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Prompt for Lexi Chronicles. Kara gets injured as Supergirl for the first time since getting Lexi. Lena brings Lexi to the DEO to visit Kara. They are worried how Lexi will react.

Alright! as always, let me know what you think!!

Sleepover at the DEO

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“Where’s YeYu?”

Lena tries not to be offended at Lexi’s first words upon seeing her. She knows the little girl is a stickler for routines, and Kara is usually the one who picks her up after school. Still, the words sting a little, although that may have something to do with the fact that Kara is lying unconscious in the DEO med bay.

And she has no idea how to explain to their daughter that her mother and favorite super hero was almost killed over National City today.

She doesn’t know how, but she has to, because she refuses to lie to Lexi when Kara’s life is hanging in the balance; it wouldn’t be fair.

Blue eyes look up at her expectantly, and she gets distracted by how much they look like Kara’s.  It still amazes her how much Lexi looms like them, even though there’s no biological connection.

Sighing, she crouches down in front of Lexi.

“Supergirl was in a really big fight today.”

Lexi frowns as she processes Lena’s words, tiny forehead crinkling.

Just like Kara.

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Double L

Title: Double L

Form: One-Shot

Word count: 2,380

Summary: This one-shot is about the reader (you, Y/N), who wants to introduce her children (from the reader and her ex-husband) to her new boyfriend, the American actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

Authors note: Heyy, I’m the second writer of this blog (new). Please don’t be too hard to me I’m writing a fanfiction in English for the first time. Lmao… I hope you like the following one-shot, if not, let me know it in form of a comment! (Sure you can also leave a comment if you liked it I would love to read those feedbacks, obviously XD)      Sending lots of love

Relationship: Jake Gyllenhaal x Reader (Y/N)

WARNINGS(!): Insults (inoffensive).

Copyright: I did not own any characters/names mentioned in this story. No copyright infringement is intended.

Have fun!

‘Lexie! I told you up to five-hundred times; You. Are. Not. Allowed. To slap your brother!” you raise your voice in front of your six years old daughter. She looks away insolent. “Hey! Hello! I am talking to you my little I’m-angry-at-the-woman-that-gave-birth-to-me-because-she-doesn’t-let-me-slap-my-older-brother!”

She finally looks at you with understanding in her dark brown teddy-bear eyes. “I’m sorry mommy… I will not do it again…” she looks at the floor. You can’t be angry with her for a long time, well, that’s what a mother SHOULD be sometimes, but you can’t look in her beady eyes and stay angry. It’s impossible.

You brush through her hair with your hand for a few seconds and turn to your son: “As I know you, you take this like a grown up man, don’t you?” you smile to him, leaning down to be in the same height as him.

He nods, “As always.”

“Now, hurry! School is waiting for you.” you say standing in front of them. Lexie starts running upstairs to get her bag and jacket. You turn around to clean up the table. While putting dirty dishes into the dishwasher, you see a shadow with the corner of your eye, hiding beside a wall. “You too Liam.” you say without turning your head.

“How did you even-” he starts.

“I’m your mother.” you say, amused about his reaction.

As soon as you turn on the dishwasher, you go to the entrance area and put on your shoes. “Hurry!!” you shout upstairs and both walked down the stairs, Lexie faster than Liam, because she loves school, he hates it. She starts putting on her shoes, you help her so it will be faster. “Oh oh, do you see that Lexie? It’s moodiness in person over there.” you try to bring her to laugh. That’s exactly what happens, she’s smiling.

“All right. Here we are.” you say as you arrived at their school, looking in their faces and waiting for kisses.

“Bye bye mommy!” Lexie says, kissing your cheek.

You look at your sons bored face. “Hey… can we speak about this later?” you ask him in a sympathetic tone as Lexie is already talking with her friends.

“It’s nothing, mom. Love you, bye.” Liam says in hurry but you saw the total opposite in his eyes. Maybe that’s it. The situation you’ve been scared about. That father-needed situation.

You start driving to your workplace, thoughts still by your son. ‘I shouldn’t have leaved him, their father…’ you think. ‘Yes, well, I had to… he was such an asshole, beating my fac-’ you shake off the thought, it was too horrible. Sometimes your ex-husband came home, drinking one or two glasses of alcohol, no matter if it was beer, wine or another sort, and suddenly started being aggressive; shouting at your or even beating your face. Liam heard everything and he was old enough to understand what was going on.

“Good morning, Y/N!” you hear a woman from your team at your work as an architect. “Morning” you mumble without looking at her.

Usually you work at home but today is a special day. You are going to get a new client. You dressed up nicely for this day.

“You’re too early, as always.” she smiles. You nod, also smiling.

