do you see the tears in his eyes

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"#dean in the rusty bacon shirt #that would be a serious headfuck" omfg why



(so this cap of the shirt comes from 3x08 A Very Supernatural Christmas, the first episode in which RBS makes its appearance, may I propose an AU for the episode where instead of fuel for Dean and fuel for his baby, Sam emotionally presents his brother with his shiny new Rusty Bacon Shirt and Dean stoically accepts) (further permitting a tearful scene towards the close of S5 where Dean demonstrates his renewed faith in Sam not by revealing the Samulet reclaimed from the trash but by donning the Rusty Bacon Shirt, secondary Symbol of Brotherly Love) (so that scene in 5x22 where Sam’s on the car drinking and Dean comes to say, ‘it’s not on me to let you do anything’, he’s wearing the Rusty Bacon Shirt and Sam sees it and his eyes well up and he says - Dean - the shirt - and Dean says - yeah yeah Sammy it’s just a shirt and punches him on the shoulder and a Bond is Remade)


Warnings: This is about Post-War Joe in his wheelchair, no harm is meant by this, just angst.

Imagine hearing a loud crash and a recognizable, “DAMN IT.” in your kitchen, you turn over to see Joe is gone.

“Joe, honey?” You called, walking into the kitchen to find him on the ground, a glass shattered on the floor and tears falling from his face.

“What happened?” You gasped, going to pull him back up into his wheelchair.

“I wanted some water, but I didn’t want to wake you up so I went to get it myself but I couldn’t reach it and when I did it slipped.” He bit his lip, small tears leaking from his eyes. “I just wanted to do something for myself, ya know? I wanted I do it myself!“ He choked out, slamming his fist on the cabinet he sat by.

You jumped slightly at the sound. You sat next to him, putting your hand over his, “Joe, look I understand things aren’t the same and you can’t do some things. But that’s’ why I’m here. Joe, I love you. All of you. And if this is what it takes to be there for you, to take care of you, then I’ll do it. Cmon, let’s go to bed.” You raised one of your hands to gentle wipe at his tears.

He takes a few deep breathes, looking into your eyes before nodding softly, leaning his forehead against yours. “I just thank god, I didn’t lose you.”

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okay okay! um, so, how would sami zayn react to his girlfriend/wife being pregnant with a baby girl?? (:

How Sami Zayn would react to his girlfriend/wife being pregnant with a baby girl…

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~ He’d find out accidentally; most probably finding an ultrasound picture when snooping around your bedroom.

~ He’d almost immediately confront you about it.

~ Once you told it was true and he was going to be a father; his pure happiness was plain to see as he repeated the words “I’m going to be a dad!” multiple times.

~ Meanwhile, whilst practically shouting those words at the top of his lungs he’d be doing some goofy dance.

~ He always insisted on going to every single of your ultrasound checkups from that moment onwards so he could see his little bundle personally.

~ At one of your mid-pregnancy scans, Sami although he’d try to conceal it, couldn’t completely cover the fact that tears welled in his eyes when he heard the baby’s heartbeat.

~ There was a lot of thought as to whether you should wait or ask to know the gender. Sami’s excitement was hard to overcome so you decide to find out.

~ Once the doctor revealed you were having a little girl, Sami instantly grasped your hand and placed a soft kiss on your forehead, mumbling the words, “My two ladies.”

~ After about a week, Sami had already decked out the guest bedroom, decorating with the slightly cliche pink walls and accents.

~ At about 7 months along, Sami insisted he’d be with you at every little moment so requested time off from work in order to not miss any moment, big or small.

~ When that time finally came to meet your little girl, you felt fully prepared knowing under no circumstances would Sami leave your side (plus some stress was relieved when Sami had already packed a whole hospital bag).

~ Once the baby had arrived, tears were certain to stream as Sami cradled the baby’s small body close to his chest, placing sweet kisses all over her skin, a smile never leaving his face. Soon after he dressed the little girl in the adorable little giraffe onesie he picked out and handed her cautiously to you before snuggling into the bed beside you.

First one of these! Hope you liked it!xo ~ Nikkii

a brush of silk (m.)

Summary: His favorite mornings are the long, lazy ones spent in your apartment.   (Vampire!Suga)

Genre: Smut, Romance, Fluff, Supernatural

Rating: Mature (18+) (graphic description of sex, sleepy sex, blood drinking)

Length: 5.4k

Sweeter than Sweet series

A/N: <3 written from Yoongi’s point of view, so it’s a bit different from the rest

Originally posted by bwiseoks

His head slams into the window as the cab screeches to a stop. Yoongi jerks awake and looks around blearily, blinking to wipe away the sleep from his eyes and look outside the window. 

