do you realize how adorable you are

“i used to believe that everyone deserved true love, and that it should last as long as your life does, but it wasn’t until i met you that i realized that’s not the case,” she says to him.
“what do you mean?” he asks.
“people hear the word forever and they expect it to last until the day they die, but sometimes, forever is only a year, and sometimes it’s only two or three years. for us, forever was a little less than a year, but during that time, you gave me the best forever. you showed me love, compromise, you showed me adoration. you showed me how two broken people can come together and make each other whole, even if it is for a little while. you gave me a forever i’ll never forget and i thank you for that,” and with this, she gives him a final kiss and turns to walk away from her forever.

I think I should probably get the ball rolling in order to get some of those sweet sweet requests, so here’s McCree with a shy and very socially anxious s/o! (I’ll do one for Sombra tomorrow!):



 - Finds you so adorable and endearing when you act shy around him but once he finds out you get REALLY anxious in social situations and it’s not just shyness, he wants to help you in any way he can to make your days not so unbearable 

 - TBH it warms his heart when he realizes how hard it is for you to warm up to people and yet, you warmed up to him and trusted him and it makes him swoon~ 

 - Will sometimes give you impromptu hugs in public and almost squeeze the living daylights out of you because he can’t handle how adorable you are and how much he loves you… also so he can see that cute blush! 

 - Will help you if you find yourself in a situation that makes you anxious 

 - Like stressing about when to approach Soldier to give him that paperwork he asked for because what if he’s too busy and he gets mad? Which seems like all the time 

 - “What'cha starin’ at the old man for? Don’t tell me I got some competition now" 

 - Once you explain it he totally 100% goes and supports you. Will come up to him with you and help you articulate what you mean to say if you have trouble finding the right words

- When you two are alone, he’ll try to rile you up so he can experience his favourite thing in the world which is the combo pack of your blush + that heavenly little giggle you make when he’s especially sweet to you, like giving you nuzzles and compliments, even tickles if he’s feeling extra playful!

Parrish Imagine - You Look Good

-gif source unknown-

Description: Prompt – “You’ve got a date tonight and you asked for advice on what to wear but I’m so in love with you and damn you look good in the outfit I picked out for you” from this list

Warnings/Labels: Poor lovesick Jordan

Approx. Word Count: 980 

A/N: This is pretty much from Jordan’s POV and it’s short. Thanks @katieyel for sending me that prompt list!! It’s awesome.

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And I pray that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to comprehend the length and width and height and depth of His love, and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge,Ephesians 3:17-19
It is when you realize how much you are loved and adored by God that you walk with confidence and you are able to show that love to those around you. Paul prayed for the believers in Ephesus to understand this love that they may be filled with all the fullness of God. It is only when we doubt His love we are not able to believe that He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all we could ask or think.

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Do you know that there are people who love you and care about you,and still have hope in your country?

Ah, a while ago, I might’ve forgotten about those people.

But now, with all of you reminding me of your love, how could I forget?

((EDIT: right after posting this i’m looking at the drawing and realizing i forgot to color the part between anon’s neck and gil’s arm, and i am bothered but i’m too tired to fix it right now, i’ll maybe fix it tomorrow))


Gif is mine

how about one where the reader and Luke have been dating for a year and he invites her to spend christmas with his family cause she is an orphan and his family is super over the top and go out of their way to make her comfortable and they get excited when they realize she can speak Spanish fluently and there is this cute scene where his mom/dad says she is a keeper and yeah. 

Requested by Anon~

Luke pretty much knew you were The One when you first started dating. The only thing left to do was convince his family that you were, as well. He was probably more nervous than you were, bringing you to his home for Christmas.

And they instantly loved you. His mother went on about how adorable your smile was and how well-mannered you were. She swept you away to the kitchen when you offered to help cook the Christmas dinner.

Once in a while, Luke would stare into the kitchen, watching you and his mother laugh and smile and get along. His heart swelled at the sight before Luke’s father came up to his side, nudging the agent. “I think she’s a keeper.” He said.

