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Thrice Defied: Part 2

(( OOC: Lily played by: @potterdeer ))


James: *struggles against a binding hex* 

*Three masked Death Eaters step into the light, one moves towards James* 

Death Eater: *sing song voice* James, James, James… Fancy seeing you here.

James: *recognition dawns* … Mulciber, you fucking piece of-

Mulciber: Tsk… insults certainly won’t save your life Potter. *chuckles* Or your wife… so why don’t we keep things civil? *waves his wand lazily to the side* 

James: *frantic* Lils…. Lily! 

Lily: *continues to stare blankly ahead* 

Mulciber: *grins* She can’t hear you Potter… She’s nothing but a puppet. *grin broadens* A pretty little mudblood puppet… and I can make her do whatever I like just by pulling a few strings. 

James: *struggles to stay composed* W-why… what do you want?

James: *snarls* Fucking disgusting. H-he wanted me to turn… be his inside man… said I’d be the last person anyone would suspect…*winces* and he was going to use Lily to ensure it.

James: *laughs bitterly* What kind of classical villainy bullshit… It was like a cheesy scene from one of those movies Lily had us watch. *quiets, his eyes glazed* Why is it so terrifying when you’re actually in it?

Sirius: *stares, at a loss* 

James: Her face was blank, it wasn’t her.

James: It was horrible.

Sirius: *quietly* If Lily was hit with the Imperius curse…

James: That’s what Albus is checking… *suddenly laughs, trembling* God Pads… Lily is a lot more than the “Dark Lord” bargained for. 

James: She broke free of the curse and got us both out of there quicker than he could blink…

James: *stares ahead, his expression awed* She annihilated it. 

James: She’s remarkable… The amount of control you have to have in order to break an unforgivable… *shakes head* I don’t know… 

James: Just because she’s muggleborn.

Sirius: …

Sirius: *sighs* We’re human. *darkly* Unlike him…

To Be Continued

When I was five, and romance didn’t exist, I was a boy, and I was friends with a girl, and it didn’t matter, because why would it? We did everything together a normal couple of friends would do together, until we grew a little more and went on to different schools and didn’t see each other anymore.

So then I was eight. I was still a boy, and I was friends with a different girl now. She was confident and clever and bold, and we played games together during the lunch hour and went to each others houses after school.

“You fancy her,” the other children would say. I’d frown, say of course I didn’t, and why would I? We were friends, and that’s all. So we ignored the comments and carried on as we were, until her mother wouldn’t let me go to her birthday parties, because I’d be the only boy, and that would be “inappropriate”.

We didn’t stay in touch after school. I cried, when she didn’t respond to my letters - because I didn’t understand. Years of friendship: did it mean nothing to her? And then I’d remember her mother, and I’d realise what the problem was. I was a boy, and she was a girl. That was all there was to it.

So then I was twelve, I was friends with boys because I was a boy, and I only wanted someone to spend time with at lunch. But according to them, every girl I spoke to was a friend-with-benefits, and eventually I drifted away from them because I wasn’t interested in talking about sports and sex and risk-taking like they seemed to be. Instead, I talked to girls.

So then I was fifteen, and my friendship group was entirely female. I got called gay, a lad, a player, and all sorts of other things by almost everyone: boys and girls alike - but I ignored them. I liked being friends with girls, so what was the problem? Live and let live, I thought.

So one day I invited a friend over to the fair in town with me, and she came, and we enjoyed the day together without any hassle at all. Going back to school, however, changed that.

“Did you hear they fucked behind the public toilets,” people were saying. “They went on a date together.”

I said that wasn’t true - I didn’t have feelings for her that way.

“But you obviously fancy her,” they replied.

“No,” I told them, truthfully. “I don’t.”

Shortly afterwards, the girls I was friends with all organised a party, which I wasn’t invited to.

“It’s a sleepover,” they said. “Girl stuff.”

“Oh,” I said. “Okay. Girl stuff.”

