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COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN!!! 3 slots available! (1 has already been taken) – more slots will open in March!

This is my first time doing online commissions ;3;/ ayy– Looking to save money for animation school in the fall, for conventions, and other expenses like groceries!

please send an email to if you’re interested! commission messages through tumblr asks and fanmail will not be accepted, tumblr eats messages T_T email only!

thank you so much for reading! any and all reblogs are appreciated <3

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Can you give some valentine's day hamilsquad headcanons?

yeah! here we go!

  • alex does not forget. don’t worry.
    • he actually has like 80 different reminders on his phone about it
    • he’s not forgetting,,, he loves you too much
  • he is a busy man so he asks you if it’s alright if you guys stay in this year
    • of course, if you’d rather go out, he’s more than happy too! 
      • he manages to get a table at a brand new restaurant in the city and he gets you whatever you want
      • it’s really his treat,, do not worry about the cost
      •  split a dessert with him at the end and kiss him a ton!
    • if you don’t mind staying in, he’s relieved! he ultimately just wants to spend time with you.
    • he still pulls out all the stops! he makes you dinner and sets the table real nice
      • there’s lots of candles so it’s very romantic
    • he makes sure to send 11 roses to your workplace to surprise you
      • you notice there’s only eleven,, it kind of bugs you
      • he wants you to know that he loves him and that he’s thinking about you all the time
    • he gives you the very last rose as he recites to you a poem/sonnet that he wrote about you 
      • you cry. they’re very lovely
  • lafayette is a romantic every single day of the year but valentine’s day has to be special.
    • he wakes you up with tons of kisses all over your face and sleepily tells you “happy valentine’s day” 
    • if you don’t have work, he’d probably be in bed with you all day, just kissing you and holding you
    • but if you do, you gotta escape
    • as soon as you get home though is when your evening really begins!
      • lafayette’s planned this for a long time!
      • yes,, there are rose petals on the bed when you get home
      • and a long trail that leads to it
      • he’s gotten you reservations to your favorite restaurant
      • when you come home, he’s wearing a suit and holding a bouquet of flowers and chocolates
      • he kisses you and tells you to go get ready and you’re blushing like crazy
      • when you come out he stops you and before you leave he’s like, “one more thing. turn around.” 
      • you’re like “what haha what is it???”
      • he slips the lovely diamond necklace around your neck and fastens it
      • you’re so surprised and tearing up but you’re just so happy so you hug him so tightly
    • you guys do dinner on a boat! 
      • laf is so extra,, i know but he loves you
      • plus watching the sunset together is really nice
    • the entire time on your date he’s got that glazed look in his eye like “are you even real?? you’re my girlfriend? oh my gosh” 
      • he just really really loves you + wants you to feel this special every single day
  • john laurens, certified good boyfriend, would send you lots of little gifts throughout the day. 
    • the first one he hands to you and he kind of explains the rules.
    • “sooo, there will be clues that will send you to the next one. they all have a big red bow on them so that’s how you’ll know they’re from me! this is your first one!”
      • it’s small and simple. it’s a box full of your favorite candy with a little note from him
    • the gifts get bigger as you go on!
      • some of the gifts are with certain people so you have to find them too.
      • eliza has one! she’s the one that introduced you two so it’s only fitting. 
        • inside is a little note with a cheesy pick up line and a cute doodle
      • peggy has another! she jokes that she’s your “third wheel” so she hands you another gift from john
        • this one has a small set of perfume in it
      • alexander has one! he always says if anyone had to end up with john laurens, he’s glad it’s you!
        • that box is full of pictures of you together. most are silly and you can’t help but begin to cry at all the pictures of you two together. 
      • one is on your desk and you open it as soon as you come in
        • it’s a pretty set of earrings
    • you keep the bow from the last gift presented to you. 
      • as soon as you see john when you get home, you stick the bow on his head and give him a big kiss
    • you spend the rest of the night cuddled up together, watching a movie
  • hercules is so thoughtful. he’s not as extravagant but he still makes you feel so special.
    • you wake up to breakfast in bed and already you’re like “hercules this is too much”
    • and you can complain all you want, but he’s not having it. today is about you! he loves you a ton! he’s gonna show you how much he loves you today!
    • he makes sure to get you your favorite flowers + he’s so nervous to give them to you
      • you light up so much though because he remembered!!
    • hercules writes you the sweetest card. 
      • he’s not always the best at saying “i love you”
      • he’s definitely more of an “i’m saying i love you with my actions” type of person
    • when you come home, herc leads you to the bedroom.
      • on the bed is a beautiful dress that he made for you.
      • he even bought you earrings and shoes to match
        • he’s blushing so hard and he keeps saying things like “maria helped me pick out the earrings so you really have to thank her and —”
        • you pull him in for a long kiss and he relaxes against you. you love it. you thank him profusely. 
        • he’s relieved.
        • it fits perfectly and hercules just falls in love with you all over again
    • once you’re all dressed up, he takes you to the restaurant that you went to where he asked you to be his girlfriend!
      • it’s this cute little italian place that you both love
      • you go so often the people know you there so it isn’t hard to even get the same table that you and when you first came
        • herc is so thoughtful it’s really cute
        • as if it can’t get any cuter, he shares what he was thinking about you on your first date!
        • “you just looked so pretty and i’m so glad you said yes to go on another date because if you said no i don’t know what i would have done”
      • you spend the rest of the evening walking around town together
      • the two of you go and get some ice cream to end the night before going back home

