do you remember when we were ghosts

for the times when i should have loved you right but i chose to love you wrong
for the times when i could have chose myself
but i picked you instead
for the times when i could not calm you down
i let those tears run down those cheeks
and i have let it go, young people
trying to understand something
as complex as love, it never works
not for us at least
for the times when i could have been tender
but i chose to sleep with you instead
lust is flawless in its pursuit
to fuck up relationships
i can’t apologize for my mistakes
i’m just glad that someone’s there
to treat you better than i ever could–
do you think that we were destined
to be in this place? to meet
at such a fragile age
and grow into sensitive seekers
and break into delicate wars
i’ve destroyed myself to forget you
but somehow i still remember you
and for that, you’re still my only truth
and i can choose to feel numb
but the nights when the drugs run out
and it’s just me– i’m left with
the unavoidable
you know
when i look into the mirror
i still see your crying eyes
and maybe it doesn’t bother you
anymore, but for me
a ghost pressing down my neck
my unbreakable noose
i let my worries flow
into the pm
i’m restless during the am
Out of my league | Archie x Reader | Request (Riverdale)

Request: “I think I’m in love with you” (19) combined with ‘Tell me what’s wrong?“ (7) and “are youn gonna eat this?” (10).

Pairing: Archie x Reader

Summary: The reader is in love with Archie but for her, she’s not good enough for him.


Originally posted by matthew-daddario

She hasn’t seen him all the summer, nor caught a glimpse of him. Apparently, he had been too busy working for his father’s company and he even cancelled on the road trip he had to do with Jughead on July 4th. Nobody has seen him, until the last day of summer.

She was invited with Kevin to Betty’s house for the last free night before school. She was seating on the bed, watching Netflix when Kevin exclaimed:

“Oh, my God. Game-changer. Archie got hot!”

That’s when she saw him. Half-naked as he was putting his shirt on before he turned the light off and went out of his room. His name was Archie Andrews and she was in love with him since kindergarten. But sadly, Betty had been here the first, before her. As Kevin said to Veronica “Betty and Archie aren’t dating, but they were endgame.” She had always been in the background.

She was there at the dance in the memory of Jason, when Veronica forced Betty’s hand to ask Archie out. When they danced together and she told her about her feelings. Her feelings that he denied. After all, maybe it wasn’t Archie and Betty. Maybe it was Archie and her.

She was also there to notice the weird attitude of Archie towards Miss Grundy. When he ran after her in the corridors or the fact he decided to give his life for the music, that he was so angry because the school’s music teacher refused to teach him how to make music. So, when the truth was told, that Archie said he was having an affair with that woman, she wasn’t even surprised. It just hurt her more and broke her heart into pieces. She wasn’t Miss Grundy or whatever her true identity was. She was less confident, less beautiful. But from one day to the next, the music teacher packed her bags and broke up with Archie. She left Riverdale forever.

That’s why she had not expected the late night visit of Archie Andrews at her house around one A.M, the exact same night. She heard three knocks at her windows and thought it was Kevin or Veronica who had trouble sleeping. Instead, she saw him with his guitar on his back and a smile on his face when she finally opened the windows to let him in.

"Archie? What are you doing in? Do you know what time is it?”

"I’m sorry to sneak into your room like that but I had to talk to someone and I immediately thought of you.”

"But… What about Jughead? Or Betty?”

"Well… We’re not really getting along these days. Still, I wanted to talk to you. I miss you.”

"Oh. You can come in.” She laughed But are going to eat this? I’m craving some burgers right now.” She pointed to the paper bag with the Pop’s logo on it.

“Here, it’s for you. I ordered your favourite.”

And they talked for hours and hours. They talked about everything and nothing, he told her any details of what happened this summer, how music became a part of his life, what he felt when he was playing, that he allowed him to express his feelings, things he never said to anyone.

"I’ve composed my first song just before the summer. Just after we went to the fair. Do you remember?”

Of course she did. Very well. All the gang were supposed to the funfair that settled in a town next to Riverdale for a week. But suddenly, Betty declined because of something to do with Polly and Kevin had a family diner. Jughead was just not the kind of person to go to the funfair. It was just the two of them. She spent the most amazing night her life, with the man she loved. She even thought he was trying to make some moves when she was in his arms during the ghost train and he kissed the top of his head while intertwined their fingers. She felt safe for him, being in the arms of Archie. But sadly, everything had an end.

He was now playing a melodious song that he wrote, his voice resonating in her room like a siren call. He was singing about a girl, about her beauty and her eyes that he couldn’t forget and haunted him when he closed his. He was saying he couldn’t ask her out as she was totally out of his league and was reduced to be his friend and stay in his line.

Sadly, she wasn’t this girl. He was fantasizing about some Miss Grundy’s type of girl and she was pretty sure he was talking about Cheryl or one of the Riven Dixens. According to her, they were the only one to be out of the league of Archie and still, with the body he got this summer, he was the one who became out of her own league. She remembered that Archie has ever been a good 9 out of 10 while she was describing herself as a 5 on a scale of 10.

When he finished the song, he looked at her with his brown eyes and she couldn’t avoid what she said next:


But she stopped. She was not allowed to do that. She didn’t want to be humiliated and lived what Betty experienced a few weeks ago.

"He. Tell me, what’s wrong?”

Everything was wrong. And she started crying. With what was happening in town, the death of Jason Blossom, the police’ researches, the destruction of the Drive In, the fact their gang wasn’t one anymore. And that never, Archie Andrews was going to see her as more than a friend. She couldn’t stop crying in front of the red haired boy who was looking at her not knowing what to do.

“What’s wrong? Oh Archie, the problem is that I think I’m in love with you. She said in her mind, but instead she sobbed even more.

She didn’t know that on his side, Archie was feeling the same and was hoping he got the nerves and the confidence to ask her out.

