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Why are you so good at writing Sherlolly?? 😍😊

First of all, BIG THANKS AND HUGGLES AND KISSES FOR YOU!! 😘 ❤️ But seriously, I think it all comes down to this- just look st these fools…

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I mean, just look some more…

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These two, I just…

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Really, I’d say they make it pretty easy. Sherlock and Molly are the ones that make writing sherlolly a breeze. All you gotta do is get to know them. 😉 

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You're the most level headed person on tumblr so i want to know, what do you think about Ramos? Do you think he's captain material, or that we should give the armband to someone else? According to Tumblr he's a bad captain so I'm curious

I’ll take that as a compliment 😅, well statistics don’t lie, he’s really hot-headed and sometimes loses his shit on games so on that matter he doesn’t really give a great example as a captain, on the other hand he’s got one hell of a winner attitude and that’s vital as a team captain, he’s the last one to give up and he’s saved our asses too many times to count. If he stops fighting you’ll know there’s nothing left to do, he’s got the spirit of going for every ball like it’s the last and honestly I don’t think anyone else on the team possesses those qualities, so as many flaws as he may have he is the ideal player to command this team and I wouldn’t change him for anyone.

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first I'd like to say that your art is amazing and you've ALWAYS been an inspiration to me. Even if I'm not that kind of people who shows it a lot (especially around popular artists and idols), but I really, you are an inspiration! My question to you is : do you think it's too late for someone in their mid 20's to make a career change? I'm not proud of where I am right now and I'm graduating this year. I am thinking of leaving "science and math stuff" because art is what I really enjoyed

(part 2 of the previous question about career change. Sorry if it’s too long!). I’m not just being “hey, game industry is good, I think I should do that because it sounds fun!”, I do have experience in modeling from some freelance and personal work and know what it takes to, let’s say, create and texture a 3D model for a game engine. this would basically mean that I got my electronic engineering degree for nothing. Do you think it is a reasonable choice?

Hey Anon. I have a fun story for you. One of my coworkers has a very interesting history; he used to be a wrestler! He was a pro wrestler and now he works as a painter in the animation industry. If that’s not a wild career change I don’t know what is. And you want to know the funniest part? One of my other coworkers tells me that he is the SECOND pro wrestler turned professional artist he has met. 

The industry is full of people who’ve changed gears, started “late”, etc etc. Here are the real questions. Are you driven? Are you excited to spend the years it may take building a solid foundation for yourself? Are you prepared to possibly try and fail a few times before the wheels really get turning? If so, I think you’ll be just fine. With all the awesome options for online schooling it’s easier than ever to jumpstart an artistic career. 

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Flockie, do you think your learning the ropes of celebrity goings on from the best of the best has helped you in your insight of being able to see through the bullshit that has been going on with this mess going on right now with Sam and Cait? I almost feel like I am at a carnival watching one of those games with the cups and a bean - keep my eyes on which cup is covering the bean but the game is really rigged. You know what I mean? Has this been one of the craziest HW things you've witnessed?

I’d say more par for the course than crazy, but I guess that’s why I’m zen about everything. There have been insanely transparent fauxmances, manufactured scandals to keep someone’s name in the media or to smear someone else, fake rivalries, huge lengths to hide affairs. Co-stars potentially hiding a relationship is way, waaaaaaaaay down on the circus act totem pole in the grand scheme of things.

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JEREMY!! As crazy as this sounds, I think you should tell Michael about the Squip. Michael is really good at technology, and all those games he plays means that he's good at solving puzzles. He might be able to help you figure out what to do.

J: How am I supposed to tell him anyway?

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What do you think of "Game of Thrones"?

Marco: We don’t really watch it. Star just looks for video clips of the battles online

Star: *dressed like a viking* RAWR! I AM THE BUTTERFLY!

Marco;…she wants to start a fighting ring in the backyard. I said I’d think about it* Shaking his head no* 

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So you said you liked Alm/Lukas? Do you have any other pairings for characters?