So I got logged out of tumblr months ago and idiot me set up 2 factor authentication as if anyone would want to hack my garbage and this verification code thing is just really not working when you’re outside the country (i dont get it, PayPal works just fine sending texts to my german number outside of germany)

Anyway, my tablet’s the only place where I’m still logged onto tumblr so I came to say hi and that I’m doing fine, I’m just still busy doing this internship abroad and I’m gonna be back in one month and start shitposting regularly I hope

Rofl ok fine. A certain person started spamming my askbox on anon a few weeks ago. I turned it off because it was getting annoying the amount of trashy hate they were sending. So now they’ve decided they’re so obsessed with me, they will send things from dummy email accounts into my submit box with various drow names XD Why? What do you want? It’s cute though that you named yourself Masoj and Dinin. I like those drow. Hey, how about be Kimmuriel next? Genius plan.

Given the state the world is in right now, how can you look out at it and go, “Nah, none of that important stuff warrants my attention. What is really important is sending anonymous hate on the internet.” I’m not sure why you started contacting me and my followers, have fun I guess, this is your life now. Sending stuff like “go stab yourself” and nonsensical mutterings about Trump – who neither of us support – isn’t going to solve your problem.

I mean, hey, if you wanna waste your free time making sure you’ve got super anonymous emails and IP cloaking, go ahead.

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can you please tell me how you make your gifs?

import video frames into layers (or load files into stack) → delete extra frames → crop → color → time → sharpen → save

if you need an in-depth tutorial I recommend this one or this one 

but if you really want to see how I personally make my gifs, just send me another ask!

So…I went out for art supplies and came back with a Tattoo apprenticeship! 

A guy walked by when I was painting a portrait on the window at work and said “Are you drawing that on the window?” And I was like “Yeah, its window paint so it doesn’t really cooperate with you.” And he stands there for a bit then says “_______________ tattoo shop is looking for apprentices. I’ll put in a good word.” So I email them, no response, send them a message on facebook and they tell me to come in and talk to this one guy and bring a portfolio.

I’ve always kind of wanted to, but never thought I could because it’s so permanent. But today I decided, like I do with most of my big decisions to say fuck it and jump in head first. Let’s hope I can survive this!

WELP. Seems we’re here again.

Gotta celebrate. Took me a damn long time last time, but I’m doing it again.

I’ll write a tie-in, sequel, or new chapter to any one of my (TAU) fics. And YOU get to decide which!  Just look through my archive, including my two one-shot collections, decide which work you want more of, and send me an ask or similar with your vote. If you really can’t decide, you’re allowed to vote for several works, but only one vote per work, and keep in mind that if none of them get more votes than any others, I’ll just go for the first vote I get.

Thank you guys so much for enjoying my weird stuff.

I know POTO is public domain so you could technically do anything you want with the story, but I really hate it when fics/adaptations portray Erik so bad to point where he purposely physically abuses Christine or he acts really rapey towards her but the author still tries to make their relationship work out.

Like, go ahead and make Erik super evil if you want but it you are going to do that, please don’t try to make it look like his relationship with Christine still has good aspects of it. Not only does it send a bad message to the audience but it’s also just flat out bad writing.
Also not to mention, that’s EXACTLY how The Rat Fetish Movie™ portrayed Erik and Christine’s relationship and we all know how “great” that adaptation turned out to be.

100 Followers?!?! (Let's Celebrate!)

I don’t know how or why or why so many people like my writing, but I am beyond thrilled! I am 3 (THREE?!?!) followers away from 100 and it’s giving me butterflies! So to thank all of you for giving me these warm fuzzies, I decided I’d like to give you something. 

 What, you ask? A short drabble/meet cute/smut tailored specifically for you! Here’s what you have to do (it’s simple, really): 

  1. Preferably, follow this blog (not required, but it’d make me happy) 
  2. Like/reblog this post 
  3. Send me an ask with a brief description of yourself (with or without a name, totally up to you), who you want to be paired with, and a quick prompt 

 I’m on my Reading Week at uni this week, so I have all week to slack off, which means I will be doing this for the duration of the week (‘til next Sunday) Again, thank you all so fucking much! I love each and every one of you.

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Just to be polite...

If you guys are going to ask me for moodboards at least be following me… like I have over 60+ moodboard requests and lots of y’all ain’t following me or send them through anon. I really want to do moodboards for my followers and it would be nice if you want a moodboard just follow if not maybe don’t ask for one or be prepared to wait (obviously I wont be able to get all of the moodboards done but if you are following me I’ll try to get to your’s sooner rather than later.)

Also!! The past two days I’ve been getting some pretty nasty messages? Not mean messages, just SUPER sexualized messages and like. Just to let y'all know, I’m not into it. Idk what you’re trying to achieve, but like? if you want to make me make go “yikes” and delete a message really fast then you’ve accomplished your goal?

