do you remember adam

Do you ever remember that Gansey and Ronan RAN to make it to Adam’s court case in time

Do you ever wonder how that went down. Like, do you think they were sitting in second period, both of them putting together that Adam wasn’t there, and both of them panic for a moment before remembering that Adam has moved away from home and it isn’t for the same reason it used to be

And then Gansey uses his Gansey Charm Power to get the office staff to tell him why Adam called out

And then they look at each other and don’t say a word and just RUSH to the courthouse, Gansey ignoring the speed limit for once in his life and them running up staircases trying to find the right courtroom (holy shit there are so MANY why are there so many)

And Ronan fucking ties his tie right because this is Adam and this is Important

And Adam might think he is unknowable but they know him better than he knows himself

Do you ever cry

okay, so we all know this quote that floats around tumblr:

“Making Ronan Lynch smile felt as charged as making a bargain with Cabeswater. These were not forces to play with.”

but do you REMEMBER what adam did to make ronan smile?? because i sure as heck didn’t until i started re-reading the raven king.

the gang is taking freshly manifested orphan girl to cabeswater to live with aurora lynch, and the whole scene is quite magical… with ronan protectively carrying orphan girl through cabeswater like she’s his family, orphan girl manifesting a song from cabeswater to brighten ronan’s mood like he’s her family, and gansey turning falling leaves into little fish that tease blue for him – and cabeswater literally nudges adam and tells him, “happiness,” and he is like, “nah, i’m good,” so cabeswater is like, “no seriously HAPPINESS,” and adam relents and decides to put out some intention of his own, and what decides to manifest?? RONAN LYNCH’S MUSIC. gansey and blue are all, “ronan you douchebag stop it!!” but ronan looks at adam like ??, and adam’s mouth does like 20% of a smile, and ronan breaks out into his “reserved for his sweet and precious lovable matthew lynch” smile. for adam. because adam’s idea of happiness is drowning in ronan lynch and his terrible music and his poor soul hardly even knows it yet oh my GOODNESS

  •  You do remember #OutlawQueen fandom still exists, don’t you?
    • of course! (x)
  • I heard Lana is leaving the show, is this true?
    • have no idea why this rumor is going around (x)
  • You and the other writers keep saying how happy you guys are to wrote a hopeful show -(1) Do you not take rumbelle fans into that consideration lol? Ive been crying almost every episode now. (2)
    • so sorry you feel such agony for them.  I hope you like their journey this season.  It’s not over! (x)

  • Is there going to be more about charming’s father?
    • yes  (x)
  • I admire you so much for staying on twitter and dealing with all this crap and hate so nicely! You’re awesome!
    • thank you! (x)
  • Is Emmas character based on any fairytale character?
    • no.  She was meant to be a new fairy tale character (x)
  • Is this the last season of once upon a time :(
    • hope not! (x)    
  • Do we find out anything exciting about hook this season??
    • hope so! (x)
  •   Was graham’s death always planned or was it because he was cast in Fifty shades of grey?
    • always planned (x)
  • Was it ever written that Mr. Gold’s “cursed” first name is Eli?
    • no (x)
  • Really depressed about this show, please send some hope my way, especially regarding rumbelle
    • there’s an old saying.  It’s always darkest before the dawn. (x)
  • Should I look forward to some #CaptainSwan scenes Sunday?
    • if you mean do Emma and Hook have scenes together?  Yes, they do.  Multiple scenes.  #nospoilers (x)
  • What kind of things should we expect to see these next few episodes?? And any Captain Charming scenes?? xx
    • yes, they have scenes together in upcoming eps (x)
  • There are rumours Lana won’t be returning after 6x11? Is that true?
    • not true (x)   

anonymous asked:

Do you remember the photo of you and adam sandler from like, 2 years ago. I think about that a lot, how on EARTH did that happen.

some secrets are better left a mystery

Okay so do you remember how Gansey says that meeting Blue, Ronan, Adam and Noah felt so right and how he repeatedly says he feels like he’s already experienced things, so if he’s always felt the time-slipping after his second death, and also taking into account that time is circular, Cabeswater rebuilt him out of bits of his friends  and that would explain why he felt so right and complete after meeting each of them, how with each of them he already felt like they’d belonged there all along. Every time one of them met him he had finally found one of his missing pieces.