UM I’m a huge sucker for sibling and mentor/student relationships so,, I found the supports for Celica/Conrad and Alm/Mycen to be really cute and sweet _(:3」∠)_ 

I also really love Mae/Boey (!!!!), Forsyth/Python and the RGB trio (Lukas/Forsyth/Python). Other than these I’m p neutral about the other pairings I guess. The canon pairs are okay.

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i think my favorite thing about getting this game is that i was replaying pokemon black even though the difference between playing it other than soul silver ultimately soul silver is going to be more of a fun experience is that i'm restricting my self from using really bad nickname's i'm still doing some but a little less worse than most of my name for example i got a sandile and i named it bokunopico look that up if you will but i'd say don't for your eye's safety

I know what that is…………

I kinda wanna make an art shipping game???

Like, you tag some friends, name some characters who you ship with them, and if they actually really love that character, you have to draw ship art of them and that character??? I feel like it’d not only be fun, but help normalise self inserts and stop people callin them cringy, bc like it or not, self inserts are great! Idk, what do you guys think



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5 things you can find on my blog

  1. Pokemon
  2. Birds
  3. Dangan Ronpa
  4. Some stuff I find funny/interesting
  5. BNHA

5 things you’ll find in my bag

  1. Currently some coupons
  2. Pencils and pens
  3. Sketchbook
  4. Sometimes my 3DS if I really need it
  5. Sometimes coins and bottle caps

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom

  2. Lots of plushies
  3. Figurines
  4. DVD’s aND BOOKS
  5. Video game consoles + games for that consoles

5 things I always wanted to do

  1. UuhhhHHHH Hold a toucan?
  2. I don’t know actually- I don’t think I got a lot in mind atm.
  3. Go to Gator Land?

5 things that make me happy

  1. Friends!
  2. Drawing
  3. Music
  4. Drawing
  5. Birds!!

5 things I’m currently into

  1. Dangan Ronpa
  2. BNHA
  3. Hatoful Boyfriend- It’s been years and I still love it as if it’s a new thing hELP
  4. Camp Camp
  5. OFF (Again, it’s been maybe 2 years and I still love it sO MUCH)

5 things on my to do list

  1. Finish my art assignments before school starts hhn
  2. Finish some art requests
  3. Catch up on BNHA season 2 (Only 3 more episodes,,,!!)
  5. Plan out my comics and actually start it soon

5 things you might not know about me

  1. I have a wireless mouse that I mostly use as a stress relief toy when I go outside sometimes?? I put it in my jacket pockets and click on it repeatedly.
  2. I have troubles reading novels, I don’t have the patience anymore + concentration issues.
  3. I’m the reason to why my cousins have a massive minecraft phase. I told em about it when I was a kid and to this very day, some of them still play it 24/7 all because of me. I don’t think I even played it when I told them about it.
  4. I once accidentally stole a chocolate bar and a book mark from this one store and I got away with it as a child. 
  5. I impulsively bought a Kewpie Tarako doll and I personally have no regrets.

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The Beginning 

My second #septicart!
I drew young Jack! This is a little thing where I imagined Sean finding Sam. He said it in a video before, imagining finding Sam in a cave. Ye I did too. :3c

I honestly like my first art I did for septicart than this one. It was Antisepticeye:

This was also my first attempt at drawing slime. Jack is making me try new things when drawing. Thank you for that! I enjoy doing this~
I also had to go back to Jack’s older videos and I looked at his old blogs and Skate 3 game play. I kept laughing and remembering his old videos. I think Little Inferno was what really got me to keep watching his videos. It is one of my favorite series from Jacksepticeye. ;w;
Hope you like the drawing and have a great day!
Oooo~ Shinyyy~ 

Characters belongs to:

Art belongs to myself:

So like. The idea that Bran can see freaking everything that’s ever happened or will happen really makes me laugh because yeah in the show it’s all about him knowing what the characters are doing or Jon’s parentage but think about it, Bran sees so far into the future that he probably knows what fucking airplanes are. He’s probably said the words “why don’t you email it” to someone before going “oh, sorry, that isn’t in your lifetime”.  Bran knows what a fucking Walmart is. He knows every shit meme out there. Bran Stark knows

