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I feel so horrible because I looked up to CJ...I can't believe they would say such things about Mark and then love Jack in a weird.way...I hate that I ever defended them too.

Hey man, it’s alright. Don’t beat yourself up over that. It happens. The important thing is that you know now, yeah?

Okay but did anyone else notice

that Victor had his eyes on Yuuri

even before

he got drunk and went off the rails?

I realize I grew up in a very privileged situation and I think instead of me just being happy for myself, I want to give that to people that don’t necessarily get that opportunity.

Tobin Heath - CSN Tomboy

the way you workin’ that motion, boy you got me in a trance

Ugh, remember that time a very popular medical drama had two gay characters in one episode, and it turned out one had a medical problem causing him to be gay, and the other was just lying and they were really both straight? And the main character insisted no one could possibly be gay and then was proven ri-

Wait. Those were asexual characters. My bad.

Christmas is coming and now what i hear everywhere comes together with what i see everywhere.

“Last Christmas, I gave you my heart 

But the very next day, you gave it away 

This year, to save me from tears

I’ll give it to someone special sober 

Once bitten and twice shy

I keep my distance but you still catch my eye

Tell me baby do you recognize me? 

Well it’s been a year, it doesn’t surprise me”  except it fucking DID

….GOD DAMN this song feels different this year XD


So is anyone gonna color these linearts or do I really have to do it myself


Post-split Panic! At The Disco + memories

It's called trash can, not trash cannot

Backstory: So this is a GURPS campaign, where the GM has devised an entire system of magic, and technically everyone has magical abilities, but we more or less match some general DnD Classes aside from our magic, for reference. This is after the Rogue (me), Healer (my irl sibling), Gunslinger and Sorcerer, have finished robbing the Rogue’s estranged father’s house for magical artifacts. The Healer is the only good alignment in this campaign.

GM: As you are ready to leave you hear a loud voice behind you say “What do you think you’re doing?” You recognize it as the Rogue’s father.

Gunslinger (to Rogue): I have my regular gun and a dart gun, just say the word.

Rogue:*mouths* Dart him.

GM: The dart hits and he falls unconscious right there, outside of his back door. What will you do with him?

Healer (OOC): We are going to take him back inside right?

Rogue (OOC to GM): …Didn’t you say there were trash cans back here when we were first breaking in? 

GM: *laughs* Yes?

Rogue: We should throw him in the trash.

Sorcerer: Why don’t we take him back to interrogate him? Like torture and stuff.

Rogue: That is literally the opposite of what we need right now! What will we even do with him afterwards? And he won’t know shit anyway. Also, I was serious before about the trash.

Gunslinger: Let’s leave him and go already.

Healer: We can’t just…Leave him out here.

Rogue: Sure we can, kiddo.

Healer. But it’s not right!


Rogue: You’re right, we shouldn’t. Help me lift him up.

Healer: Good. (OOC) I help him lift his dad up.

Rogue (OOC): Now I heave him into the trash before the Healer can realize what’s happening.

GM: …

GM: Alright. The Rogue throws his trash dad into the trash can.  

Healer: What..?

Rogue (OOC): I feel very accomplished right now. 

One of the most freeing things you can do is recognize who, in your life, has the most power over you - then set them free. let them go so you can reach a point of understanding of what it means to truly “be”. let them go because you deserve emotional peace. let them go because nobody, other than YOU, deserves to be the source of your own well being.
—  Reyna Biddy

“How did you manage to light half the menorah? It’s the second day.”
“Careful–– the latkes are hard as hockey pucks.”
“You didn’t need to bring anything tonight, but thank you.”
“Tonight’s just for the gelt: here, let’s go watch.”
“If someone doesn’t move the menorah, the curtains are going to catch on fire.”
“Grandpa’s telling the story of the Maccabees to anyone who will listen, so watch out.”
“I’ve never actually heard the whole story of Hanukkah, I don’t think.”
“It’s impossible to cheat at dreidel, calm down.”
“Do you know how impossible it was to find Hanukkah lights for the house? Sit down and enjoy it.”
“I think that the stash of sufganiot was raided. And by I think, I mean I raided the stash of sufganiot. Run!”
“If I hear another Christmas carol, I might scream.”
“And there go the curtains. Why didn’t someone move the menorah?”
“Come on, let’s go home. We’ll be here again tomorrow night.”
“One night down, seven to go.”

I’m not saying you don’t have a right to feel pissed off and sling some good old-fashioned profanity – God knows I love me some profanity – but you have to remember that these are people. They voted the way they did because they either belong to a conservative group or a middle group that swings between Republican and Democrat. If they’re stepping up and have the integrity to admit regret, that’s a good thing. It’s a step out of the circle they were in and toward the general direction of yours. If the only response they get is dickheads spewing bile at them, they are going to back out of the room and find safety where they came from, among the group that elected Trump in the first place.

You don’t have to have sympathy for them. You don’t have to love them or like them or make babies with them. But you do have to recognize that if you don’t at least acknowledge their regret as a step toward positive change, you are perpetuating the problem. By hurling insults and anger, you are actively preventing them from coming around to your side’s way of thinking.

5 Absolute Wrong Ways To Respond To Remorseful Trump Voters