do you remember when king of hell started flirting with a time lord

Thoughts on It (2017)

Asshole audiences need to read the fucken book before they laugh at things they really shouldn’t be laughing at, fucken jerks

Bill Skarsgard was wonderful. I enjoyed his performance so much I actually found myself more than once secretly cheering Pennywise on. “Yeah, you go, man! You fill the room and scare the hell out of these kids, you DO YOU SWEETIE!”

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My Arrow Premiere Thoughts: 3x01 "The Calm"

Wow, what a ride, right guys?  Holy heck.  Do I think it was worth the wait?  Yes, I do.  Do I think it lived up to the promise?  Yes, I do.  

Do I think those are subjective judgements on my part?  Yes, I do.  So no judgement if you hated it.  So long as you offer me the same courtesy. 

Without further ado… (disclaimer: gifs not mine cuz i’m scattered)

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