I TALK ABOUT THIS A LOT BUT something i gotta say once again cuz i feel so strongly about it is i think the music is a massive part of why taz is so good. like fucking CRUCIAL to the story and emotion being so effective and memorable. to the listener but also in the story itself its so important like the voidfishs song, johanns music, the crystal kingdom verses, the literal arc Story and Song etc

i think there were sound effects in the battlewagon race and some music but the first time music was really implemented into a scene was……… sloane and hurley.. right……. and it caught me so off guard and made that moment that much more powerful. and that first song (discovery and recovery) is one of the most simple and minimal songs but also still one of the most beautiful??? its the most crushing moment in taz up to that point but i dont know if i wouldve cried if that song didnt play. it creates such a distinct atmosphere like i cant imagine refuge without the rustic old west guitar of roswell/refuge/the diary of sheriff isaac and the cozy + familiar piano of the davy lamp. or lucas’ lab without those vocaloid crystal kingdom verses and sparkling pulsing synths in crystal minuet/the cosmoscope/elevator of tomorrow/zero gravity trash ball etc etc etc. and do i even have to explain the suffering game. like bitch have you heard wonderland round 3 that shit bangs 

more recently the reunion tour monologue and lups best day ever are two moments that i think…. are as powerful as they are because of the music. its become a much bigger component in the later arcs and griffin really didnt spare any opportunity in the finale. theres a lot of killer tracks lemme tell ya

my personal favorite is disrobed + the chalice. they use the same melody but with a completely different sound and energy and theyre both really powerful. and play at such crucial moments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!both of them give me chills

im really proud of griffin and his garageband/rockband 3 midi keyboard skills the soundtrack really enhanced his storytelling and the audiences experience. all his shit is on soundcloud but also buy it on bandcamp duh

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I saw last time you played Dream Daddy..! :o How was it? What do you think of the game? I love your blog btw!

Thanks! Hmm, well I could analyze the good and the bad of the game without taking its popularity and the way it was released and marketed into account but if I don’t do that I think it’s gonna be half my critique. Is Dream Daddy a good game? Perhaps. Is Dream Daddy deserving of its popularity and ratings? No. At all. I don’t want to be negative about it and this isn’t a hate post or anything, it’s just the things that really bothered me. Believe me, I was super pumped for the game. Like, legit, I WAS DRINKING CHAMPAIGN WHILE I STARTED PLAYING IT. And all was well and good but then, it went downhill. 

1) The game has 0 length. Like, I literally finished playing it in 2-3 hours, WITH breaks. Yes, I only played Craig’s route (Craig is cool btw) but this is a DATING SIM right? So, it HAS to be sufficient and has to be long even if the player just plays ONE character route. Because people are like “no it is pretty big”. It isn’t. Not everyone is going to play ALL THE ROUTES just so as to feel like they played Dream Daddy ‘a lot’. A dating sim game, cause that is what it claims to be, should NOT be valued by the sum of the time spent on ALL ROUTES, but just INDIVIDUAL character routes. 

2) The sprites were very nice and I loved them. The backgrounds HOWEVER were actually lacking. Again, the background is fine, but it is lacking in the CONTEXT cause Dream Daddy is supposedly a good game. Look at this: 

The background is literally some plain line art with some flat colors. No shading, no nothing. Yeah it looks good but cmon. Do you know how quickly a good artist can draw this? Very. Do not forget I am here to defend all Visual Novels and Dating Sims cause I really am a fan of the genre. And I am only making this critique in comparison to the ‘standard’, ok? HELL, even HATOFUL BOYFRIEND had better background art 


3) This is an addition to my saltiness about the lack of art, cause literally the ONLY ART FOR THIS GAME was the 1) Sprites, 2) Backgrounds AND 3) Those picture thingies you would get as a bonus for finishing the game/ a character route. Honestly. For people who are not familiar with visual novels and dating sims, this is LACKING at best. Most visual novels of this kind have art for important scenes and if not they at least HAVE ONE FOR AN ENDING SCENE. But not Dream Daddy of course. I literally was sleeping next to Craig and we had the whole confession thing happening inside a tent in the woods or smth and there. Was. No. Image. Anyways you get my point. Moving on,

4) The background sound was straight up bad. Not the songs themselves but the whole tuning and looping was horrid. Like, the different tracks were on different volumes and some would like stop and then start again without making the looping discreet or anything. I VIVIDLY remember my ears dying when I was in a forest with Craig and the ‘forest sound’ was so overly loud (and of course you could not hear Craig’s casual “ah”s at all). Man the sound was a mess.