“Hey, this is your stop, isn’t it?” The driver asks from the other side of the partition, his thumbs tapping anxiously on the wheel. 

He glances outside and sees the familiar entrance to your apartment building. “Uh, yeah. Thanks.” Yoongi yawns widely as he reaches for his bag, tears slipping into the corners of his eyes and aggravating his dry eyes. “How much do I owe you?”

The driver taps the meter with a beefy finger, his narrowed eyes watching Yoongi in the rearview mirror. It’s several won over the usual amount it takes to get from the office to your apartment, which means he took several unnecessary turns while Yoongi was asleep. He takes a second to search inside himself for the will to get pissed but comes up empty, so he just shoves several bills through the window and opens the door. 

The cab driver peels away from the curb without checking if Yoongi wants any change, and a flicker of anger awakens before almost immediately sputtering out again. Not fucking worth it. 

He yawns again as he trudges up the stairs to the apartment building entrance, lazily taking stock of any changes to the outside. Still clean glass and granite stone, still covered in bright green tendrils of ivy. The same piece of paper is stuck to the buzzer on the outer panel, telling visitors that the main doorbell system is broken and to check in at the front desk. Yoongi bypasses the panel and pushes the front door open.

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Reflections // Yoongi

Drabble game request: Yoongi + “How could I ever forget about you" + Angst | for anon

Word count: 1,562 words

Character: Yoongi x reader

Part 1/ReflectionsPart 2/FlashlightsPart 3/Pathways ⇎ Part 4/Shadows

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Title: Metallic pt. 5

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jumin Han x MC/Reader/You

have fun reading, everyone!! this is the part 5 of Metallic!
Part 4.

this prompt is based on days 7 - 9 of Jumin’s route but i took it from there. fic contains a possible theme that might disturb some people. i used some characters on his route but the story line is entirely different as well as their relationships and some facts that i’ve changed to fit the story. you’ve been warned!

- light spoilers on his route -

❝ You are to me
A part of me just like anatomy
You're pulling me
You're pulling me in like you're gravity

I'm notorious for thinking you're full of beautiful
Instead of hollow
Sugar on your lips, it's hard to kill
Jagged like a pill, so hard to swallow.

Day of the Party
12:00 NOON; approximately 3 days passed since the last voicemail.

He never contacted you again.
Perhaps he might have got the gist that you didn’t want to talk – or to at least see, feel or hear his presence?

It was sad, actually. To actually come to realize that what stung the most was not his continuous pursuit for you after the deed but his absence after only 3 days.
You sighed against your nose.
He gave up?

You were jerked away from your thoughts when you felt a hand gently tap you on your shoulders, as if to make you realize that you need to get back on to the reality.
Today is the party.

You’re going to see the rest of the RFA.
But why aren’t you excited?

You were able to come home 2 days ago when Seven told everyone that the danger is solved. Though he was not his usual self but more of a broken man than before. Was he like that? You can remember him being jolly and cheerful but after the incident regarding the hacker, he drastically changed.
Was there a catalyst for it?

“You can look a bit more excited.” You heard Jaehee’s amused voice as she lifted an eyebrow to look at you, seeming to appreciate the dress you were wearing. It was honestly an old dress – your first prom dress to be precise. It’s a good thing you did not grow on it, the size remained the same. Or was it a bad thing? It’s a dark blue, silk clothed bubble-type, off-shoulder dress. You paired it with a gold-colored stiletto you bought at an auction at the mall yesterday. A small handbag and then you’re ready.

“I try.” You shrugged and smiled sheepishly as you fixed your already straight hair with the palm of your hands, trying to tame it. You sighed as you felt frustrated – has your hair been this stubborn?

“Let me.” You heard her say as she gently laid her memo pad and pen to the counter of the ladies’ bathroom as she touched your hair from behind. “You’re very beautiful, MC. So you should smile more.”

You felt your cheeks heat up at this – Jaehee rarely compliments and when she does, it’s kinda heartwarming? It’s like getting an approval of hers. She told you at first she doesn’t fully trust you yet – and here you two, bonding as she fixed your hair. Pretty unexpected.

