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Top hat tattoos

(A/N): another Jefferson fic because I haven’t written one in forreeeeveeerrrr and my god Jefferson is so attractive

Warnings: none, maybe a bit of swearing

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   For years you’d always been so curious and fascinated with the idea of soulmates. The thought that two people were destined to be together, that no matter what they’d find each other, was simply mind blowing. It was around the age of sixteen that everyone received their marks, the small tattoo engraved in their wrist that told them who their soulmate was. 

   Some people had stars or some had some more obscure ones like a weapon of sorts, you guessed your was somewhere in between the two. Yours was a small top hat, just a simple little thing that had been inked in brown.  As soon as you saw it on your wrist that fateful morning you’d been damn near elated, springing from your bed to rush and show your mother.  

   Something about it was just so special to you, this little mark meant that somewhere out there there was someone who was bound to you as you were to them. When you’d meet them was a complete mystery but that was all part of the fun, or so you had thought.

    Everyone had always been telling you stories about how they’d met their soulmate, how it had been by a simple run in at the grocery store or some crazy turn of events, either way the stories were magical and beautiful and you couldn’t wait until you had a story of your own to tell. 

   And for years you waited, waiting until one day you’d meet your soulmate and have your own story to tell but time just kept ticking. Most people had met their soulmates ages ago and you were about to reach the ripe old age of 26 and yet you had no soulmate by your side. It was a bit discouraging to come home after a long day and realize you had no one, just the emptiness of your lonely apartment. That and all your friends had their own soulmates and they were so helplessly in love that you could help but long for more than what your life had to offer you at the moment. And so you had to wait more, waiting for life to finally pick up the slack and give you what you want.  

   After a few more months of waiting you were finally rewarded for your patience, you finally got what you had been looking for since the day you turned sixteen; your soulmate. It of course didn’t happen in anyway you had planned but looking back on how it had turned out, you wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.  

   You’d been driving up through Maine, going to see your parents when a retched storm caught you off guard. You In no way were prepared for the onslought of rain that pelted your car at top speeds, making it damn near impossible to see. It was no use even trying to drive in such crummy weather, after all you didn’t want to get into a wreck due to lack of light so instead you decided on pulling onto a backroad, driving straight ahead until you reached a pasture of trees. 

   You pulled up underneath the trees, their long branches helping stop the constant flow of water to your car. You turned off the ignition and immediately regret it as the heat shuts off, leaving you to the cold weather. You sigh as you rub your hands up and down your arms, seeking out some form of warmth but none came, you were too cold to procure any sort of bodily heat.

    Your eyes wander lazily about your surroundings, taking in the finished road and wild trees. This didnt look familiar at all and you had lived all over Maine for the better part of your life. Despite the rain crashing down upon you you can vaguely see the bright color of a welcome sign and if You squinted you could just barely make out some of the words.  

   Storybrooke, the sign read. Welcome to storybrooke. 

   Yep, you’d never heard of this place before. In fact, now you were a bit wary about the pace; some strange town in the middle of nowhere? It was suspicious if you thought about it. You were even hesitant to stay in this town, maybe it would be better to risk the car crash rather than staying at this strange backroad but something deep within you was ushering you to stay. So you did, for the better part of the storm you did but towards the very end of the raining hell something changed that.

    For hours you’d been staring out at the sign before you, eyeing the thing hesitantly. Nothing had changed in the few hours you’d been there the rain continued to pour, you remained freezing, and the tress on either side of the road shook with a strong fury and then suddenly, in the distance, a pair of bright lights began to appear, growing in size until they stopped just before the welcome sign. Four doors open and slam shut in unsion and suddenly four bodies are walking towards your car. 

   You begin to panic and you scramble for your keys to jam into the ignition but you’d dropped them those hours prior. The bodies are getting closer, nearly touching your car and they suddenly stop, just standing a few feet away.

    “Hey,” a rather rough, albeit feminine voice calls to you. “Step out of the vehicle buddy,” You gulp as your grip on your steering wheel tightened and you were seriously considering just sitting in the car while these weirdos waited outside but that feeling within you, that stupid nagging feeling pushed you to do so. So instead of staying in your semi warm car you step out into the pouring rain, getting drenched immediately. 

