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Mystic Production

Welcome to Mystic Production! A Youtube channel featuring a group of people with a multitude of talents!

This alternate universe where Mystic Messenger characters band together to form a YouTube channel was inspired by the many amateur production teams on YT. For my sake and selfishness, many things have been changed from the original timeline because what’s an AU if everything is the same, right?


Mystic Production was originally called RFA (Rika’s Fashion Assemble) that was started by Rika and V as a sort of makeup/fashion vlog channel but, inspired by the hidden gem, Zen - who later joined her team, Rika wanted to delve into short skits and they needed more people as it grew to include other things.

The name Mystic Production came about from a very early skit where they tried to fit as many mystical puns into a 10 minute video and the fans made it a meme and they laughed for 3 days before adapting it.

Rika and V were originally the face of the channel but Rika stepped back to get treatment as well as focus on fundraising efforts for the channel and other PR stuff. V naturally followed to care for her. Although their appearances in videos have dropped significantly, their hard work are still felt throughout the production. They are Mystic Production’s Mom and Dad.

Jumin is their producer of sorts. He has a full-time job as C&R’s director but due to V’s wish to include him, he provides funds if needed (that will later be refunded over time) and joins the production meetings whenever he can. Rika and V values his unique ideas even though he often clashes with Zen. He sometimes drops in for random videos so he became Mystic Production’s Easter Bunny (or Easter Kitty as Seven likes to call it)

Jaehee is a full-time Mystic Production staff. She handles script writing, timetable, casting, prop making, set building and lots of other stuff. She rarely appears in videos outside of behind the scenes and special group sessions. Despite that, she is mentioned a lot in the video because of how hardworking and amazing she is. She is Mystic Production’s Brain.

(brief reminder Canon In-game Jaehee DOESN’T need glasses and only cut her hair because it was a requirement to be Jumin’s assistant - thus this appearance)

Zen is their main actor. He is in all their skits and is the current face of the channel. Despite how the channel makes it out to be, theater and musical is still his major occupation. He sometimes appear on Makeup Monday to show theatrical make-up tutorials. Absolutely no fans believe that he’s still single. He is Mystic Production’s Casanova.

MC is the newest member of the team and taking on Rika’s place as the female face of the channel. She is nice and playful and adapted very easily into the team. Outside of skits, she helps Jaehee with props and does most of Makeup Monday. She is Mystic Production’s Sweetheart.

Seven and Unknown dabble mostly in the background. They handle the sensitive equipments and help edit the videos. On Friday Nights, they will hold a Gaming Night with Yoosung where they post a video in which they review and discuss about a game while they play it. Seven also sometimes appear on Makeup Monday to do character cosplay make-up tutorials. They are Mystic Production’s Twins.

Yoosung is Rika’s cousin who is still in college. He appears in Skit videos as an additional character. He mostly is part of the background team, helping with lighting or sound. He is the main face of Gaming Night and even has his own personal channel for Let’s Play series. Because of his bright personality and being the youngest, he is Mystic Production’s Maknae.

Vanderwood is an extra hand Seven can somehow summon whenever they are in need of extra help. He never appears outside of behind the scenes videos and never tries to interact with the camera. He is dubbed Mystic Production’s Ghost.

The channel posts content 4 days a week, Make-up Monday, Short skits on Wednesday, Gaming Night on Friday and a compilation of behind the scenes on Sunday. Every last Saturday of the month, they will hold a group livestream to help raise funds for several causes.

There are moments where several members appear in videos outside of their main one like Zen teaching Yoosung to put on makeup or Jaehee and MC try to play Resident Evil while Seven is laughing like a madman in the background. The most memorable one is when Jumin plays as MC’s protective father refusing to give Zen MC’s hand in marriage because Zen ‘doesn’t respect cats enough’.

All in all, everyone has a great time and is happy. That’s all I ask from this Youtube AU done for Aurora weekly challenge.

This may have had a horrible execution but I thought a lot about this, as you can see from the wall of text. Wish I had more time to do gifs but oh well. Hope you enjoyed this and big kudos to you if you’ve read this far.

N*Kim FAQs

Here is a F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions) page!

What tools, programs, brushes do you use for your art?

- I use my WACOM Bamboo Tablet & Pen ($80) that I got during my college years. I don’t think they make those models anymore though. :P As for programs, I use Photoshop CS6! In terms of brushes, I mostly use the default round (soft & hard) brushes already provided by Photoshop. I also use Shiyoon Kim’s brushes, Pork Bun’s brushes and Helen Chen’s brushes. :)

Can I use your art for my youtube video/channel? Can I share you art on other social medias or blogs?

- No. I don’t like my stuff being on other sites! I like to keep my art in my own blogs! No reposts, edits, etc.

Can I use your art for my profile pic/icon/avatar (on any social medias), desktop background, phone background?

- Yes you may! Credit for my art would be greatly appreciated if you’re using it as a profile pic/icon/avatar! :)

Why do you draw so many cats, whales, greens?