Hi all~

Just a few quick words, the first of which will be thank you, 감사합니다 , 谢谢♡♡♡♡ I checked my tumblr this morning and saw that I had over 4000 followers and I cannot thank you all enough for this, especially in under a year! It means so much to me as a writer and it really does keep me motivated to write more for you guys, so thank you also for all the kind messages you send me and requests too~!

Sorry to be on such a high note and then have to bring it down a notch though, but because of my mock exams I’ll be on a short hiatus until around march 3rd. I’ll still answer private messages but if you really do want to talk to me then my kkt id is zyxz so you can message me on there (pls do, I like you guys). my ask box will be left open so if you still want to send a message or request, you can!

But then to end on a positive again, because it is this blog’s first birthday in march I will be doing something for that, so look out for another post in the future for more details (ngl I have no idea what I’m gonna do but it will be something)

So again thank you so much for everything and have a lovely end of february and don’t burn your pancakes on the 28th! ≧◡≦

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Hi !! I do art and stuff on my blog and I was wondering if you could give me any tips on running this blog, also if you could just glance through my art and give any criticism?.. that would make my day ~sorry~

Hey! Is there any piece in particular you want criticism on? Send me one via DM and we can work with it :) Also as for running the blog, just make sure you tag everything really well!

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You do know to people can like the same song and it not mean anything right?

Not sure what your point is here.  Clearly many people like the same songs.  People that don’t even know each other  

If this is your argument against CC, it’s laughable.  Trust me. I have more than enough proof.  

Boy you all are really running scared today.  What do you hope to accomplish by sending me an anonymous ask? Or any of my friends?  There is literally nothing you could say to change my mind.  But if you want to have a healthy discussion. You are going to have to try a lot harder than this.  

So these have worked well for me in the past with seeing who’s willing to play and who really just wants to read along ( both of which are totally cool please enjoy the shenanigans to the fullest yo ). I also often feel like I’m bothering people outside of my usual squad ( well inside too lol ) if I just spring things on them so here we go!

  By liking this post you’re giving me permission to:

  • Randomly tag you in starters when I have an idea.
  • Toss Haruka in your ask box when I’m bored.
  • Send you a zillion memes & answer opens with out too much guilt.
  • Ask if you want to do a thing, like an au or other things.
  • Poke you about character ships. ( friendshps, bro ships, hate ships, shipships )
  • Jump in your ask/im box whenever b/c friendship

Likewise if you like this post and find that you want to do anything listed here please feel free! Even if you don’t like this post really you can still do these things because friendship.

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All the jokes aside, you know that I am and will continue to be here for you right? I know I joke around a lot and send you dumb ass memes but all I really do all day is talk to you because you make me genuenly happy and I trust you a lot, possibly more than I trust in anyone else in my life right now. I hope that you feel the same at least on some level and know that you can always went to me alright? I love you loads Barlow and my arms are always open for you and I'm ready to listen okay 💕

thank you for making my life more bearable and filled with laughter. i feel the exact same way mint, i trust you with everything, even stuff i don’t talk to anyone irl about. i love you so much and i’m always here for you too. thank you u wonderful lil bean i love you even if u do listen to kpop i forgive u

Okay. I’m going to TRY to start writing something every day. Even if it’s only 100 words and it’s crap, I’m going to attempt to do it.

Would y'all mind sending me one word prompts to do this? Because while I really, really love when yall send me thought out head canons, I’m just not that good of a writer to pull them all off yet. Hopefully with practice I can, though, so if you feel like it/want to, please send me one word prompts for me to work with. It can be anything, location, time, article of clothing, whatever.

Thank y'all! (If this gets no response it never happened ❤)

It's been a while...

It’s been so long since I talked to you guys so let me start off by apologizing for being so quiet. I’ve been so busy lately and I’ve been mostly coming and going without saying a word and lately I’ve been realizing that I don’t really like doing that?

I also would like to take the time to thank everyone for following me. My one year anniversary is coming up and I am really happy for all the amazing people I’ve met and to all my followers who have supporting me. This blog would not be possible without you guys :)

Oh and to my lovely anons and followers sending me messages, whether it’s about Souta, tg in general, or general things…I really want to thank you guys so much for bringing so much life to my inbox. You guys really rock and please please please don’t ever stop. Every message I get makes me so so so happy. You just don’t understand.

Also to people who continue to like/reblog my edits,themes, and fics. Thank you so much and I love you all to bits 💖

Yeah I am getting emotional as I write this but I really can’t thank you guys enough. You supported me and my content and it’s only fair that I give you all my gratitude. So once again thank you and lets keep the good vibes going to next year 😊💖

Hair search

Hi! I’m recreating Jared Letos Joker I’m looking for the Green AM recolor hair, Can you please send it to me?! <3 XD!

I’m really not sure what you want me to do hon :s 

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do you have any tips for long distance relationships???

communication is always key, do things like make playlists, send each other things if possible, facetime/skype as much as you can but still make time for yourself (don’t let it consume you), if you’re committed to it and really want it then that’s great but if you’re not then end it. I learned that lesson the hard way. good luck!