You saw how she carefully braided the sides of your hair and tied both ends on the back of your head, making it look like you’re wearing a flower crown. You smiled a bit but it didn’t reach your eyes. Why does it have to be like this? Isn’t it just right for you to have your space after what happened but why do you seem so guilty about it?

Jaehee seems to know the cause of your severely dropping mood as she looked at you knowingly – wait, why was she looking at you that way? Does she know something? Or was it that obvious?

“You can try and forget him, yes?” She asked, adjusting the rim of her glasses. “Enjoy the day, MC. You deserved it – you worked hard for it.” A small encouragement and you felt yourself smile a little. Lately, you couldn’t fully smile to yourself.

“Thank you, Jaehee.” You murmured as she laughed at your shyness. “…really. For everything – for having my back too.”

“It’s no problem.” She smiled warmly as she urged you to finally go inside the party halls to greet some guests. “For starters, I might work for him but it doesn’t mean I have to agree to his ways.”

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tbh Henry is sketchy as all hell but that is precisely why i adoRE HIM.


but real talk: it makes me incredibly happy that we actually get to see his eyes opened in Heroes. they’re gorgeous. what did we do to deserve this? bless.

anyways yeah. so Henry is incredibly sketchy…but…also rlly sweet? like. sure he and his crows will casually tear people limb from limb. but then they would prob just as quickly make you a bouquet out of the limbs?

wow how nice and thoughtful. A+++ Henry. we love u. bless u.

I was not expecting this. I WAS SO NOT EXPECTING THESE FEELINGS.

LIKE right from the get go, Josh’s acting has been INCREDIBLE.











have you guys ever thought about how different it would be if the acotar series was in Tamlin's perspective?

And by ‘it’ I mean the story, obviously, but especially the romance between the two of them, and the other characters.

He’s so demented, he can’t see that he is abusing her. He would probably trick us into loving their romance, hating Rhys, and the entire 2nd book being his rescue mission for her, like its fucking Taken or something.

You know how for ToG, we’re all obsessed with rowan finding his aelin, and we are looking at eagles and bird gifs and saying “bring her home” with tears in our eyes and shit-well that’s what we would be doing for tamlin in regard to feyre.

And when nearing the end of acomaf, he finds out rhys has like tricked feyre and put her into a spell, it would be so devastating and everybody would be screaming, and then when the spell “broke” and he took her home everyone would be flooded with emotion.

And we would all hate rhys so much; all our rant posts would be tagged “rhysand the appliance” or some shit

I know that after a while some alarms might go off for us, when he inevitably thinks something incredibly misogynistic or just generally twisted and wrong, but I think at least for a while we would be fooled because his perspective is so fucking warped it’s insane.  Anyways just a thought.

James March: Ugly Jealousy - Part Two


Eventually, you grew tired of begging James to free you from the room so you sat against the double door to collect your thoughts, resting your head on your knees. The fight to holding in your tears has failed as tiny droplets slowly fall from your eyes.

Elizabeth’s ghostly figure suddenly appears in front of you.

“Elizabeth?” You moved your head up as you were surprised to see her.

“Why do you cry, love?” She questions you in worry.

Wiping your tears with your shirt, you answer, “Oh Elizabeth, it’s James. I was having an innocent conversation with a married man and James just killed him.”

She bends down to your level, making eye contact with you. “Sweetheart, don’t be so upset. It’s because he truly loves you. I can see it in his eyes. He may even love you more than I love my precious Rudy.” Elizabeth cups your face with her hand. “And honey, I know damn well he loves you more than he loved me.”

You smiled at her in relief. “Thanks, Elizabeth.”

“And if you love him the same, you’re just going to have to accept that he is the way that he is and everything will be okay. Your James has been killing for almost a century. There’s no changing the way he is.”

“You’re right. You’re definitely right.” Elizabeth was correct. Her advice really helped ease your judgement on what James has done. James will always be the way he is and there really is nothing you can do to change him. Your love for him is so incredibly indescribable that you’re now willing to fully accept it. 

You and Elizabeth have always been on good terms. You’ll never forget the day that she thanked you for coming into James’ life because he has left her alone ever since. Now, he wouldn’t so much look in her direction whenever their ghostly spirits do cross paths in the hotel.

Elizabeth smiled back at you. But before she had the chance to say another word, a knock goes on your door. She glances at the door and her spirit disappears.

“Dearest?” James calls as he’s putting his ear close to the door to listen for you.

“I’m right here, James.” You answered.