They used that expression a lot over the next few years. Trips to the cinema - going out together… And eventually I realised that I was an outsider. They didn’t tell me things anymore. I wasn’t let in on their secrets, and if I ever asked, I’d be told I wouldn’t understand - and it was inappropriate I should ask.

So I stopped asking, and my friends drifted further and further away. I never understood why I was an outsider, until I saw a picture of them at the prom I didn’t bother going to, because I knew I would have no one to go with. There were my friends in the pretty dresses I’d helped them choose, with a guy in the centre of the picture, in a smart suit and slicked back hair. That would have been me, if I’d gone. And it always will be.

And then I realised why I could never be as close with them as they are with each other. I’m a guy. And they are girls. It’s as simple as that. Guys never understood me being friends with girls, but that was fine, because the girls were okay with it. But on the day the girls stopped seeing me as just a person they could be friends with, everything changed.

And so here I am. I’m eighteen. I am not gay, actually: nor am I romantically interested in any of my friends. What I do know is, that we’re about to go on a group holiday together, and I’ve been told not to even come into the corridor outside their room whilst they’re getting changed, in case the door swings open and I “see something I shouldn’t” - as if I’d actually care, or be the kind of guy who watched for that sort of thing. And I’ve realised it doesn’t matter how nice I am, no girl is ever going to see me as an equal. I will always be a guy, to them. And they will always be a girl.

And guys and girls can never be “just friends”, right? There always has to be something more. Whether I want it or not, there always has to be that potential.

“Going on holiday with three ladies are you?” the ticket seller asked me. “Fair enough…”

And I said nothing, because I was sick of saying “not in that way”. I was tired of telling people that I wasn’t interested in the girls I was friends with. I was bored of trying to be seen as just a friend in their eyes, too. And if even they couldn’t see me as an equal, how could anyone else ever believe me, when I told them boys and girls could just be friends?

So don’t tell them my gender doesn’t isolate me. Because it does. And don’t complain to me about being in the friend zone. Because I’ve been fighting to get there all my life.

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I KNITTED YOU A JUMPER! But in Pompeii Sakura and a character of your choosing.

Kakuzu exhaled shakily, finding the gesture calming despite the fact that he didn’t possess any lungs. He could do this. He could totally do this.


Oh hell, who was he kidding?

“H-hi Sakura,” Kakuzu greeted, wincing as his voice cracked. What was he, six centuries old? “Fancy seeing you here!”

Sakura glanced up at him, then around their surroundings. “This is my office.”

“Right, right, of course,” Kakuzu said, stepping past her as he paced.

“Are you alright?” Sakura asked, approaching him tentatively. “I don’t have a meeting with you on the schedule…”

“Just dropped by to say hello,” Kakuzu said, cheeks heating with shame. He was such an idiot. Why did he come here? “I’ll just let myself out.”

Sakura caught his hand as he tried to pass. Kakuzu paused, turning in her direction but not looking at her. “Kakuzu, what’s wrong?”

He finally made himself meet her eyes. She was looking at him with such compassion, such kindness. She was looking at him.

She wouldn’t make fun of him or reject him. Not over this.

Before he could lose his courage, Kakuzu reached into the subspace between reality and unreality and pulled out a package. It was messily wrapped, but then again, it was the first time he’d wrapped a present.

“I knitted you a jumper!” Kakuzu said, thrusting the box into Sakura’s hands.

He couldn’t look at her as she let out an exclamation of joy and began unwrapping the present.

Then it was silent.

Kakuzu gasped as Sakura wrapped her arms around him in a loose hug. He tentatively embraced her, afraid she would break beneath his touch. When she pulled back, he immediately felt her loss.

“Thank you!” Sakura said, grin wide and happy as she looked up at him. “Did you seriously make this? You have amazing skills!”

Kakuzu nodded, watching as Sakura pulled the sweater over her head. The black sweater, made of a similar substance as his threads but not quite, was a bit big on her, sleeves hanging over her hands.

She was absolutely adorable.

“I-it’s resistant to magic,” Kakuzu said, bashful. “It can also increase your speed when you’re running.”

