do you see a picture of her and nate on her table

No emotion. Just sex.

You rolled off Jack, collapsing on the bed beside him as you tried catching your breath. Your head still spinning from the mind blowing orgasm you just had.

“wow.” Jack breathed out, his chest heaving up and down, “that was incredible”

“I.Know” you breathed out, a dopey smile on your face.

You and Jack were close, and there’s always been something between the two of you ever since you met a few months back. Some sort of tension, but neither of you acted on it ever, especially with Jack and Jack being so popular, and your acting, you were both so busy, and constantly in someones spotlight, neither of you really wanted to bring some complicated relationship into the mix, since the two of you weren’t sure what was there. The two of you didn’t want to ruin your new friendship either, but one night at a party that logic went out the window when the two of you, both having a few drinks, snuck off upstairs and fooled around. Now here you are, 4 months later.

You sighed, getting out of the bed and searching for your clothes.

“what are you doing?” Jack whined from the bed, giving you puppy eyes as he watched you pull on your panties and bra and wiggle into your shorts, searching for your shirt now.

“I told you today had to be quick. I’ve got that music video today” 

“oh…right” he spoke, getting out of bed and pulling on a pair of basketball shorts.

The two of you talked while you walked through the house, grabbing a piece of toast in the kitchen and heading out, Jack walking you to your car.

“alright beautiful, kill it today at the music video.” he smiled, resting his hands on the top of the car, your door open, and leaning down.

“I’ll try” you smiled. “I’m not sure what I’m doing, but it can’t be that hard, I doubt I’ll have any lines.” you laughed.

“I’m sure you’re gonna do great.” he smiled, leaning in and kissing you before closing the door and watching you drive off.


When you arrived on the set you walked around. You hadn’t really heard much about this, all you know is that the artist requested you be considered for the part, according to your manager, who was more than thrilled, saying it would be a good ‘experience’ when being considered for other parts in movies and shows.

Your manager, Tyler, met you at the door as soon as you walked in.

“hey (y/n). Good to see you” he spoke, hugging you. Tyler was cool as shit, and definitely watched out for you, like a protective older brother, so you trusted him when it came to this part.

“yeah, I’m pretty excited for this actually” you smiled at him as you two started to walk through the place.

“I think you’ll love this actually” he smiled.

“yeah, I hope so. I just really wanna meet the artist. I mean, to be like personally requested.” you gushed.

“oh yeah, well he thought you’d fit the part perfectly for what he had in mind. He’s actually changing I believe, but let’s go talk to the director, he’ll give you the basic idea.”

After meeting the director, and getting the main idea, you were actually pretty excited. This would be the first, more intimate like scene you’ve done, but you thought it’d be good for you.

So Tyler showed you to your room and showed you your outfit, which you were pretty excited to slip on.

Walking out after changing, and hair and makeup had their turn with you, a robe around you, you were more excited than before. You walked towards Tyler, who’s face lit up when he saw you.

You approached him, and the director, and another guy, who’s back was turned towards you. The director saw you and smiled, nodding at the robe, and you undid the little tie, and slipped it off, the director and Tyler’s eyes both going wide, which wasn’t as creepy as it sounds, it’s not like they were 50, they were both late 20′s early 30′s, and I mean, you were 20, so it wasn’t that weird. 

You held the robe in you arms and watched as the director nudged the other guy, who lifted his head up to look at him, but when he nodded his head in your direction the other guy turned around, as if in slow motion.

Your eyes widened at you made eye contact. He was hot. So fucking hot. Tall. Scruffy. Man bun. Great style. Killer smile. Low eyes you could just get lost in.


When Jace nudged Nate, he was curious as to what he wanted. They were in the middle of talking about the video, Nate talking about some of his ideas, and input from Tyler, about things you’d be good at, and then just everyone throwing out ideas. Nate was seeing it really coming together, but looking at Jace expectantly, only to see him nod behind him, Nate turned to see what needed his attention.

You were even more beautiful in person, compared to the pictures on ig, and the few movies he’s seen you in. You were so beautiful. Nate was kinda taken aback. He eyed you up and down as you approached. Long legs, thin waist and god your eyes and timid smile were killing him. You screamed innocence, but your outfit completely contradicted that idea.


You bit your lip as you approached, eyeing him up and down so obviously, but he didn’t do a good job at keeping his eyes off you either, not that you minded whatsoever.

“(y/n) this is Nate.” Justin spoke.

“hi” you smiled, reaching your hand out. “It’s nice to meet you” you spoke sweetly.

“trust me, the pleasures mine.” Nate flirted.

After your short introduction, Justin and Tyler went off to make sure everything was set, you and Nate following behind, just talking a bit.

“You nervous?” he asked, nudging your arm with his elbow.

“no and yes” you laughed.

“why’s that?”

“well I mean, I feel like I can do this no problem, and I mean, there’s always more than one take we can do, it’s just…I mean, to be requested personally, I feel like the pressures really on” 

“oh yeah, I just thought you’d fit the part really well, I mean, everyone loves a video with a beautiful girl in it.” he smiled.

“stop it.” you blushed, playfully bumping into his side.

“there’s really nothing to worry about. You’re gonna be fine.” he smiled, as the two of you got to the actual set where the cameras and lights and everything was.


Some scenes that were filmed, Nate wasn’t in, so he stood off on the side, and he was so glad he picked you for this. 

“she’s good.” Tyler smirked beside Nate, who had his eyes glued on you the whole time.

“y-yeah.” he stuttered a bit, biting his lip as he watched you 

god, you were stunning.


You were told to ‘act seductive and sexy’ and the outfit was half of it, adding to your confidence, so you literally just went with it. It started off, you filmed all the scenes you were doing by yourself, just so you could be a little more comfortable before just throwing you half naked in bed with a guy you just met.

But then came the scenes you had to do with Nate, which I mean, you were a professional, you weren’t gonna get all giddy, even though he was extremely hot and this was a rather sensual video.

You did as you were told, and god, you were actually pretty turned on.


Nate admired the way you moved, like it came so natural to you, and he couldn’t help but think about what it’d be like to actually have you like this. God, you were turning him on so much.


When you were done, you watched as Justin put it together, you and Nate standing pretty close, and you were actually surprised how well the whole thing looked.

“damn.” you and Nate said at the same time, looking sideways at one another with smiles on your faces.

“definitely. we should have it up by tomorrow after we edit it a bit more if that’s cool with you skate.” Justin spoke

“yeah, that’s cool.” Nate smiled.

“alright, well that’s a wrap then.”

Justin and Tyler stood and talked, both voicing and working on the editing a bit, more so, Tyler just voicing his opinion.

You and Nate turned and started to walk off, you were going to change back into normal clothes.

“hey (y/n)” Nate spoke, catching your attention.

“yeah?” you asked, your brow furrowed.

“you wanna go grab something to eat?”

“yes!” you exclaimed, overjoyed, but to be fair, all you had eaten was a piece of toast, Jack took a big bite out of as well.

“alright, cool” Nate laughed. “you go ahead and change and I’ll be out here waiting.”

“okay cool” you smiled.


You had never had so much fun before. You and Nate were really hitting things off, conversation just flowed naturally between the two of you and you guys couldn’t stop laughing. He invited you back to a buddies place for a party, and well, you couldn’t refuse.

You had Nate drop you off at your place, and he of course followed you in while you changed and got ready for the night, unsure of what to wear. Nate sat out in your living room while you changed.

After you finished getting ready you walked down the hall and joined Nate, getting his attention, and the two of you leaving and heading towards the party.

You were a little nervous walking up to the house, but Nate wrapped his arm around your waist as if it was the most natural thing, and you felt more comfortable.

“don’t worry, my friends are cool” Nate spoke.

“I hope so” you let out a little nervous giggle.


So far everyone was great. Nash was so chill and John and Tez made you laugh. Hayes kept hitting on you, which was flattering, and he was so adorable. You even bumped into Johnson, not knowing he knew Nate.

“so wait, is Jack here?” you asked as you were standing with Johnson, the two of you drinking together.

“yeah, I saw him around here somewhere.”

“hmm, I’m sure I’ll bump into him or something then.”

It was then that Nate came and ‘stole’ you from Johnson, pulling you downstairs.

“what are we doing down here?” you asked as you made it down the last step you saw John sitting on the couch, hunched over the coffee table.

“you’re gonna smoke with us.” Nate spoke, taking your hand and pulling you towards the couch.

When you guys finished like 3 bowls and 2 blunts, you headed back upstairs. You ended up hanging out with Nate for a bit, dragging him out to dance with you.

Jack found Madison as soon as he walked in, walking up to her and engulfing her in a hug. She wrapped her arms around him and the two were pretty much glued to one another all night.

Madison pulled Jack out to dance, and the two of them were getting sensual. Jack’s hands roaming her body as she grinded against him. Jack started kissing on her neck, when he looked up and saw Nate for the first time of the night, dancing with a girl.

You were having so much fun with Nate, and your eyes were glossed over, the alcohol and weed hitting you hard. You turned to look around when you were met with the image of a guy and girl making out, tongues down one another’s throat practically. 

Your mind went to Jack, a smile coming onto your face. It was when the two broke apart that you felt sick, seeing Jack smile down at the girl.

“I-uh, I gotta go to the bathroom” you spoke, shocked to see Jack all over another girl. Sure you were dancing with Nate, but, you just felt it was different. 

“alright, I’ll find you in a bit.” he smiled, his hand resting on your side as you slipped out of his grip slowly.

You did go to the bathroom, but didn’t go back to find Nate right away, you just wanted to go outside and get some fresh air, clear your head.

It was when you were outside that someone bumped into you, causing you to stumble a bit.

“shit my ba-(y/n)?” you heard the all too familiar voice.

“Jack” you spoke.

“what are you doing here?” he asked shocked.

“nothing” you muttered.

You knew you were being short and having an attitude, but you felt like you had the right to be. How could Jack just fuck you this morning, and then be all over this other girl with his tongue down her throat.

“hey, what’s wrong?” he asked, grabbing your arm causing you to look at him.


“don’t lie to me (y/n)”

“I’m fine really.” you spoke, annoyed honestly.

“something’s up”

“I’m fine Jack really, why don’t you go check on your little girlfriend from inside.”

