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Reopening the waitlist to quick animators!

In light of some last minute dropouts, our waitlist is starting to run rather thin

If you want a chance to get on this project, check out submission guidelines for everything you need to send us!

In addition to your credentials and reel, it will be really helpful to us if you send something along that proves you can make approximately 10 seconds of finished work in a short timeframe. Time is becoming of the essence!

We want everyone to be able to see this finished project as soon as possible, but the first step in doing so is getting everything animated!

Getting Asks

A lot of people on my dash seem to feel disheartened by the lack of asks they receive.

While it is good to communicate how you feel every now and then and that it is completely understandable to feel dismayed at the lack of response from other people when you reblog an ask (it happens to me too!), it’s not very effective motivation to call people out on their ‘failure’ to send asks. A gentle nudge, a gentle reminder that we appreciate receiving asks is great. But.

Here’s the thing. No one is obligated to send you anything. In the end this is all for fun. No one likes being guilted, so let’s not play the blame game. Instead of going at length about that, here’s what I think:

I DO think it’s common courtesy to send someone an ask before reblogging (I certainly do it, and make an effort to choose questions that might be interesting/challenging) but it isn’t necessarily a requirement.

It’s a two way street. You may be doing things that put people off, and I’ll tell you what and how you may improve interest from other people.

1. Make your characters accessible.

Here is the number one thing that personally stops me from sending asks for more people, or responding to some asks. I don’t know anything about some of your characters. I know some off the top of my head, but for people I don’t know very well, sometimes I’d like to get better acquainted. Then I get to their blog. No links to profiles. No links to character tags. I don’t even know the character’s full name, so I can’t even look it up on lodestone. I have no face to put to a name. I don’t even know what race this character is.

People are curious. Let them be curious, but point them in the right direction! Put stuff about your character where people can easily see, on your sidebars/links. I have encountered interesting characters just by reading before sending an ask.

2. Don’t reblog 50 ask memes in a row.

As fun and as tempting this is to do, a stranger going to your blog and seeing nothing but reblogs is… off-putting. It’s hard to approach someone you don’t know so well. It’s much easier to send asks to a blog with a personality, which brings me to my next point.

3. Original content makes your characters attractive.

Maybe you like drawing your character. Maybe you’re good at taking screenshots. Maybe you’re good at edits. You don’t even have to be good at visuals per se. You can write drabbles. Or maybe you have a wicked sense of humor involving your character and you can make memetastic content. Go for it. People will be curious. People will get to know you and have a better idea how to approach you. Put your heart into it, show people who your characters are, what they like, little scenes of their lives. People like stories, so tell them a story.

Put you and your character out there, and people will recognize you. People won’t know anything about you or your character if you don’t take this step.

4. Don’t JUST send asks. Talk to people.

Sending asks is only ONE part of the give-take. Get to know the people around you. IC and OOC. Sometimes sending asks isn’t enough. If people have only seen a name a couple times, interacting with them to send one symbol and disappearing, never to speak to them again, it’s not a memorable thing. Talk to the people around you. Befriend them. Get to know THEIR characters. Show interest in theirs, outside the ask box, on a more personal level and with luck, they’ll show interest in yours. Have fun with other people, share silly things you do with them. It helps. It’s easy to want 328490 anon asks, but it’s also very satisfying to receive asks from friends who understand your character.

5. Reblog the 'correct’ kind of ask meme.

You’re free to reblog any ask meme, just understand that if the topic is not one other characters can relate to easily, people aren’t going to send you asks. If it requires intimate IC knowledge of a character, it’s difficult to send asks to you. If you want a wider audience, here’s a litmus test: reblog memes that you can easily send to a stranger without shame. You don’t really want to send one like [MY OC DIES IN YOUR OC’S ARMS] especially if that sort of a thing only elicits an IC reaction when your character personally knows them. Speaking of which, people usually love memes that have your characters gauge theirs. Sometimes you’d be surprised to know your character may feel antagonistic or attracted towards someone else’s. Or even ones that ask your character questions without putting their own character in it, to see yours have a fun reaction. It’s a two way street, and if it’s fun for them to read, chances are they’d love to come back and send you more.

6. You have 50 characters.

This isn’t a bad thing but this is related to points 1 & 3. It’s hard to get to know and remember so many characters. You might wanna put one in the spotlight if you really want to maximize interaction. I have difficulty getting attention for my alts but that’s because I personally hardly produce content for them. I love my alts, and I want people to know them, and I’m sure some of you do as well, but realistically, if you want equal attention on your characters? You need to put equal effort into posting about them.