5) Rushed, poor and Rushed once more. The characters were interesting and the setting and concept was good, I give you that, but the way they handled the plot and DELIVERED it however… Again there wasn’t any length to it and the writing could have been more detailed. Even in important scenes, there wasn’t much to be said. It honestly felt like they just wanted to get it over with. And honestly the plot was kinda flat. Like yeah ok we went on some dates or smth (with DADBOOk,,, ok uh huh)(they obviously couldn’t make it somehow linearly connected through the story and had to use such an easy way of doing routes cause that would basically mean a lot of work to make)(once again) and you’d get the casual heartbeat and nice smooth talking and jokes but that was it. The plot was average anyways. I guess the part with the teddy bear and the devil children dissecting it was a fun twist tho haha. 

Anyways! I am not really a person who rants or anything like that, and I am not AGAINST this game or anything. I still liked the game. I just had to speak the truth and say how it felt for me, especially with a successful game like this, since, in this genre of Dating Sims and Visual Novels, it’s very difficult to achieve such success or be advertised as much, and I am just trying to be just about this. A lot of people put so much EXTREME work into these games and they pour their soul into it, and achieve better quality, and it is just a shame that a game like this would be elevated and be called a ‘masterpiece’ when it was honestly a rushed game without much put into it besides some good ideas and a few interesting characters combined with a very talented sprite artist. 

I really love this aspect of Masquerade. 

First of all, there’s some really bright thinking that went into this - Omnics aren’t allowed to gamble in casinos, because counting cards and calculating odds is a thing. That’s a really great detail of the universe. 

Secondly, as a gambling financial counsellor - this is great. Casinos, poker machines, online gambling games, etc do rig games, and you can figure out the odds. On poker machines, for example, the return is an average 89% (although this varies from country to country). Someone smart, or someone with a calculator brain, would be able to observe people playing for a period of time, do the algorithm for the amount of time/money to invest to get a maximal outcome with specific machines and maximise their takeaways. For this reason, poker machine and gambling game manufacturers are VERY secretive about their algorithms. An omnic could figure that shit out. 

I really, really, really love this detail!

Highlights from Talks Machina (Episode 105)

Again, covering for @eponymous-rose​ while she continues her international vacation! Sorry for missing last week–things got crazy! Tonight’s guests: Darin de Paul, Taliesin sporting a lovely scarlet mohawk, and Travis. Brian starts a story that ends with him forging several signatures, and off we go.

