before continuing what he was sing, “well I heard from Mike that he was planning something. He said that he was going to do something big during Valentines Day. I think it involves you.” He says and your heart started to give you that unfamiliar thump. “You’re kidding me right?” You said. “I’m dead serious, I mean he won’t tell me because he knows I’m going to tease, but I’m pretty sure it’s you.” “No, it just can’t.” You said shaking your head. “(Y/N).” Calum says and you ignore him, “He can’t like me, it is impossible.” You said with having a flashback to elementary. “(Y/N)!” Calum says snapping you out of it, “you’re blushing.” He says simply and you cover your face. “You know you always do when I bring it up, and did you know whenever he is talking to him you get this look.” He says before picking up his bag. “What look?” “Like you love the sound of his voice.” he says before looking at the direction Luke and Michael were walking from. You all chilled at Michael’s house listening to them, and their new drummer Ashton who came by minutes later, practice for a new song. You told him you were heading to his room to nap and he said he would wake you when they were finished. You headed up to his room and plopped onto his bed with the conversation you had with Calum buzzing into your mind. You sat up and was debating if you should snoop or not, but you didn’t need to, the evidence was in front of you. On Michael’s desk there was a mix CD, you opened it to see the track and found a lot of songs that the both of you really liked, and at the end of the list had a small confession. You tore your eyes from reading any further and placed the CD back to where it was. You laid back down to try and process what was going on, what this feeling was. You shut your eyes really tight and opened them feeling the words on the tip of your tongue, “I like you.” You said feeling your heart lift up from the words. You couldn’t take a nap, you were wide awake for 4 hours and heard the boys leaving. You heard the door open, “I thought you were sleeping?” Michael said before sitting in front of you. “I realized I wasn’t really tired.” You said looking at your hands. “Your face says otherwise.” He says grinning and pointing out your dark circles that you got from studying. “Anyway, I have something important to talk about with you…” He says and your eyes widen. “I need advice…. There is this girl who I’ve liked for a while and I kinda just realized it.. It’s just that…” He says hesitating. “That??” You said pressing the question. “I don’t know if she likes me back, we have a pretty good friendship going on and I feel like I’ll bomb it if I drop the question.” “Go for it…” You said. “What?” “Dude, just go for it… I really think she would like you back.” You said smiling at him genuinely. “Be prepared to see me be a total dork on Valentines Day.” He says grinning at you. “I expect it.” You said before deciding to head home. Once you got to your room you started to feel your heartbeat through your ears. You grabbed your phone freaking out with Calum about how Michael may have been dropping hints about you. His only reply was, “that jerk, he tells you but not his best friend?” With a stream of happy and laughing emoticons. On Valentines day you were expecting to get a surprise from Michael at any moment, but the day was going on as usual. You didn’t see him anywhere, not during passing, or during lunch, but after school you did from your class on the second floor. The bell had rung and you stayed a bit to finish your worksheet, and when you went back to your desk you saw him with another girl and the mix CD he had on his desk. You looked at the door who had Calum out of breath and gave you a worried face knowing that he was too late to stop you from looking out the window. He gave you a sympathetic look and you gave him a smile. “Dude, I told you.” You said patting his shoulder and heading home. Half way to your house you then got a text from Michael saying that he was successful, you replied with a cheeky reply like, “bruhhh get that B) congrats!” and then shoved your phone back into your pocket. You felt that even if he had a girlfriend, it wouldn’t change anything, your friendship will always be the same and that was worth it. When the weekend came along you were heading to Michael’s as usual to ask if he wanted to hang. Karen was there in the kitchen and said that he was upstairs as usual with a slight smile on her face. When you got to his door you stopped hearing a girls giggle inside. You didn’t knock, you didn’t say a word, you just realized that you could no longer do this anymore. You couldn’t casually go to his house, hang in his room, and expect to stay pass midnight. He has a girlfriend, there was going to be boundaries, and this feeling started to hit you hard. You went back down and said goodbye to Karen, making up some lie that you had to go back home. You started to walk back fast and realized that Calum was in front of your house, he stood up, and automatically went for a hug feeling your tears fall from your eyes. “It wasn’t me, it was never me.” You said with your voice cracking. “I’m sorry…. It’s my fault (Y/N) for the false assumption…. I’m so sorry.” He said giving you a big hug back.