7. Sometimes people won’t send you anything.

THIS IS THE REALITY OF LIFE. Sometimes you’re SUPER into a set of questions that people are coincidentally not. Maybe they’re busy. Maybe your reblogged it at a weird hour. Maybe they’re feeling shy. In any case, this happens. If it does, move on. Don’t dwell on it. You’ll only feel worse.

anonymous asked:

I hate you because you use patreon

I am going to assume you mostly sent this in a light hearted “joking” way, otherwise I’d have just blocked flat out ^ ^

But please, even as a joke don’t send stuff like this, to me or other creators. If you do not like the fact that I’d like to spend more time on creating art (including stuff I post publicly), feel that my time, skills, and effort are worthless, or just in general feel that I am undeserving of a means to support myself financially, fair enough. You know where the unfollow button is, and heck you may even block me to erase all traces of my existence from your tumblring experience, and I’ll never notice but will still wish you a lovely rest of your life.

Because sending me asks like this give me the above messages.

Just because I now have some form of income doesn’t mean I’ve stopped posting publicly. You may have noticed that I’m still posting the same amount, if not more content overall as a direct result of having a Patreon. Yes, I do have exclusive content because yes, I do in fact need to give some incentive to patrons to come check it out and yes, I do want something I can give them to thank them for allowing me to continue drawing for even people like yourself.

I feel like I’ve been explicitly clear that Patreon is not and will never be (and obviously can’t be) mandatory for my followers and supporters. It is OPTIONAL, and the content on there is also OPTIONAL. You can follow all of my stories on here perfectly fine, I’m still producing tons of free content, because I WANT to. I feel I have the right to advertise my relevant content on my own blog, but it’s your choice to follow those links or not, and I do my best to more than balance it out with non-Patreon general art content. And if you do choose to become my patron, I’m trying to be fair to my audience to provide a variety of affordable tiers, starting at literally $1 a month.

My having a Patreon as an option for people who do want to and are capable of helping me out financially does not mean that my feelings towards my public audience has changed. I am still grateful for every comment, ask, reblog, like, what have you, and am still grateful for your presence on my blog touching my work. If that is all you can or want to do, that is OKAY, and I thank you for being here.

But don’t send me shit like this. Don’t fucking do it.

Any follow ups and I will gladly remove all of my content from your dash myself via a block ^ ^

“This is home now.” Fp Jones x Reader request.

REQUEST - Can I request an FP one shot? Maybe where the reader is Archie’s sister and she’s dating FP. She also joins the Serpents. Her family finds out about both and try to talk her out of it. She tells them she loves him and she won’t leave the Serpents, so they kick her out. She goes to FP’s and he tries to comfort her. You can choose the ending if you want to do it… @princess-of-the-fandoms

WARNINGS - Implied sex
WORD COUNT - 2,400+
A/N - I really enjoyed writing this one! I really hope you all like it and especially the person who requested it.  Requests are still open for Riverdale/Fp Jones imagines, so feel free to send me a message with a request. Anyone who has requested so far, I am in the process of getting through them all. Enjoy!

                                            “This is home now.”

Stepping out of the truck you had grown so well to know, you closed the passenger door up and came round the side to meet with the driver on the pavement. Your eyes met with theirs as you turned to look up at them.

Looking back at you, Fp turned to look at you with a nervous look, the most nervous you had ever seen him look before. But all you could do was flash them a small smile, trying to reassure them and also yourself that it would be ok.

“I don’t know about this..” Fp trailed off unsure.

Quickly grabbing hold of his hand, you squeezed it lightly, “Listen to me, if we do this and get it over with, then we never have to do this again.”

“But it’s your Dad, (y/n). He’s my boss. I can’t go in there and admit I’m dating his daughter.” He expressed his concerns over this situation.

Whilst what Fp was saying was true, you knew you had to stick with the plan and just be honest with your family.

Fp was your Dad’s former friend and also his current boss. A long time ago they had been best friends and shared the same business together. But after some issues, Fp had to quit.

It had been years since Fp had been close with anyone out of the Andrews family after what happened and he never expected that when he did get back in touch with them, it would be you he would be so close to.

But it just happened. A little over 5 months ago the two of you came together and ended up actually dating. It was odd at first to imagine that two people from completely different worlds were together. But it seemed to work.

There was just the father issue they had to overcome, as well as the non-judgement regarding their age gap difference.

