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Keep You Safe (Part 2)

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SUMMARY : (Set late Season 3) The Reader and Daryl find themselves in a life or death situation. It was supposed to be a simple hunt - but when do things ever work out the way you plan?

REQUESTED BY : @distressed-honking​ (The reader is sick or injured and Daryl has to keep them safe.)

WORD COUNT : 2,395

A/N : Ahh! Thanks for all the love you beautiful people have been showing my work. I’m sorry it took so long for me to get this next part up - y’all know how life can get in the way sometimes. This part has a lot of action in it, but the next and FINAL part will definitely cool down and be more focused on the relationship between the Reader and Daryl. (Yes…that means oodles and oodles of angsty fluff!)

This is Part 2 of 3!

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“Behind you!” you exclaimed, just as the biter threw itself at Daryl.

As Daryl pulled the trigger, he was taken down by the walker, landing hard on his side, his crossbow slipping out of his grasp.

And then suddenly, a blinding pain hit you like nothing you’d felt before — it was as though every nerve in your leg was on fire. A scream escaped your lips before you could stop it as tears sprung to your eyes.

You managed to peek around the walker, still thrashing on top of you, and felt your stomach turn.

There, imbedded deep into your right thigh, was Daryl’s arrow.

You groaned, clenching your teeth together to keep from screaming. Each move the walker made jostled the arrow and you couldn’t remember ever being in this much pain.

And then suddenly, the walker went still and was being ripped off your body.

You gasped aloud, finally able to take a full breath without the weight of another body crushing your ribcage.

A shadow clouded your vision and you focused your eyes straight up, coming face to face with Daryl.

He was standing over you, his face a mix between shock and panic and all you could do was close your eyes, fighting the wave of nausea that came over you.

A loud gunshot snapped your eyes open and you saw Daryl, who had grabbed his own gun,  was shooting at any walker that got too close.

You had no concept of how many walkers surrounded you at this point — how many were in this herd to begin with. The herd wasn’t as big as the one that took down the farm, but it was enough to take you and Daryl down easily.

And now that you were down for the count, it was only a matter of time before there were too many for Daryl to fend off on his own.  

“Daryl…” you whimpered, reaching down and grabbing your thigh, careful not to touch the arrow.

His eyes locked with yours and the panicked look on his face melted into pure determination.

In one swift motion, the archer picked up his crossbow and slid it over his shoulders before bending down and lifting you into his arms, bridal style, careful not to disturb the injury.

You yelped in pain, unable to stop the cry, and tightly gripped onto Daryl’s vest. He spun around, looking for an exit throughout the mass of walkers that were closing in on you.

Lifting your head, you peeked over his shoulder and saw a biter approaching from behind. “Give me your gun,” you growled through clenched teeth.

He nodded once, his face stone-like, and somehow maneuvered the gun into your lap while still holding you.

You wrapped both arms around Daryl’s neck and connected your hands behind his head, locking them around the gun.

Aiming at the walkers coming from behind, you began shooting — ignoring the way your hands trembled, the black spots dancing around your vision, the blood coating your hands.

Suddenly, you saw a small opening where a group of walkers had divided around a tree.

“There!” you called out, pointing towards the empty space.

Daryl spun around and spotted the opening, repositioning you in his arms until he had a better hold. “Ya jus’ hang on now, Y/N,” he grumbled, taking off into a sprint, just barely avoiding a swipe from a biter.

You’d never seen Daryl run as fast as he did in that moment — it felt as if you were flying. Or maybe it was the blood loss catching up with you.

Trees and mangled hands blurred your vision. Every few seconds, you felt something graze you, but just like that, the sensation was gone.

You kept one hand wrapped around the arrow to keep it from moving and the other held the gun. Every so often, you’d spot a walker getting too close and fired, your aim still good despite the shakiness in your body.

Daryl’s breath came out in steady huffs and you wondered how he had the strength to keep this pace, on top of carrying your extra weight. But the look on his face told you he wouldn’t stop until he found somewhere safe.

A part of you questioned why you weren’t in as much pain as you thought you’d be — maybe it was adrenaline. Or maybe your body was going numb and slowly bleeding out.

You raised your head slightly and looked down at your leg — it was soaked in blood, arrow still imbedded. You noticed that your blood had seeped into Daryl’s shirt. He’d probably have to toss it. What a shame. You liked that shirt. It was a nice color on him and —


Shaking your head quickly, you put all your energy into staying alert. You could feel yourself fading, floating in and out of consciousness.

Each time your eyes were about to close, Daryl jostled you back awake and ran faster.

Peeking over his shoulder, you saw the herd had changed directions and was now chasing after the two of you.

You glanced up at Daryl, covered in dirt, sweat and blood — your blood — and felt a warmth spread through your body.