You got a long with Calum’s friends, even Luke who was usually shy and kept to himself. The two of you had developed a habit of having random and strange conversations, which you didn’t mind because it amused you. This time the conversation was a little serious in which he asked a rather personal question, “what is the deal with you and Calum?” “Deal? there is no deal.” You said messing up his hair. He combed his fringe with his fingers and looked at you seriously, “I’m serious (Y/N), I mean the way you two act just seems a little more. You’ve never thought about it?” He asks and you took a moment to reflect. Did Calum make you feel a certain way? Every time he smiled you just felt happy, like your day just got 20% better, but could you consider that love? “What’s with the sudden topic anyway?” You said avoiding the question and Luke just didn’t answer. You saw the front doors of the school open and saw Calum and a girl talking and hug. She waved him goodbye and headed to her friends who were waiting for her at the front. Calum approached the two of you feeling like his world was like a happy musical. He had a big grin and sat between the two of you and put his arms around both of your shoulders. “Guys, it is such a wonderful day today, really.” He said. “Sooo, why are you all smiles Mr. Hood?” You asked grinning but with your heart pounding harder in your chest. “Luke already knows this, it’s a bit embarrassing to say.” Calum says putting on his impression of those teenage girls from sitcoms. You nudged him and he laughed, “I think I am in love.” He said, “that girl is in one of my classes and we’ve been talking a lot…We have leveled up to hugging and playing with each other’s hands. "So much fluff.” Luke said and Calum grinned and stood up. “Alright, off to Michael’s house, time for practice or Ash might scold me.” He said before walking ahead. “So…” You said to Luke. “That was the reason I asked…. Are you okay?” “Y-Yeah, I’m okay, I’m so happy for him.” You said grinning and tried to catch up to Calum. You sat in the garage listening to them practice over a song that Calum wrote. The band had started writing a lot of songs when Calum brought up a few he had saved. “I think we should scrap this one.” Calum said. “This is the third one we scrapped.” Michael says playing a chord on his guitar and looked at the pile. “What do you think (Y/N)?” He asked. “I really like anything you guys play.” You said and he smiled at you. You felt your heart flutter and you stood up saying you needed to wake up your legs. Michael called break and everyone just broke into conversation. You went to the backyard and went into a squat covering your face. “Why now?” You asked yourself. “Why what?” You heard Luke say from behind. You looked up at him then to the grass. Luke sat beside you and was silent for a moment, “you know…. It isn’t too late… He didn’t confess, I feel like it’s too early to confess right? You have time, just don’t wait too long.” He says. “It has always been him… Right?” You said to yourself but smiled thinking of those caring memories with him. Even though you said you would tell Claum how you felt, the timing was just bad. He had soccer practice, then band practice, then his history teacher thought it was a great idea to give them a big test to study for Friday. The week has gone by fast and you knew your chances were running thin. You sat on the swing of your old, yet still standing, playground and noticed the worn out soccer ball near the edge of your yard. You picked up the ball and traced Calum’s poorly written name and smiled slightly. You traced the words, “I love you” and your smile faded. You heard the back door open and close and Calum rushing out. “Oh…. Yeah, sorry about the ball again.” He said looking at your hands. “It’s okay really, you look happy and out of breathe.” You pointed out. “Oh, I have a reason, so that girl in my class I told you? I confessed and we kinda just…. Kissed.” He said grinning with that smile. “Second base?” You said trying to keep your mood up for him. “Second freaking base!” He said, “so, what about you? Though out the week I saw you but I wasn’t able to get to you. Did you need to tell me something?” He asked and you looked at the ball. “Uh… Not really, I have such bad timing and I kinda just forgot.” You said and passed him the ball. “Oh…. Well okay… I’m gonna head inside, I just ran from school and I kinda feel meh. I’ll see you later (Y/N).” He said waiving at you and headed inside. You stood there for a moment or two and went inside yourself.