Luke instantly nodded his agreement. No way was he letting you go, now that you were his.

dating hoseok

here you go anon ilysm marry me

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  • im crying this is my love, my sunshine, i wanna marry him
  • this boy is too precious for this world please protect him
  • he would ask you out right off the bat
  • like oh wow do you see this cutie do you see her seokjin, how adorable!!
  • and he’s gaping at you for like ten minutes straight and then he just shrugs like well okay it’s now or never
  • and he approaches you and you’re like typing away on your essay over in the corner of the library and you have earbuds in or something so you don’t realize he’s there for a rather long time
  • and he just politely waits and he’s beaming from ear to ear and yoongi wants to choke him because how blatant can someone be??
  • that’s beside the point though
  • finally this lil bean gets tired of waiting for you to notice so he gently shakes your shoulder and you blink and spin to face him
  • and he’s so cute and wow your heart just stops in your chest because is that the sun you’re staring at??
  • and he sticks his hand out all formal like “hi I’m hoseok, i think you’re really cute, you wanna come get dinner with me sometime soon?”
  • and you kinda just sit in shock for a few seconds like wait what are you serious?? is this actually?
  • but how could you say no to this boy??
  • so you nod and smile and he’s smiling even wider now and you quickly scribble down your number on a piece of paper and he takes it and he starts screaming and you kinda whaT
  • and he gets yelled at by the librarian but he seriously doesn’t care he keeps screaming and runs back to his boys to show off your number
  • and the date is a day or two after that and he takes you to his fave sushi place and it’s really casual and it’s just a chance for you two to get to know each other better
  • and he’s such a goofball but such a gentleman too and he pays for the entire thing?? and he suggests which sushi you should try if you’ve never had it before and he’s really cheesy and tries to feed you even though that is damn hard with sushi
  • and after that night he like walks you home and he’s already holding your hand cause he’s excitable and wonderful and you guys make it to your doorway
  • and he kisses both your cheeks and then your forehead like “i had a lot of fun I wanna do this again if that’s okay with you!!”
  • and wow believe it or not you do end up dating
  • the official boyfriend thing would happen really quickly afterwards he reminds me of someone who doesn’t like to take things slow and would rather rush in with all his emotions and passion and excitement
  • tbh jin and yoongi are like man you need to slow down you don’t want kids by next year but hoseok is so smitten he could really care less??
  • i see hobi being a sap when his lover is involved, like big time, he’s so whipped so the official boyfriend thing happens over a fancy dinner at a high end restaurant right
  • and he has a tux and you’re in a really nice dress and you have fancy glasses so you know it’s expensive
  • and you’re eating away and yoU’re kinda so why we here?
  • and you’re about to die seriously but his face is so bright and his smile is so wide and he looks so happy that everyone forgets to be mad at him and they’re all cooing at you two??
  • because honestly they think it’s a proposal
  • and you face palm
  • seriously
  • puns
  • but you nod because wow you’re smitten too and he kisses you all excited and wowowow
  • he’s so about skinship
  • like he would wanna kiss you everywhere all times of the day
  • you’re out shopping for jimin’s birthday present well guess who’s trying to kiss your face while you talk to the cashier
  • his fave would be cute playful kisses that last a few seconds but crave you wanting more
  • he loves kissing you on the nose and the corner of your mouth just to be tease
  • in public is no different he is all over you, swinging your arms back and forth, holding you close with his arm around your waist, squeezing your butt
  • at home he would be ten times more passionate though like wow let’s see what our evening activities were oh right snuggling and kissing for like seventeen hours
  • he loves his snuggles
  • he likes you on his lap, he likes his head in your lap while you play with his hair, he likes when you’re laying on top of him (if you don’t play with his hair he starts to whine and kick his legs all upset and he pouTS toO MucH)
  • he just likes when you’re touching honestly nothing makes him happier
  • except maybe when you agree to dance with him
  • he goes all out and expects you to keep up tbqh
  • and when you can’t he laughs and scolds you for not practicing more and then he slows it down for you and you can just admire how flawless he is and you’re always so breathless when he dances for you because he is water or something
  • and he would teach you slow dancing too and it would be midnight and you’re both in your pajamas and you have some slow romance song playing in the background and he has his hands on your waist and your arms are around his neck and your head is on his chest and he sings along so softly and you just sway
  • im dead
  • okay dates with this beaN
  • they would always be interactive
