do you practice with lots of intense staring and sexually longing gazes

First Time

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: The Reader and Dean meet at a bar and have a moment.

Word Count: 816

Warnings: Suggestive Content, just good fun :)

Author’s Note: Heyy guys! This is my entry for @jalove-wecallhimdean‘s “Do it Like Dean” challenge. I got the prompt: “You can call me Dean.” I hope you guys like it! Feedback is always welcomed!!

There was a first time for everything, right?

At least that’s what I told myself as I walked around the pool table, my eyes transfixed on a pair of green ones. Usually, I wasn’t one to just go for it after a couple of hours of knowing the person, but after a few drinks and a lot of sexual tension while playing pool, I threw all logic out the window.

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The Silent One - Part Five

You can fine the other parts HERE

Synopsis: You are caught by Negan and taken to your new home, The Sanctuary

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1,536
Warnings: Cursing, Kidnapping, sexual references, reference to Genocide

You were sat in a black car beside Negan. You had your arms tightly crossed over your chest and you were looking at the dark treeline outside. The low rumble from the engine was the only sound in the car. The crescent moon was beginning to make it’s decent towards the dark earth. You calculated that it must be around 4am.

“Are you gonna just sulk out the window like a fucking teenager until we get there?” Negan said in an indignant tone. He was tapping a small tune on the steering wheel. You could feel his intense gaze on your neck. You kept silent but let out a sigh.

“You seemed awfully verbal earlier. What were the words? ‘Jesus fucking Christ’?” Negan said, there was a humorous edge to his voice that let you relax a little. Only a little.

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(I’m not an astrology blog but I’ve always wanted to do one of these. As the title suggests, it is based off of people I know so it may not 100% apply to you or people you know)

ARIES: I know two Aries and they’re either v tall or v short, no in between. Blonde hair, athletic build, likes sports. Enjoy hard work- be it physical or mental, they love to be challenged. Good leaders, confident energy, great with conversation. Bright eyes and a loud laugh, intelligent and articulate. But also impulsive and hotheaded, and easily angered. They always have to be right, and if you prove them wrong you leave a sour taste in their mouth. Honest and straight up, not afraid to voice their opinion, give sustained eye contact while you’re talking. Comes across cocky but they have a heart of gold, will protect those who are close to them fiercely.

TAURUS: Literally one of the most driven people I’ve ever met, sets high goals for themselves and always achieves them. Loves everything about fashion and follows every trend, very into designer labels, extremely conscious of their appearance and how they present themselves. Not a sports person but remains fit, any sport they play is an individual sport (e.g tennis). Big smile with pearly white teeth (often accompanied by a small giggle), really healthy hair and clear skin, lovely eyes. Probably because they keep themselves so healthy, loves TV dramas (Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl) but prefers to stay out of real life drama despite having a very active social life.  

GEMINI: On the taller side, thin but dark eyebrows, nice eyes. Need their space, get tired of being around people and have no problem blocking you out when they do get tired of you. Very intelligent, like to share their knowledge with people. Quite emotional people but they act like they’re not. Very supportive when you’re upset, give good advice. Make awful jokes and puns and argue/talk back to teachers. Realists as opposed to optimists, don’t really care what people think- do whatever they want. Very fun, loves adventure; will be the person to do that crazy thing with you that you’re afraid to do alone.

CANCER: Extremely emotional (stereotypical but true), have a hard time of letting things go/hold grudges. Will be nice to acquaintances but not those close to them; but on the contrary are extremely loving and nurturing towards children. Deep sleepers, extremely talented artistically and loves music. Dark hair with light eyes and dark, slightly bushy eyebrows, long eyelashes. They enjoy telling jokes, often very innocent ones. Has a very loud laugh that fills the room. Despite how deeply they feel their emotions they would never lash out physically, will always be there for you if you need them.

LEO: On the shorter side with a very muscular, solid/stocky build, light hair and light eyes. Loves working on farms and being outdoors, prefers team sports. Likes spending time with people but also enjoys their alone time. Has a very fragile ego, needs constant reassurance from those around them and doesn’t like to be teased. Very intelligent and they know it, but don’t admit it. Very playful nature- almost child like, when they laugh they practically glow. Not very emotional people, come across as detached but most of the time they just don’t care. Literally the most loyal people ever, they’ll stick by you forever as long as you do the same for them.

VIRGO: Very determined people, opinionated, and can be somewhat preachy. They are good at giving advice even when you don’t ask for it- will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Average height, long hair, and bright eyes, smile with their mouth closed. Really loves dogs. Forgetful but doesn’t mean to be, processes information a little bit slower but when in an argument can fire comebacks at you before you even finish your sentence. Definitely speak their minds, whatever you do don’t get on their bad side because you’ll never get out. But if you’re on their good side they will do anything for you, very caring to those closest to them.

LIBRA: Very small physically- small build, short, with small heads. Very sassy, often comes across as bitchy because of this. Better at creative subjects as opposed to maths and the sciences. Can be judgmental but would never say something to the person, generally keeps their opinions to themselves. Doesn’t like being told what to do by a higher authority (teacher, boss etc), has an excellent creative streak but not enough motivation to put the projects to work. Thinks with optimism as opposed to realism and always find the good in the situation. If you’re close with them they will do whatever they can to support you and will be extremely proud of your achievements.

