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The Girl from Around the Block-Lip Gallagher Imagine

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Warnings: some sensuality and language (Shameless imagine, don’t be surprised)

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  Lip didn’t have many strictly platonic friendships with other girls. In fact, he never considered he was capable of having a relationship with a female that didn’t involve them screwing into oblivion. But Y/N Y/L/N was different. For one thing, they’ve known each other since they were two years old, when Fiona and Hailey, Y/N’s older sister, arranged a play date for the two of them. They bonded over a love of Legos and had been friends ever since. He helped her with homework and she helped him get out of trouble when trying to persuade him from getting into it failed. He taught her how to smoke and she taught him how to play the piano. They were perfect for each other but neither of them would admit it.

  “Come on, Lip, you’re telling me that you’ve never thought of asking Y/N out?” Ian asked.

  They were smoking on their porch in the hot Chicago summer. Ian had the day off from work and Lip was still thinking up his latest scheme to make money fast.

   “Y/N’s like a sister to me, you know. You don’t f—k your sister,” Lip said. “We aren’t royalty or anything.”

   Ian laughed. “Well, I’m pretty sure Y/N’s thought of f—cking you, you can see it in her eyes.”

   “Shut up.” Lip smacked Ian in the chest, making the ginger laugh.

   “Oh, that hurt so bad. Can’t you hit harder, pussy?”

   And that led to them wrestling jokingly, making Debbie roll her eyes inside and Carl begin cheering them on. Once they stopped (ie: when Ian pinned Lip down in their front yard), Lip sighed.

   “For the record, I let you win.”

   “Yeah, whatever.” Ian’s smile disappeared and he looked serious. “So, you’d really never consider getting with Y/N?”

   Lip rolled his eyes and shoved Ian off of him. “If you’re so into her, why don’t you date her?”
  “Because I’m gay.”

   “Oh yeah, use that excuse.” Lip took another long drag of his cigarette as he stood. “Look, Y/N’s a cool girl and stuff but I can’t see us being serious. I mean, we used to take baths together and I had the pleasure of being the only person with her when she first got her period. There’s too much history.”

   As the words left his mouth, Lip knew he was lying to himself. He knew that he was madly in love with his best friend who somehow managed to be sweet but scrappy when it came to defending herself or any of the Gallaghers. Plus, there was the way she threw her head back when she laughed really hard, making her gorgeous y/h/c locks flow around her. Then, there was the way she’d scrunch up her nose whenever she was confused about a homework question. Plus, she was the one who first confronted him about Karen, telling him that he shouldn’t take her kind of bullsh-t anymore. Also, her y/e/c eyes would light up whenever she was staring out at Lake Michigan and she would jump whenever someone/something freaked her out.

   Ian glanced behind Lip. “Too much history, huh?”


   “Then you wouldn’t be too upset at the view behind you right now.”

   Lip turned around and what he saw nearly made him drop his cigarette. Across the street, standing on the corner, was none other than Y/N smiling widely as she kissed Will Brooks. 

    “What’s she doing with him?” Lip asked.

    “Well, Lip, it appears as though they’re making out. It probably has to do with the fact that she’s had a crush on him since second semester,” Ian said.

   “How the f–k do you know all that?”

   “Because I’m the gay friend she tells all this to,” Ian said. “And I can’t blame her. Will is the star of the basketball team, has muscles for days, and is the literal definition of tall, dark, and handsome.”

   “He’s an idiot. He thought that a square should count as a rhombus in geometry,” Lip muttered.

   “Someone sounds jealous,” Ian sang.

   “Shut up,” he hissed.

   But the green monster was making his blood boil as he watched Y/N laugh at something Will said before hitting his arm playfully. Her smile was beautiful and genuine, if only she was smiling that way for Lip. She kissed Will one last time before circling around him and heading down the street. However, Will didn’t let her get by before swatting her butt and making her jump. Lip could’ve strangled him right then and there.

   “Lip, Ian, you are not going to believe what just happened!” Y/N said when she got up to them.

   “You got syphilis from that idiot?” Lip asked.

   Y/N frowned. “No, but Will did just take me out.”

   “Where?” Ian smiled widely and crossed his arms just to spite Lip.

   “He took me to lunch and then we walked along Navy Pier, just talking. Your advice worked, Ian!” Y/N squealed as she hugged him.

    “Wait, you gave her advice on this?” Lip asked.

    “It’s what the gay best friend does,” Ian said.

    Y/N turned to Lip and frowned. “Why are you getting so upset about this?”

    “Because you didn’t tell me about it.”

    “I didn’t think you’d care if I went out with Will. It’s nothing serious.”

    “But it might be. The Bulls are looking at Will to draft him. I hear he’s going to be Chicago’s Kobe Bryant.”

    “This is the Bulls were talking about, Ian,” Lip said. “Besides, Will get a new girl every week, you should probably just forget about him.”

   “For your information, Mr. Negative, we’re actually going out again tomorrow night. He got us Bulls tickets!”
   “Nosebleeds?” Lip asked.

   “Nope, near the floor, center court!” Y/N grinned. “I can’t believe this is happening. I never thought that Will would ever notice me.”

    “How could he not? You’re gorgeous,” Ian said.

    “Just be careful, okay. I don’t like the guy.”

    “You don’t like many guys, Lip. Besides, you should be happy for me. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll get you court-side seats to see the Bulls.”

   “No thanks, I’m good.” Lip threw his cigarette down and snuffed it out with his boot. “I’m gonna go take care of some business.”

    “What business?” Y/N asked as she began following him down the sidewalk.

    “My usual business with Kev,” Lip said.

    Y/N’s eyes widened. “Lip, you can’t do that. You’re already high up on the cop’s radar, right behind Carl.”

   “I’ve been doing this since we were fourteen, Y/N, I know what I’m doing.”

    “But you getting arrested could f—k up your chances with MIT or U of Chicago or any other fancy school,” Y/N argued.

   “Hey, why don’t you worry about what dress you’re gonna wear to see Will again and I’ll worry about my future, alright?” Lip snapped.

   Y/N flinched at his words. They had had arguments before, but he never got this mean with her. “What’s your problem, Lip? Are you on the rag?”

   “No, just leave me alone.”

   “Fine, come around the block when you decide to stop being such a jackass,” Y/N said.

   Though her words were sharp, she sounded hurt and it hurt Lip that he had hurt his best friend. As much as he wanted to admit why he was really angry with Y/N, he was too prideful and scared of her reaction to say anything.

   For two weeks, Y/N didn’t come by to see the Gallaghers nor did Lip try to go up around the block to see her. Fiona, Ian, Debbie, Carl, Kev, and V did their best not to mention her name whenever Lip was around. But ever since their fight, Lip had begun drinking and smoking more. He was miserable. However, everything came to a head when Fiona confronted him one day.

   “Alright, Lip, go talk to her,” Fiona said.


   Lip was sitting in the kitchen, drinking coffee while Fiona and Debbie were making breakfast.

   “You heard her, we’re sick of seeing you moping around all the time and drunk you is only so entertaining,” Debbie said.

   “I don’t want to talk to her. Besides, the only person she’s interested in talking to is Will.” Lip spat out the boy’s name.

   “That’s not true,” Ian said as he walked into the kitchen with Liam in his arms, “she talks to me all the time.”

   “If I want to talk to her, I’ll talk to her, alright? Can we stop f—king talking about her?” Lip snapped.

   Fiona set a plate of eggs and bacon in front of Lip and bent down to his level. “Lip, I know you’ve been in love with Y/N pretty much since the day you met and it must be killing you that you fought and that she’s with Will—”

   “Will Brooks? He’s a babe,” Debbie said.

   Fiona, Ian, and Lip collectively shot her a look that made her instantly regret her words.


   Fiona sighed. “But you need to man up and talk to her. I know this is gonna be hard comin’ from me but I know love when I see it.”

   Lip groaned. “She’s not gonna forgive me.”

  “She will, we’ve all had to,” Ian said.

  Lip playfully shoved him before taking a long swig of coffee. “I’ll be right back.”

  “That’s my boy,” V said as she entered the kitchen from the rear entrance.

   “Did you hear all of that?” Ian asked.

   “For the most part. Please go talk to that girl, I’m sick of seeing you look more pissed off than usual.”

   Lip laughed. “I will, see ya, V.”

   As he left the house, Lip began going over everything he could possibly say to make everything up to Y/N. 

   “Hey, Y/N, I’m sorry for being a dick and getting pissed about you and Will. I’m sure the NBA accepts idiots too—no, can’t say that, she’ll get pissed that I insulted him. Y/N, I’m sorry for being a dick and I’m really happy for you and Will. Maybe the Bulls will start winning if he joins. Yeah, that’s better.” Lip paused. “Y/N, you probably hate me, but we have to talk…”

   “I thought that only crazy people talked to themselves,” Mandy said as she strolled up to Lip.

   “Oh, hey, Mandy,” he said.

    She was wearing a tight black tank top and short denim cut offs. They had a short-lived fling but decided that they were better off as friends. Besides Ian and Lip, Mandy was Y/N’s closest friend.

   “I’m guessing that you’re off to talk to Y/N,” Mandy said.

   “Yeah, I said some real sh-tty stuff to her and she didn’t deserve it.” 

   “She never does,” Mandy said. “It’s just too bad about her and Will.”

   Lip frowned. “What happened?”

   “You didn’t hear? She found out that he’s been cheating on her ever since they got together. I offered to have my brothers beat him up for her, but she said it wasn’t worth it. I haven’t seen her around in a long time.”


    “Yeah, so whatever you have to say to her, don’t f-ck up.”

   “Thanks, Mandy.”

    As Lip walked away from Mandy, he was both elated and furious. He could beat Will’s face in for what he did to Y/N but at the same time, he was ecstatic that she was single again. Now he really had to perfect what he was gonna say.

   “Y/N, I’m sorry about what happened between us. You didn’t deserve it and I was just being a dick. I’m also sorry about what happened between you and Will. He deserves to get the sh-t beat out of him.” Lip sighed. “And…and I got so mad about the whole Will thing because, you’re like a sister to me and I didn’t want to lose my sister or my friend…the friend I’ve been in love with since we were two.”

   At this point, Lip was standing in front of the Y/L/N’s house. Mr. Y/L/N was most likely back at work in the loan office and Mrs. Y/L/N was off being a maid in the W Hotel. Whether or not Hailey was home was a bit of a toss up since she would skip class more than Lip did. The navy, two-story house seemed a lot bigger than it usually did and part of Lip wanted to turn around and run away.

   “Don’t be a pussy,” he muttered. 

   He walked up the front steps and knocked on the door.

   Seconds later, a dog was barking and Hailey was yelling at it.

   “Geez!” she blew a piece of dark hair out of her eyes and narrowed them once she saw Lip. “Lip.”

   “Hi, Hailey.”

   The barking Rottweiler stopped when he saw Lip and began licking all over his face.

   “Hi, Buster,” Lip said as he scratched the dog. “I’ve missed you.”

   “Well, he’s missed you too, I don’t know if I can say the same for Y/N,” Hailey said.

   Lip sighed as he straightened up. “Look, I know I f-cked up majorly with Y/N and I’m sorry. I just want to apologize and if she doesn’t want to be friends with me anymore, that’s fine, I’ll understand. Is she okay?”

   Hailey’s e/c eyes softened slightly at Lip’s words but she kept a tense body language. “She’d be better off if that idiot hadn’t cheated on her weeks after she lost her best friend. But she’ll get through it, she’s tough.”

   “I know, is she here?”

   Hailey pursed her lips. “That Will guy might’ve hurt her but you really broke her heart, you know that, Gallagher?”


   “I could kill you for how much you made her cry and then Will on top of that—” Hailey breathed.

   “And I’ll do my best to never make her cry again. Believe me, the last thing I want is to hurt her.”

   Lip hoped his sincerity showed through since Hailey was one of the most stubborn people when it came to protecting her family and doing what she thought was right.

   “She went to the Symphony. They let her listen to the music from the entry way as long as she doesn’t disturb anyone.”

   “Thanks, Hailey, I really appreciate it.”

   The L couldn’t have operated any slower that day, which made Lip even more anxious. He began chain smoking, hoping it would help him think more, but it didn’t. It calmed him down a little, but he still had no idea what he was going to say to her. Fortunately, downtown wasn’t very crowded and it was easy for him to find his way to the Symphony. Sure enough, Y/N was sitting near one of the door, cross-legged, listening intently to the passionate music. She looked gorgeous though she was wearing a simple white summer dress that went off the shoulders. Her hair was twisted up into a pretty bun on top of her head and her back was facing Lip.

   He carefully walked up to her, his mind racing with words.

   “Mind if I join you?”
    Y/N gestured for him to sit without turning away from the door. Her eyes were puffy and he could tell that she had been crying.

    “Y/N, I need to talk to you.”

    “Sh, it’s Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9,” Y/N hissed.

    “Oh, right, sorry.” Lip managed to say quiet for five more seconds before saying, “no, you know what, f-ck the music, you can get this sh–t on YouTube or iTunes. We need to talk.”

   “Keep your voice down or we’ll get kicked out,” Y/N said quietly. 

   “Fine, but at least look at me when I talk?”
   Y/N hesitated before turning to Lip. “Talk.”

   Lip paused. Everything he had rehearsed seem to leave his mind. “You’re beautiful.”

   Y/N rolled her eyes. “Go away, Lip.”

