do you really want to send that

Full body or bust shot colored (clean) sketch.
$25 for 1 character normally,
+ $10 for every additional character.
* If the character is REALLY simple (like Kirby), I might charge less.
* I want you to be happy with your commission, but if you’re not satisfied with it, I will not re-draw it. You can request small changes though!

Things I’ll do : Fanarts, your ocs (make sure to send the resume of OC to me)
Things I won’t do : NSFW, complex machinery, gore, comic/manga (I’ll do illust only)
Payment : Paypal only


If you are interested, please e-mail me at :

No need to e-mail me to ask if you can have a commission first.
Just send your Paypal Email, references and any description to me!


Status : OPEN !

* All payments go through Paypal and rates go by $USD.
* Payment is non-refundable after I’ve started working on your commission.

Thank you for checking out the post!

anonymous asked:

I do art commissions on the side. Someone wanted a drawing. Sent them my ToS, they agreed, and paid me the nonrefundable down payment. I send them WIPs. I'm almost done with a fairly detailed piece and when I send the WIP photo to ask about a detail and color on a specific spot with my hand pointing at it, they demand a refund and to cancel the commission because "I didn't realize you were white." Got really mad when I said that the down payment THEY AGREED TO was NON-REFUNDABLE. W. T. F.?

anonymous asked:

is that a degree on your desk? whats your major?

That is my Certificate in Botanical Science Illustration!  In addition to that, I’m currently going to f. Lewis for graphic design (AKA how to art on computer) I do scientific and regular illustration freelance, but am slightly terrible about updating my art blog, lol.  Anyway, here’s my portfolio:

If anyone wants to commission me anything send me a not and we can talk over email about what you’d like and prices.


For those of you that remember last October I did a special limited edition of commissions. I did a Witchsona themed personal commissions where I opened up 10 slots and turned you or a loved one (or both!) into witches based on your personality and how you imagined yourself. This went over really well and was one of my favorite set of commissions I’ve done! 

This time I wanted to do one for my ACOTAR fans (or just in general people who enjoy fantasy) and I wanted to make you into High Fae of the Court of your choice! As a refresher, the courts are:

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Day, Night, and Dawn courts. 

You can send me an email at with what court you would prefer to be in, some pictures for reference, and anything else you would like to add to the picture! 

Along with a limit of 10 slots, I also have reduced prices! Check below for prices!

Waist Up Full Color: $20     Full Body Full Color: $45   

 Additional Characters (friends, family, SO): + $20

I’m so excited to get started! I’m going to keep the list here and reblog periodically so you guys can see how many slots I have left!

1. @oops-yuri

2. @littlemissbrianna

3. @patrickpanda








Again email me at with your requests!

this is my lowkey 10k celebration

I’ve been relatively inactive on this blog for awhile, letting my queue run dry for days at a time and just generally neglecting it. I’d like to get back into the swing of things. 


  • If I can go through your archives, pls like this post! i prefer loading up my queue this way rather than aimlessly sifting through my dash. 
  • If you know of any great HP blogs, pls send them me an ask and I’ll check them out! My dash is full of fandom stuff that I’m not familiar with, and I want to post more HP. 
  • If you want to just say hi, pls do! A year or two ago, I knew everyone on my dash, and it felt really nice to log in each day and feel like I had friends here. Now, I feel really.. disconnected, and it makes me sad. I’m very much a “my mutuals are my friends” kind of person, so if you wanna just talk, feel free!! 

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if i were to commission you would you end up printing the art and mailing it to me or if not would it be alright for me to print it myself..? just wondering! i really love your art fjdjdjhddh

OH MY GOD/////

this is so cuuuute i can actually send it to you from russia if you want! with a lil sketchy thing drawn on the cover….

of course you can print it and do with it whatever you want!

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Hi! I just wanted drop a quick note to tell you how much I love your "family lore" stories. You really do have a fantastic writing voice. I rarely laugh out loud, but your posts had me cackling like a villain for a solid hour. Thinking about that peach tree, I am still smiling. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for sharing some of your family history with us and that I will be looking forward to pre-ordering your book in October.

Thank you thank you thank you!

ACTUALLY, your chance to pre-order will come sooner than that!  As soon as the bank sends me my new card, I’ll be launching the kickstarter for “Family Lore” and “Seattle Bites” (the cryptid book).  it supposed to be coming this week so hopefully by Friday I’ll be hawking it for all of you!

