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My tablet (which has been barely working for the past year or so) is officially dead, so nothing new from me until the new one arrives (which will hopefully be before the week is over, but I really have no idea)! Sorry for even more delays, and have a nice week, friends! 

tl;dr: Tablet’s dead. New one soon. I’m dead, too.

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Ida is the cutest, sweetest bean with a really perplexing taste in sweaters. Thanks for putting up with me and all the terrible movies ♡ @terror-in-the-dream

My gross old man Gaster and I wanted to wish you a happy birthday!! Sorry I haven’t talked to ya in a while tho;;… I hope a drawing of this guy being adorable will suffice!


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Cheryl Cole is NOT a predator if her relationship with Liam, who is 18+ years old, is consensual. Gross fans making assumptions about every smile Cheryl gave Liam before that...means nothing. Posts like that really do trivialise the struggles of people who DID go through abusive and pedophiliac relationships.

She mentored/judged the boy when he was 14 and then ends up with him when he’s older… how is that not predator behavior? The same thing happened with my older sister. My sister’s boyfriend has known my sister since she was 3 years old and is the same age as my mom. He watched, just like Cheryl, someone transition from a child to an adult. Anyone who excuses this is disgusting

if you really think there is nothing more to sasha’s drag than her graphic brows then you are dense as fuck

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Is there any weight to this theory she who must be named is fucking with them? I really need these theories to stop because it's getting my hopes up.

Ummm…well I’m not sure what you mean by any real weight? I mean they’ve had both of them confirm that they have had sex and I might have to eat my words but I think there are plenty of reasons why the Theory™ still lives. Or it’s possible they did have sex and it’s just the baby thing that is a total load of crap.

1. I grew up on American soaps and had to live through storylines like these. So having for her to pull a 180 and it turns out she is just angry because she didn’t get what she wants and is now a woman scorned would be just another day on here. It would also be far more interesting.

2. I just tend to be more jaded than most? The harder you try to force something on me the less likely I am to believe it and they have been pushing this victim narrative a little too hard for me to trust it. How am I supposed to believe she is some weak victim and sympathize and want to cuddle her from big bad Robert and then still somehow ship Robert and Aaron??? Plus, Friday’s episodes really rang false to me. Really pushing villainous Robert to hard. Then my head really started spinning after that final scene. She was just pushing Aaron too hard. Especially after saying the day before that she “was done coming between them”. Then when Aaron confronts her she takes no blame in her actions and instead everything she said felt very manipulative to me. Again maybe I’m seeing what I want to see but I’m just not buying her innocence routine. Oooops!

3. Everything about this has been SHADY AS FUCK since the very next day. The fact that she left instead of staying when she assumed they would now be together. Her calling him on the phone and saying things got “intense” and then telling Chas that “she didn’t, she couldn’t” betray Aaron. She never really seems sure of anything until Aaron gets brought into it and then her hackles get raised and suddenly she is most definitely without a doubt or a doctor’s visit pregnant with Robert’s baby? Because these are obviously things you just know even though you have been sexually active with more than one person and are apparently not on birth control. But hey it’s a good thing that all forms of contraception are 100% effective and therefore there is NO WAY AT ALL that Ross could be the father. Do not get me started on the numerous issues I have with the pee stick knew I was pregnant but this building full of medical professionals can’t say for sure. The “forced” pregnancy that was then apparently the right thing to do at the time but that she suddenly felt was oh so necessary to tell Chrissie about? Why to garner more sympathy? Oh so that’s why you just have to keep this one? Then of course I’ll support you against THE BIG BAD ROBERT. But here’s the real kicker for me. When Robert was telling Aaron about what happened and he said I guess I passed out because I woke up and she was gone. Ummm…excuse me? You don’t even remember? You have no recollection of what happened after talking her into bed? AND THE THEORY™ LIVES TO SEE ANOTHER DAY!

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