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does anyone else think of Fallout 4 and get really sad like

you’re just this ordinary person with no special abilities who saw the entire world turn to shit, watched your spouse get killed and your child taken away without being able to do anything, woke up to everyone around you dead, saw your old home in ruins, had to adapt to a strange irradiated world whilst still having fresh memories of the life you left behind, be tasked with rebuilding said world one settlement at a time, and on top of all that, traveled all over and jumped through so many hoops and fought so many fights for the simple goal of seeing your son again

I know I’ve posted numerous times about how welfare fraud is in fact very, very rare and welfare programs have lower fraud loss rates than things like businesses.  Which is true, but it’s also true that most actual technical welfare fraud doesn’t look much like the stereotype either.  Pretty much the only people who “get rich” off fraud are service end things like stores, hospitals, etc.  Nobody else really gets rich from lying on their food stamp paperwork.

Welfare fraud looks less like “cadillac and mansion” and more like:

  • a disabled person lies about their level of mobility because medicaid will often only cover wheelchairs if you need them in the house, not if you need them to go out or do anything outside of the house
  • a poor woman claims her boyfriend lives separately from her because the amount he contributes to her and their kids counts against her less if it’s listed as childsupport instead of part of the household income and that small difference can be enough to keep the children from going hungry
  • a poor person sells part of their food stamps and lives on things like instant ramen because almost nobody gets cash assistance anymore and they need things like toilet paper or tooth paste
  • a disabled person who could not hold down a regular job sells $100 a month in homemade crafts and doesn’t report it because they might have to spend months or even years re-fighting their social security case if they reported it
  • a homeless person makes more than $20 a month begging but lists their income as zero because that’s less confusing
  • other things like that

A lot of that is just survival.  It’s not a system set up in a way that makes it easy to even live unless you “cheat”.  People aren’t doing it to get rich, they do it to cling to the very basics and just manage to live.  I don’t blame people who violate the laws to keep their heads above water, I blame the people who set up a horrific system like this and who benefit from harming and exploiting poor people.

please commission me if you need some cool art!!

i just quit my job because of personal reasons, im starting online school to finish up high school the last few credits i have. im currently going to be putting my last paycheck in savings as well as anything else i can muster up while i dont have rent to help me afford things i need for my future carrier as an artist, to support myself and follow through with my transition. the more art i do the more i improve. ill take 5+$ for a any doable commission i really dont mind. anything can help. i dont want donations without giving anything in return. this will in turn help me prepare myself as an artist and prepare/grow for the future. 

if anything please help share this 

my goal is to start testosterone by march. which was my goal for last year, i dont want this to be a goal again, i want to reach it. in turn i will also be setting up top surgery appts depending on how healthy i am and how fast it can happen with everything going on/savings. most likely by july. 
here are some examples of what i can do:

thank you for taking the time to read this, please instant message me if you would like a commission!

Take a Break

I’m taking a break from tumblr. Like I’m completely logging off and everything for a few days. Maybe longer.

Im having some bad mental health days and with that comes the idea that my art is the worst. I’m not improving as quickly as I’d like. I need to go back to traditional art for awhile, read some books, center myself. I am getting short tempered, stressed, and feeling like a really unpleasant person and I don’t want that to be who I am.

It also means, even though I just started it, I’m putting my ask blog on hold.

If you need to get in touch with me, I do have a twitter. I don’t post a lot on there and mostly follow funny twitter accounts and other art “blogs” but I do check it regularly. You can find me @Lozeyjones on twitter. 

I’ll reblog this once more for the day crowd but as of now I’m taking a vacation away from this site. I can’t handle much anymore.

Again, my twitter is @lozeyjones

I also check deviantart frequently (every day) so you can find me there as just Lozey.

I’m sorry I’ll be absent for awhile, but I do think that to feel better about myself and my art, I need to get off of this website to cool down and rethink things.