A part of you was in denial of liking Ashton, a part of you didn’t want to like him because of the situation you were in. He was literally your sunshine and the fear of losing that one day just scared you. The feelings were spiking up as of recently when your parent’s were fighting about your status in the house. Your step-father complained how you aren’t in college with a proper job, and that being a barista wouldn’t get you anywhere. Your mother defended saying that you could have gone if he didn’t hog the money for his beer and personal reasons, and the yelling continued almost every night. You always looked to Ashton for help, but couldn’t help but feel like you were bothering him and relying on him too much. As of lately he spent a lot of time on his phone, talking to someone that went to school with the both of you. You didn’t question it and tried to pass everything as okay. “Oh yeah… There is a party coming up on the weekend, want to go?” He asks smiling. “Sounds better than staying here.” You said smiling. “Great, we also gotta pick up Michael, he may not look it but he is up for parties.” He says with a grin. “I remember the last time there was a party, hah he was totes owning the dance floor.” You said smiling, “I know right?” Ashton says nodding his head. You heard the yelling die down and you told Ash that you were going to head back and sleep. He waved at you and retreated back into his room looking back at his phone smiling before closing the window. You did the same and shut everything before flopping onto your bed. You buried your face into the pillow and tried to figure your heart out and get it sorted. On the weekend you and Ashton drove to Michael’s house and headed to the party. It already got started and when you entered, everyone was already dancing to some really up beat song that has been on the charts for 2 weeks. “Ash-” You said looking to only find him disappear immediately into the crowd. “You know he’s going to meet that person he’s always talking to on the phone.” Michael says bluntly standing next to you with his hands in his pockets and his head bobbing to the music. “Oh.” You said awkwardly and stood next to him listening to the music. “So are you okay with that?” Michael asks and you looked at him, “why wouldn’t I be okay with it?” You asked, “because it’s obvious you like him, and you know, if he get’s a girlfriend, nothing stays the same.” He says looking to the side, “Listen, I don’t know the type of bond you have but I believe that if you confessed, Ashton would like you right back.” He says. “Michael…. I like him, a lot, it’s just conflicting, I don’t want to mess up what I have with him now.” You said covering your eyes with your hand an taking a moment to let it sink in. “It’s going to hurt living with the things you didn’t say… You don’t need to date him, you can just tell him.” He says looking at you. “I’ll think about it.” You said and gave him a small smile, “anyway, go dance, the music is calling you.” “Why do you think I’m slowly inching away?” He says giving you a grin and diving into the crowd of dancing people. After the party you have been trying to figure out ways to tell Ashton how you felt about it. You decided to write on a piece of paper and stick it onto his window. You wrote the words over and over, you kept writing the messages to long, or too short. You settled with a simple, “I like you” and felt content with it. You then turned your attention to your mother yelling again, stood up, and felt worried. You went downstairs and saw the conflict, you started to get involved, comforting your mother and trying to defend her in any way you could. Your step-father grabbed you by the arm and dragged you upstairs pushing you back to your room telling you to know your place and slammed the door. You paced back in froth in your room trying to figure out what to do, but your mind went straight for Ashton. You opened your window and knocked on his, he opened it and looked a little dressed with his hair a bit neat, and his casual going out clothes, “u-uhm….. I was wondering …. Your room?” You asked with your sentence a bit broken up. “O-oh… Uh, (Y/N), about that, I kinda need my room today… I have a friend coming over and I think I really like her so….  Just for today?” He asked with pleading eyes. “Oh, yeah, of course no worries, it isn’t that bad anyway. Kill it, alright you stud muffin?” You said instantly smiling at him and he smiled back saying he would make up for it. The both of you closed your windows  and you knew that it was all going to change. Days would pass and once in a while you would see that girl visit Ashton’s room. You tried hard avoiding the window but it was impossible since it’s the first thing you see when you enter your room. With your curtains covering the window you stared forward and held up the note. You ripped up the thing you never said and moved on.


