do you remember adam


Nat: Do you remember Mina? She stopped by the diner today and asked if I could cater an office party for her. And… she works for your family. Like – the family you guys don’t associate with.

Ellie: What, you think she’s part of some big conspiracy or something?

Nat: I don’t know. With Aidan trying to get close to Toccata…

Ellie: That’s Aidan. Mina wouldn’t even know about the inheritance.

Nat: Yeah, well, that’s… the other thing.

okay, so we all know this quote that floats around tumblr:

“Making Ronan Lynch smile felt as charged as making a bargain with Cabeswater. These were not forces to play with.”

but do you REMEMBER what adam did to make ronan smile?? because i sure as heck didn’t until i started re-reading the raven king.

the gang is taking freshly manifested orphan girl to cabeswater to live with aurora lynch, and the whole scene is quite magical… with ronan protectively carrying orphan girl through cabeswater like she’s his family, orphan girl manifesting a song from cabeswater to brighten ronan’s mood like he’s her family, and gansey turning falling leaves into little fish that tease blue for him – and cabeswater literally nudges adam and tells him, “happiness,” and he is like, “nah, i’m good,” so cabeswater is like, “no seriously HAPPINESS,” and adam relents and decides to put out some intention of his own, and what decides to manifest?? RONAN LYNCH’S MUSIC. gansey and blue are all, “ronan you douchebag stop it!!” but ronan looks at adam like ??, and adam’s mouth does like 20% of a smile, and ronan breaks out into his “reserved for his sweet and precious lovable matthew lynch” smile. for adam. because adam’s idea of happiness is drowning in ronan lynch and his terrible music and his poor soul hardly even knows it yet oh my GOODNESS

people who are hating mikael, i’d just like to remind you of one small detail:

when mutasim started talking about even in the SMS roulette video, after adam said “do you remember what went down between even and mikael?”, mikael immediately told mutasim to drop it, saying, “it’s not important”, because that isn’t something even would want broadcasting, and for everyone to know. it was a private thing that happened, a thing that led to many devastating turn of events, and is something that is best kept between the least amount of people as possible. 

mikael told mutasim to drop it, stop speaking about it, in that instant, because mikael still cares about his friend. he still has even’s number on his contact list. he harbours no resentment towards him. 

yes, at 17, he may have in an overwhelmed state of mind, completely flipped out. but, at 20, he’s still got his best friend’s phone number. he still considers even as an important person in his life. even still holds value and meaning in mikael’s life. 

#154 [Kenny Omega]

Requested, #154. “I dreamt about you last night.” (Prompt from here.)

Author Note: Just something cute and fluffy. ~1200 words.

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I got dreams that keep me up in the dead of night, telling me I wasn’t made for the simple life. There’s a light I see, but it’s far in the distance….

“Look at you, all comfy and cute. Bet you’d look better without clothes though.”


“DAMMIT!” You laughed happily, your eyes scanning your phone screen, taking in the moving image of your boyfriend, his own smile bright on his face, despite his proposal being shot down.

Though it was approaching bedtime for you, his day was already moving into the afternoon. Managing the fourteen hour time difference required a specific balancing act of interactions between the both of you. It included a lot of missed calls, and texts returned hours after they were sent. Facetime was a literal gift from the heavens in your world, and you lived for the times where your schedules lined up just perfectly to allow it.

Like right now. Which was the first time you were seeing his face in almost three days.

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But re-imagine the scene in Blue Lily Lily Blue where Ronan makes Adam get in the shopping cart but this time Opal is with them

  • Ronan finally takes it upon himself to buy Opal some new clothes because he’s tired of seeing her in the same outfit everyday
  • He drags Adam along to the store as well because “How the fuck should I know what dream creatures wear. If Blue was here I would’ve let her fashion something out of an old pair of curtains.”
  • Adam just shakes his head in exasperation
  • So they go to the store and Opal goes with them wearing a pair of welly boots that are far too big but the only thing that will conceal her hooves.
  • She sits in the cart Adam pushes round while Ronan holds up obscure items of clothing that no one in their right mind would ever put on their backs
  • Opal hates the selection of children’s clothing and keeps throwing it out of the cart whenever Adam approves any of Ronan’s suggestions
  • Ronan starts to lose his temper and he’s hissing at Opal
  • But as they go past the men’s jumper aisle Opal starts kerah-ing and reaching out to try and pull the jumpers off their hangers
  • So Adam and Ronan pick out a bunch of jumpers and heap them on top of Opal who finally seems happy 
  • After they’ve paid and made it back out to the parking lot, Ronan snatches the cart from Adam’s grip accidentally brushing his hands against Adam’s ofc and once again orders Adam to get in
  • Adam is like “Do you not remember what happened last time?”
  • And Ronan is all “I’ll kiss it all better if you get scraped up.”
  • And Adam is like “Why are you like this.” but gets in anyway because it’s basically tradition
  • Adam has to sit with Opal squashed between his knees and he’s really uncomfy but he’s laughing and as Ronan starts to run, gaining speed, Opal is kerah-ing at the top of her lungs and Ronan is swearing and they go skidding across the parking lot and people are staring and shaking their heads and muttering something about irresponsible parenting but the boys don’t hear any of it because the wind is in their ears and the wheels are clattering over the tarmac and they scrape past the BMW, just managing to avoid it
  • Of course the cart ends up on it’s side and Opal manages to escape the wreckage unscathed thanks to Adam’s protecting her with his body as they went flying from the cart 
  • Ronan is the first one on his feet and he stands for a minute judging the distance they managed to travel and he’s impressed
  • Then he goes over to where Adam is still laying on the ground, one side of his face bloody and his hands covered in grit
  • Opal has pranced away in her welly boots and is singing what Adam recognises as the Murder Squash Song
  • Ronan looks down at Adam, shielding his eyes against the sun, grinning a wicked grin
  • “You are a terrible parent.” Adam groans
  • “You are a terrible liar.” Ronan spits back
  • And Adam laughs because Ronan’s right. 
  • Opal is unharmed and she’s smiling for once and trying to eat some of the gravel that’s stuck in her hair
  • And then Adam holds out his hand so that Ronan can pull him up which he does, rather violently so that Adam ends up crashing into Ronan’s mouth and they get caught in a triumphant kiss, Adam wincing slightly as Ronan brings his hand up to Adam’s ruined face
  • “I’ll dream you something to fix that up later.” Ronan mutters as he finally pulls away 
  • But Adam shakes his head 
  • “I think you could dream up a better way to distract  me from the pain.”
  • And Adam fucking Parrish pinches Ronan’s ass and then just walks away and gets into the driver’s side of the BMW, slamming the door and revving the engine and Ronan almost forgets to bundle Opal and the shopping bags into the car in his haste to get back to Adam’s little room at St Agnes’