   “No, I’m serious. Even though that a—hole made you cry and did all that to you, you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Always have been.”

   There was a long pause between them but Y/N looked stunned.

   “Is that all you have to say to me?”

    “No, I’m sorry about what happened between us. I shouldn’t have gotten so pissed off about you and that jerk.”

    “You were a real jackass,” Y/N muttered.

    “I know, and you didn’t deserve that. And I’m sorry about what happened—-no, you know what, f-ck that, I’m not sorry. He didn’t deserve to be with you because you are amazing and sweet and talented and tough and strong. He doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as you and neither do I.”

    Y/N looked stunned but suddenly looked dejected. “If I’m all those things, why did he cheat on me with Ashley Opperman, Jane Henkins, Mariah Little, Penny Gilbert, Vanessa Langley, and Iman Ashton?”

    “Because he’s an idiot who’s probably trying to get the clap if he got anywhere near Vanessa Langley,” Lip said.

    Y/N smiled. “I think she’s had ever STD under the sun besides AIDs.”

   Lip smiled. “I’m so sorry about everything that happened between us, Y/N. Is there any way you could forgive me?”
   Y/N jokingly tapped her finger against her chin. “If you teach me how make things explode using that fancy technical vocabulary, maybe.”

   “Of course.”

   “And you help me pass my ACT.”


   “And you come to my piano concerts.”

   “I already do.”

   “Sober, though.”

   “Then you’ll have to play something less boring.”


   They jokingly shook hands before Y/N wrapped her arms around Lip and basically fell into his lap. He immediately pulled her close, inhaling her sweet scent.

    “I’ve missed this,” she whispered.

    “I love you.”

    They both froze. Lip couldn’t have said that any less smoothly if he tried. He couldn’t believe that he had blurted it out like that.

    Y/N pulled away slowly and looked at him with wide eyes. “Lip?”

    “I’ve loved you since we first met and I fell in love with you around the same time, I think. It drove me crazy seeing you with Will and I’m sorry I was so mean to you. If you don’t feel the same way then—”

    Lip was cut off as Y/N pressed her lips against his. He immediately pulled her closer as he kissed back. All those emotions they had for the past sixteen years came out in that exchange. They were so caught up they not only forgot where they were but also that they would need to pull away for air.

     “Eh hem.” An elderly security guard looked at them with distaste.

    “What’s your problem?” Lip asked.

    “Sorry, Ivan, we’ll be leaving now.”

    “No, that’s fine, Y/N, just try to ease up on all of that.” Ivan gestured to their current position.

   “You got it, Ivan.”

   He wandered away and Lip pulled Y/N into him again.

   “So, I’m guessing you like me too?”

   “No, I love you, I thought as smart as you are, you would’ve caught onto that when we were at least four,” Y/N teased.

   “Well, I’m smart enough to never let you go again.”


    And that was how after many years, Lip Gallagher ended up with the girl from around the block.

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Hi! Please could I request headcanons of the RFA+V+Saeran first date with MC?

Oh, boy! First dates! I hope I do this justice for you, anon~! (: Sorry it takes me so long to finish these requests. I am a college student who is trying to prepare for the sweet release of death finals. Anywho, I tried to make these worth the wait but I still feel like a potate.

Ø  ~~~YOOSUNG~~~

  • After he finished up the semester, he vowed to take you on a dream date.
  • He suggested just about everything, and you had to calm him down.
  • “We can see a movie, and go to dinner, and go bowling, and I’ll see if Jumin can lend us a limousine! Do you think he would? Oh! We can—“
  • “Yoosung… Sweetie, just breathe for a minute. Do either of us have the money for this?”
  • He was silent for a moment.
  • “Er… Then how about a picnic?”
  • There we go, Yoosung. Thinking inside the wallet.
  • The two of you met at the park. He found a lush, green field for you two and laid down a large blanket.
  • He sat down a huge basket, and you were wondering what on earth he could have brought that would need that much space.
  • As if reading your thoughts, he began babbling at high-speed.
  • “I made sandwiches, gimbap—meat and without meat, I didn’t think to ask if you were vegan, sorry—mandoo, gaeran mari, some musubi.. Hmmm, oh, and rice cakes!! I also made—“
  • He continued on for a moment, listing off the menu as he pulled it straight from the basket.
  • You place a finger to his lips to silence him, and you could have sworn he almost jumped out of his skin.
  • “Yoosung!” you blurt. “Let’s just eat!”
  • His cheeks were an adorable shade of red, and his shoulders trembled.
  • He reminded you of a nervous little Chihuahua, and it honestly made you giggle a bit.
  • The two of you sat down to eat, and you noticed he looked really drained.
  • “Did you get enough sleep? Did you play LOLOL all night again?”
  • He gave a sheepish smile and gestured to the food laid out all around on the blanket.
  • “Not this time… I was up all night making this for us. I wanted it to be perfect, so I had to restart a few times… It isn’t too bland is it? Did I make it pretty enough?”
  • “Yoosung,” you breathe, quite shocked at the amount of effort he put into some picnic snacks. You shake your head in disbelief. How could any guy be so incredibly sweet?
  • “It is perfect. This entire day is perfect. Thank you so much.”
  • Yoosung looks entirely flattered, trying his best not to smile from ear to ear, looking down at his gimbap and toying with a lace on his shoes.
  • This man is completely flawless in your eyes, and you are so proud of him. You decide you want to hang onto him for as long as humanly possible.

Ø  ~~~ZEN~~~

  • He asked you out through a phone call.
  • You had to mute the phone to keep from squealing right in his ear.
  • The two of you end up parking in front of a large building. He didn’t tell you what the place was.
  • Zen is a complete gentleman, opening doors for you and holding your hand every chance he gets, commenting on how beautiful you look.
  • Which he better have, because you spent ages primping for this guy.
  • He leads you inside, and immediately you know what the place is.
  • There are cymbals stacked up in the corner of the main hall, piano benches and music stands propped against the walls.
  • He smiles at you knowingly, then leads you into a small room with just a piano and a couple of chairs.
  • “Pull a chair up and sit beside me… I want to play something for you.”
  • You follow his instructions and sit in the chair beside his, just a bit behind him since he was sitting in front of the piano—you didn’t want to get in the way.
  • His lips quirk up once more, a dazzling smile that shows the pearly whites of his teeth.
  • Your heart thumps against your chest as his bright crimson eyes gaze softly into yours.
  • “Don’t think I’m a creep just yet, but… I couldn’t get you out of my mind. So…”
  • He turns around and taps out a few notes and chords, making sure of the key for what he was about to play.
  • “Ahem, I… I wrote this for you.”
  • Your eyes widened. He wrote you a song?! And he actually sounds nervous about it?!
  • Without further explanation, he began playing before he could chicken out completely.
  • It’s magnificent… The sweet melody fills the room, a major key that could lift even the most broken of spirits.
  • Zen was slightly slouched, fingers gliding over the keys as if it was second nature, swaying along gently to the music.
  • You press a hand over your mouth, smiling like a giddy little girl as you watch him play with such deep emotion. It was like seeing a whole new Zen.
  • He looks entirely vulnerable before you, all of his emotions spilling out with every chord he creates.
  • Suddenly, a smooth, deep voice resounds throughout the room. He’s singing.
  • He adorns his suave baritone voice with vibrato, singing each note with utter grace and perfection…  
  • God, he sounds just like an angel…
  • You didn’t notice the tears falling from your eyes until the song was complete.
  • He turns around and looks at you, tears brimming in his own eyes.
  • He smiles again, knowing exactly what you’re feeling.
  • He’s feeling it too.
  • You leap forward and wrap your arms around his neck.
  • He laughs and embraces you as well.
  • “I love you, Zen…”
  • “Mm, not as much as I love you…”

Ø  ~~~JAEHEE~~~

  • Coffee shop?
  • WRONG.
  • The two of you are going to the sPA BECAUSE YOU BOTH DESERVE A BREAK.
  • After hearing how much Jumin was overworking Jaehee, the whole thing was your idea. Your bae was so!! stressed!!
  • You needed to relax anyway.
  • You planned it as a “date,” but the two of you hadn’t disclosed any romantic feelings for each other.
  • You wanted her to know how you felt, but at the same it terrified you.
  • What if she doesn’t like you back? You don’t deal very well with rejection..
  • The two of you got manicures and pedicures together.
  • It surprised you when you heard her giggle and apologize.
  • Apparently, her legs are very ticklish.
  • And it’s so cute.
  • Her laugh is so bubbly, and the way she curls her legs up to avoid being tickled just warms your heart.
  • You love seeing her happy.
  • The only thing that started to bother you was when the two of you went for massages.
  • Both of you had to undress at least partially and be rubbed down by another person in order to receive a massage.
  • Jaehee was going to be pawed at by someone else with only a thin sheet in between the two of them.
  • [MC rage mode activated]
  • You could hardly enjoy the massage because of it, especially when Jaehee let out little moans when the masseuse worked out the stress from her shoulders.
  • That should be me making her feel like that, you thought.
  • Finally the two of you got some alone time in a mud bath.
  • She was reluctant to get in at first.
  • “Jaehee… They don’t just pick up some dirt and throw it in here with water. This is good for your skin!”
  • “Good… mud?”
  • This sweetheart had never been to a spa before. You were so glad to treat her.
  • She got in and immediately the warmth of the mud soothed her tension.
  • She is now leaning back against the edge of the bath. She’s had her eyes closed for several minutes; you could only assume she fell asleep.
  • “… You’re so cute when you’re sleeping…”
  • “Hm?”
  • “Oh! Nothing!”
  • MC, you big idiot. It’s a good thing she didn’t hear that!
  • “Ah, I’m so relaxed. I haven’t felt like this in year,” she hums. “Thank you so much, MC. I could just kiss you right now.”
  • “Why don’t you?”
  • MC, REALLY? You just love suffering, don’t you? Just love digging holes for yourself—
  • Jaehee laughs. She looks over at you with a wide smile and sees your blush.
  • It is so endearing to her. You’re just so adorable and shy. Why can’t you just tell her what you’re feeling?
  • “It’s the least I could do for someone like you,” she says, and your eyes widen to comic proportions.
  • She softly laughs again and leans over, pressing a soft kiss to your cheek.
  • [MC liquesce mode activated]
  • (∗∕∕⊙∕◡∕⊙∕∕)

Ø  ~~~JUMIN~~~

  • Fancy dinner date with the executive director of C&R~
  • It was surreal. Jumin ordered and sent you a nice, black dress with matching heels and light jewelry. He even arranged a limousine to drive you two there.
  • You really felt like it was too much, but Jumin insisted that you just relax and indulge for tonight. This was your first date and he wanted to make it special for the both of you in any way possible.
  • It was like you were in a fairy-tale
  • You would have believed that Jumin was prince charming if he hadn’t been looking so grumpy all night.
  • Finally, after the two of you were halfway through your dinner, the wine you were drinking gave you enough confidence to ask him why he looked so pissy.
  • “Is it me? Do you not like me…?”
  • “MC, that’s ridiculous. You’re the most important woman in the world to me…”
  • “It’s just…”
  • He closes his eyes briefly and sighs, placing his silverware down. He very suddenly pins you with a hard gaze, taking you aback.
  • “I misjudged the length… Your dress is too short. These dogs keep staring.”
  • Sure enough, there were men in this nice establishment who were low-class enough to check out a lady. And another man’s lady at that!
  • You pull your dress down over your knees, trying to keep full coverage of your thighs while you sat at the table.
  • You are very uncomfortable.
  • The corner of Jumin’s lips twitch upward slightly, and he flattens the back of his hand on the table in front of you.
  • “Give me your hand. They’ll stop looking.”
  • You are all for that.
  • You place your palm gently in his, and a blush creeps over your face.
  • He squeezes your hand softly, caressing it as if it was a sacred treasure. He runs his thumb over your knuckles, back and forth while his silvery eyes watch your nerves settle down.
  • This feels really nice.
  • “They’re not looking anymore,” you sigh, relieved.
  • Jumin’s smile widens, and you feel your flesh rise as he brings your hand up and presses your fingers against his lips.
  • So warm and soft…
  • Your blush returns as your mind drifts, fantasizing about that tantalizing warmth against your own lips.
  • “Good,” he murmurs, voice deep and foreboding. “I’m the only one who should see you like that.”