- Because they (cats & whales) are my favorite animals! And greens, because I love the serenity/calmness of nature. Although lately, I have been practicing more on urban environments lol.

Who/what inspires your art?

- Norman Rockwell and my illustration professor, Cliff Cramp really inspired me to create narrative illustrations! Also, to get out of my comfort zone and seeing the more technical side of art. Currently, Celine Kim, Meg Park, Grace Kum, Shiyoon Kim inspire me to have fun and be more colorful with my work. Storytelling became a huge factor in my illustrations because of them! I have done narrative type illustrations before, but it’s impact is a lot bigger now. :) There are many more artists that also inspire me everyday (so much to really list them all lol). In terms of what inspires me: music, movies, food, children’s books, merchandises/stationaries, personal experiences are what always drives me to keep creating! :)

Hobbies? What do you like to do in your spare time?

- Lately, I’ve gotten into stretching and exercising/building up my stamina. I also gotten back to playing my PSP lol. My sister and I have drawing trips every week. Love going for walks. 

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You mentioned outdoor cats are bad for the environment and the cats health, however what if the cats nature/personality would mean it would be miserable living inside all the time?

There are plenty of ways to provide stimulation for an indoor cat without letting them roam unsupervised! Providing window perches, different heights and types of cat trees, rotating toys, food puzzles, hiding spots, and interactive solo toys are all things you can do to keep your indoor kitty mentally and physically stimulated. Also, clicker training and interactive play with your cat are great ways to be directly involved in stimulating your kitty! Here’s a link to a great article about cat enrichment.

Clicker training with my cat, Garrus. And you can see his tunnel in the background, which I rotate with other toys and boxes.

Going outside can be used as enrichment too–but they should be under your supervision, not roaming free. Instead, leash training your cat or providing outdoor enclosures are much safer alternatives. Leash training my cat was the best decision I’ve made for him. He is able to enjoy the outdoors, but in a safe and controlled manner. Here’s a little more information about leash training a cat. Indoor cats can become overweight, stressed, and develop behavioral issues if we as owners don’t make an effort to provide enough enrichment and exercise for them. However, that is not a good enough reason to let a cat roam outside where their health is at risk and the environment is at risk. What I would say for a cat that is miserable inside is that they are not receiving enough mental stimulation, not that they are incapable of living happily indoors. I know it can be hard to keep up with them; my cat spent half the night biting my toes because yesterday I did not do enough to stimulate him so he was totally bored and full of energy. Just keep reminding yourself that keeping them inside is what is best for them and the environment!

Garrus enjoys playing in the grass while out on a walk. Leash training is a great alternative to letting a cat free roam.

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hi there! im a beginner in 3d design so im very new to using rigs and such &i love your work, ive worked with other 3d software in the past but i recently downloaded 3ds max just because, what the heck. then! i saw the post about backgrounds and populating them! and i was just wondering, how to work with rigs (the cat armature?) specifically for artistic reference within a rendered background, you seem to be experienced and i cant find much on this, but if its too much to explain i understand.


I was actually intending to create a video tutorial series on how to use 3d models for illustration reference, but life and adhd and just plain forgetting has gotten in the way lol

I think it would be cool to maybe finally get around to doing this, and I considered doing a text write up, but I think there would be way too much information especially since a lot of 2d artists are completely new to big bizarre 3d programs


  • I used 3ds Max exclusively for 3d modeling, and ‘CAT’ rigs exclusively for reference
  • A 3d ‘rig’ is the term for the skeleton structure animators create when animating models. It’s a kind of armature that sits inside the model, and is used to control movement and deformation.
  • CAT stands for ‘Character Animation Toolkit’ and is a pretty simple and easy to use semi-automatic rig toolkit! CAT basically creates the skeleton structure for you automatically, and gives you infinite ways to customize it (with some skill and creativity).
  • Because its very quick to set up and edit (with some practice) its a PERFECT tool to use as drawing reference. CAT basically just creates a simple stickfigure for you to use, but its fully realistically poseable from the very get go. It’s not what it’s intended for, but I’ve discovered it REALLY helps me with poses and perspective.
  • Because each individual ‘bone’ of a CAT rig can be modeled and detailed, you can make simple stick figures, or complex realistic characters. From this…..

into this….

  • Coincidentally I had plans to package up a premade CAT reference rig in my tutorial pack idea. I still want to do that!
  • Talking about how to USE a CAT rig would take an entire video tutorial. Thankfully, you can find lots of tutorials for it online! Here’s one that I found just now that walks you through the basic process of getting a CAT rig going, even if their rig does turn out super wacky. You can find lots of other tutorials on youtube by searching ‘3ds max CAT rig’ - only the initial armature setup is relevant, you don’t have to worry about anything regarding actually ‘skinning’ the model and using the rig as a legit animation rig.