Obviously these circumstances weren’t ideal, but if you had to be in this situation with anyone, you were glad it was with the archer.

You barely felt any pain at this point — which should’ve freaked you out — but you welcomed the numbness. Glancing over Daryl’s shoulder once more, you saw the herd was farther behind, unable to keep up.

You looked ahead and saw a couple of biters who’d been drawn in by all the commotion, but they didn’t seem like much of a threat either.

Daryl’s pace had slowed — you were honestly surprised he had lasted as long as he did. He was breathing heavy, drops of sweat dripping down the sides of his face.

You reached a hand up and gently wiped at a bead of sweat that had settled near the corner of his eye, ignoring the light streak of blood it left there.

His steps faltered and he slowed to a stop, scanning the area intently before his eyes settled on you. He shifted you in his arms and you could see the strain in his face.

“Put me…down,” you grimaced, trying to wriggle out of his grasp. Daryl looked like he was about to argue, but you shot him a look and he carefully set you down.

You kept your weight on your good leg, balancing for a moment, keeping one arm around the archer to keep from falling.

You took a breath and shifted your weight, a jolt of pain shooting through your leg. A cry escaped your lips as your body gave out, sending you crashing to the ground.

The fall should’ve been worse, but Daryl was right there — like he always was — and caught you right before you hit the ground.

You gnashed your teeth together, ignoring the feeling of the arrow moving beneath your skin as he helped maneuver you to the ground.

Squeezing your eyes shut, you took deep, measured breaths, digging your nails into the palm of your hand to distract yourself from the pain in your leg. The sun had almost completely set and you knew you needed to find somewhere safe to ride out the night.

Opening your eyes, you saw Daryl scanning the area thoroughly, before he came and knelt beside you. His gaze slid down to your leg, his features darkening slightly and you could see his jaw clench and unclench as he stared.

“Hey,” you whispered, trying to get his attention. But his focus remained on the arrow sticking out of your thigh, the color draining from his face a little. “Hey,” you said again, a little more forceful, grabbing his chin gently and turning his face towards you.

Daryl’s eyes locked with yours, eyebrows furrowed, expression unreadable. He opened his mouth like he was going to say something, but a twig snapping in the distance had him jumping to his feet.

A moan sounded from somewhere behind you and you craned your neck, surveying the trees to see if the herd had caught up.

You looked up at Daryl, who was squinting in the opposite direction. He took a couple steps forward, apparently having spotted something beyond the trees.

“What’re you —”

“Cabin,” he stated, pointing to something ahead you couldn’t see from your seated position.

You sat up a little straighter, a blossoming of hope spreading through you. “Are you sure?”

“C’mon,” he responded gruffly, hurrying over to you and sweeping you back into his arms.

You stifled the gasp that rose to your throat and locked your arms around Daryl’s neck as he took off once again.

From behind, you could see the herd in the distance, having picked up steam with their sights set firmly on you.

Your stomach dropped and you turned your focus ahead, finally seeing what it was Daryl saw.

A couple yards in front of you was a cabin. It looked fairly untouched — windows still in tact, front door shut. There was a set of stairs leading up to the front porch, logs of firewood stacked up against the side.

But there was no smoke coming from the chimney, no lanterns or candles lit as dusk took over, no sign that anyone was inside.

Daryl’s steps slowed as the two of you approached the cabin, coming to a halt at the foot of the porch stairs. You stared up at the cottage, a pit forming in your stomach.

“What if someone’s inside?” you whispered, glancing up at him.

Daryl nodded slowly, chest heaving. “We’ll do what we have ta’ do,” he finally grumbled between breaths.

As if on cue, a loud groan sounded, snapping your attention to the side of the cabin. Suddenly, a group of walkers came limping around the side of the house, heading straight towards you.

“Damn it,” Daryl snarled, readjusting his hold on you and climbing up the front stairs.

You watched over his shoulder as the walkers stumbled their way up after — about six or seven dead ones in this group.

The cabin could be the perfect hiding spot from the huge herd not far behind. But if the herd was drawn in by this new group, they would tear the cabin apart — including you and Daryl.

Daryl made it to the top of the stairs and ran to the front door, setting you down as gently as possible. You hissed in pain and quickly shifted your weight off your bad leg, holding onto the door frame, ignoring how the world tilted.

Daryl reached for the doorknob, turned it, and —

It was locked.

“Shit,” he growled, stepping back a couple of feet before attempting to kick it down.

Keeping your eyes on the walkers coming up the stairs, you felt your heart start to race. You could hear Daryl’s grunts as he relentlessly tried to kick the door in, hearing the wood start to splinter.

“They’re coming,” you urged, trying to keep the panic from your voice.

