do you see this thing that i dont know what it is that im eating

Super Into a Supermodel

Did I really draw my own au, just to make the Au fic not even an hour later? What is my life

Dont answer that


T+ bcuz its gettIN HOT

“Oh Jesus. Do you see this headline?” The blonde scoff, taking a long sip from her sweet frappe.

“Huh?” Natsu mumbled, mouthful of Quarter Pounder, with small bits of fries that he managed to wedge in with his burger.

Lucy snorted, watching and Natsu blushed from his full mouth and quickly swallowed down his food.

“Y'know for a trainer, you sure eat alot of salt.” Lucy giggled, popping the frappe’s cherry into her mouth.

“For a super model, you sure eat a lot of sugar.”
He shot back, a devilish grin spreading across his face as she chucked a fry at him.

“Hey. They set laws against models starving themselves, and who am I to break the law?” She shrugged, enjoying the chocolatey taste of her frappe as it came through the straw.

Nastu chuckled, finishing some more fries before plopping down on the couch beside her.

“What headline are you talking about?” He mumbled, leaning into her phone screen.

‘Supermodel Lucy Heartfilia spotted with equally attractive supermodel mystery man. Wait What??? He’s her boDYGUARD? WELL WHY ISN’T HE A MODEL? HAVE YOU SEEN THIS GUY??’ The headline read above the Cosmo article.

Natsu felt laughter bubble out of his mouth before throwing his head back, cackling wildly at the ridiculous statement.

“Oh fuck. Oh man! They write anything these days.” He sighed, wiping a tear from his eye.

“But you can’t blame them.” Lucy giggled.

Natsu blushed, the laughter halting in his throat as he waited for Lucy to finish her comment.

“Look at you in this picture! All buff and sensual. You can’t blame them for thinking you’re model material~” she teased, knowing how he felt whenever she complimented him.

Natsu turned even more rouge before his smirk was back on his face, leaning into Lucy’s personal space.

“Are you just mad that I stole the spotlight?” He teased back, watching as her face had now become a brighter shade of red.

Quickly snatching the phone from her hand, he eyed the picture closely. Lucy huddled into his side, eyeing him with a flustered look as he stared down the papz. Really, he just wanted to scare them away, not turn them on.

“Look at you. Swooning just as hard as the commenters.” He grinned, pointing at her flushed face in the picture.

“You wish. Everyone knows I’m the star.” She shot back, quickly regaining her confidence as she retrieved her phone and pinned him down to the couch.

He moved quickly before she could straddle him and claim victory, swiftly flipping her over so that he was on top.

“That’s not what the article says.” He cooed, watching as she huffed and squirmed beneath him.

“Fine. You’re gorgeous! Let me up now?” She huffed, but gasped as he lowered his head down, pressing his forehead against hers.

“Nah. I think it’s time for your close up…” He said, voice becoming rough as he pinned her to the sofa.

“Natsu…we have to get ready. Remember the event we were supposed to attend?” She sighed, trying to push him away but still extending her slender neck for him to feast on.

“We have time. Plenty of time.” He grunted, pulling her hips against his.

“Hey! N-not so rough! You’ll leave marks.” She gasped, wrapping her slender legs around his waist.

“Luce. Im your body guard. The guardian of your body. So…” He muttered, licking the shell of her ear as he began lifting her shirt.

“Let me do my job~”

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Then maybe talk to a shrink. That's bound to be better than nothin ^^

i dont see my therapist until tomorrow

but i know why im like this

the first time i got an anxiety attack, i felt like puking

now that my anxiety is raging, and is fueling my self-hatred and feelings of little to no self-worth, i cant eat

because i feel like puking

doing something?

makes me want to puke

going anywhere?


im sure you can see where this is headed

i need to de-stress, but its hard to do when the thing thats causing me stress is also the thing that is fun and helps me de-stress

what i want is easily fixable by all means

but somehow, to me, it feels completely unattainable

and i feel like i’ll be left behind

so, i dont try

and i feel horrible when i see what i want displayed right in plain view, mocking me for my lack of effort

and so it gets worse

and worse

and worse

im not being shady like this is just a general thing that a lot of people i see n my dash do but you guys really have to stop posting thinspo type pictures or pictures that generally just point out how thin you are??? idk its really harmful for a lot of people suffering from body dysmorphia or eating disorders and i think a lot of you who do post these types of pictures might not realize what kind of effect these pictures can have, also some people with EDs might even go as far to save you pictures to use them as thinspo on their own or even repost ur photos on a thinspo/ED forum which i dont think anyone who doesnt have that intention would want :-$ .. im really not sure how to word what i want to say but ill just leave it like this sorry if this came across the wrong way but i just see it too much lately and it rubs me the wrong way even though i know nobody would really have that intention in mind 

for real why aren’t we talking about mall aus
  • “i went into abercrombie & fitch for some reason and now i cant see, hear, or breathe PLEASE SAVE ME” au
  • “make up department salesperson and nervously browsing customer” au
  • alternatively “make up department salesperson/customer and renowned makeup artist there for a special event” au
  • “i know you work in the food court but i dont think you’re supposed to be eating on the job” au
  • “the furniture part of [department store] is completely dead let’s make a pots and pans orchestra” au 
  • “you work in gamestop and i NEED AMIIBOS” au
  • “salesperson and customer who comes in like once a month and buys thousands of dollars worth of stuff to sell online” au
  • “i want this thing the mannequin’s wearing and the employee’s having a hilariously hard time trying to disassemble it” au
  • “someone called out sick and now im stuck in this department with no clue what to do” au
  • “i left my phone in the dressing room now i have to go back and get it and WHOA WHO’S THIS HOTTIE” au
  • “i got dragged into hot topic and this employee is way too perky and annoying and adorable - WAIT” au 
  • “i fell asleep during the movie and now the theater’s empty and i may or may not have pissed off this employee cleaning” au