You were just out of college and were no longer a baby like your father seemed to still view you. You weren’t a minor anymore and you were mature for your age. You were out of school and currently working for your Dad on the accounts side of things.

Everything was going well for you and with Fp Jones in the equation it just made everything so much better. There were a slight hiccup with some things that came with being Fp’s girl, but you had grown to accept and be ok with them.

You just needed to  now be honest with your father and hope he would also be on board with the idea, well at least accept it and come round to it eventually.

“I know it sounds messed up, but we can about each other,” She reminded him in a softer tone, “if we don’t do this now, then we’ll never do it.”

It was time to be honest. It was time to stop  making it such a big secret.
“He won’t take it well you know.” Fp pointed out.

“Maybe not, but as long as I still have you, then that’s all that matters.” You told him with a warm smile.

Not being able to fight off the smile that was also growing on his lips after seeing the one fall on yours, he lightly smiled back at you and leant forward, where he pecked the side of your head lightly.

He appreciated you so much. You had helped him get his job back working with Fred and had been so good with trying to keep him sober and off the booze. Fp had never imagined to fall in love with you, but he was and he couldn’t get enough.

You had wanted to stop with all the lies and secrecy, to come forward to Fred and be honest with the world. Fp had tried to talk you out of it a few too many times, but had come round to it when you assured him that you both could handle it.

Squeezing his hand once more in assurance, the two of you slowly made your way up the drive and towards the front porch of your home. The nerves were bouncing round your body with every step you took, whilst Fp tried his best to hide his and act as natural as he could.

But right now he was scared.

Slowly letting go of each other’s hands, you grabbed hold of the front door and opened it up, the smell of food cooking inside your home hit you instantly, and comforted the unease in your stomach.

Upon hearing the door open, Fred and Archie from inside the kitchen, turned this heads to see you come inside your family home. They flashed you a friendly smile to see you back just in time for dinner, but it soon changed to one of a surprise when they saw Fp coming inside behind you.

“Hey, (y/n).” Fred called from the kitchen, as he continued to stir some past in a pan.

“Hey, Dad,” You responded, coming through into where they were preparing dinner, whilst Fp trailed behind, “Archie.” You looked over at your little brother.

“(y/n),” Archie greeted you back, before looking behind at Fp, “Mr Jones.”

“Fp, how’s it going?” Fred asked the man.

You began to slip out your jacket and laid your bag down onto the breakfast stool, As Pf answered, “Not too bad, Fred. Not too bad.”

“Fp’s come to stay for dinner.” You announced to your Dad and brother.

Archie and Fred look at each other a little taken aback, but nodded anyway, “Jughead is over at Betty’s if you were hoping to see him..” Fred informed him.

“Uh, no. I’m not actually here for Jughead.” Fp admitted in a dry tone.
The nerves were getting the better of him, but with every side glance you kept giving him, it was easing him slightly. You were nervous as hell right now, but had bags of confidence to finally be able to let everything just be.

“Oh..” Fred was now growing more confused, not that he didn’t mind Fp coming over, it was just a little weird for him to just suddenly show up, “is it something we can help you with? Is it to do with work?”

“No, actually, it’s um…” He began to slowly trail off nervously, before he felt your hand slowly slip inside his own.

Fred stopped stirring the pasta once he saw your hand come into contact with Fp’s, as Archie slowly laid down the bowls he had got out for dinner on the table, in confusion also.

“..We’re dating, Dad,” You finally confessed to him in a nervous yet happy tone, as you looked back at your father, “Fp and I are together.”

“You’re kidding right?” Archie responded whilst Fred just remained quiet.

“No actually we’re not.” You frowned back at your brother in disbelief.

You knew they would be shocked and probably a little hurt by it, but you hadn’t imagined Archie, your little brother of all people to be so unsupportive so soon.

“Seriously..” Archie scoffed, almost horrified at this idea, before he nudged your still silent father, who was sending daggers across as Fp, “Dad..”

“Oh c'mon, Archie,” You tried to get through to your brother, because out of the two of them, you thought he would be the most understanding, but clearly not, “you’re the one who was sleeping with your teacher. At least I’m not a minor and been out of school way before I got involved with an older guy.”

You weren’t going to let Archie walk over you. Fp and you were the most important thing right now. You didn’t care if you didn’t get their approval. As long as you still had Fp.

“Yeah, but not Jughead’s Dad, (y/n),” Archie pointed out just whom Fp was to all of them, he was Archie’s best friend’s father, it did sound messed up, but it was good for them, “it’s just…weird…”

“It’s not weird to us,” You defended yourself, before looking at Fp who had also been too quiet since the announcement, “right?”