SCORPIO: Intimidatingly good looking. Tall, strong jaw line, prominent eyebrows, cocky smile. Very straight forward people, another one you don’t want to be on the bad side of. Have intense emotions but are not openly emotional, they see being emotional as being weak. Anger is their most intensely felt emotion, and because of it they easily hold a grudge, but on the flip side they are very loving. Enjoy sexual jokes with a low chuckle or a booming laugh. Tend to stare at people for no particular reason and have an unfaltering intense gaze that can make the person a little bit uncomfortable. They do what they want and don’t give a flying fuck. People find them unapproachable but they’re actually very good, non judgmental listeners.

SAGITTARIUS: Again, either really tall or really short, rounder face, big eyes with a beaming smile. The most carefree people I’ve ever met, they live in the moment and don’t worry about the future. Sometimes has commitment issues, been with a lot of girls but hasn’t had a proper relationship. Likes adventure and is practically fearless. Very confident, charming, and charismatic, people absolutely love them, definitely a ‘class clown’ type. Most honest people I’ve met, not afraid to tell you the harsh truth. Some people get offended with how sarcastic and blunt they can be but they don’t care. Not the most affectionate, but extremely caring and nurturing when you need it.

CAPRICORN: Openly emotional and affectionate people, can take banter a little too personally. Second most driven people I know, and some of the hardest workers. Like to have a set of rules, a template, or a plan before doing anything. Shy around people at first, extremely open when you get to know them. Can be judgmental but feels bad about it, won’t give ‘harsh’ opinions to people they care about in fear of hurting them. Becomes easily attached to people. Doesn’t like fighting and puts up with a lot of bullshit to avoid arguments, especially with people they’re close to. If they say ‘I love you’ you better believe them because they mean it. 

AQUARIUS: Very different. Not considered typically ‘smart’ but they’re still very intelligent. Creative and abstract thinkers, they can show you a whole new view of the world you didn’t even know existed. Big eyes with long eyelashes, dimples with braces, freckles with a heart melting smile. Enjoy physical affection but get a lil awkward when it gets heated- prefer ‘innocent’ gestures. Clingy and enjoys cuddles. Energetic unless there’s someone in the room they don’t like, not overly opinionated, goes with the flow. Like adventure and excitement, most often found hanging out with their Sagittarius friend. Great advice givers because they can give you a new perspective of your situation.

PISCES: Very tall, with a sold build. Loudest laughter I’ve ever heard with a huge beaming smile, also the most tears cried by anyone I know. Heavy mood swings, unnecessarily bitchy to people they don’t like, not afraid to start a fight or fight back. Very intelligent but sometimes acts dumb to make people laugh, punches walls when angry, acts overly confident but is actually really insecure. You either hate or love them. Good to have banter with, enjoys partying and traveling. Not good at remembering important details. Has very on/off friendships with most people. Very exuberant and dramatic, some of the funniest people when you get to know them.

A Well Kept Question (a sequel to 20 Questions)

10 years later.

It was a quite chilly night, and Dan Howell was sitting on a bench in the middle of Hyde Park. The stars were bright above him, and you could vaguely hear the London traffic in the distance. He had been there, waiting, for about half an hour. Normal people would get impatient, but Dan enjoyed the quiet night. It was usually nice to spend the night alone, looking at the stars and thinking about life, but when Dan had the opportunity to do the same thing with someone other than the lonely moon, he felt blissful. There was only one person he could share the night with in the same way as if he were alone. Dan had sent Phil Lester a text an hour ago to meet him under the stars in the park. Dan’s decision to invite Phil out into the open hadn’t been spontaneous, he had big plans for the night: he wanted to relive the moment that had made Dan the happiest he had ever been. He let his hand brush over the pocket of his leather jacket, feeling the hard object through the fabric, reminding him of the other thing he had planned for the night.

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Ready To Fall For You

Basically absolute fluffy fluff candy floss fluff. 

  - -

“Yo” a grey haired male opened the door to the fogged up practice room. His eyes met with a pair of deflated bodies, heavily breathing for their lives on the floor. 

  “Yo to you too babe” one of the exhausted bodies grumbled sitting up from lying spread-eagled. Jimin refused to open his eyes and disturb the comfortable position, opting to just lie like a corpse.

  “Whatever. So I’m guessing that’s a yes from you two for takeout?”

  “Awh Babe you actually gave a shit” Hoseok smiled and got up to advance towards the grumpy looking Yoongi with grabby fingers. “Maybe we can make it a late night studio date hm?” he began nuzzling his boyfriend’s unkempt hair.

  “Shutup. Do we need to get the younger ones’ some? Speaking of, where are the little shits?” 

  “Tae just texted me saying they’re playing ‘Capture The Flag’” Hoseok spoke into Yoongi’s dusty coloured hair, still nuzzling, “so yeah they need takeout.”

  Now he was snaking long arms around Yoongi’s small, delicate waist. Immediately he felt the frustration ease away from his boyfriend’s earlier lyrical distress as he leaned a little more into them. “Jimin’s leaving soon anyway so he will take it to them whilst we eat then bang.”

  Jimin groaned at Hoseok’s explicitness and decided to open his eyes. His frown didn’t last as the exhaustion was replaced with a happy lull that came with the thought of finally being able to go see Jeongguk. He couldn’t wait to just lie next to him and just knock out to the warmth of his boyfriend. Long legs and arms sprawled all over him. Sticking up hair tickling his right cheek. Breathing evenly. 

  “Ergh, can you stop rubbing your sweat all over my face?” Yoongi grumbled wriggling in Hoseok’s firm hold when he had moved from his hair to the right side of his face.