James grabs the key from his pocket to unlock the door. “I’m coming in.”

As he enters the room, he closes the door behind him and quickly scans the room with his eyes to look for you, then he finally sees you sitting on the floor. “Darling, are you alright?” He goes to kneel down to your level, facing in front of you.

“Yeah I’m fine now. Actually, I’m better.” You said as you’re looking down.

“My sincerest apologies for my actions by keeping you locked in our bedroom. I just could not dare to see you leave me.” James lightly grabs your chin to lift your head up. “Not for a day. Not even for a minute.”

You smiled at James when he said the last line. “I forgive you, James.”

“Come.” James smiled and put his hand out for you to grab. “Take my hand, dearest.” 

Forgiving James put your mind at peace. Feeling the way you’re feeling right now, that beautiful face of his is something you can’t say no to. Those dark brown eyes definitely drew you in more and more.

You took James’ hand and he helped lift you up from the floor, grunting a little as he lifts you up. “Now that that’s all in order, I have a small surprise for you.”

“Surprise?” You questioned. An apology gift wasn’t something you expected at all. 

James opens the door and the sight of him quickly disappears as he’s grabbing something in the hall. Keeping your feet glued to the floor, you move your head to get a closer look at what he’s doing. 

He comes in pushing a cart filled with enough appetizers, entrees and desserts for two. Your eyes grew wide from surprise and excitement. “I figured we dine in tonight. How does that sound, darling?”

You walk over to James, giving him a kiss on the cheek to thank him. “That sounds perfect, James.” 

James smiles, revealing his dimples. “Splendid.”

AU- Harry is the fit supermarket check out boy. Louis wants to sleep with him. Summer romance ensues.
You auditioned without me,” Louis says, his voice disbelieving. “How the fuck can you stand there and hurl all this shit at me when you literally left me behind to go audition for the show we’d been dreaming of being on together?”
“What was I supposed to do, Louis? You refused to audition with me unless we were honest about being a couple. I knew we never would have made it past the first auditions. You left me no other choice; it was either audition alone or not audition at all.“
Louis feels his own eyes start to fill with tears. “You chose a fucking reality show over our relationship. If you still don’t see that you made the wrong choice than I don’t think there’s any reason for me to waste another second here.”
A Famous/Non-Famous turned Famous/Famous AU where Harry makes the biggest mistake of his life and Louis’ left to pick up the pieces.Everything is not always as they seem, Louis realises this more than once as he starts over in a place he never would’ve entered out of his free will before. The biggest surprise is the man who doesn’t blink twice about putting him on his team, but the same man is also the reason to why his headache won’t leave.
There’s more than meets the eye and after a night filled with joy and good company, the reason for his behaviour becomes painfully clear and unable to be denied. But with every positive moment he’s experienced throughout his life, it seems a backlash of negativity always encounters.
The one where Louis is unable to stay professional when Harry lets his guard down while someone else takes advantage of both their actions.

He deals with a sassy, 500 pound liger every day, but Harry Styles might be his downfall. The thought doesn’t scare him as much as he thought it would.
Or, the one where Harry runs away to escape his past and Louis has nowhere else to go to have a future.
Circus Fic.