“what are you t-Madison” he muttered, realizing who you were talking about.


“It’s not a big deal, she’s just a friend.”

“really? cause I don’t shove my tongue down my ‘just friend’s throat.”

“you’re being ridiculous.”

“I saw you” you laughed dryly.

“Honestly? why are you even mad?” he asked.

“seriously?! Jack, we just fucked this morning, and we have been for the past what now…4 months? did it literally mean nothing?”

“(y/n) come on. there were no emotions. no relationship. it was just sex.” he laughed, and it was then that you noticed his bloodshot eyes. Of course he was drunk, cause his words and actions tonight were completely different than the Jack you knew, but they do say drunk words are sober thoughts. So maybe you and Jack were just sex? You didn’t care; it hurt to hear him say it, and to have such a heartless tone when saying it.

“glad you feel that way, have fun with whatever her name is” you spoke, starting to walk about but turned around to look at him again “and don’t bother calling me again.” and with that you walked off.

You found Swazz and did a few shots with him before asking where Nate was, John smirking and pointing towards upstairs. “I think he headed up to his room”

“wait, he lives here?” you asked “he said it was a friends party” 

“yeah, we live here together” John laughed. “but his room is upstairs, second one on the left.

You smiled and headed upstairs, tripping but laughing it off as you made it to the top and then trying to find Nate’s room, knocking on the closed door.

When the door opened you were startled by a shirtless Nate, gawking at his abs before meeting his gaze, lip caught between your teeth.

“it looks like I-uh-I found you” you giggled.

“yeah” he smiled. He stepped back a bit, opening the door more and you walked in and looked around his room before you turned to meet his gaze.

“so, this is your house.” you spoke, raising your brow as Nate made his way to sit on his bed, sweats hanging low on his hips, sitting up against his headboard.

“yeah” he spoke, eyeing you up and down, practically undressing you, since he had a pretty good idea of what you looked like half naked anyway from the shoot today; as you stood at the end of his bed.

“so this is your party” you spoke, putting your hand on your hip.

“I guess you could say that.” he smirked.

“then why aren’t you down, enjoying your party?” you asked, walking and setting your cup down on his dresser, walking back slowly, Nate’s eyes glued to you.

“trust me, I’m enjoying this right now.” he nodded towards you as you stood at the end of his bed again. You were glad it was dark in his room to hide the small blush coming to your face, but it couldn’t hide your smile.

The music from downstairs, mixed by Dillon, flowed upstairs into Nate’s room, and it was a slower type of song. You unknowingly started to sway to the music, Nate’s eyebrows quirking up.

You bit your lip, noticing the way Nate was eyeing you up and down, and you decided to be a little daring.

You reached down and undid the button on your jeans, and slowly pulled the zipper down, turning and wiggling your butt a bit, looking back at Nate who had his lip between his teeth and his eyes glued to your ass as you slowly started to pull your pants down, bending over giving Nate a great view.

You stood back up, tossing your head back, your hair flying up above you, and then behind, bouncing a bit before resting on your back.

Nate saw that happen as if it was in slow motion. He was so fucking turned on, and you only just took your pants off, but damn, you were so fucking sexy. The arch you had in your back when you bent over, and then slowly stood back up, god. You were so fucking sexy.

You turned back around, swiveling your hips back and forth, still dancing to the music downstairs, and you ran your hands over your body, starting in your hair and slowly making their way down you shoulders, over your boobs, down to the hem of your shirt.

You smiled at Nate as you slowly pulled the shirt up, exposing more and more of your flawless skin to Nate, who’s eyes were raking up and down your whole entire body, hunger in his eyes.

So you were left in just your bra and panties, and you slowly started to climb up the bed towards him, stopping when you were on your hands and knees, practically straddling him, your face centimeters away from his.

“y’know” he whispered. “I can’t get a show like this down at the party” he finished, his lips dangerously close to yours now.

“oh really?” you spoke in a low tone, your lips eager for his.

Nate slowly nodded his head before reaching up under your chin and meeting your lips. You melted into the kiss, sitting on Nate’s lap, his hands going to your ass and yours around his neck.

In no time his tongue was in your mouth and you had started grinding on him, needing some sort of friction.

Nate reached up and undid your bra, you just as eagerly as him reached to take it off over your shoulders and toss it somewhere in the room. It was then that Nate turned you over so he was on top, his lips leaving yours and moving down your jaw to your ear, leaving a trail of kisses.

“I haven’t stopped thinking about you all day” he whispered hotly in your ear before attaching his lips to your neck, slowly making his way down your collarbone and then to the valley of your breasts, one hand coming up to massage one, tweaking the nipple while his mouth went to the other.

You arched your back a bit more as Nate switched his mouth to the other, a shaky breath coming from your mouth and Nate’s name slipping through your lips in a hushed tone.

Nate smirked up at you while he continued his way down your body, kissing and sucking on your hipbone, right above your pantyline. He hooked his finger in the top band and slowly started to pull them down, you kicking them off as they got to your ankles.

Nate dipped his head down toward your heat, licking a bold strip from your entrance to your clit before he started to suck and kitten lick your clit. Your hands went to his hair, bunching it up between your hands, pulling it out of pleasure. His scruffy face adding a weird pleasurable feeling to the whole entire mix.

Your back was arched as Nate slipped two fingers into you while continuing to lick your clit. His fingers moving inside you and his mouth on your clit were driving you wild, and you were close. You had started to grind against his mouth and fingers, needing more to get your release. Nate picked up the pace of his fingers, and his mouth showed your clit no mercy, pushing you closer and closer to letting go.

Nate’s name and breathless moans came out of your mouth, mixed with small profanities. Before you knew it you reached your climax. Your back was arched off the mattress and your legs were shaking.

Nate let you recover from your orgasm, and when you could finally see straight, you pulled him up to you and smashed your lips to his. You didn’t care that the taste of yourself was still on his lips. You just wanted him…now.

You reached down between the two of you and started to tug at his sweats, causing Nate to smile into the kiss, and while balancing himself with one hand, he reached down and helped you pull off his sweats.

Nate laid back down on top of you, his tip at your entrance. He lined himself up and you felt him push his tip in, sliding his hands up and locking them with yours before her pushed all the way in, your eyes going wide at the feeling of him filling you up, you moaning quietly in his ear.

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Nate waited for you to adjust to his size a bit before he started to move, thrusting slowly at first, his lips on yours.

It didn’t take much for him to pick up his pace, thrusting faster and harder, the bed shaking with his movements.

His head by your ear, you heard him grunting with each thrust, and you were letting out shaky breaths and quiet moans.

No one has ever made you feel how Nate was. Your nails raked down his back as he hit your g-spot, back arching off the mattress, the two of you skin to skin.

Your head was spinning and all that was falling from your lips was Nate’s name and shaky breaths. Nate placed his lips back onto yours, never feeling as good as he did before. Your body just seemed to fit with his perfectly.

His thrusts started to get a little sloppy, and you had started clenching around him, trying to hold on a bit longer.

It was as if all at once though, the two of you both reached your climax, both of you letting go at about the same time. You moaned out Nate’s name, and he bit down on your shoulder, letting out a low groan against you.

Nate rolled off you, crashing down on the bed with a huff, his breathing uneven. He had never came that hard before, and it’d been a while since he’s had such great sex before as well. Sure, he would have loved to hit it from behind, but something about you, he wanted something more filled with passion, not just some quick rough fuck.

Nate turned on his side, and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his chest, kissing the top of your head as you snuggled into his chest a bit more.


You woke up the next morning to your phone going off. You were getting an incoming call, and you tried to ignore it, but this was the third time whoever it was tried, and you had a feeling they weren’t gonna stop until you answered.

Groaning, you rolled over and saw who was calling, and you answered sleepily.

“what?” you muttered into the phone.

“well good morning to you too” you heard Jack chuckle as you got out of bed and searched the room for you clothes.

“sorry, I’m just confused as to why…why you’re calling” you spoke..

“cause I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out” he spoke lowly, a smirk evident in his voice.

“seriously?” you scoffed.

“yeah? why wouldn’t I be serious?”

“last night you told me there wasn’t anything between us, no emotions or relationship between us, so sorry if I don’t wanna come ‘hang’”

“please, I was drunk I don’t even rem-” he started but you heard a tiny voice in the back “Jack, come back to bed”

you scoffed.

“(y/n) please.”

“no, don’t call me again. I just can’t deal with you right now, and clearly you need to figure some things out” and with that you hung up before he could say another word.

You let out a sigh of relief and settled back into bed a bit. 

Nate’s arm flew around you and he pulled you back into his chest more, you snuggling into him more.

“who was that?” he muttered.

“no one important.” you whispered a bit.

“alright.” he let out a little raspy chuckle. “let’s go back to bed for a bit, and then how about we go get something to eat afterwards.”

“perfect” you muttered, closing your eyes again, but feeling Nate’s lips push against your forehead.

Adventure Family House - Little Details Pt. 2

It’s time for more of me over-analysing the Drake-Fisher family home!

Nate and Elena’s First House || Part One 

The license plate on their jeep is a callback to the year Naughty Dog was founded! Neat!

The mysterious wilderness beyond their house - Cassie makes a comment about her parents “maybe going to the store” on her quest to find them (they were just boning in bushes tho), so does that mean they’re possibly just a five minute walk from a town? Or do they have to drive to get there? Who Knows, Not I

I love the continual underlining of their compact family trio with little set-ups like this - three chairs at the dinner table, three surf boards stacked outside, three muskoka chairs around the fire pit. 

This is also really telling of their family dynamic, I think - they obviously spend a lot of leisure time together and enjoy one another’s company. Cassie is likely treated as an equal, not a child they have to command or heel, and in some ways that’s kinda how Sully always treated Nate? He was obviously a kid, but Sully taught him how to shoot and run jobs and didn’t shy away from showing him Adult Stuff. Sully was always straight with him.

So now it comes full circle with Cassie. Nate doesn’t know how to be a dad, and doesn’t want to be his father, so he only does what he knows how to do - be like Sully (minus the smoking and the crime).