Daryl’s kicks became stronger and faster until suddenly, the door flew open and you shielded your face from the shards of wood that shattered off.

Before you had time to react, you felt Daryl loop an arm around your waist as he half dragged, half carried you into the cabin just as the walkers lunged for you.

It felt as though everything happened in slow motion.

As soon as you were inside the cabin, Daryl let go of you, spinning around and slamming what was left of the door shut.

The walkers outside pushed against the door, slipping their hands through the cracks, shoving against Daryl’s weight.

The moment Daryl released you, your legs gave out and you landed hard on the floor, crying out in pain. Your vision was starting to go in and out as you stared up at the wooden panels lining the ceiling.

You craned your neck off the floor and saw Daryl, his back against the door, struggling to keep it shut against the biters.

He was desperately scanning the room, looking for something he could use to keep the door closed, when his eyes landed on you.

You squinted, trying to focus on him, but everything was blurry.

Come on, Y/N. Daryl needs your help. Come on, get up! GET. UP.

The voice in your head screamed at you to do something, to do anything, but you couldn’t get your body to cooperate. You groaned, hands hovering over the injury, careful not to touch the arrow that was somehow still inside you.

A muffled noise drew your attention and your eyes snapped back to Daryl — he was mouthing something. No…he was shouting something.

You shook your head, unable to hear exactly what he was saying. But you could tell by the look in his eyes it wasn’t anything good.

Daryl was pushed up against the door, still struggling against the walkers, but was frantically pointing at something off to your left.

Your gaze followed where he was pointing and you looked into the kitchen, suddenly understanding his horror as a walker appeared in your vision and launched itself at you.

A scream escaped your lips as the biter crawled its way up your body, teeth snapping, hands clawing. Daryl’s shouts became louder but you could hardly hear them over your own.

You managed to grab the walker around the neck, keeping it just mere inches from your face as you desperately searched for a weapon.

You spotted a poker laid out near the fireplace, but it was just out of your reach and you growled in frustration.

Your arms shook under the weight of the biter, black spots seeping into your vision and you knew it wouldn’t be long until your body finally gave out on you.

Then suddenly, like a beacon of hope, you saw your only chance of making it out alive.

Before you could think twice, you grabbed the shaft of the arrow imbedded in your thigh and ripped it out of your body, feeling parts of your skin tear in the process.

A blood curling scream echoed throughout the room and it took a moment to realize it was coming from you.

Tears streamed down the sides of your cheeks as you gasped in pain, feeling as though each and every nerve in your leg had been put through a paper shredder.

Gnashing your teeth together, you took every bit of strength you had left and stabbed the arrow into the temple of the walker.

It stilled immediately and collapsed on top of you, but you had no energy left to move it.

You laid completely still, vision fading, a numbness taking over your body.

The last thing you heard was the door crash open, an uproar of growls coming from the dead, and Daryl screaming your name.

And then the world went dark.

ANOTHER cliffhanger?! I’m oh so cruel…

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getsmart  asked:

do you feel that you are living the best part of your life (so far)? sometimes i struggle with the fact that my best days may be behind me. if you are, are you able to/will you keep doing the same things to keep things the way they are, or will things tend towards entropy and you'll have to come up with a new game plan? if you aren't, do you plan on doing anything to make things better, like they were before, or is the situation unsolvable? (sorry for the super long ask)

The good times never stop. Honestly. It may seem like you are in a hole at some point but eventually things change. You do have to be an active part of that change though. In order for anything to change you have to decide you want it. 

I am big on planning, I plan all kinds of meetings and such, from the little lunch dates to bigger trips and things. It’s important to step back every so often and say hey does this plan still work, do I need to change what I am doing or does the plan need to change? And no situation is ever unsolvable, it’s just finding what solution will give you the best results, even if they aren’t the ones you thought you wanted.

No matter what don’t ever put yourself in a box. Once you are in a box you’re done. Saying it over and over makes it true. So don’t say that the best has passed, don’t say that you missed out on things, don’t say that you don’t have any worth. 

Life is not about looking behind you, but about looking ahead. While self reflection is good, it’s okay to remember that hey there’s plenty more to do and see. 

And I assume that you are under 70 years old? If so, you have plenty of time! 

For me, I’m living right now, not that I don’t have plans and goals of course, but living right now I can say that I’m relatively happy where a week ago I wasn’t as much. Life has a lot of ups and downs. 

So keep strong, remember, it’s not the end yet, you have plenty of chances to grow and change. No one is static. 