Ashton was the missing piece to the band and you honestly really liked having him around. He was always so nice and chatted with you once in a while. On some occasions he would bring up how his high school experience was, and explained it in an old man impression starting it off like, “back in my day…” even though you guys didn’t have much of an age gap. On the weekend you were buying some extra groceries for your mom that she needed for dinner. You took the bus there, and was definitely not looking forward to taking the bus back and then walking to your house. You waited for the next bus which was going to be 45 minute wait until a car pulled up next to the bus stop, “(Y/N)!” Ashton said rolling down the window. “O-Oh, hi Ash.” You said shyly. “Uh, do you need a ride?” He asked. “Y-You sure?” “Yeah, I’m heading to Luke’s anyway.” He said and you smiled and thanked him before getting in the front seat. The two of you had a small talk of why you were out, what your mom was making, and just how you were in general. He stopped the car at an intersection that took forever to change lights, during that time Ashton decided to ask something a little personal, “so…. I’ve been in the band for a good solid 2 months and… You and Luke… Are you….?” “No, we’re just really good friends.” You said looking down at the bag of groceries. “Oh I see, it’s just that… You guys are really close, he talks really fondly of you.” He says tapping on his steering wheel. “That’s cool.” You said smiling. “…. Do you like him though?” Ashton asked and you sputtered again, “n-no, no. Not really, we’re just… Just friends.” You said and Ashton smiled. “I swear the two of you are so cute. You guys are like awkward baby turtles.” He says before pressing down the peddle and moving forward when the light turned green. “You sure you don’t have anything for him? I promise I’m not a snitch, it’s just that…. You kinda show it (Y/N).” “I do?” You said looking at him. “Yeah, you look out for him and care a lot about him… You’re really telling me you have never thought about the possibility of seeing him more than a friend?” He asks and stops in front of both you and Luke’s house. “There were moments….. I just thought it was because of the situation.” You said and opened the door. “Ah well, don’t let my words influence you, really.” He says with a worried expression. “No, it’s really okay Ashton, thank you for the ride!” You said before getting out of the car and heading to your house. That night you were reflecting on what Ashton said, did you think of Luke as anything more than just a friend? You thought back, way back, to when you were 6. How you gave him that flower and was happy to make him your first friend, how later on you accepted him while other’s thought he was different. You liked him in any and every way, even if he was chub back then, and really skinny now. You liked his long messy hair then, and his fringe floppy hair now. You liked how he laughed, and how he would scrunch his nose, liked how he was taller than you, how he would sing in a higher pitch to his favorite songs. You liked everything about him with a strong feeling. “Well… It’s not like he would feel the same.” You said to yourself and flash backed into middle school where he started smiling and grinning when you would avoid Jack after he rejected you and teased you about it for fun. You remembered just a moment when Jack teased you to where you said, “I don’t need you, I got Luke.” grabbing him into a hug. Your flashbacks ended and you felt your heart thump hard against your chest, “w-what was that?” You said to yourself feeling your heart beat faster every time you thought of him. You cringed and covered your face, “first Jack, now Luke? Ben better not start anything.” You said before you shut your eyes and tried to sleep. After a while you started to come into terms with your feelings, and Ashton picked up on it right away. Even though you thought the idea of you and Luke could work, there was a little gossip at school between Michael and Calum saying that Luke had a crush on someone, but they didn’t know who. You had a buzzing feeling in your heart and just hoped it was just a misunderstanding. You had no one in mind who Luke could probably have feelings for, you don’t even see him interact with a lot of girls. You were walking the empty halls after finishing a club meeting, only to hear the piano from the music room. You saw Luke playing, and a girl sitting next to him smiling. You saw his arms wrap around her waist into a hug and you felt your heart snap. “What is this….” You mumbled at the feeling and continued to walk. In the front of the school you saw Ashton waiting out his car, and Michael and Calum already inside talking and messing around. You heard the door behind you close and Luke run pass, “(Y/N)!” He said with a happy grin, “we’re going to have band practice at my place, do you wanna ride?” He asked. “Ah no. I think I’m gonna walk today, I kinda want ice cream.” You said with a forced smile. Ashton furrowed his eyebrows in concern and Luke was oblivious to it, “okay, I’ll see you later then.” He says. “Ash, let’s hit it!” Michael said from inside. “Yeah…. Okay.” He said with his voice fading before heading inside and starting the car. They drove pass you as you continued to walk and watch the car go out of the distance. “Ice cream… definitely makes everything better.” You said to yourself, trying to stay positive of the situation.