AU where Louis Tomlinson is a principal dancer with The Royal Ballet. When his rival from ballet school, moody dance prodigy Harry Styles joins the company, old wounds are reopened and old passions reignited. During the company’s production of Swan Lake the secret that doomed their love is finally revealed, but will it be too late?Louis Tomlinson is a primatologist working with the Jane Goodall Institute for primate conservation; and Harry Styles is the photojournalist sent from National Geographic to write a piece promoting awareness about the endangered species. They meet, and love is never, ever simple, as we know.
Featuring Eli the chimpanzee, bickering humans, storytelling, and five men who come to gain an understanding of what it means to be human; all stationed in the Republic of the Congo.Louis is a shy, young musician who doesn’t want to go to Harvard.
Harry is a confident, second year athlete who likes to have a good time.
When their paths cross while their families are vacationing at the same lake resort, what begins as a summer of fun becomes a defining journey that might just change everything.When Louis moves into the flat next to Harry’s, neither of them thinks it will change their lives. Louis is stuck in a relationship with his controlling and overly possessive boyfriend who he loves too much to break up with.. Harry is content, seeking refuge from the snobby world he grew up in and forging a new path for himself. He does happen to have a habit of wanting to fix people though and when he meets Louis, the gorgeous man with a prat of a boyfriend, he finds himself trying to do just that. While Harry tries to avoid getting tangled in a messy situation, Louis tries to deny that there’s a niggling voice in the back of his head that prefers Harry to his own boyfriend. While both studiously refuse to let change come, they fail to notice that exact force wrapping around them and pulling them tighter together until there just might be no escape from the feelings brewing within.
  • I’ll come around if you ever want to be in love (39k, one shot) - musician!harry, film student!louis
Louis is a film student, Harry is a musician, and shooting a music video doesn’t help on the path of trying not to fall in love.“I’m really—” The words die inside Louis’ mouth and time seems to stop.
The face is the same, and yet, different. His eyes are still haunting, and Louis feels like he dipped into an abyss of obscure feelings. He stares back at Louis and he doesn’t know what to think, what he could read in his black expression.
Without notice, he wraps his arms around Louis’ waist and pulls him into a tight hug. He is taller than Louis and it is with a sense of satisfaction that Louis realises how he fits in Harry’s arms perfectly.
“I thought I’d never see you again,” Harry drawls out. Voice rough and controlled.
Or, Harry and Louis are separated when they are younger with harsh promises of never seeing each other again. But oh, Fate has other plans for them.There’s Louis, there’s Harry, and there’s the lovingly and fittingly named Trash-Cat (formerly known as Lucifer).
Written based on this prompt: “Au where Louis finds a cat on his doorstep & is like "ur the cutest little thing ever. U have a collar but no tags, did you run away or somethin buddy?” L who takes the cat in & it’s a few days until he sees lost posters up & he’s sad because he’s grown attached to it but calls the number. & the guy who introduces himself as Harry is so happy that his cat’s been taken care of & once he meets Louis, promises he can visit. But Louis doesn’t have to worry about visiting anymore once he moves in”And Louis is not a fucking coward, but this hurts so much more than he ever thought it would.
Everyone knows that Louis is broken and Harry likes to think he can fix everything.
West End AU in which Louis is a former Royal Shakespeare Company actor looking for his way back to the top, Harry is an actor best known for his work in unknown bits of experimental theatre and being the darling of London’s new age theatre scene, and Simon Cowell is the renowned director who brings the two of them together.
Also featuring Assistant Director!Zayn, Famous TV Actor!Niall, and Stage Manager!Liamau where Harry takes art classes on Fridays before going to work and Louis is the French nude model who drops the robe and doesn’t let him focus. There are plenty of text messages, a mess of emotions and a lot of time spent in bed.

Louis likes bathroom walls and Sharpies, Harry likes metal, Zayn likes Liam and Liam likes Zayn, Niall is wise, and they all go to the zoo.

  • Hold me closer (36k, chaptered) - dancer!louis, coreographer!harry
    Louis Tomlinson is one of the most promising dancers of the English National Ballet, on track to become the youngest principal dancer in the company’s history. That is, until forces conspire to significantly complicate his life, including: a surprise ballet, an unfairly attractive guest choreographer, and being pushed into a rivalry with his best mate. Featuring lots of wine, dancing, pining, and a happy ending.
Second Time Around

Description: Six months after your divorce, Jongin finds out you’re dating once again. It would’ve been okay with him until his son, Taeoh, chooses spending time with you and your new boyfriend instead of him. 

Word count: 1,515 

Originally posted by jongxuns

You try not to cry. You try to pull yourself together in front of your lawyers and Jongin. But all of them could see your wide eyes begin to pool with tears. You held the pen in between your shaking fingers and pressed the ballpoint on the paper. 

“Are you sure you want to do this?” you whisper soflty, your eyes search for any emotion in Jongin’s eyes. He looks away before you can read his expression.


You sigh and with no more hesitation you scribble your signature all over the packet. A knot the size of a snowball began to form in your throat making it hard to even breathe. You felt Jongin’s gaze on you but you were too resented to look up at him. 

“Can I go now?” You ask your lawyer. She looks over the packet and slides it over to you once again. 

“There’s still the matter of your child,” Her voice is cautiously low as if you were a fragile girl that would’ve broken into tears if spoken to the wrong way. Perhaps you were. “If you sign here,” she points at the long line. “You agree to let Jongin be with Taeoh for three days out of the week, friday and the weekend.” 

“Taeoh,” you whisper your son’s name. Memories of him playing with his father flooded in your head. The late night movie sessions and fort making contest. Taeoh would no longer have any of that. His life would be split. 