Elena and Cassie are also likely very close, and have lots of quality mom-daughter bonding. The corny “my mom is my best friend” line would ring true for Cassie, and I’m sure Elena is over the moon about having her child as such a close and trusted confidant and friend.

they are literally a family out of an ikea catalogue. fucking tiki drinking glasses. i am thriving

fish!! everywhere!! swimming and having fun!!

I see Elena is making sure her husband eats lots of pineapples  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Nate wears a pirate hat 106% of the time when driving their boat

I bet you Cassie has a tiny hideout on this island where she keeps any cool stones or sea glass she finds. Her own pirate island to command and conquer and build blanket forts on. Libertalia Lite™

ND for the love of holy christ tell us where they live. Is it Florida? Hawai’i? Morocco? California? where (I am not a rockologist so science side of tumblr please tell me where you would find these kinds of rock formations)

I don’t have anything insightful to say about this picture. It’s just a cool thing on the side of their house. ~quality commentary~

conspiracy theory beautiful minds board! I bet Cassie writes “Cassie is da best” and draws butts on there and shit like that when her parents aren’t looking.

I’m picturing Nate and Elena wearing lab coats and safety goggles doing this stuff. Judging by the coke cans on the table, they work long into the night and Nate finally discovers what it feels like to be a university student.

their beloved accomplishment wall. They’re even on the cover of Archaeology Now, a magazine Nate and Elena had multiple issues of lying around their first home. 

im sorry i just,,, i have to take a minute


ur grandmas would be so goddamn proud of u cassie. I bet nate is VERY EMOTIONAL about his daughter being on the cover of a magazine that likely took up space on his mother’s desk as a child.

i am going to hire nate and elena to do my interior decorating because w o w i am so in love with all of this

Schaefer’s necklace + photo of Tenzin’s village!! 

Cassie knows Avery’s sigil, and given Nate’s huuuuuge reluctance to tell his daughter anything about his past, im gonna bet Sam told Cassie all about the pirates of Libertalia.

nate… my guy… do u seriously have a picture of the rub’ al khali desert saved in ur adventure closet

????????? u almost died dude

Nate has his mother’s handwriting ;____;

ah yes, cassie. you are holding a rare photo of both your parents in a time period where they have not done the dance with no pants. truly a vintage rarity in this day and age

boy what the

F̶̳͙͖̳̘̞̦̫̘͑͐̇̒̋̒̊̽̈́̀͐̒̄̕͝Ų̶̦̺͎̝̖͎͍͈͋̊́ͅC̴̞̞̙͙̪̺̠̯̮͓͈̳̍̃̊̈́̿͐̑̈́̕ͅK̶͓͖̲̜͍̹̂̂̂͜ͅ ̴̛̱̹̠̞͉͓̌̆͊̈́͌̚Ă̴̡̬̜̦̼͚̫͂̈́̀̇ͅR̵̠̠̀̓̐̊̈́̕͝E̵̢̗͖͕͈͓̦͗̐̉́̑͆̌̈́̀̂̎̐͝͝ ̶̰̜̄͐͌͂̔̔̑͆̑̾͠T̷̙͇̜̬̩̔͒͌̊̐̃͆͜͝Ḩ̶̼̙̬̓̏͐̌̀̓O̶̧̨͍̖͇̺̝̜̭͔͚͌͑͑̃́͗Ş̷̧̡͇̤̪͕̲̟̳̖̰̗̈̆͋͛̈́͛̂̅͝E̷͇̝̪̪̫͉͖̘̹̘̋̊̔̓̇̚͜͝͝

(also observe: Dad Ankles™)

i could literally die right now and i would not regret it because these old wrinkly lovelies have graced my presence and i am truly at peace

Well that’s the full two dollar tour! Hope you all enjoyed! this was super fun to do, and I might do other stuff like the orphanage or the prison at some point!


a/n: This could be for any guy tbh. I did cry while writing this. Also this has an important message. Please please pleaseeee DONT DRINK AND DRIVE!!!! You can hurt yourself and others. I’ve seen it happen multiple times.

What’s the most depressing word in the English language?


Why? Because it emphasizes that we were almost there, but not quite. That’s what happened with my relationship with Y/N.

We’ve been going out for almost 6 years. I remember the the day we met like it yesterday.

She was sitting on the beach, tanning, when a football hit her right on her head. She always had a tough skin, so she was fine. But she started giving us this attitude. Blabbering on about respect and being total dumbasses. But I don’t even know what she said. One of the guys told me. I was too busy admiring her. She looked absolutely perfect. Like a goddess, only angry. I was able to get her number, and a week later we went on our first date. 6 years later, I proposed that day. 6 months later, today actually, we were almost married. There’s that word again.

It was 2 days before the wedding. She wasn’t nervous for the actual reception, but all the other stuff. Like invitations, food, dj, all the unimportant stuff. I remember she was sitting at the kitchen table, at 2am, with her glasses and her famous messy bun, staring at the computer and papers surrounding her.

I came downstairs and was surprised to find her, considering she said she was going to bed at midnight.

“Babe, what are you doing up?"I asked.

She didn’t hear me, still staring at the computer screen.

"Babe"I said again, a little louder.

She looked up at me and rubbed her eyes, pushing her glasses on top of her head.

"Why aren’t you asleep?"I asked, massaging her shoulders.

She pushed off her, making her way towards the fridge and opening the orange juice.

"I have so much to think about still. People are still saying they don’t have the invitations, and I’m sure someone isn’t going to like what’s there for food, and-”

“Woah woah woah woah. Why are you worrying so much?"I asked her.

She looked at me like I had 13 heads.
"Um, are you insane?"she asked me, sitting down on the counter. I came between her leg, my hands resting on her thighs.

"Babe, everyone is there to see a wedding. It doesn’t have to be a perfect wedding. All that matters is that I’m marrying a perfect girl, and gonna have a perfect life"I said, my hands running up and down her sides.

"You’re annoying you know that"she said, leaning in.

"I know"I smirked, kissing her lips.

"I love you"she said, releasing from the kiss.

"I love you more"I said. She laughed and kissed me again.

The next day, she was going to get her nails done and her dress picked up.
She called me before she went.

"Babe I’ll be back in like 2 hours"She said.

"That’s so long. We need to be together for as long as possible before we’re married"I whined.

"Nate, you’re such a dork. I love you”

“I love you more"I said.

I wish I said it again. And again. I wish I said I’ll come with you. I wish I would’ve made her wish 5 more minutes. Because she wouldn’t have left.

The next call I got was from the police. They called me to tell me they found a woman, with the name of Y/N Y/L/N, found in a car crash. That was the last think I heard before I dropped the phone. I rushed out, crying, to the hospital. I saw them drag her in. They rushed her to the ICU. They didn’t let me in. I tried so hard.

"But we’re family!"I yelled. "We’re almost married!” They still didn’t let me in.

I sat in the waiting room, as one of the nurses accompanied me. She told me it was a drunk driver. People started rushing in. My parents, her parents, her family, my family. Her friends, my friends, our friends. Everyone was waiting.

But no one talked to me. I isolated myself. I told myself this couldn’t be happening. She would wake up, and tomorrow we would get married. We would live happily ever after, like it’s a movie. Except all movies don’t have a happy ending.

After 3 hours, they allowed some people to visit her. They let me go in first. I walked in and she had tubes in almost every part of her body. She was scratched up and bruised. I saw all the cuts over her body. But she still looked like a goddess to me. I sat next to her, holding her hand. Her hand was ice cold. I tried to warm it up with my hands.

I sat there, waiting for good news. If I wanted, I could’ve waited for eternity. But after another 2 hours, they said there was no more brain activity. They declared her dead.

I sat there. I sat there and cried my heart out. What else was there to do? I was supposed to go to bed, happy as the next day, I would be marrying the love of my life. Instead, I watched the love of my life, lifeless.

As I sit here, looking at the wedding plans sprawled out across the kitchen table with her laptop open. I look at the screen, a picture of us, smiling as she showed off her engagement ring. I still had the ring I was supposed to give her today in our room. It was supposed to slip on her finger like a glove. We would be kissing, saying our vows.

I knew I would have to explain it to someone. We were almost too perfect for each other. We were almost married. And I almost thought it was too good to be true. I guess it was.

Instead of planning out the wedding, I’m now planning out the funeral. I may have gotten hurt before, but this one hurts the most.And the worst part it, nothing could cure it.

It was almost a happy ending. Almost.

Dreamy Look- Brendan Gallagher

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Ok guys vacation has really messed up my schedule so I don’t know if I’ll get all three done today! I’m SO SORRY guys!!! Work kicked my bus last night. Ok so here’s some cute Gally for you! Enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: Could you do one where you’re some kind of singer and Brendan Gallagher watches as you sing and he’s like all dreamy and stuff and his team mates make fun of him being so in love


              You hadn’t expected all of the Canadiens and their significant others to come see you sing.

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Bloodletting and Birth: A Feysand Pregnancy: Conclusion


Azriel rolled up his sleeves before entering the cell. Blood painting across the floor, Keir’s throat ripped out and bones were removed from his body. He was dead. But there was a scent to the room. Three scents in fact; Nate, Bay and Cyrain Infernos. He went to find Cyrian.


A soft knock sounded at his door. Cyrian looked up slowly. The amount of control it took to not snap his pencil in half was tremendous. Slowly getting up from his chair, he went to his door. He opened it to find the Spymaster before him. His shadows the epitome of darkness, twisting around him, highlighting his hazel eyes. “What?”

“I know you were with Keir,” Azriel said. “I want you to tell me what he said about Nathaniel.”

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Third Wheeling

A/N: this came to me in history class and I couldn’t get the idea out of my head, so here it is! Oh, and Jordan’s text are in quotation marks. This is cheesy, don’t read this or do because I need constant reassurance and validation

Prompt: Jordan is always busy when you and your friends have group dates, which leaves you as the odd one out.

Pairing: Jordan x reader

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Masterlist | Request!

You were back in Virginia to visit your family for a week. When your two best friends heard you were back they immediately invited you to a girls’ day at the famous Virginian amusement park, Busch Gardens. You were super excited, you hadn’t had a girls’ day with them in far too long. When Anne and Christina pulled into your driveway to pick you up, you were surprised to see two men in the car.