On your way to your office, you hear something in your pocket vibrating. As you pick out your mobile, seeing the name of your fresh boyfriend, Jake, your heart skips a beat. You both are together for one week now.

You haven’t had a boyfriend for about four years, since your divorce from your ex-husband. Sure, you tried dating a few times but it never worked out, because they couldn’t handle the fact that you’re a single mother. Well, actually, there was somebody, but it didn’t work out because Liam hated him, he had a reason to so you broke up with that boyfriend. But that thing with Jake is different. Hard, but different in a good way. You told him about the kids at one of your first dates, he was a little shocked but took it easy. It was no problem for him. THAT is what was different about him.

You met him in a coffee-shop, both of you very dark circles under your eyes, because of work. Both of you didn’t have time to rest AND both of you in a phase, you were looking for a relationship in your subconscious.

He never asked to meet them but you also didn’t ask him if he want to. Not yet. Well, you are just five days together now.

“Hey honey. Already at work?” he asks.

“Good morning, yes but so should you. So?” you ask with a tone full of love.

“I am but today is the last day of filming. What do you think about fancy dinner with Lexie and Liam? It would be amazing to finally meet them.” he asks. ‘Oh my god, did he just… does he want… am I dreaming?’ “Y/N?” he brings you back to reality.

“Oh, yes! Yeah that sounds amazing! I’m so happy that you ask!” you’re almost shouting into your phone, while standing still in the middle of your office, smiling.

“Gosh, Y/N, can you speak a little more quietly?” he asks, laughing about your teenage-fangirl-ish reaction.

“I’m so sorry, but… that was so surprising!” Your coworker opens the door: “Hey, they’re here. Hurry!” you sign her that you will be there soon and she closed the door. “Uhm, Jake, I have to hang up. See you at…?”

“6 o’clock, at yours,” he finishes your sentence. “love you!”

“Love you too!” You hang up and look at your lock screen, where you can see Liam holding Lexie for the first time, for a few seconds. Hopefully it’s good for Liam to meet Jake. ‘Maybe they will get along well. That would be amazing.’

Liam never needed a father. He knew what his did to you so he was glad on one hand that you leaved him. On the other hand, he needs a father, a man in the house. You know that, but you can’t change what you did four years ago. Well, perhaps Jake can change something. Also, Liam don’t want to talk to you about his problems, would it be easier for him to talk about it with a male person?

“Hello, I’m Y/N Y/LN, nice to meet you!” you shake the hands of your new clients. They’re a married couple that wants to buy an own house, a unique one. You are known for individual and special architectures of houses here in Glendale. Three and a half years ago you moved from Lakewood to Glendale, because you wanted to get as far away from your ex-husband as you could, but also not too far, because you worked in Los Angeles. So, you thought Glendale is the best solution. Now, you don’t have to drive to LA every morning, no, you have your own business, it’s called Double L. The name is originated because of Lexie and Liam, the Double L’s. Even if you don’t need the nearness to Los Angeles anymore, you still think this is the best decision you’ve ever made. Especially now, with Jake as you boyfriend, because his family lives in LA and he doesn’t want to move away from them plus Glendale is near to Hollywood too, his workplace obviously.

“So, what are your first plans so far?” you begin the conversation with them while they sit down on the chairs in front of a huge table in that giant meeting room.

*time skip; 5:21PM*

“Where are we going mommy?” Lexie asks while you bind together her hair in a cute ponytail.

You shrug, “I don’t know either, hon.”. She plays with her adorable looking dress.

“But… why are we dressing up so extra?” she asks the next question with her lovely child-voice.

You finish her hair, place your hands on her shoulders and lean down, while looking in her eyes through the mirror in front of you, smiling, “Because you are going to meet someone very important to me.”.

“Mom? Does this look okay?” Liam suddenly shows up behind you, you turn around, looking at your son wearing a black suit, which looks very handsome on him. He still has problems with tying his tie.

“You look amazing, Liam.” you say, kissing his head. You decide to help him, so you go on your knees in front of him and quickly tie his red colored tie.

“Thanks” he just says, running back upstairs.

As soon as you set down, ‘Just for a few seconds.’ you thought, the sound of your bell starts to get into your ears, ‘Really?… Timing…’.

You stand up. “Liam, Lexie! Come on, we have to go!” you scream.

You walk towards the door, stopping in front of a small mirror to check how you look. As you reach the door, butterflies begin to rumble in your stomach, like you are fourteen years old again. You take a deep breath before opening the door.

“He- Wow…” Jake checks you from the bottom to the top, “Hey Y/N, you look amazing!”.