A/N:  It’s pass midnight, I have school, I feel like my fingers are falling off because this feels like the longest preference ever. I decided to just skip the me working thing, I mean, I don’t have homework due tomorrow or anything…. I’m just… Yeah, I’ll do it tomorrow XD I hope you like this, and I hope it doesn’t seem like it’s dragging. I literally have a plan for this and there is an estimate of 6 parts left. Thank you those who requested or sent me a message :D

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#1- Young First Impressions

#2- Making Friends On The First Week of School

#3- Summer Sleepover

#4- The Class Thinks You’re Dating and Teases You

#5- Middle School Crushes

#6- High School and Social Media

#7- You Meet The Band

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|Nate Maloley|Asshole|Chapter 5|

You hated parties. Everything about them was so unappealing to you, yet here you were, at one of the biggest parties of the year, feeling as if you were going to vomit at any given moment. Unlike the first party you went to, you weren’t alone. Sammy was seated next to you, playing with your fingers as he talked to Johnson and Kenny. He hadn’t left your side since you’ve gotten to the party, something that you weren’t necessarily use to. Of course Nate was there, Bianca latching onto him. You had tried your best to ignore him, but it was really hard when he was seated across from you, shooting glares at you every chance he got. Gilinsky was passing around a blunt; he and Annie were already high and were giggling messes. He passed it to you, causing you to immediately pass it to Sammy. “Come on, (y/n).” Gilinsky’s words were slurred. “One drag.” He had a lazy smile as he bumped you with his shoulder. “Nah, I’m good with my drink.” You said, holding up your red plastic cup. “Let’s be real, Gilinsky. Do you honestly think Little Miss. (Y/N) is up for getting high?” Said a smirking Bianca. You rolled your eyes; why did this bitch think she could leave a rude ass comment after someone said something directed at you? You decided to ignore the comment, turning your head only to see Sammy pass the Kenny the blunt. “Why didn’t you…” You trailed off, furrowing your eyebrows. “I rather not.” Sammy said. You shook you head, putting out your hands so Kenny could give you back the blunt. “Don’t let me ruin your fun.” You said smiling, placing it between Sammy’s lips. He smirked, taking a deep drag before passing it back to Kenny. Sammy smiled down at you, kissing your cheek. You smiled back at him, quickly glancing at Nate. Nate was oblivious to all that had just happened, too absorbed in making out with Bianca to think about anything else. You blinked back tears; was it socially acceptable to vomit now? You sighed, running a fingers through your hair. “I need some air.” You said, standing up and walking away before Sammy could respond. You made your way to the back door and excused yourself as you made you way past the group of people crowding the door. Breathe in and out, you thought to yourself. You hated this. You hated the fact he still had so much control over your emotions. You hated that you cared about him so much that you were a jealous mess, basically hyperventilating outside a big party. You hated him. You hated him so much. Once your breathing had returned to normal, you went back inside, determined now that you weren’t going to let asshole Nate ruin your night. You returned back to the little section the group has reserved only to find that the jacks and their girlfriend had left. You took a seat on Sammy’s lap, not only surprising him, but Nate too. “A-are you okay?” Sammy stuttered out. You nodded. “Why wouldn’t I be?” You asked, making eye contact with Nate. He clenched his jaw and looked away. “I need use to the bathroom.” Bianca announced, standing up and smoothening out her red dressed. Nate nodded, smirking at you before squeezing her ass. Oh okay, you thought smiling at him, he wants to play like that. “So, Nate, I heard you had and Bianca have been having some wild nights.” Shifting, you shut your eyes knowing that this was going to be Nate’s way of messing with you. “Oh yea.” Nate smirked proudly, winking at Kenny. “Why did you wait so long anyway.” Sammy asked, intertwining your fingers. Nate took a moment to respond, too busy staring at your hands. “Um-I don’t know-I wish I hadn’t though.” Nate cleared his throat before he continued, shifting a bit in his seat. It was obvious he was thinking about what he should say next; if he thought it through enough, he could say something that would make him win the little game that was going on between the two of you. “How ‘bout you and (y/n), Wilk?” He asked. Sammy turned red. “Sammy has class, he doesn’t DO and tell.” You said, winking at him. Sammy had the look of pure confusion on his face as you ran your finger through his hair. “Do?” Nate asked, raising and eyebrow. You nodded, innocently smiling at him. Nate nodded, biting his lip and looking away. I win, you thought. Soon Bianca came back, tugging down her dress a bit to further expose her cleavage. She took asleep on Nate’s lap, giving him a kiss on his neck before turning towards you and smiling. “What did I miss?” She asked causing you to clear your throat and look at Sammy. “I don’t even know.” Kenny mumbled.