  • as to ‘specifically for artistic reference within a rendered background.‘ I assume you mean ‘how can I pose my rig in front of an already drawn background for reference?’ When I used my rig for comic backgrounds, I usually would just build an entire set, such as above, for perspective reference. But for your particular question - I would personally create a plane inside 3ds max, and then place a material on that place with the pre-drawn background in it. Then, you can position the new reference plane in the 3d space, and resize/rotate/adjust the reference rig to look like it matches the perspective in the drawing you have.

I hope that answers some of your questions!!

oh, speaking of Lord Vetinari, i just thought about our introduction to him as a major character in Guards! Guards! and his first interactions with Sam Vimes, and the Lord Vetinari shown in later books.

yes, Terry Pratchett was fleshing out his characters as the series progressed, but I really think, that while Vetinari will always be the same character introduced in G!G!, he became a better person, very subtly so, hidden beneath his dictator mantle, because of Sam Vimes.

And not, “better person” suddenly becomes a super good guy, but Vetinari I think becomes more aware of the little people, the everyday people, through the Watch, and also in dealing with Sam, and seeing Sam become lit with very tightly contained righteous fury at all the injustice in the world.

Sam might’ve been allowed peeks into the inner thoughts and mechanization of Vetinari’s mind, and boggled at how complex and dark it was, but I think the constant vigilance of Sam against anything despotic kept Vetinari slightly more human.  Sam inadvertently, through his own very nature, kept Vetinari in check.

I’m a week late but here’s Waves learning to braid Nic’s hair.

(thank you wynonna earp official twitter account for the prompt!)

I headcanon Nicole’s men-hating cat to be a ginger bc THAT WOULD BE ADORABLE???????????


Thrawn Doesn't Get Puns
  • Thrawn: *sighs* So beautiful... *gazes longingly at a serene painting*
  • Slavin: *enters room* Are you alright, Admiral?
  • Thrawn: Yes, Slavin, I'm fine. Why?
  • Slavin: *stifling laughter* Well, Admiral, you seem to be feeling a! *laughs*
  • Thrawn: *brow furrows* What do you mean?
  • Slavin: Well, you are, aren't you?
  • Thrawn: In what way?
  • Slavin: *rolls eyes* You just seemed a little lonely and distant.
  • Thrawn: What relation does my mood have to my skin tone?
  • Slavin: *brief pause* Wow.
  • *Awkward silence*
  • Slavin: Hey, Admiral?
  • Thrawn: Yes, Slavin, what is it?
  • Slavin: *cheekily* You like this painting, don't you?
  • Thrawn: Of course. I appreciate art in all its numerous for-
  • Slavin: So why don't you marry it? *laughs*
  • Thrawn: Slavin, if this is some kind of secret code language you've invented...
  • Slavin: *laughs* Oh, God, I don't believe this. You really need me to explain that joke to you, Admiral?
  • Thrawn: I believe so.
  • *One explanation later*
  • Thrawn: Oh... I see. *laughs* That is most amusing!
  • Slavin: *laughs* Now you're getting the idea!
  • *35 minutes later*
  • Thrawn: *approaches Agent Kallus* Hello, Agent Kallus.
  • Kallus: *watching funny cat video* Oh, hey, Thrawn.
  • Thrawn: I see you like cat videos.
  • Kallus: Yeah, they're pretty cute and-
  • Thrawn: *excitedly* Your soulmate is a cat! *laughs*
  • Kallus: Are you feeling alright, sir?
  • Thrawn: *to himself* Darn, why didn't it work?
  • Slavin: *facepalms* You've blown it, Admiral!
  • Other Imperial Officers: *laugh and cringe in background*
  • *fail sound affect plays*

Something watercolored I did for Makoto Shinkai who was at the preview shooting of Your Name in Paris this week !

We talked for a while, it was so exciting and interesting ! As I told him his movie has broke my heart in too many ways, he said my voice was pretty and truly fitting Mitsuha and he said this about three or four times AND I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER ??

Seriously, I’m so thankful to this man for the experience I had on this wonderful movie.

Click on the pictures for captions concerning the WiP !

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Tell me abt the batkids' social media accounts


Dick Grayson: social media confuses dick tbh so he sticks to instagram only, sometimes snapchat if he wants to send dumb pics to the family. he’s so insta-famous. boy either knows his angles or he doesnt have a bad one bc DAMN he gets a lot of emoji usage in his comments if u catch my drift (the fire, tongue, and and 100% emoji’s bein the bulk of it) but also dick is the one to post really embarrassing ‘throwback thursday!’ pictures of the fam and (usually tim) just comments ‘please delete this’ and dick never does. Honestly dick’s instagram account is just a nice fun time. he runs the kind of instagram account that makes you wanna bring this boy to dinner so you and ur mom can drool over how good ur taste in dude’s are…….jason however 