  • like hey i signed us up for painting lessons aren’t you excited??
  • wow babe aRT museUM BuT THey leT You MAke Your oWN papYRUS scriPT
  • did you hear there’s a new petting zoo, do you think they would notice if i stuck the goat in my shirt and carried him out
  • okay pet names
  • “jelly bean, my sunshine, my hope, my love, baby, sweetie, honey bunches of oats”
  • expect something creative and something out of the box and wilD
  • like you’re watching the boy’s practice one day and you’re distracted by namjoon and seokjin aggressively trying to be better than the other and suddenly hoseok screams “duCKY”
  • and you wait is that me is that my nickname of the day
  • there’s never a quiet dull moment with this boy
  • like it’s one in the morning and he’s standing there with a wii remote in hand challenging you to a just dance battle and you know you’re gonna get your butt handed to you but he’s using the puppy eyes so you at least tell him you’re picking the first song
  • movie night wouldn’t be that often, he seems to squirmy to want and sit and pay attention
  • so you usually end up playing just dance (and losING SO BADLY) or doing arts and crafts or something cute and childish like jigsaW PUZZLES
  • cause he can sit there and watch you frazzle out over the puzzle of a cute little cat but he can sit behind you and kiss your neck and shoulders whenever he wants is that a win win or what
  • this boy has like zero boundaries
  • like you’ll get up one morning, hop in the shower and suddenly someone has joined in your singing and “whOA SLOW DOWN I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE JAMMING TO CHAINED UP HOSEOK WHEN DID YOU-”
  • and he’s dancing along all happily “sorry I had to brush my teeth but this song is kINDA MY JAM”
  • like has zero boundaries
  • i would say he’s for snuggling in bed but it’s more like suffocating
  • like you start out and he’s holding onto you but you wake up at like three in the morning because you cannot breathe because this boy has rolled on  top of you and is smashing you half to death
  • small talk at night is not small talk he’s still wide awake and he’s talking about how much he loves you and yoongi and jeongguk and namjoon and suddenly he’s asking you if moving in all together would be “the best idea ever or what”
  • and you politely decline that offer
  • but he has his serious moments for sure he’s so good at picking up on the mood and other people’s feelings and he knows how to tone it down when you need it and he knows how to step back and make sure you’re emotionally//mentally//physically okay before being smiley and excitable and chattery
  • but anyway he wakes you up every morning by singing to you (it’s the same song, literally your name and then I love you in like seventy two different languages) and kissing every square inch of your face and flopping on you like boy has no chill
  • in any aspects
  • like “babe I was thinking we name our child after namjoon do you like that”
  • “ouR WHaT”
  • “the child we’re gonnA MAKE”
  • he would love kids so much and like the idea of marrying you and being a parent with you like he would always talk about it all the time he’s so cuTE
  • and when you’re upset
  • oh man
  • he would probably cry with you honestly
  • whenever you’re hurt or upset he can’t help himself but cry with you because seeing you hurt breaks his heart into a million pieces
  • he feels emotions so strongly //which i totally respect// so whenever you are upset or angry he is right there with you
  • he defends you no matter what, doesn’t even need to hear the situation he has your back
  • and after you’ve done your crying he does your best to cheer you up, by making you laugh and giggle and smile even if that means making himself look like a fool
  • jealous hoseok??
  • yes
  • that is a very big yes
  • i think despite his smiley and upbeat personality he would have issues with some self confidence things so he’s always worried you’re gonna find someone better
  • so when another guy looks at you he gets afraid and he panics and that means holding you close and kissing your face and telling you how much he loves you
  • he tells you that like every twenty seven seconds btw
  • in every single language he can
  • like he doesn’t speak russian but he thinks this is how i love you sounds?
  • and when he’s away he’s always calling you and leaving like five hundred hour voice mails talking about how much he loves you and can’t wait to come home and snuggle you
  • and he sends you the ugliest selfies but honestly you find them so endearing and they’re the cutest things??
  • he’s always spoiling you in attention like namjoon always tells you to leave the country while they practice so hoseok will stop talking about you
  • and he buys you stuff all the time
  • he’s super observant like he notices you’ve been scouring amazon for a cute lil skirt and one day you come home to like seven different colors of the skirt plus a matching blouse??
  • and where did thIS NICE BRACELET COME FROM??
  • he wants matching everything okay like wow did you know they make matching couple underwear
  • “no and i didn’t ever want to know that”
  • he’s such a sunshine and you would be his number one priority in life and he would love you endlessly and you would be his whole life
  • im gonna go cry now good night