1997 [6]

Previous parts

Characters: Dean Winchester, twin sister!reader, Sam Winchester, characters from 4x13, OC characters.

Words: 2600

A/N: Sorry about the huge delay on this part. It’s been so long, but I finally found some willpower to finish this series. Please excuse any spelling or grammar errors, sometimes they just slip through.

Music suggestion: Ivy - Frank Ocean [You know the drill, I look for the feeling in songs, not the lyrics lol. This was just something I listened to when I wrote this, so yeah.]

Your name: submit What is this?

First, Dean had called John.

”Hey Dad, it’s me, Dean. Well, I’m calling because — Well, the thing is that we think that there’s a job here, at school. A student’s dead, and yeah… it looks like it’s because of something that goes bump in the night, so… We kinda need your help.”

When your father then seemingly was unable to get back to you, you took matters into your own hands, and picked up the phone.

”Hey Dad, it’s (Y/N). We need you to get back here, and back us up. It’s a case and you have the weapons and the rest of the stuff. Remember that one time that you said that ’you always try to do your best’? Well, the least you can do is return this call.”

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The Best/Worst Wingman

Rating: K+

Word Count: 3232

Pairings: White Rose, Bumbleby (background)

Summary: The lesson here is to never take advice from Yang. Even if it works.

Notes: So about that secondary account where I’d upload all my non-LL fics? Eh, forget about it. It didn’t really go anywhere, so I figured: forget it. I don’t write a whole lot of non-LL fics anyway, so I’ll just keep posting them here.

Link: (FFN) | (AO3)

“Hey Weiss.” Yang was laying on the floor of team RWBY’s dorm room, playing around with Zwei. Both Ruby and Blake were out of the room, which left her alone with Weiss. It was the perfect opportunity to relay some important information. “I learned something really important yesterday.”

Weiss sighed and lowered the book she was reading, looking down at Yang. “And what might that be?”

“Someone has a big ol’ crush on Ruby.”

“Huh.” Weiss went right back to reading her book, though she felt less comfortable than before. Who had a crush on Ruby? They had some nerve, thinking they were good enough for her. It was probably some idiot like Jaune, or… or Blake. She knew better than to trust a member of the White Fang.

“In fact…” Yang set Zwei down and moved over towards Weiss, leaning in conspiratorially. “That person is in this group.” Weiss started to blush, getting a sinking feeling that she knew exactly what Yang was talking about. Like hell would she admit it, though.

“Well I hope she and Blake are happy, then.” Despite knowing that Yang could see the blush burning on her face, she kept reading her book and pretending that the truth wasn’t the most obvious thing on the planet. She couldn’t even concentrate on her book. “If that’s all you have to tell me, then please let me continue reading.”

“Oh Weiss, you’re adorable when you’re lying.” She ruffled Weiss’s hair, making her recoil in annoyance. “Between you and me, aliens could see your crush from space.”

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proudlyunicorn  asked:

15, 36, 50. You know who

I assume this is about - no wait I can’t even joke. I KNOW WHO. 

15) Who is scared of the dark?

They’re camping. It’s something Lena Luthor thought she’d never be caught dead doing and yet here she is, seated around a campfire with Kara Danvers and family like it’s something ordinary. For Kara, Lena supposes, it probably is.

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faequill  asked:

Yo, I've got a prompt. There's a buzzfeed video where Shane learns to belly dance, another where he does a Barre fitness class, and there is a BTS scene of Ryan claiming Shane knows how to waltz. So, conclusion: Shane knows how to dance. Prompt: Shane does some sort of dance (maybe hip hop or belly dancing?) and Ryan has a small (*coughBigcough*) gay crisis while watching him.

A/N: god of course he knows how to dance because he wasn’t perfect enough fuck him

This ended up really long so you can also go read it on Wattpad if you like!

“It’s the Haunted Mansion. We’re fucking investigating the Haunted Mansion. Ryan, you brought me to Disneyland.”

Ryan bursts into laughter, the sound forced from his lungs in a wheeze. “This is nothing like the Haunted Mansion!”

Shane cuts him off with a dramatic wave of his flashlight. “Alright, Mr. Everything-is-a-conspiracy-and-everything-is-connected–”

“Fuck you.”

“You can’t tell me that this old hotel with a bunch creepy paintings, a random crystal ball, and a ballroom full of cobwebs is nothing like that ride–”

“Fuck you.”

“There’s even a cemetery out back!”


“There’s 999 souls here, Ryan–”


“But there’s room for a thousand!”


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Remember When...(Theo Raeken Prompt)

Originally posted by alcantara420

Request: Can you please do the prompts 12, 25, 36, 41, 66, 67, 79 with Theo Raeken? Thank you very much 💕💕


12) “you always look gorgeous"
25) “I’ll always be here when you need me”
36) “what did I do to deserve you?”
66) “god you’re perfect”
67) “can I kiss you?”
69) “why do you have a bat?” “why are you in my house at 2 am?” “touché”

“How do I look?” I asked turning around to face my boyfriend, Theo. “You look gorgeous, but then again you always look gorgeous”. “You really think so?” I ask not being sure.

“Yes I really think so” Theo answers while walking towards me wrapping his arms around my waist while I wrap my arms around his neck playing with his hair, ”What did I do to deserve you?

"I should be asking you that” Theo said.

We arrived at the restaurant and sat down and ordered our food while talking about everything that happened.

“Do you remember when we first met?” He asked. “How could I forget” I say and we both laugh.

“From what I recall, you never intended on actually falling in love with me when you wanted to take down the pack and I’d always catch you checking me out when you talked to Tracey” I say reminding him. “You aren’t wrong, but I do remember saving you and you gave me a second chance when no one else did” he added.