The next morning you woke up with pounding headache. Other then the little thing that happened with you and Nate, nothing eventful happened. In fact, after Bianca had come back from the bathroom, she had taken him upstairs to do who knows what, and you didn’t see him the rest of the party. You checked the time, it was noon and you felt like shit. One of the many reasons your fucking hate parties. You made your way downstairs, greeting your father who was seated on the couch watching TV. “Hey daddy.” You said, walking into the kitchen and grabbing some cereal. “Hey, Sweety.” He replied, when you sat down next to him, beginning to eat your cereal. “How’s the big case?” You asked. That case was the reason your father was spending all night in his office. “It’s actually going great, yesterday was my last all nighter.” “Good, I felt like I haven’t seen you in forever.” You said smiling. He smiled back at you. For a moment it was silent, both of you staring at the sitcom playing in front of you. “Guess what.” Your dad said nervously, rubbing his palms against his pants and facing you. “I have a date tonight.” You dropped your spoon in your cereal and placed it on the coffee table. “Wow,” this was weird; your dad hasn’t been on a date in five years, you don’t even think he’s even talked to another a women, other than Kimberly, his secretary, since your mom left. “Yea…It’s actually Kimberly.” Whoop, there it is. “Wow,” you said giggling. “I’m happy for you.” You said, putting your arms over your dad’s shoulder and kissing his cheek. “Good.” He said. “It’s actually tonight, at 6.” “Oh okay, I’ll just hang out with-” the doorbell ringing interrupted you as you and your father both looked at each other with confusion. Your father got up and opened the door. “(Y/N) there’s a young man asking to see you.” He said, slightly closing the door. You furrowed your eyebrows and got up. “He looks scary.” Your father said. Nate, you thought. “What are you doing here?” You shut the door behind you, crossing your arms over your chest. “My mother’s birthday.” He said simply, placing his hand in his pocket and rocking back forth. “Why don’t you ask Bianca to go with you.” “You’re kidding right? And you promised.” You rolled your eyes, recalling the promise you had made to Nate’s mother a few months back when she was planning it. “But we’re not-” “I know I know, but my mother loves you and it would mean a lot to her.” You bit your lip, tapping your foot and looking up at him. “(Y/N) please.” He pleaded with you, taking a step towards you. You shrugged, “okay,” you whispered; you haven’t seen Nate’s mother in what seems like forever anyway and you missed her. “But you have to promise me that we won’t fight; I want your mom to have an amazing time.” You said, pointing a finger at him. “Totally agree, in fact, let’s not even bring up that we’re not…you know…” He trailed off, causing you to nod. “Yea, I agree.” You said, knowing that if you did tell her, she would start asking questions and flip shit. “I’ll pick you up at 5:30.” He said, before awkwardly waving and unlocking his car. You nodded, waving back at him and going back inside your house. “Who was that?” Your father was standing by the window, looking at your with a disapproving look on his face. “A friend.” You whispered. “He invited me to his mother’s birthday party and I said yes.” You said. Your father nodded. “Okay, just be careful.” Was all he said as you made your way to your room to begin looking for you outfit. After you showered and straighten your hair, you re-examined the outfit you had previously picked. It was simple; a pencil skirt, a white tank top, and a red cardigan. You were excited yet nervous about the party. You were excited to see Nate’s mom, but you were scared you and Nate were going to fight and ruin everything. You sighed, you had to stop over thinking everything. You quickly changed, going to go back to the bathroom and began to do your make up. At exactly 5:30, Nate texted you that he was outside. You slipped on your heals and kissed you father, who was getting dressed for his date, a goodbye and quickly made your way out your door. Nate was waiting outside his car, leaning against the hood in a suit and tie. His hair was pushed back and his bottom lip was caught in between his teeth. “Damn,” you heard him mumbling under his breath as he lead you to the passenger side and opened the door for you. “Thanks,” you said as he jogged around and got in the drivers seat. Nate turned on his radio and began the short ride to his house. Ten minutes later, he pulled up in his driveway. He, again, opened the door for you and lead you to his front door. The door was unlocked and he let himself in. “Oh Nate-” his mother stopped mid sentence as she looked you up and down with a huge smile ok her face. “(Y/N)! I