   The water soaks through your shirt and you begin shivering violently, your teeth already beginning to chatter.

    “What’re you doin’ here?” That same voice asks you and it takes a moment to realize that one the people before you, a woman with blonde hair was speaking to you. There were 3 others, another blonde this one a man, and two brunettes, one with a shorter hairstyle and the other a pixie. 

    “I-I got l-lost in the r-rain, c-couldn’t see t-the road s-so I stopped h-here,” the woman seemingly contemplates your answer for a bit before nodding, apparently deciding that she believed your story. 

    “I’m the sheriff here, how ‘bout I take you down to my office, give you some dry clothes and shelter for the night?” Despite your brain screaming at you to jump in your car and drive away you nod, smiling softly at these helpful strangers, not that they could see due to the dark and gloomy weather. “Great, let’s get going,”  

   You ended up being placed in the back beside the blonde man and the pixie cut brunette. The air about the car was tense and you could practically sense four pairs of eyes trained in on you the entire ride to the office but everytime you would sneak a peek at anyone of the people they would turn their attention elsewhere, making it seem as though they hadn’t been staring at you at all. 

   "My name’s Emma by the way,“ the blonde woman casts you a glance in her mirror. "This is Regina,” she gestures to the other brunette beside her “And that’s Snow and her husband,” You have Emma a polite smile, hoping it didn’t look as nervous as you thought it did. 

   "I’m (Y/N), thank you all for your help,“ Emma smiles softly, shaking Her head as she does so.

    "It’s our pleasure (Y/N), wouldnt want to leave you out in the cold, right?” You merely hummed in response instead having take up to staring at the scenery outside. It was still pouring rain and the car tired sloshed in it as Emma drove but you had to admit it was beauitful, but only when watching from a distance.

    Before you even knew it Emma had pulled to a stop in front of the sheriff’s office and the five of you were all climbing out of the car. 

    “You can sleep in the cell if you want or we’ve got those chairs,” Emma points to both the cell and the chairs. “I’ll go get you some clothes,”

    “Thank you so much,” Emma only smiled before walking off to some other room, fishing around In the cabinets before returning, a white shirt and a pair of sweatpants in her arms.

    “It’s all we have, I hope it fits,” you flash her a smile as you trail your fingers along the soft material, much softer than you had expected. 

    “Do you have a bathroom I could change in?” Emma nods and points down some hall, pointing to the left side of the hall.

    “First door on your left-” Emma stops short quite suddenly, her sentence dying off as her lips nearly slam shut. “You’re uh- you’re soulmate mark,” she points to the small hat on your wrist. You look down to see if it looks abnormal but it’s quite the opposite, it looks completely fine.

    “Yeah, what about it?” You look back up to her, searching her face earnestly. 

    “I know someone with the same one,”  

   Your heart nearly stopped beating in your chest at those words. Someone had the same tattoo as you which could only mean one thing. 

    “Y-you do?” You squeak, your voice higher than intended. Emma nods, reaching out to grab your wrist and run her fingers over the simple lines. 

   "Yeah, he may be a bit hard to contact him at the moment but uh- yeah, yeah I know a guy with the same mark. Want me to try calling him?“ You looked to the clock that was bolted to the white wall, reading the time quickly. It was 1:15…in the morning.

    "It’s a little…late I mean early though, right?” Emma merely smiles as she whips out her phone, already pressing in the number before you can turn back to her. 

    “Trust me when I say,” she presses the call button, placing the device to her ear. “He’d most definitely want to know about this,”

    Emma had talked in hushed tones over the phone, making it nearly impossible to hear what she was saying to the man on the other line. So you waited nervously, picking at your nails as the chill of the room mingled with your still soaked outfit. You give a violent shiver and your arms erect a series of goosebumps, causing your skin to look like a bumpy mess.

    “Well,” Emma claps her hands together as she turns to look at you, a nearly infectious smile upon her face as she does so. “He’ll be here any minute, small town after all,” you give a weak chuckle and nod, your nerves starting to get the better of you.

    You were finally going to meet your soulmate, the man you’d been dreaming of since you could and the man you’d been searching for since you received your mark. What if he didn’t like you? What if he found you repulsive or rude or boring or-  

   Quite suddenly a car door slams shut and the door to the office is thrown open as a soaking wet man nearly runs through the door.  