Fleur Delacour

my fav lil things abt j-hope

- always ALWAYS the one who brings up song credits
- although he was tired af after the concert (stated by jimin), he still helped tae to get in the room
- no one talks abt it but he always beatboxes for the members and he’s rly good @ it but no one ever shines the light on him!!!??
- always the 1 monitoring the members’ progress in dancing and NVR fails to compliment them and their progression when he gets the chance to
- his cute coffee dates w his sister 😍
- is usually the first one to notice the fan projects (prime example being the eatjin project where everyone changed their dps to “we love eatjin”)
- how he’s the one tht has to take a few steps back when he’s w yoongi lmao
- known rapmom for a good few years but still wants to know him better through trips (friendship goals)
- does anything to make members laugh, esp yoongs
- “important business”
- so close to maknae line tae actually thought he was part of it till their 3rd anniversary radio show lmao (even funnier since rm is younger than hobi)
- jamming on the toilet
- smol hoseok dancing in predebut vids, still hella energetic as ever
- the one tht finds rapmon’s lost items
- bittersweet bc being an under appreciated member comes w cheaper merch… yea
- “jeongguk ahh~” tht deep voice ;—;
- tfw he in the centre of the stage you know shit gonna go down real quick
- rare talent: playing a recorder w his nostrils
- allows fans to touch his dimples
- good @ asking for directions in foreign countries
- his violent mood swings
- how he came for dancing & singing, but ended up creating his own Rap Style™ and writing all his own lyrics
- no one talks abt it but his freaking freestyles omg i could watch him do That all day
- !!!!!the nmd dance break!!!!!!! gdi
- the barfing sounds in 1verse
- 1verse
- forehead exposure
- not to pressure anyone but when will he be properly recognized as The Golden Hyung
- kinda weird but when he always moans during yoongs’ part in cypher 3 (IDK WHICH ONE SPECIFICALLY BUT THAT ONE TIME IT WAS HELLA LOUD AND I WAS TAKEN ABACK AF)
- his selfie game in america (the snapback w sleeveless look…. yea)
- basically the world does not deserve jung hoseok

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MariChat May Day Thirty One: Copy Cat

One is just part-time.

Honestly I’m not a huge fan of Chat having major cat tendencies but I do like subtle things like enjoying sunlit naps and head pats.

Check out MariChat May here

Artwork ©: alazic02

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“Marry someone who you love. Marry your soulmate, your lover, your best friend.” (x)

Happy (belated) birthday sweet newtongirl!!

As always, I’m very sorry about the delay (2015 must be the year I deliver birthday presents very late) but I hope you will still enjoy this married MakoHaru comic through their live because I know you appreciate domestic/married MH as much as I do (*ノωノ) 

I’d have loved to draw the whole poem but, too long, not for me ;_;



the linstead things: when their eyes (even their eyebrows) do the talking #linsteadlooks

How to Become More Independent

1. Look for role models – People like you who are living the kind of life you’d like to lead. Notice their attitudes, the kinds of things they do – then start by copying one or two things they do.

2. Have a plan – You need to have a plan so you know where you are going, and the steps you’ll need to take to get you there eventually.

3. Turn positive actions into a habit - That will help them to become a way of life for you – so those attitudes you’re faking will soon feel natural.

4. Recognise that this life is the only life you have – And it’s up to you alone to decide who you’ll become. So make some decisions that reflect the real true you – and don’t be afraid to take a risk or chance.

5. Read, think for yourself, and stand up for what you want - You have every right to feel and to act confident, and to have your own opinions, and you own points of view. So know your own mind and speak up, be bold and act.

6. Recognise that it’s hard work to step out and take a chance – But that courage is inside you, even when you feel afraid. Just do one thing at a time, don’t give up, and persevere.

They’re saps


17th April ~ 12:15

English essay planning & finishing off holiday homework this morning. I’ve started doing that thing where you plan each day on post-its? We’ll see how it goes. Also I’m running low on post-its.

gentle reminder

it’s okay if you didn’t do all the things you had planned today, it’s okay if you didn’t have time, or if something else came unplanned; even if you just couldn’t or didn’t want to or didn’t have the energy - it’s okay, so please try your best to not be too harsh on yourself: it’s okay to go your own pace


These are the 6 habits that I try to practice in order to be my most productive self.

✔️1. Healthy Habit Tracker

The best way to be healthy, both mentally and physically, is to track your habits. This will help you to monitor when you complete the daily tasks you have set out to do. For example how much water you have drunk, if you got enough sleep and whether you have done exercise. This can also be extended to things like reading or doing certain daily school tasks which are pretty routine.

✔️2. Write It ALL Down

It helps to have everything written down that you need to do, and how much you need to get done in a day. Being able to see all of your to-do’s in one place each day will help you keep tabs on what you still have to do and the time frame in which you should be doing it.