haven’t seen you in ages!” She engulfed you in a tight hug. “Happy birthday!” You exclaimed hugging her back. Nate cleared his throat, making his mom pull away. “Oh, Nate, can you please go in the kitchen and talk to your grandmothers; she’s been asking for you since you left and been talking my ear off.” She chuckled, still looking at you and rubbing her hand against your arm. “You, Missy, need to come around more often.” She scolded, laughing before grabbing your hand and leading you to the kitchen. In there were Nate’s cousins, uncles, aunts, and his grandmother. They all stopped their chatters when you walked in. “Hey guys,” Nate said, walking over to you and placing a hand on your waist. “This is (Y/N), my…” “Girlfriend.” Nate’s mother finished for him. Nate offered you a nervous smile as you returned it. Soon Nate’s mother turned on music and his father came, and that’s when the party truly started. Nate was off talking to one of his uncles as you sat and talked with one of his older cousin. “So, (Y/N), you are beautiful, why are you with Nate?” He asked, Making you laugh. “How old are you?” You asked, taking a sip of your water. “I’ll be 15 in April.” He said, winking at you and scooting closer to you. “Oh god.” You laughed. Nate came up behind the two of you and placed his hands on your waist. “I’m going to take her away from you for a bit.” Nate said, pulling you along before his cousin can protest. “I’m sorry I left you alone.” He said as he lead you to his room. “No worries, I love your family.” You said truthfully, as you walked into his room. You looked around, shutting the door behind you; you felt like you haven’t been here in ages. Nate took a seat on his bed, loosening his tie and leaning back. “Thanks for coming.” He mumbled, covering his face with his hands. You awkwardly stood near his nightstand oddly feeling out of place. “Stop thanking me.” You whispered deciding to sit next to him on the bed. The silence between the two of you was comfortable, you found yourself laying back as well, closing your eyes as you heard the muffled voices from the people downstairs. Nate turned over so he was laying on his stomach and facing you. “I’m sorry.” He said suddenly making you furrow your eyebrows. “I didn’t let you explain that night, and fuck, I really wish I would have.” Before you could respond, his cousin opened the door to his room. “We’re about to sing happy birthday.” He grumbled, rolling his eyes. Nate groaned as you got up and smoothed down your skirt. You grabbed ahold of his hand as you made you way down to the kitchen. “Okay now we can start.” One of Nate’s aunts said as you two took your position around the cake. “Happy birthday to you.” Everyone sang and soon Nate’s mother was blowing out her candles. “Gather round for pictures, everyone.” Someone yelled. Nate stood near his mother, grabbing your waist and pushing you against him. You sighed when his hands squeezed your sides and he breathed down your neck. “Smile,” one of Nate’s uncles said before snapping a couple of pictures. Nate didn’t waste time, grabbing your hand and quickly trying to exit the kitchen. “Wait, do you two lovebirds want cake.” “No no.” Nate said as he quickly lead you back to his room. He pushed you against his wall once you got to his room. He kissed down your jaw and down your neck as you jumped up and wrapped your legs around his waist. “Wait wait Nate-” he silenced you with a much needed kiss as he squeezed your butt and grinded against you. “What?” He groaned. “Bianca,” you moaned as he gently bit down on your shoulder. “Sammy,” you moaned out again as you ran your fingers through his hair. “Fuck ‘em.” He said, stumbling back onto his bed. He flipped y’all over so you were on top, and you immediately discarded of your cardigan and tank top. “I missed you.” You stopped your movements as you looked down at the boy under you. “I love you.” You whispered, leaning down and kissing him softly. “I love you.” He whispered back, brushing his lips against yours. His hands slowly made his way towards your back side and unzipped your skirt. You got up, tugging the skirt down along with your underwear. You teasingly threw it towards Nate, laughing when he caught it and twirled it around his fingers. You straddled him, unbuttoning his shirt and throwing it to the side. You tugged down his dressy pants as he kicked off his shoes. “Let me make you feel good.” Nate said as you traced the outline of his hard on through his boxers. You looked up at him, shaking your head and biting your lip anxiously. “I want all of you.” You whispered. “You mean…” You quickly nodded, feeling embarrassed and looking away. Nate intertwined your fingers, flipping over so he was on top. “Are you sure?” “I’m ready.” You nodded reaching up and playing with his hair. “Okay.” He whispered.