Jason Todd: jason has a vine, an instagram, and a twitter. on his instagram is selfies taken with angles that should make him look awful but never do. theyre usually kinda blurry (adds to the aesthetic) and sometimes there’s blood on him, his clothes, his phone, but don’t worry about it. jason loooooves taking bad candids of the boys, he’s the only one who’s taken a bad pic of dick. for the girls however, he takes amazing candid shots and labels them ‘queen of the household’ for cass or ‘fucker in charge of you fucking fucks’ for kori. for the boys he captions them ‘for sale- $25′ or ‘pic of a pile of dirt i saw lmao’ his twitter is just him bitching about missions that go wrong and or @-ing people who vauge about him, his most replayed vine is when him, roy, and kori were dancing to ‘bitch betta have my money’ while throwing around a hundred dollar bills. its everyones ‘squad goals’ 

Tim Drake: tim’s here for the memes and to post self deprecating humor like the rest of us. he has a tumblr, instagram, twitter, snapchat, (and a secret reddit account dont judge the boy he made it when he was fourteen he barely goes on anymore) tim’s twitter started out as business only but after a few too many all nighters it turned into a surreal account that’ll post shit like ‘justice leauge no mercy run’ and then post details about the wayne charity foundation. (jason faved the justice leauge no mercy run tweet tho) his least favorite meme is when people call him the ‘Jerry of the Wayne Family’ which resulted in him changing his bio to ‘if anyone I’m Ben and also offended.’ Stephanie @’s him at least one a week with ‘hi jim!’ 

Damian Wayne: Damian has an art blog, an instagram, and a snapchat he’ll use sometimes and that is it because he refuses to partake in these frivolous websites but also people need to see his pets. he posts so many pics of titus, alfred, and bat-cow and everyone is in love with them. sometimes he’ll post really aesthetic pics of his work space and some of his drawings. his account is actually the most organized of the entire families. his favorite post is when he made a drawing composed of stick figures and then set it on fire and captioned it ‘when your family keeps asking you to draw them’ 

Stephanie Brown: Stephanie is so good with instagram, she posts delicious looking food, amazing selfies, pics of her hanging with her girls, pictures of her teasing the boys, it’s great. she’ll also post those cool edits like ‘if he puts his hands on you, rip them off’ and ‘pro-cats, anti-catcalls’ (selina reposted that on her account tbh) she also has snapchats and an inside meme her and the family play is ‘where’s tim?’ and then see who’s the fastest to locate where tim fell asleep. 

Cassandra Cain: Her insta is all black and white, barely any captions, if any it’s like one word or an emoji. takes really good candids of the family, will post videos of herself training with loud rap in the background. basically a bad bitch without ever having to do anything but be herself. her snapchat’s a mess though it’s just bad videos of stuff she sees around the Manor. so like sometimes it’s tim watching netflix, dick cartwheeling just because, jason sneaking in to help alfred with dinner, and one time she caught bruce right when he woke up and was in his dad robe and slippers while he muttered ‘please don’t tell me that’s the sun’ while cass was filming him. he then went back to bed. rest easy bruce

Hogwarts houses + miraculous cliches
  • <p> <b>Hufflepuff :</b> You can do it, Marinette. Just speak to Adrien, I'll be there for you! I'm your bff, right?<p/><b>Gryffindor :</b> Hey you who's been akumatized, what about a fight with this cute little kitty? *pointing at himself*<p/><b>Ravenclaw :</b> LUCKY CHARM! 🐞 Well wtf is this shit hmm well let's see *beep beep with polka dot patterns on things you'll use* I think I can handle this<p/><b>Slytherin :</b> *dramatic background music playing* hmm a boy desperate for love, seeking for attention from his crush.. what a PERFECT combination<p/></p>

Ok. Here is what I think might be going on with the fact that Mon el is clearly not there at the beginning of the duel, but is there at some point per bts photos.

I think that Kara is going to challenge Rhea to a duel without saying anything to Mon el first. We see that in the promo when they are at the DEO and he is he telling her she just issued a challenge. He is in plain clothes and she is in the SG outfit. Obviously, he is going to struggle with this as he does not want his mom or the love of his life to die. This will be that angsty scene that we were told would happen, when Mon el has to choose between the two and it probably happens at the apartment with privacy. What could be worse than having to take sides in a fight that leaves one of the two women he loves dead? That is why they had that Catco scene where he talks about how he wants to not care about his mom, but he does. So he asks her not to do this and she insists it is the only way. He says he can’t choose or he can’t be there.
I do not think the duel happens right away. That scene with Cat happens between that conversation with Mon el and the duel. Kara is struggling with actually going through with it and talks to Cat, who encourages her.
Then, right before the duel, Mon el makes one last appeal to her somewhere else to not go through with it (the promo still of them with trees in the background) and he is in his DEO suit. More angsty stuff–I love you, I can’t lose you but I don’t want to see my mom dead either. She says she has to and flies off crying, as seen in the promo. Maybe this is when she remembers waking up with him.
Kara goes to the duel, alone, and the fight starts. Things are not necessarily going in her favor when all of a sudden Mon el leaps onto the building and takes her side–he has made his decision. Enraged, his mom goes after Kara. Something happens and Kara gets the upper hand but refuses to kill Rhea. Nevertheless, Rhea is defeated.

