do you reblog ducks

anonymous asked:

Please make a kickstarter for "Ducks"

Sorry, but no. Ducks is an amateur project, I don’t want it to become a professional one, as that would be too much pressure, and I’m not confident in my abilities to deliver on it. Which is why I’m not accepting any money donations.

If you want to support Ducks, you can do it by reblogging the original post and telling your friends about it. 


hey uh

taking a break from animation hw to um

say thank you or smthing???

thanks for all the really sweet tags that compliment my style and praise my expressions and just generally-REALLY nice stuff?

idk this is already weird i just feel like i should express my gratitude cause reading tags and getting asks like, it all makes something I love doing all the more worth while and I’m really, really thankful for that.

sorry to intrude on your feed okaayyy