✔️3. Plan Ahead

Make sure you aren’t leaving things for the last minute. In my opinion, if you want to be the most efficient version of yourself, you need to plan in advance. Set aside time each day to plan the next few days or week ahead. Try as much as you can to diarise certain tasks and then plan how you are going to stick to them. By having deadlines you will motivate yourself to stick to them, and can get so much more done in a day than if you play it by ear. Trust me. [tip: reward yourself for particularly difficult tasks — like getting some new washi tapes]

✔️4. Keep Your Journal on You

Always remember to keep your journal in the same place. I always leave mine on my desk next to my bag, so if I’m in a hurry I can never forget it. This may sound silly but making a habit of always having your journal on you is important as you never know when you will need to add something to your list, or to reference your journal. theres no point having an organised planner but you never have it on you to reference, which means you may forget half of whats in it.

✔️5. One Hour of Admin

No one likes to do admin. But its a necessity and putting it off will only make it worse. Set aside one hour of your day, without any distractions, to get all your admin done. Be it making calls and getting small things at home sorted that have been nagging you, or filing notes, and even getting things in your room in order. This would be the time to get your life in order, without doing anything that really ticks off big items.

✔️6. Treat Yo Self.

Im a solid believer in treating yourself. Long afternoon naps and strong cups of coffee, my two favourites. While treating yourself may not increase your productivity directly, and if taken too far could counter it, but by taking some tim to look after yourself you will feel less stressed and will be able to function at a higher level. I know that when I get too stressed I become forgetful and worry more about not getting things done than actually spending time on getting those things done, which is just plain counterproductive. So I invest a couple minutes a day to treat myself. It can even be a nice facial and doing my eyebrows, to having coffee with a friend at my favourite cafe. By looking after your own mental health you will be doing so much more for yourself than just having a few minutes a day of treating yourself, you will foster a healthier and happier mindset that can help you excel.

anonymous asked:

As you're nearly 30 now, what would you have told your 20 year old self if you had the chance? Do you have any advice or tips for people currently in their early 20's, possibly in college and worried about the future? Any advice to help build self-esteem and to achieve what they want? Thank you.

Combined with the following ask:

  • Do you have any tips for how to improve self-esteem and confidence? I think I may be an xNTJ but years of bullying, betrayal, depression, and bereavement have left me feeling pretty low and worthless.

A few thoughts below.

To my 20 year old self

  • You can be right and still lose the argument. How you communicate to someone and how you deliver the message is just as important as the contents of the message itself. If you disregard the nuances of other human beings and come off as a total asshole, they’ll completely shut down and reject your input no matter how great it is.
  • Don’t fight battles with no rewards. If people can’t stop you, they’ll try to distract you so you’ll trip over your own feet and sabotage yourself. Don’t let them.
  • Older people may be less intelligent than you, but they have more experience– listen and learn. Even idiots can teach you what not to do.
  • Shut up. Most situations don’t require your input, your action, your reaction, or your intervention. Often times it’s like throwing gas on a fire to put it out. If you’re patient and wait, the answers tend to reveal themselves or the problem will solve itself.
  • Always do your laundry, there’s nothing worse than running out of clean underwear.

On building self-esteem and confidence

  • Stop explaining yourself to people who have already made up their minds about you. It’s a waste of time so tend to the relationships with the people who genuinely care for your well-being.
  • Finish. Quitting is a pathological disorder that can spread to other areas of your life. If you quit at one thing, the odds are you have low resilience and you will give up at other endeavors in your life. No matter what– finish. Get to the end. No matter how imperfect you think the outcome will be, finish. You’ll either have a sense of accomplishment from having completed something, lessons learned from the failure, or both. 
  • Small victories build confidence. If you can’t do the small things correctly, you won’t be able to tackle the big things. If you can’t wake up in the morning and jog a mile consistently then you’re not going to be able to climb Mount Everest. Patience is key and biting off more than you can chew will often end in failure and demoralization. Practice makes perfect, and progress takes time. 
  • Pain is weakness leaving the body. Build your tolerance by trying new things outside of your comfort zone, push yourself when you feel like you want to quit, and confront the things you fear the most. Similar to lifting weights, the only way your body can grow stronger is by steadily increasing the weights until you can bear heavier burdens. The more you do this, the easier it becomes.
  • Be a thermostat, not a thermometer. That is, be consistent in your values, personality, and habits– don’t let your emotions and behavior mold to your environment because you’ll always be in a state of flux. It makes you vulnerable to other people dictating your moods.
  • Follow your heart but take your brain with you. Do the things you love but in a logical and planned way. Don’t question your goal if it’s what you truly want to do, but scrutinize your method because that’s what will determine success or failure.