{*A/N: …who wants some smut? I have already began working on chapter six😬 and other than smut, I don’t know what to do. Message me some suggestions*}

Remember When Glee Mocked Temple Grandin And People With Autism?

[NOTE: I recorded this with my phone off of the TV while watching the episode on Hulu Plus. I couldn’t find it anywhere online so I just decided to do it this way.]

Since Autism Acceptance Month is almost over I thought I should hurry up and post this.

You might not of heard about this since Glee isn’t that popular to talk about anymore and because Gwyneth Paltrow said something weird about her personal life the very day this scene aired but… on Glee Paltrow mocked Temple Grandin and basically made a big joke out of people with autism. (Which the writers already did when they previously introduced a character who self diagnosed herself with Aspergers so she could say whatever she wanted without consequence and was generally hated by everyone.]

Within the show this was apparently suppose to be a scene where Paltrow’s character does something offensive on purpose… but this went beyond that. The writer/directer of the episode, Brad Falchuk, along with everyone involved in the show clearly felt that autistic people, specifically one of the more famous one’s who had a awarding winning movie made about her, are an okay minority to target for a cheap “laugh” since we literally don’t have a voice within the entertainment industry or really anywhere for that matter so there’d be no repercussions.

We’re a minority that’s suppose to be weak and easy to manipulate. We’re suppose to keep quiet and let other people “speak for us” aka speak for our horrible disease that’s sweeping the nation. (see Autism Speaks)

Now just for fun let’s imagine what would have happened if this scene had portrayed a famous gay person or black person in an over the top, clownish, just plain mocking way. So in the latter case Gwyneth Paltrow would be wearing black face. In the former case… well it’d never happen because the creator of Glee is gay.

Now let’s imagine how quickly people would be demanding an apology and someone getting fired over this. 

Now back to the issue of how this was suppose to be an intentionally offensive scene… there’s absolutely no reason why an entire minority had to be ridiculed to make some nonsensical point for a show that quite literally has no plot and is just a series of random music videos that tend to usually be cringe inducing at best.

Why didn’t Paltrow’s character just strip naked (with added black bars for network audiences since that’s become a pretty popular trope in sitcoms recently) in front of the class room? Or stripped naked, poured honey all over herself, quickly installed a stripper pole in the class room, and then started pole dancing for the students? That’d have been offensive and honestly less random and jarring. Also it would have fit with what she does next which is starts singing and then goes and dances around in a club or something.

And I understand that in the episode there was a scene where the characters acknowledge that this was offensive by having angry letters being sent in but… that just makes it seem worst. The writer realizes he ridiculed Temple Grandin and autism in an insidiously random way but it’s okay because within the show there’s a throw away line about it so no need to be offended.

Also it’s not like it was even clever. I get the feeling the writer doesn’t know who Temple Grandin is outside of seeing a trailer for the award winning HBO movie about her. He probably thought while writing the episode, “Oh… I’ll make fun of Claire Danes’ role in that movie in this episode.”

Anyways… this is clearly some sort of hate crime but apparently it’s an acceptable one since clearly no one who works on Glee, including the regular actors, the writers, the FOX executives, and specifically Gwyneth Paltrow who agreed to dress up like that didn’t have any objections. You can really feel the acceptance…