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could you do a reaction with shownu minhyuk and jooheon of you scaring them. nothing serious just like jumping out behind a door or something

Shownu - “…” He doesn’t know whether to act surprised or make you feel bad. Either way, you still have that look on your face. You tried scaring him when he got home from the grocery store, but it didn’t work out like you thought. Shownu is manly enough to just ruffle your hair and quietly feel bad that you tried to scare him. 

Minhyuk - He’ll clutch his heart because of the moment, but once he realizes that it’s you, he’ll start laughing at the situation. “Ah! What were you doing? Haha!” He was coming out of the bathroom when you leaped at him, but the only thing he could do was laugh at how adorable it was. 

Jooheon - Probably the time where he got scared backstage with Wonho and Minhyuk. Clutching his heart like he’s about to die, but he’ll eventually get over it. Eventually. “Oh…” You tried to scare him when he was coming out of his office but when you did, he’s not going to move from that spot and start looking out for every corner and hiding spot.

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Twice Reaction: Their s/o is jealous

*REQUESTED BY @kpopmultifam*


Finds your jealousy cute and is confused since she didn’t even do anything that should make you jealous. “Ah jagi your so adorable”

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*does aegyo for you to make you not jealous*

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*cuddles you* “I love you jagiya, never forget it”

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*showers you in affection*

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*showers you in kisses*

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*falls on your shoulder laughing* “How are you jealous nothing even happened”

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“Jagi don’t pout like that you’re gonna make me cry”

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“What? Don’t be jealous I barely even know that person and have no intentions of meeting them again”

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Doesn’t realize your jealous until she sees you pout. *boops your nose* “Stop pouting you’ll get wrinkles”

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A Shift in Fate - Part 3;

Back again with some more crossover. As always, this is co-written by Voltra, creator of @ut-storyshift, and this time we have probably two of the most anticipated characters appearing. Fun stuff!

Characters: IF Frisk, Sans, Papyrus, Flowey; Storyshift Chara, Asriel, Papyrus
Rating: PG
Summary: Upon venturing from the Ruins, Frisk stumbles upon another human! A very mysterious human with cool teleportation powers, and their adorable goat sibling. Little do they realize, they’re not alone.

If you’re new to the crossover, here are part 1 and part 2 respectively!

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y’know what? I literally shed a tear just bcuz of this gif…..

I have so many thoughts about it…

like do you see how they perfectly fit to each other? physically even. isn’t it amazing? (I’m a lil short person so I can measure whether it’s comfortable to hug a person who’s taller than you and I can assure you that Namjoon has a prefect height for Jin. Jin can just put his chin on Namjoon’s shoulder and be comfortable with it, his neck won’t hurt (cuz would Namjoon be taller it would hurt af, I swear. At the same time Namjoon’s chin is soo suitable for Jin’s shoulder)

and then I realized how far they went, how now they are more opened to each other. Do you remember 2013? Their first hug? How Jin was all shy and stuff 

he still is shy to hug Namjoon and I find it really adorable and cute. 

Which means that Namjoon was probably the first one to open

Do you see it? Cuz I see it.

And coming back to this. Namjoon was the first one who pushed Jin closer to himself (I really love this pat on the back, like imagine the strength of Namjoon’s hand :o ) And he holds him really really close that I can’t but shed a tear…

Yes, I love them so much, so what? 

what if the purpose of life was to enjoy the little things?
like the hot cup of coffee that fully awakens you on a bitter, cold morning. or the good morning text you always get from a really close friend. what if you lived for the compliment you unexpectedly got from a stranger after sending a smile their way, or maybe it was being told by the cashier that your laugh was adorable, after laughing at their corny joke. what if life was about enjoying the view of the trees that surround the backroads you take every morning to get to work?
all of these little things are never mentioned when someone asks how your day was. instead of telling them just how intriguing the trees were or how the stranger adored one of your features, you speak on the bad.

but think about it.

how grateful would you be after realizing that your friend never fails to tell you good morning? that greeting you is something they do although they have yet to be fully awakened by their hot cup of coffee? how much more would you smile or laugh after being told just how adoring it had been? if you stopped and truly noticed the trees you carelessly passed each morning because you were in a hurry to arrive to a place you utterly loathe, would you enjoy the ride there, more? would the ride become more exciting as the trees’ beauty switched according to the season? what kind of impact does the little things have that the bad doesn’t? it’s simple. it gives us a reason to love being alive.

so maybe that’s what we need to live for; the little things.