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‘she’s mine’

a/n: so I’m not 100% about this, especially the ending but I hope you guys like this. Trying to get better at updating. Much love.
also thinking about possibly starting a fanfic once I get all these imagines caught up…yes? no?


I had just finished my hair and makeup and was checking it all over in the mirror when I felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist.

“damn Ma, you sure we gotta go out tonight?” Sammy asked, his voice husky in my ear. I smiled and turned around to face him.

“yes Samuel. It’s my brother, and also your best friends, birthday.” I replied.

“can’t we just celebrate with him tomorrow baby?” Sammy whined, his lips on my neck now.

“Sammy, we can have sex tomorrow, tonight’s Nate’s birthday.” I replied, managing to control my little whimpers from him sucking on my neck.

“tomorrow!?” he asked, eyes wide.

“When we get home Sammy. But we really need to go.”

“but babe, you just look so good, I just don’t want every guy all over you.” He sighed.

“well that’s gonna be hard when I’m gonna be all over you.” I smiled, only to be returned with Sammy’s lips on mine briefly.

“I love you Ma, let’s go.”

Sammy always got worried when we went out that some guy would come in and sweep me off my feet and steal me from Sammy. Sammy doesn’t realize, even after 3 years in a relationship, that I didn’t want any other guy. I was just all about Sammy.

Yeah it was cute that he got all worried about losing me and it was also hot as hell when he got jealous. Sammy and I trusted each other, which is why when we would go out, we wouldn’t be attached on the hip the whole entire time. He’d let me go out and dance and go get drinks. But there were times he would come find me at the bar and some guy would be a little too close or be a little to friendly. He would get mad that they were flirting, and I just let Sammy do his thing, cause I really couldn’t say anything.

It took Sammy two years of relentless flirting for me to finally ask him one day ‘did you just flirt with me’ only to get him to reply with a small chuckle and ‘I have been for the past two years, but thanks for noticing’ for us to really start our relationship. And here we are 3 years later, happy as ever. I’ve also gotten better at this whole flirting thing, and telling when Sammy was being flirty, but everyone else I was just so clueless.

We pulled up to the club, getting out of the car and immediately being mobbed with paps. Pros of having such a well-known brother, and boyfriend. We smiled and posed for a few pictures before finally entering the club. Instantly hit with the smell of weed and alcohol, and the lovely smell of sex.

Sammy grabbed my hand and we made our way through the crowd to the vip section specifically for Nate, Swazz, Sammy, Johnson, G, Madison, Emily and I. Only arriving to find G, Madison and Johnson.

“what’s up guys.” Sammy smiled, releasing my hand as he went and bro hugged Johnson and G while I said hi to Madison, immediately getting into a conversation.

“oh my god, (y/n) you look hot as fuck tonight.” Madison smiled.

“me? Look at you? You literally look like a goddess.” I complimented back.

Madison and I were pretty close, and she came to me a lot whenever her and G had problems, or fans started causing problems. She was like my little sister.

“Yeah, but you’re definitely getting laid tonight.” Madison said, causing both of us to burst out into laughter. Sammy and I didn’t hide our sex life at all. At this point pretty much everyone knew when we had sex, when we were going to have sex, everything.

“but I mean, G can’t keep his eyes off you, so I won’t be the only one getting lucky tonight.” I winked, causing Madison to flush a little.

“anyway.” Madison giggled out, sipping her drink, “you need to catch up, and I need another drink.”

“I couldn’t agree more.”

“let’s go get you caught up then.”

Madison and I stood up, telling the boys we were going to get some drinks, and eventually come back, but only to get the guys out to dance.

We were at the bar and I just had 5 shots of tequila in a row, trying desperately to catch up to Madison, and at this point, my head feeling dizzy, I think I was there. I ordered a mixed drink, along with Madison and we headed back to the vip area to find Sammy and G gone, but Nate was there with Swazz and everyone.

“Happy Birthday lil bro.” I giggled, stumbling over to him and giving him a hug.

“god, you’ve always been a lightweight, but thanks.” Nate laughed, hugging me.

Madison and I stayed and talked a bit longer, catching up with everyone, but I was hoping Sammy would come back. When I got drunk, I got horny too. Well, Sammy always made me feel horny, but when I was drunk I was the ‘bend me over the table and fuck me until I can’t walk’ horny, not the normal ‘hey you’re hot and you’re good at sex and I like you a lot, let’s have sex’ horny if that makes sense.

“OHMIGOD” Madison screamed, over the thumping music, “this is my favorite song, can we go dance?”

“hell yeah, let’s go.” I cheered, waving to everyone and heading down by the dj, the man himself Dillon Rupp. Madison and I started dancing, pulling our best moves. We started facing each other, just having the best time swaying to the music, and then, it being one of Dillon’s mixes, it switched, which made me start grinding on Madison.

Of course though, we just couldn’t enjoy ourselves. And it’s not because our boyfriends weren’t there, it was because every time we went out, there were drunk guys who just didn’t get what the word ‘no’ meant.

“hey baby.” The tall lanky blonde breathed in my ear, wrapping his hands around my waist, since his friend had taken away Madison, who looked a little uncomfortable.

“I have a boyfriend.” I muttered, trying not to move, but the guys grip was just so strong, he basically was moving me.

“it’s just one dance baby.” He smiled a toothy grin at me.

“yeah b-“

“I don’t see him anywhere? It’s fine.”

I rolled my eyes, allowing him one dance. I knew Sammy would be pissed, but he knew I would never do anything. And I knew when he heard everything I said, and the guys actions, he wouldn’t be pissed at me, just at this asshole, and himself, for not being with me the whole night.

When the song finished, I pried out of his grip and grabbed Mads hand and started to walk away. Making it to vip section to find no one Madison and I just sat and ranted about those guys. Guys are always so sleazy, and I hated going out like this. And I just wanted Sammy, not seeing my boyfriend in like 2 hours since we’ve got here.

“hey, I’m gonna go get some drinks and I’ll be back.” I smiled and Madison nodded, pulling out her phone, no doubt texting G.

When I got to the bar it took a while before I could make it up to the counter to actually order. I asked for just a bottle of sour apple vodka, and then another thing of tequila. I was waiting for the drinks when I felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist.

“hey baby.” Said the same voice from earlier, and I rolled my eyes, turning around to face him.

“please leave me alone.” I sighed.

“baby, why don’t you and I get outta here.” He slurred, leaning in and he started kissing my neck. I was appalled by his actions, and also the fact that no one around wanted to step in and help a girl. I pushed him back a bit.

“I told you, I have a boyfriend.” I said, more stern, any buzz I had, fading away as my anger and disgust started to sober me up.

“well I don-“ he started but was cut off when he was pushed out of the way, and I was wrapped up in someone else’s arms, their lips immediately meeting mine. I smiled as I felt their hand go down to my ass, giving it a little squeeze.

“she’s mine.” Sammy said, wrapping his hand around my waist and pulling me into him. “and I’d appreciate if you left my girl alone.” He finished.

We started to walk away, but Sammy was yanked back.

“hey” the same guy now yelled as Sammy faced him. The guy went and threw a punch, striking Sammy in the left eye, causing him to stumble back. Quick to compose himself, Sammy was up and threw a punch, hitting the lanky guy square in the eye, and then another punch, hitting him in the mouth.

Soon it was an all out fist fight in the middle of the club, people forming a circle, recording it as I tried to break it up. Terrible idea (y/n) really. Because I managed to pull Sammy back off the guy, and I turned to tell him to leave and he ended up punching me on the side of my face, causing me to be thrown to the floor. And unlike the guys, I’d never been in a fight, or punched by a guy, so it fucking hurt like a bitch.

I was surrounded by Johnson, G and Madison who helped me up and I saw Sammy, who was destroying the drunk. He was on the floor punching the guy over and over in the face while Nate, Derek and Swazz tried to pull him off.

Finally managing to get him off the guy, Nate helped the other guy up and helped him find the exit. Once the excitement died down, everyone went back to partying except us. Johnson was running his thumb over my cheek, checking it, and I kept flinching, cause like I said, it hurt like a bitch.

Sammy ran over and, as politely as he could, shoved everyone out of the way, and gently held my chin, turning my head to look at my swelling cheek.

“babygirl” he sighed “I’m so sorry, we gotta get you home and get this taken care of.”

“me? Sammy it’s just a little bruise, ice will fix it, we gotta get you all cleaned up.” I said, noticing the several cuts he had on his face.

“oh, does this mean we’re going home and you’re gonna be my doctor” he smirked, his hands finding my hips, as he got closer to my face.

“Sammy” I warned, as our friends were all around.

“you promised me sex when we got home.” Sammy whined, causing me to laugh as I gently met his lips, pulling back and smiling at him.

“yeah okay, let’s get you cleaned up first though lover boy.” I said, and with that we said our goodbyes and headed home, for what would hopefully be, a great night.

I'm not her(part 4)//(N.M)

Recap: “I forgot to tell you that you are 8 weeks along” he says as he walks back out. 8 weeks. That night when I suspected Nate was planning a very special birthday bash for me. Instead we got caught up tangled in the sheets. A night full of lust, passion, and love. Then 3 weeks later I learn Nate’s talking to Ana again and he forgot my birthday.

I involuntarily run my hand over my non visible bump. I can do this. My peanut and I against the world. And without someone to love them back besides

*1 week and two days later*

*Nate’s POV*

I woke up feeling like shit. The light illuminating my room hurts my eyes, but I’m to lazy to get up and close the blinds. I reach for my phone hoping to see any sign that Y/N has texted me back. The only messages I have been receiving are from Ana.

To: Nate
From: Ana
Hey wondering you want to meet up later today?

To: Nate
From: Ana
Nate why aren’t you answering me? Is it because your rebound girl found out about us? She clearly isn’t worth it.

To: Ana
From: Nate
I’m not answering you because you cost me the girl I was supposed to marry in a few years have a big family with.

To: Nate
From: Ana
Well she didn’t cross your mind when you met me a week ago. Not even when you responded to all my text asking to meet you and something more. And she clearly didn’t cross your mind when you gave me a heated kiss at the club. Don’t be foolish Nate she was just a rebound until I got back.

After reading her text I wanted to throw my phone at the wall again. Y/N would never be a rebound I was expecting to marry her after two years of dating. I’ve never cuffed before like I did with Ana. Y/N makes it feel natural like spending life with her would be a dream.