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You make the biggest stink you need to about shitty fuckin people using your art without credit. You put time and love into every piece you create. Bunch of moldy fuckin trash bag shit-gibbons want to act that way and speak to you like that. Unbelievable. And idc if you post this publicly. Actually I wouldn't mind at all. Send them my way.

It’s so dumb bb, I’m really scared of upsetting people - REALLY SUPER SCARED, good job being on the internet I guess, pff - like I wish I just hadn’t said anything on that picture in the first place. They do make a good point in that my watermark is on it too, I shoulda just left it alone in the first place I think :( Feeling pretty sad rn

EDIT: OH!! I really really really hope no one will attack the people who posted it and stuff, please I’m really not upset about that at all and yelling at them would only make me feel worse, don’t yell at anyone for my sake pls <3 

EDIT #2: I won’t delete this ask in case anyone wants to hear what happened (especially the people who were upset in the first place - I’m sorry!), but I absolutely don’t want anyone going off on that other post so I deleted it now. Ych y fi what a mess :(

im still not Officially Back Yet or anything, i just wanted to drop in and say: day 2 of ramadan and honestly…i love ramadan i love being muslim i love allah i love muhammad so much!!!!! i feel really good and really peaceful, i could cry about it!!!! i’ve been so stressed out and ramadan always feels like coming home; i hope everyone is doing well, and i hope my muslim mutuals and followers are having a really good ramadan! <3 <3 <3

“Dr. Flug here! Please ignore the dress and flower pinned to my bag…

Anyway, I’m here to happily announce that this blog has hit and passed the halfway mark to having 100 followers! That’s a pretty big milestone for us and we can’t thank you all enough for your support! Without you, we really wouldn’t get anywhere!

Now when we reach 100 followers, we wanted to do something special for it! We were thinking of doing a special “Ask the Mod” thing for a day, but we want to hear what YOU want us to do! If you’d like for us to do an “Ask the Mod Day”, let us know or if you have another idea, shoot it to us! We prefer for you to reply to this so we can keep suggestions separate from the inbox questions we have, but if you really wanna send it to us via inbox, be sure to specify that it’s a 100 follower suggestion and not a question to the boss and I.

That’s about it! See you at 100 followers!”

10k Celebration

Okay, I’m still a while away from 10k followers, I’m only at a little over 6,800. But! I wanted to do something special for you guys in celebration of whenever I reach 10k. 

I’m making this post now because I wanted to hear your guys ideas and give myself time to work out something fun and exciting for you guys! You seriously deserve something amazing because, holy hell, you guys are the best followers anyone could ever ask for.

  • You don’t send hate
  • You’re always supportive
  • You’re really positive towards me and other followers
  • You leave feedback about my fics
  • You send me asks about my writing
  • You like my pointless selfies
  • You put up with me
  • You’re all just so strong and fucking incredible

For real, this is a huge accomplishment for me and I really wanna thank you guys. I love you all so fucking much. Thank you for being with me through all my depression, anxiety, heartbreak, extremist, and any other sort of episode. Thank you so frick fracking much :)

Types of things I have access to in case you guys had any ideas that involves one of these:

  • big ass gaming computer
  • nice editing software for videos
  • photoshop
  • xbox
  • wii u
  • gamecube
  • nintendo entertainment system
  • bow and arrow
  • photography / video filming
  • voice recording with a nice microphone
  • not a thingy thing but i can always do some sort of writing thing for yall
  • open field to go run around in
  • ouija board
  • large knowledge of the lgbtq+ definitions and tips
  • kites
  • lots of makeup
  • idk what else i have that would be important

~ I mention the gaming systems bc I was thinking about maybe playing some video games with you guys and making a fun video or something. Or playing some Marvel games. ~ 

I'm Ok <3 (Or, I Will Be)
Guang Hong Ji
I'm Ok <3 (Or, I Will Be)

Guang Hong wants to offer his thanks and reassurance to his followers. 

(I was inspired to do this after losing 5 followers over the past two days- I know it’s not some huge tragedy or whatever but I feel bad that there has been a lot of negativity with all the drama, and I want to remind everyone that is still here that there will always be fluff to follow. l love all kinds of RP, so there will be ups and downs. But I’ll never leave my muse in a lurch. I love him too much for that. After every struggle, he gets love and kisses.)