Sakura blinked, pulling him into a hug again. “I can’t thank you enough, Kakuzu!”

Kakuzu wrapped his arms around her, finding that her happiness was more than thanks enough. The hugs were pretty great too.


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I thought I’d do a John and Cynthia Lennon appreciation post since I don’t see alot of them and everyone seems to think he only loved yoko, which is not true at all:

“We used to take the mickey out of her, but John always said he fancied her. He called her Miss Prim. He was certainly always attracted to her from the first time he saw her in the canteen.“ -Thelma Pickles (John’s ex)

"I hate the word, but posh best describes John’s first impressions of Cynthia. He was clearly attracted to her but hid that behind a regular barrage of bad jokes about her. She was the most important person to him for a long time but John did not want to look weak to his peers, to be soppy over a girl." -Pauline Sutcliffe (Stuart Sutcliffe’s sister)

One day, not long after we had first met Cyn, I was at Mendips with John and he told me that Cyn was coming from town on the bus. I was twelve then and I was looking forward to seeing her again, wondering what arty, studenty clothes she would be wearing. Mendips is right on the main road, which meant that you could see the bus stop if you looked through the upstairs windows, which is why John ran up and down the stairs to his bedroom whenever he thought he heard a bus engine. You could hear whether or not the bus stopped to let passengers on or off. When the bus did indeed deposit Cynthia on the pavement, John shouted ‘Yes!’ and then flung himself downstairs to watch for her coming through the gate. Then he sauntered through the kitchen, as if he didn’t even know she was coming and he was bumping into her in his own garden by sheer good luck! I couldn’t believe his cool. I loved it! Cynthia was dressed in black from head to toe, just like John. A couple of art students, in love and like art students…in love. It was tangible.” -Julia Baird (John’s sister)

“My feelings for John were very different from those I’d had for any other boy: more powerful, more exciting and totally unshakeable. And I sensed in John the same strong feelings. Perhaps each of us recognised and was drawn to a deep need in the other. But at the time I didn’t analyse it. I simply felt certain that this was no passing fling. It was real love.”- Cynthia

“I do remember John being told you don’t have to marry her John; you don’t have to do this. I know that Mrs Powell, that’s Cynthia’s mother, also told Cynthia, you don’t have to get married. So they didn’t get married because it was a shotgun wedding. They got married because they wanted to, because I remember John saying: ‘I want to marry her, what’s the matter with you all?’" -Julia Baird

"He used to tell me how he and Cyn planned to settle down and raise a family as soon as the Beatles began to pay off, and how much he missed being without her." -Pete Best

"Well, she’s beautiful, you know, and what people don’t know is how smart she is. No matter what’s happening, you know, she’s always there for me" -John

"After rehearsals or a gig, we would go to a bar in the West End. We would drink and talk. It would be late at night, but Cynthia was always waiting for him, always there to embrace him. She was sweetly sensitive, and I do believe most people have no idea what a central figure she was in terms of keeping him somewhat stable during that hard phase when no one knew if the boys were a passing fad or the real thing. I mean, John was the leader, but he was also scared all the time. People forget what a rock she was for him." -Tony Barrow

"I like to keep my work and my private life separate, which is why I keep Cynthia out of the picture. I took her to America, because a trip like that comes once in a lifetime, and she deserved it." -John

"A few days later John is in a taxi, passing a store that has a red night-shirt in the window. He tells the cab to stop, goes inside, and asks how much the night-shirt costs. ‘Six pounds,’ he is told. ‘That’s a lot,’ he says, ‘but I think Cyn would like it.’" -Michael Braun

"Lennon seemed to have a very traditional love for Cynthia and would call her nightly to check in and talk, in baby talk, to his son Julian. It was exciting to watch. Here was a Beatle, the idol of millions, savoring a few minutes on the phone with his wife." -Art Schreiber (Radio Broadcaster)

"During my first travels with the Beatles in 1964, John was eager to talk about his family of three. When the subject turned to Cynthia, his eyes, always mysterious and rarely revealing of his mood, would sparkle and dance.” -Larry Kane (Journalist)