You smile in relief, “Thank you,” you also check him in a fraction of a second. You recognize his perfectly cut beard, his flawlessly fitting suit, of course, his beautiful scent that smells like he just got out of the shower a few seconds ago and used a shampoo, smelling like the usual, known by every woman, scent of men, and at least, you look in his dark blue eyes you fall in love with every time you meet him, “just so do you!”.

He steps forward, kissing you while holding the side of your neck for a short time. After the kiss you look at him, more than happy.

You turn around and see the kids, Double L. “Mommy? Is that the surprise?” Lexie asks loudly. You chuckle.”Yes, honey, he is the… ‘surprise’.” you turn around to Jake again, “You want to introduce yourself to them?”

″Sure!” Jake gets in a lower position, his one knee on the floor. “Hello little princess, I am Jake and I really really like your mommy, you know?”

She nods. “She likes you too, she said!” she whispers in his ear, but you can hear it.

Jake chuckles for a moment, looking on the floor. “You know what? I have a second surprise for you!” he said and you frown ‘What is it?’.

He takes out a little rose fixed on a bracelet.

Lexie’s eyes expand, “Wooooooow!!!”. She loves it.

Jake gets up and turns to Liam, “Now you, young man. Again, I’m Jake and… you know… I’m your mother’s boyfriend and I hope we get along well with each other! But I think you know how this works right?” he smiles, winking at Liam.

Your son laughs and nod, “As long as you don’t hurt my mother.” he said and with beginning the sentence, his smile diappears. Wow, you didn’t expect such big words from a nine-years old.

″You can trust me, I won’t, never. Honestly, I’m too scared of a big man like you to not follow your rules.” Jake answered, bringing Liam’s smiling face back. “But hey, Liam, I’ve also got something for you!”

″Really?” he asks, frowning. You chuckle again.

″Yeah sure. Just fair.” Jake says, searching for something in his jacket. “Ah, here it is.” he pulls out a long, but thin box.

″What’s that?” Liam asks.

″Open it, buddy.”

He slowly opens the box, looking through a small gap for a second. After realizing, what is in it, he throws the cover on the ground, looking at the content with a huge smile on his face. A super new, dark blue tie is in it. “Its made of a really expensive italian fabric, the material is called brocade. Just the best for a fast-growing young man like you.” Jake says.

“Oh my god, thank you so much Jake!” you hear your son screaming and see him hugging your boyfriend. It’s so heartwarming.

“Wow, this will look so handsome on you! Let’s tie it!” you say, leaning down to Liam while Jake stands up beside you. You quickly tie your sons tie and hear him laughing about something. “What?” you ask, also smiling.

“Nothing mom, love you.” he says. You continue tying, hearing him laughing, again, Lexie joins him.

“No no no, tell me, what’s going on behind my back?” you ask.

“Nothing!” Jake says with a guilty tone in his voice.

“Jake is making gibberish.” Lexie says, chuckling.

“Me? Nooo!” he says. All of you laugh. “Come on princess!” he says, looking at Lexie and walks out the door with her, directly to the car.

You stand up, “Finished, like I said, looks amazing.”. You turn around, about to leave the house, picking your purse from the floor. “Let’s go.” you say to your cute son while walking.

“Wait, Mom?” he stops you from leaving the house.


“I like him, he is a good man, I guess.” he says, smiling. ‘Don’t cry Y/N, don’t!’

“He is. I’m so glad you like him!” you say with tears in your eyes, hugging him. Suddenly you hear a hoot from Jake. “Let’s go, we have to. I love you Liam.” He runs towards Jake’s car.

You close the door of your house and a few steps later you sit on the passenger’s seat of Jake’s silver Mercedes.

“Hello, Madame.” Jake starts joking. “Your destination?” he asks with a funny voice.

“I don’t know, Sir.” you copy his wisecrack. “I’m going to let my clients decide that. Excuse me Miss Lexie and Sir Liam, what’s your decision?” you turn to them, still joking around.

They look at each other, “PIZZA!” they say at the same time.

“Oh, really?” you ask them, serious this time. “Seriously, we are dressed up so nice just to go-”

“Don’t worry babe, I got this.” Jake says, suddenly kissing you kiss back.

“Ewww!!! Stop it!” you hear from the backseats. You smile and continue, to tease them. After a few more seconds you lean back, so Jake does.

“Okay, let’s go!” Jake says, starting the engine while smiling at you. “Pizzaaa!” he imitates your kids.

Everybody in the car chuckles.

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Kryptonian!Lena prompt: Lexi gets kidnapped by Lillian, which she knows someone isn't going to come out alive. Kara and Lena ABSOLUTELY LOSE THEIR SHIT. (I got so many krptonian!Lena prompts floating around in my head, want me lay them all down????)

I have a feeling it would be Lilian that doesn’t make it out alive! #justsaying One over protective Kryptonian mom is one thing - two is a whole other story!