  “You don’t seem to mind other things on your face” this time mouthing into Yoongi’s milky shoulders. 

  From the middle Jimin groaned at the unwanted image whilst Yoongi shoved Hoseok away from him, storming off in a string of curses. 

  - -

Jimin heard the screams and shouts of gamer triumph as soon as he entered the dorms. Immediately he felt a grin grace his face at both his boyfriend and best friend bouncing on the floor with a 6 pack of Redbull haphazardly strewn all over the place, mostly around Taehyung. They had already started their second game and their backs stiffened in concentration, moving their bodies in sync with the screen, shoving each other and shouting some gamer gibberish Jimin couldn’t be bothered to encode. He felt warm just observing them from afar. 

  Jimin’s presence was registered after the game ended from an eager-nosed Taehyung smelling the takeout hanging from his fingertips. His face lit up like a puppy and began bounding over childishly in stark contrast to the grumpy Garfield sweater he was wearing. 

  “Yas food I’ve been waiting for our reunion all day” Taehyung licked his lips. Snatching the bag he went to look up at his bestie to casually annoy him but stopped himself when he saw Jimin’s face.

  Jeongguk had just turned around then. A bunny grin decorated his face as he was waving a controller around in the air. Jimin looked star struck. Not even noticing Taehyung sneak Jimin’s drink for himself. It was an everyday image of Jeongguk for him, but as usual he was rooted in place, feeling like he was being bathed in golden sunrays. Jeongguk…

  “One more game babe?”

  - -

When Jeongguk had said it, he was taken aback. It was a lazy Sunday, most of the members snoring away their exhaustion minus Jin and Tae playing Mario Kart in the living room. They were both wrapped up in each other on Jimin’s bed. He was just lying on his back in an oversized Iron Man shirt he managed to beg Jeongguk to let him wear. Not without a lot of promised sexual favours of course. A languid Jeongguk lay on top of him, arms loosely thrown over his torso and a ball of chestnut hair snuggling into his chest. Breathing in unison. Outside the rain was falling down in a faint pitter-patter in a similar rhythm to Jimin’s small fingers that were carding through the ball of chestnut on his chest.

  Jeongguk sighed in content at the scene, He disrupted the other’s actions to lift his head a little to pepper kisses on any skin that wasn’t covered. Taking it slow he began his journey of revelations. Soft lips made contact with Jimin’s warm skin, taking extra long on the beautiful mole that graced his collarbone. He made a pathway all the way up to just under his ear, sighing his content there too.

  “Fuck” he breathed into Jimin’s ear. As Jeongguk grazed his teeth on the lobe he pulled him closer into him so he was now hovering half of his body over Jimin. Breath hot and moist he started lazily kissing down the side of his face, still taking it slow, having Jimin feel like he was being suspended in the air. Clutching the elder’s small hands he placed feather-light kisses on the pads of each finger. Jimin’s hooded eyes were zeroed in on his boyfriend’s ministrations, his heart fluttering at the same rate as the now heavy rain. 

  Then their fingers were being entwined and Jeongguk was smiling at them. Something calm and peaceful were reflected in his eyes as they flickered up to stare into Jimin’s irises. Then he descended down onto to the plush rosy lips that were his and his only. Jimin felt light-headed, as if he was too close to an already sparking firework. Jeongguk however was still taking his time, kissing around his lips before sliding his tongue across Jimin’s lower lip and biting on it ever so slightly. Jimin was all too easily allowing, feeling their tongues move smoothly against each other. Jeongguk was taking extra care not to rush anything in his invasion of Jimin, still gentle, still savouring the luscious lips of his boyfriend. Almost breathing him in through the kiss. Jimin slid both his hands through Jeongguk’s soft locks, pulling him closer, quickly for more, not caring about his lack of breathing. 

  Jeongguk breaks contact swiftly wrapping his hands securely around Jimin’s waist with a penetrating stare into Jimin’s eyes. The air was charged with something different, something Jimin hadn’t experienced with Jeongguk before. They stay like that for god knows how long as Jeongguk’s eyes keeps gazing, searching. They’re still only a breath away from each other’s lips and he tries pulling him back down impatiently. Jeongguk allows him smiling into a chaste kiss and not going deeper. Still going slow and steady. Not giving into Jimin’s hurriedness. 

  “So” kisses his forehead.

  “Fucking” kisses his cute nose.

  “Beautiful” a kiss to those lips.

  Jeongguk’s back to staring intensely again, looking down at Jimin as if he’s the golden snitch. He leans forward so their foreheads lightly touch. Then he whispers breathlessly, full of adoration and promise against Jimin’s lips-

  “I love you”

  Jimin jolts slightly; head lying fully flat onto the pillow. He’s shocked. Shocked to hear the strong, non-stuttered statement from Jeongguk. Jeongguk’s lovingly breaming down at him and he’s just blankly gaping back. He feels like he should respond but he can’t. Honestly he’s not sure whether he’s ready to fall off that cliff edge yet. He was feeling vulnerable from the declaration and uneasy when he knows he shouldn’t be. His hands loosen from Jeongguk’s hair as he stumbles over his thoughts. He’s not ready for this yet. Not ready to fall off the edge. 

  Jeongguk must’ve sensed Jimin’s hesitance underneath him as he chuckled nosing along his jawline. “Baby relax, I don’t expect you to say it straight away” his hand took one of Jimin’s that was still limply lying in his hair to hold. “I just wanted to say it.” More kisses to his jaw, “wherever I’m looking I seem to only search for you.”