  • The new campaign guide comes out soon! Taliesin is now worried about messing up the history of a character he invented.
  • Darin loves D&D as a long-form improv exercise and is happy he was able to get moments with each of the cast members.
  • Right after college, Darin was an apprentice at the Burt Reynolds Theater in Florida (a year-long program for theater students). One of his co-apprentices was Matt’s mom, and Matt’s grandmother was the director’s assistant. Matt’s father was part of the writing room. During the run of Darin’s last show (Fiddler), a clarinet player said they were going to play D&D and invited Darin. Matt’s mother was also in the group; they were all new to the game, so they rolled on a table for names and played four sessions. Last year, Darin was hired by Blizzard to do various voices, which is where he and Matt became friends. Later, Matt realized his mom had a picture of herself with Darin de Paul, and discussion of that picture led to the conversation of their D&D game. It’s been 37 years since Sprigg’s original campaign.
  • Matt was worried about fitting Sprigg in until Darin mentioned he was a hermit. The hobgoblin TPK was canon! Sprigg, a chaotic evil illusionist thief, was the only one to survive; the last moment of that campaign had him fleeing on a cart with wolves chasing him, abandoning the rest of the party to their deaths. Travis and Taliesin ask if he really was chaotic evil; “Why do you think he was so interested in redemption, dear boy?”
  • The first episode Darin saw was the Trials of the Take episode when the carpet was destroyed. He’s wanted to be on the show ever since.
  • Symmetra’s voice actor, Anjali Bhimani, also plays D&D. My heart skips a few beats.
  • Vex and Percy eloped over the year break. Laura and Taliesin kept it secret out of pique at first (Taliesin doesn’t remember why they were piqued). He’s not surprised the others are annoyed.
  • Grog was extremely impressed by Sarenrae and hasn’t thought much about Kord giving him any boons.
  • Darin has been a fan of the show and watching for some time. Taliesin says he is the most prepared guest they’ve ever had.
  • Very few people were present at Vex & Percy’s wedding. They did not intend to ever bring it up on their own.
  • The plane of books is the worst possible plane for Grog. Only the plane of shopping would be worse.
  • As soon as Darin walked into the studio last Thursday, Travis immediately asked him if he was a god. Travis still thinks he might be.
  • Percy would rather have a thousand years with Vex than a thousand years with Ioun’s library.
  • Travis wants a “positive, upbeat resolution to all the drama that is a-hanging in the air.” Me too. Travis does not read the Player’s Handbook to help keep Grog dumb, so he never knows what’s going on.
  • Travis loves how prepared Darin was. He offered the Deck because he thought Darin was looking for something specific after Sprigg deflected the weaker offerings.
  • Darin loved the emotion in the room during the plane shift and the strong moment with Marisha in particular. He also likes the movie Gargoyles.
  • The hardest thing about playing Sprigg after so long was finding him again. Brian gets very sentimental about the long journey that brought Sprigg back to life, including Darin becoming friends and colleagues with Matt so many years later.
  • Darin will be back on the next episode and is visibly excited about it.
  • Darin used to read tons of D&D books (mentions Drizzt by name) and used to paint minis as a hobby. He still has some of the figures and wants to donate them to the show.
  • Darin’s wife was part of Taliesin’s parents’ circle, so he’s known her for a long time. Taliesin and Darin exchange memories of meeting Roddy McDowall, and Darin says part of Sprigg’s concept of memories being the most important came from a conversation he had with Roddy while Roddy was dying of cancer.
  • Percy’s current distrusting attitude towards the gods came directly from his interaction with the Raven Queen. However, he didn’t know there was a god of knowledge and has been “chewing on it a lot, and what it means to have faith in knowledge.” He sees the library as a testament to faith in humanity and the good works of life and how important memory is and is blown away by it. “Books have always been about finding meaning and this whole library thing has changed him.” Taliesin expected Percy to be much more resistant to Ioun and was surprised at how quickly the books sold him.
  • Darin felt as the scenes progressed that his role was to “illuminate” CR as to where they were and what they could be. Taliesin and Percy both wondered if he was Scanlan from the future. Darin had the choice of being Scanlan’s dad, but declined.
  • Percy picked Vesper because her namesake was the last person he’d talked to in real life.
  • The only place Travis can think of worse for Grog is if the books were replaced with clothing & a For Sale sign. “Grog has a beatnik poet inside him waiting to get out.”
  • Darin’s advice to Keyleth was total improv. He almost cried when she touched his hand. He loves funny characters that can become sad and/or touching.
  • Marisha has no idea how to get Keyleth out of her emotional nosedive. Watching Marisha break character from Keyleth at the end of an episode is one of Taliesin’s favorite things because they’re such different people.
  • Percy would seek out the lifebooks for all his family & ancestry because he’s fascinated with legacy, and Whitestone is full of ghost stories. He had lots of stories he’d planned to give as part of the gnomes’ tour, and tells one about a woman forced into a marriage who slowly poisoned her husband over a number of years.
  • Sprigg feels he is what Scanlan might become. He did not expect to survive the episode.
  • If they were really in Ioun’s halls, Travis would love to see the books of his family and of JFK. Darin would like to see his father’s book. Darin also likes wearing suits, which is why he wears suits. He only wears t-shirts at the gym. (At one point Darin’s family also owned 20 horses???). He wishes his parents could see him now because they were so supportive when he was growing up.