“I remembered being scared after that, not knowing what to do and how to protect myself when I had gotten seriously hurt, and you told me, ‘I’ll always be here when you need me’ because I will protect you from everyone and everything” I smiled while he leaned over grabbing my hands and holding them.

“And I still will be doing just that (Y/N), I also do remember after we took down the ghost riders I came to your house to tell you how I felt about you and you were ready to beat me like a piñata with a bat in your hands” Theo grinned.

I put my hands up, “Hey, to be fair I thought someone was breaking in” I giggled remembering the moment.


 ”Why do you have a bat?” Theo whispered yelled, “Why are you in my house at 2 am?” I questioned back. “Touché” Theo countered.

“(Y/N), look, I came here because I couldn’t sleep without telling you” Theo announced.

“Without telling me what?” I question while lowering my bat.

“To tell you, I am in love with you” Theo whispered.

Before I could say anything he continues, “I am so in love with you (Y/N), I can’t stop thinking about you, you gave me a chance to redeem myself and I can’t thank you enough, you’ve accepted me and let me in when no one else did, no matter what happened you were by my side and god you’re so perfect, it’s fine if you don’t feel the same, I just wanted to get that off my chest” Theo confessed.

I drop my bat and walk up to him so our faces are a few inches away from each other and I hug him, “Don’t ever think I don’t feel the same way because I do” I whispered.

I look at Theo and look him in the eyes, “Can I kiss you?” I asked. 

“You don’t even need to ask” he replied and we both leaned in and kissed.


“Thank god I came to your house that day cause look where we are now” Theo said and leans over the table to kiss me.

Do you remember the way the clouds looked that night, when the traffic lights were passing stars and we learned what it felt like to kiss with our mouths wide open? 

When you told me you think love looks like the dark soft inside of rotten peach, how you pointed to your bruise and said “Just like this, just like this.”

When you told me you think happiness feels like so much water, like a child jumping into pools where his feet don’t touch the bottom. How it feels endless until it doesn’t, until you hold your breath long enough and feel the ground hit your knees.

Do you remember when the highways moaned our names; how you said it almost sounded like they were rooting for us? How the center-lines slammed against our tires and you said it felt like saying goodbye?

When you told me the streetlights made us look like ghosts, when it was beautiful to not exist for a while.

—  Reena B.| Do you remember when we tried to run away, how we turned back at the first exit sign?

anonymous asked:

in regards to that ghost thing once all the people at my theater camp refused to enter the dressing room bc they were convinced they say a ghost. i then proceeded to bullshit a story about "the girl with no name" haunting the theater and im pretty sure the little kids still dont go down there


Okay, apart from the one show where we had rehearsals in a haunted af decrepit, falling apart, abandoned school, my old theater company had a very consistent ghost starting in 2010 omfg.

So most of the rehearsals are in this tiny af little shop space- which, on the most magical days, we could manage to fit up to like 80+ people in HOLY SHIT- but our story starts in the summer of 2010, when I was in a production of 13: The Musical.

We had 26 kids in that cast, and the set up for rehearsals was like a summer camp so we were there five days a week. We obviously got a little rowdy at times, but it was never anything major. We never got any complaints from the people that live in the apartment upstairs- actually, we would’ve filed noise complaints on them a few times, but we were all pretty sure they were serial killers from some of the noises heard, so we just let it go in mild fear- but one day, an old man appeared at our door.

This man was ancient, and he was pissed. He was screaming that he lived below us, and there was a leak happening in his roof, and he was sure it was from one of our toilets, and he was out for blood. Our director desperately tried to assure him that neither of the toilets were clogged so that couldn’t possibly be the source of the leak, but he wouldn’t listen and forced his way into the studio.

Let me repeat this: NEITHER OF THE TOLIETS WERE CLOGGED OR BROKEN OR LEAKING. And he checked that out for himself, but still insisted there must be an invisible problem. He started yelling that this is what happens when you let so many teenage girls in one space! One of them gets stupid and tries to flush pads!!!

None of us had tried to flush pads, but he kept yelling and stormed out. We thought the drama was over and broke for lunch.

In the middle of lunch, this dude storms back in with another old man, angrily wielding a plunger.

The second old man was apparently a plumber, who the original old man called in a fury to come fix the problem. Mind you, we were still eating lunch, and my seat at the table left me with a perfect view of the open bathroom door, and honestly, I was fucking cracking up watching this 80-something old man slowly and angrily plunging up and down on an unbroken toilet. None of us kids could keep our shit together.

The plumber decreed there was- surprise - no problem with the toilet, and the alleged leak in his ceiling had to be coming from somewhere else. The old man did not believe the plumber, grabbed the plunger out of his hands, and started angrily doing the job himself, all the while yelling about stupid girls flushing their stupid feminine products.

Anyway, the day went on, and then the rest of the camp went on, and he slowly started to fade from our minds.

So we get to hell week, and we’ve still got camp rehearsals from 9:30 to 5:00, and then we have our real rehearsals from 6:00 to any time after 11:00 at our theater where we almost always performed, which was in a college maybe 45 minutes from the studio. We had all performed on this stage before, and knew the backstage area very well.

Weird shit starts happening.

Notably, the lights in the girls dressing room kept going out- but they kept going out very specifically any time they needed to work, and would turn themselves back on whenever the room was mostly emptied or when we were just loitering. The outlets would also stop working, right when someone was busy trying to style their hair. It was driving all of us and the makeup moms crazy.

The weird thing was though, nothing like this was happening in the boys dressing room, and the director got confirmation from the owners that nothing like this had ever happened, and that everything was basically hooked up the same, so if something was wrong with the wiring in the girl’s room, it should also be affecting the boy’s room and the stage and theater lights.

Then, things in the girl’s dressing room started disappearing.