  “Whenever you’re not next to me I’m just and nervous” chastely whispering against his jawline, “I just want you to know I’m always on your side forever” and now Jeongguk’s back to hover above Jimin. 

  Jimin reacts without thinking. “I love your hair.”

  At that Jeongguk paused to laugh wholeheartedly against his neck, all toothy and nose scrunched and begins to press kisses repeatedly on the blessedly placed mole on his neck.

  “Yeah I know you do baby.”

  And people thought Jeongguk was the emotionally constipated one.

  - -

Since that day Jimin still hadn’t yet uttered those three words. His guilt only doubles every time Jeongguk repeats his declaration. Waking up in the mornings, waiting backstage, in the practice room, studio- everywhere. Yet Jimin still can’t seem to come to the same honeymoon avenue that Jeongguk is at. His heart was stuck at amber.

  Nevertheless Jeongguk never forced him or looked at him expectantly. In fact he just pulls him into a tight, bone-crushing hug as he rubs his face all over him. He reminded Jimin each time that he wasn’t under pressure. Smoothing his sides whenever he repeated the three words, reaffirming there was no rush- that Jeongguk still had falled hard off the cliff long ago.

  Because Jeongguk was just a motionless ocean without the exhilarating waves that were Jimin, revitalising him.

  - -

“One more game babe?”


  Jeongguk beckoned Jimin over to sit next to him on the floor. He flops onto his lap and reaches for Jimin’s soft fingers to play with his hair immediately. Jimin just chuckles at the silent command soothing the disorganised locks that most likely came from a bro fight with Tae earlier.

  “I’m gonne go be a pig and watch anime. Buh bye.” Taehyung rapidly scurries into his room with the food, preferring to deal with animated PDA.

  Now they’re alone and chilling in a comfortable silence. Jimin decided to watch Jeongguk instead of the game and just gazes lovingly. He’s extremely exhausted from practice but he doesn’t register the dull ache in his body as he soaks up his boyfriend’s existence. The nervous lip bites when he concentrates on smashing the buttons, the adorable nose scrunches when he dies and the lovable, defeated face he pulls when someone quickscopes him. He grins at how his body doesn’t ever keep still as it animatedly just moves in accordance with whatever Jeongguk is doing on screen. His head and arms rolling back and forth all around Jimin’s lap that is his playground. However his favourite is when Jeongguk smiled widely, bunny teeth and all.

  “Did you see me wreck that guy?” Jeongguk gets up from him cheerful, gesturing his controlled uncontrollably and unconsciously moving himself closer to Jimin, to make him share his victory. Jeongguk is still talking energetically about his wreckage with the dangerously moving controller but all Jimin can focus on is Jeongguk. Drinking him all in as he zones out of Jeongguk’s ‘badman wreckage’ babble. Victorious adrenaline dances through his deep cocoa eyes. To be honest, Jimin just wants to watch him all day.

  Jeongguk’s stopped talking now, waving the controlled in front of Jimin’s blank face to get his attention.


  He locks eyes with him, captivated by just Jeongguk. He feels himself teetering off the edge of the cliff he was previously precariously standing on. Worry spreads over Jeongguk’s face when he receives no response. He carefully places a hand on Jimin’s side looking into his bare and tired face. 

  “You haven’t eaten all day have you? You were in the practice room since morning Jimin” Jeongguk murmurs gently. “Are you skipping meals again?”

  Concern dominates his facial features, “Baby, don’t you see you’re beyond beautiful? God I don’t even deserve you.”

  That pushes him over the cliff. Jimin falls hard. Hard into the boundless ocean that is Jeongguk. The surges of a magnetic pull pulsing through his fingertips urging him on. He only sees Jeongguk. Only hears Jeongguk. Only wants Jeongguk.

  So Jimin says it. Leaning up he presses a chaste kiss to the small frown. 

  “I love you Jeongguk”

  Jeongguk is unmoving. Eyes wide and mouth open like a fish he just gapes. The silence makes him fidget with his hoodie but he still keeps his eyes locked on his boyfriend. Still only a breath away as he tilts up to even out the height difference, not sure of how to carry on.

  “I love y-” and before he can finish he notices a controller getting dashed to the side as he gets yanked by his calves and down to his back. Soft lips come crashing down on him. He can feel Jeongguk smile and he does too winding his arms around his shoulders pulling him in closer. Impossibly closer so that when Jeongguk opens Jimin’s full lips with a few licks he begins chasing Jeongguk’s short eyelashes whilst their tongues collide together. His heart felt full and burning with a transcending feeling. An electrifying connection runs from his toes through to his fingertips as he tangles his small hands in the fluffy mess of hair. Butterflies flutter within him as Jeongguk litters his entire face in kisses of whispered ‘I love you’s and Jimin can’t help but giggle each time. Trying to force him back to look at him instead.

  As soon as Jeongguk hears the giggles he gives a full-blown bunny grin and hurries to chase and swallow them with searing, heart-stopping kisses.

  “Jeongguk my face is gonne be covered in your saliva if you don’t stop” Jimin laughs loudly, fingertips moving to run simple patterns along Jeongguk’s nape. Jeongguk just smirks down at him.

  “Don’t care” he mumbles as he kisses his jawline. “Say it again.”

  “I love y-” a tongue-clashing kiss shuts him up.

