do you rub his biceps before going to sleep

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Could you do a blurb about kissing Harry's tattoos?

You always laugh at the way the papers portray Zayn as the great sleeper of the band, because clearly they’d never seen the way Harry konks out.

A week into their two month hiatus from touring and Harry still sleeps until afternoon if he can. You had gone out the night before on a date of dinner and dancing, and then home for some loving and playful but no less passionate sex. It hadn’t been a particularly late night compared to others, yet it’s closing in on noon and Harry is still spread eagled and snoring in bed. You’d resisted your initial urge to rouse him because God knows he needed his rest, but even after you’d conquered a good chunk of today’s to do list and watched an episode of American Horror Story, and you’re itching for him to be awake, for his cute messy morning hair and sweet kisses and low, soothing voice.

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