    Immediately something within you clicked and your life suddenly felt complete, like you had just found the missing piece of a puzzle and in a sense you just did. You were the puzzle and this man- your soulmate- was your missing puzzle piece.

    The man stops in the doorway, letting the door come to shut behind him. His intense blue gaze was locked on yours and you felt as though you could melt under the look he was giving you. His short (what you believed to be) brown hair was caked to his forehead due to the rain and his pink lips were parted as he breathed in and out shakily. He was dressed…a but strangely but after all this town seemed strange in itself.

    His gaze still bored into yours as he takes a few strides towards you. You feel a bit intimidated but as soon as he was within a few feet of you that fear dissipated, replaced by a pleasantly warm and comforting feeling. This was your soulmate, your soulmate, and now he was standing before you for the first time in 26 years and you feel as though you could die. 

    “I’m Jefferson,” He croaks, his voice a bit more hoarse than intended. 

    “I’m (Y/N),” you whisper, your voice unable to do anything more than that. Jefferson smiles, a bright toothy little thing and you can actually feel your heart clench a bit. 

    “And we’re- you’re my- are you sure?” You roll up your soaked sleeve, showing him the brown top hat tattoo. Jefferson stares at your wrist for a little bit before he reaches out, gently cradling your hand in his as his other traces over the small tattoo.

    “Do you- is it the- can I see yours?” You ask meekly and Jefferson complies, nodding as he rolls up his sleeve as well. The sight before you nearly has you weeping because that’s the same tattoo you have, this man really was your soulmate. 

   Tears of happiness well within your eyes and you’re afraid you may cry on him but before you can even begin to feel self-conscious Jefferson has pulled you into a nearly bone crushing hug.

    “Oh my god,” Jefferson sighs out shakily as he wraps you up a bit tighter. “Oh my God, I thought I was never going to find you,” you sigh as well, allowing yourself to fall prisoner to his warm embrace and soft touches.

    “Me neither, I’m nearly 27 years old and Im just now finding you,” Jefferson chuckles a bit as he holds you, nuzzling his smooth face into the crook of your neck. 

    “Try a few centuries sweetheart,” you pull away at this, your face contorting with confusion. 

    “Wait, what do you mean-”

    “I have some…really strange things to tell you,” Jefferson whispers as he hangs his timidly.

   "Ok-ay,“ you reply hesitantly. Jefferson gives you a sad smile, looking down at his soaked outfit before looking back up to you.

    "It’ll be easier to tell you after I we both get some sleep, or at lest It’ll make More sense,” You find yourself nodding against against Jefferson, your Jefferson. “Will you-” Jefferson licks at his lips, dragging his bottom One through his teeth momentarily before settling once again. “Will you Come home with me…please?” His voice sounded so sweet and soft that you couldn’t have denied him if you wanted to.

    “I’d be more than happy to,” you reply, just as softly. 

   Jefferson beams at you, his cheeks dusting a light shade of pink as he pulls You back against his chest. You can feel his heartbeat hammering within his chest and the feeling of the steal pulse was almost soothing. It wasn’t exactly how You had planned on meeting Your soulmate but you were more than glad you had.

    Now you finally had that missing piece of the puzzle (and a damn good soulmate story) and you were complete, all you needed was a little piece named Jefferson.

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Prompt- Regina confides in Emma about tink and the man with the lion tattoo. Emma knowing its robin bows out thinking its best for Regina (though doesn't explain why). Regina then meets robin and realises what Emma has done and gets her woman back. Xoxo

No warnings - a bit of a rushed ending, but I had to run to class :) Thanks for the prompt!

“What’s going through that mind of yours?”

Regina smiled, and looked up at the blonde whose arms she had become rather comfortably huddled in.

That night together could not have been spent in a more phenomenal fashion. She had whipped up a hearty dinner consisting of cheesy lasagna and apple pie, both being Henry’s absolute favourites. It had only been two weeks since she and Emma had been able to successfully return Henry’s memories back to him, and he refused to leave his adopted mother’s side for that duration. 

Maybe we can all you know, live together?” Was exactly what he had suggested, and neither mother had the willpower to turn him down.

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