—  lvndshvrk
Cute Lil' Things I Love About Each Sign
  • Aries: when you get frustrated with everything and you're just like FUCK THIS - same bby same
  • Taurus: how you're so quiet sometimes and then you talk and you're like hilarious
  • Gemini: when you realize you've been endlessly rambling and do a cute smile
  • Cancer: how caring you are when it comes to friends & family
  • Leo: your confidence when you've wearing a cute outfit and you know you cute
  • Virgo: how you have that particular way you like to do things, it's adorable
  • Libra: laughing randomly at things in your head- I feel u qt.
  • Scorpio: how you get jealous when anyone talk to your crush and sit there pouting- aw bby.
  • Sagittarius: how you're kinda weirdly enthusiastic about almost everything- makes me happy.
  • Capricorn: you get addicted to shit like candy crush, tv shows and stuff - wow that is dedication
  • Aquarius: how you just say random things and laugh to yourself- ADORABLE.
  • Pisces: you have this pout that you do when people tease you- lemme hug you my lil bby
Falling in love isn’t loud.
It’s not a sudden bang and then you’re head over heels with your heart pounding faster every second.
Falling in love is subtle.
It’s small, simple moments tying together. Creating something so beautiful that the whole world desires.
It’s being nervous around them at first and then 10 minutes later loosening up because you realize you can be yourself. It’s not your heart skipping beats, it’s having your heart beat strong and steady- the feeling of ease. It’s a fear inside of you because love can be a terrifying thing, but they end up giving you reasons to not be so frightened. It’s noticing the details; how they act, their favorite little hobbies to do, things they may not tell anyone else. It’s figuring out what compliments their personality… Why you’ve come to adore it so much, even the angry and sad parts. It’s wondering how your paths crossed and why it was significant to both of you. Because there’s a lot of people on earth and yet they looked at you, they spoke to you, became friends with you.
It’s learning to grow. Discovering things about yourself even you didn’t know.
—  Nicole Torres
Dating Peter Parker Would Incluide + little imagine

- he doesn’t tell you that he is spider-man because he thinks that you’’ll think he’s a freak

- you were best friends since childhood but he was afraid to declare to you

- star wars marathon

-he telling you nerd jokes

- he teaching you math

- he likes to be watching you but when you realize and looks back he quickly begin to face the wall

-you being the only person he talks about his feelings to

-choosing university togheter

- he does not lose the opportunity to hold your hand

- many forehead kisses

- *you two watching a superhero movie*

peter:”this is bullshit! a superhero would never do that!”

y/n:”and how you know that?”
*he gets nervous and blush*

- he trying to explain to you how he got a black eye because yesterday he was perfectly normal

- your parents love him because he’s adorable and such a gentleman

- he giving gifts for you not to especias occasions because “I saw and remembered you”

- he loves when you call him “pete”

- one night you are attacked on the street, but luckily spider-man appears and saves you, so the other day when you tell to Peter he gets jealous of himself talking “I’m glad you’re okay but I could have done the same as he you know, he is not so wonderful”

- aunt may always asking when you will come back (when you actually go to his house either he in your every day)

- one day you are in his house and you two argue over something silly then you go away but it’s too late at night then quickly peter dresses as spider-man and starts following you to check if you will get home safe

- tony: “You know, if you really like this girl you have to tell her the truth, you can not hide it for the rest of your life”

peter: “I know, I just don’t know how”


*one day he calls you when aunt may is not at home*

peter: hey babe, are you busy?

y/n: no, why?

peter: can you come here? I really need to talk to you

y/n: “hum, ok, i’ll be there soon”

on the way to his house you are going worried because you had never seen him using such a serious tone before

you arrive at his apartment and knocks at the door
peter: enter. - he said opening the door and giving a small kiss on your cheek.

y/n: so? what you have to tell me? I’m very curious

peter: well, first you have to promise me you will not run away until I explain everything, okay?

y/n: ok, now you’re scaring me …

peter: I don’t want to scare you… just stay… please.

y/n: fine.

he waits for a few seconds until his hands go to the coat zipper that he was using and he begins to open it, and when he opens it he is wearing a blue and red costume under it

peter: well, this is it, i’m spider-man.

3:00 AM // Jinyoung

a/n; I don’t know, don’t ask. ft. Shin Wonho // not Shin Hoseok(Wonho)

Originally posted by periwin5les

Two months - 60 Days.

Face-timing, phone calls, texts - it was all nice, but nothing beat the real thing. Watching lips move as a melodious voice spilled passed, and seeing eyelashes flutter against softly dusted cheeks; no, nothing compared to such in-person beauty.

