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i’m gonna be real honest with you here: what was extremely unhealthy for me was holding IN all my criticisms for this show. it actually feels really comforting to voice my frustrations with the show’s problems (especially in terms of its unintentional but still very apparent racism, fatphobia, and toxic relationship tendencies) and seeing that there are many others who share the same grievances.

also, i don’t think i only focus on the bad of the show?? of course there’s good stuff in it (and i do try to talk about those good things every now and then)! i used to really love this show. being queer, chubby, and a woc, it meant so much to me with its diverse representation and it was even my favorite show at a point. but recently, while there are still some good episodes now and then, i just can’t deny that the show has been lacking in many aspects, even to the point of being hurtful. if this show was bad from the start, i wouldn’t even bother with having this blog. but it’s because the show has become such a disappointment to me, i (and my two dear friends) have created this space to vent with others. i would LOVE to see this show get back up in quality. i promise if that day comes, i will gladly sing this show’s praises.

plus, it’s not like i’m on this blog 24/7 trying to find every way to shit on the show. i honestly do not have the time nor energy to nitpick this show to death. a lot of su critical blogs are just side blogs for fun and venting.

this post sums up my feelings fairly well, too.

i’m also gonna take this time to address something: if you’re new to the su fandom and/or you JUST want to see fan art, gifs, etc. feel free to blacklist the “su critical” tag! that’s the tag we use (as well as the “su discourse” tag i think). heck, that’s WHY we made the tag, so the main su tag wouldn’t get flooded. and (as this blog’s description says) if we have said anything genuinely harmful or you want anything tagged specifically, please let us know! you can even block this blog and other su critical blogs if it helps you.

and hey, if you like the show, that is totally fine! we’ll just do our best to stay out of each other’s hair.


- mod b

I am a dude with a boyfriend.

We’re both Asian.

We went on a bus and sat in front of two girls.

I kissed behind his ear (and then he punched me in the arm, he’s shy in public) and I heard one of them whisper to the other something along the lines of “We get to see close up yaoi on here!”.

(Neither of us are even Japanese)

I was kinda offended, so I took my boyfriend by the hand and left.

It made us feel very uncomfortable.

I just want to say:

Our love and relationship isn’t for your entertainment.

Nor is it here for you to fetishize and sexualize.

Please just keep your “yaoi xDD” to just fiction, and please do not call us “yaoi”.

Many dismiss this as not a problem, which I find rude as they have never experienced this so they don’t really have much to say against this.

Thank you for reading.

- Submitted by Anonymous

* ^^^ Sorry to hear that anon D: that’s pretty terrible.

MythBusters  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Holy crap, RUN!”
  • “Here comes chaos!”
  • “QUACK, damn you!”
  • “When in doubt… C-4.”
  • “Am I missing an eyebrow?”
  • “Well, there’s your problem…”
  • “Failure is ALWAYS an option!”
  • “Generally, I prefer a little bit more.”
  • “I always enjoy seeing _____ in pain.”
  • “This is starting to feel like a BAD idea….”
  • “I reject your reality and substitute my own.”
  • “Our Death Ray doesn’t seem to be working.”
  • “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing, right?”
  • “High explosives and electricity, WHOO HOO!”
  • “This is why we can never have anything nice…”
  • “If I had any dignity, that would have been humiliating.”
  • “Oh, my God! This is more fun than should be allowed.”
  • “This is one of those ‘What the hell am I doing?’ moments.”  
  • “Remember, don’t try this at home. We’re what you call EXPERTS.”
  • “I think that was one of the most destructive things I’ve ever done. That was cool!”
  • “I think this thing could hurt you. I think we’re about to find out whether it will hurt you.”
  • “Remember kids, the only difference between screwing around and science is writing it down!”
  • “You know, I promised my mom and dad I wouldn’t do anything stupid after I got out of college.”

I haven’t seen any Parsley fanart
That’s unacceptable

THIS WAS VERY… Experimental? There’s a few things I’m not happy with but overall I’m trying to improve my poses and effects…. Y’know. So that they’re not always stuck at the same ¾ angle. So please excuse any mistakes, I’m just…. learning, I guess!