  Hands gripping firmly under his waist, he lifts Jimin up into strong arms and onto his lap. Jimin’s thighs are slotted around his hips. The position allowing for easier neck kisses, which Jeongguk is apparently addicted to, as Jimin throws his head back. He hums against the column. “Say it again.”

  “I love y-” Jimin begins laughing against Jeongguk’s eager lips again. “Jeongguk if you’re not gonna let me finish the stop asking me over and ove-”

  “Say it again,” Now Jeongguk just gazes into Jimin’s eyes. Attention all on him whilst his arms brings his hips closer. Jimin smiles as their hearts beat hard and fast against each other. Looking down at his elated boyfriend, eyes falling into crescent form, he brings his hands to the sides of Jeongguk’s face with his thumbs rubbing circles into the creamy skin. He kisses the hidden mole under his bottom lip and lets it linger before he angles upwards to his lips. Hovering over them as he whispers looking straight at him-

  “I love you”

  With that Jimin descends down into a passionate kiss, wrapping his arms in a firm hold around Jeongguk’s neck. He feels lightweigt as Jeongguk heaves them both off the floor and strides towards Jimin’s room. Feeling Jimin tighten his thighs around him for support Jeongguk moans loudly into his mouth. Then Jimin’s small fists pull on his hair to start sucking and biting down his neck.

  “Oh fuck.”

  Taehyung gets started from the sudden flingin of his bedroom door, “are you kidding me?” Jeongguk snarls collapsing onto the other bed as Jimin sucks and moan high-pitched and moist on his neck.

  “Fuck you hoes.”

  - -

[ Ermm so this is just complete fluff and it’s my first time writing anything in like 5 years so I apologise if it’s absolute shit lol. Who knew I would be here writing OTP fanfic but ah well life goes on. I posted this originally on my AO3 but I finally plucked up the courage to post it here. :) ]

Anonymous asked you:
Hi hi! Could i ask for one where you have an abusive home life and your in a lot of danger? (but the abuse isnt the MOST imporant part) Like, focus more on the fact andy (your bffl) offers to get you pregnant so he can legally “protect” you. So you go over to his parents house cause there on a buisness trip for the weekend and you guys do it in the bathtub. make the girl super stuttery and andy more sure if you could?? oh! and you both are 18 in senior year. ily ty. c: c:

  • WARNING: The following contains vaguely-written smut. If you’re comfortable with such material, carry on. Thank you. x

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Black blood -Lexark- Part 2

Summary: Elyza’s flirting finally goes too far and they both can’t hold themselves back. ayyyyyyyy smut basically


Ever since their supply run, Alicia can’t stop thinking about Elyza. It’s driving her crazy because she should be able to at least look at her blonde friend without her face heating up and her thoughts wondering to things that certainly don’t belong at the dinner table. Elyza sees through it all of course, it’s like she knows exactly what Alicia is thinking and gives the younger girl her signature smirk. Which in turn makes Alicia’s heart hammer in her chest and her face flush even more.

She’s lost track of the times Madison has asked her if she’s okay and Elyza has joined in with mock concern knowing exactly what she’s doing. Alicia realises she must seem rude when she storms away from the dinner table to her room. Her family puts it down to her being a rebellious teenager, but when Elyza comes to her room after dinner she knows exactly what is wrong and plays into it knowing Alicia will play along.

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Fanfiction: Monthly

Universe: 2k14
Ship: Raphril underscores it, but all the boys dealing with hormonal surges caused by April
Words: 2599
Rating: M. 
Warnings: More overt sexual references, some minor swears
Summary: Sequel to Something In The Air. The next day, the bros discuss.

Please note that in my fanon the bros are all 21. I do have more ideas surrounding this concept for future fics but I wanna write a bit more outright Raphril before I tackle it more, I think. Hopefully you all enjoy this one too!

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maiagarroway-archive  asked:

Could you write Minty college au with rival frat prank war?

I most certainly can, thank you so much I loved writing it! (also please note that I know absolutely nothing about the American school system and frats so I apologise if something doesn’t make sense) also I couldn’t thing about any good pranks so I kind of beat around the bush there… ;)

“Come on man, seriously we have to go, they’ll be back soon“, Jasper hissed beside him.

“Just a second,” Monty was typing furiously, trying to break through the firewall. He had no idea how this whole situation had gone from a harmless egging of a frat building to a full on war. Okay, he knew exactly how, and the reason for it was Nathan Miller’s face when he had watched Monty struggle over his latest prank last week. That smug grin that had Monty fuming with rage and indignation and had him swear he would get him back on this.

It wasn’t like they had started the prank war. It was an old rivalry between both of their frats that had been going on for years. It seemed to have reignited ever since Nathan and him had gotten involved. Monty hadn’t cared much in the beginning, but Nathan Miller had quickly changed that. It definitely had nothing to do with his dazzling good looks that he clearly knew how to use. When he smiled he made Monty forget every witty comeback he had ever thought of.

It made Monty furious how he seemed to be able to take his words away. Monty hadn’t ever been lost for words before.

He knew it was getting late. The time window for their prank was growing smaller as Monty’s typing became more frantic. When he heard a sound at the door he quickly shut down the computer and slipped out of the window. He saw the lights flick on and Miller sit down at his desk before switching the screen back on.

“Jesus Christ Monty, come on!” Jasper tugged desperately at Monty’s sleeve. Monty was currently ducking behind the hedge on the front lawn of Tetha building.

