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16) Best and worst subject in school?

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tagged by: @hallusinoi josta yllätyin positiivisesti, kiitos!!!

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nicknames: nakki 

height: jotain 168 cm 

time right now: 14.58

last thing i googled: tukholman kirppareita 

favourite music artist: tällä hetkellä sanoisin et håkan hellström mut ultimate fave on kyl bmth vaikka en niitä kauhwesi enää kuuntelekkaan 

song stuck in my head: tiisu - tunnistatko itsesi tänään 

last movie i watched: tom of finland 

last tv show i watched: prison break 

what im wearing right now: mun luotto karhu -kalja paita, mustat farkut ja kuluneet vanssit 

when i created this blog: joskus yläasteella 

the kind of stuff i post: pornoa ja vähän lisää pornoa 

do you have other blogs: mul on art blogi minne postaan mun paskaa taidetta mut käytän sitä tosi harvoin enää

do i get asks regularly: e

why did i choose my url: koska mikä vaan käännettynä ruotsiksi on tosi edgyy, urlinihan on siis väestönsuoja suomeksi :) 

Hogwarts house: oon aivan vitun selkee slytherin 

pokemon team: olin punanen, oisin halunnut olla keltane 

favourite colours: musta ja sit keltane 

average hours of sleep: joku 4-6 tbh 

lucky number: ei mul oo

favourite characters: sanotaanks vaikka et kuka vaan jessica langen näyttelemä hahmo 

dream job: kemisti 

number of blankets i sleep with: talvisin tyylii peitto + viltti, kesällä vaan se viltti 

following: vittu varmaan 400 

tagging: en jaksa tägää ketään koska oon laiska ja hirveä ihminen mut saa toki tehdä jos siltä tuntuu ja tähän mun feedissä törmää!

Facts about the mun

name: Kal (also occasionally Aya or Alex)

birthday: February 14
gender: Fabulous
orientation: Demisexual? grey asexual? idk man. (Zelosexual)
age: Old enough to rent a car and then some

favorite soda: Dr Pepper or Mountain Dew Voltage (I very very rarely drink caffine though)
favorite candy: Let’s just blanket ‘chocolate’ into this answer. But Snickers in particular. Did you know they come in hazelnut? It’s awesome.

favorite pizza: Alfredo pizza is delicious. I also like Hawaiian.

favorite salad dressing:
Ranch. I ate some carrots the other day because I actually just wanted ranch.
favorite meal: -draws a blank because I almost never eat a real meal- I just snack all the time because at work I am too busy to eat and at home i am too distracted to eat. My most common snacks lately are cream cheese and chives crackers, Honey bunches of oats cereal (I just eat it dry straight from the bag), and applesauce squeeze packs.

best memory: ???? It’s funny, I was trying to think a while ago about what memory I would use for a patronus and I ended up concluding that I wouldn’t be able to cast one because I don’t have a defining happy memory. Plenty of contented and pleased memories, but ‘holy shit best day ever’? Nope. Maybe I just don’t know how to identify happiness. (maybe there are other definitions for ‘best’ memory, idk)
Random pleasant memory: The day we went to King’s Island as a group and Brian made a funny face because he got rained on and Casey pouted for getting stuck under a water fall and I almost flipped out of the inner tube on the water slide because I was too light. Also riding Diamondback several times was awesome. Everyone goes away if it rains and we didn’t.
best friend: If we go by the person I talk to the most, it’s @lightning-of-kharlan because she puts up with my random ass messages at all hours of the day and listens to me going on about mystic messenger and miraculous ladybug despite not being in the fandoms. But also my roommate and my sister and my wife. And there’s a number of other people I care a lot about but don’t talk to nearly as often as I should.

best relative: Kisari<3

best pet:
Kahlen<3 (Fiero was a good cat, but Kahlen is my bby)
best celebrity: lolwut (Zelos)

one random fact about you: Sometimes I disappear for a long time without warning because I get super insecure about my writing and portrayal. Sorry to those of you I keep leaving hanging and everyone waiting for me to get my insecure self in gear to respond to a thread.
one random fact about your day:  
I was too busy to eat more than a snickers and a muffin all day because I worked 11+ hours.
one random fact about your job/school:
I was scheduled to work 48 hours this week and have picked up at least 5 more.

one random fact about your favorite tv show: Kwami stands for ‘quantic kami’. 
Oh, and No Spoilers.
one random fact you wish was a fact but it isn’t:
I’m not constantly broke.

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Tagging: anyone who had today off because I didn’t. I hope you guys had a good day<3