I’ve included a version WITH the Lucidia on it, and without- Cause I couldn’t decide which I liked more.

hands are hard

[Parsley belongs to @loverofpiggies!]

people so salty about andy in the new SU episode chill

Like…problematic people exist, but they’re people too. Andy definitely evoked a “backwards uncle” vibe that the crew was going for. And that made the gems (and the viewers) uncomfortable.

But isnt that what SU has been doing for the majority of its tenure? Helping kids (the real audience here) see Steven interact with a “problem” relative, and not shying away from wanting to know more about him, because even though gem stuff is WAY COOLER than human stuff, he wants to know and understand him because he doesn’t know all that much about it. Like when Steven and Andy are alone and they’re just peeling potatoes and Steven talks to Andy about his human family. One of my favorite parts (among “why don’t we all get married” and Lapis casually tossing Steven at the plane) was Steven trying to relate the commonalities they have (“I love how we both eat cake!”), but still asking Andy to understand and give their ‘new’ family a chance. I think thats really awesome for kids (and adults) to not just see one perspective, but still holding firm to what you believe.

Tdlr Steven is a beautiful cartoon boy and he is my role model

Meet the Parents
  • *There is an awkward silence among the crowd as JD prepares to meet Veronica's parents*
  • JD: still think this is a good idea?
  • Veronica: Of course.... Look! Mom and Dad look happy to see us.
  • Veronica's Dad: Who on Earth are they?
  • Veronica's Mom: I think that's our little girl.
  • Veronica's Dad: That's not little! That's a really BIG problem! Wasn't she supposed to kiss Prince Charming and break the spell?
  • Veronica's Mom: Well, he's no Prince Charming but they do look---
  • JD: Happy now? We came, we saw them. Now let's go before they light the torches!
  • Veronica: They're my parents!
  • JD: Hello! They locked you in a tower!
  • Veronica: Hey! That was for my own---
  • Veronica's Dad: Good! Now here's our chance! Let's go inside and pretend we're not home!
  • Veronica's Mom: Harold! We have to be---
  • JD: Quick! When they're not looking, we can make a run for it!
  • Veronica: JD, stop it! Everything's going to be---
  • Veronica's Dad: A disaster! There is no way---
  • Veronica: You can do this!
  • JD: But I really---
  • Veronica's Dad: Really---
  • Veronica's Mom: Really----
  • Veronica: Don't---
  • Veronica's Dad: Want---
  • JD: To----
  • Veronica's Mom: Be-----
  • JD and Veronica's Dad: Here.....

Hello, everyone!!

So, I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys have been asking this question to yourself: What do I do with empty notebooks?

I know that when you see a notebook at a stationery store, you have the urge to buy it but you know that you have a lot of other notebooks at home that are waiting to be used. 

Then you ended up buying that notebook from the stationery store and now you have a pile of notebooks at home that you don’t know what to use it for.

It’s okay. 

I have the same problem too, but I’m planning to use all of my notebooks before purchasing new notebooks for the new school year.

Here are some ideas that you can use your notebooks for:

1. Vocabulary Notebook

If you’re learning a new language or you just want to improve your English vocabulary.

2. Journal 

Write a journal entry about how your day was, your feelings or any special events that had occurred to you.

3. Productivity Journal 

This journal is to keep track how productive you have been during the day…I know it sounds like that it doesn’t have a purpose but trust me, it does work.

4. Story Ideas

If you enjoy writing or jotting ideas down, you can write down ideas for a short story, novel, characters, plots or writing prompts.

5. Dream Journal

If you can remember your dreams, you can record them in a dream journal. It’d be kind of cool because your dreams could be funny, sad, or just anything you want to look back at when you get older

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send me an ask or message!



Day 2/100 days of productivity challenge

Today I am studying Economics for my big test tomorrow! My Staedtler triplus fineliners help me to colour code my notes and keep everything structured! You can see my textbook here which is meant to be in a binder but when revising I prefer to take it out, as you can see!