"At Kenwood, Cyn kept herself busy looking after the cooking and the baby, and gave the Lennon household a sensibly, orderly, and almost bourgeois character that John, the non-conformist, the rebel, secretly found comforting”-Pete Shotton

“My wife married me not because I’m a Beatle, but because she loves me." -John

"I fell in love with Cynthia. It’s as simple as that." -John

"It was said I never loved Cyn. That’s far from the truth. We were young, bigheaded, and got into a physical relationship too soon. Perhaps if we took things slow, we would have made it. I know we would have made it.” -John (1974)

“The man I love the most died a tragic death.”- Cynthia

“Of course I love him. I love John as I loved him, you don’t change love. There’s no reason on earth why I should hate him.”- Cynthia

Single Punk Daddy Luke

“Daddyyy?” Luke’s three year old daughter, Jaden, asked as she skipped into the living room, her curly blonde hair bouncing as she made her way over, stopping in front of Luke and placing her small hands on his knees. “Why do you have all those pictures on your arms?” She questionned, her voice small and innocent.

“Just because I like them, sweetie.” Luke shrugged, lifting his daughter to sit on his lap. Then, holding out one of his arms and showing her one that he had on his wrist. “See, that’s your name.” He told her, pointing to it as she brought her fingers up to trace over the fancy lettering as best she could. “And look, this one says ‘Kingsley’.” He smiled, pointing to the one just bellow it, refering to Jaden’s two month old brother currently asleep in the nursery.

“If you had another baby…” Jaden began, and Luke already didn’t like where this question was going. “Would you get their name on you as well?” She finished, tilting her head back to look up at her dad.

Luke sighed in relief as he looked down at her, still overwhelmed by how much she looked like him. Same eyes and nose Liz always said, and the same little dimples that popped up when she smiled. “Well, yeah, I guess so.” He shrugged, and was about to say something else when he heard Kingsley’s cries from down the hall. “But I think I’ll stick with just you two for now.” He chuckled, lifting her off of his lap again as he stood, placing her on the floor. “Come on.” He offered, reaching his arm back towards her and gesturing with his head for her to follow him.

The little girl happily took her father’s hand, skipping along behind him as they walked into the nursery, but letting go and standing on her tip-toes to watch as Luke carefully scooped Kingsley up in his arms.

“Hey buddy.” He cooed, bouncing him slightly, the boy quietening slightly but still fussing in Luke’s arms.

“I want to give him a kiss daddy.” Jaden whispered, tugging on the bottom of Luke’s t-shirt.

“Go on then, gently remember.” He whispered back, crouching down so that she could reach, leaning forward to place a gentle kiss to her brother’s forehead. And, to both of their surprises, he quietened down again.

“Huh, well done Jades.” Luke congratulated his daughter, still continuing to cradle his baby.

“It’s cause I have magic kisses, daddy.” She told him, sounding rather proud of herself.

“Does daddy get a magic kiss?” Luke asked, pouting down at her. To which she just smiled widely, nodding back at him before leaning up on her toes, grabbing his stubbly face with one of her soft hands and placing a firm kiss to his cheek.

“Thank you, baby.” He smiled, standing up and resting Kingsley against his chest. “Now how about we go cuddle and watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?”