Honor! Justice! After Dark, After Dark, After Dark!

  • If the challenge for Ioun involves any physical activity, Grog will fight Percy for it.
  • Bucket lists: Travis wants to swim with a great white shark. (Darin’s biggest fear is great white sharks.) Taliesin wants to travel to India. Darin wants to learn to tap dance, and casually drops that he used to dance with Cirque du Soleil.
  • Darin’s favorite color is black. His favorite season is winter.
  • There’s a video somewhere of Darin de Paul and Steve Blum pretending to be zombies and running towards the camera.
  • Travis and Darin do Reinhardt “impressions” by talking in high-pitched baby voices. Taliesin does a pretty decent actual impression! Darin likes that there’s heroes for every playstyle.
  • Darin hasn’t told Matt’s parents he brought back Sprigg. He also used to have a crush on Matt’s mom.
  • If Darin could pick any character from VM to play, he would play Scanlan. Brian teases the entire world by saying he would play “the character Pike’s in love with.”
  • Darin’s twitter flooded after last Thursday and he wishes he could respond to all of the kind messages.
  • Darin once shared floss with Gilbert Gottfried as part of an old bit.
  • Darin feels his whole history has led to this moment last Thursday where he had the chance to create a story with people he loved.
  • Laura read the Game of Thrones books as they came out, well before the show started. Brian just found the copy of the first book she lent him in 2010, which he still hasn’t read.
  • If Sprigg could fight any D&D monster, it would be a hobgoblin.


  • Neil follows Andrew somewhere alone, away from the team, as he’s known to do
  • Andrew tells Neil “The rest of your friends are waiting for you.”
  • Neil’s useless ass stands there, staring at Andrew in wonder at the implication ‘rest of your friends’ has
  • Andrew’s like “Don’t look at me like that.”
  • And Neil’s like “The rest of my friends?”
  • “Jesus Fuck, Neil.”
  • “Does this mean we are friends?”
  • And Andrew is so fucking done
  • Like come on, Neil, you’ve been together for two years
  • And Andrew can’t believe that Neil’s actually dense enough that he’s going to make him say it
  • “What the fuck do you think?”
  • “Yes?”
  • “Is this conversation really necessary?”
  • “Does that mean we are?”
  • “Yes.”
  • “Is Kevin your friend?”
  • “I don’t have friends.”
  • “You just said I’m your friend.”
  • “No, you said that.”
  • “And you agreed.”
  • Andrew sighs
  • And Neil’s like “That’s not an answer. Is he your friend?”
  • “Unfortunately.”
  • And Neil’s beaming because look at his bf having friends and not totally isolating himself
  • Andrew doesn’t look happy as he warns “You better not tell him about this.”