You cradle your head in your hand, breathing in and out trying steady yourself. When you look back up again you catch Jongin’s eyes once again. By the slight redness on the edges of his eyes you knew that he was thinking about Taeoh too. 

“I promised myself that if I ever had a child, he would live a happy healthy life with two parents that loved each other.” your voice cracks. “I didn’t know how hard it would be to keep that promise,” With one last flick of your wrist you signed that paper and legally parted yourself from Jongin. As soon as the door closed behind you, tears ran down your face. 

                                                                                                  ~ Six months later

Originally posted by lil-duckling

“Taeoh, baby wake up.” You coo to your drowsy toddler. His eyes flutter open for just a second but they seem to be heavy for him to keep open because they close once again. 

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More of that very silly 19th century Victuuri AU:
Victor attempts to win his beloved heart by sending flowers, but his understanding of flower language is extremely surface level and he really just picks flowers that he thinks are pretty…and ends up accidentally sending a shockingly insulting bouquet.

Later he expresses his worries to Chris, as his dear Mr. Katsuki has been so cold to him lately!
“I just can’t understand it, Christophe! I had thought the flowers I sent to Mr. Katsuki would be well received, but when I mustered the nerve to speak to him at the ballet last night, he looked most distressed to see me! I do believe there might have been tears in his eyes! And then he turned and walked away from me without a single word and avoided me for the rest of the night! What on earth have I done to offend him so?”
“You mentioned flowers? What flowers did you send?”
“Oh, I just picked some that were pleasing to the eye.”
“…Victor, my dear friend, please try to remember exactly what those flowers were.”
Sometime later.
“Ah, well, there is your trouble. According to the flowers you sent to Mr. Katsuki, you find him lacking in wit and honor, you despise him and wish to never speak with him again.”

Victor’s journal entry that night, the pages stained with tears:
“I have ruined everything. My thoughtless actions have shattered the heart of the one who is most dear to me. There is no hope. I do not imagine he shall never forgive me. I ought to give up on love entirely and join a monastery, as my own heart will never heal from such loss and tragedy.”

Don’t worry, Chris offers to help him put together another bouquet to beg for forgiveness. It ends up being…quite racy. The florist almost refused to deliver so scandalous an arrangement until Victor bribes them. Anything to win back Mr. Katsuki’s favor!

ML Angst Idea: Just Like Him cont.

Continuation on this

Ladybug felt her heart shake with all the different emotions that are hitting her at once. Surprise by the reveal of her partner, Shock by her partner being Adrien Agreste, Sorrow for seeing both her partner and crush suffer for doing the right thing. Anger at how unfair it was for Adrien to be feeling this way.

The blond teen looked at his spotted partner after he wiped his tears.

“I know we are suppose to keep our identities a secret, I… I just … I don’t know.” Adrien spoke as he tried to compose himself.

“Enough of that kid, you have been tearing yourself apart over this. I think it should be fine” an agitated voice barked suddenly.

The voice belonged to the Kwami of Chat noir, a smallish black cat like creature with green eyes similar to that of Chat noir in costume. The creature was cranky, but understandably so, his chosen was going through a horrible time and he could only help him by transforming.

The kwami turned his attention to the super heroine.

“So, you are Tikki’s chosen. I am Plagg, It is a pleasure to finally meet the girl that has been haunting this boy’s dreams.” Plagg bowed

“Plagg!” Adrien irately called out. His mood seemed to have changed to embarrassment over his Kwami’s actions. The little cat seemed to know how to change Adrien’s mood rather impressively, it made Ladybug understand why this little cat was a good match for the blond.

“It is nice to meet you as well. I hope my partner didn’t cause you too much trouble.” Ladybug responded, using the kwami to change the subject.

“My Lady why?” Adrien asked, his chat like demeanor popping out.

“Nah, the kid is alright. He just has a habit of talking in his sleep. Like a few weeks ago he was having a very vivid dream about…”

Adrien quickly covered the kwami’s mouth.

“That is enough Plagg, or no Camembert for a month!” Adrien threatened as his cheeks were red with embarrassment.

“Kwami Cruelty!” Plagg shouted.

Ladybug couldn’t help but smile, seeing her partner struggle in embarrassment, it was a change of pace from the heavy mood. But she knew she would have to address it sooner or later.

“Claws out!” Adrien exclaimed as he transformed back into Chat noir. He turned his attention back to ladybug. “Sorry about that.”

