do you see this

if you really think there is nothing more to sasha’s drag than her graphic brows then you are dense as fuck

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~~~i return again with long-haired viktor requests and exactly 0 pressure to do them because i Know that hair is a lot~~~ 3B? also you're perfect??? ~headcold-canon

snz meme


they are young boys, are you guys actually surprised they talk like that?!?!? what did you expect from them, drinking tea and talking like intellectuals??? have you actually been around teenage guys or boy groups in general??? 

this is as natural as it gets!

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did you see LWA is getting a ps4 game

I did but I do not play games sooooo I guess I’ll be watching let’s plays or something….

tfw you love both Hanzo and McCree but don’t ship them together while still supporting those that do

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hi i cleaned up the elfie which just so happens to be @winter-treats‘ character from our soon-to-be dnd sessions! :’) if you want me to paint the rest of the gang i’ll try

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Who is Jin actually though

Jin is life.  

okay so like. all of y’all complaining the comics are coming out in august instead of june need to back up a bit and spread the comic book store release date of july 26th bc local comic book shops don’t actually make that much money and need your sales more than amazon does

so basically what im saying here is stop your whining, get the comic in july, and support your local comic book store thank you