“Right.” Fp answered simply, looking back at Fred uneasily.

“Dad, you can’t be ok with this, can you?” Archie looked back at his father again.

“Please, Dad,” You looked at your Dad with pleading eyes, “see it from my point of view. I love him…”

“Did you hit on her?” Fred finally broke his silence with an interrogating question.

“What..” Fp frowned back at him.

It had never been like that. Fp had never used her for sex. Nor had she he.

“Did you sleep with my daughter?” Fred asked again angrily.

“Dad!” You exclaimed in embarrassment at what he was implying.

“Did it make you feel better, help you get over your wife by hooking up with my daughter?” Fred questioned angrily.

“Dad! Stop it!” You ordered at him.

This wasn’t fair.

“C'mon, Fred,” Fp tried to make the man calm down and see sense, it had never been like that, “it wasn’t like that at all..”

“Wasn’t it?” Fred snapped back at him, as you looked back at your father in disgust, “Im sure you couldn’t wait till she was 18 and left school, so you could just worm your way back in.”

“Dad,stop it!” You yelled at him again.

“You think this has been going on for two whole years? No way!” Fp shook his head in disbelief, his own anger getting the better of him now.

He was not going to be made out to be something he wasn’t. That wasn’t fair on him or you.

“You know you were my friend…” Fred began, but you quickly cut him off.

“And he still can be, if you just stop with this crap and just listen to us!” You retorted.

“Oh, no, no,” Fred finally turned to look back at you, shaking his head as he did, “this is not continuing under my roof.”

“Dad, seriously..” You grumbled.

“No,” He shook his head, then looked back onto Fp with annoyance, “if you’d like to make this situation better, Fp, then I suggest you go.”

Fp slowly turned his head to look back at you sadly, before looking back onto Fred and slowly nodded his head in acceptance. He wasn’t going to let himself come in the way of you having your family. Fp had lost his and he wouldn’t let himself ruin another one because of your relationship.

He was a good man and wouldn’t let the same mistake happen again.

You deserved more than that.

Fp went to turn around on his heel and head out, when you quickly grabbed him and tried to stop him, ignoring the protests from your Dad to stop making this worse for the two of you.

“Fp, please, no,” You felt the tears rush to your eyes as you tried to hold Fp back, who even now couldn’t look at you, because if he did he would just take you home right there and then, but he couldn’t do that to Fred anymore, “don’t go. We can fix this..”

Taking a deep breathe, Fp brushed past you and continued his way to the door, as you spun round hopeless to look at your father in anger, “Why do this?” You yelled at your Dad hurt, “Can’t you see the reason why I am so happy? It’s because of Fp!”

“Go to your room, (y/n).” Fred ordered, as the door to your home closed and Fp left the premises.

“You can’t do this!” You shook your head back at him, as Fred tried to continue to go back to making your dinner, “I’m not a little girl anymore.”

“Well stop acting like one!” Your Dad called back.

“Are you kidding me?” You couldn’t believe this had gone so badly, it was the worst thing that could have happened, and you were hurting so bad, you wanted your Dad to hurt just as much, so he could feel your pain, “Just because your marriage broke down and you can’t be with the woman you really love, doesn’t mean that I can’t be with the one I love.”

Wanting to waste no more time in this non-accepting house, you quickly grabbed your bag and jacket, before going to storm out of the front door, Fp had just left out of moments before.

“Where are you going?” Fred asked you.

“Home,” You yelled back to him, “I’m going back home.”

Getting into your car, you quickly started up the engine and made a dash out of your drive, heading to the one place you had called home for the past few months. The tears threatened to spill from your eyes for the second time that night, but you refused to cry right now.

You knew your Dad was being unfair, but you couldn’t also shake off the feeling like he had every right to react the way he did. Yes, it was so unlikely and not the norm for two people with such a big age gap to be together.

But if you were happy, surely your Dad and Archie could be too.

When you pulled up outside the familiar trailer situated in the trailer park a little while later, Fp was then hopping out of his own truck and heading towards the door of his trailer to go inside.

“Fp,” You called to him, trying to grab his attention as you jumped out of your car, “wait up..”

Turning back round at the sound of a car and also your voice now, he looked over at you a little taken back to see you had followed him, “(y/n), what’s going on?”

“I wasn’t going to let you walk away, Fp.” You told him sternly, as you came to meet him up the metal steps in front of his trailer door.

