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Dress Pt.1 (Laf x Reader)

Word Count: 1,828

Warnings: Swear words, Kinda Angst

Author’s Note: This is my first fic, so tell me how it is! Also let me know if you want a part 2 because I have plans of where I want this to go. Enjoy!

Part 2

“Y/N are you here?” you were snapped out of your day dream by Alexander waving his ink stained hands in front of your face. “Hmmm” you said shoving his hands out of your face. You were sitting at a table in your university’s library staring at a special someone. “I can’t believe you like him” Alexander said once you turned to face him. “What do you mean?” “Well, it’s so obvious that you like Thomas Y/N. What do you see in that bastard anyways?” He scoffed. You looked down at your textbook to hide the blush that had begun to rise to your cheeks. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, just tutor me Alex. I don’t even know why I decided to take this damn history class, I don’t even need it for my major…” you mumbled to no one in particular. “Let me remind you, you took the class because THOMAS was in it.” Alex hissed. “You know what Alex just shut up and teach me history.” you said turning to a blank page in your notebook.

You settled with your group of friends at a picnic table outside your university’s entrance for lunch. “Mon ami, you haven’t touched your food. Are you alright?” Lafayette asked with a concerned look on his face. “Yeah Y/N, you look sick” John chimed in. “Wow thanks guys, I’m just tired.” you mumbled into your sandwich. “She is sick, LOOOOVVEE SICKKKKK” Alexander sang. “WHAT NO WAY!” Hercules said with his mouth full. Just as Alex opened his mouth to tell the guys who you had been mooning over, you shoved your fingers into his mouth. “AGgghgh” Alex said as he spit out your fingers. You gave him the finger and leaned in to whisper in his ear: “you say the name and I’ll have you de-balled by tomorrow”. You leaned out with a pleasant smile on your face while Alex’s facial expression was that of absolute horror. “Awww, come on Y/N. Tell us we won’t tell anyone. We’ll help you!” John said enthusiastically. Hercules was eagerly nodding his head while Alex and Lafayette silently ate their soups with smirks on their faces. You made the motion of locking your mouth shut and throwing away the key. Thankfully the conversation shifted to French homework. Since you didn’t take French you occupied yourself on your phone looking at the news. Once the boys saw you dazed, Alex said “il est le bâtard qui porte velours pourpre” (it’s the bastard who wears purple velvet). “Quelle!” Lafayette gasped. He whispered the name to John who passed it onto Hercules. Once everyone knew, they stared intently at you. Feeling as if laser beams were going through you, you looked up to see the boys looking at you smirking. “ALEX… I swear to god…” you began before you were cut off by Lafayette who said: “Mon ami, we all know, it’s ok. Besides we’ll help you get that bastard.” “I hate you guys, you know that?” you mumbled looking at your hands. “There he is!” Herc said as you saw Thomas and James walk out of Thomas’s black Audi. You groaned as they nudged you and ‘oohh’ed. You expected all of that to come out of them “THOMAS” Lafayette called out. You shot your head up and looked at Lafayette with a face of shock. You, however, weren’t expecting that. Thomas hated all the boys except Lafayette, but it was ok because the feeling was mutual. He and James made their way over to your table. You began to panick. You had just admired him from afar, never actually talking to him. Heck you didn’t even know if he knew your name. You hurried to busy yourself with your phone. “Hey Laf” Thomas said with a smile. “Alex, John, Herc” he added on much less enthusiastically. All three of them responded with a head nod. “Oh, and hello, who is this pretty lady whom you’ve managed to snatch.” Thomas said smoothly. There was a reason he was known as a ladies man on campus. You stumbled and couldn’t form words in your head when Alex elbowed you in the stomach. “oh , um I’m Y/N” you said blushing, avoiding his eyes. Thomas gave a laugh as he nodded. “See you guys around” Thomas said over his shoulder as he began to walk into campus. You groaned and put your head down on the table. “That was embarrassing” you said to the table. “What? He was totally into you Y/N” John said. “Yeah, he called you a pretty lady” Herc laughed. “No, he does that to everyone” you replied still not being able to lift yourself off of the table. “Well I just got a text from him asking me for your number…” Laf taunted. “What!” you jerked your head off of the table. “Yup” he nodded typing furiously onto his iphone. A few minutes later you received a message from a new number.

Thomas: Hey Y/N, this may seem sudden, but you’re absolutely gorgeous. Was wondering if you were free friday night?

“Guys, guys, guys… HE JUST ASKED ME OUT…” you basically screamed at them in shock. “QUELLE?” Laf said with just as much shock. The other boys had their jaws on the floor. “You guys are going to help me whether you like it or not. You dragged me into this mess…” you said smiling as you daydreamed of Friday night gathering your belongings back into your backpack. You quickly typed a response back to Thomas

Y/N: I just so happen to be free Friday. :)

Thomas: Alright I’ll pick you up at 7 babe

“BABE. HE CALLED ME BABE.” you screamed. The boys looked at you as you had a mini celebratory dance party. “Ok so for your first date you should definitely not go dancing” Alex teased. You playfully punched him in the arm daydreaming of Friday.


Thomas smirked at his phone showing it to James. “See? I told you I can get any girl.” he said arrogantly. Just moments ago, James had bet Thomas that he couldn’t get the shy Y/N to go out with him. Thomas put his hand in front of James, notioning for him to pay up. “Hold on, if you go on the date I’ll double the money” James said. Thomas thought about going on a date with you. He never thought much of you, but decided he would go just for the food. “Fine” Thomas said, shaking James’s hand.