og paladins + language barriers bc i’m tired of photoshop

  • i imagine the og paladins had to learn each other’s languages and Nutbutton.png
    • alfor probably took the initiate first bc he’s a nice guy and a good diplomat. he started learning from his translator and then blaytz would not be one-upped and gyrgan and trigel sort of got sucked up in the excitement.
      • coran, showering:
        blaytz, opening the curtain: coran, would—stop screaming—would you teach me altean?
    • zarkon was the hardest to convince bc damn do the galra have pride.
      • no but really he only did it because he felt that the other four were gossiping about him behind his back.
  • Not Saying they get together each week to watch altean novelas but you know they did 
    • “why do we always watch altean things” “have you seen galra tv it’s 95% propaganda”
    • yes there’s a Galra TV Drinking Game bc holy shit is it all repetitive
  • trigel almost stops midbattle bc she can’t remember one goddamn word and it’s driving her crazy.
    • “hey, blaytz what’s the name of that large animal that nearly ran you over last week.” blaytz, dodging enemies, “i’m not answering that.” trigel, effortlessly causing two opponents to crash together, “come on!” “do you really think i stopped to ask for its name while it was chasing me down?” 
  • “gyrgan c’mon i know you and your people have some of the best curse words out there leak them
  • Some Magical Shit Happens and the og paladins somehow lose the ability to speak each other’s tongues and it’s just one really long and frustrating game of charades and zarkon drives his lion straight into a cliff out of sheer frustration.
  • drunk paladins switching between languages and laughing and having a good time
  • the og paladins vs the galran language: a saga
    • “what does that say, alfor” alfor leans in, shrugs. “i don’t know” “but you speak galran” “yeah, doesn’t mean i know how to read it have you seen the galran alphabets”
    • trigel: zarkon why is there no galran word for lesbian you need to fix this immediately
    • “zarkon, why is it that there are ten different galran phrases for ‘glorious death in battle’—each with a slightly difference connotation, mind you—but there’s no direct translation for ‘pillow’?”
    • zarkon, trying to learn all the different names for all the different articles of clothing alteans wear: alfor your people are so soft
      alfor, struggling through the tenth volume of the galran history of war book: yeah that’s fair
  • they sometimes borrow phrases from each other and since they’re sort of heads of state the phrases get disseminated down and it’s like a really risky game of telephone that might cause an intergalatic war
  • blaytz: and then gyrgan took the robot’s head clean off with his hands, and—
  • zarkon: we have a phrase for that
    trigel, without hesitation: of course you do
  • coran, to allura, immediately after learning that not only are the new paladins all the same species, but they all speak the same language: holy shit this is going to be so much easier we might actually live through this

me: I was listening to Falsettos and I realized that the lyric “when you find what you find, then never never never never never do it over again” during Love is Blind is mirrored in act II. The lyric shows us how Marvin feels about love at the time, really seeing it as a tool to get what he wants, or alternatively how unimportant it is to him. But then in act II, during What Would I Do?, he sings “I’d do it again. I’d like to think I’d do it again and again” and it just really shows Marvin’s character progression from the beginning to the end of the show, as well as how Marvin and Whizzer’s relationship changed from Pre The Baseball Game and in post. It makes the lyric in What Would I Do? much more poignant to me and it’s much more heartbreaking now that I figured it out. All in all it’s just a really clever thing that was put into the show and I really enjoy the little things that you notice the more you get into the show.

Taxi driver: we’re here


it has been a while since our last random event ewe but today we are gonna have a large and lasting random event that is meant for everyone!

todays theme is

in this event we all split up into 3 different squads

the PINK squad (pink hairs) [you can have any shade of pink as your hair color]

the ORANGE squad (orange hairs) [you can have any shade of orange as your hair color]

the BLUE squad (blue hairs)  [you can have any shade of blue as your hair color]

you can all choose to be whichever squad you prefer to be at the start or even move over to the other squad,or as i’d like to say “recolor yourself”.

so here’s how it all goes 

color wars have 3 different ways to play the game

the first one is 

with this method you can paint your friends and strangers with your color if they desire by just asking them to join your squad. ask anyone you like on any social media even!

the second method is

with this method you can pull over people from other squad to your squad. surprise attack them with art or some nice letters or anything creative you can think of so they become your color buddy!

the third method is

with this method you can challenge people from other groups to any kind of game (cards,video games,dice rolls,coin flips,etc [anything that has to do with two players really]) if the other color person loses then they have to transfer to your squad as a “punishment” and they will not be able to transfer back to their original group for however long both of the persons bet. you can also challenge your group to a game with other groups,almost like a group fight! 

every color squad can have their own group of 6 inside and they must have different kind of things to wear. anything works in this really,as long as its noticeable and colored. 

the groups cannot have same colored (same) items though

the squad with most people at the end of 2 weeks will be the winners! (though i cant think of any prize for now-since theres a lot of people to reward with- ) 

there can be squad members that arent in any groups so you dont have to be in any group if you dont want to!

also for people to know which squad you’re on you can put the color of your squad on your icon like this 

hope ya’ll will join and have fun you guys! nwn 

and remember 

dont hurt each other! i’m trying to make this so people can have fun!~

if you do have questions please do leave me a message!