And like, we checked. No one was fucking stealing this shit. It was a small cast and it was not hard to search everyone to see if they stole your makeup bag or your costume. The stuff was just straight up vanishing.

And then shit started going on back at the studio, too- the front door is slightly off centered, and never really closed correctly. However, that doesn’t explain when everyone sitting in the room on a non-windy day witnessed it swing itself open and slam itself shut hard enough to rattle the windows. Things kept getting moved around in cubbies with no explanation.

This kept happening, for basically the remainder of my time there- my last show with them was like two years ago, uncertain if any shit is still going down.

But anyway- maybe about a year or two after 13, it was either during a production of Working or Into The Woods- We’re sitting in the dressing room getting ready, me and a couple of the girls are reminiscing about old shows. Someone goes, “Oh my God, do you remember that weird guy with the plunger from 13?!” and the lights. In the entire backstage area. Just fucking go OFF. And then they go turn back on for everywhere except the girl’s dressing room.

And me and the one girl just look at each other and we’re like…You don’t think…?

We looked into the next day and the old man had died a few weeks after the plunger thing. Right when all the weird shit had started up. All these years, we had been making really offhanded jokes about ‘The Ghost of YSTC’, and suddenly we were faced with the very real possibility that we actually have a ghost. It was fucking insane.

And other stuff started happening too- the lights in the boys room only started acting up if too many girls went in there. One time someone walked into a completely empty dressing room, the very first person at the theater, and found a handprint on the mirror. A shower mysteriously turned itself on while Conrad Birdie’s costumes were all in there, 30 minutes before curtain. Costumes kept going missing, mics would die for no reason, props would move for no reason, my socks were stolen on like 4 separate occasions.

Could some of this stuff be assholes in the cast? Yes, obviously. But it also always had that weird ass creepy vibe. The ghost of my old theater company is REAL, dude, and he’s still holding a grudge about teenage girls possibly flushing used period products down a toilet.

New Home

This was inspired by this post. Conner and Danny are both 16 in this. And I’m working with Young Justice  version of Superboy.  This is sometime before the end of DP and first season of YJ. I did my best, but probably they sound kind of OOC.

Conner could only stare at the monumental construction before him. Yes, he had seen pictures and heard Danny talk about it when The Team was hanging out, but it was a lot more impressive and dangerous looking in person. The Fenton Works itself was just a two-storey house with big neon sign, but The Emergency Ops Center on the top made it look 10 times bigger. He shook his head and followed Danny to the front door.

Danny slowly unlocked the front door and stepped into the house. He was already halfway in the living room when he noticed that Conner wasn’t following him. He was still standing on the porch in his usual civilian attire and nervously gripping his duffel bag containing some clothes and personal belongings. He had a frown on his face, but Danny could see that he was anxious about their next course of action. Danny went back to Conner a smiled at him reassuringly.

„Relax, it would be fine. They didn’t have problem adopting Dani and they wouldn’t mind you living here either.” Conner smiled a little and entered the house.

When they stopped in the living room, Conner immediately scanned the whole place. The room looked cozy with a couch, two armchairs and even few plants in the corners. It had the homely feeling you get only in family houses. Danny motioned to the couch.

„Wait here for a bit, I’m just going to call Mom and Dad up here.”

Conner nodded and Danny went into the kitchen and leaned into the passage leading down to the lab. He steeled himself, took a deep breath and shouted.

„Mom! Dad! Can you come to the living room for a second? I need to ask you something!” The almost constant banging and whirring noises of machines stopped after few seconds and Maddie’s voice carried back.

„We’ll be right there in a minute, sweetie!”

Danny went back to living room and stood next to Conner. „Here we go, remember; if they ask you are our long forgotten cousin from dad’s side, ok?”

„Don’t worry, I remember.” Gruffly answered Conner and straightened up when he heard thunderous steps coming from the basement. Moments later both Fentons appeared in the door frame clad in their typical HAZMAT suits.

„So Danny-boy what did you want to- Oh, why didn’t you tell us you were bringing over a friend?!” Jack cheerfully exclaimed and moved into Conner’s personal space. „What’s your name young man? Do you like talking about ghosts? We’ll catch all of them sooner or later…“ Jack started mumbling to himself and Danny took it as his cue to speak. „Actually Dad, this is our distant cousin Conner and I wanted to ask if he could stay with us for a while, because….because they have serious pest infestation at their house… or something…” Danny trailed off unsurely and rubbed the back of his neck. Conner could only look at Danny from corner of his eye and raise eyebrow at the transparent lie. The older Fentons looked at each other for a minute and then turned back to them. Even Danny’s parents couldn’t possibly-

„But of course sweetie! He can stay in here however long he needs.” Then Maddie turned to Conner. „And you feel here like at home Conner.” Conner could only nod.

„And I can blabber to him about ghosts!” Jack nodded enthusiastically.

„Now Danny please show Conner to the guest room so he can unpack, dinner will be ready in 30 minutes.” Maddie ushered them to the stairs. Both boys only numbly stared at each other and silently walked on the second floor to the guest room. When they finally closed the door to Conner’s new room Danny let out a huge breath and plopped on the bed.

„Phew, I was worried for a second they won’t agree.”

„Why didn’t you just tell them the truth?”

„Ehhh… Because that would require them knowing I’m Phantom?”

Conner shot him incredulous look. „You still haven’t told them?”

Danny squeezed his eyes shut and let out a long suffering groan. „They don’t see Phantom as an evil menace anymore, but they still don’t trust him completely and if I told them now, who says they won't…“ Danny trailed off and there was a short period of uncomfortable silence before Danny suddenly smiled and spoke again. „Anyway, Dani will be back from her trip to Europe sometime this week so prepare to wake up to a 13 year old girl jumping on your bed.” Conner smiled too when he remembered the short black haired girl. She was almost like a younger sister to him. But there was a little issue with their…relationship, namely…

„Will she be staying for good now?”