On college

  • Evidence is more powerful than theory. In college and in the real world, you must be able to prove your abilities with evidence because just being “smart” isn’t enough. That evidence is superior performance, high grades, high test scores, and strong internships. You can’t stroll into a job interview and debate the interviewer, declare victory, and secure the position. Come with proof.  
  • Do well no matter what. Even if you’re unsure about your major, never let your performance slide because GPAs are cumulative. If you only do well in the subjects you love, it will reveal to employers that you have selective motivation. This is a problem because in the real world you won’t enjoy everything assigned to you even at a job you love and employers need to have confidence you can still succeed.
  • Who you know is as important as what you know. Connections matter in the real world, don’t overlook building relationships with people who will be your peers, your friends, future colleagues, and potential future bosses for the rest of your life and professional career.
  • Don’t fuck around. If you’re paying thousands of dollars in tuition and going into debt, make sure you pick a career that can sustain you after you graduate. No matter how much you love fine arts, if you go $100,000 into debt at 6.5% interest, your life will be extremely difficult. Find a balance between what you love and what can support you.
  • Have a job offer before you graduate. When you’re a student, you have the luxury of being an intern and trying new things without companies having to navigate complicated labor laws. Once you graduate, you’re just another unemployed person. Take advantage of the time you have as a student to seize those opportunities so the transition post-graduation is seamless.

ok but this cover though?? Keith still going through his trial and ready to fight while Shiro is clearly panicking in the background, and he literally looks like he’s about to go running after Keith? I love it

poor Shiro though he seems so upset. “That’s not the plan Keith why do you do these things?? what happened to the alliance?? and holy shit are you hurt? stop going to all this sword fights with a knife oh my god why are you like this” 


Disclaimer: Below is a list of things to do instead of cutting, burning, bruising, or any other form of self harm. Please keep in mind that unfortunately, not everything on this list will work for everyone. So, if you try something and it doesn’t work for you, don’t get discouraged! Some of these choices are complicated, and you might want to utilize the help of a therapist or trusted friend when undertaking them. Recovery is not a process that can be walked through alone, so don’t be afraid to reach out for help.

Alternatives for when you’re feeling angry or restless:

•Masturbate. I know it sounds funny but it can get your mind off of things and calm you.
•Scribble on photos of people in magazines
•Viciously stab an orange
•Throw an apple/pair of socks against the wall
•Have a pillow fight with the wall
•Scream very loudly
•Tear apart newspapers, photos, or magazines
•Go to the gym, dance, exercise
•Listen to music and sing along loudly
•Draw a picture of what is making you angry
•Beat up a stuffed bear
•Pop bubble wrap
•Pop balloons
•Splatter paint
•Scribble on a piece of paper until the whole page is black
•Filling a piece of paper with drawing cross hatches
•Throw darts at a dartboard
•Go for a run or a walk
•Write your feelings on paper then rip it up or burn it
•Use stress relievers
•Build a fort of pillows and then destroy it
•Throw ice cubes at the bathtub wall, at a tree, etc
•Get out a fine tooth comb and vigorously brush the fur of a stuffed animal (but use gentle vigor)
•Slash an empty plastic soda bottle or a piece of heavy cardboard or an old shirt or sock
•Make a soft cloth doll to represent the things you are angry at; cut and tear it instead of yourself
•Flatten aluminium cans for recycling, seeing how fast you can go
•On a sketch or photo of yourself, mark in red ink what you want to do. Cut and tear the picture
•Break sticks
•Cut up fruits
•Make yourself as comfortable as possible
•Stomp around in heavy shoes
•Play handball or tennis
•Yell at what you are breaking and tell it why you are angry, hurt, upset, etc.
•Buy a cheap plate and decorate it with markers, stickers, cut outs from magazines, words, images, what ever that expresses your pain and sadness and when you’re done, smash it. (Please be careful when doing this)

Alternatives that will give you a sensation (other than pain) without harming yourself:

•Hold ice in your hands, against your arm, or in your mouth
•Run your hands under freezing cold water
Snap a rubber band or hair band against your wrist
•Clap your hands until it stings
•Wax your legs
•Drink freezing cold water
•Splash your face with cold water
•Put PVA/Elmer’s glue on your hands then peel it off
•Massage where you want to hurt yourself
•Take a hot shower/bath
•Jump up and down to get some sensation in your feet
•Write or paint on yourself
•Arm wrestle with a member of your family
•Take a cold bath
•Bite into a hot pepper or chew a piece of ginger root
•Rub liniment under your nose
•Put tiger balm on the places you want to cut. (Tiger balm is a muscle relaxant cream that induces a tingly sensation. You can find it in most health food stores and vitamin stores.)

