do you rememebr this

Mark: since I’m like old now maybe I should be able to stay up tonig-

Taeyong: I mean you’re not THAT old ok like it’s just 216 months lol

Johnny: *shouting from a completely different room* you’re practically a baby

Jaehyun: *tearing up* I remember when I first held him in my arms all those months ago

Mark: no you didn’t please sto-


Mark: Guys I have never worn orange crocs

Winwin: yeah except that one time


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I don't get were people get the whole orih/ine is the soul kings daughter or is related to him somehow. Where? Did I miss something? Not only that but how exactly would that help ih? Let's assume it was right, she's a princess, so what? Do they not know what would happen to her if she was the only living relative to the sk, she'd probably be his replacement and guess that that means rip ih, your princess is now frozen in time forever.

Well IH are always like that no? They completely live in their delusions that have nothing to do with the manga, this is just one of the many example that shows how they don’t care about the things and facts that are actually in the real manga but have this manga/fanfiction called Bleeeach were Oriiiihime is the daughter of the Soul/KIng, the princess with the godly powers that couldn’t even heal this soul king, or stop the big bad boss Yhwach her brother (LOL) when he got serious because her godly shileld couldn’t work, was called mere human and useless by this same god, this crazy god loved to call Ichi/go and Ishi/da his sons but never mentioned how Oriiiihime was his daughter, or sister, or mother, or the goddess they claim her to be. 

In this manga/fanfiction called Bleeeach she is Unohana/HIkifune/the soul king daughter, a goddeess, a princess, she can blow up the universe but she is also just a little normal 15 year old human so it’s normal when she begs a dead man to tasukete her!!!! Which is the most romantic thing that could ever happen in a manga. in this manga/fanfiction called Bleeeach Ichigo was always in love with Oriiiihime, blushed everytime he was with her, worshipped her, always thought of her, worried for her and wanted to protect only her, Oriiihime is the one that changed his world, she gives him strenght and is the only one that can cheer him up when no one else can, she is the white-sun to his black-moon, she is the rain but also the sun, when she was kidnapped do you rememebr a whole Black page we got when Ichi/go thought everything was lost after she was taken away? Do you remember the rain? Do you remember how many times he thought of her? Oh god I could go on, this is too funny but anon the point is, no anon you didn’t miss anything, they are simply talking about another manga

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Maybe im evil, but I wish blizzard would give us more angst cause I think they're holding back on us... like, overwatch hq exploded right? So whys jack still got a pretty boi face >m> hanzos legs? The shimada clan seems like the type that would cut their own family's legs off. How much do you think widowmarker ACTUALLY rememebrs of her preivous life? How much guilt does mercy feel for botching up saving gabe even though se tried her best? You think thise are lucios natural legs? I. Need. More.


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I've tried your extra arms tutorial for a Muffet cosplay (my friend was doing the taping onto my hands part, we'd basically wrap a newspaper first and then tape) but I'm having problems with doing the hands? It's just really tricky to wrap tape OR newspaper on my hand without messing up by getting caught in my other fingers or ending with weird bumps and gaps unless it's completely flat. Do you have any advice on how to do the hand part? Thank you!

Please rememebr to put cellophane over your hand before putting tape on it. Cut small strips and apply individually.