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To the mod of this blog, two questions, 1. what kind of asks can we send to Murial? 2. Are there any rules pertaining to asks for this blog?

//the only asks i won’t accept are things that make me uncomfortable (i’ll tell you if they do!!)!! I really don’t have any rules, i just want people to be kind and respectful here!!

Originally posted by lukemagnus

so i recently hit 700 followers which is kind of epic for me tbh!!! i’ve been on tumblr for years and i’ve always been a pretty small blog, but ever since really engaging with the sh fandom things have gotten crazy!!! i just wanted to let y’all know i appreciate each and every one of you - those who have been with me forever and tolerate my crazy fandom jumps, and new friends who appreciate what they see here!!

anyway, rather than doing a follow forever or anything, i’m going to be accepting au prompts again for a few days - there’s an ask game you guys can all play with, and you’re of course welcome to send me something else if you have a burning desire.

thanks so much guys, you rock 💞

superkuroneko  asked:

Hi! I just want to say thank you for your amazing fics, they are truly mind-blowing and I'm so happy I've discovered your writings! (I'm reading them every day since then haha) I'm currently reading The Unkindness of Ravens and just WOW. Again thank you so much and I hope you are doing well :) Stay safe and take care of yourself :)

I’m really glad you’re enjoying the fics (especially Unkindness- I put a lot more effort into that one so it’s lovely to hear that)! Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to send a message- I appreciate it :) 

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend <3

anonymous asked:

i wanna send my gf a gift, i used to make a lot of duct tape stuff, so i wanna make her a purple wallet with the trans and lesbian flags on the inside (purple's her favorite color), but she's in the closet. Do you think its a good idea?

It’s a really thoughtful gift :)
Well, either you talk with her about it beforehand - “I plan to make you a gift with the lesbian and trans flags on it … would that be okay?” - or you prepare yourself that she might not want to use it (yet). But then she might feel bad about not using it so yeah, talking with her seems like a good solution.
Good luck 🍀

noticedbytheuniverse  asked:

Hey i sent in a few anon requests a couple weeks ago. I just wanted to make sure they didn't get lost in the aether. I understand if you are not ready get into them yet.

I probably got them! But I’m so busy at the moment and got about 200 requests waiting for me, so it could take a while. Right now I only do comfort writing, but I’m trying to get a few requests between that so I will at least post something. 

But just to say this once, it doesn’t really matter whether you send requests anonymously or not. I don’t do non-anon requests faster. It only depends on whether that request inspires me at the moment or not, and sometimes I just try to do the ones that have been waiting the longest first. 

Now off, trying to finally graduate… 

Originally posted by gif87a-com

susanwinters  asked:

Pass the happy along! When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and then send it to the last 10 people in your activity ❤️❤️❤️

I KEEP HITTING THE WRONG THING BECAUSE I’M TIRED and put this under a read more for a moment whoops 

  • PUPPIES my gosh they’re so cute I love them and I want to be swarmed by a pack of them 
  • Video games make me happy especially if it helps me with some stuff. There’s certain games that are Really Good and like coming home in a way and got me through some things. Kingdom Hearts especially falls into that category. 
  • My girlfriend of course. She’s a nerd and makes me feel absolutely radiant and beautiful even when I’m sick as fuck. 
  • As weird as it is horror movies make me happy. Yeah, some of the ones that are like… comfort movies for me are pretty Gross, but idk it’s just weirdly nice too??? I can’t be sad watching college kids pissing off ghosts and getting their asses handed to them.
  • I am always DELIGHTED with gross food things. Especially if it means I can share the gross food with @catterzz and make them question our friendship. 

anonymous asked:

Could I just say that I absolutely love your analysises (is that even a word? Idk. Let's just roll with it.) of things? You're so thoughtful and gentle and can get to the deep heart of something in a few sentences. Now when I discover something I find myself trying to think about it and analyze it like you would, trying to find the deeper meaning. I'm sure this doesn't make a ton of sense but I just wanted to let you know because I really appreciate it!

I don’t know who you are but this means more to me than you know or than I can say! Thank you so much for your beautiful words, and for taking the time to send them to me! When I write about something I do try to get to the heart of it. I don’t always succeed but tumblr has given me good practice at trying to get better at it. And this is such a beautifully encouraging message!

Also thoughtful and gentle is my goal as a writer and as a person; thank you so much for those specific words. And for all of it, and for being so beautiful!!

Love and hugs to you! <3