What do you all think?
@emarasmoak @tinnefoil @myfangirlinghq @winelover1989 @thoughtsfromaclutteredbrain and anyone else who wants to comment

Background Characters yo

Okay so since I’m trash™ and care way too much about background characters I figured I would make a post about them so everyone is about as knowledgeable as me

this might get pretty long so lets get right into this shall we

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Her Name is Spooky// Josh Dun

It was a lazy Saturday, so you and your boyfriend Josh were curled up on your couch. Your head resting in his lap lazily watching Netflix together; when all of a sudden you had an idea dawn on you. “We should get a pet. Like a pet fish or something like that.” You sat up, smile beginning to spread across your lips. “It would be awesome, almost like our little aquatic child.” You laughed, smile going from ear to ear as you looked at a very confused Josh.

              “Okay, when did you start loving fish? And where would he live? In a cup?” This caused your excitement levels to drop, as neither of you really had the equipment for fish, let alone experience with them. “It doesn’t seem hard to do, but we need a tank and everything.” Josh shrugged, sliding his arm around your shoulders and pausing the show that was currently playing. “If you’re sure about this though, we can go to the pet store to see what they have.” His final statement brought your excitement levels right back up, as you bounded off the couch and nearly sprinted to your room to get dressed.

              “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” You had been excitedly thanking Josh the entire ride to the mall; for some reason the idea of a little family with Josh made your heart swell. Even if the child was a goldfish. “I’m so excited, what kind of fish should we get? What will we name it? This will be so cool.” You felt like a kid on Christmas as you two pulled up to the mall.

              “Y/N, are you really thinking of names and tank designs before we even get the fish?” Josh laughed, sliding out of the car. “We might not even get a fish today, we have to set the tank up first.” You let out a small huff, you knew he had a point. But that wasn’t about to stop you from gazing away at the various fish in the store. Sliding your hand into Josh’s, you walked through the mall until you reached the glowing green sign reading “Pet Central”. “You’re going to run off to look at the fish, aren’t you?” Josh laughed as you let go of his hand to find where they were hiding your future pet. “Go on, I’ll figure out the tank situation myself.” You heard Josh laugh from somewhere behind you, though you were too determined to find what you wanted to see.

              Once finding the tanks of fish, you gazed into them. Watching as the various breeds swam around in unison; each doing their own thing. You were completely mesmerized, you loved the colours of the fish and how well they looked against the dark background of the tank. Though a soft ‘meow’ pulled you out of your thoughts, you looked over your shoulder to see a black and gray cat laying in a cage behind you. Looking like it wanted to cuddle with someone. Though you and Josh have discussed getting a cat one day, you refused to buy one from a pet store. You would much rather go rescue a cat from the animal shelter, than risk supporting a cat breeding mill.

              “Sorry dude, I’m getting a fish.” You mumbled to the cat, trying to ignore its loving green eyes. Turning your attention back to the fish, you heard the cat make a sound once again; nearly begging for your attention. “Really dude, you’ll find a good home. Just not with me.” At this point you turned right around, watching the cat sprawl out on its side, paws poking out of the cage a little. “If only you weren’t in a pet store.” You mumbled to yourself, a feeling building in the pit of your stomach. You wanted to hold the cat and let it snuggle against you, purrs vibrating its body. But you were looking for a fish, and this cat was being sold in a pet store, not an animal shelter.

              “I see Spooky has taken a liking to you.” An employee walked over, sticking their finger in-between the bars to give ‘Spooky’ a scratch behind the ears. “The poor girl got dumped with her brother and sisters a year ago at the shelter. She was the only one without a single dot of white on her; probably why she didn’t get adopted.” The employee gave the cat a small, sad smile. “Doesn’t make you any less beautiful though Spooks.” The story made your heart melt, you knew darker coloured cats were adopted less than their lighter coloured counterparts.

              “She was from the shelter?” You asked, taking a step forward, putting your fingers to the bars to let the cat sniff you. “Hi Spooky, you’re a silly one aren’t you?” You softly laughed as the cat went on to lick your fingers.

              “Spooky has quite the personality. She’ll love almost anyone who comes her way. Also answering your question, yes she was brought to us from the shelter in hopes of her getting adopted. The shelter only has so much room, and her being there for a year didn’t help.” You felt heart melt as your fingers brushed against Spooky’s soft black fur. “I’ll be right back, I need to talk to someone.” You mumbled, making your way around the store to look for Josh. Standing on your tip toes to see over the shelves, you saw the familiar poof of red hair in 2 isles over.

              “Josh. Josh. Josh.” You repeated, walking over to him. “Put the fish stuff down.” You stated, receiving a confused look in return.