a life-altering secret...
  • Emma Swan - in her office, reading the Daily Mirror, taking a sip from her coffee.
  • Evil Queen: (quietly poofs behind Emma, leans down and sensually whispers in her ear) Miss Swan...
  • Emma Swan: (jolts, burns her mouth with the brew) Regi- You... (evil cleavage at her eye level) What are you- What do you want? (nervously)
  • Evil Queen: To see you. Can't I visit my son's other mother? I've quite missed you since our last... encounter.
  • (EQ moves from behind Emma to come sit over her desk)
  • Evil Queen: I can still feel the grip of your cuffs on my wrists, dear. (grins) So dominant, so naughty, Sheriff. I see why she fancies you. (winks)
  • Emma Swan: (swallows hard) What?? I- a- Look, first of all don't Miss Swan me, it pisses me off. Secondly-
  • Evil Queen: Does it? (raises a suggestive eyebrow) "Em-ma" -is this how you prefer Regina emoting your name? Is this the way you'd like her to pronounce it in the bedroom?
  • Emma Swan: (blushing profusely) Whoa! That escalated quickly. Regina- Queen. Whatever- you're getting weird... (licks lips nervously) I only see Regina as a friend, and as my son's mother.
  • Evil Queen: Really? What a shame, Savior. (fakely sighs, gets down the desk to prepare to leave)
  • Emma Swan: Uh... Why? (confused puppy eyes)
  • Evil Queen: Because she sees you as... More. (smirks)
  • Emma Swan: Huh? (puppy eyes)
  • Evil Queen: Goodbye, Miss Swan. (poofs)
  • Emma Swan: No, wait! Come back! (scoffs)
  • Regina Mills: (entering the office, take-out bags in her hand) Who are you talking to? (looks around)
  • Emma Swan: You. Other you. Never mind.
  • Regina Mills: The Evil Queen? What did she want, what did she tell you? (nervous)
  • Emma Swan: (smiles sheepishly) Nothing...
  • Regina Mills: (stares) Miss Swan. What did she say?
  • Emma Swan: Don't "Miss Swan" me. (grumbles)
  • Regina Mills: I know it pisses you off, but that's what you get when you're not been cooperative.
  • Emma Swan: Actually, it's because it fucking turns me on.
  • Regina Mills: (blushing brightly) What on eart--
  • (Emma kisses her deeply)
  • - Rainbows burst out of Regina and the curse is broken -
  • Regina Mills: I'm whole again. (teary-eyed, smiling)
  • Emma Swan: We both are. (heart eyes)
[ARTICLE] Dong Hyun Bae Explains Why He Was Disappointed After Meeting Taeyang’s Girlfriend Min Hyo Rin

Actor Dong Hyun Bae, the older brother of BIGBANG‘s Taeyang, appeared on the recent episode of “Radio Star” on March 2 and talked about his brother’s girlfriend, Min Hyo Rin.

During the show, the MCs tell Dong Hyun Bae, “We heard you were very disappointed after seeing Min Hyo Rin in real life.” He replies, “That’s not what I meant. I hope my brother doesn’t misunderstand.”

He explains, “I’m a fan of Min Hyo Rin. I watched all of Min Hyo Rin’s photo shoots, films, and dramas. When I met Min Hyo Rin for the first time, however, she was dressed quite plainly and was not fancy like how I imagined her to be in my fantasy. That’s why I was disappointed.”

MC Yoon Jong Shin asks, “Is Taeyang doing well with Min Hyo Rin?” and Dong Hyun Bae answers, “Yes. His relationship is going well,” confirming that the couple is going strong.

source: soompi

Leave Sakura Alone.

She didn’t do anything wrong. The hand of the creator forced her to be this way, deviating from her true character. It saddens me when people call her “Suckra” or “useless”, because in my eyes, she is still my favorite character because she reminds me much of myself. She was born with no special powers or ninja clan statuses, yet her will to become stronger made her special.

Can we all stop attacking characters whom others adore? If you dislike a character, dislike them to yourselves. 

Ask yourself something… why? Why do you dislike the character so much?

Is your hate founded in reason, like, has the character done something so inhumanly despicable that it is impossible for you to see their goodness? Or is it simply because of boobs, lack of boobs, good looks, fancy eyebrows, or have they simply hindered your OTP, or something petty like that? (hehehe, fancy eyebrows… so random, yet not random at the same time…)

I hated Hinata for so long. Hated her guts out. Same with Sasuke. Then I asked myself, “Is it just because my OTP didn’t happen?” and I was all, “Crap. It is.” They aren’t my favorite characters, but, I see many other people love them as much as I love Sakura and Naruto, so I stopped posting hate about SS and NH completely.