“One second, I have to see this.” he whispered back, a grin spreading as he saw Miller’s confused face . The warm light of the room was complimenting Miller’s dark skin, making it look even softer than usual, his stubble merely a dark shade.

“This crush is definitely getting out of hand,” Jasper huffed beside him. Monty felt a heat creep up his neck and was grateful for the darkness surrounding him, “Shut up, I don’t have a crush.”

“Sure you don’t,” Jasper retorted and pulled him out of the driveway. They broke into a run, trying to reatin their laughter, adrenaline pumping through them.

“This was by far the best one yet,” Jasper grinned when they got back to their dorms.

“Let’s see how they respond,” Monty answered with a proud grin.

The response came very soon. Two days after their break in Monty stepped into his house to find everything  wrapped tightly in cellophane. He sighed. Deeply. It hadn’t seemed like a great prank at first, but after spending at least three hours on unpacking everything again the whole frat was fuming.

Still, when he met Nathan Miller in front of the classroom the next day he greeted him with a “Week comeback Miller.” He had to hide a grin at the furious scowl the other boy sent his way.

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melsanfo  asked:

Prompt: Oliver had a secret crush on his tutor (Felicity) in high school but did nothing and hated himself for it afterwards. Cut to present time, he needs a school for Connor and he chooses an academy not knowing Felicity works there. Sparks fly!

AN: So this got long on me. Hope you like it!

All I Ever Wanted

“Are you ever going to do something about that?” Tommy groaned from beside him.

Oliver ripped his gaze from the blonde and elbowed his best friend hard in the ribs. “Shut up or she’ll hear you,” he hissed, glancing over to see if the girl had noticed. Luckily the cafeteria was loud and she hadn’t.

“Ever since she tutored you last year you’ve been starring at her and it’s Felicity this, Felicity that. It’s starting to border on stalker territory. You’ve gotta do something man.”

“I can’t,” he sighed, placing his elbows on the table.  

“Why not?” Tommy asked incredulously.

“Felicity Smoak…she’s amazing. She’s beautiful, smart, funny, kind…” he trailed off, his eyes once again moving to her. “And I’m a huge screw up.”  

Tommy’s mouth opened, no doubt shocked at just how deep his feelings went for her. “What are you saying? She’s too good for you?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying,” he said darkly as he shoved away from the table.

“Oh for the love of-” Tommy started as he got up and stalked out of the lunch room, his friend following closely behind him. “Oliver! That girl could be your one shot for happiness in there and you’re just gonna let her go?”

“I don’t have a choice.”

“There’s always a choice. All you have to do is walk up and say ‘Hi, I’m Oliver Queen, I’ve kinda been stalking you because I miss you and I know we’re in high school and all but I feel like you could be my soul mat-”

“Tommy shut up,” Oliver cut him off harshly making him step back. “There is no choice because…because I got a girl pregnant.” His best friend sucked in a breath, his eyes going wide. “Do you see why I can’t now? She deserves better,  the whole world’s ahead of her and I’m just the boy who’s failed miserably at everything he’s did….” He closed his eyes and allowed himself a moment to let himself feel the loss and agony before pulling himself back together. “It’s over. Let it go.” And then he left…to start his new life…hoping that one day he could be good enough for the likes of Felicity Smoak…the only girl who had ever believed in him. 


Ten Years Later

“Connor can you please hurry up, I have a meeting that I can not miss.”

“I’m coming, just give me a minute. I can’t find my book report!”

“It’s on the table,” he told his son as he grabbed his wallet and keys from the counter. He heard a shout of ‘fount it’ from the other room and a few moments later his son cam hustling into the kitchen, hitching his book bag over his shoulder as he ran. “Ready?”

“Yep,” the nine year old answered.

“Lunch money?” Connor nodded. “Homework?”  He thought for a moment before nodding again. “Are you forgetting anything?” His brow furrowed before he finally shook his head. “Wrong,” Oliver declared at he held up his son’s Epipen.


“Yeah oh…what would you do if you somehow got into peanuts again and didn’t have this?”

“Probably die a horrible, dramatic death?”

“Here,” he turned his son around and put it in the special zipper compartment of his backpack. “The only thing that’s dramatic around here is you.”

“Mrs. Parker said I’d make a good actor,” the little boy announced as he climbed into the backseat of the car.

“Yeah well…actors don’t typically make a lot of money. That’s why you go to school.” Oliver said with a roll of his eyes as he started the vehicle and pulled into traffic.  

“Thought you said we were rich?” Connor asked.

“We are but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to learn. How do you expect to keep money if you don’t know how to do math?”


Oliver looked in the review mirror. “Where did you learn that word?”  

“Mr. Diggle says it all the time. It’s not a bad word, if it was he wouldn’t let Sara and Andy say it too.”

They pulled into the school parking lot and Connor climbed out before slowly turning back, his expression guilty. He let out a breath. “What is it?”

“I kinda forgot to tell you there’s a teachers meeting tonight.”

They had been working on Connor being more responsible. He looked truly sorry so Oliver decided to let it slide this time. “It’s okay bud, I’ll be here.”

“Thanks Dad, see ya later,” the boy called over his shoulder as he rushed into the school.

Oliver shook his head and smiled as he pulled away from the Academy. Who thought his life would have turned out the way it had? After he’d graduated high school he’d went to Starling City University and gotten his MBA. Sandra hadn’t wanted anything to do with their son so he’d made it his mission to provide for him. His mother and sister had been a big help in raising him and he turned out to be a fine young man, though his Mom said he reminded her of him at his age. He’d be lying if he said that didn’t worry him. Oliver didn’t want Connor to make the same mistakes he had. His son could never be a mistake, he loved him more than he thought possible but he wanted more for him than he’d wanted for himself when he was young. His dream was for Connor to reach for the stars and his full potential.