*Y/N’s POV*

I woke up today receiving texts upon texts from Nate.

To: Y/N
From: Nate
I know I did wrong kissing her. Trust me it was the worst mistake. I love you, please never forget that, baby….

To: Y/N
From: Nate
Y/N its been a week and I’m a wreck without please answer me.

To: Y/N
From: Nate
I know you don’t want to hear from me but at least let me know your

To: Y/N
From: Nate
Say something, I’m begging on my knees

To: Nate
From: Y/N
I’ll be by later for the rest of my things. Please don’t be there and text me when you are on your way home.

It was heart breaking sending him that text. Sooner rather than later I had to send it as I receive another text from Dr. Nicholas which I’ve come to know his name is James.

To: Y/N
From: James
I was wondering if you wanted to meet at the local ice cream parlor in front of the park near the hospital?

To: James
From: Y/N
Sure,  I would like someone to talk too. Meet you there at four I have to do a few errands.

To: Y/N
From: James
Great see you there.

I reread his text and I’m decided whether to cancel or not. The local ice cream parlor he is talking about is the one I used to go with Nate. I decided to stick with meeting seeing as I have been hiding in my apartment for the past to days.

I change into some casual clothes and walk towards the vanity in my room. My cheeks are pale my eyes do not have there usual sparkle. The baby bump has become a little more visible.

It looks like I gained a couple pounds, but I know my little peanut is growing in their. He/she will always know the feeling of being loved. I will fulfill all their dreams like my parents did for me .

I get in my car and drive to Nate’s house. The driveway is clear of any cars which I was hoping for. I walk in with the duplicate key. The living room is a mess bottle aid Hennessy piled up on the table. Glass all over the floor. The pictures frames holds only pictures of me.

The ones of both of us has Nate missing. He scratches his face out or ripped the picture in half. My fingers run over the ink that he used to scratch his face out. It’s fresh the ink staining parts of my finger.

I slowly walk up the stairs towards our bed room. The door is closed, but a punch in the door is visible. I open the door and find a figure laying on the bed.

“Nate?” I question from the doorway.

“Y/N” he says getting up and rushing towards me. I step back holding my hand in front of me to stop him from advancing.

“Don’t step closer. I asked you to text me if you where here” I tell him shaking my head as tears cascade down my face.

“I know, but I had to see you one more time” he says looking at me when I refuse to look at him back.

“I’m here to get my things and leave” he grabs my wrist as I walk into the room. Swazz soon appears and Nate let’s go.

“Do you need help?” Swazz asks. I nod my head as I grab suitcase to put the rest of my undergarments and shirts in the bag. He grabs another to put my pants in that one. Nate’s watches from a distance tears falling from his eyes.

I do the best to ignore it and keep packing. I grab the suitcases, but soon pulled out of my grasp.

“You shouldn’t be carrying something like this” Swazz says as he takes them from my hand. My eyes widen at his words.

“I’m just saying you look fragile right now” he says as he walks down the stairs. I let out a sigh of relief seeing as he knows nothing about my pregnancy.
I walk behind him not looking back this time.

Nate’s eyes follow me as I walk outside. His face appears in the window when I give Swazz a hug goodbye. I leave the driveway hoping that this house will just become a distant memory.

I make my way to the ice cream to meet James. Maybe he can help with this obstacle I’m facing right now in life.

Party’s lead to sex, Sex Leads To...|| Nate ‘Skate’ Maloley

Almost a year ago i went to a party with my bestfriend nate maloley.  i was in town for a little while and he wanted to party before i went back home.At the pary i may have gotten a little too tipsy and i ended up hooking up with nate. about 2 days later i went back home to Omaha. me and nate would text every couple days but ever since the hookup we havent really been the same. i surely didnt feel the same. i was more emotional and more annoyed with everything. about a month or two after visiting nate in LA i went to the doctor for my yearly physical and i got news that changed my life forever. I found out i was pregnant. i didnt know what to do. how was i going to tell nate? well i never ended up telling nate and now im on my way to LA with my 2 month old daughter Arin. i was going out to LA to see my sister and hopefully finally get the courage up to tell nate about Arin. 


I arrived at my sisters apartment and she greeted me with a hug.

“baby sis!” she screams.

“shhh, Arin” i say hugging her. she looks down at the carrier.

“awe is this my beautiful niece Arin” she picks her up out of the carrier and holds her.

“yes it is” i say.

“she is so beautiful Y/N” she says.


“have you told nate your in town, im sure he would love to see Arin” she says. okay i may have lied to my sister and told her that i told nate about my pregnancy, but it was for the best.

“umm, not yet” i say.

“oh okay” she smiles.

“im gonna go get coffee, can you watch Arin?” i ask. she nods. 

“ill be back” i say. i leave her apartment and take the rental car to the local coffee shop, which is one of my favorites. i got into the coffee shop and waited in line. i pulled out my phone and opened the messages between me and nate. my fingers lingered over the keyboard. how was i suppost to tell him. 

“Y/N?” i hear my name. i turn around and see nate. 

“Nate?”i say. he walks up to me and hugs me.

“i didnt know you were in town” he says.

“yea, i just got in, visiting my sister, probably gonna look for an apartment too” i say. 

“thats good, do you wanna grab a seat and talk?” he asks. 

“sure” i say. i grab my coffee and me and nate grab a table.

“so hows your music going?” i ask him.

“really good actually, what about you anything new with you?” he asks. 

“umm” then my phone started buzzing. i looked at it and it was my sister.

“can you hold on a second” i say, he nods. i answer the phone.

“hey whats up?” i ask.

“its Arin, shes being all fussy” she says. i hear Arin in the back. 

“okay okay, im on my way back now, tell her ill be there soon” i say.

“sis she’s a baby she cant understand that” she says.

“Kassie, i know that, but it still soothes her, it stops her from crying” i say.

“okay fine, ill see you soon” she says. i hang up the phone. i set my phone on the table and my background is still light and its a picture of Arin. nates eyes scan the picture.

“look im sorry to cut this short, i have to go…help my sister” i say. 

“um yeah sure” nate says. i quickly rush out of the coffee shop and quickly go to the apartment. i get to the apartment and grab Arin from my sister.

“babygirl its okay mommys here” i say. about 20 minutes later theres a knock at the door. 

“sis can you get that?” i say. she doesnt answer.

“nevermind i got it” i say. i walk to the door holding Arin. i open the door and see nate. i freeze in my place. 

“nate! you came!” my sister says. fuck. she pulls nate inside and i pull her aside. 

“what?” she asks.

“okay i may have lied, i didnt tell him about Arin” i say. 

“What!” she says. Arin starts crying in my arms i sway back in forth.

“please dont yell” i say. she nods.

“well looks like you have to tell him now” she says. i roll my eyes. i walk into the living room and sit across from him holding Arin. he looks at her.

“Who’s this?” he asks. i take a deep breath.

“this is Arin…my daughter” i say. she grabs ahold of finger and sucks on it. 

“wow, whos the lucky guy?” he asks.

“you” my sister says. i smack her arm.

“what?” he asks. 

“nate…i havent been with anyone else since that night at the party the last time i was here visiting. Nate, Arin is yours” i say letting out a breath i didnt know i was holding in. 

“wait….shes…..mine?” he asks.

“look nate i was gonna tell you sooner but i kept freaking out and i couldnt, i thought i would tell you while im here, so i did.” i say.

“look you can hate me all you want but i dont need anything from you, ive got this, ive been good at taking care of her myself.” i say.

“dont you think i deserve to be in my childs life” he asks.

“nate, im not saying you dont want to be, im just saying…”

“thats my daughter too Y/N.” i feel tears build in my eyes. i take a deep breath.

“Y/N…thats our child…i deserve to be in her life, i want to be in her life, hell i wanted to be in yours but you went back home and i knew you would forget about what happened that night and it was no use.” he says.

“nate, i thought because of our hookup things werent ever gonna be the same, you barley texted” i say

“yea and i regret it everyday Y/N” he says.


“Y/N…..i love you, i want to be here for your and  our daughter” he says.

“i love you” i say. he walks over to me and bends down and kisses me. 


just a little imagine for y’all. sorry if it seems a little disorganized. anyway, i hope you enjoyed, dont forget that requests are open.

Love Ya- Kisses Bitches

anonymous asked:

Samuel x reader: 22(39) for the drabble thing

these are interesting let s do this

You had finally gotten settled into your new cubicle. Transferring jobs wasn’t the easiest, but at least you had some help. Elena saw you struggling with your boxes while trying to get up the stairs, and she offered to help. You two hit it off almost immediately, talking throughout the entire day and going to lunch together. 

You were packing up your bag to leave when Elena appeared in the entrance of your cubicle. 

“So, do you have any plans for tonight?” She asked, pulling her purse over her shoulder. 

You went through your mental calander, actively knowing you had nothing to do that night. You wanted to seem like you had a busy lifestyle.

“No, not that I can think of. What’s up?” You said, standing up from your desk.

“Do you want to come over for dinner and game night with Nate and I?” Elena said, walking alongside you as you both exited the building.

“Sure, sounds like a plan.” You smiled, thanking her for her help today. 

You went home and showered, and got dressed as you thought accordingly. Casual never hurt anybody.

The time had rolled around to leave for Elena’s and Nate’s place. You knocked on their front door once you had walked up the driveway.

An unfamiliar face greeted you at the door, he being almost as surprised at your arrival as you were. 

He was much taller than you, close to hitting the top of the door frame with his head it seemed. He kind of looked like Nate, from the pictures Elena had shown you on her phone. His eyes were dark and his hair was slicked back, and he had a nice build. 

You were taken aback for a moment, looking him up and down. He caught your attention again as he spoke up.

“Uh, can I help you?” He said, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh, I’m sorry… I think I have the wrong address.” You said, looking down at the GPS on your phone.

“I’m just kidding, Elena is in the kitchen.” He said, opening the door up and stepping out of the way to let you in.

You half-laughed as you walked inside and Nate called to you from the couch.

“Hey, come on in! Just ignore Sam, he’s always like that.” Nate stood up and went into the kitchen to tell Elena you had arrived.