              “You don’t want a fish anymore?” He asked, slowly putting the equipment he gathered back to their rightful spots.

              “I want Spooky.” You smiled, taking his hand and leading him to the cage where the beautiful cat lay. “Meet Spooky. She was given to the shelter a year ago with her brother and sisters and didn’t get adopted. I love her and she loves me and we need to get her.” You demanded, giving Josh an innocent smile as he began to comprehend all the information you just relayed to him.

              “You now want a cat, not a fish? You want Spooky, and if I had to guess you’re going to ask that we get her today.” Josh grinned, softly petting Spooky’s outstretched leg.

              “Pretty please?” You mumbled, sliding your arms around his torso, resting your head against his arm. “Spooky would forever love you. And you two could be Spooky twins.” You whispered, watching as your boyfriend lovingly looked at the cat in front of him.

              “Well, where’s the cat supplies isle? I’m in.” He smiled at you, causing you to hug him tighter in excitement. An hour of shopping later, and a car ride home you two introduced Spooky to the home she’d be calling hers.

              “Here you go Spooks, this is your new home.” Josh smiled, opening the door to the kitty carrier you had brought her home in. You two watched as the cat took a timid step out of the cage, looking around suspiciously at her surroundings. “Let’s watch Netlix, let her adapt at her own pace.” Josh suggested, walking over to the couch. Little had he realized his new companion following right behind. As soon as Josh sat on the couch Spooky jumped up, finding herself comfy snuggling up against Josh’s torso. “I feel like she’s happy with us.” Josh laughed, rubbing the cat’s neck.

              “I feel like that too.” You smiled, sitting beside the two, curling up against Josh as you watched Spooky close her green eyes with complete content.

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How do you think Sansa fits into the Stark family? Do you think either parent favored her, or does she slip in the background due to the number of kids, and the fact that she performs what is expected of her, leaving Ned and Cat to deal with her more spirited siblings? While reading your recent post about Robb and Jon, you used the family system theory. Which family role do you think works for Sansa? I see her as more of a lost child, or hero. Thanks for your time

Do you think Sansa was the outlier in terms of family relationships with both her parents and siblings?It seems like she met her parents’ expectations, and in turn, they left her alone. I can’t find anything in the text suggests that she was favored by either parent. Cat had Robb and Bran, while Ned had Arya and Jon, Using family dynamic theory, do you think Sansa played the role of The lost child, or The hero in the semi-dysfunctional Stark family dynamics?

Posting these together in part so you both know that you definitely have some agreement.

This kind of gets at what I meant in saying that particular model doesn’t quite map onto the feudal setting, because people are born to certain roles, whether those dynamics are applied or not. For many, arguably most, people growing up in aristocratic families, living up to expectations as assiduously as a “golden child” means preparing to disappear rather than challenge the line of succession. (I mean, if you want to argue that this kind of social system is inherently dysfunctional on a human level, I don’t have much in the way of a counterargument, but it’s less taxing to go into specifics with the characters with a quick way of distinguishing between, you know, Ned-grade dysfunctional and Tywin-grade dysfunctional.)

Before everything goes to hell, Sansa comes across as a pretty normal pre-teen. A little spoiled, but IMO less bratty than you’d expect her to be, given her position. I think she, like the rest of the younger kids, hasn’t so much been absorbed into those dynamics as a participant rather than an observer. She’s also not spending most of her time with the boys, so that ambient tension isn’t a constant thing for her in the same way. It’s still not good for her to have learned that it’s acceptable for she and Jeyne Poole to gang up on Arya or that the Lannisters’ status and beauty makes right, but that’s more or less what what she would learn from society anyway. (I’m pretty sure the reason Sansa gets such polarized reactions is that we get to know her as an excruciatingly normal middle-schooler.)

I also don’t think Catelyn actually has one favorite child. I think her favorite is whichever one needs her the most. When the story starts, she’s worried that Ned is forcing Bran to grow up too fast, so what she loves the most about him is at the front of her mind. Later, when she’s on the road with Robb, “he is the only one you can help now” and so she focuses on what is special about him. Day to day, I suspect Sansa is the one who had the closest relationship with Catelyn, because she’s the firstborn girl and the only one who’s actually willing to absorb the lessons about being a lady.  

Sansa’s dreaminess in those early chapters doesn’t come across as escapism, if that makes sense. She’s confident that things are going to work out for her. (Which is exactly how kids should get to be!) When things do go wrong that day by the Trident, she’s blindsided. When Ned’s execution bursts her bubble in the worst possible way, we see that her understanding of her family is separate from those fantasies.

Specifically, Sansa never once doubts Robb. No matter what she’s put through, however many times she has to pretend to renounce him:

“Your northerners won a crushing victory. We received word only this morning.“

Robbwill kill you all, she thought, exulting. “It’s … terrible, my lord. My brother is a vile traitor.” (ACOK, Sansa III)

I pray for Robb’s victory and Joffrey’s death … and for home. For Winterfell. “I pray for an end to the fighting.”

