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Do you ever think about how Frances feels when she sees photos of Kurt? Like if it hurts inside or if she's used to it... I feel like it might feel pretty frustrating.

she has stated it’s odd.   that she has little memory of her father.

but stated that she remembers “his smell”.  LOL. 

I imagine it hurts at times.   I think she is working through it.  having visited the storage area, and actually seen kurt’s “stuff” , plus making MOH.  I think that helped.

Gal pals and photo booths


Yuri!!! On Ice - Yuri Plisetsky & Otabek Altin Aesthetics

note: these two are honestly friendship goals tbh?? i want me a friend like otabek. also, im taking YOI requests: more info

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binder positivity by joey


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Hi. I really love and adore your drawings and when I found your photo blog I got very happy. However when I checked it and saw all these dead animals... I couldn't believe in that. I thought you were an animal lover. It is good to give them to the earth maybe, but why do you take photos of them? Why do you share these photos? It was so hard even to see these poor dead animal bodies, but sharing them as if their death has an aesthetic delight.... Sorry, but I disappointed about you...

I’m sorry that seeing my photos of dead animals was difficult for you. Yes, I am absolutely an animal lover, I’m about as passionate of an animal lover as it’s possible to be! Most of what I think or talk about on a daily basis is animals; I am deeply committed to protecting and respecting nature in everything I do, from political and environmental concerns to my own personal ethical decisions of living a vegan lifestyle and getting around by bicycle instead of car; I literally burst into tears of delight if I watch a rabbit do normal rabbit things for more than a minute. I’ve dedicated my life to drawing animals whenever possible – and large percentage of those animals I draw are dead ones, even if it’s not immediately obvious at first glance. My love for nature extends to all parts of it, not just what is conventionally viewed as pretty, and nature operates according to cycles of life and death. It pairs (as we perceive it, anyway) moments of tenderness and harmony and symbiosis with moments of chaos and tragedy and brutality. The things that we consider to be beautiful in nature aren’t possible without the things that we associate with ugliness, and I choose not to shy away from either extreme. 

To your question, I absolutely am capable of finding as much aesthetic beauty in a dead thing or a tragedy or something that makes me sad, as I am in something that is beautiful and fills me with joy, and I don’t see anything negative about documenting and sharing that. Anyone who actually engages with nature and wilderness on a regular basis learns that death and suffering are everywhere, and stumbling across it in your explorations is inevitable. So I come across animal remains all the time, and every time I have to decide on the appropriate action in that case. Most often I experience a few moments of reverence and curiosity and regret for the ended life and move on, and don’t document the experience or engage with the remains in any way. Sometimes I am moved by the experience enough to take a photo to remember it, and sometimes, if that photo turns out to be beautiful to me, I might post it, because I know there are a lot of other people out there who identify with what I’m feeling. There are times that I post the photo because I’m angry, because the animal’s death was the result of cars or trains or a collision with a building, and I’m overwhelmed by the helpless injustice of so many of the deaths that humans bring upon animals, and I want to force others to confront the consequences of how we all live, with full knowledge that no matter how much I try to live a responsible life, I’m still complicit in these deaths. There are times, when an animal dies an unnatural death out in the open and its body is on display for passersby to see and feel callously grossed out by, that I literally scrape some poor creature off the cement, dig a hole, bury it, put flowers on its grave, and cry for its death; nothing but the deepest levels of sorrow and sympathy could move me to do this. 

There are people who will roll their eyes at all of this and that’s fine, but for me, finding a dead thing is the most impactful experience that I’ve ever had in life. No matter how often it happens, it feels the same – dizzying and surreal and haunting and fascinating and deeply heartbreaking. But there’s how we feel, and then there’s what we do with those feelings. Curiosity is the reaction that moves me to usually try to figure out why it died (which is a lot of the time a complete mystery) and to examine it closely if I can handle doing so, because there are not many times in life that you have the opportunity to look at a wild animal from an inch away or literally feel its weight in your hand or the softness of its feathers or fur, and that information is super valuable to me as an artist. A funeral is a different type of reaction, a personal and emotional one, which for me transforms the guilt and heaviness of having to walk away from this little tragedy into a futile but meaningful expression of respect and acknowledgement and reverence and apology. And the third type of reaction I have is to make art that tries to make sense of all of this, by fixating on a single fallen animal as a representation of every other animal I’ve found, and by making its death appear beautiful, because it is – its death nourishes the soil as it decomposes and new life springs from that. I’ve never been able to accurately express all these complexities in one piece of art, but attempting to is what drives me to draw and paint at all. So literally, my art doesn’t exist without me coming across these dead animals and being moved by them, so why would I censor that part of the creative process? If anything, you even asking me these questions proves to me that my message and goals don’t necessarily shine through in my art in the way I want them to, and so I have lots of work left to do :) 

This drawing doesn’t make sense, I’m just not ready to stop seeing Belle’s green dress … hope you like it!

(I don’t know if this drawing can be considered explicit, please if you think that it is, let me know and i’ll put it under the cut).

OK but are we not going to talk about that part in the ET interview where Colton mentions how there was supposed to be a Roy/Felicity/Oliver love triangle??? But the producers scrapped that because apparently Colton and Emily don’t have any chemistry together???? 

Like WHAT?????

imagine how furious anakin would have been if he found out about what happened to leia when she got enslaved by jabba ,,,bruh

So for doing something I love- I get hate, drama and lies.

Please, all my posts are not reposted. I do work hard on edits if anyone wants to believe me. I edit the original and change the text. This person never came to me and said a word. If they did, I would have shown them my actual work on photoshop/clip art/manga studio. And if they still think I took that cap that is similar to their own, I might have even deleted it. They never had said a word to me. So if you want to believe something at least believe that part. I wish this person came to me instead of posting something for everyone to read. I tried to message them, but I was blocked. So I blocked them back. Stay away from people who want to bring you down.
Ask me to cap something and put certain text in it and I’ll prove to you.

Casual reminder

If a photo is posted of Phil from the wedding they wasn’t uploaded by Phil do not post it around. Phils family do have social media and most of you do stalk his family and I’m sure most of you will see photos from the wedding and take it and post it around. So this is a polite message to ask you not to do that. The wedding was a family thing, he was with his family and he is allowed to be In photos with his family. That does not mean you have a right to take something like a family moment and post it around without phils permission. Sometimes family things are meant to stay as a family thing.

Also stop harassing Martyn about Phil it’s annoying. Sure Martyn is phils bro but it must be so frustrating that every he posts something people demand Phil updates from him, if you think it’s fine to do this kind of thing feel free to leave your siblings names and see how much you love thousands of messages from people you do not know demanding they know their every move.