“I can’t have your family angry at you because of me, (y/n),” Fp tried to explain to you in a sad tone, “it’s not fair.”

“And it’s not fair that they won’t accept us. I’m tired of not being honest, I’m tired of not being able to be with the man I love.” You expressed.

“Then what are you going to do?” He asked you.

“I’m staying here. I’m staying here with you,” You informed him strongly, as you took your hand into his own, “this is my home now.”

snowfox24imcompletetrash  asked:

Ok, so I randomly thought of this and another thing and I can't stop so I'm sending them both in. So how would Tale, Soft Edge, Sassberry, and Scaryberry react to Undyne(Alphys for the bootyberries) getting tired of dealing with the shit, grabbing their phone, and texting their crush "SEND NUDES"? What if the crush texted back "ok"? But then sending the text, "I know that Undyne/Alphys sent that, but if you really want I'll actually do it, oh BTW ILY2"


He was screeching as he tried to get Undyne to hand the phone back desperately, and when you finally responded Undyne shoved the phone in his face. He’s bright orange, and storming off to sit in a corner hunched over the phone. “CAN WE GO ON A DATE FIRST??”

Soft Edge

He sounded like he did in the underground; Gruff, scary, and angry while trying to get his phone back from Undyne. She was making silly kissy faces and singing that stupid kissing song about being in a tree. That’s not where that should take place. One of you could fall. Overall Undyne was annoying the hell out of him with her antics. Undyne dramatically reads what you send adding the phrase “kissy kissy face." to the end of it before cackling. He rips the phone from her and turns bright red when he sees you actually sent that. Minus the kissy kissy face part. He’s aggressively debating on whether to take you on a date first or just… Legitimately ask. He ends up having a serious discussion about you and your relationship.


He’s frantically jumping up to reach for the phone barely held out of reach from Alphys. She’s snickering, and tells him not to worry that she’ll explain it was her if you regret the proposal. When you text back they both eagerly look at your response, before Alphys gasps and tells you to just do it before throwing the phone to Sassberry. BUT ALPHYS YOU’RE NOT EVEN DATING YET THAT’S AWFUL. He wished he was able to do a proper confession now but he’ll gladly take this.


Alphys was being a bit of a bully with this spur of the moment decision. She regrets afterwards after seeing Scaryberry get so worked up over it, and he looks ready to have an anxiety attack and god why didn’t she ever realize he was hiding all of this from her in the Underground? How shitty was she to not notice this?? When you respond positively Alphys is filled with relief and shows him the phone excitedly. Scaryberry is taking off with his phone to go find you. He knocks on your door and when you open you’re tackled to the ground. He’d much rather see you in person in that way than in a photo.

Commissions and Merchandise

Hey guys! I need your help!

TLDR: I need either requests for commissions, or even just ideas of what you guys would want to see on stickers, shirts, posters, etc. You can shoot me an ask on my blog, or formally commission me [here].

Long story for anyone who’s interested: due to my depression, rather than being hospitalized I have been taken out of school. Obviously at the moment I can’t be doing much except for sitting at home, so getting a job isn’t an option either. It’s nice that I have extra time to draw (god give me energy) and I’m hoping I can make at least a couple bucks! I have shops open but I really have no clue what people want so that’s where I need help!!! To be more clear, you can help out by:

  • sending a request for something you’d wanna see in my shop
  • commissioning a work of art 
  • reblogging!

Anyways thank you guys so so much for reading, and blessings to whoever drops by with ideas!

anonymous asked:

I have a habit of coming onto this blog just to see how the people sending in kinfessions are. Like if some days there's a lot of sadness, I'll genuinely feel fro them. Or if there's positivity, I'll be happy for them. I'll like posts that I agree with or are from one of my sources, or even just from a source I like; I want people to know that I support them or agree with them. You guys don't know who I am, but I really do with you all the best.

anonymous asked:

i have an audition soon and I'm really nervous about it. Do you know about any spells that can help me in the audition?

Hello, honey bee!  First of all, I just want to tell you that I’ll be sending you all of the positivity and good vibes I can muster, and will be wishing you the best of luck for your audition.  Below you will find a list of spells, herbs/spices, and crystals that will aid in boosting confidence and promoting good luck!  Although I don’t know of any specific spells made solely for the purpose of auditions, I do hope these will help you with your current situation!


