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do you have anymore number patterns you found? its really cool you noticed the perfect difference of two between square roots and im curious to see if youve found any others!

i do (although they’re all just cool things i found w division lol)!

so one thing i like to think about with numbers is multiples of 3 because…they’re so fun to look at with division. like, take 12/4, for example. if you add 1+2, you get 3, which is how many times 4 goes into 12. (this works for 24/4, 36/4, and 48/4 as well,, just split apart the first two numbers than add them up as if they were both single digits and you get the answer to the problem.) basically, if you’re dividing something, and the number (divisor, i think? @ third grade math vocabulary come back to me please) that you’re dividing something by (48 in the equation 48/4, for example) adds up to be a multiple of 3, like how 4+8=12, the quotient will be a multiple of 3. 

that probably sounds really confusing bc i didn’t explain it that well, so some problems would be:

12/2 = 6. 1+2=3, 3x2=6 (it’s important to note that doubling and halfing things can be done)

48/8 = 6. 4+8=12, 12/2=6.

36/4=9, 3+6=9.

so you get the gist of that.

another cool thing i found was with the number 6!! basically, in this, if the number you’re dividing is below 10 and an even number, just take the second number of the divisor and that’s your answer.


12/6= 2. second number in divisor=2.

24/6=4. second number in divisor=4.

36/6=6. second number in divisor=6.


oh!! and i found something out with 5′s, too. with this, in division, all you have to do is take the number that is being divided, put a decimal point between the ones place and the tens place, and double that number, and that’s your answer!!


15/5=3. 15=1.5. 1.5+1.5=3.

30/5=6. 30=3.0. 3.0+3.0=6.

50/5=10. 50=5.0. 5.0+5.0=10.


there are a lot more but i’m really tired (it’s almost midnight :O) but all i’m saying is there will always be a pattern in math (and division patterns are the easiest to find!!)

i can’t believe that this website is starting to pull asexuals and aros out to other websites because they don’t longer feel like this is a safe space for them. i’ve just seen a post in aven of a person that is beginning to be unsure of their validity because of tumblr, theyre even are having suicidal thoughts?? ?! boy!

this website is so acephobic that is ending up marginizing an entire group of people because they are not queer enough for them and because they want to discuss problems allosexuals don’t have. do you notice a pattern here? this is sheer and pure cinism, i am so done

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supposed to list ten favorite characters, one per fandom/series, this is in no particular order

  1. Lee - Naruto
  2. Chad - Bleach
  3. Misa - Death Note
  4. Luke Cage - Marvel
  5. Mori - Ohshc
  6. Ryohei - Khr
  7. Noise Marie - Dgm
  8. Hajime - Gatchaman Crowds
  9. Aomine - Knb
  10. Baroona - Ares

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