Ladybug smiled

“It is fine kitty.” 

Chat noir felt a bit of a grin reach his face before remembering what he did.

“So about the whole identity thing, I am sorry.” Chat noir apologized.

“I said it is fine. You don’t have to worry about it. If you want I…”

“You don’t have to show me who you are. I broke our agreement of my own will. I shouldn’t ask you to show me who you are just because I needed to vent.” 

Ladybug felt her heart beat at the declaration. Here Adrien was hurting, his father in prison, his mother missing, people of paris treating him coldly, and yet he is still more concerned about her feelings. That is something Adrien would do, it was something so very Chat noir. The idea was so very both of them, that Ladybug understood how they were both one in the same. 

“Chat, you really are an amazing person. You are going through so much and yet you still put my feelings over your own.” Ladybug talked as she did her best to remain steady. “You don’t deserve to go through any of this. This is something you shouldn’t be facing alone…”

“I am not alone.”

Ladybug looked at him.

“I have Plagg, I have my friend Nino, I have Nathalie, I have my friend Marinette and I have you. That is already 5 more people then I use to have.” Chat noir perked up a bit.

“4.” Ladybug spoke softly.

“4?” Chat noir repeated confused.

Chat noir’s confusion turned to surprise one he saw ladybug undo his transformation.

Not as angsty, but don’t worry.

there will be more angst


I saw a brother trying to hold in his tears, wiping his eyes constantly trying to remove any sign of water. I asked him why are you doing this?

He replied,

“I don’t want my Lord to see me upset in dunya. He knows what I reveal and what I conceal but I still want to put on a smile for Allah.”

Ashes, Ashes

Summary: Plagg can’t believe what happened. Adrien’s been akumatized, and there should be no way for that to be possible. Plagg has one mission in mind: Find Ladybug and tell her what happened.

Based on the Akuma!Adrien design by @naptillmorning that you can see here and here. Takes place after this comic.


Plagg flew as fast as he could, still whirling from what happened.

This shouldn’t have happened. This shouldn’t have been possible.

“I won’t. I won’t. I won’t.” Adrien chanted, clutching his head, but the black mist was already engulfing him and Plagg could only watch in horror as he absentmindedly picked up the ring.

Adrien looked up at Plagg with tear-filled eyes, Hawk Moth’s mask an outline around them, and Plagg had no idea what to do.


Plagg clutched the Miraculous closer and flew even faster.

Adrien was counting on him.

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You woke up to the sound of loud rhythmic knocking on your trailer door. It was around one in the morning so it took you a minute to grasp the situation. You threw the blankets off your legs and went to answer whoever could be here at this ungodly hour.

You opened the door and were shocked to see Jimmy standing on the other side. His breathing was uneven and his eyes were red and puffy. His rosy cheeks stained with dried tears.

“Jimmy what are you doing here?” You asked.

“C-can I come in?” He stuttered look my down at his feet.

You silently grabbed his arm and dragged him inside. You led him over to your cot and had him sit down. He began to shake and his sons became louder. You took your blanket and dropped it warmly over his shoulders. Sitting down next to him you pulled him close to you so he could lean his head on your shoulder. He was taller than you so he had to duck really low to rest his was against you.

You wrapped your arm around him and rubbed his shoulder while whispering comforting words to him.

“I just can’t believe she’s gone…” He weeped, “I miss her so much.”

“I know, Jimmy. I know. Shhhh it’s okay I’m here.”

You pushed him gently so you both were laying down on your got. Your arms wrapped around each other as Jimmy rested against your chest for the rest of the night

Transcript: ‘Pause’ (Pause)

- Scene starts out with Isak doing tricks with a football in the Gym
- He sees Even standing at a door
- They go into a locker room


I: Hey
E: Hi
I: where have you been? (tears in his eyes)
E: I.. have told Sonja, and we’ve decided to take a break
E: What do you think about that?
I: Cool!
E: Yeah?
I: I mean.. If you’re sad, I hope it’s not my fault
E: I’m not sad!
I: No?
E: No!
*Even kisses Isak*
E: What do you think your parents would say if you got together (boyfriends) with me?
I: I think it would go… ok.
E: Yeah?
I: Or.. dad would probably not mind
E: But not your mom?
I: My mother is crazy.
E: How so?
I: She.. it’s crazy.. she thinks the world is going under.. that my uncle is Donald Trump.. my uncle is NOT Donald Trump (laughs)
I: She doesn’t have a say anyways. I haven’t spoken with her since I moved out.
E: So you guys are no longer in contact?
I: I’ve decided that my life is better without mentally ill people around me
I: What do you think your parents would say about me?
*School clock rings*
E: I think they would dig you/love you