2dead2function  asked:

Could your please write a Kovic x reader where they've been friends since high school and now that they are working together at funhaus Adam finally has the courage to make a move on his long time friend. Lots of fluff and "stuff" emphasis on stuff! Thank you so very much!! I love your writing and I was beyond happy to see your prompts open! Keep up the amazing work!!!

A/N - And here we are for the last fic of this batch! Aww, thank you so much, friend! It’s always a ton of fun writing Kovic! I wasn’t quite sure what you meant by ‘‘stuff’‘‘, so I kinda just went with an overly fluffy and super goofy idea - so I hope that’s OK!

Pairing - Adam x Reader

Warnings - None.

Word Count - 1, 803

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Save Tonight

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Characters: Adam x Reader, Castiel, Sam, Dean

Word Count: 1805

Warning: Talk of Torture, Angst, Some Fluff 

Summary:  After switching places with Adam in the pit, the reader faces the full wrath of Michael and Lucifer.  Can Adam find a way to rescue her?  (Sequel to Towards Oblivion)

A/N:  Wow, it’s been over three months since I wrote Towards Oblivion.  And have had three request for a second part.  So, at long last here we are.  Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry.  Special thanks to @the-winchester-pack for helping me through my writers block on this one.

You opened your eyes slowly, the blind light causing your eyes to water.  Your fingers dug into the ground beneath you, and you steeled yourself of whatever trick Lucifer had in store for you.  But your fingers sunk into the ground, wet and protesting. Groaning as your bones protested, you rolled over.  

It was the smell that brought you back.  You couldn’t remember what you were looking at, but you remember the smell: musty, earthly, fresh.  

Memories flashed in your mind, making you head ache.  

Grass.  It was grass.  You’d forgotten.

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lmao i’m dyin my dad told me two days ago he’d only seen tfa once when we saw it in the theaters but like I KNOW he’s seen it more than that because i’ve had it on before 

and today we were talking to my uncle and he was talking about one of his students named ‘finn’ and my dad jokes ‘is his full name fn-2187??’ HOW DOES HE REMEMBER FINN’S EXACT DESIGNATION IF HE’S ONLY SEEN IT ONCE, HM???

anonymous asked:

hey aymmi - i can't quite remember, but wasn't adam like.. being p gross to blue and when they were fighting called her a "such a feminist" but obvs in like a v derogatory way ?? idk i was never really 100% Okay w how adam treated blue but what do you think? :/c

oh yes i remember that how could i not,, adam grew in a very bad enviroment and therefore it explains why he was so angry and distant all the time. i mean he dealt with a lot of repressed anger that Exploded with blue because at that moment adam liked her and couldnt stand that she didnt like him back. totally a shitty thing to do but its kind of understandable? its still shitty tho

but adam in the first two books was so.. i dont know. i was kind of :/ for having his story revolving around being liked by blue or not,, but nothing we can do about it (part of why i believe maggie hadnt wanted to write a love story for adam and ronan since the beginning)

and about that feminist thing, he was actually quoting gansey. if im not mistaken he said something like “wow gansey was right, you are such a raging feminist sometimes” or smth like that?? 

The Winchester Temper

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Paring: Past JessxSam, SamxReader, Liam (OC), Ava (OC), JohnxMary, Adam Milligan
Word count: 2,882
Warnings: Swearing

Part 12 of Chocolate Cupcakes

After the first night that you stayed there, Sam surprised you the following weekend. He’d bought you your own toothbrush, gave you your own little drawer (still telling you no pajamas, which made you chuckle), and kept some of your favorite foods in the fridge.

Now that you were getting a little more serious, Mary invited you over for Sunday dinner. It had been almost a month since you’d first told each other that you loved the other, and neither of you regretted it.

Adam was finally going to see his father, and you hugged him tight. You wanted nothing but the best for him and told him that if his father was a dick, to let you know. He was your close friend, and refused to let anyone hurt him. After kissing his cheek, and wishing him good luck, you made your way out the door where Sam had just pulled up.

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Okay so do you remember how Gansey says that meeting Blue, Ronan, Adam and Noah felt so right and how he repeatedly says he feels like he’s already experienced things, so if he’s always felt the time-slipping after his second death, and also taking into account that time is circular, Cabeswater rebuilt him out of bits of his friends  and that would explain why he felt so right and complete after meeting each of them, how with each of them he already felt like they’d belonged there all along. Every time one of them met him he had finally found one of his missing pieces.