A few moments later, Elena emerged from the kitchen, giving you a hug. You were trying to pay attention to all the things going around you, saying hello to everyone, trying to be polite, and trying not to stare.

Sam had gone back to the couch, attempting to play Crash Bandicoot on a Playstation. A little outdated, huh? You watched him intently as he bit his lip trying to focus on not falling into a pit.

You sat down across from him on the couch and stared at his hands that enveloped the controller. The veins in his hands spread up into his arms and you couldn’t help but notice the tattoo of four small birds on his neck. Cute.

Your distraction was pulled back into the world again when you heard Nate’s voice calling your name.

“Would you like anything to drink?” he asked, leaning on the back of the couch behind Sam.

“Oh, just water, thanks–” You said, jumping slightly as Sam threw the controller onto the couch and pulled Nathan into a makeshift noogie chokehold. 

They laughed as Nate pushed him off.

“Aw, come on little brother. Can’t fight back?” 

Little brother? You were slowly starting to connect the dots to who this mystery man was. He was Nathan Drake’s older brother, Sam Drake. So far, you didn’t know much about him, but what you did see and know, you liked so far.

The table was finally set after Sam was dragged into getting drinks for everyone and you sat quietly outside of the kitchen. You had asked to help, but Nate and Elena insisted that you were the guest. In the meantime, you watched Sam as he finished placing the drinks on the table. Your eyes were drawn to how well his shirt fit, his back muscles showing through the thin fabric. It didn’t take you long to notice how well his jeans fit.

Sam sat down at the table and Elena brought out the food followed by Nate. You grabbed the empty seat after they all sat down, which happened to be next to Sam. 

The brothers were full of shenanigans while you and Elena talked some more.

“Hey! I was going to eat that!” Elena said, going after Nathan’s hand with a fork as he stole a roll off her plate.

“What can I say? I’m a thief.” Nate replied, drawing laughter from Sam. 

You couldn’t help but laugh along with the two. They were hilarious together, and you were surprised Elena didn’t mention Sam while you two were at work.

All of you played games for a few hours afterwards, and you constantly found yourself next to Sam. You couldn’t tell if Sam was sitting next to you on purpose or if you were just naturally drawn to him, but you didn’t mind.

It was getting late and you finally decided it was time to go back home. Nate, Elena, and Sam all walked you outside. You gave hugs and said your goodbyes, but Sam stuck around a little longer.

“I’ll be inside in a minute, I just want to make sure she heads off safely.” Sam said, waving off Nate and Elena.

You looked at Sam with curiousity as he walked you to your car and opened the front door for you to get in.

“Thank you. Sam.” You said, putting your bag in the car and leaning on the back door.

“No problem, it was very nice meeting you.” Sam opened his arms for a hug and you reciprocated, feeling his arms wrap around you.

You pulled away, thinking the hug was over when Sam held you tighter.

“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.” He said softly, finally letting you pull away from the hug.

Your face flushed and you tried to make an excuse for yourself, but it only made you more flustered.

“I, uh, I don’t–” You tried to utter, but words were not forming.

Sam shook his head and stopped you.

“Don’t worry about it.” He said.

You felt your face burning as you laughed nervously and Sam opened the car door wider for you to get inside. Figuring you had enough embarassment for the night, you crawled into the driver’s seat as he closed the door behind you and you rolled the window down to say goodbye.

“For the record, I think you’re pretty cute too.” Sam said, leaning down to the window. He winked at you and clicked his tongue, making you blush and stare at your steering wheel. 

You couldn’t find words and he said goodnight first, letting you follow in the path he paved for conversation. 

“See you soon?” Sam said, tilting his head.

“Yeah, very soon.” You smiled, putting the car into reverse and drove home, watching Sam in the rear view mirror until you couldn’t see him any longer.

He was in your head all night, and all morning. You couldn’t focus at work, trying to file papers. It’s as if you could hear his voice.

“Hey, someone is here for you.” Elena said, passing your cubicle with a suspicious smirk on her face.

You turned around, seeing Sam standing at the entrance of your cubicle with a vase of roses.

“So, is it soon enough?” 

Nervous//Nate Maloley//Imagine

<p>Requested by: @hannahmmarie2016

“Thanks for answering my ask! Could I get a Nate imagine where you’re meeting his family for the first time and you’re really nervous? Thank you!!😊”


“Baby are you even listening to me?” my boyfriend, Nate, asked me as he pulled my out of my thoughts.

“Yeah sorry, I’m listening” I said looking at him smiling.

“Oh really, then what was I talking about” he smirked at me while he waited for my response

“You were talking about how your new song Legend drops today at 4:30 pst and how exited you are for people to listen to it.” I said with a little sass in my voice.

“ Ok fine, you were listening but what’s wrong. You have barley said a word since we got off the plane ma” he says while he grabs my hand

“Nothing’s wrong” I said looked in his direction. “ I just really want your parents to like me that’s all.”

“ Why wouldn’t they like you Y/n” I says as he pulls up to the house and puts the car in park. “ Your absolutely gorgeous,kind,caring and you already get along with Stew and Kaylan.”

“I guess you’re right, I was panicking for no reason” I say as I unbuckle my seatbelt. By the time I got my belt off, Nate was opening my door and grabbing my hand as he leads me to the front door.He knocks on the door and in no time, Kami and Monte are standing at the door with big smiles.

“Hey Pops” Nate says as he greets his father “Hey Mom he said as he brung his mother into a big hug.

“This is Y/n, my girlfriend” Nate says as he grabs my hand and pulls me inside the house

“Hi Mrs.Maloley” I said as I extended my hand to shake her hand. She laughed and pulled me into a hug. “ Please Y/n call me Kami” she says pulling back and looking at me with a smile.
“And you can call me Monte” Nate’s father yelled from what seemed to be the living room.

“Now follow me sweetie, you can help me set the table for dinner.” I smiled as I walked with Kami into the kitchen.

“ I have heard so many good things about you from Stew and Kaylan.” She says as she hands the the plates “ Your very beautiful Y/n”

“Thank you Mrs…..I mean Kami” I said smiling to my self as we set the table.

“So how long have you and Nate been dating. One, Two years?” She says raising an eyebrow

“Umm…. A year and five months” I said putting the spoons down on the table

“A year and five months??” She said sounding confused “ And he’s just bring you to meet us. Shame what a shame” she says shaking her head jokingly. “Well dinner is done so you can go it Nate and Monte.”

——————After Dinner——————

After we finished dinner, Kami, Nate,Monte and I went into the living room and looked at old pictures and videos of Nate. It was truly an amazing day, I spent the whole day with my lovely boyfriend and his family and I think they may actually like me.

“Ok well, we have to get going Mom and Dad”

Nate said as he stood up.“ Our flight leaves at 9:30 and it takes about an hour to get to the airport” he says as he hugs Monte and Kami.

“ Bye Y/n” Kami says as she hugs me.“ I hope I see you again soon.” She says as she lets me go and I turn to walk outside.

On the way back to the car, Nate grabs my hand and starts swinging it back and forth.

“So how do you think my parents liked you” he asks as we walk to the car.

“ I don’t know Nate, you tell me” I said laughing

“They loved you.” He says opening my door and letting me get into the car.

“That’s good” I say to myself as he gets into the car.

“I told you they would like you” he says as he kisses my cheek.“ You were nervous for no reason” he tells me as he starts driving to the airport.


I hope this was ok!!!!! @hannahmmarie2016

Thank you for requesting. (Btw did you see what I did there??? With the whole new song thing with nate and how is drops today 😂).</p>

turntechgiraffegod  asked:

Could you do a romanced companions react to waking up in the year 2077, realizing everything was a dream, and right before they decide to forget about the dream they see Sole (maybe with Shaun and spouse maybe not). Like how they find sole and how it makes them feel?

A great idea! thank you, lovely ^-^ Another long one for 1500 followers! :D

This is a long one and possible tearjerker? Probably turned out sadder than intended but it’s been a while since there’s not been a sad one for a while, enjoy! :D

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The First Thanksgiving - Sam x Reader

Description: Going over to Elena and Nate’s for Thanksgiving, you are told that Nate’s brother is here this year. Having just gotten out of jail, this is his first real Thanksgiving in 15 years. You decide to introduce yourself to Sam Drake.

(This is just a little fluff fic for the holiday. 😊🦃)

Warnings: Mild cursing.

Word count: 2,567 - one shot

Read at AO3 here or below:

               “We actually have an unexpected guest this year.”

               “Really?” You blink in surprise at Elena’s words.

               It wasn’t that you weren’t expecting new people over for Thanksgiving dinner. Elena always invited anyone who was going to be alone for the holiday season. Last Christmas alone, she ended up with thirty people and had to set up another table to eat at, awkwardly shoved in the living room. Nate had grumbled the entire time about Elena adopting “holiday orphans”.

               Since your family lived far away and you could never afford to head back home for the holidays, you had been coming to Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner for a few years now. Yet Elena had never announced to you about any special guests coming for the holidays and your interest is peaked.

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just us two - luke hemmings (part 6)

Luke knew that parenthood was never going to be easy when his girlfriend left him standing in the delivery ward with their baby clasped in his hands. his 5 year old daughter striking up a feud with the son of a coldly beautiful single mum was not a complication he had anticipated though. nor was falling in love with her.

part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5 

‘Daddy! Sampson and Y/N are here!’ Luna yelled, small feet drumming across the floor as she ran to the door.

'Just coming lu-lu.’ Luke replied, hurrying down the stairs almost as quickly as his daughter and opening the door.

'Hi Luke.’ Y/N smiled, setting Sampson down and watching fondly as the two children darted giggling through Luke’s legs and up to Luna’s room. 'Thanks again for having him on such short notice.’

'It’s fine, the least I could do considering the situation.’ Luke smiled back, hesitating slightly before he spoke again. 'I do have a sitter on standby just in case you know, I could come with you if you wanted someone else there.’

'I don’t think that’s really necessary.’ Y/N smiled softly. 'I know he came off a little badly yesterday but I think it was a shock for him too to see me with someone else. And considering his mother had just passed away as well…’ Y/N trailed off and Luke felt a pang of guilt as he thought of how alone the other man must be feeling without any family left.

'You’re right, I’m sorry.’ he shook his head.