Ø  ~~~SEVEN~~~

  • Your phone lit up with brightly in the middle of a message, a festive image of a roller coaster behind some obnoxious-colored text…. Ugh, spam???
  • You try to exit the pop-up, but unfortunately, it wouldn’t leave your screen.
  • You sigh and humor the ad, pressing the button.
  • YOU’VE WON…”
  • … Is that a drumroll..?
  • Oh my god, Seven, you freaking dork.
  • You couldn’t help but smile and laugh, covering your mouth to hide a goofy grin so wide that it made your cheeks hurt.
  • Seven swings by the apartment and picks you up the next day, then floors it to your destination.
  • A theme park?? So that’s what the roller coaster was about.
  • You felt nauseous. He better not drag you on any roller co—
  • aaaaaaaaaaaand first stop, roller coaster.
  • He’s dragging you along, insisting it will be fun! He says if you come along, he has a top secret surprise for you~
  • You muster up the courage, but you’re still shivering like crazy.
  • He holds your hand, a gesture that turns you red in the face. His palm is so warm against your own, and his fingers laced around yours perfectly. He is such a good hand-holder what the hell
  • He was distracting you with his unassuming charm until you realized you were seated and strapped down in the coaster.
  • You start cursing under your breath, and Seven gives your hand a reassuring squeeze.
  • “Baaaabe, you’ll be fine! It’ll be worth it!”
  • The ride begins. You scream, he laughs, all the while gripping each other’s hand tightly.
  • You come out trembling, but he seems to have gotten a huge rush. He laughs and swings your hand to and fro as you walk.
  • “You made it! See, it wasn’t so bad! Ready for your surprise, MC?”
  • You glare up at him, and you see him grinning. What the hell is he up to?
  • He brings you to the side of the nearest building, away from the crowd, then gingerly tilts your chin up.
  • You blush, unable to be angry anymore as you gaze into his hypnotic golden eyes. He’s going to kiss me, oh my god, he’s going to kiss me!!
  • He comes closer, his nose bumping against yours, and your breath hitches. You can feel your lips tingling with anticipation.
  • Seven builds up the moment, letting the heat of his breath ghost over your lips for what seemed like an eternity.
  • You were on fire, wanting to just kiss him senseless, but he held you firmly in place.
  • Finally, he moved closer and—
  • He gave a swift peck to your nose and backed away.
  • You looked entirely offended, making him burst out laughing.
  • “Pffftt ha ha ha!! Tell you what,” he said, collecting himself. “If you go on another one, I’ll give you the real surprise.”
  • You were about to refuse, but then he slid the pad of his thumb over your bottom lip. You groaned quietly.
  • “Maybe just one more…”

Ø  ~~~V~~~

  • Nature hikes!
  • He still had a bit of sight left in one eye—enough to get him around.
  • Plus, you were always there to guide him if he needed it.
  • Turns out, he knew the trail fairly well, so only a small amount of sight was needed to be able to maneuver around the trees and roots with ease.
  • This boy would not let your hand go, and it was the sweetest thing. He wanted you to stay close to him, as if he was afraid you were the one who would get lost.
  • The trees began to thin, and soon you two were atop a large hill overlooking the city.
  • It was so beautiful, you felt like you were on top of the world.
  • Well, with V by your side, you may as well be.
  • “MC, stand over here.”
  • You walked in front of the scenic view of the city and stopped, looking at V expectantly.
  • “Now, smile!”
  • He had taken his camera out and was positioning it over his left eye.
  • You smile, and he takes the picture.
  • He doesn’t bother to see at how it turned out; with you in it, it will undoubtedly be perfect.
  • “Beautiful,” he says, and joins you where you’re standing.
  • He holds his camera up and snaps a photograph of the both of you.
  • “This one is for you.” He grabs the photo and hands it to you. A third of his face was cut from the picture, but it was still something to remember this by.
  • Your first date with the man you’ll spend forever with. You clutched the picture to your chest, making a mental note to get a frame for it.
  • Suddenly, V’s shoulders started shaking, and his breathing became erratic.
  • You placed a hand on his shoulder, looking at him with concern.
  • “V, are you all right?”
  • As he looks over at you, you saw a smile on his face. He was laughing, with a single tear spilling down his cheek.
  • You didn’t know how to react, so you wrapped him up in an embrace that he returned immediately.
  • “We haven’t known each other for very long, but I can tell…” His voice was quivering in your ear.
  • “I can tell that I don’t ever want to forget your face. I don’t ever want to forget the way you smile when you see me. Or the way you laugh when I make some pathetic joke… I don’t ever want to forget the way your eyes light up like the stars of a million galaxies when I speak. I don’t want to forget… Please tell me I won’t forget.”
  • “V…”
  • The two of you spent the entire day and night together. He never took his eyes off of you. No matter where you went or what you did, as long as you were in sight, his eyes belonged to you. And for as long as his sight lasts, he will pledge himself to committing every one of your details to memory. He will never forget your face.

Ø  ~~~SAERAN~~~

  • It’s almost midnight when you hear little taps on your window.
  • Curious, you peer outside and are immediately met with two dazzling aquamarine eyes.
  • You nearly have a heart attack.
  • This beautiful white-haired man is smiling softly, gesturing for you to open your window.
  • Should you? He looks dangerous, but… Something inside you wants to know who he is and what he wants. Could this be the hacker that led you to this place?
  • You crack open the window, just enough to hear him speak. Your grip is tight, so that you can close and lock it immediately if the need arises.
  • “MC, I see you’re adjusting well. Why don’t you come outside?”
  • “Y-you’re Unknown?”
  • “Ah, clever little thing, aren’t you? Come on out. I won’t hurt you~”
  • Will he? Come on, MC… Don’t be stupid. You can’t possibly do what he says. He’s the hacker! You have to call Seven!…
  • Before you could even process what was happening, he pushes the window open more and grabs your hand, jerking you forward so abruptly that you almost knock your head on the window.
  • “But… If you rat me out, I might hurt you a little~!” He giggles, and your blood runs cold.
  • “I’ll come out, I’ll do it! Just… let me go, please.”
  • He releases your arm and pries the window open enough for you to get out.
  • “And leave your phone inside…”
  • You’re both outside now, and he takes your hand gently in his as he guides you along.
  • You find it odd how gentle he turned out to be after getting you outside—maybe he won’t hurt you after all. But where is he taking you?
  • “I imagine you have a lot of questions. I’ve got a little time to kill, so I’ll clear some things up.”
  • The night went by with you and this stranger hand in hand, strolling through the town in the dead of night.
  • He seemed to be glowing, ethereal under the moonlight. His mystery fueled your curiosity, and so the two of you quietly spoke as you made your way along.
  • Soon, you return to the apartment building. You notice how reluctant you are to leave this mystery man. You had enjoyed the company, and moreover you had grown accustomed to his touch.
  • Which all but makes you groan disappointedly as he lets your hand go.
  • He takes notices and chuckles, forcing a chill down your spine.
  • “You like me, don’t you? You don’t want me to leave. Mm… Would you like me to join you in your bedroom for the night?” His voice is low and sultry, whispering a proposition into your ear that makes your face heat up like crazy.
  • Yes. Yes. God, yes.
  • You open your mouth, but are far too flustered to speak. Absolutely no sound comes out. He knows what this means…
  • The two of you are now inside, lips crashing onto the others’ in the heat of the moment.
  • His mouth is like a bittersweet poison, dripping with sugary venom, driving your senses wild.
  • Everywhere he touches sets your body on fire. Why, why are you doing this? This isn’t you.
  • But the sense of danger and mystery just sucks you in entirely. This man makes you weak and entirely submissive to his will.
  • He pushes you onto your bed, then crawls on top of you and pins your wrists firmly to the mattress.
  • You are helpless and feeble, docile and obedient.
  • You’re loving this.
  • You can’t get enough of his taste, tongue dancing around yours in a scorching sensation that only the two of you can feel.
  • His teeth bite at your flesh, leaving trails of bright red love marks over your neck and throat.
  • You crave more, so much more, lifting your body to rub against his, then he stops.
  • The two of you panting is the only sound heard throughout the silence.
  • You want to say his name, but you realize that you don’t even know it yet.
  • “That’s enough for tonight,” he murmurs, picking himself up from the bed.
  • You sit up, reaching out to him, your face a blushing mess.
  • “W-wait! Where are you going?”
  • He lifts the window, and just as he is about to disappear, he flashes you a wicked grin.
  • “Don’t worry, Princess. I’ll come get you soon..~”
Can’t Fight This Feeling

IMAGINE: (Y/N) and Steve are in a secret relationship. They don’t want to publicise their relationship in fear of their friends reactions and questions. But what happens when someone can’t fight their feelings anymore? 

[gif is not mine. creds to the owner. this is a bit wordy but made up for it in fluffy goodness. this story is part of the poetry series, this time based on ‘you’ by land leav.]

warnings: none

word count: 2.3 k+

‘There are people I will never know

And their lives will still ensue;

Those that could have loved me so

And I’ll never wonder who…’

The sound of the New York traffic was heard from below, (Y/N) turned over on her stomach still reading the book in her hand. She flipped the page once and looked at the time, 2:53 am. Like clockwork her door opened and Steve popped his head in, he gave her a smile and closed the door softly.

 “Hey you,” she greeted as she sat up, placing her book on the nightstand.

He didn’t respond to her, all he did was walk faster to her bed and plopped himself on it being careful as to not hit her. Steve grabbed her, and wrapped his hands around her waist, he leant down and gave her a soft kiss.

 (Y/N) laughed against his lips, Steve pulled back and gave her a large smile. “I missed you,” he said, pecking her lips again.

“You saw me a couple of hours ago.”

“Yeah,” he pouted. “But I couldn’t do this.” He pulled her in for a kiss again, this time more longer and more passionate.

After kissing Steve, (Y/N) leant back on her bed, pulling the blankets up. “I hate this,” she started. “I don’t like it when I can’t be with you.”

Steve smirked at her, “Who knew that the great (Y/N) who said that she will never be cliched, become a cliche?”

She smacked him half-heartedly, “Shut it, Rogers.”

Steve wrapped his right arm around her shoulders, and he too leaned back. “I know what you’re saying. I miss you too. I don’t like Peter’s friend looking at you.”

She laughed, “He’s 16. He’s a kid, Steve.”

He pouted, “Still.” Steve looked over to (Y/N), who was now moving closer to him. “Why don’t we tell them?”

“Because we both know that we’re going to be questioned by multiple people, they’re going to question what I’m doing to you, which I might add is mean.”  She pointed a finger at him and harrumphed.

“Well, you do have a track record,” he teased.

“A track record that indefinitely stopped when I started taking a fancy to you,” she pointed out. “It’s just, they’re not ready and I don’t want to put our relationship to our friends that we practically see everyday, who aren’t ready.”

Steve nodded, agreeing with her. “Hopefully they’ll be ready soon.”

“Our group has Tony Stark, that’s practically a never to being ready.” 

Steve watched as the clock changed its numbers from 3:40, to 3:41. He looked over to the woman who was snuggled next to him, she grasped the blanket tighter, leaving him to basically nothing. If anyone told him that he’d be sharing a bed with (Y/N), being in a relationship with him six months ago he would have laughed and kindly asked the person if they needed to be checked.

Their relationship was rocky at best. Their personalities differed way too much in order for them to be friends. They had conflicting views. She was reckless, she was snobbish, she was everything he thought he hated. But as he got to know her, the little moments that they shared when they were doing a mission together, or the late night talks, he realised that they more alike than he thought.

Steve pulled (Y/N) closer to him. At this moment, he knew that she was the person that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. 

 “I don’t get how you managed to break your arm, and then get sick,” Tony complained as he passed a cup of coffee to Steve. 

The other man shrugged, “Maybe I’m getting old like you.”

Tony flipped him off, “But I’ve had these reservations for months.” He complained.

“Tony, I’d rather not get the elitist of the elite sick.”

“Who’s getting who sick?” (Y/N) asked as she and Jane walked into the kitchen. Both women holding various notebooks with post-its sticking out.

“Capsicle is icksicle and he can’t come to the dinner.”

“Disgusting Rogers,” (Y/N) scrunched her nose. When she was certain that Jane and Tony weren’t looking she gave him a wink, watching as a smile light up on his face 

“I guess that you have to stay here then,” Tony sighed. “Will you be okay on your own?”

Steve thought for a moment, “I guess.” Steve discreetly looked at (Y/N), trying to get her to remember their plan. He coughed for extra effect, catching Tony, Jane’s and (Y/N)’s attention. They all looked at him disgustedly -Jane being nicer than the other two.

“No, I think that someone has to look after you,” Tony mused. “I can probably try and get Vision and Wanda to stay, they didn’t seem too keen to go anyway.”

“NO!” Steve yelled out, he quickly placed a hand on his mouth, then he coughed again. “No,” he said softly this time. “It’s good to get those two out of the house.”

 Tony narrowed his eyes and pouted. “I think I can get Fury to stay.” He fished out his phone and Steve looked at (Y/N). He gave her a warning look.

 She rolled her eyes, “Tony, if there’s anyone that needs a night out and have fancy drinks, it’s our fearless leader.” (Y/N) grabbed his phone and started deleting his text.

 “Well then princess, if you have a better idea then feel free to say it.”

 “I can stay,” she spoke nonchalantly, shrugging after.

 Tony once again narrowed his eyes, “You hate Steve. Is this some kind of plan?”

 “Me? Planning? Scheming? I’m outraged that you would think that.” She flicked his arm and Tony flicked her with his fingers in return. “I’ve already been there and it wasn’t my cup of tea, also I hate half of the people that usually go there.”

 “(Y/N), they’re your friends.”

 “Friends that I hate,” she spoke, smiling. “Look, I’ll look after Rogers, and I swear on my fortunes and my clothes that I will not lay a hand on him.” (Y/N) raised her arms in surrender and looked at her best friend who still had a dubious look on his face. “Come on, Tony. Who else would you get? Nat and Clint want to go, Thor and Jane want to go, everyone wants to go!”

 “I mean, I don’t really want to go,” Jane started. “I have this thing that I have to finish for my work.”

 “See,” Tony clicked his fingers towards Jane, a bright look on his face. “Jane will stay! And so will Thor!”

 Jane gave him a meek smile, “I don’t really trust Thor in fancy places, I mean he did smash half of the plates at a drive-in one time.”

 “Great!” Tony spoke out, a bright and happy tone lacing his voice. He wrapped his arms around (Y/N), oblivious to the glare that she was giving him. “Now, let’s get ready.” (Y/N) sent a helpless look to a now dumbfounded Steve.