He was happy with his life, he was twenty-seven and was running Queen Incorporated, a multi-million dollar company, he had wonderful friends and family, a great son….but still there was something missing. He never dared let himself think about just what is was. He was responsible for too much and he didn’t have time for anything, or anyone else.

The day passed quickly and at five o'clock he was heading back to the Starling Academy. Diggle had taken the boys to their afternoon baseball game this week and would be meeting him there. When he arrived  Connor ran up to him, a grin plaster on his face, orange dirt spread across his forehead.

“We won!” He shouted and Oliver gave him a high five and a hug.

“Way to go,” he turned to Andy and looked between him and Connor. “I’m very proud of both of you.”

Diggle gave him a clap on the back as they made their way through the double doors into the school and relayed to him all that had happened at the game. The boys chattered happily behind them one of them occasionally whooping as they relieved some of their finer moments of the afternoon.

They reached the classroom and all the kids took off to a corner as Mrs. Day started prattling on about what was planned for the next semester, pointing their attention to the screen and clicking through the slide show as she spoke. It wasn’t long before he found himself tuning out and it wasn’t until the teacher started pounding on the computers keys that he refocused, noticing that the slide show had stopped, frozen on a picture of a bake sale announcement.

“Oh sugar honey iced tea,” she exclaimed and Oliver had to cover his mouth to hide a laugh at her thinly veiled curse. Mrs. Day put her hands on her hip. “I’m sorry, this stupid thing has been freezing up all day.”

“ST is on site today. Mr. Walter’s was having a problem with his too,” a parent who was also another teacher at the school spoke up as she pulled out her phone to call whoever it was they were talking about.

Minutes later the door cracked opened and a blonde head appeared “I heard you were having a tech crisis Mrs. Day?” The woman asked. He couldn’t see her face but her voice sounded vaguely familiar.

“Yes, this darn thing just keep’s freezing up. I’ve had to stop myself from throwing it out the window several time.”

The woman gasped and came fully into the room. “No need to jump to violence, I’m sure I can have it fixed up in a jiffy.”

His phone buzzed in his pocket and he took it out to read an email from his VP as he waited for the tech to do her job. Five minutes passed as he replied to several messaged and texts as they continued to wait. He didn’t look up until there was a disruption from the back of the class and he turned to find Connor standing on a desk making a sound that sounded like a pterodactyl as he demonstrated something to Andy and the other kids.

“Connor, you get down from there right now,” he snapped. A chuckle from his right reached his ears and he sent a glare Diggle’s direction. Connor got down and returned to talking in hushed tones to his best friend. He turned back to the room at large, looking to the front. “I’m sorry for the interruption…” The world slowly died away as he caught sight of the woman standing behind the computer screen. Her hair was blonder, and gone were the jeans and flats, in their place a tight blue dress and heels that made him swallow. Her lips painted a bright pink and just as perfect as they been all those years ago. Despite all the changes she was still the same. It was even possible that she’d had grown into an even more beautiful woman.  Felicity Smoak was still all he’d ever wanted.

Her eyes finally collided with his and he saw recognition fill them. She held his gaze with just as much intensity and he could practically feel the sexual tension sizzling between them. Even in high school they’d had it, able to stare at each other for long spans of time, their eyes never leaving another neither aware of the others in the room as the air crackled around them. They’d even once came close to kissing but he’d pulled away, letting his lack of self worth control him. He’d knew she’d liked him but then he’d been unsure if what she felt for him was the depth of what he’d felt for her and he’d feared rejection. 

Eventually she tore her eyes from his, her lips lifting in a small smile as she turned back to the computer and hit a few buttons. “There you go Mrs. Day, you’re all set.”

“Thank you so much dear.”

“It’s no problem,” Felicity assured her as she slowly backed from the room, not even looking his way a second time. His phone slipped from his hands and landed on the desk with a thud. Just as fast as the woman who’d taken a chunk of his heart appeared she disappeared, leaving the empty place in his heart aching.  

“You’re not going to let her go again are you?” His head whipped around to look at John. “What? You honestly think Tommy didn’t tell me about your first love?” He made a mental note to strangle Merlyn later.  Obviously he’d made a mistake letting him spend time with his other best friend. “You’re not the man you were Oliver. Go get the girl,” Diggle ended with a smile.

He closed his eyes remembering all the looks, the little touches, the heat that had been between them. Was it possible that it was all still there? Could she feel something for him? Had she all those years ago? It seemed unbelievable but he’d been living off logic so long all he waned to do was let go and live, just for once. After all what were the odds that he’d see the girl he had fallen for at his sons school? It had to be a sign. He thought of the way her blue eyes behind her glasses had met his..that had him rising out of his seat and taking off into the hallway. When he excited the door he looked to the right and then to the left in search of her. He saw a blonde pony tail bopping at the end of the long corridor and didn’t waste any time calling out.

“Felicity!” He rushed after her and was relieved when she turned to him, her eyes wide and her pretty pink mouth slightly parted.

“Oliver what are you-” she started but she didn’t finish because he had grabbed her face and pressed his lips to hers. He was tired of waiting, of playing it safe. He’d done that and where had it gotten him? No he would not miss this opportunity again. Giving up before he’d even taken a chance with her would forever be one of his regrets.