„Yeah, she said she was bored of travelling and decided to stay. She would be in Jazz’s room down the hall, since she now lives in a college campus as a part of her ‘college experience’ or something.”   Danny shrugged.

„That’s good… I guess.” The silence was back. Neither of the boys wanted to break the silence, but eventually Danny stood up and made his way to the door. But before he opened the door, he stopped as if he remembered something and turned back to Conner.

„I almost forgot. Welcome to the family, Conner.”


Superman looked on the outside stoic as ever as Team recapitulated their latest mission. But inside he was as nervous as the Man of Steel could be. And the only reason for that was Danny. Or rather Phantom at the moment. Superman wasn’t particularly fond of his ghost half for various reasons. The slow heartbeat, ethereal glow and other small details made him uneasy. He grew up as a Kansas boy, believing traditional myths about dead, but Danny shattered almost all of them. And the worst part was when his eyes became dead. Most of the time they were expressive and shone with friendliness, but lately ever time Superman looked at him; his eyes were cold and dark as if he somehow offended him beyond imagination. He didn’t know why. Did he say something that ghost thought of as an insult or a threat?

Later when he asked Bruce, the Bat only shook his head and left without a word.

This is the thing about ghosts: you don’t invite them to dinner.
If you do, they take the place of the people you love and morph
into familiar faces. Is that your sister? Is that your friend? Is that
you before they left? How do you tell the difference between
yourself and the mirror?

This is the thing about ghosts: their echoes are only as loud as your
home is empty. You try to tuck them in the spare room by the kitchen,
but they keep finding ways to escape. With each time, they bring some
old memory out of the room with them. Remember that teddy bear
from when you were nine years old? Remember that diary? Remember
that letter? Remember that movie ticket? You don’t. They do, though.

This is the thing about ghosts: they don’t know when to leave. They
will make a home out of your body, a home out of your home, a home
out of you. All the while, you will forget how it is to have lived without
them to begin with. Was your chest always this cold? Was your mind
always so heavy? You don’t know. You don’t know you’re supposed
to know.

This is the thing about ghosts: they will live even after we are gone.

this is the thing about ghosts by Keren Chelsea

Essays in Existentialism: Closer

Can you do a prompt based off chainsmokers & Halsey track ‘Closer’ Clexa as exes who meet again in a hotel bar.

You look as good as the day I met you
I forget just why I left you, I was insane.

There was something about being back in a place that once encompassed the entire known world. That world which blossomed from a single street as a kid, to a neighborhood as a teenager, to a city as an adult that was full of memories, until it became too small, too saturated, and then, like a colonial explorer, the first tentative steps were taken out into the world, and the tiny microcosm was held in the amber of swell memories and forgotten embarrassments.

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aph-breadsticks  asked:

How would Russel introduce his skeptic s\o to Del?


“You’re bullshitting me,” you exclaimed, hands on your hips. You were currently in your nightie, looking at Russel with a raised brow, “Stop trying to be funny, you’re doing an awful job.” It was the first time you had agreed to sleep together, actual sleeping, not sex.

“I’m not! You’re just not believing in me,” Russel grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest, “Ghosts are real, you know.”

“No, they’re not,” you rolled your eyes, “That’s just nonsense, you know it is.”

“Look, I’ve already told you about him, what more do you want?” He continued looking defensive, not giving in to your annoyance.

“You were drunk when you told me,” you pointed out. When he didn’t even flinch, you scoffed, “Oh my, you’re actually serious?”

“I was terrified, can’t blame me for having some liquid courage before? You took it pretty badly,” he looked away, “All I’m saying is, don’t freak out when, or if, you wake up in the middle of the night.”

“Of course, I won’t,” you said as you crawled into bed, “But I don’t want to go to sleep in the middle of a fight.”

“This is not a fight, baby,” Russel reassured, walking up to you and smiling softly, “This is just you being a little disbelieving. I promise you, I’m not lying.”

“No, but you’re being a jerk,” you pouted, looking down. Russel put a finger underneath your chin and tilted your head up. He smiled, “Kiss me goodnight and wake up and know I was right. You’ve seen pictures of him, so you won’t freak out that much.”

Reluctantly, you gave in and gave him a soft kiss, “I still don’t believe you.”

“You will, now come on,” he lifted the covers off, “Let’s sleep.”


You woke up, just like Russel had said, in the middle of the night. Your eyes hadn’t quite gotten used to the darkness but it took you nothing less than a couple of seconds to spot a large blue figure. You gasped, “What in the world?”

The figure, sitting in the armchair in Russel’s room, looked up and gave you a boyish grin. You noticed his see-through skin and big white eyes, and it made you almost nauseous with anxiousness, “Who are you?!”

“So this is Russ’ new lady, huh?” He smiled, looking you up and down, “He did a nice job, I suppose he has told about me?”

“No!” You exclaimed, surprised that Russel hadn’t reacted in the slightest at your yelling. You got out of bed, “What do you want? What are you?” It was obvious who it was, but you were certain this was a dream. Ghosts weren’t real. Del was not real, Russel just said so because he missed him, easy to figure out.

“Heyheyhey, what I am is a kinda rude thing to say, you know,” Del said and got up as well, making you gulp at how tall he was, “I’m pretty hurt, honestly, he hasn’t mentioned me? I suppose it’s a deal breaker, but c’mon?”

You turned away, covering your eyes and breathing deeply, “It’s all in your head, he is not real. Calm down, y/n, it’s just a dream.”

“Hey, I’m still here,” Del said, sounding annoyed, “And I can hear you. Why don’t you pinch yourself? Or even better, I pinch you.”