(Y/N) huffed and folded her arms across her chest, she leaned back into her seat and watched as Tony make another joke with the waiter.

 “Okay, what’s wrong? This is your usual forte, so why aren’t you your normal self?” Sam whispered to her.

 She looked at her friend, “I’m just knackered Sam, and I particularly don’t want to be here.”

 “Is it because of a certain super soldier?”

 (Y/N) sat up straighter in her seat, fearing that her facial expression would throw away something. She took a deep breath and looked at Sam with an arched brow, “Yes Sam. I’m totally down in the dumps right now because I secretly love Steve and wisht that I was with him right at this moment.”

 Sam looked at (Y/N) who had an indifferent look on her face, he sat back into his seat and grinned. “I never said you loved him.”

 “You’re going to be the death of me Wilson.”

 “Don’t die, Steve would never forgive me.” Sam joked. She knew that he was joking but the way he said it made her feel things inside that she’s never felt before.

The night went on and all (Y/N) did was groan mentally, wishing that she was back at the compound watching some stupid Netflix show that Steve became obsessed about, rather than being at one of New York’s best restaurants. She started tapping on the table, then drumming watching as her friends attention turned to her, knowing she wouldn’t stop anytime soon they focused back on their attention.

She watched as Pepper clasped her hand over Tony’s, she watched as her best friend gave the woman he loved a smile so big that it looked idiotic. She couldn’t even make fun of Tony because she knew how he felt. (Y/N) turned her attention to Clint and Nat who were quietly whispering in each other’s ears, no doubt talking about other people, or Nat comforting Clint.  Feeling a sudden rush of multiple emotions, she stood up, her chair scraping gathering everyone’s attention. She threw her napkin on the table.

 “I have to go.”

 “Wait, (Y/N), where are you going?” She heard Tony asked.

 (Y/N) turned around, “I have to get back to the compound. I have to get back to my boyfriend.”

 “I KNEW IT!” Sam yelled as he too stood up and pointed a finger at (Y/N).

 “What?” Tony asked.

 “Steve and I have been in a relationship and we’ve been postponing telling you guys because we knew, well I knew, that you were going to be immature about. But seeing you guys here, it’s making me miss him and I realised that I don’t care if you’re immature about it, I just care about him being with me.” She finished, she took in all of her friends faces. Half of them were confused, and the other half was just amused.

 “Oh my god, you love him!” Tony yelled as well. (Y/N) looked around at the restaurant, everyone was now staring at their table including the waiters. Most of the patrons having glare etched on their faces.

 (Y/N) just shrugged and waved goodbye to her friends, she hailed a taxi as soon as she was outside. She gave them the address, and waited as the taxi driver took what seemed to be the longest route to the compound.

‘Of all the things to come and go,

There is no one else like you.’

 (Y/N) gave him the money as they reached the compound, tipping him an extra amount for dealing with her incessant chattering and fidgeting. As she rushed up the stairs to greet Steve, (Y/N) realised that she just probably blurted out the biggest secret she’s ever had to her best friends without thinking of the consequences. Not only that, she also made a huge spectacle in one of New York’s finest restaurants. The overwhelming feeling came over her, this wasn’t her. This wasn’t what she did.

 (Y/N) thought everything through, no words came out of her mouth without going over it three times in her head. What the hell was Steve doing to her? As she opened the door, she was met with Thor laughing and Jane shaking her head.

 “Thor, that’s not how you play it!”

 She looked around for Steve, as soon as she saw him coming into the room she ran over and engulfed him in a hug. Both Jane and Thor stopped what they were doing and looked at the spectacle in front of them.

 “Uhh, (Y/N)?”

 (Y/N) pulled back and looked at Steve. “I may or may not have told our friends that we were dating, and I may or may have not done it in front of the restaurant.”

 “Wait, what?”

 “I love you Steve Rogers, and when I was sitting there by myself watching Pepper and Tony, Clint and Nat together, made me realise that I don’t care what anyone else thinks. Or what anyone else questions. I want you with me, beside me, always. I want to be able to turn to you when I make a stupid joke, or hold your hand in public.” She rambled, not realising that she was gesturing wildly with her hands until she hit Steve accidentally in the face. “Fuck, I’m so sorry.”

 (Y/N) cradled his face, and softly rubbed where she hit him. Steve grasped her hand, and pulled it down gently. “You love me?” He asked with a grin.  

 Panic set in her eyes and she looked around everywhere but him. “I really hope that you do because otherwise I would look really stupid saying I love you to you.”


 Steve shrugged, “I mean how can I not love you. You practically told everyone we knew that you love me, told New York that you love me, came up running to hug me.”

 “I did not run,” (Y/N) scoffed.

 Steve laughed as he pulled her closer, pecking her lips he embraced her as tight as he could. They were brought out of their moment as they heard clapping from Thor.

 “This is great news! Lady (Y/N) and Captain are together!” Jane tried to quieten him down as she gave them both a thumbs up and an apologetic look.

 “How did telling them go anyway?” Steve asked as he looked at her.


 She looked sheepishly at Steve, “To be fair, Tony seemed to accept it when we were at the restaurant.”

 “ROGERS!” That particular yell was accompanied with a ‘Tony, shut up,’ courtesy of Pepper. “I DON’T CARE PEPPER, HE’S DOING MY BEST FRIEND!” 

 ‘The things I never think about -

And the only thing I do.’

Ayatollah [Newt Scamander x Reader]


Word Count: 1,209

Requests: Lots of you messaged me for this!


BTW I think I am going to create a tag list so message me if you want to be on my permanent taglist or just on a tag list for a specific character! 

Let me see you get yourself/ Out of this situation/ Go ahead, accommodate me

Now it was the day for Newt and (y/n) to take leave from New York. Their time in New York was spent chasing Newt’s creatures who escaped his case. And (y/n) could be viewed as quite bitter from this situation. She hid in his case while they boarded the boat because she didn’t want Newt spending any money on her and because she frankly did not want to see Tina and Newt’s farewell for now. She just wanted to be in London. No, she wanted to be the one that made Newt’s face light up. That used to be her. 

She said “I’ve missed this mattress/ And I’ve missed being classless/ And this district’s lifeless”

And soon they were back in London which left (y/n) ecstatic but Newt could only be described as heartbroken. (Y/N) knew that she couldn’t let Newt suffer from lost love. Even though it meant she would have lost the love of her life.

“It’s nice to be home, right, Newt?” She smiled at him, attempting to lift his spirits

“Uh, yes, it- it is quite, um, nice”

“I know you want to be in New York.”

“W-what?” His eyes went wide in shock.

“You liked Tina, and being there. It’s okay to miss that and who knows. Maybe you’ll be assigned to go back there soon. But I’m afraid to say I probably will not join you,” and with that, you climbed out of the case, taking care of your apartment and its care.

I see potential in her/ Cause I see potential in her

“I don’t understand”

“What don’t you understand?” You asked Newt.

“You’re my companion a-and you love our creatures. Why wouldn’t you want to leave them, why do you want to leave me?”

“I don’t want to leave, but it’s what will be best.”

“No, no it won’t. You have potential, great potential, and you can’t just leave me- me I meant us.”

“Newt, you were so happy with Tina. I want you to go back to New York, back to Tina, a-and Queenie, and Jacob-”

“But you have to, no, NEED to stay with me.”

“I-I’m sorry Newt, I just want you to be happy,” with that, you left your shared apartment and went to the bar for the evening.

And I was only messing/ When I used to joke about/ Letting you down

(Y/N) returned from the bar, some what intoxicated, at a quarter to 1. She looked a mess; her hair in tangles, shirt untucked, and her top buttons undone. She attempted to sneak in, but Newt could hear the door shut from his case. 

As (y/n) took a seat at the chairs in the kitchen, he stepped out and made his way to her. But when he saw her, he was slightly taken aback from her appearance but he knew what happened. Some man tried to touch her.

“What was his name?”

“Why do you care?”

“(Y/N), what was his name?” He said, harsher this time.

“I-I don’t know, but he didn’t do anything to me.”

Newt sighed his head in his hands, “I should never have let you leave without me.”

“I’m fine, besides why should you care if I hooked up with some bloke who actually fancied me.” She retorted.

“(Y/N), why can’t you see how much I care for you. You’ve always been there for me, when I was expelled, when Leta left me broken, when I was arrested. You’re always there, taking care of me and making me happy. Why do you want to leave me and- and break my heart? Why do you think that’s a good idea?”

“I-I-I’m jealous and hurting Newt. And I’m not going to satisfy you any more because you found something better.”

“Better. Okay look, remember when I took you to meet my brother.”

Sweetheart I was dreading/ I was only dreading/ Meeting your brother

“Oh yes, and it was awful. You wouldn’t shut up about telling me how arrogant he was and I thought you were just being jealous but no,” she laughed and a tear fled down her face, “he was just as bad and I realized how much I wanted to protect you because of the way he talked to you.”

Newt smiled,” and I swore to myself that I would never let another man look at you like a piece of meat.”


“Yes,” he smiled.

Cause I see potential in you

“Newt, how do you see me?” You asked the next morning, and the question had somewhat shocked Newt.

“Excuse me?”

“What do you see me as? A friend, a little sister, a colleague, a-a.. a lover?”

“I don’t know how to answer.”

“That’s fine,” you replied softly and began to walk to your room.

“(Y/N), you are a lovely young lady and shouldn’t care for what others think of you.”

So call me in the morning/ When you’ve mixed up all your medicine/ I’ll make you feel a little better

The ministry issued Newt to go over to Ireland to see about a nasty Murtlap infestation. At first, he didn’t want to leave you alone, with all the mixed feelings between the two of you, but you convinced him by promising to call him every morning when you first woke up.

Two days later, you called him, upon hearing word he arrived in Ireland. The telephone rang a bit before the operator finally connected the phone lines. 

“Hello Newton,” you giggled.

“Hello (Y/N), have you taken your allergy medication?”

“Yes, Newt, first thing before dialing you.”

“Alright, I’ll be home in four days.” 

Show me in the evening/ Until you disembark/ And have a sudden change of heart

He finally arrived back home Saturday evening, an envelope sitting on his chair. At first worry began to flood through him as he called out your name.

“I’m in the kitchen, Newt, making you a nice dinner.”

He sighed a bit in relief, then entered the kitchen to see you. His body engulfed yours in a hug from behind. 

“Oh,” you giggled, “did you miss me?”

“Of course I did, you’re my best friend,” he smiled, “what was that envelope on my chair?”

“It’s a little present I got you.”

“What for?”

“Well, there’s two envelope’s there. Open the one from the ministry first.” 

Cause I see potential in you/ I see potential in you

His face lit up upon opening the letter. His body language revealed it was definitely fantastic news.

“Well, what is it?”

“My- my manuscript has been accepted!”

“This is amazing, Newt. Now open the other.”

Nervously, he carefully opened the tan envelope. The ticket inside surprised him.

“We’re going back to America.”

“Um, no, j-just you, Newt. I’m not going.”


Call me in the morning when/ You’ve mixed up all your medicine

“(Y/N), no, I can’t just leave you alone.”

“You can go tell Tina and Queenie about how the book will be out soon! You can celebrate with them.”

“B-But I want you there too.”

“Newt, Why would you need me there?”

I see potential in you

Newt sighed at how clueless and oblivious you were being, “(Y/N), I love you”

Fairy Tail Chapter 531 Review

So new chapters out. Guess I’ll do a review

So our color cover is all of Team Natsu. I actually really like it. It’s not the usual characters standing around in fancy outfits that Hiro Mashima usually does.

So we open on Christina fleeing from Acnologia and Wendy and Anna are talking. Hey Wendy I can tell you why you don’t remeber, because she never was in the story till 4 chapters ago. #stillpissedatretcon

We see Jellal and Erza talking and Jellal makes a really good point, why do we trust her? She literally came from nowhere, we don’t even know how she met up with Ichiya, how can we trust her?

And Erza’s reasoning for trusting her is, kinda shitty. You didn’t even know what the ravine’s of time were till 20 minutes ago, how do you know it’ll work. Also here’s a crazy idea, Acnologia is a dragon and this might just be me spit balling here, but DRAGON SLAYERS STILL ARE OUT THERE! WHy is everyone treating this like it’s the only option, again the reason the DS came to the future was to beat Acnologia, not be fodder for him.

Also Jellal, Erza really has only shown to trust people she knows or at least have some past with, obvious example Jellal she trusted you and recent example she trusted Natsu to beat Zeref when the war started. I’m just saying she’s only exhibitted this trait with people she knows, and Anna sure isn’t one.

So after some intense (or suppose to be intense) flying we make it to the ravines of time.

(No I’m not dignifying what Ichiya said with the obvious answer.)

And Acnologia flys into the ravines… FU-


I’m sorry but I refuse to have Acnologia go out like bitch. (which seems Hiro’s plan).

YES YOUR DEUS EX MACHINA IS GONE! Alright so lets actually do this right and get the DS together, you have Wendy plus and Gajeel and Natsu are in Magnolia, so I say you look for Sting and Rog-

They aren’t going to do the obvious answer are they? Nope. Well let’s get ready for disappointment.

So we cut to Zeref vs Natsu…

How? How did you find them? Were they in your random wandering phase, did you find them before this, we’re they something you discovered while making eclipse ? I have questions!