'You have nothing to apologise for, you’ve helped me so much.’ Y/N reminded him, reaching out to take his hand and squeeze it briefly.

'I understand how hard it can be sometimes.’ Luke shrugged, unable to keep the fondness from his voice as he looked down at Y/N. 

'Well, I’ll see you in a couple of hours. Hopefully around 8 so Sampson should have fallen asleep properly by then.’ Y/N said, peering around Luke so she could yell up the stairs. 'Bye Sammy!’

‘Bye Mommy! Love you!’ they heard the little boy’s voice call.

‘Love you too sunshine!’ Y/N replied. ‘Goodbye then.’ She smiled to Luke.

‘Bye.’ He said, watching as she walked back out to her car.

‘Luke wait.’ Y/N said, turning back around and walking back to the house. ‘Do I look okay?’ she asked nervously, looking down at her outfit and tugging nervously at the hem of her dress.

‘You look beautiful.’ Luke said quietly, reaching out to tuck a stray strand of hair behind her ear. Y/N looked up at Luke with lips slightly parted, a glimmer he couldn’t decipher in her eyes as she started to lean in towards him. 

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“The tall dark stranger” - [Loki/Carter Baizen - New Year’s Eve one shot ].

Summary: Carter Baizen’s darkest secret is revealed, and a tall dark stranger named Loki, waltzes his way into Manhattan’s elite.

Also based on: Imagine: An alternate universe in which Loki is just another rich young man attending an Ivy League school, and him and Carter Baizen are each other’s worst enemy.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: This is the craziest crossover i’ve written so far. I just hope it feels like you’re watching an episode of “Gossip Girl” that never aired hah! (Watching season 3. No spoilers pleaseeee) <3

Happy New Year!


Spotted: A former queen getting out of her carriage, with an expensive cup of coffee in her left hand, and using her right hand to slap Carter Baizen across the face.

Looks like things haven’t changed at all.

Watch out, wives of Manhattan! Hide your Ivy League Frat boys and your husbands. The homewrecker’s back in town, and just in time for the New Year’s Eve ball. Welcome back, Amy Baizen.

The elevator doors opened and Amy walked into the penthouse followed by Carter. She left her empty cup on the coffee table and plopped down on the couch with a sigh, while he leaned against its back and pulled out his cell phone.

“Well, I guess everyone knows you’re back now. It’s all over Gossip Girl”.

“God, I missed her”, she exclaimed lying down on the couch with her hands behind her head.

“Photograph included”, said Carter showing her the picture of them both.

“Homewrecker?” Amy asked with a frown while reading the text above it, “That’s still my label?”

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Almost Caught - Sammy Wilk Imagine

A/N: Hey, guys! So, this is the last imagine before I start making a sequel to Kian Lawley/Jack Gilinsky Fanfic which you can read here . Hope you enjoy! :)

‘Babe, are you shaking?’ Sammy asked me as we parked the car in front of Sammy’s parents’ house. 

‘Uh, I’m so nervous!’ I said breathing extremely quickly. ‘My palms are literally like sweating right now.’ 

‘Babe, calm down.’ Sammy laughed as he took my hands in his. ‘You don’t have to be nervous at all, it’s just my mom and dad.’ He said placing a kiss on my right hand. 

Since it is a holiday season and everyone’s visiting their family and friends, Sammy asked me if I wanted to go with him to his hometown, Omaha, and meet, for the first time, his family. I was extremly nervous because I didn’t know if they’re going to like me or maybe they don’t even want me there for holidays, maybe they just want to spend Christmas with their son and not his girlfriend. 
I’ve met Sammy’s sisters, Emily and Annie and also his brother, Ben, but I still haven’t met his parents even though Sammy and I’ve been dating for a while now, 8 months actually. 

‘Sammy! My baby!’ His mom squealed hugging him tightly.

‘Hey, mom!’ He said smiling and kissing her cheek while I just stood there behind him. 

‘Son’ His dad smiled proudly as he hugged him. ‘How are you?’ 

‘Hi, dad. I’m good, I’m good.’ Sammy said. 

Then Emily, Ben and Annie came and he greeted all of them too.

‘We missed you so much!’ His mom said exitedly. 

‘I missed you too, guys. All of you and I can’t wait to spend Christmas with you, but first’ He said taking my hand and pulling me from behind him to stand next to him ‘I want you to meet my beautiful girlfriend, y/n.’ He said putting his arm around my waist as I waved my hand and said ‘hi’. ‘Y/n, this is my mommy and this is my dad.’ He said. ‘Mom, dad, this is y/n.’ He said introducing me to them. 

‘Hey, y/n! Nice to finally meet you, honey! Sammy has told us so much about you!’ She said sweetly. 

‘Nice to meet you too, mrs Wilkinson.’ I said. 

‘Oh, please, call me Lori.’ 

‘Hello, y/n. It’s nice to meet you, welcome to the family.’ Sammy’s dad said shaking my hand. 

‘Nice to meet you too, sir. Thank you so much.’

‘Y/n! God, I missed you!’ And then Annie, Emily and Ben hugged me. 

‘I’m so glad meeting your parents went good.’ I said. It was around 1:50 a.m. and Sammy and I were chilling in the living room all by ourselves as everyone was asleep. I had my head leaned on Sammy’s chest and he had his arm wrapped around me. ‘They’re so nice.’ 

‘I told you that you don’t have to worry about anything. I knew that they’re gonna love you. Especially my mom.’ He said. 

‘We were talking earlier today with your sisters and she showed us the pictures of you when you were a little kid. You were such a cute baby.’ I looked up at him and he blushed. 

‘Oh my God, did she really have, why?’ He laughed. 

‘Baby, you don’t have to be ashamed.’ I said climbing on his lap. ‘It was so fun watching old pictures of you and talking about you with your mom and sisters.’ I said and kissed him. He deepened the kiss which turned into a making out session. He ran his tounge over my bottom lip asking me for entrace and even though I let him in, I stopped him. ‘Babe, not here..It’s your parents’ house.’ I said as he squeezed his grip on my waist. 

‘What about my Christmas present that you were talking about the other day?’ He asked leaving a trail of kisses down my neck to my chest. 

‘That’s for when we’re back in L.A.’ I said trying my best not to moan. I really didn’t want to get caught by his mom or even worse, dad,  doing things with him the first day I met them…or ever actually. 

‘C’mon babe..Just a little bit. We’ll be quiet.’ He said and I was slowly starting to give in and let him do whatever he wanted to do because I wanted him as much as he wanted me. 

‘Shit…’ He moaned. He took of my tank top throwing it on the side and leaving me in just my bra. 

‘Guys, did someone leave-’ And then happend a disaster. His mom came down the stairs and caught us. ‘Oh my Gosh!’ She screamed and Sammy immediately laid on me to cover me up. ‘I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt you. I just wanted to- Oh God, I’m leaving, I’m sorry.’ She said covering her eyes and walking back up the stairs.

‘Oh my God’ I almost cried from embarrassment. I felt so ashamed and so bad, I couldn’t believe she walked in on us. ‘Sam!’ I was so frustrated. 

‘Baby, it’s okay-’ 

‘No, it’s not okay! Your mom just caught us almost having sex, how is that okay?! Oh my God, this is so embarrassing!’ I said putting back my tank top on.

‘She’ll forget it by tomorrow, baby.’ 

‘No, she won’t, Sammy!’ I yelled quietly at him. ‘Ugh, I’m so mad with you right now. What are they gonna think of me now?’ I said heading upstairs in Sammy’s old room where we were sleeping. 

‘Baby, wait. C’mon, it’s not that big of a deal.’ He said. ‘It’s just my mom.’ 

‘Fuck you, Sammy!’

Sammy’s POV

‘Baby, wake up. It’s breakfast time.’ I said moving her hair out of her face and placing a gentle kiss on her cheek. 

‘No..’ She murmured. 

‘C’mon, let’s eat. Everyone’s downstairs.’ I said. 

‘No, I’m not going there.’ She said sleepily. ‘I’m too embarrassed to look at your mother’s eyes.’ She said as she pulled the covers over her head. 

‘C’mon, y/n. Don’t be silly. She probably doesn’t care about that.’ 

‘Yes, she probably does.’ She said being stubborn. ‘I’m not ready to go down there.’ 

‘However you want.’ I sighed putting my red sweatshirt which said ‘NEBRASKA’ on and then left the room. 

‘Good morning, guys.’ I said as Ientered the dining room where everyone was already sitting and eating. 

‘Good morning, Sammy.’ My mom said as I sat down. 

‘Where’s y/n? She won’t join us?’ My dad asked. 

‘, she’s not feeling very well so she decided to skip breakfast.’ I lied making an eye contact with my mom. 

‘Excuse me,’ Mom said getting up from the table. 

Your POV

I was up and was getting ready in the bathroom when I heard a knock on the of Sammy’s room. 

‘Sammy I told you I’m not ready for your mom to see me!’ I yelled and continued brushing my hair. 

‘Honey, it’s not Sammy, it’s me, Lori.’ She said and I froze. 

‘Oh my God.’ I whispered to myself and quickly walked into Sammy’s room again to open the door. 

‘Good morning, y/n!’ She said. ‘Why didn’t you come down for breakfast?’ 

‘Good morning, Lori. Um..I wasn’t really hungry..’ I lied. 

‘Listen, I just wanted to talk about yesterday.’ She said as we sat down on the bed. 

‘Oh..Lori, I am so so sorry. I know you probably think all the worst about me, but I-’ 

‘Oh, please! No way! What are you talking about? Honey, I just wanted to tell you that I’m not mad or anything like that. You two are young and in love and there’s nothing you have to be ashamed about.’ She said making me feel so much better. ‘I see how much Sammy loves you and how much you mean to him and honestly, I’m so happy that he found you to keep him, you know, down to earth and take care of him because I know you love him too, I can see it in your eyes.’ 

I had no words to thank her enough for those words so I just hugged her tightly. ‘Thank you so much, Lori. I really appreciate it.’

‘There’s no need to thank me, honey. I just said how it is.’ She smiled. ‘Now, come downstairs to hang out with us.’ She said. 

We came downstairs and Sammy, who was half sitting half laying on the couch, said ‘Hey, baby.’