I hope everyone else is doing fine, however. I’ll just be on for the next 24 hours so if you need to let me know anything, tell me now or I won’t be able to get back to you for some time.

Thanks for understanding, and goodnight <3


Make your own quick and easy potion bottles!

These are GREAT for fantasy cosplay props, or just keeping around your house because they’re CUTE AS HELL. I made these for Taako and Vex because I’m DnD cosplay garbage these days.

I’m not kidding, this is SUPER easy. All you need is a glass bottle with a cork (Michaels sells some great ones for like $2), really finely powdered glitter, some leather strips (pleather will work too) E6000, scissors, and optionally twine and fun dangly jewels! Step by step instructions below the cut!

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More starter sentences.

This time with a more formal language style.

  • “You do not own me. I am not your property.”
  • “How do I know you have not lied to me?”
  • “You will always regret your inactions the most.”
  • “The choice to do nothing is still a choice.”
  • “I cannot take your pain away, but I can help ease it.”
  • “Tell me what you need from me. I’ll give you anything.”
  • “War is Hell, and it never ends.”
  • “Soldiers don’t want to kill anyone, but they have to.”
  • “You love someone else, don’t you?”
  • “I never thought we’d ever have to say goodbye to one another.”
  • “Of all the people in my life, I loved you most.”
  • “Is it really acceptable to torture, maim or kill in the name of the greater good? Or does that make us like our enemies?”
  • “I do not fear death. I made my peace with mortality a long time ago.”
  • “You do not fear death. You would welcome it. I see it in your eyes, when you think no-one is looking. You’re waiting for it to catch up with you.”
  • “There are no (men/women/people) like me.”
  • “Tell me something interesting.”
Because he loves me

Request: i’d love a slightly… darker imagine, if you’re ok with that? Maybe something based on daddy issues by the neighbourhood with like jughead? Thank you so much! :)

A/N: As sad as this imagine made me to write, I really enjoyed doing so.  It was cool to write something different, and I’m really happy with how it came out.  Thank you for requesting!  

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Word count: 930 words

Warnings: verbally abusive relationships, dad and boyfriend

Originally posted by evenstoast

Tick. “How’d you do on that test in history today?”

“It was really hard…” His brow crinkled.  “I got a C.” Tick.

“C… Okay.”  You could tell he was angry.  It was always easy to tell.  He was angry more than he was anything else.  But every blue sky needs a storm, your mother would say.  Otherwise it would be gray all the time.  

You knew the foyer was only ten feet from the kitchen, and soon, “Why aren’t the dishes away?” Tick.  You inhaled deeply.

“I had a lot of homework,” you mumbled, following him to the kitchen.  “I’ll do it now.”

He shook his head stiffly, eyes locked on the counter. “No, I have to wait for them to be put away before I can do anything else.  Might as well do it right.” Tick.

“I can really help, if you need it.”

“If I need it?  Do I look incapable of doing housework?” Tick.

“No you jus-”

“Go upstairs!” Boom.  

You nodded, offering him your best smile. “Okay, dad.”

You ran into your mother halfway up the stairs.  Her hand wound around your bicep, a warmth pooling in her eyes.  “You know he only yells because he loves you, and he wants you to do better.” You nodded, her kissing your forehead before meeting your father in the kitchen as you scurried to your room.

It’s a year later that you meet Jughead.  Riverdale was a small town, and everyone was in Pop’s at least once a week.  It was no surprise you two eventually found each other.

You had been sitting at the counter, lone tears still streaming from your eyes.  He had sat next to you, for a while staying quiet.

“You know he loves you,” Pop told you with a frown, filling up your mug with hot coffee.  You had known Pop since you were young, and now, ten years later, he knew how to read you… In fact he treated you better than your own father.

“I do… By now I do.” Satisfied with your answer, Pop went on to serve other customers.  “Just don’t understand why he has to yell at me about everything,” you finished your sentence, murmured words to yourself.