Economics is not my best subject but I will do all the practice problems and read my textbook over and over and hope for the best tomorrow!

Featuring my Bullet Journal monthly overview of January!

Credits to the wallpaper on my laptop go to @emmastudies <3

Dear RT Community

I didn’t think I’d be writing this ever, but here i am. This is a problem ive run into MULTIPLE times within this community and its been literally just this year. Reposts.

If you follow me you know I hate reposts, with passion and for good reason. I work on art for a living, I do commissions and I used to do patreon. Art is my passion, art is my work, but when I see my own work being reposted on sites Im already on it hurts. ALOT. 

And you can go to any artist and ask them how they feel and theyd say the same thing. Reposts hurt us, so why does it keep happening over and over.

Well to me it seems people are understanding why we get upset or they wanna argue with us that if we post it its just bound to happen that are arts gonna get reposted and THATS NOT OK. 

Its not ok to have that mindset, we have feelings and our feelings are hurt when this happens. Because when art is reposted on other sites like pintrest or facebook people cant trace them back, some have the signature cropped out and amoungst other things basically everyone plays “whos the artist” game and no one finds out. There for the artist looses out on people seeing their original post, they loose vital views. Hell even upcoming artists need views so that people can share. Sharing the original post is so important. 

So heres my question to the community, if this community is supposed to be loving and caring, why are artist the ones who get the back burner of it. Why should i have to feel unwelcomed and not cared for in this community because my arts getting taken from me and posted else where. Why doesn’t anyone care if reposting hurts or not, or feels the need to argue with us on it.

It shouldnt be this way, an artist shouldnt have to fight for their art. You want to still see your favorite artist post fanart right??? You should give them the respect they deserve. If they ask you take down the art please do so, its simple its easy, we arent making you cut off a limb or a head, its a post. Its not hard to ask an artist too, lot of us appreciate that more, they are much better ways to share an artists art then by reposting it.

These are just my thoughts, I’ve put a lot of love into this community and it hurts that I get repaid by reposts and others arguing with me over it. I trust this community with my heart when I upload my art, all i ask in return is respect but instead I’m treated like dirt. It hurts.

So again just think first before you repost

Iron Will (Part 3)

Tony x Reader

Summary – Tony Stark isn’t a man who takes no for an answer, even if his feelings for you complicate an already delicate situation.

Warnings – Tony Stark’s flirting 

Word Count – 1,641

Notes – She and Tony are still trying to figure each other out in this part.  There’s some sweet moments with her uncles that my Bucky and Steve fans will enjoy.  The next part will be strictly Tony x Reader and it’s going to be a doozy!!  Enjoy!  As always, I appreciate all of your feedback and questions!!!

Part 1  

Series Masterlist


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“Do you really think it’s a good idea to hit on her?” Steve asked.

“I don’t see any problem with it,” Tony replied.  “She’s a big girl, and she seems like the type that can take care of herself.”

“I don’t think you see the bigger picture here, Tony,” Steve argued. “Bucky just found out… hell, I just found out that we actually have family left.  Do you really think it’s smart to start something we both know you’re incapable of finishing?”

“You really have no faith in me, do you Rogers?” Tony asked, an affronted look on his face as he stalked into the building.

Steve watched his retreating back as he walked away.  “No, Tony. I really don’t.”


The mission went as scheduled and you were back in the States within a week. You had called your mom and she had gone through your old school papers and found the report that you had written about your grandmother.  She was worried about you spending time with Bucky.  She understood your desire to connect with the only remaining member of your dad’s family, but she was concerned about his past and whether it would be safe to be around him.  You assured her that he was perfectly fine to be around, especially with Captain America right there.  You had wanted to tell her about Tony Stark, but you knew if she found out about your attraction to that man, she would be even more insistent that you not visit the compound.  You loved your mother, but she could be a bit difficult at times, especially when she didn’t approve of your life choices.  She reminded you every day of how hard it was to be the mother of a woman in the armed forces, never knowing if her daughter was coming home alive or in a pine box.  You had learned to carefully choose your battles where she was concerned.