Well, maybe one thing left the same impact, and that is the pain of distance. The feelings of love, and adoration are strong, yes, but the pain of loss, and heartache can be just as strong. Of course, you don’t realize until you’re forced into that situation.

It was horrible, like one of the worst diseases in the world. Heartbreak was, and is one of the most painful illnesses, like cancer, it spread through your body- weakening you. How do you develop such a disease? Ignorance, or pure bliss.

As heartbreak begins its settling into my soul, and form, I find myself on the couch at an ungodly time. Sinking into the couch, my gaze remained on the wall - the darkness of the living room suffocating me.

Thin fingers moved along the couch towards my phone, wrapping around the device so I could search for the contact name I needed; Wonho. Only a few rings before it was picked up;

‘Are you dying, or on fire?’


'Then… why are you calling me at 3 in the morning?’

'It’s happening again… Can I come over?’

'Oh. Everyone’s asleep, I’ll come to you.’

The line went dead.

Our conversations on the phone were never very long, I suppose because we didn’t talk around things. I lingered a little longer on my phone, taking in the photo on my wallpaper. He was so beautiful - so sweet. It would be no surprise if he decided to suddenly give up. I became numb to the thought of my heart breaking further.

I let the device drop to the couch, and sat in the darkness once more, before eventually raising to my feet. I allowed myself to be carried to the kitchen, shuffling around to tinker with the coffee pot; there would be no sleep happening any time soon.

An eternity seemed to have passed before the front door opened, then closed - the person made their presence no secret.

'Is he not home?’

He knew the answer, I knew the answer- there was no need for a vocal response. I simply kept my attention on pouring coffee, listening to him shuffle around, and drop his bag on the counter, yawning.

'What are we doing this time? Clubbing? Shitty movies, and bad food? Trip to Jeju?’

A snort left me; 'You’ve been trying to get a trip to Jeju out of me for years now, Won- you’re so weird,’ I began, 'But, let’s go. I’m sure mom would like a visit from us.’

Wonho blinked, a grin soon forming on his lips. 'Really? When do you—’ I cut him off, dumping the coffee out. 'Right now.’

// Jinyoung’s POV //

Misery- A demon you cannot escape. I had grown so fond of it, that it had become my closest friend.

Sleep was no longer a nightly occurrence, and hunger wasn’t something I felt often. My phone hasn’t been charged in 14 days, and I, in general, felt so beyond that the word 'lost’ didn’t explain anything.

Nothing seemed to bring happiness - my career path of choice seemed more like my younger self’s fantasy playground; it was simply a thought from a child, that turned into a hellish reality. I thought about what I would do in the future, but it was only a fleeting thought.

My thoughts shifted to my girlfriend - the person I once wanted to marry. Once wanted to live with, start a family with.


Now, it felt as if I was forgetting even the meaning of the word 'love’.

A dull pain scratched at my heart, causing the organ to ache, and throb. It was no longer just producing the blood in my veins, oh no, it was begging me to do something. To act upon my sense of loss, instead of let myself slip into a lonely abyss.

My eyes landed on my phone, and briefly, I told myself to charge it, to call her, and apologize. No- my body wouldn’t move, and it only caused my heart to clench again.

Why was I consciously allowing my life to slip further, and further out of my hands? I could easily have the happy life I wanted - so why, knowingly, would I give it up?

My love. My future. My career.

I had everything that everyone else wanted, and I didn’t even want it. I wanted it all to disappear- disappear so I could forget it all.

I wanted to start over. Maybe have a chance to not fall into this rut, was all too late for that.

Without my actual realization, my hand outstretched to my phone, but I willed it down. I turned on my heel, leaving to lock myself in my room.

I didn’t want to exist any longer.

To do part 2, or nah-


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Imagine Carol thinking of you like a daughter and teasing Daryl when she realizes he has a thing for you.

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Daryl was a hard read sometimes, but Carol somehow managed to notice the little things in his behavior that would be his tells. Like the way he would watch you a little longer than everyone else, before looking back to whatever he’d been doing before you’d come into his vision with an almost guilt-like air for staring too long. Honestly, Carol thought it was hilariously adorable, just how shy he was about his feelings for you. Not that anyone else had noticed just yet.

Perhaps another reason she’d noticed was that she, too, watched you like a hawk sometimes, but in a completely different way than Daryl did. For her, it was the motherly instinct in her, even if she didn’t entirely realize it at first. Something about you just screamed that you needed it, and she’d found herself thinking of you like a daughter before she’d known it. She cared about you and she cared about Daryl.