I sat next to him and gave him a quick kiss. ‘Hi’ 

‘What?’ He asked.


‘Why are you smiling like that?’ He asked pulling me to him. 

‘I talked to your mother minutes ago’ I said quietly. 


‘And you’re lucky I love you and your mom is such a sweetheart.’ I said. 

‘’s okay if we-’ 

‘Sammy!’ I whisper yelled and put my hand over his mouth. 

Have You Been Drinking Again

a:n// YOOOO, I’M ALIVE. but for real, I promised I’d have one up tonight so here it is. A lovely request for a lovely anon. I hope you like it, and I’m so sorry for the long wait. I hope you guys like it a lot and I’m also dead ass tired so if it’s kinda poopy it’s cause I was like half asleep writing this. So sorry if it sucks. Love you all. I’ll get better at posting I promise.


Another pointless date, with another random guy. This is the 4th date I’ve been on this week. And no, it wasn’t a sex thing, where we go out, go home together and have sex. I ended every date with a hug and just never contacting them again.

I just couldn’t. Literally every conversation we had, I couldn’t find anything to spark my interest. Clearly the guys had a nice time, the excitement in their voice and body language as they talked all about themselves and their lives, and they all seemed boring to me quite frankly. There was just no connection.

The reason why I’m in this situation? It’s kinda complicated. Prior to this dating spree I had this guy I was kinda seeing. We met through a mutual friend, Nate. I worked the boards in his studio sessions, and he did a song with his best friend. The one and only Sammy Wilk.

Sammy and I really hit it off and we became really close. As my relationship with Nate grew, so did my friendship with Sammy. I started hanging out with them more and more and then Sammy and I just kinda became a thing.

Fans found out and shipped us hard, and well neither of us were the relationship type, so we just didn’t really label it. He called me his, and only his and I called him mine. Yeah we were together, but just not labeled. Unofficially, official. And things were good for the longest time. A year and a half, calling each other babe and baby, lots of I love you’s and a great sex life.

But then one night I showed up to his place for a party he was having. I had a late night at the studio, so I had arrived like 3 hours after the party started. I was greeted by people, all my friends since becoming so close with the boys, but I couldn’t find Sammy. Nate said he thought he was outside, so I went out looking for him, only to find him sitting by the fire, Stassie straddling him and she was whispering to him, and I started walking over there, but then her lips were on his, and I felt my heart shatter.

“hey (y/n) what’s up?” Gilinsky spoke from next to Sammy, who pulled back from Stassie panic written on his face.

“hey G” I replied, and then turned around, getting ready to leave.

I heard Sammy calling out behind me as I moved through the crowd of people. I was done with this. Stassie was always all over Sammy, and he never did anything to like, push her away. She always talked about how hot he was and the things she would do to him, literally right in front of me when she knew Sammy and I were like, a thing.

He caught up to me, grabbing my elbow, spinning me around to face him. I had tears in my eyes cause I love him. He tried to explain, but I was just too stubborn and too caught up in the moment. I was yelling at him, screaming at him, tears streaming down my face.

Johnson came out and pulled me away from Sammy, G and Nate grabbing Sam and taking him back inside. Johnson drove me home and let me cry about it the whole way home. He listened to everything I had to say and he just really helped me, talking me through it.

Well the next day Sammy showed up, but I was still pissed. We fought. I was screaming at him, and he would yell at me because ‘I wasn’t listening’ but I didn’t care. I wanted him to know exactly how I felt. I threw a plate at him when he called me a bitch, which caused us to fight even more. And I finally had enough. I told him to get out and leave and that I never wanted to see him again, tears staining my cheeks, and Sammy’s face softened at the sight before he sighed and left.

So after that, I just needed a few days to cool down. Sammy would still text me, ask me if I was okay, if we could talk, but I ended up just ignoring them. I needed some time to think things over. But then I saw pictures of him at the studio with the boys, and fucking Stassie.

So after crying to my friends about it they told me to ‘get the fuck over it and show him what he’s missing’ so that’s why I’m on these little dates. And I tried to have fun, and have a nice time, but these guys were just all duds. It’s been a month, and I haven’t found one guy that sparks my interest.

“(y/n), are you even listening?” my date, Evan asked.

“oh, uh, yeah sorry. I’m just not feeling that well. I think I’m gonna go home. I’m sorry.” I flashed a sympathetic smile and grabbed my stuff, kissing him on the cheek and thanking him and headed home.

When I got home I took a bath, the warmth relaxing me. I lost track of time and next thing I know it’s midnight, but I was so relaxed. I had actually fallen asleep I was so comfortable. I got out and dried off, changing into a pair of black booty shorts and a bob marley tee shirt I stole from Sammy, but he let me keep it cause ‘I look so cute in them’ according to him.

I was now in bed, watching the boy. I hadn’t seen it yet, but I heard it was good. Now I love scary movies, but it was nearly 1 in the morning. It was getting pretty intense, you know how scary movies go, the dramatic, suspenseful music starts playing, so you know something is gonna happen, so I was just waiting. My phone starts ringing, making me jump and fall out of bed.

I climbed up off the floor, picking up my phone and answering it.

Hello? I asked, my voice a little shaky.

‘(y/n), what’s up babe?’

Sam…. I sighed.

‘baby girl. Come here.’

Sam…it’s 1:30 in the morning.

‘so what baby, I just wanna see you. Please. Baby, it’s been so long since I seen you. Please. I love you.’

Sammy…have you been drinking again? I sighed.

‘aye ma, you know me so well’ he laughed and then I heard a thud.

Sammy? No response. Sammy are you there? And I heard nothing.

Despite what he did, I still cared about him. I still loved him. I hated to admit it, but I did. I can’t just unlove him ya know? We went through so much together, and I don’t regret it.

I got out of bed, not bothering to put on a bra and change, sliding on my boots on. I rushed out to my car and sped off to Sammy’s. I ran inside, knowing where he kept the key.

“Sammy!” I called out, panicking. I was about to run upstairs when I saw Sammy stumble out of the kitchen with a taco in his hand. He saw me and smiled his cute little smile he has when he’s high.

“baby. You came.” He smiled.

“Sammy, what the hell?”

“what babe?” he asked, setting his now empty plate on the table and walking over to me, throwing his arms around me.

“baby, I’ve missed you so much.” He mumbled in my ear.

“Sammy, I thought you got hurt.” I sighed, rubbing his back.

“I’m sorry I scared you baby girl” he sighed, caressing my face.

I couldn’t look away from him. His eyes were mesmerizing, and I haven’t looked in them in forever. A month or so. And I just couldn’t look away. Sammy pulled away, and started to walk to the couch, stumbling and running into the table and nearly falling. I caught him and we both laughed.

I helped him up to bed, laughing when he fell and crawled up the stairs. It was quite the sight. And then I helped him into bed, and I was getting ready to leave when he grabbed my arm.

“baby, stay.”

“Sammy.” I sighed, but smiled at his dopey little smile.

“please baby. I miss waking up with you in my arms. I love you so much (y/n)”

I rolled my eyes. He knew I could never resist him, or say no to him really. I relaxed in his grip and he smiled, scooting over and opening his arms for me to crawl into them. As soon as I crawled into his arms, not even 2 minutes later I heard Sammy’s little snores. I smiled to myself and ended up falling asleep, and finally I was able to get some good sleep.

I woke up the next morning, and felt two things. Firstly, was Sammy’s arm wrapped around me, and his even breathing, signaling he was awake. The second thing I felt was a little further south.

“Sammy.” I laughed

“hmm?” he hummed, pulling me closer into him.

“um, you have a slight situation.” I muttered awkwardly, only to have Sammy laugh and readjust.

“hey, it’s not like you’ve never seen it or felt it before.” He said so nonchalantly.

“Sammy” I sighed, turning to face him.

“what?” he asked.

“don’t do this. Don’t start talking about the past and try to make everything okay by thinking about it.”

“she came onto me.” He said, staring up at the ceiling.


“Stassie. Every time you saw photos and shit, she came onto me. That night of the party I tried to avoid her, but a few drinks and a few hits later I was done trying to hide and avoid her. I mean, it was my house and my party for fucks sake, so I went out and I knew you would be there soon. I was out smoking by the fire and she walked up with my sister and they sat down. And Stass decided to sit on my lap, and then she started saying all this shit in my ear and the next thing I know she’s kissing me.”

“Sammy…” I sighed.

“no please you have to believe me. (y/n) I still love you. And I would go back and change that moment in a heartbeat. Please babe. Can we just try one more time? I’m so sorry for what happened and everything that got blown out of proportion. Please.” he spoke.

I looked over at him and looked in his eyes, and they were full of sympathy. Yeah, it was one mistake, and we weren’t ‘together’ but it still hurt. Maybe I was wrong. But I mean, I still love him, I shouldn’t let that one little hiccup get in the way.

I love him and he makes me happy, why wouldn’t I be with him?

“well.” I started, Sammy looking hopeful. “I think it’d be hard to say no to that when you’ve already got me in your bed.” I giggled.

“so you forgive me?”

“yeah.” I smiled.

“good, cause I missed waking up next to my girlfriend.” He said as he grabbed my face and turned me towards him and connected our lips.

“I love you.” He muttered as we pulled away, our foreheads resting against one another’s.

“I love you too Sammy.” I muttered before snuggling back into him.

Laura made a noise of glee and darted up the porch steps before Clint had even locked the car, moving faster than she had since Nathaniel’d been born.

“Eliot Spencer, are you making me pierniki?”

“Anything for you, duchess, you know that.” The slow drawling voice was clear through the open kitchen window; Clint stepped over the asters and columbine and hauled himself up on the water butt, placed there for easy escapes. (There were fourteen separate routes out of the house for him and Laura and the kids, and seven more where he was an acceptable loss.)

”You flirting with my wife again, Spencer?”

“Pretty girl like that, can you blame me?” Eliot looked at home in their kitchen in a way Clint wasn’t sure he’d ever quite manage, leaning back against the table with his ankles crossed, blue plaid shirt sleeves folded up to the elbow and forearms covered in flour. His mouth was turned up in the soft smile that it’d taken Clint a couple years of working together to see, that had come out a hell of a lot more often once Clint had introduced the guy to his kids.

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