Alternatives that will distract you or take up time:

•Say “I’ll self harm in fifteen minutes if I still want to” and keep going for periods of fifteen minutes until the urge fades
•Color your hair
•Count up to ten getting louder until you are screaming
•Sing on the karaoke machine
•Complete something you’ve been putting off
•Take up a new hobby
•Make a cup of tea
•Tell and laugh at jokes
•Play solitaire
•Count up to 500 or 1000
•Surf the net
•Make as many words out of your full name as possible
•Count ceiling tiles or lights
•Search ridiculous things on the web
•Color coordinate your wardrobe
•Play with toys, such as a slinky
•Go to the park and play on the swings
•Call up an old friend
•Go “people watching”
•Carry safe, rather than sharp, things in your pockets
•Do school work
•Play a musical instrument
•Watch TV or a movie
Paint your nails
•Alphabetize your CDs or books
•Make origami to occupy your hands
•Doodle on sheets of paper
•Dress up or try on old clothes
•Play computer games or painting programs, such as photoshop
•Write out lyrics to your favorite song
•Play a sport
•Read a book/magazine
•Do a crossword
•Draw a comic strip
•Make a chain link out of paper counting the hours or days you’ve been self harm free using pretty colored paper
•Knit, sew, or make a necklace
•Make ‘scoobies’ - braid pieces of plastic or lace, to keep your hands busy
•Buy a plant and take care of it
•Hunt for things on eBay or Amazon
•Browse the forums
•Go shopping
•Memorize a poem with meaning
•Learn to swear in another language
•Look up words in a dictionary
•Play hide-and-seek with your siblings
•Go outside and watch the clouds roll by
•Plan a party
•Find out if any concerts will be in your area
•Make your own dance routine
•Trace your hand on a piece of paper; on your thumb, write something you like to look at; on your index finger, write something you like to touch; on your middle finger, write your favorite scent; on your ring finger, write something you like the taste of; on your pinky finger, write something you like to listen to; on your palm, write something you like about yourself
•Plan regular activities for your most difficult time of day
•Finish homework before it’s due
•Take a break from mental processing
•Notice black and white thinking
•Get out on your own, get away from the stress
•Go on YouTube
•Make a scrapbook
•Color in a picture or colouring book.
•Make a phone list of people you can call for support. Allow yourself to use it.
•Pay attention to your breathing (breath slowly, in through your nose and out through your mouth)
•Pay attention to the rhythmic motions of your body (walking, stretching, etc.)
•Learn HALT signals (hungry, angry, lonely, tired)
•Choose a random object, like a paper clip, and try to list 30 different uses for it
•Pick a subject and research it on the web - alternatively, pick something to research and then keep clicking on links, trying to get as far away from the original topic as you can.
•Take a small step towards a goal you have.

Alternatives that are completely bizarre. At the least, you’ll have a laugh:

•Crawl on all fours and bark like a dog or another animal
•Run around outside screaming
•Laugh for no reason whatsoever
•Make funny faces in a mirror
•Without turning orange, self tan
•Pluck your eyebrows
•Put faces on apples, oranges, or other sorts of food
•Go to the zoo and name all of the animals
•Color on the walls
•Blow bubbles
•Pull weeds in the garden

Alternatives for when you’re feeling guilty, sad, or lonely:

•Congratulate yourself on each minute you go without self harming
•Draw or paint
•Look at the sky
•Instead of punishing yourself by self harming, punish yourself by not self harming
•Call a friend and ask for company
•Buy a cuddly toy
•Give someone a hug with a smile
•Put a face mask on
•Watch a favorite TV show or movie
•Eat something ridiculously sweet
•Remember a happy moment and relive it for a while in your head
•Treat yourself to some chocolate
•Try to imagine the future and plan things you want to do
•Look at things that are special to you
•Compliment someone else
•Make sculptures
•Watch fish
•Let yourself cry
•Play with a pet
•Have or give a massage
•Imagine yourself living in a perfect home and describe it in your mind
•If you’re religious, read the bible or pray
•Light a candle and watch the flame (but please be careful)
•Go chat in the chat room
•Allow yourself to cry; crying is a healthy release of emotion
•Accept a gift from a friend
•Carry tokens to remind you of peaceful comforting things/people
•Take a hot bath with bath oil or bubbles
•Curl up under a comforter with hot cocoa and a good book
•Make affirmation tapes inside you that are good, kind, gentle (Sometimes you can do this by writing down the negative thoughts and then physically re-writing them into positive messages)
•Make a tray of special treats and tuck yourself into bed with it and watch TV or read

Alternatives for when you’re feeling panicky or scared:

•"See, hear and feel"-5 things, then 4, then 3 and countdown to one which will make you focus on your surroundings and will calm you down
•Listen to soothing music; have a CD with motivational songs that you can listen to
•Meditate or do yoga
•Name all of your soft toys
•Hug a pillow or soft toy
•Hyper focus on something
•Do a “reality check list” – write down all the things you can list about where you are now (e.g. It is the twenty sixth of April, twenty sixteen, I’m a room and everything is going to be alright)
•With permission, give someone a hug
•Drink herbal tea
•Crunch ice
•Hug a tree
•Go for a walk if it’s safe to do so
•Feel your pulse to prove you’re alive
•Go outside and attempt to catch butterflies or lizards
•Put your feet firmly on the floor
•Accept where you are in the process. Beating yourself up, only makes it worse
•Touch something familiar/safeLeave the room
•Lay on your back in bed comfortably (eyes closed), and breathe in for 4, hold for 2, out for 4, hold for 2. Make sure to fill your belly up with air, not your chest. If your shoulders are going up, keep working on it. When you’re comfortable breathing, put your hand on your belly and rub up and down in time with your breathing. If your mind wanders to other things, move it back to focusing ONLY on the synchronized movement of your hand and breathing.
•Give yourself permission to…. (Keep it safe)

Alternatives that will hopefully make you think twice about harming yourself:

•Think about how you don’t want scars
•Treat yourself nicely
•Remember that you don’t have to hurt yourself just because you’re thinking about self harm
•Create a safe place to go
•Acknowledge that self harm is harmful behavior: say “I want to hurt myself” rather than “I want to cut”
•Repeat to yourself “I don’t deserve to be hurt” even if you don’t believe it
•Remember that you always have the choice not to cut: it’s up to you what you do
•Think about how you may feel guilty after self harming
•Remind yourself that the urge to self harm is impulsive: you will only feel like cutting for short bursts of time
•Avoid temptation
•Get your friends to make you friendship bracelets: wear them around your wrists to remind you of them when you want to cut
•Be with other people
•Make your own list of things to do instead of self harm
•Make a list of your positive character traits
•Be nice to your family, who in return, will hopefully be nice to you
•Put a band-aid on the area where you’d like to self harm
•Recognize and acknowledge the choices you have NOW
•Pay attention to the changes needed to make you feel safe
•Notice “choices” versus “dilemmas”
•Lose the “should-could-have to” words. Try… “What if”
•Kiss the places you want to SH or kiss the places you have healing wounds. It can be a reminder that you care about myself and that you don’t want this
•Choose your way of thinking, try to resist following old thinking patterns
•The Butterfly project- draw a butterfly on the place(s) that you would self harm and if the butterfly fades without self-harming, it means it has lived and flown away, giving a sense of achievement. Whereas if you do self-harm with the butterfly there; you will have to wash it off. If that does happen, you can start again by drawing a new one on. You can name the butterfly after someone you love.
•Write the name of a loved one [a friend, family member, or anyone else who cares about you] and write their name where you want to self harm. When you go to self harm remember how much they care and wouldn’t want you to harm yourself.
•think about what you would say to a friend who was struggling with the same things you are and try to be a good friend to yourself.
•Make a bracelet out duct tape, and put a line on it every day (Or any period of time) you go without self harm. When it’s full of lines, take it off and make a chain out of all the bracelets and hang it up somewhere where you can be reminded of your great progress.

Alternatives that give the illusion of seeing something similar to blood:

•Draw on yourself with a red pen or body paint, or go to a site such as this, where you 'cut’ the screen (be aware that some users may find this triggering, so view with caution)
•Cover yourself with plasters where you want to cut
•Give yourself a henna or fake tattoo
•Make “wounds” with makeup, like lipstick
•Take a small bottle of liquid red food coloring and warm it slightly by dropping it into a cup of hot water for a few minutes. Uncap the bottle and press its tip against the place you want to cut. Draw the bottle in a cutting motion while squeezing it slightly to let the food color trickle out.
•Draw on the areas you want to cut using ice that you’ve made by dropping six or seven drops of red food color into each of the ice-cube tray wells.
•Paint yourself with red tempera paint.

Alternatives to help you sort through your feelings:

•Phone a friend and talk to them
•Make a collage of how you feel
•Negotiate with yourself
•Identify what is hurting so bad that you need to express it in this way
•Write your feelings in a diary
•Free write (Write down whatever you’re thinking at that moment, even if it doesn’t make sense)
•Make lists of everything such as blessings in your life
•Make a notebook of song lyrics that you relate to
•Call or text a hotline
•Write a letter to someone telling them how you feel (but you don’t have to send it if you decide not to)
•Start a grateful journal where everyday you write down three: good things that happened/ things that you accomplished/ are grateful for/ made you smile. Make sure the journal is strictly for positive things. Then when you feel down you can go back and look at it.

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