Anti-Anxiety Smelling Salts
Confidence Spell Jar
For Confidence
Luck Elixir
’On Fire’ Confidence Spell
Positivity/Confidence Bath Spell
Simple Luck Spell (1)
Simple Luck Spell (2)
Turn Heads No Matter Where You Go
Unleash Your Power Potion

Herbs & Spices:

Lemon Balm
Poppy Seed


Blue Lace Agate
Rose Quartz

Also, please don’t forget to stay hydrated, get lots of rest, eat properly, and continue to practice for your audition.  Magick is a useful tool but cannot grant you anything you desire unless you put in the hard work and positivity behind it.  Stay focused, meditate, and don’t let your nerves get the best of you.  I believe in you, sweetheart, you’re going to do great!

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#5 - I am a first-year Nursing student and I’m hoping to do travel Nursing after a few years of nursing experience!

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giving away the account?

as you all probably know, i haven’t been able to be on much recently. basically, school’s being an ass, leaving me with little to no free time. but, just leaving this account entire inactive kinda makes me upset, so i’ve been considering transferring it to someone else.

…despite saying that, i don’t have anyone in mind. so, basically, if you want to run this blog, contact me! send me a message, submit something, do whatever, i’ll see it eventually. 

and when i do decide to give it away, i really don’t care what you do with it afterwards. you’re free to turn it into whatever you want, do whatever you want.

(and, just so you guys know, as of Oct 17, 11pm, victuuriiscanon has:)

((holy shit dudes))

((seriously guys, thank you so much for all your support. I’m trying my best to keep up with all the asks but I really wanted to do something special.))

((So here’s the deal; if you send the word ghoul to my inbox (or your best Death related pun for bonus points) in the next 4 days, You’ll be entered in a raffle. The prize; I will draw you, an OC or Death himself in a Halloween costume of your choosing.))

 ((Clock’s ticking my friends. Best of luck to everyone ^^))

anonymous asked:

be honest, would you ever let yourself get that deep in a relationship ever again after what Rosa did to you, or do you prefer keeping your heart more guarded?

Send “be honest” followed by a question and my muse will be forced to answer with 100% honesty

I.. I-I, I don’t know… I-I flirt and advance and I just keep searching b-but… but I.. I really don’t know if I’m ready for another commitment– I keep acting so desperate but I can’t move on, and I–… I don’t think I can do it.. I don’t… I…

He’s getting choked up.


hey guys! as you know, my country (Mexico) is going through a really hard time and help is being needed more and more, it’s getting worse

I feel so frustrated because I can’t help as much as I want, all I can do is share information but I feel like it’s not enough. I can’t go to help because I have been feeling sick lately and far from helping is hinder everyone’s work, my family doesn’t have enough money and resources to donate so I’m asking for your help today

I have been researching all morning and this is what I’m going to do:

Please donate anything you can to my paypal, with the money I can gather I will buy medicine, medical stuff (it’s really needed right now) and food, I’ll send it to a reliable place with people I fully trust from my old high school. I don’t know if you’ve heard or seen but our own shitty government is stealing the donatives to redistribute them for political campaigns so we can’t even trust them.

I will take photo proof of everything, the purchases so you can see the money is fully destined to it; if you’ve been following me for awhile you know I wouldn’t lie about this or make a fraud, it’s the first time ever I ask for your help and I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t so necessary

this is my paypal: or

please don’t ignore this, even if you can’t help please reblog this, that helps me a lot 💖

guys if you donate just 1 or 2 dollars that’d be amazing, I promise you it will make a difference. 1 dollar is around 20 pesos, if I can collect 100 or 200 we will save so many lives

“..Please, don’t take her away.. “

DO NOT REPOST ANYWHERE ELSE without permission. thank you.

Ok, so, I finished V route last week and… I cried a LOT, it was.. omfg hOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME, WHY MY CHILD, MY POOR CHILD, DON’T TAKE HIM AWAY FROM ME STOOOPPPPP. 

So yeah, I was basically sad all day bc of that. :( 

Cheritz it’s like -”Oh okay, let’s do V route, any ideas?”.. Oh! “Let’s give them V route but also let’s do Saeran more sweet so tHEY CAN SUFFER WHEN HE DIES”. 

OMG, IT’S BEEN SO LONG SINCE I POST SOMETHING HERE. ;; A ;; MISS U ALL GUYSSS!!! I’M SORRY!! It was really hard for me to take time to draw something. But now, I finally got my laptop back (Even if it’s broken lmao) to doddle some things. WE ARE NOW 600 FOLLOWERS! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! ♥ I really promise to be more active these days :) I’ll try my best!! Also, send me a message to my ASK if you want me to draw something you like ^^ 

Thank you so much again, see you next time!