“Because he’s an ass.” You looked up and over to a boy your age with dark hair and a gray beanie that covered most of his head anyways.  He had a solemn expression on his face.  “He yells at you about everything because he’s an ass.”

“No,” You shook your head. “It’s because he loves me and he wants me to do better.  I know that’s why, I don’t know why I ever questioned it.”

“Nobody deserves to be yelled at for everything.”

“He works hard for my family.  What I don’t deserve is the work he puts into my future for the thanks I give him.”

He rolled his eyes.  “You’re wrong.  He doesn’t yell because he loves you.  That’s a conclusion that’ll only hurt you.”

Jughead wasn’t wrong, and the years that followed were tough ones, but he had stayed.  

The quick conversation about your dad at the counter led to a three hour long conversation about everything else.  A three hour long conversation led to a friendship that lasted through everything else.  

It’s a year after that when you meet the first boy who wakes up the butterflies in your stomach.  It was probably because he was a brooding, handsome kid out of the stories you had read as a kid.  

And while from that conversation at the counter you took Jughead, you never took his advice.

When your boyfriend yelled, you cried, but you always stayed.  You’d end up in your bed at night, texting Jughead that it was okay, and you knew how to handle it.  You didn’t need a hero.

But maybe you needed a Jughead.

He was smaller even then, a scrawny, misunderstood boy, who wanted nothing but the world for you.  So he punched your stupid boyfriend until that boy’s nose cracked and blood streamed for at least half an hour.  

“Why’d you do that?” You yelled at him, your boyfriend now at home.  Your mother was upstairs, your father out.  

“He wouldn’t stop yelling at you,” Jughead grumbled in response.  “You.  Don’t.  Deserve that.”

“It’s because he loves me!”

“It’s not!” He shouted.  Immediately afterward, a hand crawled over his mouth, in shock at his own volume.  “I’m sorry.”

“You yelled,” you whispered.  “You yelled, because you’re mad that I’m always yelled at.”

“I didn’t mean to yell.” Shutting his eyes for a moment in frustration, in disappointment in himself.  “I swear my yelling is different than theirs.”

“Sounded the same.” The words that fell from your lips brought tears to his eyes.  

He took careful steps forward, pulling you into his arms.  “Did it feel different?”

“Felt like you cared about me,” your words brushed over his neck.  

“But did it feel different?” You nodded into his shirt.  “Good.  I’m sorry I yelled.  I’ll try not to get upset like that again.”

“I’m sorry I made you want to yell,” you apologized instinctively.  

“You didn’t make me want to yell,” he sighed, lifting his chin so it rested on top of your head.  “I’m just sick of you letting yourself get treated like this.  You were raised on it, I know.  But you don’t have to deal with that.  Especially not anymore.”  A few moments of silence followed, before it was broken by a deep, heart wrenching sob.  “Oh, Y/N.”

He let you cry, but most importantly, he stayed.

my family is just so odd and i feel like if any average person were to sit in on our conversations they’d think we were all serial killers because like,, a few examples of conversations that have happened in the house in the last week:

Mom: Do you need anything to go back to uni with?
Me: A really big sword
Mom: … Ask your brother about that, he has a few

Mom: Someone kill me I don’t wanna go to work
Dad: I send you off with all my love and support!
Me: [under my breath] I’ll send a sniper
Mom: Thank you

[Various conversations between my brother and I about our non-existent eastern seaboard drug ring with enthusiastic approval from parents]

[threats of sword fighting in the front yard between my brother and i]

[one actual sword fight]

Someone: [various limb hurts]
Someone else: amputate!  

Friendly Teasing/Awkward Aus

Because Mod Karissa took a nap earlier and can’t sleep :) plus this is what I LIVE FOR

  • *person A fixes something for person B* Person A: “Who’s the best?” Person B: “Person C” Person A: “oh well then I guess you don’t need this THAT badly-” Person B: “WAIT!!!”