Being Benjamin's girlfriend and getting shot instead of him would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Sadness :( Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Him instantly rushing to your side to hold you not caring for anyone else around and tearing up to see you in so much pain

-Richard being shocked to see you take the bullet and staring at Jared, only to hear Gavin yelling at him for what he had just done

-Morgan panicking as much as Benjamin and telling everyone that you must be taken away quickly, as he tightens his belt above your wound

-Benjamin stroking your hair and looking you in the eyes, as he tries to reassure you that everything will be fine

-Benjamin doing whatever he thinks might help keep the blood from spewing and just promising you over and over that everything will be fine

-Ezekiel and the others gathering around to help Benjamin and Morgan pick you up and leave to go

-Benjamin and Morgan doing whatever it takes to remove the bullet from your leg, as the others help as well

-You holding onto Benjamin’s hand and whispering to him the last words you have for him, only for him to shake his head and just tell you repeatedly that he loves you and that you’ll be fine

-Him being utterly devastated to hear your last breath and crying his eyes out as he holds your hand, wanting to deny whatever had just happened

-Morgan and Ezekiel comforting him as much as they can, only for Morgan to actually be more frustrated over not saving you and in the end finding out the culprit to your death


Request from Anon: Can you do a short story where the reader tells Draco that she’s pregnant, but she’s a Hufflepuff and Draco is scared to tell his parents? Please? Thank you!

Thanks for the request, this was cool to write!

Originally posted by daz-zling-bling

“Draco,” You shook your boyfriend’s shoulder as you found him in the library. He whipped around, noticing the tears streaming down your face immediately. “What are you doing out of the hospital wing?” He asked with worry on his face as he stood up to put his hands on your shoulders. “We need to talk.” You whispered, your eyes beginning to well up again. You noticed Pansy and Blaise look up with confusion on their face as they shot each other a glance, you couldn’t tell what it meant but you also didn’t care. Draco nodded as he left his friends to follow you out into the hallway. Draco had made you go to see Madam Pomfrey this morning because you’d been sick, and nearly passed out. You’d never expected it’d be this, though, and you had no idea how you were going to deal with it; you and Draco were only seventeen.

“What’s wrong, love?” Draco asked, his tone urgent yet confused. You took a gulp of air, taking a few moments to collect what you were going to say, just like Madam Pomfrey had done for you. “I’m pregnant, Draco.” Draco gulped, looking down at the floor. You saw a small tear escape his eye and saw him sniffle a bit. “Are you sure?” He asked, looking you in the eye for the first time. “Madam Pomfrey told me this afternoon. I’m so sorry.” You replied, finally collapsing into tears. For the first time, you’d finally let yourself properly cry; you’d teared up and let a few tears escape but you hadn’t fully broken down. Draco held you in his arms, rubbing your back as he remained silent, resting his head against your neck. 

“What are we going to do? My parents will go insane when they find out. You know how they reacted when I told them you were a Hufflepuff. I don’t want to get rid of it, we made this, I’ll love it more than anything, but my family - they’ll never talk to me again.” Draco uttered out, and for the first time today you thought that maybe this wasn’t such a terrible thing. “I don’t want to get rid of it either, but this was going to happen somewhere along the line, right?” Draco nodded his head, his eyes red from crying. “Then I think that after your parents realise this was going to happen anyway, they’ll accept it, even if I’m a Hufflepuff. Besides, I’m sure Narcissa will love having a mini Draco around.” You try to convince Draco and yourself as well. 

“But I’m scared Y/N..” Draco trailed off, beginning to tear up again. “It’s okay love, because I’ll be right there beside you the whole time. And guess what?” Draco shrugged his shoulders, wiping his eyes. You took his hand, placing it on your flat stomach that you’d now found out was carrying your future. “They’ll be here, too.” Draco cracked a smile, pulling you into his arms. “This is really real, isn’t it?” Draco whispered into your ear as he placed a kiss on your neck. You sighed, wrapping your arms around his neck as you held him. “Indeed.”

“I love you, Y/N.” Draco declares, pulling away so that you can look each other in the eyes. “I love you too Draco.” Draco bends down, placing a kiss on your abdomen. “I love you, too.”