Zeref, wasn’t your thing life and death? Where is all this time stuff coming from? Actually here’s a question, where’s Dimaria? She possess the soul of the god of time, you think she’d be in this or possibly built it up. No it was more important to build her catty relationship with Brandish, I forgot.

Cutting back to the Christina…

Hey new plan idea, DRAGON SLAYERS! just sayin’

Also wait, what dragons can’t ride on things that’s how they’ll get sick. Umm motion sickness I assume would kick in if Acnologia is flying around all the time, but apparently just vehicles. selective sickness ain’t it.

God damn it Anna. If you guys don’t remember when Anna first showed up and I did a review of it, I said I knew where this was going because it has happened so many times before. To get these ravines open Anna’s gonna sacrifice herself in this big dramatic moment, only won’t be dramatic. Because this is a character that was introduced to us 3 CHAPTERS AGO! No build up, no establishment, no anything, and when she sacrifices herself we’re suppose to feel there was a big loss. I fucking grantee that’ll happen because it happens almost every damn arc of FT. Hell it’s happened multiple times this arc with Irene and August already. Usually I’m optimistic with Hiro, probably more than others,  but oh god this is the last arc, my patience has dried, I’m just expecting this to suck and I am calling it right here .So be prepared for that.

We cut to Magnolia…


Actually a small part of me wants to believe this is homage to the second arc of the series where the Daybreak book turned into Dear Kaby

Ahh remember the beginning of FT. Welp, back to the present.

My guess is what Lucy saw was that Zeref and Natsu are brothers.

And back in the guild Zeref gloats till…

Mavis. Oh joy I was curious how this climax could be ruined even more.

Any Zeref shows off he’s got everything he needs to reset time. but…

And it appears Natsu is going Dragon force. Umm question, 1st gen dragon slayers go into dragon force when they taste ethernano both standard and anti, and it’s because they are able to make a connection their attribute while consuming multiple magic, that’s how it’s been forever. But what did Zeref hit natsu with. Zeref specializes in black arts, I don’t believe they are a mass of all elements, just highly advanced magic. So how did they trigger the dragon force? Well it’ll probably not be explained.

Post Chapter Follow up: This chapter was again odd. I’m more afraid of what’s to come than affraid of what happen in this chapter. Like overall, in this chapter there wasn’t much but it’s all setting up for a very unfulfilling ending.

Let’s get the god out of the way, first and foremost, shout to Jellal for being the character who says the smartest damn thing this chapter. Another thing I like is the atmosphere of the opening of the Book of END. There’s something about it’s visual that’s so captivating.

With this being pretty much setup I actually liked a lot of the pacing this chapter. It’s much better than the last few chapters. Also I am hyped to see END I really am. 

Negatives: The action this chapter is just not interesting. I mean it’s just really dull. I can not feel anything for this chase. Also for a thing called Blue Pegasus vs Acnologia, I really can’t believe hoe much of nothing they contribute. Like really their scenes are just filler.

The other biggest issue you is Anna, because I grantee that’ll it’ll follow the same thing Hiro does all the time. I so do believe that Anna is going to make her big sacrifice opening the ravines (that way there will be a parallel to Layla and her opening the eclipse gate) because I’ve seen this so many times from Hiro and frankly I’m sick off it.

That’s why her scenes with Wendy meant nothing to me because form the second she showed up I knew she was just going to be a tool, and the last chapters are Hiro trying to stuff in as much to make us feel like Anna’s this developed character but no. It’s just going to end disappointingly.

Also it still ticks me off that the ravines are our ONLY way to beat Acnologia, when for years we’ve been building up the Dragon Slayers fighting him. I just am so upset by it

Final Verdict: 5/10

  • nothing really happens that’s good or bad
  • pretty decent setup
  • This chapter is really lukewarm
Ten Years (Part 1)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,327

Warnings: language, snark, memories of cheaters

A/N: I have no words. Bucky Barnes continues to keep my attention. Hopefully you guys like this!

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

Originally posted by stuckwithbuck

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I Like Spending Time With You | Joe Sugg

“I literally look bad in everything” you sighed, turning slightly to look at yourself in the mirror from a different angle.

“No you don’t” Joe argued. He was sat on the bench inside your changing room, on his phone whilst he waited for you to finish trying on your clothes.

“I do” you pouted, walking closer to him, “nothing suits my figure”

“Baby, you look lovely in everything” he reassured you, pulling you closer to him so you were standing in between his legs, his hands around your waist, “you’ve got the most gorgeous figure in the world, and we’re gonna find you something to wear, okay?”

“Okay” you smiled, leaning down to kiss him before starting to remove your dress, “are you sure you don’t mind waiting?”

“Nope” he grinned, looking up at you, “how can I complain? All I have to do is sit here and watch my gorgeous girl take her clothes off”

“Shut up” you laughed, covering his eyes with your hand.

“Besides” he started, kissing your hand, “I like spending time with you”

You’d been invited to a baby shower and had nothing suitable to wear, so you’d dragged Joe out into London to help you find something. After deciding that he needed a few things, and you seeing some items that caught your fancy, your quick trip out had turned into a shopping day.

“Shall we go in one of your shops?” you asked as you left Topshop empty handed.

“Why, are you tired?” Joe laughed, grabbing hold of your hand and walking into the flow of people rushing down Oxford Street.

“Yeah” you replied, clinging onto his arm as you searched for one of Joe’s shops to go in.

About 10 minutes later you were in Zara, following Joe as he searched the rails for something to go with the rather eccentric jacket he’d bought a few days earlier.

“You know it would just go with a black top?” you reminded him.

“That’s so boring though” Joe complained, “I want something black but with a pattern on or something”

“Don’t you think that’ll be a bit too much though?” you asked, picking up a black top to show him, “what about something like this? The material’s a bit different to what you’ve already got”

“I don’t know” he sighed.

“For a lad, you’re way too fussy about clothes” you laughed, “my brothers just throw on whatever’s closest to them in the drawer”

“I’m a fashion icon though” Joe joked, walking over to you and taking the black top from you.

“What do you think?”

“Yeah, I’ll just get this”

“Okay” you smiled, sensing that Joe was getting tired. You walked to the checkout and joined the ridiculously long queue.

“You okay?” Joe asked, extending his arm as an invitation for a hug.

“Yeah” you replied, burying your head in his jacket, “just tired”

“Same” he responded, “how about we pay for this then get a taxi home?”

“Yes please” you smiled, looking up at him.

“Then we can get in our comfy clothes, get a duvet and cuddle up watching a film, yeah? We can get a takeaway as well if you want”

“And a bottle of wine?”

“Always” Joe smirked.

“That sounds really good” you smiled. You’d had the best day with your boyfriend, and couldn’t wait for a lazy night in.

When I was five, and romance didn’t exist, I was a boy, and I was friends with a girl, and it didn’t matter, because why would it? We did everything together a normal couple of friends would do together, until we grew a little more and went on to different schools and didn’t see each other anymore.

So then I was eight. I was still a boy, and I was friends with a different girl now. She was confident and clever and bold, and we played games together during the lunch hour and went to each others houses after school.

“You fancy her,” the other children would say. I’d frown, say of course I didn’t, and why would I? We were friends, and that’s all. So we ignored the comments and carried on as we were, until her mother wouldn’t let me go to her birthday parties, because I’d be the only boy, and that would be “inappropriate”.

We didn’t stay in touch after school. I cried, when she didn’t respond to my letters - because I didn’t understand. Years of friendship: did it mean nothing to her? And then I’d remember her mother, and I’d realise what the problem was. I was a boy, and she was a girl. That was all there was to it.

So then I was twelve, I was friends with boys because I was a boy, and I only wanted someone to spend time with at lunch. But according to them, every girl I spoke to was a friend-with-benefits, and eventually I drifted away from them because I wasn’t interested in talking about sports and sex and risk-taking like they seemed to be. Instead, I talked to girls.

So then I was fifteen, and my friendship group was entirely female. I got called gay, a lad, a player, and all sorts of other things by almost everyone: boys and girls alike - but I ignored them. I liked being friends with girls, so what was the problem? Live and let live, I thought.

So one day I invited a friend over to the fair in town with me, and she came, and we enjoyed the day together without any hassle at all. Going back to school, however, changed that.

“Did you hear they fucked behind the public toilets,” people were saying. “They went on a date together.”

I said that wasn’t true - I didn’t have feelings for her that way.

“But you obviously fancy her,” they replied.

“No,” I told them, truthfully. “I don’t.”

Shortly afterwards, the girls I was friends with all organised a party, which I wasn’t invited to.

“It’s a sleepover,” they said. “Girl stuff.”

“Oh,” I said. “Okay. Girl stuff.”

They used that expression a lot over the next few years. Trips to the cinema - going out together… And eventually I realised that I was an outsider. They didn’t tell me things anymore. I wasn’t let in on their secrets, and if I ever asked, I’d be told I wouldn’t understand - and it was inappropriate I should ask.

So I stopped asking, and my friends drifted further and further away. I never understood why I was an outsider, until I saw a picture of them at the prom I didn’t bother going to, because I knew I would have no one to go with. There were my friends in the pretty dresses I’d helped them choose, with a guy in the centre of the picture, in a smart suit and slicked back hair. That would have been me, if I’d gone. And it always will be.

And then I realised why I could never be as close with them as they are with each other. I’m a guy. And they are girls. It’s as simple as that. Guys never understood me being friends with girls, but that was fine, because the girls were okay with it. But on the day the girls stopped seeing me as just a person they could be friends with, everything changed.

And so here I am. I’m eighteen. I am not gay, actually: nor am I romantically interested in any of my friends. What I do know is, that we’re about to go on a group holiday together, and I’ve been told not to even come into the corridor outside their room whilst they’re getting changed, in case the door swings open and I “see something I shouldn’t” - as if I’d actually care, or be the kind of guy who watched for that sort of thing. And I’ve realised it doesn’t matter how nice I am, no girl is ever going to see me as an equal. I will always be a guy, to them. And they will always be a girl.

And guys and girls can never be “just friends”, right? There always has to be something more. Whether I want it or not, there always has to be that potential.

“Going on holiday with three ladies are you?” the ticket seller asked me. “Fair enough…”

And I said nothing, because I was sick of saying “not in that way”. I was tired of telling people that I wasn’t interested in the girls I was friends with. I was bored of trying to be seen as just a friend in their eyes, too. And if even they couldn’t see me as an equal, how could anyone else ever believe me, when I told them boys and girls could just be friends?

So don’t tell them my gender doesn’t isolate me. Because it does. And don’t complain to me about being in the friend zone. Because I’ve been fighting to get there all my life.
Cinderella Phenomenon Guide

I played a wonderful visual novel by @dicesuki and made a guide for every path (to help myself with getting all achievements). The story is unique and really good written, with interesting characters and beautiful art&music. In this guide choices made for every path begin from chapter 3 (when a guy is chosen) and lead to good ending. To obtain bad ending choose the opposite of the choices. All images belong to @dicesuki (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Some visual spoilers ahead! ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧

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Happy Valentine’s Day! (part 1)

A/N: THIS IS SO LAST MINUTE. And it’s incomplete. I’m sorry. But it will be completed hopefully tomorrow! Alright, I’ll stop now :)

Nico sat alone at the Hades table for dinner in the Pavilion. Usually Will sat with him or he went to the Apollo table, but Will was working at the infirmary tonight. As Nico picked at his food, his mind drifted from thought to thought, eventually drifting to how much he missed the son of Apollo.

Wait, Nico suddenly jerked, I miss him?

Oh, right, well I guess that does come with dating someone. Nico still couldn’t wrap his head around it. He was dating Will Solace, child of the sun god. Him, the son of Hades – the creepy, weird, dark Prince of the Underworld was dating the happy, peppy son of Apollo. It sounded strange, but seeing them together, actually looking at them, they couldn’t look any more perfect. It was a recent development, though they had been inseparable since the war and Nico’s mandated 3 days in the infirmary. They basically flirted with each other and were a giant blushing mess until Piper had a serious talk with Nico while Jason and Percy teased and pushed Will to ask Nico out. Eventually it happened after lots of blushing and flustered stuttering, but the moment his friends burst into applause and cheers, Nico grabbed Will’s hand and shadow-traveled them both out of there.

A small smile tugged at Nico’s lips as he remembered how angry Will had been after that, and then how he ended up falling asleep next to Nico in his cabin.


The shout ripped Nico from his memories back to the present. Jason and Percy slid into the seats across from Nico and he, out of habit, scowled at them, asking, “What do you idiots want?”

“Is that any way to speak to your big bros? Tsk, tsk, Nico, have more respect.” Percy’s shit-eating grin earned Nico’s Death Glare™.

“Shut up, Perce. Anyway, we came to ask what you’re doing tomorrow? What are your plans for you and Will?” Jason looked genuinely interested in this, though Nico had no idea why.

Nico rolled his eyes, “Why would I have plans? And why would I tell you?”

Jason and Percy glanced worriedly at each other, then turned back and said, “Um, Neeks. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. You know, day of love, typically celebrated with your significant other?”

Nico blinked at them. Then it registered. Oh. Oh shit. Oh shit oh shit oh shit. Only three thoughts were coming to mind as his panic rose. I have a boyfriend. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Oh shit.

His eyes widened and he nearly began hyperventilating as he said, “Oh shit that’s a thing crap what do I do??? I’ve never done this before! Does Will know? Oh of course he knows, what am I saying SHIT what do I do, I have no plans, no experience, SH—”

“Hey calm down!” Jason reached across and put his hands on Nico’s shoulders to settle him back in his seat, as he was nearly jumping out of it. “Don’t worry bro, we got you. We can help you plan something.”