  • “Do I look okay today?” “you look like you got hit by a truck.” “…..thaaaannnkkksss.” “no problem ;)” “no but really do I look ok I have a date” “…..”

  • “I’ll do ANYTHING if you do this for me please” “Anything?” “ANYTHING. Wait no-” “TOO LATE.”

  • “You’re a dweeb/dork.” “wow um rude??” *person A later uses said term towards something/someone else affectionately* Person B: “OOOoooohh.”

  • “Need help reaching that?” “Nope.” *dangerously climbs object* “waIT DONT DO THAT WHAT ARE YOU DO I N G”

  • *points at monster in a movie* “that’s you.” “um excuse me no” *later points at couple* “that could be us” “???” “excEPT YOURE LAME HAHAHA oh shit that was out loud dammit

  • “You know, we’re a lot like those two characters.” *characters later get together* “…….”

  • “did you eat my food?” “nope.” *while eating food* “YOU’RE DEAD TO ME” “ok. more food for me then.”

  • “Why are you crying?” “this part is so sad!” “it can’t be that bad-HOLY SHIT YOURE RIGHT WHERE ARE THE TISSUES”

Hope you guys enjoy! :D
~Mod Karissa

Happiness/Healing Love Spell

I made this spell for my datemate who was feeling down. I put this together really quickly for them (aka like a half hour to an hour). Anything in this spell can be easily substituted for something else so feel free to change it for your needs but still credit me if you tell anyone or write it in your grimoire/BoS. You can even do this spell for yourself rather than someone else. I hope you enjoy. ^^ 



  • Strawberries & Cream - pink for love, strawberry for childlike happiness 
  • Two scentless yellow* - optimism and happiness 


  • Obsidian - take in bad energy, promote strength
  • Howlite - reduce anxiety and stress, soothe emotions 
  • Rose quartz - healing and promote love
  • Amethyst - calm
  •  Hematite - protective 


  • Rosemary - promote love
  • Basil - bring happiness, love, and peace 


  • Happy, calming, love songs**
  • Ask any deity you worship to help out 

*I used LED light changing candles. You may use regular candles if you please.

**I made my own playlist which I won’t share because it is personal to me. If you make one, it should be person to you too.


(While doing each step, say what each material is used for) 

  1. Place the three candles in a V-shape with the pink one at the bottom and the yellow ones at the top.
  2. Arrange your crystals in another V-shape around the bottom candle. This should create a heart shape. 
  3. Place your herbs in a heart shape around all the other objects.
  4. Light all the candles and repeat this chant: “the fire from the candle represents your happiness. It is growing and warm. When I blow it out it doesn’t mean it’s going away but rather going your way.” (You may change the words for your liking/ to include any deities.)
  5. Blow out the candle and focus on the happy energy going to the recipient. If you played music, blow them out at the end of all the songs.
  6. If you used any deities help, thank them.

Extra emoji spell to send to the recipient:


Good wishes, ☀️️Suni☀️️


bts christmas icons + extra one yoongi + bts cute edit (because i missed them so much) 

requested by @stuckinfangirlmode | hey!! i’m really sorry for not being able to do the run mv icons, so i hope these make up for it! :’-) thanks for being understanding and patient and lastly, thanks for requesting!! do request again if you need anything else when the new batch is open :) 

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anonymous asked:

headcannons for patching up soda after a rumble??


- he would be a flirting little shit
- like he would be drunk off the adrenaline
-‘hey babe wanna know what else these hands can do?’
-if they lost he would be really vulnerable
- like he would be hugging your leg and slowly and gently rubbing your leg or ur side and not talk too much
-when you do something that would burn him or hurt him he would tightly squeeze your butt and then be like soz I needed something to take my mind off of it
- ‘can you kiss it better’
-he would pull you onto his lap while you work on him
-if they won he wouldn’t shut up about how cool he was or how 'fuckin bad ass’ he was
-you would put the kids band aids on him just to get him annoyed and when he went to take it off I would pout and say 'but that one was my favorite’

Sickness Sentence Starters

“Can’t I have something else? I’ve only eaten soup for two days now.”