So of course, when Carol had realized his silent pining, she’d had to tease him a bit, “Want me to ask Glenn to borrow his polaroid? A picture will last longer.”

Daryl’s eyes snap away from where you were working next to Rick in the field, the slight blush that tints his already flushed cheeks is hard to notice considering the heat of the day had made everyone a little redder by now, before he looks at Carol with a form of shock, “Don’t know what your talkin’ ‘bout.”

“Mm-hm,” she hums, unconvinced, with a smile on her face as she watches him glance back towards you before he begins to walk away from her. He’s possibly already out of earshot when she chuckles, “I’m sure.”

Figuring Out Poly

(@smudgedtoon gave me the idea of ‘How about the troubles of being poly especially if its new ground’ So I wrote this.)

Relationships were a weird thing for gems.

Back on homeworld they weren’t really a thing. They happened sometimes, sure. But it would be rather subdued because frankly they would just get in the way of work.

And ever since the whole Garnet… thing thousands of years ago, different gem relationships were really frowned upon. You either had to prove you would never ever fuse, or just break up.

With that said, a gem poly relationship was just unheard of.

But that’s what Amethyst had told Peridot and Lapis. It was human thing, and Peridot insisting on not being able to choose between the two of them almost exploded when excitement when she realized there was a possibility of being able to have both.

Lapis and Amethyst were unsure, but really how in the stars do you say no to Peridot when she was being adorable and happy.

When they told Steven, he was excited. But hearing Lapis and Amethyst made him worry. It seemed more that they both were just in this for Peridot and weren’t very comfortable together.

Despite both of them insisting they were fine, Steven wouldn’t hear it.

“Guys. The whole point of a relationship is to be happy with the person, or people, you’re with. It’s not just about what makes Peridot happy. It’s about what makes all of you happy.”

Lapis sighed “But not doing this forces Peridot to choose. And she doesn’t want to do that. So that’ll make her and the gem she doesn’t choose unhappy.”

“Yeah.” Amethyst added “And if we don’t have any relationships, all of us will be unhappy.”

“And Amethyst and I have learned to…” The blue gem thought for a moment “Tolerate each other enough to not totally hate the situation. Given the circumstances, this is the best case scenario.”

“AND if we just place Peridot in the middle, we can pretend the other’s not there.”

“But you guys ARE there.”

Amethyst placed a hand on Steven’s shoulder “Look buddy. It’s nice of you to care and junk, but there really just isn’t a better way.”

“What if… You don’t just ‘tolerate’ each other. It seems you really only hang out when Peridot is around. What if you got some time to talk together alone. Try and become friends.”

“Steven…” Lapis wringed her hands together “I don’t know if that’ll work. We’re both really different from one another.”

“Well, um… You both like Peridot. And you both like me. And you both like jokes. And you both like Earth.”

“And you’re both high class gems.”

Hearing Peridot’s voice made the other three almost jump out of their skin. When she really got into her tablet, she could practically disappear.

“Well, class doesn’t really matter on Earth.” Amethyst flopped on the couch “Besides, I’m small.”

“Sure. But it’s still apart of you two. Even if it doesn’t matter to you anymore. And even if you are small.”

“See? You already have a ton in common. And I’m sure there’s more. If you just got to know each other better.”

“Fine.” Lapis unfolded her arms “I’m sure we can at least not wring each other’s necks for a couple of hours.”

All three looked at Amethyst. Two hopeful and one uncaring. “Yeah. What’s the worst that can happen?”

“Good.” Steven grabbed Peridot’s hand. “I can help Peridot with her powers to give you some privacy.” And with that, they were gone.

“So. What are we supposed to do?” The shorter of the two asked while the taller took a seat next to her.

“I’m not sure.”

“Well, how do you and Peridot get so close? You were able to go from hatred to head over heels for her. Obviously, something went right.”

“I’m not head over-“ Lapis was shut up by Amethyst lifting an eyebrow teasingly “Ok. Maybe a little.” She shrugged “I started warming up to her after the baseball thing. And then that whole thing with Jasper happened. I just really needed someone by my side. And she was there. Right by my side.” She glanced over at Amethyst “What about you?”

“What about me?”

“Well, you went from always trying to prevent her plans to being head over heels. What happened?”