“Why didn’t you guys tell me earlier?!”

“Um, well, guess we didn’t think about it,” Percy smiled sheepishly.

“Ugh, what are you guys doing?”

“Well,” Jason started, “Pipes and I are going to hang out all day. I’m taking her out to chill in the city and do whatever she wants to. For dinner, I’m taking her somewhere fancy. Then later I thought about flying her up on the roof of the Big House to stargaze.”

“Annabeth and I are going to the city too. I want her to see all the cool architecture stuff that she can never get enough of. And also so we can feel normal, you know? Later we’ll go to the beach for a walk, maybe go in the ocean since I can keep us dry, and just, you know, be a couple.” Percy said this like it was obvious that Nico knew how to “be a couple”.

“Ugh, guys I don’t know how to be couply and romantic! Give me an idea!” Nico exclaimed exasperatedly.

“Okay,” Jason said, “well it’s your guys’ first Valentine’s day together. You’ve got to show him how much you like him and care about him. Make it a big deal.”

Percy smirked like he did when he had a crazy plan. “Like with fireworks! Or some big huge explosion or surprise that showers hearts and rainbows everywhere. I think Will would like a big surprise.”

“Um, that’s seems excessive? I don’t know about that.” Normally, Nico would think Percy’s a big idiot, but he really had no idea what was expected of him. Should it be big? Small? Fancy?

“Maybe you should ask Piper. She’ll know what you should do,” Jason suggested.

Nico jumped from his seat and, without a word to his “bros”, marched straight to the Aphrodite table. Piper looked up as he approached, glanced behind him at Jason, and got up to meet Nico and pull him to the side.

“You need help with Valentine’s day plans for Will?” Of course, she knew.

“Please,” was all Nico could say.

For the rest of the night, Nico sat with Piper, planning out what he would do, things he needed, every detail. He had to make it perfect for Will.

Part 2

Valentine’s Day Countdown: Only look at me (Jungkook)

Masterlist | Taehyung | Jungkook | Hoseok | Yoongi |

Summary: They had been best friends all their lives, but for Jungkook something had changed, and he needed to confess how he felt, no matter what the result was.

Members: Jungkook

Type: Angst

Length: 4.1k

Originally posted by jengkook

Jungkook arrived at class earlier that day. He had woken up excited, got out of bed dancing and headed to the shower humming his favourite song.

‘Today is going to be a good day’ was the first thought that crossed his mind.  

He sat in his regular seat, close enough to the teacher to pay attention when he needed to, and far enough to still look like a dedicated student while letting his mind wander drawing or talking to his best friend, which were two of his favourite distractions. He had known her since elementary school, and yet she would nag at him when he talked too much. She was really focused on her studies, and he was proud of her because of that.

They had always been a strange pair, best friends but poles apart. She was the intelligent one, while Jungkook was tagged as artistic and kind of rebellious. He had been following her his whole life, always worrying about her well-being. When they finished high school they found themselves at a crossroad, but Jungkook couldn’t stand the idea of being apart, and followed her to college, where they even shared some classes.

They had seen each other every day since they were ten years old.

Jungkook smiled remembering the tiny girl with twiggy legs that had asked him to be his friend with a shaky voice while he placed his belongings over the table. She always managed to make his heart flutter, it didn’t matter if she was with him or not.

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Fic: Be Our Guest

@woodelf68, thank you for your help with this and enjoy the fic!

Summary: Belle parks up beside Gold and Bae at the drive-in movie theatre. When Bae invites her to share his popcorn, Belle and Gold end up paying a lot less attention to the film…

Written for the Monthly Rumbelling prompt: “Movie Night”

Rated: G


Be Our Guest

To call Storybrooke’s drive-in movie theatre an actual drive-in movie theatre would be a bit of a stretch of the imagination to even the most forgiving of minds, but since it was the nearest thing that its citizens had to a cinema without travelling miles to the next large town with a theatre, they accepted it with good grace. The venture had been Leroy’s idea; thinking that hospital janitorial duties was not the most lucrative of career paths, he’d sought to supplement his income and the makeshift drive-in was as good a way as any. Sourcing a huge white sheet and fixing it to the side of one of the abandoned buildings on the docks and setting up a projector on the roof of his truck, he was pretty much set. Whilst the legality of the operation was always slightly under question, no-one paid all that much attention to it since both the mayor and the sheriff were regulars in the little parking lot.

One car that had never yet been seen at the drive-in, however, was the impressive black Cadillac that usually sat outside Mr Gold’s shop, and when it pulled into the theatre one Friday evening, ready for a double showing, it certainly caused more than a few raised eyebrows among the other patrons. Inside the car, Mr Gold himself was beginning to think that this had been an absolutely terrible idea.

“Bae, you know, we can just watch the movie at home,” he said. “We’ve got the DVD. Are you sure that you wouldn’t be more comfortable on the sofa?”

His son, sitting in the passenger seat and practically vibrating with excitement, shook his head with vigour.

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I kind of like him

I kinda felt like writing so I wrote something. 

Based off of the idea that, since coming to Birmingham, Michael isn’t used to being snubbed by a girl.

One Friday night, after a particularly stressful week, Michael decided that he wasn’t in the mood to go to the Garrison. After seeing them everyday all day, Michael didn’t feel like drinking with Arthur, John, or Tommy. “Let’s go to one of them posh places on the other side of town! I hear a jazz club just opened that’s supposed to be proper class! That’s where everybody goes to dance, it’ll be a fun change of pace!” Isaiah suggested. “I don’t dance.” Michael flatly responded. “Fine then. I’ll dance and you can sulk. Grab your coat, it’s fuckin’ freezing outside.” Isaiah didn’t even give Michael the chance to object, so with that the two headed away from Small Heath and towards the more affluent side of town.

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Swollen Lips

Pairing: Fred x Reader, Harry Potter x Sister!Reader

Warnings: protective Harry

Originally posted by peppermint7rose

(gif not mine) oh my god this gif im dying cant breathe help me

The time had come, Harry had to leave to find the remaining horcruxes. “You can’t just leave me behind!” You yell, venom in every word.

“Yes I can! I am your older brother!”

“By 12 minutes!”

“That’s not the point, the point is you can get killed, I can’t let that happen,’

“Oh! And you’re going to let your friends die?”

“They are choosing to come with!”

“Just as I am!”

“I can’t lose you, Y/N.”

“I can’t believe you would chose your support from FRIENDS instead of your own fucking family. You’re forgetting that you’re one of the people from our family left, Sirius is dead, our parents obviously died a long time ago, and the only person I have left is you! I know, I probably won’t survive, but I want my last moments to be laughing, helping, and destroying horcruxes with my brother. Not sitting here, waiting to hear that something happened to you, Ron, or Hermione.” You paused, “I didn’t mean anything against you, Ron or Hermione, you guys know I love you too? Right? And Ron, your family, as I consider anyway, is my family too, it’s just different with Harry, you understand, right?” 

You let out a heavy sigh, and when Harry was about to say something, you stormed off, obviously annoyed by Harry. When you stormed up the stairs, you saw Fred Weasley, talking to his brother George. With so much time spent at the burrow, you could now tell the difference between the two, Fred would always smile more, he had green flecks in his eyes, while George’s were more blue. You had developed something for Fred as your years progressed at Hogwarts. You couldn’t put your finger on what made him so handsome on the night of the Yule ball, or what made him so hot when he went flying out of Hogwarts in his broom, getting chased by Umbridge. 

He smiled when you went by, and you immediately forgot what you were mad about and smiled back. Going up the rest of the stairs, reminiscing in what happened, making you more upset, you finally reached Ginny, Hermione, and your room. Ginny could tell something happened just by the red face you had. “I heard some yelling, what happened.” 

You let out a frustrated sigh, “Harry and I got in another argument.”

“Another? When do you two ever stop bickering?” She sniggered. 

“No, he won’t let me go with him to find and destroy the rest of the Horcruxes. And I can’t even believe that he is choosing Ron and Hermione over me! Okay, I know they’re his best friends but, c’mon! I am his freaking sister! I deserve to go with him!”

“Look, Y/N, we both know that he just wants to protect you. No matter over any excuse you find, deep down, you know I’m telling the truth.”

“I know, it’s just, what if he dies? What if he actually leaves me?” tears trickle down your face. You can’t bear the thought if your brother would ever leave you. 

“Do you think you’ll make his life better if you leave him, Y/N?”

“It’s better than him leaving me!”

“Don’t be selfish Y/N, think about your brother and how he would feel if he left?”

“I know Ginny, it’s just, I don’t think I could live if he was gone.”

Ginny came over and hugged you, letting you sob on her shirt. You don’t know how much time passed, but it felt like a while, “Your eyes look normal again, I think you can live to go downstairs,” she smiled.

“Thanks Ginny, you don’t know how much this means to me. I really needed this,”

On your way down the stairs, you see Fred, sitting outside the door to his room, like he was waiting there for you. When you see him, you smile, “Hey Fred, fancy seeing you here,” You cringe, why do I have to be so cringey,

He smiled, the glint in his eye, “Hey, Y/N, I live here,” he laughs and you feel your cheeks. Unlike Harry, you were the awkward one, the one that never made any friends except for his, which was very sad on your part. The only other “friends” you had were Ginny and Katie Bell. 

“Yeah, I know, I’m just very awkward.” you admitted. 

“Yes, I know you’re awkward, this is one of the many reasons I love you Y/N.” He smiled.

Your eyes opened in shock, while his stayed on you, smiling very big, knowing the effect he had on . you. Just a few moments of staring, and Harry came up the stairs, you stopped him, “Harry, I’m so sorry, I just love you so much and I don’t want you to leave me.”

Harry smiled,”I know Y/N, I love you too. Now let me see Ginny please,” 

You smiled to yourself, Ginny and Harry had been dating and you loved it. Turning back to Fred, “You’re just playing with me, right?” You asked ready for the rejection.

“Actually no, Y/N, I am deadly serious.” When he leaned in, you didn’t know what to do. You went with your gut and leaned in too. It was just as you imagined, your hands flew up to his fiery hair, the hair you so eagerly wanted to touch, and his hands were on your waist, bringing you closer. His tongue eagerly slid across you lip, asking for entrance. You let him in, fighting for dominance, of course he won. Just when his hand slid up your shirt, Harry came out. “WHAT THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU DOING TO MY SISTER!?” Harry yelled, making you jump. 

“Now just calm dow-”


“Harry stop it!” you yell tears threatening to come down. “You’ve been too protective today and you need to know when to stop!”

You looked at Harry, noticing how swollen his lips were and how disheveled his hair was, when you looked at Ginny, you saw the same. Suddenly, you burst out laughing. “Oh my god! Y-y-y-ou’ve been snogging Ginny!”

Harry went as read as a tomato. “You know mate,” Fred said smirking, “you being oh so very protective of Y/N can make me oh so protective of Ginny.”

Harry asked in the most serious tone, “Do you love her?”

Fred stopped smirking, “Yes, with all my heart.”

Harry cringed, not liking someone else besides family love her, “Y/N, do you love him?”

You smiled, “Of course.”

“Then f-fine, you guys can date.” Harry walked off dragging Ginny right behind him.

“At least you have me when Harry is gone,” he winked at you, “and maybe we can try out a few things.”

You laughed, “Oh yes, I think so.”

Two Steps - Part 2

Hey everyone! So i kind of fell into a deep hole of watching Roswell so I didn’t post until now. But I’m going to try to do better :D So just to explain again, in this story, every part has a bit from the past and a bit from the present (after she’s admitted she fancies Luke) I have it all mapped out in a timeline to make it more clear that I just might post after I’ve posted all the parts, but if I post it now, there will be some major spoilers. 

Thanks you guys so much for reading!!!

Part 2:

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Chaol Westfall Discussion Post

Here we go - I’ve seen a lot of posts and people discussing why or why not Queen of Shadows was a correct/ incorrect depiction of Chaol Westfall, of whether or not SJM manipulates characters for her ships, of why Aelin should be with Chaol or Rowan or even Dorian or what not… So I suggest looking at the evidence. Let’s take a look, shall we? 

Throne of Glass: From Book 1, Chaol is adamant on keeping Celaena within tight definitions. He is a man of rules and regulations, law and order. He serves his king loyally and truthfully and so long as that is true, all is right in his world. He has given up his family and his title for the honor of serving his king. A criminal, an assassin, a slave from Endovier shouldn’t change that.

“You’re a criminal. I’m Captain of the Royal Guard. I’m not obligated to bestow any kindness or conversation upon you. Be grateful we don’t keep you locked up in the wagon.” p. 26

“You like to read? …. I didn’t know assassins liked to read,” p. 55

“It isn’t your place to write to the Crown Prince.”
She gave him a simpering smile and took a bite of ham. “He could have ignored the letter. And besides, I’m his Champion. Not everyone feels obligated to be as nasty to me as you do.”
“You’re an assassin.” p. 78

“Enthralled by the Princess Nehemia?” The words were barely distinguishable from her chewing.
“That headstrong girl?” ….
“And what’s wrong with headstrong girls?” she pressed. “Other than the fact that they’re not wooden-headed ninnies who can only open their mouths to give orders and gossip?”
“I just prefer a certain type of woman.” 
“And what type of woman is that?” 
“Not an arrogant assassin.” 
She pouted. “Suppose I wasn’t an assassin. Would you fancy me then?” 
“No.” p. 101-102. 