“No, you’re being ridiculous!” You said and spun around again, “I can pinch myself, thank you very much.”

Del held his hands up in defeat and laughed quietly, “Whatever you say, damn you’re a feisty one.”

“Shut up,” you grumbled but then started pinching yourself, panicking after a few tries and even more when you realised that nothing was happening, “Oh God, no. I’m losing my mind! Russel!”

“He is a heavy sleeper, I remember that much,” Del smiled fondly, “Been ages since we talked the last time.”

“What do you mean?” You asked, facing the so-called ghost again.

“I’m only here when he sleeps,” Del said, looking deflated all of a sudden, “Did he say nothing about me? I should whoop his ass.”

“No, nono, he did tell me about you,” you replied, “Fuck, am I actually talking to you?”

“You sure are, miss.”

“I need a glass of water,” you eventually decided, not knowing how else to cope with this. You felt quite dizzy and there was no way, you were going to faint now.


When you came back, Del was still there, sitting in the chair again. No dream then, this was real, you thought to yourself.

“I'm… I’m gonna go back to sleep now,” you said, walking back to the bed without taking your eyes off of him, “Okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll be here,” Del winked, “Hope this doesn’t make it weird.”

“No, I-I mean, it might take a little time,” you mumbled, already yawning.

“Can you do me a favour?” He asked and you tried focusing on him as you were falling asleep. You nodded and he sighed, “Can you tell him that I miss him?”


Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Castiel, John (mentioned once), Crowley (mentioned), Rowena (mentioned once), Lisa (mentioned once), Jessica (mentioned once)

Word Count: 3,272

Warnings: Loss of memories, a little bit of angst, This was loosely based on “Regarding Dean” but I changed a lot of it around

Summary: You get hit with a curse that makes you lose your memories. How can you cope without knowing who is who? 

Author’s Note: Please, leave requests that you want me to write! Also, if you want to be tagged for future fics and for my Series Rewrite series coming soon, let me know!

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Originally posted by bittercasblogger

“Man that hunt really kicked my ass.” You huffed as you exited the car.

“Yeah are you sure you’re okay? You took a pretty big fall back there.” Sam asked as he followed suit.

“Yeah, I feel fine. I just need a shower and some rest. Then in the morning, I’ll be good as new.” You smiled at the boys before going I side the Bunker and to the bathroom.

You were covered in guck and grime from the ghost hunt you and the boys came back from. This ghost happened to be in the woods and was chasing you so you could buy time for Sam and Dean to find his bones. They got to them just in time because that ghost was out for blood and it wanted you.

You peeled off your clothes and put them in the bathtub before climbing in the shower. You had just gotten finished with washing your body when you had a splitting headache. You cried out in pain and held your head, hoping the pain would stop. It felt like your brain was sizzling from the inside out and there was nothing you could do about it.

You knocked over some stuff but within the next minute; it was gone. You gasped and you tried to wrap your head around what just happened when there was a knocking on the bathroom door.

“Y/N? You okay in there?” You heard Dean call for you.

“Yeah! I’m fine! Accidentally knocked something over and it scared me!” You lied. You didn’t know what that was but you didn’t want to worry the boys about it.

“Oh okay, just checking.” You could hear the retreating footsteps of the older Winchester. You sighed and finished with your shower before getting out. You wrapped the towel around yourself and walked back to your room. You were just about to get dressed when you felt a pair of hands grab your waist.

“You smell so good.” You heard Dean say as he nuzzles your neck. You jumped up and scrambled to get away from him.

“Dean! What the hell are you doing? Get out!” You tried to cover yourself up because why would Dean be in here?

“Whoa, sweetheart, relax. I’ll go.” He put his hands up in surrender and left your room. You had your towel gripped between your hands and you tried to slow down your breathing and heartbeat.

You walked over to your closet and frowned when you saw that there were less clothes than usual. Thinking that they were in the laundry, you grabbed a pair of sweats and one of Dean’s old Led Zeppelin shirts and put that on. You walked outside and to the library where you heard hushed whispering.

“Dean what the hell were you doing in my room?” You crossed your arms when you saw the boys.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart, I’ll ask the next time.” Dean apologized.

“I was naked, you could have knocked.”

“I’ve seen you naked before.” He chuckled. Your eyes widened at this. No, he hasn’t so why was he saying he had?

“No you haven’t. I think I would remember you seeing me naked.” You crossed your arms across your midriff as if you were hiding yourself.

“Yes I have. Are you sure you’re okay?”

“I’m fine but you haven’t. Why do you think you have?” You sat down across from them. Shit was getting weird.

“We’re dating? We’ve had sex before.” He chuckled nervously.

“Again, I think I would remember if we had sex.” You’re not going to lie; Dean was attractive as hell and you would think you would remember if you had sex with the man who was sex on bow-legs. Dean and Sam looked at each other and got up. Dean walked over to you and put a hand on your forehead.

“She isn’t burning up.” Dean frowned.

“What are you doing?” You looked confused.

“Call Cas.” Sam suggested. At the mere mention of his name, the Angel appeared inside the Bunker.

“Why do you need to call me?” Castiel looked confused.

“Something’s wrong with Y/N.” Dean looked concerned.

“There’s nothing wrong with me. Why do you think that?” No one answered you as Cas made his way over to you and placed two fingers to your head. You looked up at Cas and watched as his face contorted from confusion to concern. He pulled his hand away and looked at Dean.