“I don’t think there are enough tissues in the world to help me with this stuffy nose.”

“I’m already under three blankets and I still feel cold.”

“When can I take the next dose of medicine?”

“I don’t know what I want to do. I’ve already watched five movies today, but I don’t have the energy to get up and do anything else.”

“I don’t want to get anyone else sick, but I have an important test/meeting today that I really can’t miss.”

“I know I look silly, but I need to have this towel on my head to cool off the fever, so please don’t laugh.”

“This cough drop is really helpful.”

“Please stay still. You need time to recover.”

“Here’s another box of tissues.”

“Do you need me to get you another blanket?”

“Where do you think you’re going? You are staying right here. You’re too sick to go anywhere.”

“I know you’re tired of soup, but it’s not exactly like you could eat a steak right now.”

“You have to wait another hour before you can take more medicine. Perhaps we can do something to distract you until then.”

“Let me feel your head to see if your fever has gone down.”

“Hey, you haven’t coughed for about a minute! Maybe you’re getting better!”

anonymous asked:

how do you think a first date with shawn would be

I honestly think a first date with Shawn would be very simple (but in a good way). To Shawn it isn’t about doing something major or crazy, it’s all about how it feels to him, how he feels about you and if it feels good, there’s no need to do something over the top. If it feels good and right, it’ll just come easily, out of the blue. You would fall in love with each other while watching a movie or going for a walk or getting ice cream together. It didn’t have to be anything else for him, he just wanted to spend time with you.  

I think Shawn would take you for dinner, something classic and simple that would give you guys the chance to talk and get to know each other better. It wouldn’t necessarily be somewhere really fancy, it would be a really cool place with a cosy vibe, as long as the food is still really good. He’d ask you if there was something special you wanted, if you were up for sushi or burgers or whatever. And if you didn’t know either, he would turn to Geoff for help.

He would pick you up in his jeep, looking handsome as hell but also very casual. A pair of black jeans, a dark t-shirt and a cool jacket over, nothing out of the ordinary really, but when Shawn wore it, it takes away your breath anyway. He’d jump out of the car to open the door for you and when you got in, he’d tell you how lovely you looked tonight and send you one of those smiles that just melts everything inside you.

You would go to dinner and it would be super sweet and super low key, but it would be the best time ever. You guys would talk about whatever came in to mind, deep stuff, silly stuff, whatever. He would tell you about his favourite John Mayer song and why – it according to him – was the best song in the world and you would just look at how passionate he became. He would tell you about his friends and his family and share funny and rather embarrassing stories about them, but you would love every second of it, because it made you feel closer to him. You’d also catch on to just how much he misses them. You would tell him about everyday struggles you had, or how the studying to your exams was melting your brain or the little fight with your siblings, and he would listen carefully to your words, he’d even try to cheer you up and give you some advice. He would joke around with you, because he felt comfortable with you and you would tease him back. Actually, the two of you would more or less always be laughing most of the time.  

The hours in the restaurant would fly by so quickly that Shawn would ask you, if you wanted to go for a walk and you would agree in half a second. You would walk outside in the light breeze – if you were freezing, he’d give you his jacket – and you would just continue to talk, because it was so easy and it felt so right sharing and opening up to him. While walking, your arms would brush slightly against each other’s and it would make you blush every time. You would steal little glimpses of him smiling and biting his lip and you’d hope it was because of you. Shawn would grab your hand and interlace your fingers for the rest of the walk. Shawn and you would talk about all your favourites; favourite movies, favourite songs, favourite places, favourite colours, favourite memories. You would share so much with him, you actually felt a little vulnerable, but he would share so much of him as well, that it made it alright. The two of you could talk all night if you had the time, but you had school/work tomorrow and Shawn wanted you to get your sleep so you were well rested.

