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Ship to hell and back : Destiel

Shipped them before I knew what shipping was: Merthur

Didn’t ship at first, but then I rewatched: Spirk, Hartwin

Didn’t ship at first, but then read some really good fanfics: Drarry, Ereri

Ship, but not in the fandom: Klance, Marvey

Don’t ship, but read the amazing fanfics: J2

friendly reminder that Joji can take pictures with females and they don’t have to be his girlfriend or a potential girlfriend.

anonymous asked:

I notice that in a lot of your art, you put a lot of detail into shading around the eyelids and nose. What would your art look like without that?

well i thought about it for a while on what that would look like if my recent art would look without those details. then i was looking through though some of my art and i realized that it would just look like my older art style from late 2015 to mid 2016. 

i noticed that the way i drew my noses didnt really give me enough “room” to put in a lot of details (but you can tell im trying tho heheh) and most of of the time my headshapes were very ,, “squished” and in a way to where i really didnt have enough room to do much of anything with the features. And at the time i didnt really know how to shade faces all that well so the way i would shade the nose would just make it look in-caved and awkward. 

now im gonna put my recent art here as a sort of comparison

(keep in mind i tried picking the art that clearly shows the details in the eyelids and the noses the most. i promise that not all of the people i draw look sleepy 24/7 …………. or at least i dont think they do…………. i tend to draw the sleepy look a lot…. idk)
because you mention the detail to the eyes and nose i started to realized that ive been adding more to those aspects because i now have room to do so. Cuz my faceshapes have become less squished and more realistic looking (and less baby like haha) 

thank you so much for the input! it really got my head gears turning!! 

something thats weird is not really knowing your sexuality while everyone around you does

The painting is taking longer than I thought it would, so here’s the sketch

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the face your muse makes when they’re happy

the face your muse makes when they’re sad

the face your muse makes when they see something they want

the face your muse makes when they go berserk when their buttons are pushed 

(technically anger wasn’t installed when she was made, so for fun this is the icon i like where she’s angry.)

(realistically this is the kind of expression she’d get when shes super angry about something. you actually feel an aura of doom.)

the face your muse makes when they see someone they dislike


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PSA for you nerds about the Voltron Toys at Burger King

If you ask the person at the counter if you can just “buy” the toy they’ll either have their manager sell it to you for like a dollar or just give it to you for free. So you don’t have to buy a kids meal to get your hands on those toys


So, explain this to me. Why is he so un-athletic in 12x04 and very much athletic in 12x12?

What changed? Is it the pants? Is it the fact that he is running to save Cas? Is it the adrenaline rush? I need answers dammit!