“She’s losing her memories.” You scoffed at this.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Regarding what you said about the subtext of John being an abusive father (I'd say it's textual), I'd like to explain why it's important to me (and others). It's a very realistic depiction of parental abuse. We don't know whether he was physically abusive or not, but it's pretty clear he was at least physically threatening, and tbh, that's scary enough. I, and many others I'd assume, wish he wasn't abusive, the same way we wish our own parents weren't. (1/3)

especially when you know they have their own issues, thus you feel sorry for them and love them and feel a responsibility to provide emotional support even though they’re taking their problems out on you. It’s very conflicting and I find myself getting angry when sam and dean praise john until I remember I do the same thing. It hits very close to home and I can see myself in both sam and dean’s reaction to it. (2/3)

And a lot of the time we never get to confront them, then all we can do is work past the demons we were left with. Trust me, I’d love for dean (especially) and sam to confront john’s ghost but I would be happy enough with them opening up about it more to each other and to mary. They have grown a lot and have more and more come to terms with what he did to them but talking about it would work as the final step to work past it. (3/3)

(I’m not going to add to this as it is really touching and a great example of when an emotional reading in the show is very different to meta as my meta on john isn’t what my emotional response is and your emotional response is different to mine and I agree that yours is entirely valid and gives me great pause for thought!)

Vixens (Archie Andrews)

Summary: The reader and Archie have been friends for quite a while now and at some point you developed a pretty big crush on him but you decided to back off because Betty liked him but when Betty starts dating Jughead, she and Veronica try to convince you to go for it.  

Small Towns like Riverdale make it hard to go unnoticed, you knew people like the Lodges got it the worst. If it weren’t for the death of Jason Blossom, the arrival of Veronica and her mother would have been the news of year. People don’t usually leave Riverdale, much less come back to it and when word got around about Ronnie’s dad and you had to admit, for once in your life you wished things would go back to being quiet. If not just for your friends sake.

You found it easy to become close with Veronica, you had met her during her tryouts to be a rivervixen and couldn’t stop thanking her for bringing Betty out of her shell. You could tell it meant a lot to the blonde to be on the team and you were happy for the old friend you had recently lost touch with.

You knew that part was completely your fault, the fall out really began a few summers before. It was around the time Bettys school girl crush on Archie Andrews was really beginning to grow. And every time she talked about him it made your heart ache because you knew how deeply she felt for him and you knew it wasn’t fair of you to feel the same way. Archie was hers, they were, as Kevin liked to call it, endgame, and it devistated you.

But no matter what Betty had been like a sister to you, and you missed her more than anything. Veronica was that person who managed to pull the two of you together again, and when you entrusted her in your feelings for the red headed boy she understood and you were beyond thankful for that.

What you weren’t 100 percent thankful for was the way she started to act once Betty and Jughead became a thing. She was slowly becoming a non stop Cupid who thought it was her job to get the two of you together. You had watched Betty get turned down and it nearly crushed her, you didn’t want to have to go through that, but Veronica was stubborn.

“Tell y/n she’s being ridiculous​, Archie’s been eyeing her all week,” Veronica exclaimed to Betty making you groan from your spot on the bed. You had been hesitant at first to tell Betty about your feelings for Archie but in the end you were glad you did. It helped ease the guilt you had carries around for all those years and she couldn’t have been more cool about it.

“It’s a scary thing Ronnie, telling a guy how you feel, especially a guy like Archie,” you gave the girl an approving nod.

“My thoughts exactly,” you said.

Veronica just rolled her eyes, joining you on the bed,“ but not when that guy’s been swooning over you like crazy, he’s totally in love you y/n you just need to-”

“Tell him, I know,” you recited, “I’m gonna get some air, all this talk about me and Archie is making me sick,” Betty and Veronica shared sympathetic glances.

“Alright,” Betty spoke up, unsure about how to comfort you,“ just don’t be long, we promise to stop talking about this when you get back.”

“I didn’t promise anything,” Veronica said and Betty threw her a hard look.

“No Archie talk,” she said firmly,“ in fact no boy talk at all.”

You agreed to that and eventually Ronnie did to,“ I’ll be back,” you promised, grabbing your sweater and making your way down stairs. Bettys parents had been away for the night so you weren’t worried about running into them and where you normally would have headed out the back door to avoid them you instead veered towards the front of the house.

It wasn’t over chilly outside, and the air did make you feel a lot better. But the though of Archie being in the house right next to you made your stomach flip. You could hear Betty and Veronica mumbling through the open window though it was too hard to make out what they were saying. And the harder you tried to concentrate on it, the less aware you became of your surroundings. You didn’t even notice another person approaching you until they were right next to you.

“Hey, y/n, I haven’t seen you in a while,” you looked over your shoulder at Archie who was dressed in his pajamas. His hair slightly disheveled.

“Archie,” you smiled, feeling your face warm up. “What are you doing out here.”

He shrugged,“ just needed a minute to myself, Jughead’s asleep in my room and my dad took the couch down stairs, so I thought I’d come out here. You staying with Betty tonight?”

You nodded, rubbing rubbing your hands together,“ yeah, me and Veronica are, you know If you wanted to be alone you don’t have to sit and talk to me.”

He just smiled and sat on the front steps, motioning for you to join him,“ I like talking to you, it doesn’t get boring or awkward. Unless of course you were going in?” He wondered aloud.

“No,” you shook your head,“ no we can talk.”.

You sat next to him, not saying much which felt awfully awkward to you but he didn’t seem to mind. He stared intently at the street, you could almost see the thoughts swirling around behind his eyelids.  

“What’s on your mind?” You asking, following his gaze then turning back to him.  

You watched a smile slowly grow on his face as he began to speak, not looking away from the road. “Do you remember when we were kids, you were staying with Betty and Jughead was at my house, kind of like tonight. And we all met in my backyard and played all those scary games, Betty got tired and went inside but you were determined to stay out with me and Jug. We ended up playing that one game,” you thought back.

“It was like hide and seek right?  I had to find you and Jughead before the “ghost” caught me,” you remembered.  

“Yeah yeah, that one, and by the end of it you were so freaked out you made me walking you back to the house and stand guard by the door until you were back in the room with Betty.”