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if everyone practiced looking on the good side of things and people? I tried it a little bit with these fictional Naruto characters whom I disliked…

The real Hinata was so kind that she would have fought in strength for her dead cousin, instead of holding her crush’s hand. 

The real Sasuke… well, I think he would have chosen to be alone, rather than choose Sakura to marry, no offense favorite-character-of-mine.

The real Sakura, I feel, would have chosen Naruto, if the real Naruto remembered who he was, and would not have given up on pursuing Sakura, something he promised never to do.

All in all, I believe that Sakura is truly a victim of the creator’s hand, twisted and warped for superficial and vain reasons. She is no longer the girl I began to adore in my youth, but I will protect what little is left of my precious character.

So, everyone, chill out. 

Go do something productive like share your fan arts and fictions. Give a note to someone you like (or possibly dislike, remembering to look on their good side!).

Leave my Sakura-chan alone.


It’s definitely been something John and Graeme have been developing over the seasons. If you remember in season one, right when we meet her, there is a very spy-esque scene where she goes into Leekie’s hotel room in a fancy dress and things like that are gonna be brought up again in the comic books and the comic books are gonna fill in on why was she in that room and just things like that. So definitely this was apart of the plan but, you know, I think they’re also writing for Evelyne’s strengths and trying to see what else she can do as an actress and you know, this is just natural; this is what would be the next stage. You’ve gotta realise, she’s a very young scientist and she got to this high place within a huge corporation very quickly, so you have to remember that before we ever met her, what did she do to get there? You know, she’s very driven and even though she was soft and in love and more of a romantic character for us in season two, that doesn’t mean that that drive went away.
—  mackenziegracedonaldson talks about Delphine’s development in Orphan Black season 3 on the Clone Cast Poscast.

friendly reminder that having fancy formatting / small text / edited icons / container theme / having a lot of followers / following all ’ quality ’ blogs does NOT make you ’ quality ’, whatever that means nowadays. it’s like rping isn’t even about writing for fun anymore, it’s about competing to see who has the best *aesthetics*. like jfc… like doing all those fancy things isn’t bad ( hell i do the fancy things ) but thinking you’re more ’ quality ’ than others just because of that… then you need to reevaluate why you rp in the first place. rping is NOT a competition. it is for FUN.

Naruto 700+9
  • the title is called “I’LL PROTECT YOU”
  • corny but super sweet and cute tag with “off to save sakura, susanoo dancing in the heavens” 
  • sarada noticing the sasusaku moments! (even though she wasn’t in fangirl-mode like we were) and then her resolve to focus on mama
  • sakura kicking some giant rocks!
  • enemy getting squished like a bug
  • sasuke taking those knives out of sakura and burning the shit out of it 

  • she called him darling!!! <33333333

  • he held onto her <3
  • they have those smiley faces at each other
  • chouchou being chouchou with “why is he sarada’s dad and not miiiiiineee” (i feel ya girl, why can’t sasuke be mine too?)
  • chubby shin jr and chouchou voicing out loud exactly that “a few chubby ones in there i see” (chouchou, do you fancy chubby shin jr? *wink)
  • chubby shin jr the titan attack on team 7+kids (plays “guren no yumiya”) but then he gets knocked out
  • sarada punching that one-eyed digimon
  • sakura trying to shield herself in front of sarada
  • sarada going sakura-mode and making mama surprised and papa proud

me the entire time:


And here we have a Noire, quietly humming to herself as she rinses out a couple mugs, before gently placing them in the Planeptune Basilicom’s dishwasher (one of those fancy ones that slides like a drawer- Neptune seems to love ‘em for some reason) and sliding the thing closed. She turns around to return to Neptune’s room, having just been in there, ah… chatting with her (more like discussion interrupted by makeout)…. only to see a certain Ventus enter the room.

“Oh, great. Just when I was hoping I’d have Neptune all to myself today. Who are you, and what do you want? And why are you in my girlfriend’s Basilicom?” Honestly, any normal person would probably question the ‘girlfriend’ part considering Noire’s obviously pregnant.