It took a few seconds before Felicity responded but when she did it was with fervor, her lips melding to his, her fingers coming up to tangle in the hair at his nape, her head angling to deepen the kiss. He couldn’t help but press closer to her, seeking her warmth. When her chest pressed against his he let out a breath he hadn’t know he’d been holding. Her small arms around him and her mouth against his was the wake up call he’d needed. This was where he was supposed to be.

Breathless he finally pulled away from her, looking down to find her eyes still closed, her breath leaving her in pants. A few long moments later she opened her eyes “Why did you do that?” she questioned. It was time to bare his soul.

“From the first moment I met you Felicity I knew…I knew you were the one but I let you slip through my fingers. I pulled away and it’s something I’ll always regret. I can’t let you go now without knowing…”

Her eyes roamed over his face searching for truth and finding it. Her small hands pressing into his chest grounded him in the moment. “Knowing what?”

“If you feel it too,” he said softly.

Her mouth lifted and she tangled their fingers together.  “I’ve been in love with you for ten years Oliver Queen. What took you so long?”

Her words made his heart flutter. She loved him? He searched her eyes much liked she’d done and found his answer. The smile that broke out his face couldn’t be matched. “I didn’t know you were waiting, had I then I definitely would’ve moved faster.”  

“You took the time you needed.”

“No more,” he stated and she nodded, a grin much like his breaking across her face.

“No more,” she repeated as she pressed up on her toes to kiss him.

“Ewww Ms. Felicity is making out with my Dad!” Came a yell from down the hall that had them pulling apart. He turned to find Digg with a smug grin, both Connor and Andy starring at them.

“Connor,” he admonish but Felicity just burst out laughing as she held out her arms. Much to his shock his son came running into them, hugging her around her waist. She ruffled his hair and squeezed him tight before the boy pulled away and peered up at him.

“How do you know Felicity Dad?”

“We’re…old friends. How do you know her?”

“She saved me last month when I had that allergic reaction.”  

He turned to her and she smiled at him. How had he not known about this? “I’ve got a contract here. I own my own company, Smoak Technology and occasionally drop in to do checks. I passed by and noticed he wasn’t breathing good. I administered his Epipen.”

“Wonders never cease.”

“I’ll say,” Felicity said as she pressed into his side.

And it was right there in the hallways of a school with his son in one arm and Felicity in the other that he realized he’d gotten all he ever wanted.

This work is part of the ‘We Can Be Immortal’ short collection on ao3 and can be found here (X)

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There’s So Much More (If You’d Only Look) (9/?)

Summary: She met him second. The question that is always in the back of her mind is what if she’d met him first. Not that it matters. Because  Killan Jones looked right through Emma as if she wasn’t the vital beauty she knew she was.

Chapters 1234567, 8

Emma liked it best when Killian left all their issues behind them. In the weeks that they’d shared their true feelings with one another, she only got the carefree version of him on the rarest of occasions. So when he slipped his fingers through hers and wrapped his other arm around her waist, she smiled happily up at him.

It felt as if she’d been waiting forever. Waiting for her work day to be over. Waiting for him to pull up in the parking lot. Waiting for him to sweep her off her feet.

“It’s about time that you showed up.”

“I got here as soon as I could.”

It was the press of his lips to her neck that made her tremble in his arms. She grabbed on to his hand and squeezed tight.

It should have been taboo. It should have made her nervous, having him this close to her when anyone she worked with could have seen. Anyone could have walked out that door and seen the man who was not her known boyfriend but her known friend, hold her so intimately. But she wasn’t nervous. She was excited!

“Did you miss me?” Emma bit down on her lip to keep from smiling too widely.

It was those eyes. Those damned blue eyes that sparkled down on her. She felt the tingle that was nothing but love run through her body.

“I missed you,” Killian told her, grinning like a silly idiot.

“Good.” Emma nodded. “I missed you, too.”

Those arms tightened around her waist, dragging her all the closer to him.

“Well that’s good to know.”

Emma stared up at him. She was entirely secure in his arms- the way he held on tight to her felt so good. The smile on his beautiful pink lips was genuine and unintentionally breathtaking.

She wanted him. She wanted only him. She never thought he would return her feelings. And here he was, uninhibited about how he felt about her. Holding her and kissing her. And loving her.

“Are you in a rush?” Killian asked, gently swaying them side to side, his arms never loosening in their hold on her.

“I’m not in a rush,” she told him. “I just missed you. I want to be able to spend as much time together- just the two of us- as possible. Neal’s doing some overtime tonight for the first time in days. That means we have some overtime for the first time in days. And is a precious commodity that does not need to be squandered.”

Maybe it was the wrong thing to say. At least in that moment. Emma felt the sudden and instant tension in his arms, and there was a slight darkening of his eyes.

He was more sensitive to the situation than she was. It did make her question herself. Why didn’t she feel guiltier about being with Killian than she did? Why didn’t she feel more remorseful when she left work and spent her free hours with Killian and only thought of Neal as the time constraint that kept it from being any longer? Why did her dreams consist of a happy ending with Killian and not Neal? Why was it that she now fell away from Neal’s touch because it wasn’t Killian’s?

That was her life now. And she wanted more. Not just these few hours stolen away. She wanted it all. The hugs. The kisses. The embraces. The words. She wanted it all.

“Don’t do it, Killian.” Emma’s hands took hold of either side of his face. “Don’t.”

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