He would drive you home and follow you to the door, now he wouldn’t kiss you yet (because if he didn’t kiss you, he’d have another reason to see you again), but he’d plant a tender kiss on your cheek. When you had made it inside and had taken a shower so you could go to bed, you would get a text from Shawn saying he’d had the best time tonight and if you’d let him, he would like to take you out again. If you were really lucky, you might even wake up to a text saying: Couldn’t stop thinking about you last night. Have a good day, text me when you can.


A mental illness is a thing that people cast in a different category [from other illnesses], but I don’t think it is. It should be taken as seriously as anything else. You don’t see the mental illness: It’s not a mass; it’s not a cyst. But it’s there. Why do you need to prove it? If you can treat it, you treat it. I had pretty bad health anxiety that came from the OCD and thought I had a tumor in my brain. I had an MRI, and the neurologist referred me to a psychiatrist. As I get older, the compulsive thoughts and fears have diminished a lot. Knowing that a lot of my fears are not reality-based really helps. – Amanda Seyfried for Allure Magazine November 2016 talking mental illness.


You probably shouldn’t have agreed to live with a somewhat psychopathic criminal but you were a bit short on money right now and he had offered to let you stay for free. Well, not really. Free like in he didn’t want any money. That didn’t mean he wasn’t asking for anything else.

„You’re a bit slow today.“ Jim comments, sitting on the couch, drink in hand while you clean up the entire house. One of the many great jobs you got to do for living here.

„Oh I’m so sorry master.“ You reply sarcastically, bowing down a little in front of him, „Maybe I would be faster if you didn’t throw your things everywhere.“

„Could be. After you’re done I need you to bring that packet to the post office.“

„What’s in there?“ You ask suspiciously.


„'Cause I don’t want to get arrested for sending weapons or drugs or whatever it is you’re doing.“

„The package is harmless don’t worry.“

„Well if you say so it must be the truth.“ Yeah like hell it was, you’d make sure to look inside that thing before sending it anywhere.

You finished what you were doing and headed out in the hopes he wouldn’t come up with anything else for you to do while you were gone.

Moriarty didn’t really need you to do anything but it was fun seeing your annoyed face everytime. Truth was, you interested him and he liked the way you talked back to him. You had figured out pretty quickly that he wasn’t who he said he was. He didn’t deal with drugs and weapons but you’re guess that he was a criminal had been right. Not just anyone would have figured that out so quickly if at all. He was a good actor.

“I’m back.” You yelled, walking through the front door. You didn’t hear any commands being yelled back so you figured you’d be done for today.

“Kitchen.” Or not.

You had expected to make dinner or something but when you walked in, food was already there and  Jim guided you over to the table, making you sit down.

“What’s this?”

“A thank you. You looked a bit too annoyed when you left earlier.”

“Is this poisoned?”

“Oh don’t be so suspicious.” He says and rolls his eyes at you.

“You eat first.”


Do you call everyone baby when they’re on top of you in bed? Which of your sweatshirts do you give them to wear before you take them to the roof of your building? How many other rings do you have in the drawer of your bedside table? Do I really have the prettiest eyes you’ve ever seen or am I just the last one you said that to? I just need something about the way you are with me to be different than the way you are with anyone else. And I won’t need anything more.

It’s not the *most* expensive thing, and when it becomes a necessity, it’s better than a lot of other options.

But camping for leisure can be really expensive…. tents don’t come cheap, especially ones large enough for families, and a lot of camping gear isn’t going to be used for anything else if you live in a house. Camping for pleasure means having access to an attractive location, comfortable bedding, food and cooking supplies, and appropriate clothing, for starters. If you’re doing something more intensive and transporting gear without a car, it needs to be lightweight and carried in study but practical containers. Camping in more some locations might require bear-proof containers and a good bit of know-how for safety. The most expensive aspect might just be the time… a lot of people can’t afford to take a few days off work with their families just to go camping.