“We’ll have that soon enough. There will be another battle, between your brother Robb and my lord father, and that will settle the issue.”

Robb will beat him, Sansa thought. He beat your uncle and your brother Jaime, he’ll beat your father too. (ACOK, Sansa III)

[T]he lords of the Trident were sworn to Riverrun and House Tully, and to the King in the North; they would never accept Littlefinger as their liege. Unless they are made to. Unless my brother and my uncle and my grandfather are all cast down and killed. The thought made Sansa anxious, but she told herself she was being silly. Robb has beaten them every time. He’ll beat Lord Baelish too, if he must. (ACOK, Sansa VIII)

Like Robb’s apparent comfort with his warging, Sansa’s unflagging Stark-ness fits into what the readers understand about the whole family, but it’s not actually a given. It’s not that bizarre for Theon’s loyalties to be torn between his own family and the family which regularly dragged him out to watch executions while holding him hostage (which is totally not psychological torture because reasons), or for Renly to rebel against Stannis with the Tyrells despite having been nearly driven to cannibalism or starved to death by Mace Tyrell at the ripe old age of six. Or, more to the point, it’s not at all unusual that Sansa blames her father and Arya for Lady’s death, instead of Cersei and Joffrey. So it says something that when it’s her own life on the line:

Gods be good, don’t let it be the Kingslayer. If Robb had harmed Jaime Lannister, it would mean her life. She thought of Ser Ilyn, and how those terrible pale eyes staring pitilessly out of that gaunt pockmarked face. (ACOK, Sansa III)

She understands the consequences for herself if Jaime’s been hurt, but she’s not angry at Robb when the possibility occurs to her. It’s not something she’s been worrying about, and it doesn’t come to mind again. That security underpinning Sansa’s faith in her brother comes from somewhere. Unlike Arya, she never doubts that her family wants her back. I mean, look at what she remembers:

She remembered a summer’s snow in Winterfell when Arya and Bran had ambushed her as she emerged from the keep one morning. They’d each had a dozen snowballs to hand, and she’d had none. Bran had been perched on the roof of the covered bridge, out of reach, but Sansa had chased Aryathrough the stables and around the kitchen until both of them were breathless. She might even have caught her, but she’d slipped on some ice. Her sister came back to see if she was hurt. When she said she wasn’t, Aryahit her in the face with another snowball, but Sansa grabbed her leg and pulled her down and was rubbing snow in her hair when Jory came along and pulled them apart, laughing. (ASOS, Sansa VII)

Her environment’s affecting her, because how could it not, but I don’t think Sansa has quite been pulled into the type of pattern where she’d be cast in one of the roles fitting into that particular construct.

it’s near sunset and you are riding home on your bike. you’re in your late twenties and living in the beach town you’ve loved since you were small. it’s summer, so the weather is a pleasant 70 degrees but the wind is whipping against the dune grass.

you and her bought it, the house you’ve loved since you were small. nestled between the town and the mountain, which some say has buried treasure at its peak. the house is small, blue, and shaped like a boat. the door is red. you arrive at it and see she’s already stepping out of the car with groceries. you help her inside and ask her about her day, she asks you about hers. you feed the cat (fat, grumpy, amazing). it’s starting to get cold outside, but you still make dinner and set up the table at the front porch anyways. you plug in your record player and the fleet foxes album plays softly in the background. you eat and laugh and have a perfect view of the mountain. legend says it’s a sleeping place for a god. she doesn’t believe it, but you do. who else could grant you such miracles?

she turns up the volume and you two begin to slow dance on your front porch as the sun begins to set behind the large cloud always at the horizon above the ocean. the breeze sets in, and you cling to each other for warmth as the record ends but you stay there, dancing. you can smell the sea salt in her hair.

the wind picks up and whistles through the evergreens as you go inside and fold into each other beneath the warmth of your comforter. you go to sleep content and dreaming about the wind and the god who lives in the mountain who suspiciously, but not surprisingly, looks exactly like her


Hella-Rad-Brooke’s Updated Commissions Prices +updated photo’s

Hey I wanted to make a newer post since I now have some better artwork.  The last one I made was primarily me trying to get some $$ for my internet bill and for my cat, but my internet didn’t get shut off for some odd reason and my cat is doing great now! So thanks to those who reblog my old post!

Full body:

Sketch $5
Line art $8
Flat color $11
Color with Shading + simple background $15
Shading +More detail background $24

New offers~! 
I realized I didn’t have a lot of options. So here’s some new ones~!

Bust with simple background:
Sketch $5
Line art $7
Flat color $9
Shading $12

$10 to add another character
($5 for sketches)

As you can see I do really well with feminine characters and I love flowery backgrounds~!

I am always willing to work with your if you want to do something different from above~! I am always open about prices if you want something more or less then what’s above.