“I know she’s told you about the drill. That just like gave us some time to get to know one another. Show her the beauty of Earth. Have her become a crystal gem. All that junk.” She shrugged. “One day I realized I didn’t see her as a friend anymore and started crushing pretty hard.”

Lapis eyes went wide as she scooted away from Amethyst “Crushing?!”

“Oh! No. It is so not what you think. A crush is a human thing where you like someone, but don’t know if they like you back.”

“Oh.” Lapis hand rested on her chest “Thank stars.”

“Yeah. Don’t worry. I won’t shatter her or anything.”

“I didn’t think so. I just…” Lapis slightly laughed in relief. “You scared me.”

Amethyst chuckled “Well I am pretty strong.” She flexed, which got one of the biggest eye rolls from Lapis.

“So.” Lapis was uneasy to break the calm state they had. The teasing friend-like state. But there was something that needed to said “We both have something else in common.”

“Yeah? What’s that?”


“I never fused with her.”

“Well yeah, but she still got to you. Trust me, when I saw you before you three went off to go fight her… I just. I recognized myself in you.”

“Heh. It was almost like we switched places.”

Lapis laughed slightly “Seriously.”

“Ya’ know. She’s not all bad. She just… Had different views on Earth and junk. She just wanted revenge. Which to be honest I can’t go around bashing on her for that considering how I’ve been lately.”

Lapis watched her hand as she ran her finger over her thumb “I guess so.”

Amethyst placed a hand on Lapis’s arm “Not saying she didn’t do bad junk. I don’t expect you to forgive her.”

“Well, Malachite was my fault too.” Lapis heaved a heavy sigh a slumped back against the couch “And now she’s trapped in a bubble. Good. She needs the break. At least she won’t be conscious to know she’s trapped.”

“Is that the opposite of what the mirror was like?” Amethyst cursed herself for asking the minute the question came out. “I mean…”

“No. It’s fine.” She pressed on her different body parts to keep her in the knowledge that she wasn’t trapped anymore. “And yeah. I constantly knew what was happening and going on but could never do anything about it.”

“I’m sorry. We knew there was a gem in there. We just never figured… We never thought… We didn’t know what to do.” Amethyst looked down, guilty. “So we just used you for your purpose.”

Lapis shut her eyes “Can we talk about literally anything else?”

“Right. Sorry.”

“It’s fine. I’ve learned telling the most personal stuff can really bring you closer to someone.” She opened her eyes and sat up straight again. “Just, I need to keep it in small doses.”

“Yeah. I get it.”

“What about you? Anything you hate about your life.”

Amethyst shrugged “I’m small I guess. My existence is what started the war. Well, not me personally. But my kindergarten. I’m trying to get over it. And I think I pretty much am. But…”

“Every once in a while, it hits you like a ton of bricks?”



There was a short pause.



“Do you think that we may be too much for Peridot?”

Lapis lifted an eyebrow “What do you mean?”

“Like, we both seem to be recovering from some pretty hard stuff. I know she wants to help. But can she really handle both of our burdens? Can she even handle one of our burdens?”

Lapis thought for a bit. “Well, she doesn’t have to be here now. And we’re both pretty heavy at the moment. Maybe one of us can help her help the other and vice versa. And she doesn’t always have to be around.”

Amethyst nodded, letting it sink in. “And she’s great at helping us. Lord knows what she’s done to help us. But, sometimes the best person to heal is someone who’s been hurt too. Just to have someone to relate to.”

“So. What does this make us?”

“I think we can both date Peridot. And date each other. Like, we might like Peridot more than one another. But this feels more than toleration for Peridot’s sake. Like we can actually be around each other alone without it being awkward.”

“Just like Steven wanted.” Lapis chuckled at the realization of how right the boy always seemed to be.

Amethyst slightly chuckled too “Yeah. Hey, do you wanna kiss? Just to feel what it’s like. Peridot seems to like kissing both of us.”

Lapis shrugged “Sure. Why not?” She turned her body to face the purple gem and they both leaned in for a sweet and gentle kiss. Both pulling away with a feeling of ‘That didn’t suck too much. We could do that sometimes.’

“Well, this should make Steven and Peridot happy.” Amethyst stood up and reached her hand down to help Lapis up, who gladly accepted.

“It better. It got too deep in here not to.”

With that, they joined the other two outside.

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Here, he was safe from the world. Nothing but the black, dark, cold night was able to touch him, and nothing but the howling breeze of the wind spoke to him.

Here, he was alone.

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