“Are you enjoying looking at my scars?” 
He sucked on his lower lip for a moment. “When did you get those?” She knew he meant the three enormous lines that ran down her back.
“When do you think?” she said. He didn’t reply, …. “Those three, I received my first day in Endovier.”
What did you do to deserve it?” p. 121 

“Are you honestly so blind that you can’t see why we can’t allow this?”
“’Can’t allow’ - you’re just afraid of me!”
“Don’t flatter yourself.”
“You think I want to go back to Endovier?” she hissed. “You think I’m not aware of the fact that if I flee, I’ll be hunted down for the rest of my life? You think I don’t know why I vomit when I run in the morning? My body is a wreck. I need to spend these extra hours here, and you shouldn’t punish me for it!”
“I’m not going to pretend to know how a criminal mind works.” p. 136

“By the Wyrd, Dorian! She’s an assassin. Please, please tell me you haven’t been here before.” Dorian couldn’t help his smirk. “I don’t even want an explanation. Just get out, you reckless idiot. Get out.” p. 179

“She was a criminal - a prodigy at killing, a Queen of the Underworld - and yet… yet she was just a girl, sent at seventeen to Endovier.

While it terrified him to see her down there, a hand’s breadth from Dorian’s unprotected throat, what terrified him even more was that he trusted her. And he didn’t know what that meant about himself.” p. 264

“Well? Do I need to lecture you about how stupid it was to sneak into the ball, or can I just ask you to dance with me instead?” 
“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Chaol said.
“Why?” they asked in unison. 
“Because it attracts too much attention, that’s why.” Celaena rolled her eyes and Chaol glared at her. “Do I have to remind you who you are?” 
“No. You remind me every day,” she retorted.” p.294

He really does love to label her, but you can see where he slowly starts to evolve in his opinion of her. He starts to admire her, to like her, to trust her. Of course, that trust is what scares him most. Because of his duty. Because of his loyalty. He must put that before all else, and if that were in question, he would lost the very foundation of himself. And yet, he begins to trust her enough around Dorian that he isn’t petrified that she’ll kill him. He begins to see her. By the end of the book, they’re friends. Quickly becoming more. 

“Are you still acting like the King’s Champion, or are you back to being Celaena?” p. 11

“He’d been realizing it more and more recently - how much he hated it when she left him behind. How he hated her setting off on those cured missions and not contacting him for days or weeks. …. He’d killed Cain at the duel. Killed him to save her. Part of him didn’t regret it; part of him would do it again in a heartbeat. But the other part still woke him up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat that felt too much like Cain’s blood.” p. 23

“There was a line between them. The king might not think twice about their friendship, but crossing that final line could be deadly for both of them; it could make the king question his loyalty, his position, everything
And if it ever came down to having to choose between his king and Celaena… He prayed to the Wyrd that he’d never be faced with that decision.” p. 25

“You’re the greatest assassin in Eriliea, and yet you can’t stand watch for a few hours?” p. 132

Dorian and the king were where his loyalty lay. Without his loyalty, he was no one. Without it, he’d given up his family, his title, for nothing.” p. 150

“And he wouldn’t tell the princess - or Celaena. Just because he was friendly with Nehemia, just because she was Celaena’s friend, it didn’t change anything. While he knew that Celaena would be furious that he didn’t tell her, he was the Captain of the Guard. He had fought and sacrificed nearly as much as Celaena had to get his position. He’d let her get too close by asking her to dance - he’d let himself get too close.” p. 151

“Chaol didn’t tell Celaena what the king had said, though part of him twisted until it hurt. The king wouldn’t hurt Nehemia - not when she was such a public and well-liked figure. Not when he’d warned Chaol about the anonymous threat to Nehemia’s life. ….. Celaena knowing or not knowing made now difference, he told himself as he lay curled around her in his bed. Even if Celaena knew, even if she told Nehemia, it wouldn’t stop the conversation from taking place, and it wouldn’t make the nameless threat go away. No, it would just make things worse if they knew - worse for all of them.” p. 211

“He’d kill any man who hurt Celaena; and if the king ever gave him the order to dispatch her, then he’d plunge his sword into his own heart before he would obey.” p. 211

“His soul was bound to hers by some unbreakable chain. He snorted, imagining what his father would think when he learned that Chaol had taken Adarlan’s Assassin for his wife.” p. 211

“If she’s part of your group,” Celaena ground out, “then where is she?”
Archer drew his sword and pointed it at Chaol. “Ask him.”
A sharp pain twisted in her gut. “What is he talking about?” she asked Chaol.
But Chaol was staring at Archer. “I don’t know.”
“I knew about the anonymous threat to Nehemia’s life, yes. But I was told that she would be questioned by the king, not me.” p. 225-226

“Let me give her my cloak,” Dorian said, reaching to unfasten it. 
“Don’t,” Chaol said quietly. His face was still bleeding. She’d gouged four lines across his cheek with her nails. Her nails. Gods above. “I don’t trust her with anything in there except hay.” p. 236

“Regardless of what territory her parents had lorded over, if Celaena ever took up the mantle she’d lost, and if Terrasen ever got to its feet…
Then Celaena could become a powerhouse - potentially capable of standing against Adarlan. And that made Celaena more than just his enemy. 
It made her the greatest threat he’d ever encountered.
” p. 294

“If you feel the way you do, they why let her stay shackled to your father? Why not find a way to get her out of her contract? Or are you just afraid that if you set her free, she’ll never come back to you?” 
“I’d be careful what you say,” Dorian said softly.
But it was true. Even though he couldn’t imagine a world without Celaena, Chaol knew he had to get her out of this castle. Yet he couldn’t tell if it was for Adarlan’s sake or her own.” p. 314

“And the only way she’d die a traitor would be for her to do what he feared; ally with this secret organization, find Aelin Galathynius, and return to Terrasen. This was a hint that she had no intention of doing that. She had no plans to reclaim her lost title, and posed no threat to Adarlan or Dorian. He’d been wrong. Yet again, he’d been wrong.” p. 323

“Because she wasn’t human, Chaol realized, gaping up at her from where he still crouched over Fleetfoot.
No - she wasn’t human at all.
Celaena was Fae.” p. 379

“She was conscious, but was a dead weight in the captain’s arms as he dragged her across the ground. Once they were over the border, he dropped her as though she were made of flame, and Celaena lay panting on the stones.” p. 382

“Chaol shifted his boot against the step to warn her that he was there. How much of her Fae senses did she retain when she looked like a human?” p. 390

“For a heartbeat, he wondered if she would kill him, too - just for being there, for seeing the dark truth of her.” p. 390

His fingers grazed her cheeks, warming her chilled skin. “Fae, assassin - no matter what you are, I - “
“Don’t.” She stepped back. “Don’t say it.” p. 394

“Celaena was Fae, and heir to a power she couldn’t control. Even if she couldn’t shift, if anyone ever discovered what she was…
It explained why she was so terrified of the king, why she never said anything about where she’d come from, or what she’d been through. And living here… this was the most dangerous place for her - or any Fae - to be.” p. 395

“Celaena Sardothien wasn’t in league with Aelin Ashryver Galthynuis. 
Celaena Sardothien was Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, heir to the throne and rightful Queen of Terrasen.
Celaena was Aelin Galathynius, the greatest living threat to Adarlan, the one person who could raise an army capable of standing against the king. Now, she was also the one person who knew the secret source of the king’s power - and who sought a way to destroy it. 
And he had just sent her into the arms of her strongest potential allies: to the homeland of her mother, the kingdom of her cousin, and the domain of her aunt, Queen Maeve of the Fae.
Celaena was the lost queen of Terrasen.
Chaol sank to his knees.” p. 418

This book might be the most interesting to look at in terms of Chaol’s development between the Throne of Glass and Queen of Shadows. 

  • Chaol still fits her into categories - Celaena, Assassin, King’s Champion
  • Chaol is really struggling with having killed Cain, understandably, because he’s never killed someone before. It’s hard for him to come to terms with the fact that he was willing to take a life even if it meant saving Celaena’s. 
  • He’s still grappling with his loyalty to the king and to Dorian - he wants that to be his first priority always, but as we see here, he’d rather kill himself than kill Celaena at the king’s command. Although, technically, he wouldn’t be doing anything to save her life from the king, he just knows he couldn’t be the one to do it. 
  • Chaol loves her, that much is clear. But he doesn’t tell her about Nehemia. Because he doesn’t see the value in it, because his king told him not to and that’s the most important thing.
  • But then… when confronted with the rebels, he lies. He says he doesn’t know where she is when he knows she was meant to be “questioned.” Given his knowledge of the king’s brutality, let’s say he knows its more of an interrogation. 
  • And after Nehemia’s death, after Celaena’s reaction, he loses any trust he had in her. He trusts her only with the hay in her cell. He drugs her to keep her calm. 

Now most importantly are the changes we see in him when he discovers bits and pieces of Celaena’s history. 

  • She’s Noble, so he fears she might rise up with Terrasen if rebel forces gained power. It makes her “the greatest threat he’d ever encountered.” 
  • She’s Fae and has great power, he needs to get her out of Adarlan for her sake, but also for Adarlan’s. 
  • More than this though, is how he reacts to her other form. He doesn’t want to touch her, he sees her as less than human, sees it as a “dark truth.” 
  • And he’s still labeling her, he says he loves her DESPITE being Fae, DESPITE being an assassin. 

But the most unforgivable thing she is, is Queen. That is what throws him completely he could still have loved her if she were Fae, if she were an Assassin. But as Queen of the “enemy,” he falls to his knees. Because his first priority is always and has always been Adarlan. Adarlan and Dorian

Next, is Heir of Fire. 

“For a month now, it had been the same dream. Every night, over and over, until Chaol could see it in his waking hours. 
Archer Finn groaning as Celaena shoved her dagger up through his ribs and into his heart. …. The dream shifted, and Chaol could say nothing, do nothing as the golden-brown hair darkened to black and the agonized face wasn’t Archer’s but Dorian’s. ….
Enemy. Lover.
Queen.” p. 20

“Because Celaena was Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, heir to the throne and rightful Queen of Terrasen. 
It made her his mortal enemy. It made her Dorian’s enemy. Chaol still didn’t know what to do about it, or what it meant for them, for the life he’d imagined for them. The future he’d once dreamed of was irrevocably gone.” p. 22

“So that’s why you were so desperate to trade secrets - you wanted the information for his sake.” ….
“Dorian, please,” Chaol said. “I’m doing this for you, I swear it.” p. 195

Chaol is terrified of the Queen of Terrasen because of what it means for Dorian and Adarlan. He sees her as a threat to them both because of where she comes from. He seems to forget that she and Dorian were friends even when she couldn’t speak to him. He assumes that as the Queen of a conquered kingdom her first act will be bloodshed. 

Now, if I can’t convince you all of his character where it comes to Aelin, let Dorian

“Do you still love her?” 
Chaol closed his eyes for a moment. “A part of me will always love her. But I had to get her out of this castle. Because it was too dangerous, and she was… what she was becoming…” 
“She was not becoming anything different from what she always was and always had the capacity to be. You just finally saw everything. And once you saw that other part of her…” Dorian said quietly. it had taken him until now, until Sorscha, to understand what that meant. “You cannot pick and choose what parts of her to love. … Just as you cannot pick which parts of me you accept.” 
“I don’t - “
“You do. But what’s done is done, Chaol. And there is no going back, no matter how hard you try to change things. Like it or not, you played a role in getting us all to this point, too. You set her down that path, to revealing what and who she is, to whatever she decides to do now.”
“You think I wanted any of this to happen?” Chaol splayed his arms. “If I could, I would put it all back to the way it was. If I could, she wouldn’t be queen, and you wouldn’t have magic.” 
“Of course - of course you still see the magic as a problem. And of course you wish she wasn’t who she is. Because you’re not really scared of those things, are you? No - its what they represent. The change. But let me tell you,” Dorian breathed, his magic flickering and then subsiding in a flash of pain, “things have changed. And changed because of you. I have magic - there is no undoing that, no getting rid of it. And as for Celaena…” he clamped down on the power that surged as he imagined - for the first time, he realized - what it was to be her. “As for Celaena,” he said again, “you do not have the right to wish she were not what she is. The only thing you have a right to do is decide whether you are her enemy or her friend.” p. 233-234

Chaol fears the change. He wants simplicity. He wants rules, law, loyalty to the crown. But Celaena is forcing him to look at the world for what it really is. It is not simple. There are hard choices to make. And in a world where things are constantly shifting, slipping beyond his control, of course Chaol - stable, constant Chaol - becomes more and more frustrated for the catalyst of that change.

“Aedion’s chest tightened to the point of hurting. The captain was just staring at the old man. It was a message to the world. Aelin was a warrior, able to fight with blade or magic. And she was done with hiding.” p. 493

This is the only glimpse we get of Chaol’s reaction to Aelin’s emergence in Heir of Fire, but its important to understand the reaction in QoS completely. He is contained. He only stares at Murtaugh. He does not let his fear show despite this being the very news he feared from the moment he found out Celaena could have ties to an uprising in Terrasen. 