“She was already asleep so I called you up on the walkie talkies so you could talk to me until I was sleeping.”

“I talked for a good ten minutes before I realized you had already passed out,” you laughed.

“You did not,” you said and he shook his head.

“No, I really did, but I was so tired I’m sure it sounded more like incoherent mumbling towards the end,” you thought back to that night, wondering how your feelings for him could have changed so dramatically. One moment you were tackling each other in the grass without a second thought and the next his shoulder was grazing against yours and your brain seemed to go haywire.

“You were my hero Archie Andrews,” you said giving him a toothy grin which he returned.

“I was your distraction,” he clarified and you shook your head.

“Not to a kid, I thought you were the most amazing person in the world that night,” you said, you could see him blushing even in the dim lighting.

“And every day after that to huh?” He asked as more of a joke but your answer was nothing but. Your respect and admiration for him had only grown since then and you weren’t afraid to admit it.

“Pretty much,” you told him, hoping he would catch the sincerity.

He didn’t seem over taken back but you could tell he was happy with your response,“ your pretty  amazing to you know.”

You gazed at him through the corner of your eye,“ yeah?”

“Yeah,” he confirmed with a shy smile.

You were loving this, sitting there, talking to him as you had when you were younger, like nothing had changed. But a lot had changed, things he didn’t even know about,“ I should really be getting back inside,” you announced and he sighed.

“I probably should to,” he stood up, pushing a hand out to help you up.

“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow,” you said, figuring you were bound to run into each other at some point the next day.

“I guess so,” he said before hesitantly leaning forward and kissing you on the cheek.

Your throat quickly became dry, you swallowed thickly,“ goodnight Archie,” you spoke, your voice slightly hoarse

His face broke out into yet another smile,“ goodnight y/n.”

You were the first one to turn to leave, you quickly opened the door and closed it quietly. Moving up the stairs with a racing heart. When you entered the room you were met with the two girls grinning up at you from beside the windowsill.

“We’re you guys listening to our conversation?” You asked and they looked at each other with a shrug.

“I don’t know what your talking about” Veronica said and Betty agreed but the smiles on their faces said otherwise.

You sat down on the bed, eyeing them carefully before relaxing into the blankets.

Betty came up beside you, looking awfully guilty,“ Veronica was right you know, he really likes you.”

“He didn’t say that,” you protested.

“He might as well have” Veronica butted in. From the pocket of your sweatpants your phone buzzed and you were fairly surprised when you saw who it was from.

I forgot to ask you when we’re outside but I wanted to know if you were free on Friday? Signed Archie.


Summary: Being in love with your sister’s husband is the worst

Words: 875 (drabble)

Dean x Reader, Dean x Jo

Warnings: angst I guess?

A/N: this is part of @faith-in-dean ‘s hamilnatural challenge! my song was Satisfied (duh)

Your name: submit What is this?

Love hurts.

That’s what they say, isn’t it?

And they’re damn right it hurts. Hurts like hell.

Being in love sucks.

But being in love with your sister’s husband… that… that is excruciating.

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Supernatural: Monster of the Week
WEEK 1 OF 12 · Ghosts

I was still in pigtails when my Dad died, but I remember him coming home from a hunt. He’d burst through that door like, like Steve McQueen or something. And he’d sweep me up in his arms, and I’d breathe in that old leather jacket of his. And my mom, who was sour and pissed from the minute he left, she started smiling again. And we were… we were a family. You wanna know why I want to do the job? For him. It’s my way of being close to him. Now tell me what’s wrong with that.
⋉ 2.06 No Exit ⋊

Do You Remember? (LIL Part 3)

Lessons In Love
Author: @riversong-sam
Word Count: 372
Parings: Dean x Reader
Warnings: aemail to dean 
A/N: Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Dear Dean,
Don’t bother tracing this email. I have it routed through so many countries and bouncing signals all over the world. It really isn’t worth the effort.
Please don’t reply to this either ok? I won’t respond.
I do have a question though.
Do you remember Dean?
Do you remember when we first met? We were on the same ghost hunt. A vengeful spirit in Oklahoma. You and Sam were being knocked around trying to burn those bones. You were pretty beat up when I stepped in to save your ass.
Remember going out for drinks after? How you were pretty hurt that a girl saved your ass?
“We had it!” you told me. I just laughed because I knew better.
Perhaps you remember when you took me to one of Bobby’s cabins, because I said I’d never been to a cabin before. You took me for a week. We hiked and swam in the lake. It was wonderful and I am forever grateful for the memories I made with you. Both you and Sam.
Thank you for saving me Dean. On all those bad hunts were I got hurt. For being my friend, for everything.
I bid thee farewell Dean Winchester. You may see me again someday but until then…
All my love,
(Y/N) (Y/L/N)
Sighing you sent the email to Dean. He just had to learn. So dwell on the memories you shared.
Once you thought it was safe you sent Sam a text.
DO NOT Show this to Dean. I WILL KNOW WINCHESTER! Delete this after you’ve read and traced it. We need to talk meet me only after Dean is gone to bed. I never left Sammy.
Smiling you sent the text. You trusted Sam to follow your instructions. In fact he’d probably have fun helping you get that stubborn brother of his to get his head out of his ass. You had a lot to do but until they were asleep you couldn’t risk leaving to get food. Luckily you had prepared and already had some in your new room with you.
Plugging your headphones into your laptop you turn on your favorite show from Netflix and munch on your food waiting until Sam came.

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Lessons In Love:


Encouragement // Mark Tuan

Originally posted by markjin

Pairing: Mark x Reader

Genre: Fluff, best-friend Mark

Summary; You’re Mark’s best friend - and you’re always encouraging him every single day to reach to the sky to achieve all of his dreams.

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