For more info check out my commissions page on my blog

tiqerboy  asked:

For the love ask meme: link/sidon

Who said “I love you” first

Sidon wanted to say it first but he was scared of scaring link off so imagine his surprise when one day, he looks up and sees scraggly one heart tired link who’s coming back to the palace after a long trip and sees the food Sidon left out and just smiles all tired and signs I love you

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

It is canon link is a shutterbug, but you know that vine of the guy seeing the cat just, existing and being like “holy shit, hOLY shit, beautiful *whispers* tenoutaten” that’s Sidon @ link tbh so I’d say Sidon

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

Link likes doing this because his selective mutism makes it really hard to tell Sidon “I love you” in the mornings

Who buys the other cheesy gifts

Link sees all kinds of stuff when he travels that he buys because it made him think of Sidon and runs back with it to him so delighted.

Who initiated the first kiss

Link did because Sidon was being cute and tripping over himself trying to ask Link why he never got with his sister and link was like “let me show u u cute fuck” in his head and kissed him.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning

Sidon gives Eskimo kisses to wake Link up as gently as he can and only if link needs to be awake otherwise he let’s his hero sleep.

Who starts tickle fights

Oh I’m pretty sure it’s canon that that’s a totally Sidon move.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

Sidon did and Link got all flustered but nope turns out Sidon just really wanted to help wash his hair and help him relax.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

Sidon once said he absolutely loved Links cooking and now it won’t stop, he tries every new recipe, his stomach is literally always full send help it’s all so delicious.

Who was nervous and shy on the first date

I actually like to think Link was, because social interactions would be par for the coarse for Sidon being royalty meanwhile link is screaming in his head “!!!!!!!!WORK DUMB VOICE TELL HIM THANK YOU !!!!! NO STUPID CHASING A KEESE IN THE MIDDLE OF A DATE AND KILLING IT ISN’T NORMAL !!!!” and Sidon just smiles and tells link he’s cute and link is like “goddess help me I am weak”

Who kills/takes out the spiders

Sidon did once for Link because it was a fuckinf big spider and it reminded link of something he called a redead? Either was most spiders don’t bother him but he let’s Sidon take care of them because he loves making Sidon feel good and letting him rescue him.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

Amazing how alcohol can make your brain go “selective trauma and autism based mutism? what’s that? I love mY FISH BOYFRIEND EVERYONE”

One cat, two cat, white cat, thirty cats--wait, what?

Tim wasn’t sure whether to be angry or assume he’d been hit with something. Something hallucinogenic but not outrageous–not fear toxin, but maybe–

“Ah. Drake. You are home.” Damian appeared out of seemingly nowhere, and yes, two more of the kittens were in his arms.

There had to be thirty of them, playing and mewing across Tim’s floor. In his apartment. On a floor that was certainly not proofed for cat pee. And in a building whose pet policy Tim didn’t even remember.

“Damian, please explain why there are thirty kittens in my apartment,” Tim said, and his legs ached and he just wanted to sit down and drink a can of soda and eat some cold pizza and get to bed. But no. Fate–or Damian–had other ideas.

“Drake. Do you understand the state of the animal ‘shelters’ in this city?”

“…why are you using quotation marks?” Tim asked, too tired to pull up factual knowledge in his head.

“-tt-. If you can call that sheltering, then I’m a doctor,” Damian sniffed, delicately placing a white kitten on the floor. He moved another one, this one tortoiseshell, away from Tim’s radiator. “They kill animals on a regular basis, often within 24 hours–including kittens.” His lip curled. “Kittens, Drake.”

“Well, then they’re obviously pure evil, because why would we need to control animal pop…” One of the kittens mewed, pulling at the edge of his sock with its mouth. Its little, tiny mouth, and its blue, trusting eyes looked up at Tim innocently.

Tim sighed. “Why can’t you keep them at the manor?”

“I already have ‘too many’ animals,” Damian said, half in a griping tone.

Tim groaned. As much as animal population could be an issue in Gotham…he didn’t actually want to see the kittens hurt. He sighed again. “We’ll find them homes, then.”

“We’ll do full background checks and investigate their homes,” Damian agreed.

“No, Damian…urgh.” Tim rubbed at his eyes. He was too tired for this.

Damian busily scooped kittens into a plush sort of boxish thing. “They’re past nursing, but you’ll need cat food–wet and dry. And cat litter.”

“Hey, you’re doing the majority of this, Damian,” Tim said sharply, a sort of pang of horror hitting him. He was not caring for thirty kittens, damn it.

Damian gave him a look. “I have important duties as Robin to attend to. Surely you can take a break from being Red Robin–it’s not as though you’re nearly so vital.”

Tim clamped his mouth shut on the words, ‘You know what else is vital, Damian?’ and the mental image of him stabbing Damian. He sank onto the couch as the kittens mewed intermittently. “I’m not caring for thirty kit–”

Goddamnit, he was gone. Tim groaned as he watched his new housemates.

Hopefully, Steph would want like twenty.

And would help him murder Damian.