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What was your upbringing in Chicago like?
I grew up in a really small town. I had no grocery store, nothing like that. I think now it has a gas station, but I always got to do creative things because there was nothing else to do. On Sundays we went to church and we got to bring joy through singing. We were able to forget about our problems. When we had a barbecue, with food and singing and dancing, we made the best out of everything. It’s a great sense of community that I feel like sometimes only those types of neighborhoods have. I remember when I went to my first third world country I could see that there’s happiness here. There’s people struggling in poverty but honestly people are happy, you know, because they know they need to stick together. My family had its ups and downs but community, that’s what it’s about.
- Keke Palmer for LADYGUNN (October 2016)


Hope you like it…..

This cap is a recolor of @missparaply Leona cap which you can find here (You need it)

This recolor was inspired by a post on  ( @aintnobodycooll) instagram. I have been seeing this cap a lot recently and fell in love with it. Credits to him for the top two photos.

Also this is my first time doing recolors and I will be doing a lot more so don’t be too hard on me lol.

  • 2 Swatches
  • Tag me if you use it

(If there is a problem with me doing this recolor or if it’s against TOU then feel free to message me.)

Download > Simsfileshare

  • Parental Unit: You know, if you actually got up and worked instead of sleeping all day, you'd probably have more energy to begin with.
  • My Spoonie Ass: You seem to be missing the problem here.

i love working retail i love when you’re like hey can i help you and instead of saying what they want immediately you get the whole
“my cousin jude is visiting from bermuda for these holidays and the weather over there is hotter than it is here - it’s very hot tropical weather they never see snow and she’s very particular about what she likes, not just anything will do so i want the finest quality i always buy the finest quality money isn’t a problem” and ur left just like?? wtf do you want i still don’t know and they’re still telling you inane shit


Finn x Reader

Requested by @onceitoowasinnocent

Part One

“There are a few other girls you could chat with going through a similar thing.” Esme muttered as she finished chatting with you, smiling when you helped clean up the bookies.

“Everyone is taking this so calmly, my parents won’t approve.” You mumbled and she stopped what she was doing so she could look at you.

“No offence but around here your news doesn’t even make the list of Tommy’s problems.” She chuckled and you smiled.

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 You wanna know about my thumb do ya boy? Intrigue you does it boy? My thumb? Let me tell you about it. I come from a long line of hitchhikers. All with bleedin’ massive thumbs. You see the thumb is a tremendous boon to the hitchhiker. Helps with work. You know what I mean? The only problem was, when I was a child, my thumb was tiny. Not just tiny like a single sugar puff. Disgusting. Even me own mother would reel back in horror. Like an anaconda. “OHH what is it? Get it out of here! It’s tiny! It’s ‘orrible! It’s revolting! Take your tiny thumb, and get out of here and never darken my door again,” she’d say. I had to leave the family unit, in search of a miracle. I wandered the streets, looking for the answer. And people told me of a magic shaman, part man part hornet. So I went looking for ‘im. I went everywhere! I combed the universe, in search of the stripey insect shaman. Turns out he was in a local primary school, in the bin, reeling about with the apple cores, like they do. And I stood there, with my thumb out, and he stung it! And he stung it! And he grabbed onto it! It was like he was making love to it wiv his sting.
In and out! In and out! More and more! Ohhh the pus! The pain! The black voodoo! The wet jigsaw puzzle! I didn’t know what was happening! Ohhh for days I was in a trance! But when I came to, there it was! Like a fleshy maraca! A THUMB, of gigantic proportion. “A miracle!” I said, “A miracle! You’re a true wizard! How can I ever repay ya?” and he said to me “Five hundred euros”. “FIVE HUNDRED EUROS? You won’t see penny one from me you slag!” And as I raised my thumb up, to smash his tiny skull in, I could see in his little insect face, I could see him thinking “OHHH, I created that monster! I created that thumb, and now it’s killing me! My own beast and creation! Killing me dead! The sweet irony.” I think he was saying that, although it was a long time ago, and in hindsight, he could’ve just been shitting himself.