But of course, once he sees Aelin, after everything… Dorian… Sorscha… the Valg invasion… 

“If you hadn’t been so dramatic about it, hadn’t flaunted your defeat of Narrok and practically shouted at the king that you were back, he would never have called us to that room -” 
“You do not get to blame me for that. For his actions.” p. 48

“Tell me.” 
He shook his head, a gap in the streetlights shadowing his face. “No. Not a chance. Not with you so unpredictable.”  p. 49

“Right now we need to help Aedion and Dorian.” 
“There is no we. … There hasn’t been a we for a while, Celaena -”
“It’s Aelin now,” she snapped as loudly as she dared. “Celaena Sardothien doesn’t exist anymore.”
“You’re still the same assassin who walked away. You only came back when it was useful for you.” p. 50

Rage monster Chaol appears. His control is slipping because his entire wORLD is slipping. He blames her for things that are out of her control entirely and mistrusts, despite Dorian’s warning to him. 

“And what then?” Chaol asked. “Will you hold all of Rifthold hostage the way you did Doranelle? Burn anyone who doesn’t agree with you? Or will you just incinerate our kingdom from spite? And what of others like you, who feel that they have a score to settle with Adarlan?” He huffed a bitter laugh. “Perhaps we’re better off without magic. Perhaps magic doesn’t exactly make things fair amongst us mere mortals.”
“Fair? You think any part of this is fair?”
“Magic makes people dangerous.”
“Magic has saved your life a few times now, if I recall correctly.”
“Yes,” he breathed, “you and Dorian both - and I’m grateful, I am. But where are the checks against your kind? Iron? Not much of a deterrent, is it? Once magic is free, who is to stop the monsters from coming out again? Who is to stop you?” p. 53

*moment of silence for Chaolaena, cuz that was the very last straw*

“So Dorian is allowed to have magic. You can come to terms with his power, and yet my power is an abomination to you?” 
Dorian has never killed anyone. Dorian didn’t gut Archer Finn in the tunnels or torture and kill Grave and then chop him up into pieces. Dorian didn’t go on a killing spree at Endovier that left dozens dead.” p. 53

“It hadn’t even been a fair fight. Aelin had let it go on because Arobynn had wanted it to go on. And once she took out that clock tower and her magic was back… What checks would there be against her? Against Aedion, and that Fae Prince of hers, and all the warriors like them? A new world, yes. But a world in which the ordinary human voice would be nothing more than a whisper.” p. 197

Chaol’s mention of fair and of Aelin’s past killings really is just an echo of how he behaved right from the start. “What did you do to deserve it,” he said of her scars. Because he is still unable to see Adarlan for what it is. He sees it as Dorian’s kingdom, not as the force that conquered Terrasen and dozens of others of kingdoms and enslaved them, burned them, broke them. He doesn’t see Adarlan for its slaves or for its massacres. He ignores this because he is clinging to the truth he clung to his whole life - that his purpose is to serve his king and country, and without that he is no one. So he ignores the fact that Aelin killed to survive, was literally forced into it. That she killed Archer and Grave for the Princess he let die. 

It should also be noted that Chaol is somewhat of a bigot. He doesn’t understand Fae and their power and so he fears them, and seeks to restrict them. He wants checks against them. He was the same in CoM, when he suggested it was her “dark” secret, when he didn’t want to touch her. 

He is suggesting that Aelin, as he has done since he discovered her noble birth, will rise up and seek to punish all of Adarlan. He suggests that she is wicked, and cruel, and will do terrible things against the innocent simply for revenge. He spits upon her entire character. But, like we’ve pointed out, this has been his fear since BOOK 2. Fear of Aelin’s power and desire to protect Dorian are his two core motivators. 

To conclude, No. Chaol in Queen of Shadows was NOT ooc and was not some massive plot for SJM’s ships to set sail. It was completely in character, and also rather understandable given the pressure he was under and the fear he lived with every day. His mistake was in blaming Aelin and her court - for Dorian, for the world around him. He made a mistake. As all humans do. 

You Have No Idea

Dan’s POV

I nervously paced around my room, fixing my fringe every so often. Finally, I mustered up the courage to pick up the phone and call my girlfriend of 3 years.

“Y/N?” I say, trying to keep my voice steady. 

“Dan! Hello, what’s up?”

“Umm, do you wanta go on a date tonight?”

“Aww, I’d love to! We haven’t been on a date for a few weeks now, huh?”

“Yeah, erm, dress up fancy, alright?”

“Oh, damn Dan, do you have something prepared?” she giggles down the phone, making my stomach flutter. Even after 3 years, Y/N still makes me feel like a teenager with their first love. 

“Haha, yeah…” I say, my stomach still clenching.

“How’s about I come over to yours?” she asks. 

“Yeah that’d be great,” I say. “Can you be here by 18:30? Our reservations are at 19:00.”

“Alright, see you then. Love you Dan!”

“I really love you, too, Y/N,” I hang up, thankful for the smooth sailing so far. i only have a couple hours to get ready, so I shuffle through my closet to find my tuxedo, and made sure the little velvety box holding the precious ring was still secure. 

~Time Skip~

I hear three knocks at the door at precisely 18:30. I take one more look in the mirror to fix my fringe, straighten my suit, and pat my pocket to reaffirm that the ring is safe. Tonight could either be incredible or the worst night of my life.

I open the door to see my beautiful girlfriend who certainly took my advice to wear something fancy. She’s wearing a long, royal purple dress that accented her perfect curves. It also had a slit on on side from the bottom to her mid-thigh. Her hair and makeup looked as if it was done professionally.

“Y/N, you look stunning,” I smile at her. She blushes like crazy, then goes on her toes to press a kiss to my lips. It’s sweet and soft, as all of her kisses are. Okay, Dan, stop being creepy. 

“Are you ready?” I offer her my arm, which she takes, and we make our way to the Uber waiting for us that takes us to one of the fanciest restaurants I know. I loved seeing her shocked expression at my restaurant of choice. Fortunately, we are quickly sat down and given the most expensive wine they have there.

I’m sure that at least a couple hours pass before we’ve finished our food completely. It probably wouldn’t have taken us so long if we didn’t keep talking and laughing at whatever we were discussing, but I really didn’t mind. 

The night was drawing to a close and I knew that I had to do this now, no more stalling. Taking a shuddering breath, I set my napkin up on the table at look at Y/N.

“Y/N, there is a reason why I’ve asked you randomly to dress up tonight and go somewhere fancy. Actually, it’s not very random, it’s… well…” I give up trying to speak at this moment, so I go ahead and get on one knee. It slightly amuses me to see Y/N’s hands fly towards her mouth. 

I retrieve the little box from my pocket and open it carefully. I then look up at my beautiful Y/N. Her eyes look like they’re brimming with tears, and it’s then that I realize so are mine.

“Y/N,” I begin my speech. Onlookers are turning in their seats, but I’m somehow no longer nervous as I look at the girl in front of me. “Words cannot and probably never will be able to describe the emotion I have for you. You have changed me in so many ways that I will eternally be grateful for, honest. I can only hope to make you as happy as possible for the rest of our lives. So, even though I know that you have no idea how much I am in love with you, let me spend the rest of our lives trying to show you. Marry me, Y/N, so that I may have the opportunity to give you all of my love for our own eternity.”

I feel tears spill down my cheeks, overcome with emotion and love for the amazing person. It seems as if Y/N can’t muster any words, so she just nods vigorously while nearby people clap and cheer, making the both of us smile. Once I slide the ring on her finger, she leaps into my arms, causing me to stumble back a bit and both of us to laugh. I pull her to me and press a passionate kiss to her lips; our first kiss as an engaged couple. I pull away and rest my forehead on hers, smiling like an idiot. 

“So, we’re in this whole life thing together forever now, huh?” she smirks at me.

“Yeah,” I say softly, taking in the moment. “Forever.

I just realized that Topaz’s top of her head is legit flat. Now im imagining her having her hands full and just putting things on top of her head like a table or something and being all fancy princess but actually 100000% 10/10 nailing it without the stuff falling.

*10,000 years later*
“Topaz why do you still have that report from two thousand years ago on your head”
“Oh…. you see what happened was-”
“._. That report is overdue”

Happy Birthday ~ Fred Weasley imagine

Could you do one where you’re best friends with the Weasley twins and you’re supposed to be celebrating your birthday with the two at the Broomsticks on a Hogsmeade trip but George finds out you like Fred and he goes to talk to him about it only to find out Fred likes you, too. And so George tries to set up something special for you two on the astronomy tower later that night and you guys get together?

~Happy Birthday~

You waited anxiously for your two best friends, Fred and George Weasley, to arrive outside for the trip to Hogsmeade. However, the trip to Hogsmeade wasn’t the only thing you were excited for; it was your birthday, and Fred and George promised to spend the whole day with you to celebrate. 

Suddenly, someone grabbed you by the shoulders, and loudly yelled “Happy Birthday!" 

You turned around and felt an overwhelming feeling of happiness when you saw the two smiles of your best friends. You gave them both a hug and after you did, you noticed George holding something behind his back. "What’s that?” You asked. “It’s the present we made for you. Open it” Fred said. George handed you the box. You pulled off the ribbon, ripped off the wrapping paper, and took off the top. 

Then, something shot up out of the box, and straight into the sky. Whatever it was, it began to spark, and suddenly, it turned into brightly colored fireworks, and as they were exploding, more fireworks appeared, and spelled out “Happy birthday, (Y/N)!”

You stared in awe at the sky, and so did the rest of the students going on the Hogsmeade trip. 

A wide smile formed on your face and you hugged them both once more. Finally, Professor McGonagall began to speak, and everyone started walking to the train station.

~At Hogsmeade~

“So, birthday girl, where do you want to go first?” Fred asked, putting his arm on your shoulder. 

“Zonko’s? Honeydukes?” George asked, also putting his arm on your shoulder. 

“Let’s go to Honeydukes, then Zonko’s, then we have to go to the Three Broomsticks” You said excitedly. 

They agreed. When you got to Honeydukes, you felt more excited. You bought yourself a few chocolate frogs and a couple of sugar quills, ignoring the countless times Fred and George offered to buy them for you. 

“It’s your birthday; you shouldn’t spend your money” They would say

“Oh well” You would laugh. 

Then, you all made your way to Zonko’s joke shop. George and Fred also became enthusiastic. You all ran around the shop messing around with the little jokes in the shop. 

After you managed to get Fred and George to leave Zonko’s, you all walked to the Three Broomsticks. You entered the shop and sat at a table in the far corner of the room, seeing a few of your fellow classmates. Fred and George took a seat in front of you. 

Suddenly, one of your chocolate frog boxes fell out of your pocket, and as you reached to pick it up, Fred did the same, and as your hand was on the box, you found Fred’s hand on yours. Sparks shot up your arm and he quickly snatched his hand away. “Sorry” He said. You blushed and hoped that he couldn’t see it. 

“I’m gonna get us some Butterbeer. I’ll be right back” Fred said. He stood up and walked over to the bar.

“What was that?” George asked.

“What was what?” You said

“Don’t think I didn’t see that. I saw your hands touch, AND you’re still blushing. You fancy my brother, don’t you?" 

"N-no I don’t" 

"I knew it!" 

"George, please don’t tell him" 


“Because he doesn’t like me back, and that will make things awkward”

“How do you know he doesn’t like you?" 

"He likes another girl. He talks about her all the time. Not me”

George was silent, but then he stood up. He was about to walk over to Fred until you grabbed his arm. “Don’t tell him” You said, your heart beating fast. “I’m not going to tell him. Calm down” He responded. You let go of his arm and watched him as he walked over to Fred. 

“Hello Freddie. I have a question to ask you” George said once he was next to Fred.


"Is there a girl you fancy that you haven’t told me about?”



Fred didn’t say anything. He hesitated, but he turned around to look at you. Thankfully, you weren’t looking, for you were talking to one of your classmates who was also at the Three Broomsticks.

“You like (Y/N)?” George asked quietly. Fred nodded. 

George smirked. They both walked back to the table with their Butterbeers. As they were chatting, George was conjuring up a plan to get you and Fred together. 

~Back at Hogwarts~

You were back in the common room, eating some of your Sugar Quills while sitting in front of the fire. Suddenly, George walked up to you holding a piece of parchment in his hand. “(Y/N), Fred told me to give this to you” George said, handing you the folded piece of paper before walking away. 

You unfolded the paper and read it.

Dear (Y/N), 

                 Meet me in the astronomy tower. We need to talk

                                                              ~ Fred

Your stomach lurched. The whole time walking to the astronomy tower, your mind raced with questions and confusion. 

You walked up the stairs, and once you reached the top, you saw Fred leaning against the railing. “Hi” You said shyly. He turned around. “Hi” He said, walking over to you. 

“So, what did you want to talk to me about?” You both said in unison. You looked at him confused, and he did the same. “The note you sent said you wanted to talk to me” You said, pulling out the paper from your pocket. “I didn’t send a note. You did” Fred said, also taking out a piece of paper. 

“George gave this to me saying it was from you” You stated

“He did the same to me" 

You quickly realized that he had tricked the both of you with fake notes to get you both alone together. You told Fred and he didn’t seem upset. 

"Well, I’m not about to let this opportunity slip away” He smirked. You raised your eyebrow. 

Fred grabbed your hand and held it in his, and before you knew what was happening, Fred had grabbed you by the waist, and pressed his lips against yours. Your eyes became wide from shock, but you eventually melted into the kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer. 

After a while, you both pulled away to catch your breath. 

“Happy birthday” Fred smirked, giving you another kiss.


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