Friday Night

“Should I wear this one or this one?” you asked the boys as you had an assortment of dresses lying on your dorm room floor. You didn’t know why you had bothered asking them as they were no help. You turned to Hercules, who was majoring in fashion design. “C’mon Herc, you’re studying this shit. Help a sister out.” you whined. He looked thoughtfully at your assortment of dresses. “The black one” he simply stated. You looked at him surprised. “Are you sure? I mean it’s a bit fancy…” and by a bit fancy you meant really fancy. It was a tight fitting knee length dress with a plunging neckline and a bare back. “You asked for the fashion major’s opinion and you got it” Herc said shrugging. You sighed and headed into the closet to go change. Once you managed to get the dress on, you stepped out and sat on the bed to put on your mary jane high heels. You slowly sat up and cleared your throat for the boys’ attention. They all looked up, and shock filled their eyes. “Dayum Y/N, get some” John said. Alex gave a whistle, and Herc smirked and said: “told ya”. Lafayette just stiffened, lying on your floor with this jaw on the floor. You looked at him and he seemed to snap out of it, he blushed and sheepishly looked at the floor. Alex saw the situation. “Well I guess your date is here” Alex said pushing you out of your dorm room. The black Audi was parked out front. You gave another look in the mirror. “How do I look?” you asked one last time. “I dunno, Laf what do you think” Alex asked smirking. Laf began to stutter and look flushed. “You look um, great, beautiful actually mon amou- ami. Ami” Laf managed to get out. You blushed at the compliment, looking up at Lafayette. Wow those eyes, you’d never noticed how entrancing his eyes were… you could get lost in those forever. Your eyes trailed down Lafayette’s face. As they landed on his lips you thought: ‘I wonder what it would feel like to have those on mine?’. Alex cleared his throat and you were snapped out of your thoughts. Oh my god, did you just think of kissing your best friend when you were going out with your crush? What had gotten into you? You had never noticed Laf in that way before. You decided not to think about your previous thoughts and to just have a good time with Thomas. It was what you always wanted. Right? You and Laf quickly looked away. “Well, I’d better get going…” you said as you headed for the door. “Be safe” Herc said. “And call us if that bastard tries to do something you’re not comfortable with” Alex added nudging you to the door. You smiled and walked out to the black Audi. As soon as you walked out of your dorm, the three boys all faced Lafayette and said “Spill”

“Wow so you’ve liked her this whole time?” John asked Lafayette. He begrudgingly nodded. “Then why’d you help her get with Thomas?” Alex asked. “Because I thought if Y/N started seeing someone else, I could move on. I’m not supposed to like her, you’re not supposed to love your best friend. We all see how it ends up in movies and books. I would rather be just friends than risk everything for my stupid feelings. But tonight when I saw her wearing that dress, I couldn’t help but think that I made a mistake. She should be wearing that dress for our first date, not for Thomas. I should be the one picking her up, and complimenting her on how good she looks. But she’s always wanted to go out with Thomas and if I get to see her happy, I’ll be happy…” Laf began to ramble when Alex cut in. “Did you just say you love Y/N?” “What? No!” Laf quickly responded. “No you did” all the boys responded. Lafayette just shook his head and looked out the window.


Thomas waited outside your dorm building as you hurried your way out. ‘This better be worth the money’ Thomas thought as he sat in his car. As he saw your figure approaching, he got out to open the passenger door for you. When you got closer he took a good look at you. ‘Shit’ he thought. ‘Y/N’s really hot’.


since i’m finally done with my exams, i’ve started learning czech. i can already see this is a terrible idea.

Kol Imagine: History Partners

(What Your Wearing)

You walk through the doors of the school, and there they are. Your ex with the girl he cheated on you with. He had broken up with you a day before Christmas break in the school’s parking lot, and was seen with her the same day. You look away and go to your locker. It had been nice to get away from the school drama over spring break, but now you had to face reality. Your morning classes flew by. As the bell for 4th period rings. You return to your locker, and grab your things. You walk down the hall and walk into the classroom. You sit down where you usually sit by the windows 2nd table from the front. The bell rings soon after and your classmates start to pile in. You teacher walks in a little after that, and shuts the  door behind him. He begins to do roll call when the door opens. Only to reveal a tall handsome guy with brown hair and brown eyes. 

“Are you Mr. Anderson?” He asks reading the name off the slip he was holding.

“Yes I why?” he asks the guy as he looks up and hands him the slip.

“The lady at the office said you have to sign this to confirm my transfer.”

“Ahh yes have a seat Mr. Mikaelson.” 

He walks over the seat fright beside me and sits down.

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Prompt: You are Tony Stark’s daughter and attend the same school as Peter Parker and are best friends with him. The pair of you study in the Avengers Tower. Which causes the Avengers to be nosy/protective. Before Peter leaves, he admits his true feelings for you. 

Warnings: None

Pairing: Peter x Reader

This is such a cute request, thanks to the anon who sent it in!

There’s something I need to tell you

You and Peter came back to the Avengers Tower after school to study. You always studied together. Usually you would study at Peter’s house because of the privacy. But he really wanted to see where you live and visit the tower. Plus you already know about him being Spider-Man, so it’s only right for him to be amongst other heroes just like him. 

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go study. right now. do your homework. revise for your exam. call your study group on skype. update your notes. do the reading. you can do it. just give it some time.

everytime you see this, go open a textbook and revise for a bit. try to work on that project for some more time. write two sentences for your homework. say aloud that line you need to remember for tomorrow’s presentation.

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The most horrifying scene in the office is in 'business school' when Michael's doing his speech and rips up that kid's textbook and you see Ryan grab his stomach in pain at the sight. That whole scene is horrendous, knowing the cost of those things. I literally have to cover my face with my hands.